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    Still ver6 proud of my Cats. Next up is Tennessee........Let’s go Big Blue! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Traded some stuff for a G400 Max driver head. Curious to see what happens! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Well, I guess I fall into the category of an “old white guy”, and I used to be a young white guy. And it seems that when an attractive young woman in a short golfing outfit is within my viewing range, I still cannot help having a gaze. I think the good Lord made us that way. And I know women do the same, as someone else stated. since the beginning of time right? So the reason that “old white guys” leer at young ladies is pretty obvious and I would bet that 99 percent of all men in general, of all races, and of all ages, all probably look at attractive young women, and I would also bet that 99 percent probably have some “thoughts” about them too. the difference, a few guys having their filters lowered by some alcohol and the “good old boys” club environment. Shocked by this happening? Really? The real situation is the “loud comments” by a few of them. And yes, I’ve heard the same thing at a restaurant by some young men who weren’t “white”. And yes they’re rude and someone did ask them to STFU, which they did. Which is what needs to be said at any event to anyone who is letting their alcohol speak for them. Point is that I’m about sick of all the crap about “old white guys”. It’s just as racist and decisive as generalizing about any other group of human beings
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    It is as it should be.....nothing fancy here. Kahuku Golf Course morning on the North Shore. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Me on the bull as a teaser. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    So my buddy plays the Snell Get Sum balls in yellow. That's the only ball he plays. Well, his birthday was Monday, and I wanted to get him some golf balls for his birthday, so I had to go online and order from Snell. Well, I had never ordered from Snell before, but several things stood out in this whole process. First off, the balls are great. My buddy gave me some MTB balls to play and they play great. Comparable to any other 4 piece Urethane ball I've played. Secondly, when I ordered there were no shipping charges. So not only are the balls really cheap, but you aren't paying for shipping. And since I didn't pay tax, that means the price of a dozen balls is the price. No add ons or any other charges incurred. That's a fantastic deal! Finally, I ordered them a few days ago and my buddy already has received the balls. Really fast turnaround for an order. The final thing that stands out is when my buddy got his order, I had made a note during the order simply to say Happy Birthday to him on the receipt. Well, he sent me a pic of the receipt and the owner of the company had personalized the receipt for his birthday! Is that a great company or what?
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    Funny. I’d LOVE to see a guy at a local MUNY with $700 shoes!!! Perfect guy to bet!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I really think that Cobra needs to hire you as an extreme tester the amount of rounds you play isn't normal and it is difficult for them to build a product for a player like you Sent from my SM-G960U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Played what might be my last round of the season..I haven't plated in about a month to start with. But I felt good. Sadly it was sad.. went out with a 52.. a holy what the F 52.. worst front 9 in months.. heck worst 9 in months. Make the turn a bogey 10.. great it continues. Make a par here make a par there when all said and done shoot a 39 on the back. Omg I hate this game.. lol ended up with a 91 after a month lay off.. I'm ok with the finish. To all you who's season is still in full swing.. have a great winter.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Oh goody, college footballs annual pillow fight.
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    That is SWMBO. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    My wife has video and I am assuming it is for the future divorce proceedings since I don’t have a copy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    At age 42 I somehow thought it was a good idea to ride a mechanical bull......twice. I feel like I got hit by a bus. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I want to start this by saying that I really like collecting logo golf-balls from courses that I play and sometimes just visit. I find it a complete bummer to play a new course and they don't have a logo ball. In additon to new course play, I also have a goal to play at least 9 - 18 holes in all of the 50 states and of course I collect a logo ball from each course. I've covered 10 states including my home state of Texas. And my evidence that I played is a logo ball. But there are times when a course does not have a ball. Like last week, I was working in South Carolina and played two course around the Greenwood area. I played 18 on one course that I was looking forward too, but once I got there I found out no logo balls. Fortunately the other course (played 9) did have a ball (so SC was covered). But still kept that feeling that I needed a ball from the first course I played there. I also collect balls for the companies I have worked for other special places/companies/projects, etc. Through spin-offs mergers or changing jobs, I have managed to work for 6 companies. Five of which I was able to get a ball for while I worked there, but for one I could not find a ball. I did a lot of searching the web and their company store, but no evidence of a ball was found. This got me thinking, "could I use printable water slide decals that the model builders use, to print my own logos and apply them to a ball". I saw this product once while perusing the model car section of Hobby Lobby. I used to build models cars as a kid and the water slide film is very thin. As you will see it can be done and quite easily. The process starts with some Testors Clear Printable Decal paper and spray decal bonder/set. The decal bonder locks the ink to the decal paper and prevents it from running once wet. If you buy it from Hobby Lobby, make sure you take a 40% off coupon for one item. The paper is on the expensive side at $12 for 6 sheets of 5.5 X 8.5 paper. But you should be able to get a bunch of logos from that material. This is a clear plastic paper that will take printing via an inkjet printer. I am a photographer by hobby and have a nice photo printer that I print photos with. But you can use any good quality inkjet printer. Also there are a number of companies that make printable decal paper (search Amazon or eBay). All you need is a app to allow the capture and editing of a graphic and printing of the graphic. To find a logos, I simply do a google image search for the golf course or company, etc. Many will have some sort of logo that you can download online. However one of my old favorite courses (but now closed) did not have a logo. I did find a picture of a flag from the course so I decided to use that as a logo (assuming that if they ever had a logo, that would likely be it). Fortunately it is a simple 1 color graphic that I was able to recreate in Power Point. But again, you wont need Power Point if you have a digital graphic. Once you have an image its a simple matter of editing the image and shrinking it down to fit on a golf ball. I found from some searches that 3/4" - 1" is a good size for a ball logo. So I set all my logo's to be about 7/8" to 1" wide (they looked the best to my eye, but do test prints, as one size does not work for all logos). I highly suggest that you print them out on plain paper first. Cut them out and test fit them to the ball. If too small, make it larger and test print again. If too big, then make them smaller and repeat until you get them to the size you want. But don't waste your decal paper trying to get the sizing correct, test on plain paper first and in black and white to save ink. To print them I used MS Word and built a page 5.5" wide by 8.5" long, the same size as the decal paper (but others sell it in 8 1/2" X 11") and Word is very easy to use. Once I had my image in MS Word, it was a simple matter of sending the print to the printer. I used photo paper settings with the highest quality. And print out 2-3 images at a time for each logo, as you might mess up the first decal and have to start over. Having extras means all you have to do is cut out another. Once printed, I let the print dry. For some printers this can be a few minutes (like mine) or many hours for others. In order to save on the paper, I cut the printed strip off. Then sprayed the cut off with a couple of light coats of the decal bonder. You don't want to spray the entire blank page as I assume you cant print on it again once sprayed (this was not tested by me so I don't know if its true). I found that I can print on the cutoff remainder just fine down to about 4 inches long. The bonder didn't seem to need more that 30 minutes to dry, but there were not instructions on the spray can or the paper package. I waited 30 min to 1 hour each between coats. Once the bonder was dry, I cut out the decals and trimmed them close to the edge. This is not critical since the balls I used were white and any un-printed edge did not show (note, use white balls as you can't print white on most consumer printers and if your logo has a white background it will have to show through the clear). Also use some cheap balls, unless you have money to burn I wouldn't do these on ProV1's. I had a bunch of Callaway and Nike balls that I got free that I don't play, (stuff I hit at the range sometimes). Finally take small bowl of warm water and let the decal soak to loosen the backing paper. While soaking I take this time to go wash my hands and the ball with some warm water and hand soap to remove any oils. I dried my hands but left the ball wet. This makes it easy to move the water slide decals around. At this point I gently slide the decal off the backing on to the ball, not using my hands on the sticky side. You can move the decal around and make sure its in the correct position. Then gently pat dry with a dry paper towel. Once pressed in, I take a q-tip (cotton swab) and roll over the surface to get any excess water out and press in the dimples to push out water as well, then let them dry over night. The final step is to spray with a light misting of decal bonder to seal the edges (not sure this is called for, but made me feel better anyway). Below are the first 4 balls I did are from courses I have played and the other is one is of a company where I worked. Looking at the balls its hard to tell that they are decals. But you can feel them slightly with your hands.
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    Looking at getting a new set of irons. Just wondering is it’s the worth the money to put steelfiber shafts in them.
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    Today I received a message from FJ advertising their new 1857 line of shoes. Wow! Over $700 for a pair of shoes you are going to stomp around in the mud while wearing? That’s nutty to me!!!! My wife and I use to play this game called “Money or No Money”. The rules of the game were pretty simple, we just looked at folks and tried to guess their wealth. I’m not sure what her cues were but mine were always the shoes. Regardless of the type of clothes they wore, dudes with money an over whelming majority of the time had nice shoes and a good haircut. Everything else in between was just eye candy. Now of course there was no way to validate our assumptions but still the game was fun while passing time in an airport or restaurant. Back to Mr Parsons and PXG. Everybody thought this guy was insane when he came out with such an incredibly expensive line of golf equipment and accessories. Seems that his company has now opened the door to a pricing increase that I never thought possible. Where will it stop? Are we as golfers doomed to become casualties of this war on our wallets or will the rules of supply and demand return us to normalcy? It’s a crazy time in the Golf World! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    they posted a stat during the game last night that the last coach to beat Alabama by more than 16 points was Nick Saban in 2004 (when he was at LSU). We get the same debate year in and year out, and you can mark this post for this time next year, and every year going forward until Saban retires, Alabama will be undefeated or have maybe 1 loss next year, and the year after that, and they'll be in the conversation for the national championship. They'll likely win the SEC again, and will be steamrolling whomever they play next year and the year after as well. I've seen this same song and dance for the past decade, since Saban came to Alabama, and it is a broken record that never ends. He doesn't miss former players because he just reloads with better ones every year it seems. You can say they haven't played anyone, and that's fine. But we say that every year as well. Honestly, it doesn't matter. Last year Alabama opened the season against FSU, who was supposed to be contending for the National Championship, and for a lack of a better way of putting it, Alabama broke FSU. That team hasn't been right since that game. They chased off Jimbo Fisher, and now were stuck with Mr. Mediocre running the program. It just doesn't matter what year it is, or who is playing for Alabama, or who they play against. They just keep dominating college football. They didn't even win the SEC last year, and they still won the National Championship. There is no other program in college football that has the consistency and dominance over such a long period of time as does Alabama. I'll end this by saying that I absolutely hate Nick Saban, and Alabama. But I cannot argue with their record. I'm still in shock at how badly they rolled over Ole Miss earlier this year. Just unbelievable that they are that much better than the rest of even the SEC. And they made LSU look like a high school team last night. So until someone else can beat Alabama convincingly, which doesn't mean on a miracle play in the last minute of a game, there really is nothing to discuss as far as college football goes. It's Alabama and then everyone else playing for 2nd place. And that includes Clemson.
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    The above is very good. But the undercover lesson with Sean Foley is very good. Its a 30 minute of him and Foleys discussion during a lesson. It ends with alternating the launch and trajectory of his drives. He hits a few with 188 ball speed and 5 or degrees of loft that carry about 290 but roll around 40 yards. Then ups his launch to about 10 degrees and carries it 325 almost hitting a worker at the end of the ramge. Then Foley tells him how Tiger used the stinger for so many majors. Champ then goes back to a 5 defeee launch at 194 ball speed. Never gets higher than 75 feet or so and carries 302 with about 45 yards of roll out. He says “yeah i like that shot” Its going to be fun to watch this kid on tour this year. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Spent yesterday with my beautiful wife watching the Sabres beat Ottawa 9-2. A nice day date with some cold drinks and some food before walking to the rink. Nothing beats a win with a home Buffalo crowd. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I picked one of those up when they were released in spring of 16. It just finished its 3rd season in my bag. Thats saying something. Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
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    I am listening....Arccoss and Cobra Connect.......they are still in my bag. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I don’t know why it’s so hard to understand people on here don’t give 2 shits what you all think about this president or any other political figure. This is a golf forum, keep your political views to yourself. Blake
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    Agreed, ludicrous. Just like fine wine, where a $100 bottle is vastly better than a $5 bottle but the $1000 bottle isn't much better than the $100 bottle, the law of diminishing returns, applies to shoes (and clubs for that matter) as well.
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    reading this thread and hearing about you guys going out and golfing is really bumming me out.
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    You sir are the only one who posted in this thread 5 years ago who is still active to this day. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    you're playing to much. they are assuming a persob will play a normal # of rounds per season
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    awesome. Just like me, the best part is that golf gets to be more and more enjoyable with each round as opposed to being a struggle.
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    There was a little girl a few seats down that had a beautiful sign.It said “good luck Irish, want to buy some Girl Scout cookies”.. haha. Every band member gave her a high five.And even a few Northwestern players bought some from her.This is college football
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    Been to every game, except Vandy.If I’m going to watch football. I’m going to sit in in seats where I can see it well.This was a great old stadium.Next week I’m back at ND for the final game at home.Than heading over for the Michigan - Ohio State game for last game of the year.I enjoy college football and enjoy great plays and fun atmospheres
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    All three are excellent drams. I'm a huge Caol Ila fan. It has a subdued, peppery finish that I love. I believe it is also the main malt in Johnny Walker blends. Ardbeg I find to be on the sweeter side of Islay whisky, but that might just be me. Lagavulin 16 is just a great whisky, period. If you can find the 12 year old, I like it better than the 16. With Islay whisky, the younger stuff is usually stronger in the peat and smoke. The older stuff is more mellow. I love the peat bombs.... so! If you prefer the smoky stuff, I would suggest you try Talisker. It's not a true Islay, but it's very smokey and just a wonderful sipper on a crisp, Fall evening! edit: I just noticed this is an old thread and I already posted in it...lol.
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    Celebrity... Alec Baldwin. I won't bother with why. Pro Golfer..... I can't pick one. I can't judge from internet BS.
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    Yesterday my course had an end of year cross-country shootout event. They converted the normal par 72 course into a 9 hole, 6051 yard, par 52 monster. We also had the option of buying "tee it up anywhere" shots. These were extremely helpful on the 700+ yard holes. It was a fun event. This was my first time playing in 3 weeks and I could definitely tell the SuperSpeed training has affected my game. The good: when I connected on a drive in the 40 degree weather it was going noticeably farther than I have hit all summer long. The bad: it took me a good 3 or 4 holes to find my swing and be able to make solid contact with any club. Its difficult going from swinging as hard as you can in the SuperSpeed training to dialing it back to ensure solid contact over max power. Unfortunately this will probably be my last time out on the course for the year. By next weekend our high temps are supposed to be in the low 30's with a chance of snow. There is a place nearby that has Trackman 4's set up as indoor simulators, so that will most likely be my new home course for the winter.
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    By who?? Georgia has been a top 2/3 team all year for basically everyone until they got blown out by LSU. Then they've still been a top 5 team for basically everyone. Definitely a CFP contender for everyone. Maybe I'm missing something but everyone I've seen has hyped Georgia plenty??
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    A good time at the Nd - Northwestern game. Chilly , but was competitive until the end
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    I was somehow still sober. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    If you’re wanting a good bourbon just look to see if it was made in Kentucky [emoji16]. We know a thing or two about that subject, except for me, but I generally like it all. Blake
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    Yup. Time to get the wedding done and back to his day job Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    What really JERKS my chain is Georgia beat a really strong/good Kentucky team tonight. Georgia could win out, win the Sec Championship, win the semi final game in the final four and there are STILL some in here who would not give due credit to our football team! They would not rate Georgia as a top tier team. Just look back in the beginning of the season posts and you'll see Georgia is never mentioned as a contender for anything. We/I take our football extremely serious in this part of the country and when folks continually write us off as 2nd tier team, it irritates the piss out of me. Ok I'm really done with this thread for now. I may check in after the NC game to beat my chest a bit.
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    I've ordered from them multiple times and will continue to do so. Make such a great ball. Had a few hand signed notes which I thought was a nice touch, but I love hearing Dean talk golf.
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    Oh yeah. [emoji16] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Got the opportunity to play 18 today, the day started out chilly and got pleasant as the day went on. Played pretty decent, for me. My drives seemed to be less dispersed than usual with my ball tending to draw/hook more than I'm used to. Did hit 57% percent of my fairways. I was also noticing that a lot of my iron shots were also going from right to left and that really threw me off. Now down to speed, I recorded five drives with the monitor of 90, 90, 89, 85, and 89. So I'm really not seeing the benefits of the training. I'm trying to tell myself that there's still one week before the changes become permanent. I'll probably do my six week test on the driving range so the mental hurdle of trying to hit the fairway is out of the equation. I'm pleased with the better ball striking across the board. I did have a few shots that were like Waffle House hash browns, scattered, covered, chunked, and topped. Those are more the Indian and not the arrow. What concerned me was the speed. This is six weeks and a five percent increase, so if I don't see it, it will be brought up in my stage two. I might see the jump later and if that's the case it'll be addressed then also. I'm curious how my training schedule is affecting the results. I have to do it in the evenings twice a week because my schedule isn't conducive to doing it in the mornings. But, there's still another week to go before they are supposed to set in and I believe in this system. Hopefully next weekend will bring about more speed. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Celebrity: Tom Brady (plays non conforming balls) Pro: Fuzzy Zoeller (probably a hoot to play with but smokes like a chimney) To be honest, picking a pro I wouldn't want to play with was a tough decision... celebrities not so much.
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    Not a fan of scotch. I love bourbon. My regular is Woodford Reserve and when I'm out on the town Angels Envy. If I'm drinking whiskey, it's either Jameson 12yr or Jack Daniels Single Barrel. Really I'll drink anything though........I have a glass of wine every night.
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    post #3,000. Yep, been here 7 years and just hit my 3,000th post. YAY me! Now here's my hat because I know it makes @Peaksy68 want to vomit.
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    I think you meant “run over” [emoji23]. Georgia was just to much for us today. We can still win out with a 10 win season, hasn’t happened for a while. Maybe this season won’t be a fluke and we can start expecting KY to have more seasons like this. Blake
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    That's a pretty serious face you have there [emoji23]. Is the woman in the background your wife (getting ready to video your performance)? Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I’ve taken the last two or so weeks off from golfing to bow hunt. Needless to say, it has reaffirmed my true love of golf and the itch to go back out. This week will be at least two or three rounds for me! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Dean (or at least someone pretending to be Dead) has signed every packing slip I've received from them. Its nice to see that they're paying attention to the comments when you order, the Happy Birthday is a really nice touch. I agree, I love that there are no hidden charges, shipping is included, service is prompt, it just seems to be a really high-quality organization, with high quality golf balls as well.
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