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    I finished the Level 1 Protocol and was able to test my driver speed this morning. Everything will be indoors now since snow is on the ground, current temp is 19 degrees, and the wind chill is 7. Luckily a course 15 minutes from my house has two Trackman simulators set up. I felt kind of dumb bringing in my $100 SwingSpeed Radar when there is a $20k+ launch monitor behind me, but hey, consistency in testing right? My initial max driver speed before the program was 104mph. After six weeks of the Level 1 protocol and approximately 702 swings with the SuperSpeed clubs my max driver speed increased to 111mph (a 6.7% increase). Now I just need to find a way to bring back 80 degree weather in Wisconsin to see whether my distance increased 6.7% as well!
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    In all my years running casinos I have rarely hit the point of dealing with a patron that have had to get physical. Tonight was an exception. We had a concert at the property that I was able to make sure was going well. Had dinner and decided after dinner to enjoy a beer at one of our bars. The bartender is a great employee that has served me a beer or two in the last year. Guy comes to the bar and asks for a water and the bar tenders name. She says here is your water at he gets p!ssed off. Asks for a manager and tells her to buy a personality. I tell him to relax and he tells me to mind my own F’in business. I picked up my phone to call security and he lunged at me with a weak right. It did not end well for him and he is under arrest and needs some medical attention. Not trying to pat myself on the back but sometimes people need to do what is right. This guy was stalking a 21 year old woman and God knows what else. He was a damn creep and needed to leave the property. Unfortunately for him he left in handcuffs after his weak punch at me. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Well, I completed the final session of the SuperSpeed Golf Protocol 1 today. Lovely day!! Cloudy and 36º at noon after an overnight low of 26º. The chart below shows the highest speeds I recorded for each club, both right and left handed, over the 6 weeks of Protocol 1. I didn't gain a lot of speed with each club, and there is not a lot of difference between the different weighted clubs. Remember, I have the Senior set of SuperSpeed training clubs, which means I have a Yellow club which is lighter than the Green club which is the lightest club in the Men's set. My heavy club is Blue, which is the middle weight club in the Men's set. All of these clubs are lighter than my driver. The Blue club is 27 grams lighter than my driver. HOWEVER, at the start of Protocol 1 my driver swing speed was 83 mph measured by the radar unit provided by SuperSpeed Golf. I measured my driver swing speed in the same manner as I measured the speeds in the above table. I have not measured my driver swing speed since I started Protocol 1. After I completed this last session of Protocol 1, I measured my driver swing speed again... 93 mph, a 12% gain.
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    Just a general statement/reminder to everyone. Participation on the forum is such an individual thing. Volume of posts doesn't always equate to quality. While forum activity is obviously a good thing, many other skills are going to be looked with just as much interest. Creativity, photo and tech skills are all part of it as well, I encourage everyone to read the job description thoroughly to see how far reaching it is. Also moderator positions don't come up every day, so if you are truly interested, there is no time like the present. Good Luck Everyone!
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    This was the best "idiot driver" picture I saw from our first snow. And no, it wasn't me! https://www.kare11.com/article/weather/slippery-road-mishap-makes-for-amazing-photo/89-612976353
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    We got to book a room at Portage Pointe resort in Michigan for the end of July next year. A bunch of our friends went this year but we couldn't make it. It's going to be a beautiful lake vacation and our daughter who will be 4 months old at that point. Not to mention its 10 minutes south of Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club. It's been on my bucket list for a while so now I'll get to play both of the courses there, while enjoying our first family of 3 vacation. [emoji3531] something to look forward to as winter sets in here. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    We prefer the darwin school of driving. Eventually they weed themselves out.
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    Rohan doesn't quite know where her yard disappeared to.
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    I say we have a road trip to Florida and crash at Fozcycle's pad and go nuts golfing with his Cobra's.
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    Friday morning Seniors game. I shot 36/44:80 with 17 Hcap netted a 63 for 3rd place. The 36 on the front was like I was in a fog, just kept making Pars. The back started great as well, but I put 3 balls in the water and still pulled a 44 out. Cobras were firing on all cylinders. Arccos 3 Best awards.....6 Up & Downs, Fewest 3 putts.....0! And Fewest putts with 28. Shot of the day was on #9 with a 19 yard chip in birdie. Second best Shot of the Day was a 193 yard 3 Wood, out from under trees on #16, which set me up for a chip and one putt par. Even though I messed up the back with a 44, I came away feeling very good. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I think it’s a riot that you made these in church. I had my driver in chapel today for an illustration - things that grandparents enjoy doing. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    MyGolfSpy is Hiring!!! Help Wanted: One (1) Forum Moderator The MyGolfSpy Forum has achieved tremendous growth over the past year, with more than 75,400 registered members and growing every day. To continue to serve our members and to further fuel that growth, MyGolfSpy is looking for a committed individual to serve as a part-time Forum Moderator. We're looking for the right person who gets what MyGolfSpy is all about. Someone who thrives by accomplishing goals, is organized, and who wakes up every morning looking for the next challenge. We need enthusiasm and personal authenticity combined with the imagination required to grow the forum to the 100,000 member mark while keeping the MyGolfSpy Forum Vision Statement: “MyGolfSpy's Community Forum aspires to continued growth while adhering to its core goal of being a place for serious, honest and fun discussion on both golf and life, and a place to go for product reviews - a true online ‘19th Hole’ where all are welcome and all members are treated with respect and friendship.” If this sounds like you, see below for the position description and application instructions. Core Responsibilities: Thread management and forum organization using moderator tools and resources Find and share unique stories and information from the world of golf Monitor and contribute to forum discussions in an impartial manner Conflict resolution and prompt responsiveness to formal reports and taskers Review applications and recommend selections for official forum tests Coordinate with selected testers throughout the process to meet to schedule objectives Design or modify structure for contests, review templates, and events Interface with OEMs to maintain or grow relationships and fulfill obligations Report to forum Co-Directors Desired Skills: Available: Forum activity is taken into consideration, but is not a hard requirement. The selected moderator should be available and responsive as needed. We understand this is a part-time job so only 3-5 hours per week are required. Unbiased: The selected moderator should be one that adheres to and upholds the Moral Codes. They should be able to walk the center line without choosing sides in times of conflict because this role as mediator is essential to the friendly atmosphere we promote. Attentive to Detail: Details are important and anything the staff posts is under a higher scrutiny. Always be cognizant of what you’re posting and how it can affect the MyGolfSpy brand. Creative: The forum depends on the ability to think outside the box to offer an experience unlike any other. Unique ideas and fresh perspectives on existing processes are central to the success of the forum. Tech Savvy: The selected moderator should have above average to proficient understanding of the tools and functionality of the forum (or the ability to learn them quickly). In addition to elevated privileges, the staff should be able to train new users and troubleshoot issues. Social Media: An existing presence is desired but not required. However, account creation following selection will be mandatory and continued activity is expected. Benefits: Opportunities to participate in selected forum member tests Modest monthly salary The rewarding and fulfilling sense of pride and accomplishment by serving the best community on the internet Evaluation: The selected forum moderator will be subject to a 90-day probation period before obtaining full Status. The Moderator will be evaluated based on their fulfillment of this position description and their role in the overall growth of the forum. Application: This advertisement is open to all current members of the MyGolfSpy community in good standing. If you'd like to join the MyGolfSpy Team, please send a private message to both @GolfSpy STUDque and @Golfspy_CG2 explaining why YOU are the right person for the job. Applications must be received by Friday, November 30th to be considered.  
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    MGS community, our first protocol is over and I thought I would share my thoughts and some data with you all. I would like to start out by saying that I'm really enjoying the program and have gotten to the point that I look forward to doing the routine every time. It's been challenging trying to fit them in to my work schedule, but I've been able to get them all in without a hitch. We've almost reached the halfway point before writing up our Stage 2's after week 14. So how's it going, you ask? I've seen some significant jumps in speed doing the training protocol. I hit a high of 114 during week 4 and had a couple of times after that I've hit 112. I can't complain. Now it's time to get down to the actual gains I've seen with my driver. I went to the driving range today, hit 16 shots, and got the total. My average swing speed after six weeks is 90.4 up from 89. That's only a 1.6 percent increase after the first protocol, or 32 percent of the total gains touted by SuperSpeed. I have seen some increase, but not what I expected. I was hoping for an average of 92 - 93 mph, but I'm not quite there yet. I'm going to give it two more weeks and see where I'm at so I can properly give it an assessment in my stage 2. I've been seeing that SuperSpeed works looking at my fellow testers with gains between 6 and 10 percent. I don't know where I'm going wrong or why I've seen only a small increase, but I'll keep on keeping on and see where it takes me. This is a long program and I'm excited to see where it will go from here.
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    End of Protocol #1 today. Snow on the ground here, so I had to travel up to Green Bay to find an area to measure my driver speed. Although the field at Lambeau was all cleared off, they wouldn't let me in there, but I was able to find an indoor facility not far from there. Here's how my stats ended up: Had kind of a 'glitchy' week in week #4, otherwise there seemed to be a steady increase. Today, my drives were between 96-99, with a high speed of 102 on one of the swings. So, compared to my beginning speed, that's an increase of a little more than 10%. According to their own simulator, the longest drive was 247, most of them between 230-240. Obviously, hard to compare that to an actual on-course measurement. But, increased swing speed was encouraging, nonetheless.
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    Great questions. We're all committed for at least the first 14 weeks of the program to complete our stage 2 reviews. Right now I plan on going the full 72 weeks assuming no big life changes happen along the way. From what we've been told the biggest gains come in the first 6 weeks, though we should see improvement into the 3rd level of the program (26 weeks). After that I believe it's more of a maintenance aspect. Unfortunately the weather turned cold here right as my swing speed started to jump. I played in a scramble last weekend when the high temp was 45 degrees, and I was hitting to about the same spots as my rounds in 75+ degree weather before the program. I was pretty happy with that considering cold weather limits ball flight and I was wearing 3+ layers of clothing.
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    Can't believe I finally beat Stud to a throwback!
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    The company I used to work for had a factory in Lexington, KY that I took customers to every year. After the factory tour we always made our way to the Buffalo Trace Distillery where they make some of the best bourbon known to man. I was able to secure a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 18 yr, which was enjoyed over Thanksgiving with my two brothers. They are my closest and best friends, and it was truly a special experience with a special bourbon. I mixed the Pappy name with my last name: Roylance. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Happy stuff to report... Finally finished off a huge and intense 3-week long upgrade to the County Sheriff radio-communications network Friday. It was a rough one for me and took every last ounce of brain power and perseverance to pull it off. I'm glad it's over..whew! Received a long-awaited but very generous bonus that'll take a lot of financial pressure off and also allow the next "happy" things. Going out of town to visit family in Cali for Thanksgiving this year. This will be the first Thanksgiving in nearly 15-years that we've ever travelled out of the area (first for both kids) and also will be one that I haven't done all the cooking in at least that long. Thanksgiving day also happens to be my daughter's 13th birthday...though maybe I should stick this in the rant thread... The day after Thanksgiving, my sister's family and all of us will zip due South and hit Disneyland!!! Kids are totally stoked as am I. I'd love a new Tag watch or a shiny new set of irons, but this trip will be well worth the sacrifice of those selfish things. I got a bit misty telling the brats our plans and am totally happy that I have the means to pull this off for them.
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    Hadn’t checked here in a while. How’s everyone doing? I’m still holding steady between 164-166. Some days on the lower end, some days on the higher but I’m where I want to be heading into the pitfalls of the Holiday season. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I hear you about the snow. I don't understand why people think that just because they have a 4WD they can drive like it's the middle of summer...I see you in a ditch or in the centre divider buddy!
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    I swear every winter it's the same thing - people forget how to drive in this crap and the first snow is like armageddon. Sent from my BLN-L24 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    By my math, I have played about 4000 par 3s. I am going to be optimistic and say 4001 balls.
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    Shot well today with two conditions/ First is was a very short course and we played from the whites. Advantage me. Winds were blowing up to 50 mph Gusts, Advantage track. Shot even, so I guess it was a tie. Fun working on low shots and 30 yard curves... with 9 irons.
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    I've actually been considering really simplifying my wedge setup. Going 46 specialty wedge instead of set pw and then going 52 58. This would really force me to simplify my approach around the greens and would also free up a spot at the top of the bag.
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    So this isn't a problem its more of a question. Why do we not make idiots, people, take mandatory classes on driving in snow north of the Mason dixon line? Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Been praying for you guys. I don’t want to get into the controversy of the shootings other than other countries have fewer and other countries do things differently. Maybe it’s time for us to think outside of our box. Hang in there Sluggo Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I don't make enough money to have problems... I just have troubles.
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    You can never go wrong with Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk [emoji1303][emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Just shot an 89 at the Waldorf Astoria course in Orlando. Rented TaylorMade M4s, cart path only, no laser, and the cart gps was in meters. Despite all that it was obvious these clubs go for miles. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Very close: Wakefield is in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. So winter arrives here early and stays a long time. I, of course, am an idiot. MI is Michigan. MN is Minnesota. MS is Mississippi MO is Missouri MA is Massachusetts. MT is Montana. I know these things. I just type before I think. And I have a feeling that this has been noticed on this forum already.
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    Excuse me, Pat, but I don't live that far from you. You've had snow like that already? I REALLY dodged a bullet if you did. Scratch Rohan behind the ear for me. Wait...that's Wakefield MINNESOTA. At first glance, I saw MA instead of MI. Scratch Rohan behind the ear anyway.
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    Human capital is the most expensive expenditure when running a golf tournament. Volunteers save the PGA about 100,000 dollars per tournament. The paid positions at Augusta run the gambit from concessions to bath room duty. These positions are minimum wage positions and as stated above you are not going to see much golf while performing your duties. I own a town home in Augusta about three miles from Augusta National. I rent it out for two weeks out of the year. Because of the demand for lodging I’m able to make my entire mortgage for the year during those two weeks alone. This is a common practice for many residents in Augusta. Unless you are migrating to Augusta to pedal your wears it is simply not worth the overall cost to seek employment during the tournament. If you are local and can commute daily a paid or volunteer position might be worth it to you if you just want to take in the whole experience, people watch and catch a glimpse of a host of celebrities from athletes to politicians to actors and music stars. The tournament can be quite a walk of fame. “Good day Mr Jordan urinal number three is open”, [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    almonds are my choice when golfing. and at home I enjoy almonds with a glass of whiskey.
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    thank you. lots of great feedback. you guys are the best I think it might be best answered by buying and trying.
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    They’ll probably ask for a blood sample to ensure it’s blue [emoji14] Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy All things considered it’s still a little pricey.
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    I don't think they will go any lower. They will just wait until they sell out.
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    I used a vokey 46* in my cb/mb comboand Ive done it other times with some more forgiving clubs. I think it depends on what one is trying to accomplish with the club. Is it a full swing only, is it used for all kinds of shots including pitches and chips are somethings to consider. if only a full swing club then set wedge works better with some added forgiveness imo
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    My wife's preschool room for me-- when the kids aren't around.
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    Here’s my new snow tires. [emoji23] [emoji23]
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    One of my worst shots may have been one of my longest drives, it may have gone for miles. Ya see, it landed in the back of a dump truck going down the road next to the course. Also, it appeared that the truck was loaded with dirt or sand, so to add insult to injury, it landed in the sand as well.
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    This was fun! Who needs a snowmobile?
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    He's not being a troll. He's correcting your misinformation. Neither mygolfspy nor TrueGolfFit are sponsored at all be any major golf equipment manufacturers.
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    OK, gentlemen: I'm open for critique. As mentioned, the slo-mo setting on my current phone is pretty mediocre. But YouTube lets you change the playback speed setting, and at .25 speed, I think it's possible to pick up some differences. Here's a righthanded swing: And here's from the left: Both of these are done without much by way of warm-up; I wouldn't consider either one necessarily a full-out swing. In fact, I'm wearing boots while swinging But they're good representations, I think, of what you'd get if you asked me to show you a swing right handed and then left handed. Thoughts?
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    Happy dogs because they got worked and had fun. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    They may not have been listed as one of my favorites, but someone just dropped off a box of Girl Scout peanut butter patties on my desk, and I can't stop reaching in that damn box!
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    I've posted about losing my son to suicide back in 2014. Gregory was his name, and his favorite word/phrase to everything that he liked was "SWAG". After his death shook me to my core, I started playing golf again. Somewhere in the last year or so I found MGS, and only recently started posting regularly. But when I signed up I incorporated his initial "G" with his trademark word "SWAG". In fact, if you see me driving around Tallahassee, my license plate is "4 G SWAG" in memory of my son. I miss him dearly.
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    As we pick-up where I left-off my Stage 1, the two most notable things I was “testing” were the claims made by Hogan Golf: **Plus, by optimizing the geometry of the Depression Cavities, we've made the Ft. Worth BLACK irons even more forgiving. **Extensive consumer testing has proven the Ben Hogan PreciseLoft System to be preferred by serious golfers and, ultimately, lead to lower scores. To put these to the test, I went to the range numerous times and hit from grass and mats, and even had my portable Voice Caddie SC200 with me. I played a bunch of rounds, some even using the Ft. Worths from the tee to give me the maximum number of hits with them I could get. I also played normal rounds using them only when needed, some where I’d drop balls at specific distances to test their length and accuracy, then rounds where I’d do all chipping and pitching with these, and rounds where I’d hit one ball with the Mizuno MP-18 SC/Ping i210 then hit the Ft. Worth for direct comparison on-course. I took these indoors as well and hit them on TrackMan vs the Ping i210 so I could get gapping information. To the point, these were put through the wringer! Looks: (8/10) There’s no doubt that these are visually stunning irons! Just the fact that they are black gives them an advantage over other irons! Looks-wise, when I pulled them out of the box the first time, there’s no doubt that the 4 iron intimidated me! The head is tiny, the sole is extremely thin looking, and I called it a “butter knife”! At address, they look a lot smaller than my MP-18 SCs and the i210s; a LOT smaller. After posting my pics of them side-by-side to my Mizunos, I noticed the difference wasn’t as great as it appeared, so maybe the black finish has something to do with them appearing sleeker. A couple buddies of mine grabbed them to take a look, and that was the first thing they said: “Wow! These are TINY!” If a club look small to me, they can give me sense of pause. These did do that, especially the 4 and 5 iron. 6-PW were better looking to my eye for sure. Going back-and-forth at the range and on the course made this even more of an “issue” for me too, as I was used to a chrome finish, and a “stronger” looking head that wasn’t so thin. 2 points deducted for the overall size appearance. As far as the black finish, folks, one picture I have will PROVE Hogan Golf’s statement about these being more durable than other finishes. The black finish on these is exceptional!!! Sound and Feel: (7/10) Most of the questions in the forum asked us how they felt, how they sounded, and how the color held-up. As I answered, the sound and feel of these are GREAT! They’re forged! When you flush one, they give the feel feedback that a forged club is supposed to provide, same with the sound. They have THAT nice, soft, smushy feel, and the resulting sound from that feel. I’ve taken some video to try to help convey this. Now, why did I take off 3 point for feel and sound if they felt so great? Well, I said they felt and sounded great when they were flushed… My problem was flushing them consistently…. So, how do they feel and sound when thinned, or hit fat? Exactly how you’d think a “muscle-back” forged club would feel: harsh. If these were JUST off-centered on a strike, it was immediately noticeable that the shot wasn’t hit well. I knew immediately! These are SO much more demanding than my MPs. Compared to the MPs, on flushed shots, I’d still give a SLIGHT edge to the MPs for feel and sound; heck, that’s why I bought them in the first place, but the Ft. Worth aren’t worse, as I said in the thread, they’re just different. Just a little bit firmer in feel. Mishit-to-mishit, again, the MPs definitely weren’t as harsh. Heel was very bad, and being a player that has a tough time with excessive in-to-out path, I caught the heel a bunch. Feel was dead, and it reverberated right up the shaft. Toe hits weren’t as bad as far as feel and sound. Slightly “thinner” in sound, same with feel, but nowhere near as rough. Each club has an area on the back that has a small cavity. At the corresponding place on the face, as one got further out from the center of the club, or center of the cavity behind, the feel and sound were worse. I hit a ton off of the “bottom groove” and it was a straight “thud”. Ouch! YouTube “sound” videos at the end. Range Performance: (13/20) The first place these were tried was at the range, and my first session was a tough one. I didn’t hit a solid ball until ball 33… Everything was super thin. Immediately, the thinness of the head at address really put me in a “defensive” position. They told me, right out of the box, “Don’t come here not ready to take us seriously!” The very next day, I was ready. I was in Austin, TX, and went to a range that had numerous poles at specific distances, and at the base of each pole was a large cement circle about 6’ in diameter. I lasered a pole at 155 and proceeded to hit my 8 and 9 irons at it, taking shots with the MP-18s and then a few with the Ft. Worths. Wind was mostly into me, quartering from the right. I took the first few with the MPs to gauge the distance, and I hit my normal 5-6 yard draw, all within 10-15 feet of the pole. Next came the FWB (Ft Worth Black)… It was right here that I noticed that these flew STRAIGHT, no draw, and went HIGHER than my MPs! I did not expect that, but I eventually chalked-up the straighter flight to the X-Stiff (soft-stepped) KBS shafts. The shots went out high, straight on-line, and consistent. Over the course of this range session, I was really hitting the FWB VERY well! I actually hit the concrete base twice with the FWBs and not once with the MPs! Pretty cool. But something started to reveal itself in this very session that stayed with me the whole time I was testing these clubs: significant distance loss from off-center hits… With the FWB, I noticed a much bigger dispersion difference from front-to-back, not left-to-right like I had with the MPs. That’s a bigger problem for me. If I mishit a club, I want it to still GET there, just be off left or right. I don’t want to be way short, or way long, because on forced carries over water, traps, etc. this could cost some strokes, where being just off the green, pin-high, wouldn’t. I have an image from my Club Champion visit to show the dispersion. FWB are in PURPLE. The other thing I noticed was that the claim about 4* providing more consistent gapping really didn’t present itself so clearly, In-fact, I didn’t see much difference in distance between my 4 and 5 iron with the FWB. I went to a buddy’s place and hit on his TrackMan. I hit 3 shots with each club: i210 vs FWB. The distance gaps just didn’t prove to be as perfect as advertised. Now, that’s probably more Indian than arrow, but I just didn’t see these being that much more consistent distance-wise between clubs, and within hits of the same club, I definitely had greater dispersion front-to-back. I confirmed this again at the range hitting the i210 and FWB measuring distances with my SC200. I’d hit the i210 155, 155, 157, 162, then hit the FWB 164, 148, 154, 148. Probably my biggest fault with these clubs… Front-to-back dispersion. Where these clubs really impressed me was on the chipping greens at the ranges I visited. Man! In Austin the first time, in Lewisville after I hit at Club Champion, to our local course here, the 9 iron and the PW were just fantastic for chipping and pitching. The feel and distance control were fantastic, and very consistent! I hit chips how Butch Harmon teaches: off my right big-toe (right handed), shaft very upright, toe-down. I don’t know if it was the weighting, the steel used to make these, the shape, the DBM finish, or all of that together but I’ve not chipped and pitched as well with other irons as I have with these FWB. These are excellent for short game! On-Course Performance: (22/40) Yep. You read the score correctly… Here’s why. As I mentioned in the range section, my inconsistent delivery of the club head to the ball, making contact all over the face, caused me to miss most greens short. Add some to the right and short, and I was hitting greens at a lesser percentage than my MPs or the i210s. Again, more dispersion front to back than left to right. Here’s an image from my phone of notes I took of shots taken with the FWB over the course of 18 holes: Again, just like my indoor session showed, the gaps just weren’t there as advertised. The 4 iron might just not be the club for me in the FWB for starting out a set as I tended to hit my 5 iron on-course just like I did on the range, or just as far. Crazy. Smallest head, smaller cavity on the back? Man, I don’t know. Off the tee with the 4 I was fine, but out of the fairway, especially if the lie was thin, it was not a club I could hit consistently enough. It ended-up being used only off the tee and I went with the 5 instead. Very rarely on other than par 5s did I need it, though, so it didn’t really hurt me. Trajectory and flight were exactly like I saw on the range: straight and high. Straight is great, but being high, and already facing distance dispersion challenges, this was not a good combo as it was even more difficult to get my distances zoned-in on-course. I’d hit a 7 iron 171, then 158, then into the wind I’d move to a 6 and still hit 158… Just so much inconsistency. My overall GIR fell from 38% down to 22% with the FWB. The promise of lower scores by Hogan Golf just didn’t seem to present themselves for me. Play it, or Trade it?: (13/20) Overall, these just didn’t perform for me. I don’t blame the OEM, or their design at all as I’ve read numerous reviews where folks love these. It’s more my swing, my inconsistencies, that don’t work with these. These are TRUE blade-like clubs. I do MUCH better with clubs that have more perimeter weighting and have a little bit larger profile. I’m not giving-up on these just yet. They’re still in the bag and are getting a chance to stay there, but it’s not seeming likely. “Blade-to-blade” the MPs are a better fit for me. Feel, dispersion, and confidence are all better with the Mizzies. Don’t write these off because of one review on here… I’ll just say if you don’t have a consistent stroke, you may want to also test other clubs out there. But, boy! Do these irons LOOK GREAT!!!! Overall Score: (63/100) [/url]
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