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    Was coming to post today but just hadn’t had time. I got to play today. Weather didn’t get above 50 until 18...so it was a cold, heavy, cloudy day. This was my first day on the course in 2.5 months and first with the Cobra F8+. I had the driver set to 9.5 deg draw, trying something new bc my miss is right. Warmed up well, hit a little heel cut down 1 and off we go. Long story short, I made 3 bad swings today with the driver. I know they were bad swings bc I felt them immediately. Sometimes I just get lazy swinging the club. I’ll reinforce what I said in my stage 1. This driver spins less, which is exactly what I need. One of the bad swings was my typical big balloon right ball and although it was still bad, it didn’t go nearly as far right as normal. 12,13,14 i hit the ball really well but just hadn’t it going a little left so on 15 I set the face to neural and BOOM! Longest drive of the day. I hit it well on 17, 18 too. What I’ve learned: It spins less It sits great Good feel and is forgiving What I haven’t learned: Based on the weather it was hard to tell if my distance is consistent. My solid drives felt great and looked great, maybe a touch spinny I’m still interested in getting a legitimate shaft fitting to make sure I’m maximizing the shaft/head option Regardless, today was one of the better driving days in quite some time. Still about a B- but progress Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I love this You give a group of guys a set of clubs, tell them to enjoy, and what happens....everyone walks a different road experiencing different joys along that path but we all end up meeting at a common spot or in this case... a common theme. myself ... I was not impressed with the clubs with the exception of the 6i. the wedge I did not like due to the fact that I could get 20 yard spread in distances and hence the lack of trust. need to combine with my set? Then you have STUDque that just raves about the GW and the ability to perform a variety of shots, GC70 doesn't want to play them Kanoito struggled with toe hits so he's still in the figuring it out. Mr. Theo enjoyed the 4i distance and trajectory but also needs more on course testing for an further evaluation. So if i am not mistaken the common theme is that so far no one is enamoured with the i500's saying "Wow, I'm playing these from now on" but still more testing is needed in order to complete the journey.
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    Just picked it up today!!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Jason Sobel had the tweet of the year IMO. He tweeted, "They are showing way too much of Phil and Tiger. It's like there is nobody else playing" LOL Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
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    I did!!!! Pulled the trigger getting it for $60 off. Looking forward to it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Maybe someone who recently entered the 2018 Odyssey Putter giveaway?
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    Nice recap, Har. One thing that might have helped me was if I got these in July, so I could really get better comparisons. The PW is just no good for me. Maybe it needs the loft and lie checked out. I feel bad for Ping and all the GolfSpys, that I really couldn’t test them out the way I wanted. I did play them enough to know that they won’t be in the starting lineup in 2019. I will definitely test them again against my gamers. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Can you change mine to broke a golf cart? I've done it 4 times, unfortunately it's been my own every time. Technically 2 weren't my fault and the other 2 it was only really really stuck.
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    KZG Forged Gap wedge in pretty nice used condition. Looks like it might be CNC milled too. Either way a high quality wedge for $23 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think Stud might need danger pay for working with you...
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    does the moderator get danger pay for working with you Stud ???? sorry, couldn't resist that one
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    In an effort to provide a little more flair to the forum, we're going to start a catalog for profile badges. These will not replace the Donor badge and you don't need to be a Donor to be eligible to add these to your profile. This listing will be updated as new badges are introduced. If you'd like one added to your profile just comment here or send me a PM. Being a game of honesty, please only request that which you honestly deserve.. Users are allotted a Donor Tag + 2 items from the catalog Countries: Groups: Professions: Milestones: Earn-able (exempt from limits): If you have an idea for something new, just add a comment on this thread (doesn't hurt if you do some of the design work yourself). PSA- For those requesting a 2019 tester badge: These are added once you complete and post your Stage 2 reviews.
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    I was thinking the same thing Har, I just love the honesty of the reviews and I love that it shows just how different all of us are. One thing I think people should take from all of this is reading reviews is an excellent source of information about clubs but (and it's a Kardashian size but) you have to get out and try clubs before buying or dismissing them
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    Hi Jason, I think you are spot on about looking into your driver. We have commonly found that once someone gains a good amount of speed as you have their current driver no longer is suitable for them. Spin often increases too much. The amount of speed you have gained with each SuperSpeed clubs has been outstanding and if it isn't transferring over that is the first place to look. Do you know how much your current driver weighs in total? Down the line you may also want to look at doing a ball fitting as that can change too. The good thing is that it is the off season so it is a good time for you to focus on speed and then as the spring hits you will be better suited to take this new speed to the course. One other test you could try is to measure some max out driver swings using the radar but not hitting a ball. Let us know how those numbers look. Kyle
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    I'd like to request one for - Can't Break 70. Thanks!
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    my son wanted me to join him in playing his xbox so I started and I sucked so badly that after a while he got so sick of me always getting killed or him kicking my ass all the time in football that he no longer wanted me to play with him anymore. it has to be age and not being able to figure out all the buttons on the remote. He was so quick and me...as i said... i just sucked.
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    definitely. Aside from the plans that MGS have, I was impressed with the fact that they give 20 tags and you can compare clubs from different manufacturers. as I am testing the Ping i500's, I want to get data so i can get a good comparison with my MP 25's.
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    Was 3 over with 3 to play when darkness called it. Did hit a couple of bombs (for me). Career long on 1 and the drives on 13 and 14 were both out there - had 180 into the green on 14 which is 471 on the card - pin and tees were up though. Probably 250, I was right next to a guy who is normally 250-270 on that one. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The leaner and meaner Rev. I hate NC BTW but my buddy’s wife is a prof there. And my favorite football player ever went there. I don’t think he graduated because they didn’t have the faux classes then. :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Played Lake Bluff today. Snow melted enough to get out and play. Hit 47* today, but the back 9 was extremely windy and cool. Still happy to get out.... Especially since 4-8 inches of snow is coming Sunday into Monday. [emoji17] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Week 8 is officially over for me. My numbers have been pretty consistent the last few weeks, I guess that has to do with this being a plateau phase. That, and adding the kneeling swings into the mix. Daisy from SuperSpeed said this was to be expected. My kneeling swings have gotten better, my highs this week were 88, 89, and 80 on my dominant side and 80, 81, and 76 non dominant. I'm actually just a hair faster with the medium club than my light. I played a round earlier today and took the swing radar with me to get some numbers on course. I'm disappointed that I'm not seeing the numbers on the course that I'm getting at the range. I had a high today of 94 and a low of 87. I recorded eight drives and only averaged 90 mph. I don't know if this is the mental part of the game in that I'm trying to control where my drives are going and limiting myself on speed. I did hit a 3 wood 208 off the deck according to Arccos, a new record! Maybe I need to ditch the driver. I am noticing that my driver is ballooning, I hit em high and not far. I probably need to get a new one as I think mine might spin too much. Daisy recommended getting fitted for a new one, but after getting new irons a couple of months ago that's a little over budget. I did use TrueFit that My Golf Spy has put out and got recommended for a Srixon z765 that I might look into as you can find them used at a reasonable rate. I know it's not a fitting, but $300 plus is quite a bit to have to shell out this close to Christmas. I'm going to hit the range again on Sunday to see if there's been any change there. I do feel like I can swing more freely when there's not trees to hit into. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I don't know if I will get in trouble for this but bleacher report has a live feed. Just click on The Match and it will take you to it without paying!
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    We just played Coyote Wash GC in Wellton, AZ for the first time this winter season. Happy to report that it is MUCH better condition than it has been in recent years now that the county has resumed managing the course. The only thing they don't have but should have very soon is their liquor license.
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    My ideas... + Handicap MGS Tester CAPS LOCK POSTER
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    I don't know why I didn't make this a priority before but my irons are +3/4" in length and 2 degrees upright with stiff shafts. I'm really shaking my head at why I haven't fitted my wedges. The question I want to ask is that I am looking at getting new wedges and would like to know how you guys make them fit into your existing set and flow from the iron's PW . Would you match the shaft length, lie and flex? Would you need to match the flex as the wedges are played at a slower swing speed or just go with the wedge flex? as anyone just matched the specs so they match the irons without a fitting and got good results? The reason I am pondering all this is because of the testing I did with the i500 clubs and because of that testing, it got me thinking more about the clubs themselves instead of solely focusing on the golf itself. thanks guys
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    Nope. That's a cold hard fact of my golf career. I've had many opportunities but have never closed it out. Played today and carded a 74. Six bogies!! and two birds. Par at my course is 70.
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    How does Urban have Harbough's number this badly?
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    Fire harbaugh at halftime. He cannot coach. No adjustments. Nothing new, same dumb offense. How pathetic can you play in a game where you have to win. Stupid, Stupid, stupid. Idiot
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    Or the people that just simply post "I'd like to enter this contest" in testing sign up threads or threads for contests outside of MGS We can call it the "Reading Comprehension" badge
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    Along the lines of a special badge, how about a badge that says "I follow directions" and everyone who posts an application in an expired testers wanted thread gets one.
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    My wedges are also all the same length and same shaft flex as my irons with the exception of my 60 which is still steel shafted and a bit heavier than the others (its the club that I rarely hit full.) Wedges are hugely important - for me they are more important than irons and behind only driver and putter for scoring - I would argue that this is more than likely the case for the majority of golfers. You should go to a fitter or do some experimenting to determine what sort of wedge set up works best for you. Tons of variables that might impact your decision making including the course conditions that you normally play in. Prior to switching to a V soled wedge which is very versatile, I had alternate wedges that would sub into my set when conditions changed or if I was playing a different course that required different types of shots (Being able to play year round is a blessing but courses are radically different in Florida from summer to winter/early Spring - you can see them transitioning right now - our rough is finally dormant and once cut won't be the issue it is in the summer months, the fairways are speeding up so that there is some roll but greens are getting firmer by the week - different shots are requires when greens are missed.) At any rate, good question and good luck.
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    LOL Somebody is on top of the new badge thing. As you can see. I requested the above badge but got a Broke 80 badge instead. I broke 80 100 years ago but have never broken par. I think I will if I can figure out how to get out of my way. Came within 2 strokes this past summer. I suppose now that I have that Broke 80 badge staring at me I'll have to go get the job done or live with the Broke 80 badge.
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    As one of the younger guys here I say do it. Yea there are a lot of buttons but you will pick it up quicker than you think. Think of it like being a beginner at golf, if you suck who cares because no one is suppose to be good at it right away.
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    Happy Rivalry weekend... Go Blue beat tOSu!!
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    I watched first 3 holes, then thought I can’t stand 4 hrs of this so came back with last 2 holes to play. Course looked good. Quality of golf looked good. Walking chat was dullsville with chats about the weather, the course and how they “thought that last putt would break left.....” yawn! Skins games are the way to go with a 4 ball of personalities, side bets, trash talk and anecdotal stories from the tour. Now THAT would sell on ppv imo. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Y’all really have this on my mind. I did not like the watch I reviewed earlier this year, so I’m a little hesitant, but I really like what the stats look like. Mannnnnn. Gonna be tough to NOT get one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    and thank you stud for your hard work in putting this together for us.
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    If you like defense, don’t watch this game. 49-45 and the third quarter just ended. Back and forth, up and down the field. No defense at all, maybe 2 good defensive plays so far in 3 quarters.
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    [whining voice]"But why are lefties so special? I want a Righty badge!"[/end whining] An enjoyable idea. Put me in for the Broke 80 badge.
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    Will do! Got it set up and connected. Don’t have my mat yet but hoping the weather breaks enough to hit some outside tomorrow into my net. Also toying around with adding the WGT sim to it... Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Playing this Sunday, weather is going to be a whopping 52° after being in the low teens to mid 30's lately woohoo! Can't wait to finally get on the course. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Man, as you said looks really bad. I hate seeing that happen to any athlete. Hope it’s not as bad as it looked. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The new optional local rule for OB is no less penal than the current rule. 2 penalty strokes, coupled with dropping back where the ball is thought to be OB is worse than hitting a good provisional. This is not like a lateral hazard, it's 2 strokes penalty instead of 1. As for divots, they're a natural imperfection in the fairway. Unless you want to play preferred lies every day of the year, there's no effective way to write a rule allowing relief from divot holes. If you want to try, I'd be interested to read your take. Please define a divot hole, and define when it no longer is a divot hole. And really, how often do you actually end up in one, a couple of times a season ?
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    Haha, right. Get a shooter, grab a bazooka and be happy blasting your boy and his buddy’s once for every 20 times they get you. Kinda like golf, that one shot will keep you coming back. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    This looks real bad for UCF
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    Sign me up for "beer a hole" and "I play music"
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    Ooh, they've just release black Equalizers. Given how much I love the Ft Worth Blacks and their constant 4* gaps, I might just have to trade my current wedges for a 50/54/58 set...
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