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    Did I say one? Meant to say 2. Yes, 2. First things first, a special thanks goes out to the 33 applicants we received for the open moderator position. It really says something positive about the community that this many people were willing to invest their time and effort. Many of these applications obviously took a lot of effort to pull together so we're also grateful of how serious the position was taken. Through 2 rounds of selections, two gentlemen separated themselves. We looked at the criteria from all different angles trying to nitpick our way to give one the advantage over the other but we just came up with differences, not advantages. Not only that, they complimented each other in a perfect Yin and Yang. Why not Zoidberg? I mean, why not both? After re-evaluating the workload, we decided there's definitely enough work to share if we want to truly bring this forum to where we want to be in style. This new platform has a lot of untapped potential that we'll continue to explore. If we're gonna do it, We're gonna do it right. We're going to do everything we can to make the user experience for YOU the best on the web so please keep the feedback and suggestions coming. Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to our new staffers. Formerly known as strokerAce and mpatrickriley, I'd like to introduce you to: GolfSpy Stroker and GolfSpy MPR Be sure to give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram as well. Social Media will be a big focus for MGS moving forward. 2019 is going to be a BIG YEAR
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    It is truly an honor and privilege to be selected for the role. Hard to describe how flattered I am that I made the cut. Looking forward to a very bright and exciting 2019! Feel free to reach out to me at anytime via DM or on twitter at https://twitter.com/Golfspy_Stroker or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/golfspy_stroker/. As Michael Breed likes to say... Let's Do This!
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    It is a great privilege to be chosen to be moderator here at MyGolfSpy. I've been an active member here for just over a year now, and am convinced that this is the world's best golf forum. Most of the time, the moderators here are regulated to Maytag repair duty, at least as it relates to moderating conversations, simply because we have such a great community. But that frees us up to plan ideas to continue to improve and expand the forum. So I'm glad to be at your service! My current Twitter account is @mpatrickriley. I've also reserved @GolfSpyMPR, which I'll use exclusively for golf-related stuff (if you're not interested in theology and my kids).
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    I remember being in elementary school and thinking that when I turned 50 in 2018 we would be living like the Jetsons!!! Not so much! Ha! It’s just a number, but this past year has seen some health issues pop-up, and my swing speed go down! Pretty crazy to hit 50... “Book ‘em, Dano! I’m 5-0!” Let’s see if 2019 sees my GHIN be 10% of my age.... That would be cool!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro Here’s the Molly Shannon Christmas skit of “I’m FIFTY!”
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    Like others, I want to congratulate GolfSpy Stroker and GolfSpy MPR for their selection as our new moderators and to genuinely thank them for assuming those roles. Know that your service to this site is appreciated. I also would like to thank GolfSpy_CG2 and GolfSpy Studque for their efforts to review the applicants and select our new moderators as I'm sure it was not an easy task. We were sure that you would approach the task with due diligence and select the best individuals to fill the role. You did a great job and did not let us down.
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    My daughter got her results from her final high school exams. She smashed it,, she worked hard but still had a really good year socially and as a school leader. I'm not sure if her results will change what she wants to do at university, but nearly any course is now open to her. It was probably worth her scaling back on golf this year. She continues to make me proud.
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    Play in November and December of 2019. Get fitted for the ugly stick. Take at least a handful of lessons. Keep my shoulder healthy (this will require a less aggressive swing) Have fun, and get my kids out more. Depending on where I’m at play a historical course. Play a round with a MGS member or 20. Have fun with the hickory sticks.
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    You body is moving different now with a new shape to you. My instructor I had after some weight loss asked how much more I expected to lose or what my situation was when we started lessons. He wanted to make sure body changes would be acounted for during our lesson planning. gettin to a pro to look at your swing and make recommendations is going to be the best way to fix your issues
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    My New Years resolution is to start walking 9 holes a week. Bayou is a tough walk BTW - big gap between 7 and 8 and again 8 and 9. This will cause me to play more golf which is a good thing IMO. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I grew up in a rural setting and didn't know a single person that played golf. I didn't have a relationship with my dad after age 8 but one of the last conversations we had, he was trying to put me down. I asked him what sport he thought I was best at and he said "golf", as an insult. He left, never to return a few months later. Shortly thereafter, my mom bought me a virtually brand new full set of Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scott's at Goodwill for $35 and a bucket of shag balls from Walmart. Turns out his "insult" has left me with a lifelong passion that has been my "therapy" for the past 30 years. My happiness now is watching my daughter get the same joy from the game I did, albeit from a very different place.
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    Lock it up! Announcement coming sometime in the next 24 hours
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    The family Christmas tradition I took over is actually what we do (more specifically eat) on Christmas Eve. My mother's parents lived in the same house for many, many years in San Rafael, Ca. 4 Linda Avenue....Really. Just 4 was the house number! Every Christmas Eve, my grandmother would have the whole family over for dinner and gift opening. Dinner was always beef raviolis smothered in her outstanding marinara sauce and always served with sourdough garlic bread. I grew up with the smells of that kitchen in my dreams and looked forward to those evenings more than Christmas day itself. We all grow up and most tend to do their own thing in places other than where they were raised and I was no exception. It was rare to get away and be with the family like that after moving away, but I always remembered those times and what they represented. After my Grandfather passed away, Grandma continued to live on her own in that house for a good decade and maybe 2 years before she had to give it up, I had the opportunity to visit during Christmas and enjoy that particular meal one last time. After that year, I was well established here in Idaho with a young family and decided that the next year, we'd take up that tradition for good on our own, and did. So for the past 13-years, ravioli w/marinara and sourdough garlic bread is standard operating procedure and a known "gimme" the night before Christmas. The problem is the food..! "Spoiled I was" with the quality of the food one can only get in the Bay Area. Outside of the Bay Area, well...forget it. The store-brand ravs around here are garbage and the bread...THE BREAD! Nothing comes close to that real, true SF sourdough. So I've struggled with those basics despite perfecting my sauce. I finally pried the "secret" ingredient from my Grandmother that I had been missing forever (dried porchini mushrooms boiled in white wine) only 3-years ago, but the ravioli and bread were always a let-down...at least to me. Now we have a couple of local bakeries here that make killer sourdough, so I'm "eh...OK" there, but until this year, I've hated the raviolis themselves. I ponied-up this year and ordered 1-doz boxes to be delivered from Homestead Pasta in South SF. $30 in pasta along with $90 in shipping and BAM! I'm ready! Grandma & Grandpa Wilson...This year's celebration is for you! Merry Christmas!
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    Congrats guys two great moderators---- MPR anytime you want to discuss theology with me it is one of my hobbies and interests. I kinda agree on the statement of being a "Maytag Repairman" on this site--- I think in all my years here I have only reported 2 posts one had something derogatory about MGS and the other turned out to be some kind of Spam or unauthorized advertisement----- I know the mods at the time were Johnny on the spot and the objectionable material disappeared or got shot off into cyberspace or what ever you guys do with it quickly and promptly
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    Congrats fellas! Now first order of business, get a Vintage Golf sub-forum for us guys swinging the persimmons and hickories. [emoji16] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Great pics - congrats to you both!
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    Congratulations to 2 great members. I can feel the energy and excitement that will come forth from this. And not to forget Studque ( and others behind the scenes) for their time and effort in going through the selection process.
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    I did it again. Last purchase for me, for a little bit anyways. KBS Carry bag... 2019 goal is to not ride in a cart at all unless the course doesn’t allow walking. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I broke the par barrier last year, so my main goal is to break 70 this year. Other than that I'd like to; Get my swing speed over 110 Work on having a more consistent swing Hit more than my paltry 4 fairways from last year Work on my putting from 4-7 feet Play in and build up some a solid tournament resume for college golf
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    I think it's more marketing $$ then R&D $$. Remember these guys are compensating players, running big ads in magazines, huge booths at trade shows, etc. etc. all of that is built into the cost of the clubs. And if that's not enough to yoU've got the middleman - the big box stores. For me the most sensible thing is to wait 9 months and buy it before the launch of the latest super improved club that may or may not give you an extra 2 yds. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I know it's not even Christmas yet but I've started working on golf objectives for 2019. Last year I made great strides in a number of areas which led to my breaking 90 so now it's time to ratchet it up. Overarching goal is to consistently play in the mid 80's so I need to get moving on a number of components: Strength training along with a focus on Flexibility SS improvement by 5 mph across the entire bag Master the Fairway Wood. That also means a session with a fitter, + lesson and of course buy a new one [emoji16] since I sold mine (out of frustration) Continue the daily backyard chipping practice Continue making gains with my putting What are yours...... Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Thanks for giving me my very first job. So I've got my first merge under my belt. Hoping it's a long time until my first ban
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    Week 11 is complete. My first two sessions this week were great. Set personal bests in 3 different swings including an all time best of 143 mph with the green club. And yes, I stopped what I was doing so I could take a picture of it. Sorry. My 3rd training session was not very impressive. I spent Wednesday going through a 4 hour full bag fitting at Club Champion. The first two hours alone were all iron fitting related. I used yesterday as a rest day, but even today I was still pretty sore from all those swings. Here are my overall results with highest speeds in bold. Hopefully the right-handed Blue and Red speeds are the next ones to increase.
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    Heh...losing weight? I haven't reached maximum density yet...!
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    Hey All - This is my first post on MyGolfSpy, just wanted to say I'm jumping on board the SuperSpeed train thanks to what you guys are doing. I'm 56, just start playing golf spring of 2016, so as you can imagine, pretty rough around the edges. Get out generally every Saturday from mid April to late October (live in Mass, so kinda cold the rest of the year) with a regular foursome. Got an email early last week from Practical Golf, they are offering a discount on the SuperSpeed equipment, and someone has posted a link to this forum thread, which I read through last week and have been following ever since. I actually bought the system late last spring (based on a Practical Golf recommendation and a couple of Amazon gift cards I had lying around), but didn't get very far due to a combination of elbow tendinitis and laziness. After seeing all the progress here, I just finished week one and am excited to continue through the winter. I actually started a weigh training program mid October, partly to help improve my golf swing speed, but also general strength - I'm not a big guy, about 5' 8" 165 lbs, and sometimes it felt like I was swinging through molasses the last few rounds this fall. Doing all barbell exercises for now, progressively adding weight, and it's definitely helped with getting start on the SS protocol, I haven't felt any soreness at all. My initial driver speed was 84 mph, if I'm swinging 90 or better when I play my first round in April, I'll be really happy...90 mph - 92 mph seems like a reasonable expectation based on what I've read here and on the SS website. Managed a 104 and 107 on the last two normal swings at the end of the protocol this morning, so heading in the right direction. Looking forward to continuing to follow everyone's progress, and I'll let you know how I'm doing at the end of level 1. Just ordered the pad so I'll be ready to go with the kneeling swings when I get there. - Mike
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    I would love to walk the course, but my health issues will not let me. It is upsetting to me that I call the course even to see if its CPO. However, on those occasions when I am given a handicap flag, I often hear my buds say, "I'll ride with Wahoo". To those that walk the course, I genuinely say enjoy it but more importantly be glad that you can. And ask that you understand that there of those of us that truly love and enjoy the game but must recognize our limitations.
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    Turns out, National said since it’s smaller than a quarter, I’m all good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    No, no, no, no and no. Don't be bummed by this lesson. Get excited! Jump up and down. Scream for joy. Throwing the ball should be a revelation. The problem is you missed the lesson from this drill. The drill is not about what your body can do, but what your mind can do. You can throw a ball or stone because you have a clear intent to throw it to a target. Your mind tells your body how to move without you having to direct the action "taxing position by micro position." Your mind is free to throw the ball. You are not micro managing it with throw/swing thoughts. This is your moment. Seize it. Let go of the constant and endless search to find the perfect golf swing. As Adam Young says, "Get obsessed with the task, not the technique." Free your mind from swing thoughts, body positions, club positions, face positions, weight shift, etc. To gain control, you have to give up control. You can do it, and you can do it the next time you go out. Throw your clubs. That's right, throw clubs at the target. Here is a video to take you through the entire process. http://www.golfwrx.com/473794/watch-how-to-throw-the-club-to-create-more-lag-and-distance/ Here is another. http://www.golfwrx.com/532902/watch-the-right-way-to-start-the-downswing/ Again, the point is not that your body is capable of doing these moves. It is that you eliminate technical thoughts, positions, and having your mind focused on your body parts. If you do that, you can learn a that the swing is a fluid motion. Stop over thinking golf: Embrace the freedom of learning to swing the club without conscious thought and direction. Your swing will improve dramatically once you let go. Then move on and try a few drills to learn the swing as a whole, not in parts, for example the feet together drill and waking drill. I'm excited for you!
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    I'm envious of this. I tried to get my daughter interested in the game, but her mother and I weren't on the same page. Which would explain why she's my Ex!!! Chris
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    So we have 3 new moderators. 1. GolfSpy Stroker 2. GolfSpy MPR 3.GolfSpy CG2. I think this calls for some sort of forum initiation, rights of pasage so I thought let's start one here. First. Congrads. Second. Shall we proceed? It was a sunny Sunday morning, and GolfSpy Studque, GolfSpy MPR, and GolfSpy Stroker were beginning their preshot routines, visualizing their upcoming shot, when GolfSpy CG spoke over the clubhouse loudspeaker. “Would the gentleman on the ladies’ tee please back up to the men’s tee.” GolfSpy Stroker remained in his routine, seemingly unfazed by the interruption. A little louder: “Would the man on the women’s tee kindly back up to the men’s tee!” GolfSpy Studque raised up out of his stance, lowered his driver, and shouted, “Would the announcer in the clubhouse kindly shut up and let me play my second shot?”
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    I’m doing pretty good overall. Been enjoying the holiday foods and season so no too much movement on the scale. But I’ve put those extra calories to work in the gym working on getting stronger and learning new movements. Also been trying different recipes that I can use for meal prep come New Years. Still been a very successful year I’d say. Down 50+ on the scale. Gained a good amount of strength and muscle. Starting running which I’d never thought I’d do. So all in all good progress excited to see how I can improve next year
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    A whole group of us did this last year. It was great. I actually surpassed my goal of 168 (41 lbs) and have happily resided at between 164-165 for 2 months. I hope that you get another group of spies to do likewise in the upcoming year. It’s not that hard to lose weight and get fit. In fact it’s actually fun! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I broke 80 this past season, and I'd definitely like to make that a more regular occurrence. Chiefly, I'd like to trend down toward a single-digit handicap. That's going to require two things. The first is a better game off the tee: GameGolf tells me I'm barely clearing 200 yards on my average tee shot. So I'm currently doing the SuperSpeed protocols with sticks I built for about $30. I've seen some pretty remarkable speed gains thus far; we'll need to see how they transition to the course once I can hit balls again. The second improvement is going to have to be in my short game. I think I need to get in on the daily 100 chips idea, or at least something like it. I'm also hoping that a couple of side projects will help me bankroll a SkyTrak. If that happens, I want to use it (among other things) to dial in wedge feels for distances. My parents just bought a house up here in the UP, so I'll get to play with my dad much more often this summer. I think we're planning to play as league partners. And Kirke will be old enough this year for his first attempt at Drive, Chip, and Putt. So this is going to be a great summer for family golf.
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    super huge congrats! I was seriously considering applying but after a discussion with the Mrs. it was decided that I've got too many other projects going on to be able to be as effective as I'd hope to be. Looking forward do 2019 gents!
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    Flying to Florida as we speak with about a half dozen of these buggers in the bag, along with the Srixon prototypes. Will file a report once we're done - if I can remember which end of the stick to hold...
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    Level 2 week 4 is in the books. Here are the numbers: Dominant, non-Dominant Green 109,104 Blue 104, 100 Red 103, 92 Nothing really remarkable to report. I’m crazy busy with work so it’s hard to fit workouts in. Next week will be worse and then it settles down again. I had two bad weather workouts, one in the cold (Florida cold - around 50) and the other in the rain: The baggie over the radar worked fine but I did chew up the back yard a bit. I know we are not supposed to but I’m curious as to whether or not anyone else has tried workouts on back to back days. Maybe someone from the SuperSpeed team will weigh in as to whether that’s preferable or having a two workout week. I’m trying to map next week out. I think that I can do a go through the motions workout between church Sunday and the 4 PM Christmas Service that I’m doing at a local nursing home - I think. Three more sermons left to write plus two other opportunities where I will ad lib and I’m done - 10 days to go. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Congrats guys! I couldn't think of 2 better choices to lead this great forum! I have no doubt that y'all will be great mods!
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    Congrats!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Congrats to both of you and very well deserved! Looking forward to what you guys do with the forums in the future!!
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    yup- it's winter! Its dark here till 8.45am then Dark AGAIN at 4pm. Its 24* today, forecast of snow this weekend and even colder next week. I think it's the prospect of knowing it will be MONTHS of this that makes me feel similarly, maybe you too? Once we hit February the prospect looks brighter...........
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    GAPR Hi. I must say, I’ve never really like TM stuff outside of the TP5, haven’t bagged one of their clubs since RBZ,but this thing is pretty f-ing solid. Reminds me of my old apex hybrid but much, much hotter off the face. Went back and forth on the mid and the hi, but wanted something to launch. Hitting it a constant 230 with absolute ease. Highly recommend looking into this lineup if you want something to bridge a long iron to a wood. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Play more than 15 rounds. Play more with my dad and my son. Have fun.
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    We are taking the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge on Christmas Eve, there’s a indoor golf center near by... be there for 2 days hopefully they are open on the 26th. Get some indoor time. Making it a goal to go to the college sim once a week in 2019 till real grass happens. Just hit my 30 chips in the basement into a solo cup. Holed 12. Still got it.
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    Congrats on breaking 90! As far as goals for me this coming year, I am not sure where to start yet. For the last 5 years or so my main goal was to break 80. Well it finally happened this year and now I am left a little unsure what goals to set. I like to make them hard enough to have to work at but achievable so breaking 70 is out of the question. As I am typing this I think on goal will have to be to shoot par for 9 holes, whether that is the front or back 9 doesn't matter. Gonna have to do some thinking on this one.
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    Great range session today. I guess you can say that I'm getting along pretty well with the TS2 and the Evenflow White
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    No one in my family played golf, I had the bug as far back as I can remember and everytime I tried to catch some on TV my Dad put the kabash on that. In college I finally got a set of clubs (finding used left handed clubs in the late 70's was not easy). Played a few rounds with this old gent (probably in his 70"s at the time). The thing that impressed me about his play is he never lined any shot up. He'd walk onto the tee, bend over and tee up the ball. Step back while putting the club in has hands, put it back over his head then fired in straight down the fairway everytime. Only once did I ever out drive him, his comment was "Keep doing that and people will think you play this for a living" I only regret I don't remember his name, he was a great golf companion and teacher. Chris
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    I like wedges... like a lot. Practiced a lot. At least a hour a day all summer, sometimes 2-3 hours with just Wedges. I wore my Taylormade wedges out in 2 years to the point where I could “see and feel” the performance drop off, but even then they still did the job, just didn’t bite as hard on the first contact. These could be a good investment for Vokey fans that want some customization. Heck, I might give one a try. I also see this becoming a “thing”. People are all about having the ‘It’ factor and most of your average golf buddies won’t have these, so if being ahead of the Joneses is your thing... have you ordered yet? Good concept for consumers to get their hands on some cool stuff. Vanilla becomes more vanilla when you can get your hands on some Chunky Monkey.
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    I used to walk much more, and got out of the habit this year. My home club has a LOT of up and down, and some long walks from green to tee, and I just wasn't enjoying walking and carrying my bag. So I bought myself a motorized trolley, a QOD, and since about September have walked almost every round. The QOD isn't cheap, but it'll pay off over less than a year of cart fees. I'm really happy I've made the change, gotta make sure I get back to it when golf starts up again in the spring.
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