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    My daughter learned yesterday that she has been accepted to her top choice of colleges, MassArt! I'm so proud of her, and happy. She's been hoping for this. Plus - state school and it's only an hour away. I'm happy!!!
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    @GolfSpy MPR Hi, we often see a ten finger grip work best on the left handed swings. Even the highest level tour players will sometimes use a different grip on their non dominant side. We would also recommend wearing a glove on both hands during the training. It may help for you to video your left handed swing to see if you're doing something different mechanically that is causing the issue. The left handed swings start out uncoordinated if you have never done them before but get better fairly quickly. Some coaching may be needed on those for you. If none of those suggestions work your options would be cut out the non dominant swings or take time off from the training.
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    Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson go on a camping trip. After a good dinner and a bottle of wine, they retire for the night, and go to sleep. Some hours later, Holmes wakes up and nudges his faithful friend. "Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see." "I see millions and millions of stars, Holmes" replies Watson. "And what do you deduce from that?" Watson ponders for a minute. "Well, Astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, I observe that Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Meteorologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. Theologically, I can see that God is all powerful, and that we are a small and insignificant part of the universe." But what does it tell you, Holmes?" Holmes is silent for a moment. "Watson, you idiot!" he says. "Someone has stolen our tent!"
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    I know he’s only 5 but you need to try to get in his head a little bit. Maybe start by telling him there’s no Santa or threaten an early bed time. Gotta find a way to get the win. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    You know it's time to: Quit when you're trying to find the "Reply to this topic" button and then you realize you're not logged in.
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    Just finished playing 18 holes of computer golf with Kirke (who's five, almost six). We're playing with Xbox controllers. And he's on the easier difficulty, I'm on normal. And he just annihilated me. He shot a 10-under 62. He had a clean card going until he bogeyed 17, which made him cry. But he regained his composure to birdie 18. Here's the stats from the round: Looks like it's time to turn the difficulty level up on him. Have to do it in the game; once he starts beating me on the course, I can't turn the level up there :-)
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    It really is a fascinating thing. Talk to people, and to a person, nearly all would claim that advertising has no effect of them. I'm just enough of a market-economy guy to think that, maybe, companies wouldn't flush billions of dollars annually on advertising if, you know, it didn't work. Brands work for a variety of reasons, not least of which that they become a mental shortcut for identifying some level of quality. This isn't a bad thing. Take @GSwag's golf ball example: how many of us really know whether, of all the balls currently for sale, we're playing the ball that's the absolute best for our game? How could you possibly know that? So we take certain shortcuts, and one of those is immediately disregarding the box of Nitro balls on the shelf at Walmart. But this can be exploited, because expectations of quality often create experiences of quality. You'll find this in a variety wine-tasting pranks: tell a person that a given wine is pricey, and he'll report that he experiences it as tasting better than a wine he's told is cheap. It's also the premise behind a recent Payless shoes ad campaign: That idea, that our expectations actually do shape our experiences, makes getting some measure of objective, measurable facts important. That's obviously why many of us are drawn to this site: there's an aspect of this site that revels in showing that Scotty Cameron might just be Palessi, as far as functionality is concerned.
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    My Lamkin UTx grips and my custom ferrules from Cell-parts.net came in! They look awesome!
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    I'm up to 63 push ups ( 343 in total) and I have just figured out the method to the madness of this app. If you look at this app, it breaks each routine into a total of 5 intervals with differing # of push ups to do for each interval. It starts small and progressively increases. Usually the second interval gets the bigger number as the first prepares the body. Each interval alternates between big and small reps. This app isn't about just getting a person to do as many push ups as possible. This is about building upper body strength and it is working. Now I know why they have arranged the quantities and intervals in the order that they have. I just completed 63 push ups in the same number of intervals as when I started this app (12 push ups being done in the same 5 intervals). Of course keeping the intervals the same means only one thing. That the reps per interval increases. Beginning sets were about 2-4 or 5 push ups per interval. Now it is up to 12- 14 per. I would highly recommend this this app. But remember, you need to have proper form when doing a push up. Research this. Keep a straight body, hands underneath the shoulders, and you are on your toes. And don't worry if you struggle, keep at it and enjoy it.
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    Yeah, well, at least you didn't use your MGS login for your email like I did...
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    When I came back to golf 18 months ago, I blindly bought the Nike Vapor Pro irons I was gaming before MGS blessed me with the JPX 900 test. Heads were good but the shafts were fighting me, a little too soft. Best blind buy was my 3W. Callaway CPO like new, came in the wrapper still with headcover for like $120 shipped to the rock. It's going to be hard to get that out of my bag, I don't even know if the TS line could do it, but I'm open to try (I'm a *****). Now that I've seen what a fitting can do for me, I'll never buy blind again.
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    You know you have support here
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    If I get 30 minutes to walk around the golf shop, it'll cost a lot more than $35.
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    I was lying awake at 4:00 am thinking about the power of certain brands on market share and it's taken me some time to formulate my thoughts into a post. My first example will be from the world of golf to ask the question: Titleist versus (as an example) Snell for golf balls. If you removed the labels from both the ProV1 and the comparable Snell ball, and gave it to a dozen golfers, do you think anyone could tell the difference? I've witnessed so many (rich) high handicappers not even batting an eye when they buy a dozen ProV1 golf balls, even though they probably lose half of them in the woods or water after just a few swings with that ball. But if you sat every one of these golfers down and handed them two different golf balls without the label, and asked them to hit both and see if they could tell the difference, do you think they could? I'm honestly not using Titleist and Snell as a specific example, but this is a general theory I am floating for a lot of different things in life. Earlier in another thread we were talking about Disney, and how expensive it is, and essentially what a rip off it now is to go to their parks. But attendance is at record numbers and the people continue to fork over tons of cash just for the priviledge of visiting any number of Disney parks and attractions. But contrast that to a theme park about 90 minutes from my house, where I can get a season pass for around $100 and go as many times as I want and take the family, and you'll get to ride on more roller coasters, and spend more of your time actually riding rides, and doing things, with very little time spent in lines. But this particular theme park, with some killer roller coasters, lies just off of I-75, and many families will drive right by it on their way to Disney every year. I can have more fun, riding more rides, at a fraction of the cost, but yet, everyone still goes to Disney? I don't get it. Chick Fil A versus Zaxbys. I've got both of them around the corner from my house in the same shopping center. Chick Fil A has a major logistics problem as the drive thru line often times doubles around the store, blocking in all parked cars. Sure, the service is good, and the food is good, but getting in and out of the place is literally dangerous, with so much traffic and so many people coming in and out of their parking lot. But I can visit Zaxbys right next to them and there's maybe a couple of cars in drive thru, and there is usually not any wait inside the store to purchase a comparable product, where the service and quality of the food is pretty similar. Chick Fil A gets at least 10 times the business that Zaxbys does on any given day, and that is probably a conservative estimate. I've personally vowed never to visit Chick Fil A again, due to the insanity of fighting the mob when you go there. I've started patronizing Zaxbys, and honestly, the service and people working at Zaxbys are the same to me. If anything, whomever is running Zaxbys by my house gets it, as the kids he's hired go out of their way to match or exceed the customer service you get from Chick Fil A. But yet, Chick Fil A remains a zoo, and Zaxbys is quiet and not ever that busy. I don't get it. Pick your business if you want, but you get my point. Is brand loyalty and name recognition more important that price and experience? Same deal with clothes. Since Ricky Fowler started pimping Puma and brought them back from the dead, how many kids started wearing Puma gear? Without Fowler does Puma even exist? Probably a bad example, but I'm a guy who buys his clothes as cheap as I can find them, and brand name doesn't matter to me. Now I grant you one exception or me to this rule. I have become very loyal to Skechers shoes in many varieties. I'll pay a little more for their shoes, but honestly, the comfort of Skechers sets them far apart from their competitors, so I am not even sure if you can use this example. Now if someone else comes out with a shoe as comfortable and stylish as Skechers and it costs less, count me in. I'm just curious honestly why certain brands seem to succeed so well, when there are comparable options that compete against them at better prices with the same results or better. Any thoughts?
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    Did I say one? Meant to say 2. Yes, 2. First things first, a special thanks goes out to the 33 applicants we received for the open moderator position. It really says something positive about the community that this many people were willing to invest their time and effort. Many of these applications obviously took a lot of effort to pull together so we're also grateful of how serious the position was taken. Through 2 rounds of selections, two gentlemen separated themselves. We looked at the criteria from all different angles trying to nitpick our way to give one the advantage over the other but we just came up with differences, not advantages. Not only that, they complimented each other in a perfect Yin and Yang. Why not Zoidberg? I mean, why not both? After re-evaluating the workload, we decided there's definitely enough work to share if we want to truly bring this forum to where we want to be in style. This new platform has a lot of untapped potential that we'll continue to explore. If we're gonna do it, We're gonna do it right. We're going to do everything we can to make the user experience for YOU the best on the web so please keep the feedback and suggestions coming. Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to our new staffers. Formerly known as strokerAce and mpatrickriley, I'd like to introduce you to: GolfSpy Stroker and GolfSpy MPR Be sure to give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram as well. Social Media will be a big focus for MGS moving forward. 2019 is going to be a BIG YEAR
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    Went for shears, came back with a car payment
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    Well this place has been quiet. Went to the flyers game tonight that Carter Hart kid is good. Awesome game and the team seems different with Hakstol off of the bench.
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    Unless you have professional bending equipment and know how to do it, you should take them somewhere that knows what they're doing
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    Played again today with my younger friend and of course he was all about the tips, around 6400 yds. And good lord it was cold in the morning, I mean 42°! shot a 7 over 77, so not my best day. But it was fun playing with my best golf buddy again so I consider it a great day...
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    My goal for the coming year is to break 100 more consistently. I've played this game for over twenty years, but it's always been a casual relationship at best. Since finding this site, I've been more motivated to improve. My game plan is: 1. Focus on putting. This is the weakest part of my game, according to Arccos I'm averaging about forty putts a round. 2. Continue my SuperSpeed training. I need the extra distance to give myself better shots at the green in regulation. 3. Short game, short game, and more short game. If I can't reach the green, I need to be able to land these shots closer to the pin. 4. Play smarter. I started playing in the 90's when "Grip it and Rip it" was cool. I never had the distance to do this, but the mentality stuck with me. I need to determine when it's ok to go all out and when to play it safe. I'm hoping by adding distance with SuperSpeed that I'll feel more confident taking lesser club off the tee. 5. Get fit for a new driver. This is the agreed upon reward between me and my wife for doing the SuperSpeed training. Most of all, I want to enjoy this game to my fullest extent. Life is so crazy that sometimes it's easy to forget the little things that make it so great. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    ... Putters are such a unique piece of golf equipment. Roll technology aside (I am a believer) the putter is moving so slowly and virtually anything works IF you believe it will work. I have played entire rounds on greens covered in fertilizer and used a bladed wedge, and while several lags could have been closer, I really didn't miss my putter. My son borrowed my putter without telling me and when I got to the course I had to borrow a putter someone left behind. An old beat up tour edge with a center shaft and I shot under par. I doubt I could do it for very long and knowing it was just one day didn't effect me mentally, but feel it would much sooner than later. ... The above said, I do think in the long term you have to use a putter that is balanced for you stroke. Length, weight, feel, design and especially balance all matter. When I take my putter head back, a toe hang design will stay on track but a face balanced putter head will wander on the take away and sooner or later that will cost me strokes. I am a firm believer that you have to LOVE putting to be good at it, so having putter you believe in is paramount. And the only way to know that, is to putt with it and ideally more than once. I would never buy a putter without having stroked multiple putts with it, preferably on a real green.
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    I drove an hour and a half to try an Evnroll, and it is best putter I’ve ever owned (54 years playing). But I wouldn’t buy a putter without trying it, no matter what. In fact I drove an hour and a half again today to try another putter, but I’m staying with the ER2. Nothing else compares for me, not even more expensive brands.
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    Here are my week 12 results. I went through a 4-5 week plateau of similar speed levels, but in the last two weeks I have tied or set a personal best with each club. Sorry for the short post, lots of last minute shopping to do! Merry Christmas everybody!
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    Matt, doesn't an inconsistent swing, resulting in toe or heel hits distort the information? When I'm out on the range I use impact tape (or foot spray) to work on hitting the ball in the sweet spot. My instructor told me that when I consistently hit the ball in the center and it goes somewhere other than straight, then it's a lie issue. BTW this is a great discussion!
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    Get a piece of masking tape and put it on the face of your club. Draw a straight line on the ball with a black sharpie. Place the ball with the line vertical and hit the ball. Look at the line transferred to the masking tape. If it leans towards the toe, you need more upright. If it leans towards the heel, you need to go flatter. When it's vertical, you're good.
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