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    My daughter learned yesterday that she has been accepted to her top choice of colleges, MassArt! I'm so proud of her, and happy. She's been hoping for this. Plus - state school and it's only an hour away. I'm happy!!!
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    @GolfSpy MPR Hi, we often see a ten finger grip work best on the left handed swings. Even the highest level tour players will sometimes use a different grip on their non dominant side. We would also recommend wearing a glove on both hands during the training. It may help for you to video your left handed swing to see if you're doing something different mechanically that is causing the issue. The left handed swings start out uncoordinated if you have never done them before but get better fairly quickly. Some coaching may be needed on those for you. If none of those suggestions work your options would be cut out the non dominant swings or take time off from the training.
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    Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson go on a camping trip. After a good dinner and a bottle of wine, they retire for the night, and go to sleep. Some hours later, Holmes wakes up and nudges his faithful friend. "Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see." "I see millions and millions of stars, Holmes" replies Watson. "And what do you deduce from that?" Watson ponders for a minute. "Well, Astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, I observe that Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Meteorologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. Theologically, I can see that God is all powerful, and that we are a small and insignificant part of the universe." But what does it tell you, Holmes?" Holmes is silent for a moment. "Watson, you idiot!" he says. "Someone has stolen our tent!"
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    Yup. I'm definitely behind on the Stage 2. I lagged on purpose to ensure I didn't take attention away from the members posting theirs but now I'm a little further than that. In case you can't tell, I've been busy with forum stuff lately. In addition, my day job has really picked up as well so it's been a busy time haha. In the meantime, here's another update: The i500s feel good but clearly don't feel as good as forged up and down the set. They have a clicky clacky sound in bag chatter but have a satisfying SMACK when hitting the ball. The smack is especially pronounced when you've got trees near to reflect the sound. It's loud in a thunderous type of way but not offensive at all. The subjective parts of the irons certainly don't affect me on course. They fit me well because I need less workability with my swing speed. It's easy to get it turning too far both ways. One thing I love about them is I'll never lose the ball left, right yes but never left so I can play a one way miss and that's resulting in more greens hit. Another thing I like about the i500s is it's much easier to hit partial shots. I really struggled making solid contact on anything less than full with my old irons. There's a chance, though, that that falls more on the better fit shaft than it does the heads. The forgiveness is definitely there though because the distances are still good even on off-center contact. During these wet and sloshy rounds of late, I've been trying to pick the ball instead of digging in and have been hitting more balls thin than normal. Of course I'm losing height, but the distance and stopping power is still spot on. I don't know if I should feel good or bad about knocking one stiff with a skulled shot but I'll take that birdie chance either way. One fun thing about these irons is I'm starting to generate a ton of backspin when I really hit down on the ball. Just backspin..... Not side spin.......It's great. My typical on-green action now is a hop forward then ZIP backwards beyond the original pitch mark. Hell, I stopped a ball that landed on a downslope with a 7 iron. I couldn't believe that ball was still on the green. I could already do this with my wedges before but it's really interesting to start getting this reaction with irons. Hope to hammer out a formal stage 2 in early January. Until then, I'll keep testing
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    Just guessin' that they won't be sending a sleeve of these to the MGS Lab for independent testing. But I'd love to be proven wrong.
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    Yup - and you can shank that "Clear" ball into the woods with PXG irons just as well as with a used set from Goodwill.
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    You mean like walking into a golf store at lunch to buy a bag of tees for Saturdays round and walking out with a driver you hadn't heard more than 20 minutes prior? If so ....then possibly Worst blind buy was buying 16 degree driving iron I think it was one of the Cleveland models about 12 years ago or so. This was before the hollow body models of today we're out. Man that thing was impossible to hit. And back the. I had a SS about 12 mph faster than now.
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    Outstanding topic! This is something Foz and I were kicking around while playing golf last weekend, so I'm glad someone posted. First off, I believe one thing: people (meaning the likes of us) are, by our very nature, NOT price buyers. That may sound antithetical to everything we think, believe, hear or read, but there's enough evidence to show that it's true. IF WE WERE PRICE BUYERS, the following would be true: The Yugo would have been the greatest selling car of all time. Anyone who works in sales would not be working - as all of whatever it is to sell would be sold by one entity, the one with the lowest price. There would be no concept of good-better-best. There would be no First class, comfort class or any other class on airplanes. Ruth Cris Steakhouse would not exist. I could go on, but you get the point. We like to think we're price buyers, but we're not. We may be bargain hunters, but that's not the same thing. Say you're bargain hunting for a golf shirt at a year end sale, and you find the cheapest one possible. Would you buy it if it was butt-ugly and two sizes too small? No, because style and fit are at least as important as price. (Sorry if this comes off as pedantic, but I teach a class in this for the day job ) Often time habit and/or comfort is a strong factor in why we buy what we buy. In the example of Chick-Fil-A vs. Zaxby's - logic and convenience says skip the line and hassle at Chick-Fil-A and head over to Zaxby's, but clearly that doesn't happen. It may be a blind loyalty to Chick-Fil-A, and no doubt there are people who love it and wear their Chick-Fil-A-ness as a badge of honor, but it's just as likely, if not more likely, that folks are simply used to going to Chick-Fil-A and tend to be risk-averse. It's easier and more comfortable to go to the place you've been going to - you know what you like, you know what to order and you know what to expect. That consistency of experience is powerful --- it's why you'll often see American tourists in Paris actually eating at a McDonalds - part of it is the oddity of eating a Big Mac in Paris, but the other you pretty much know what you're getting, and it's comforting. Hell, it's why chain restaurants are successful in the first place - when you're on the road and don't know where to eat, familiar is good. It's also why a show like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is popular - it takes a little of the risk out of trying something new when you visit somewhere, because hell, if Guy likes it, it must be safe. Tony has an interesting take on drivers, but it can be extended to any golf equipment -- if you look at Callaway, PING, Titleist and TaylorMade - you can consider those "safe" drivers. You know what to expect, you know they're going to perform. Cobra is also on that list, but a tad more fringe. When you start to look at other brands: Srixon, Wilson, Mizuno and others - they're not as safe. You may be taking a bit of a risk buying one of those instead of something you know won't rock the boat and won't suck. Chances are, those drivers will perform every bit as well as any of the others for you. And if you think Srixon, Wilson, Mizuno and the others should just lower their prices in order to sell more, well that does not compute. Price makes a statement. High price makes a positive, salutary statement, while low price makes a negative, derogatory statement. You mind says "this one's higher priced, it must be better. Why else would it be higher priced?" And conversely, "this one's lower priced, it must not be as good." It's interesting whenever we do a blog on PXG or any other premium equipment line (rememberer the P53 blog from last July 4th?), we sit around and wait for the blogosphere to lose its mind about price. The existence of high end, premium-price, premium experience equipment doesn't hurt you, me or anyone, and its existence doesn't mean one lower priced company has to close its doors. It's not a zero-sum game. And there's no evidence to suggest the existence of ultra-premium equipment is keeping people from playing the game. I don't know if you guys saw this, but Sub-70 golf equipment officially launched its products this week - it's a premium-type experience being sold factory direct online only (a la Hogan), with a limited initial offering. Its business model is VERY Hoganesque: you can only buy online, but they will custom-build your set to any specs you want. A set of forged irons starts at just a tick above $500. So in theory, if everyone thinks golf equipment is too expensive, these guys should clean up, right? They should be raking in the dough hand over fist, right? After all, the other thing we hear in the comments section on the blog and on social media is that marketing is all bullshit and do these golf companies think we're stupid? Logic says Hogan, Sub-70 and others should be on the fast track to Profit Town. I don't think marketing makes us think a specific product from a specific company will make us a better golfer, I think marketing is designed to make us feel more comfortable giving Callaway $500 for a new driver than we would be giving Mizuno or Wilson $500 for a new driver. That's why you hear about the Cortex - "for that kind of money it better be 20 yards longer than my M4!!!!" And lower the price of the Cortex isn't going to change that comfort equation. The point with Hogan or Sub-70 or others - the lower priced options are there. I spoke with an interesting dude at Hireko Golf several months ago and he maintains that, with the same shaft and loft structure, any one of the Hireko-sold irons will perform, for golfers like us, every bit as well as anything you can find from any main stream OEM in the same classification. That's a bold statement, and one I'd love to put to the test. But even if it's not the same, even if it's close - say a Callaway Rogue 7 iron goes 170 yards and the Hireko-made similar iron only goes 167 - would you buy it? Here's another thing - let's say the Big 5 iron set is $1,200, and you could get a comparable set custom-made to your specs with your shaft from, say, Sub-70, for $600. My guess is people would rather wait and buy the $1,200 set either used or discounted to, say, $800 than buy the unknown name for $600 brand new and custom built. Why? Comfort and safety. A $600 dollar set of irons is a $600 dollar set of irons in our eyes. But a $1200 dollar set of irons marked down to $800? Bargain!!!! Sorry for the rant, boys. It's raining and I've been listening to Lewis Black on Spotify all morning...
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    I know he’s only 5 but you need to try to get in his head a little bit. Maybe start by telling him there’s no Santa or threaten an early bed time. Gotta find a way to get the win. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I've heard of a similar story here - guy had a roadside farm stand and was selling tomatoes. He had two bins - one bin was marked 50 cents per tomato, the other marked $1 per tomato. These were the same tomatoes, they weren't separated by size, quality or anything. The $1 tomatoes sold out in no time. When the bin was empty, he took tomatoes out of the 50 cent bin and put them in the dollar bin, and sold out again. Price makes a statement...even when it comes to tomatoes.
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    Great Topic! Nice youtube video posted by @GolfSpy MPR confirming if its expensive it MUST be quality! A social experiment here in London had a streetseller selling genuine £10 notes for £5! he literally sold about 3 as everyone assumed they were fake as they werent the right value. I do accept though that the Major OEM's do have good quality and excellent CS and thats worth paying for in my book.
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    My worst blind buy have to be a Cobra Speed LD driver and 3 wood, I think I could have thrown them better than I hit those things. Best would probably be my Maltby DBMs, before I got the Bridgies I didn't think any club would replace them.
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    You know it's time to: Quit when you're trying to find the "Reply to this topic" button and then you realize you're not logged in.
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    Just finished playing 18 holes of computer golf with Kirke (who's five, almost six). We're playing with Xbox controllers. And he's on the easier difficulty, I'm on normal. And he just annihilated me. He shot a 10-under 62. He had a clean card going until he bogeyed 17, which made him cry. But he regained his composure to birdie 18. Here's the stats from the round: Looks like it's time to turn the difficulty level up on him. Have to do it in the game; once he starts beating me on the course, I can't turn the level up there :-)
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    It really is a fascinating thing. Talk to people, and to a person, nearly all would claim that advertising has no effect of them. I'm just enough of a market-economy guy to think that, maybe, companies wouldn't flush billions of dollars annually on advertising if, you know, it didn't work. Brands work for a variety of reasons, not least of which that they become a mental shortcut for identifying some level of quality. This isn't a bad thing. Take @GSwag's golf ball example: how many of us really know whether, of all the balls currently for sale, we're playing the ball that's the absolute best for our game? How could you possibly know that? So we take certain shortcuts, and one of those is immediately disregarding the box of Nitro balls on the shelf at Walmart. But this can be exploited, because expectations of quality often create experiences of quality. You'll find this in a variety wine-tasting pranks: tell a person that a given wine is pricey, and he'll report that he experiences it as tasting better than a wine he's told is cheap. It's also the premise behind a recent Payless shoes ad campaign: That idea, that our expectations actually do shape our experiences, makes getting some measure of objective, measurable facts important. That's obviously why many of us are drawn to this site: there's an aspect of this site that revels in showing that Scotty Cameron might just be Palessi, as far as functionality is concerned.
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    Congrats to strokerAce and mpatrickriley! GolfSpy Stroker and GolfSpy MPR Two fine gentle who have put their heart and soul into MGS and will give it 100 percent effort. MGS is already second to none and with these two guys hopping on the hoss, these cowboys will be herding all sorts of cows er equipment into the stalls for 2019! I'm proud for ya and looking forward to seeing this rocket hauling arse through the clouds of the golfing world. Rock & Roll!
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    My Happy!! Today is the shortest day of the year. It stays lighter a bit longer everyday from here!!
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    Rolex buyers don't buy a Rolex because they want to tell the time accurately. If that's what they want, a $20 Seiko is a better timepiece. Rolex buyers buy a Rolex because they want a Rolex. And maybe to feel a little like James Bond.
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    ... All but the staunchest "Da Coach Dikkah" were furious with him for puling that stunt. Payton had literally carried the offense on his back all season long and deserved a SB TD. The Fridge TD would have been a ton of fun IF Payton already had at least one. Many never forgive Da Coach for doing that to Payton.
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    Why shouldn't Browns fans fall all over themselves because of a few wins? It's been decades since they've been able to feel good about their team. It isn't just a few wins... it's the culture change that Mayfield brought with him. The Browns are on their way back, and there are is no more deserving fanbase. I'm happy for them.
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    My Lamkin UTx grips and my custom ferrules from Cell-parts.net came in! They look awesome!
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    I'm up to 63 push ups ( 343 in total) and I have just figured out the method to the madness of this app. If you look at this app, it breaks each routine into a total of 5 intervals with differing # of push ups to do for each interval. It starts small and progressively increases. Usually the second interval gets the bigger number as the first prepares the body. Each interval alternates between big and small reps. This app isn't about just getting a person to do as many push ups as possible. This is about building upper body strength and it is working. Now I know why they have arranged the quantities and intervals in the order that they have. I just completed 63 push ups in the same number of intervals as when I started this app (12 push ups being done in the same 5 intervals). Of course keeping the intervals the same means only one thing. That the reps per interval increases. Beginning sets were about 2-4 or 5 push ups per interval. Now it is up to 12- 14 per. I would highly recommend this this app. But remember, you need to have proper form when doing a push up. Research this. Keep a straight body, hands underneath the shoulders, and you are on your toes. And don't worry if you struggle, keep at it and enjoy it.
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    Yeah, well, at least you didn't use your MGS login for your email like I did...
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    When I came back to golf 18 months ago, I blindly bought the Nike Vapor Pro irons I was gaming before MGS blessed me with the JPX 900 test. Heads were good but the shafts were fighting me, a little too soft. Best blind buy was my 3W. Callaway CPO like new, came in the wrapper still with headcover for like $120 shipped to the rock. It's going to be hard to get that out of my bag, I don't even know if the TS line could do it, but I'm open to try (I'm a *****). Now that I've seen what a fitting can do for me, I'll never buy blind again.
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    You know you have support here
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    If I get 30 minutes to walk around the golf shop, it'll cost a lot more than $35.
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    Happy winter solstice to anyone who celebrates that. It means that winter is officially here, but it also means that tomorrow the days will start getting longer. How ironic is that!! Also, tomorrow is a full moon so there will be more light at night too!! A bonus! It's also a rarity... the next time a full moon is within 24 hours of the winter solstice will be in 2029. I won't see it, so I'm going to enjoy this one!!
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    End of week 8 here for me. Brief summary, because I want to go home. Averages on almost every weight have stayed with a 4mph range for the past four weeks. Green: 117–120 Blue: 113–116 Red: 106–112 Green (final): 123–126 I adjusted my spreadsheet to track the max speed swing with each color, like the rest of you are doing. There's obviously much more volatility in that measurement. For me, my initial green swings were down quite a bit this week, but everything else held steady. Looking forward to taking a week off, enjoying a lot of time with my family, and getting back with a rested body (and hand) after a break.
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    Go Hartford Whalers[emoji106] Oops.......Nevermind[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    ... Nice, everyone loved Fridge. He was such a happy positive person but a hard worker and personified the 85 defense. Nobody held his TD against him, they blamed Ditka.
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    I was a teenager growing up in Kansas and didn’t have a dog in the fight but New England did have, at the time, the quickest lead in Super Bowl history in that game. All I remember is the Fridge scoring a TD that game and Payton did not. As a Bears fan did that tick you off at all? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Only ONE more sleep! .............Until us guys start our Christmas Shopping
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    Well, Week 12 is now in the books. Overall, this week's max speeds have been similar to the past couple of weeks. However, I would like to make note of an interesting observation between sessions this week. Sessions were Monday-Wednesday-Friday this week, and all sessions were around 10am. I had an bad day on Wednesday; don't know why. Speed was down; no speeds over 100. As I said earlier, it HAS to be radar, right?. It was a little discouraging. I couldn't even blame it on the weather. Wednesday was the warmest day of the week at 48º during the protocol. Monday and Friday were 41º and 42º. The only difference is that on Wednesday it was cloudy and Monday and Friday were sunny. I must like sun. To those considering the SuperSpeed program, you will see up and down days. Don't worry about it. The program is long term, and while short-term trends up are nice to see, it's the long-term effects that will ultimately be important.
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    Just finished my second week, not bad considering I went out twice after work this week for a few beers, something I don't usually do. Also feeling a little sore now, figure that will wear off in another week or so as I continue. Final 3 swings today were 102, 104, and 105. After some swings, I feel like maybe I held back just a little...as I get more conscious of that I think it will go away. Kind of like that tee shot on the first hole, sometime there is one too may golf thought running around in my head ;-).
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    Jlukes is probably right about red and black in the name being first used by TaylorMade but it goes back much further than that when red numbers on a ball meant 90 compression and black numbers meant 100 compression. It’s been that way for many years. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Almost all of companies have a red and black numbered model to delineate their top tier tour balls. I believe TaylorMade was the first to use Red and Black in the name
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    This could also be attributed to a "look at me" trait many of us possess. A quirk of natural human nature in my view. How many of us would love to sport a Rolex watch just to say "See how rich I am? I roll with a 10k Roller" when a perfectly fine Tag Heuer has the same quality and is 85% less expensive, works just as good and looks almost identical? "But it's a ROLEX!!"..."Yup, it sure is, and ain't it pretty!" you say wondering what better and more practical things you could have done with the "saved" $8,500 rather than blowing it on a stupid watch. Some just gotta have those status symbols I reckon... Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta take the Limited Edition Escalade back to my gated-community and open up my new set of gold-faced PXG irons and SC Newport with the moon rock finish I had the "help" order for me the other day while on holiday in the Hampton's...
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    Browns fans are die hard and have stood by their team through a lot of crap - they deserve every bit of success they are getting. Pats fans jumping ship the moment they stop winning will not surprise me at all.
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    Are the "Red" & "Black" models a coincidence? Or do these come out of the same plant that produces Snell?
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    We really appreciate your complements and the support! We couldn't do what we do without you. Happy holidays and happy golfing!
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    I foresee free VIP passes to many PGA events in your future .
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    Big money, sorry to hear. I'm sure in the long term it'll work out. You've got a lot of friends here that are pulling for you.
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    Played again today with my younger friend and of course he was all about the tips, around 6400 yds. And good lord it was cold in the morning, I mean 42°! shot a 7 over 77, so not my best day. But it was fun playing with my best golf buddy again so I consider it a great day...
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    I’ve had 3 shoulder rebuilds, and the good news is that while most everything is difficult, golf comes back quickly. You’ll be down a few months as healing takes place, then just start putting and little chips. The rehab sessions will hurt too so expect that. But in 6 months you’ll be feeling good, so patience! Good luck!
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    ... Putters are such a unique piece of golf equipment. Roll technology aside (I am a believer) the putter is moving so slowly and virtually anything works IF you believe it will work. I have played entire rounds on greens covered in fertilizer and used a bladed wedge, and while several lags could have been closer, I really didn't miss my putter. My son borrowed my putter without telling me and when I got to the course I had to borrow a putter someone left behind. An old beat up tour edge with a center shaft and I shot under par. I doubt I could do it for very long and knowing it was just one day didn't effect me mentally, but feel it would much sooner than later. ... The above said, I do think in the long term you have to use a putter that is balanced for you stroke. Length, weight, feel, design and especially balance all matter. When I take my putter head back, a toe hang design will stay on track but a face balanced putter head will wander on the take away and sooner or later that will cost me strokes. I am a firm believer that you have to LOVE putting to be good at it, so having putter you believe in is paramount. And the only way to know that, is to putt with it and ideally more than once. I would never buy a putter without having stroked multiple putts with it, preferably on a real green.
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    I drove an hour and a half to try an Evnroll, and it is best putter I’ve ever owned (54 years playing). But I wouldn’t buy a putter without trying it, no matter what. In fact I drove an hour and a half again today to try another putter, but I’m staying with the ER2. Nothing else compares for me, not even more expensive brands.
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    Like the guys said hit me up-----
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    Here are my week 12 results. I went through a 4-5 week plateau of similar speed levels, but in the last two weeks I have tied or set a personal best with each club. Sorry for the short post, lots of last minute shopping to do! Merry Christmas everybody!
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    Not one to post private life. But going thru a divorce and a son that has health issues is real tough this time of year. Keeping my chin up and realizing that thru bad times good will happen
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    Matt, doesn't an inconsistent swing, resulting in toe or heel hits distort the information? When I'm out on the range I use impact tape (or foot spray) to work on hitting the ball in the sweet spot. My instructor told me that when I consistently hit the ball in the center and it goes somewhere other than straight, then it's a lie issue. BTW this is a great discussion!
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