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    You mean like walking into a golf store at lunch to buy a bag of tees for Saturdays round and walking out with a driver you hadn't heard more than 20 minutes prior? If so ....then possibly Worst blind buy was buying 16 degree driving iron I think it was one of the Cleveland models about 12 years ago or so. This was before the hollow body models of today we're out. Man that thing was impossible to hit. And back the. I had a SS about 12 mph faster than now.
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    Congrats to strokerAce and mpatrickriley! GolfSpy Stroker and GolfSpy MPR Two fine gentle who have put their heart and soul into MGS and will give it 100 percent effort. MGS is already second to none and with these two guys hopping on the hoss, these cowboys will be herding all sorts of cows er equipment into the stalls for 2019! I'm proud for ya and looking forward to seeing this rocket hauling arse through the clouds of the golfing world. Rock & Roll!
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    My Happy!! Today is the shortest day of the year. It stays lighter a bit longer everyday from here!!
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    Rolex buyers don't buy a Rolex because they want to tell the time accurately. If that's what they want, a $20 Seiko is a better timepiece. Rolex buyers buy a Rolex because they want a Rolex. And maybe to feel a little like James Bond.
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    I'm up to 63 push ups ( 343 in total) and I have just figured out the method to the madness of this app. If you look at this app, it breaks each routine into a total of 5 intervals with differing # of push ups to do for each interval. It starts small and progressively increases. Usually the second interval gets the bigger number as the first prepares the body. Each interval alternates between big and small reps. This app isn't about just getting a person to do as many push ups as possible. This is about building upper body strength and it is working. Now I know why they have arranged the quantities and intervals in the order that they have. I just completed 63 push ups in the same number of intervals as when I started this app (12 push ups being done in the same 5 intervals). Of course keeping the intervals the same means only one thing. That the reps per interval increases. Beginning sets were about 2-4 or 5 push ups per interval. Now it is up to 12- 14 per. I would highly recommend this this app. But remember, you need to have proper form when doing a push up. Research this. Keep a straight body, hands underneath the shoulders, and you are on your toes. And don't worry if you struggle, keep at it and enjoy it.
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    I was lying awake at 4:00 am thinking about the power of certain brands on market share and it's taken me some time to formulate my thoughts into a post. My first example will be from the world of golf to ask the question: Titleist versus (as an example) Snell for golf balls. If you removed the labels from both the ProV1 and the comparable Snell ball, and gave it to a dozen golfers, do you think anyone could tell the difference? I've witnessed so many (rich) high handicappers not even batting an eye when they buy a dozen ProV1 golf balls, even though they probably lose half of them in the woods or water after just a few swings with that ball. But if you sat every one of these golfers down and handed them two different golf balls without the label, and asked them to hit both and see if they could tell the difference, do you think they could? I'm honestly not using Titleist and Snell as a specific example, but this is a general theory I am floating for a lot of different things in life. Earlier in another thread we were talking about Disney, and how expensive it is, and essentially what a rip off it now is to go to their parks. But attendance is at record numbers and the people continue to fork over tons of cash just for the priviledge of visiting any number of Disney parks and attractions. But contrast that to a theme park about 90 minutes from my house, where I can get a season pass for around $100 and go as many times as I want and take the family, and you'll get to ride on more roller coasters, and spend more of your time actually riding rides, and doing things, with very little time spent in lines. But this particular theme park, with some killer roller coasters, lies just off of I-75, and many families will drive right by it on their way to Disney every year. I can have more fun, riding more rides, at a fraction of the cost, but yet, everyone still goes to Disney? I don't get it. Chick Fil A versus Zaxbys. I've got both of them around the corner from my house in the same shopping center. Chick Fil A has a major logistics problem as the drive thru line often times doubles around the store, blocking in all parked cars. Sure, the service is good, and the food is good, but getting in and out of the place is literally dangerous, with so much traffic and so many people coming in and out of their parking lot. But I can visit Zaxbys right next to them and there's maybe a couple of cars in drive thru, and there is usually not any wait inside the store to purchase a comparable product, where the service and quality of the food is pretty similar. Chick Fil A gets at least 10 times the business that Zaxbys does on any given day, and that is probably a conservative estimate. I've personally vowed never to visit Chick Fil A again, due to the insanity of fighting the mob when you go there. I've started patronizing Zaxbys, and honestly, the service and people working at Zaxbys are the same to me. If anything, whomever is running Zaxbys by my house gets it, as the kids he's hired go out of their way to match or exceed the customer service you get from Chick Fil A. But yet, Chick Fil A remains a zoo, and Zaxbys is quiet and not ever that busy. I don't get it. Pick your business if you want, but you get my point. Is brand loyalty and name recognition more important that price and experience? Same deal with clothes. Since Ricky Fowler started pimping Puma and brought them back from the dead, how many kids started wearing Puma gear? Without Fowler does Puma even exist? Probably a bad example, but I'm a guy who buys his clothes as cheap as I can find them, and brand name doesn't matter to me. Now I grant you one exception or me to this rule. I have become very loyal to Skechers shoes in many varieties. I'll pay a little more for their shoes, but honestly, the comfort of Skechers sets them far apart from their competitors, so I am not even sure if you can use this example. Now if someone else comes out with a shoe as comfortable and stylish as Skechers and it costs less, count me in. I'm just curious honestly why certain brands seem to succeed so well, when there are comparable options that compete against them at better prices with the same results or better. Any thoughts?
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    End of week 8 here for me. Brief summary, because I want to go home. Averages on almost every weight have stayed with a 4mph range for the past four weeks. Green: 117–120 Blue: 113–116 Red: 106–112 Green (final): 123–126 I adjusted my spreadsheet to track the max speed swing with each color, like the rest of you are doing. There's obviously much more volatility in that measurement. For me, my initial green swings were down quite a bit this week, but everything else held steady. Looking forward to taking a week off, enjoying a lot of time with my family, and getting back with a rested body (and hand) after a break.
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    Well, Week 12 is now in the books. Overall, this week's max speeds have been similar to the past couple of weeks. However, I would like to make note of an interesting observation between sessions this week. Sessions were Monday-Wednesday-Friday this week, and all sessions were around 10am. I had an bad day on Wednesday; don't know why. Speed was down; no speeds over 100. As I said earlier, it HAS to be radar, right?. It was a little discouraging. I couldn't even blame it on the weather. Wednesday was the warmest day of the week at 48º during the protocol. Monday and Friday were 41º and 42º. The only difference is that on Wednesday it was cloudy and Monday and Friday were sunny. I must like sun. To those considering the SuperSpeed program, you will see up and down days. Don't worry about it. The program is long term, and while short-term trends up are nice to see, it's the long-term effects that will ultimately be important.
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    Almost all of companies have a red and black numbered model to delineate their top tier tour balls. I believe TaylorMade was the first to use Red and Black in the name
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    Are the "Red" & "Black" models a coincidence? Or do these come out of the same plant that produces Snell?
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    Heard guys on PGA Tour radio talking about how these were the best balls on the market. A current Pro was on and gave them a lot of credit for a win he had. Turns out, they’re both sponsored, so these are free. Freaking joke. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    We really appreciate your complements and the support! We couldn't do what we do without you. Happy holidays and happy golfing!
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    I foresee free VIP passes to many PGA events in your future .
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    ... Putters are such a unique piece of golf equipment. Roll technology aside (I am a believer) the putter is moving so slowly and virtually anything works IF you believe it will work. I have played entire rounds on greens covered in fertilizer and used a bladed wedge, and while several lags could have been closer, I really didn't miss my putter. My son borrowed my putter without telling me and when I got to the course I had to borrow a putter someone left behind. An old beat up tour edge with a center shaft and I shot under par. I doubt I could do it for very long and knowing it was just one day didn't effect me mentally, but feel it would much sooner than later. ... The above said, I do think in the long term you have to use a putter that is balanced for you stroke. Length, weight, feel, design and especially balance all matter. When I take my putter head back, a toe hang design will stay on track but a face balanced putter head will wander on the take away and sooner or later that will cost me strokes. I am a firm believer that you have to LOVE putting to be good at it, so having putter you believe in is paramount. And the only way to know that, is to putt with it and ideally more than once. I would never buy a putter without having stroked multiple putts with it, preferably on a real green.
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    Matt, doesn't an inconsistent swing, resulting in toe or heel hits distort the information? When I'm out on the range I use impact tape (or foot spray) to work on hitting the ball in the sweet spot. My instructor told me that when I consistently hit the ball in the center and it goes somewhere other than straight, then it's a lie issue. BTW this is a great discussion!
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    New again. Read articles previously. Play less than 10 rounds/year. Playing 38 yrs, since 5 yr old. no membership. great mechanics. great mobility. family & money limit rounds. Par4Success training facility has helped me maximize my mobility. Range practice exposed strong feedback of driver shaft mismatch for my improved mobility & muscle engagement. Had 2008 TaylorMade Tour Preferred s300. Mismatch was felt on Driver Titleist 913D2 factory stiff. Avg speed documented jump by 6 mph 2 months fitness work. 108 to 114. 7i SS 92mph during testing. Golf Etc fitter is bringing down launch angle, maximizing my feel. This is my first factory purchase with fitting. All else expect very first set have either been hand-downs or used set from golf store. So in love with the game! Finally committing myself to a game I intend to play as long as I live. Where can I find repeatable comparisons of SST Pureing vs non-Pured shafts?
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    I'll be having a cohiba knock off made by CI
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    Here is a great article on Premium Pricing stragegy. So much of this applies to the golf industry https://quickbooks.intuit.com/r/pricing-strategy/whats-a-premium-pricing-strategy-and-will-it-work-for-your-business/
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    I would LOVE these exclusive, high dollar equipment companies if they were made in America. I know it says he's trying but still, I hear China and I think cheap. It would justify the price to me. Sent from my VS988 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    My wife and I have had a fully-sequined Elvis jumpsuit made for our 45-year old son. It was very expensive, and it will obviously never see the light of day. We'll be lucky to get him to try it on once for all to see. It's just than in these horrific times, everybody needs a a real good laugh--a wet your pants a little laugh--and this is our idea to produce one. I can't wait to see his face. I can't wait to see his sister and brother-in-law go into hysterics when they see it. I can't even wait to see the dog's reaction. Nobody knows about it except my wife, myself, and Enzo, the tailor who made it. (We're lucky that Enzo didn't call the authorities.) If the whole joke goes flat, I'll be very disappointed, but we've got to go for it before cable news gives us all nervous breakdowns.
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    Golf is one great game. Pondering golf equipment is another. Even lacking the physical capacity to continue playing, I would love to sit down with a qualified engineer and design the set of clubs that I would have loved to have had. I would be interested to have other seniors try it and see if anybody else could prove my ideas valid. Or even invalid--just to know.
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    Agree. The dynamic part of the swing has affected some more than others compared to the static measurements at the start. My old fitter has won ping fitter of the year a few times. We had a conversation a couple times over the years and based in ping he’s supposed to be +1/4” and blue dot but in all his fittings he is std length and black dot. In his non ping fittings he’s std length and whatever lie adjustment to match ping black dot. He used to always do the static fitting first and then he changed the last couple years he was here to doing a dynamic fitting first then after using Mizuno shaft optimizer, getting the right lie angle and golfer dialed in he would do the static portion to explain tonthe customer the process and compare the dynamic vs static. The only thing he really used static for was grip size and he would let customer determine if they wanted to go with that recommendation or were they more comfortable with the standard grip size
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    That's certainly true for me! I was thinking of taping some lefty swings and submitting to America's Funniest Home Videos.
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    Do I detect a hint of sarcasm in the fact that Ohio State would let someone with questionable (at best) character teach a "Character and Leadership" class? Hopefully my own sarcasm resonates with this post. Whats next, UNC allowing former coaches to teach "Ethics" classes?
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    Welcome, I might give a bit of an alternate answer. If you are hitting on that surface I would suggest hitting off the other surface near the tee. Thin mats give false positives, cause joint discomfort and wear out the area you are standing for us lefties Secondly, It could be in the set up meaning if the club is set where the shaft is straight into the bottom of the club not soled, you could be adding loft and hitting into the back of the sole i.e. the same as a flip. Where setting the club back a ball diameter puts the club into the position it was designed for allowing for a great shot. finally, yes have your proper length tested, just to make sure, one less thing in the mind to worry about when practicing or playing.
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    In my 20s all I did for fun was surf and play video games. Then, surfing started to hurt a lot in my lower back and neck so I started to just play video games. Friends kept bugging me to come and play golf for the first time in 10 years and now it has taken over for surfing and become my main hobby. Now that I've discovered CBD I should get back in the water and see if it helps. Certainly helps my back the next morning, combined with a few golf-specific yoga stretches.
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    In my teens. 20s. and most of my 30s, golf was a hobby that I loved along with fishing, hunting. camping, and a ton of competitive softbsll leagues and tournies. I mostly stopped to raise a kid and got back in to it heavy last year. At 51 Im a much better player. Ive learned that I cpuld be just fine giving up hunting. and limiting the camping and fishing trips each year. Ive harvested lots of fush and game, but have yet to play Pebble. Bethpage, Streamsong, and so many others. So many courses so little time. Im all in on making game my main hobby.
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    Yeah, we got 3” of rain with tornado warnings and high winds....Zephyrhills has a mfg home community that saw damage to 80 homes. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy Cobra Connect Bag: Cobra F8 Driver(10.5*) 3-4W(14.5*) & 5-6W(18.5*)w/Mitsubishi Tensei ck Blue Regular; Cobra F8 3 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid & 6-PW, Gw(49*) SW(54*) LW(58*) all w/UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ES regular shafts. Lamkin Cobra Connect grips with Arccoss tracking sensors. Putter: Evnroll ER6 33”. Bag: Cobra Ultralite Cart Bag(Peacoat/Silver).
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    Raiders should just be let go from the nfl. I’m glad Mack didn’t waste his career with that organization.
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    True, what you do is look around, then buy a glove of something like that as you leave, that way you still bought something, but it’s somwthing that you can use instead just buying stuff
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    Good class for him to teach...
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    ^^^ Couldn't agree more! This is the best rangefinder on the market. Better than Bushnell, Better than everyone. I absolutely love mine.
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    It depends on the industry/market dynamics Golf equipment is a premium/luxury market, so brand recognition and perceived value pull a lot more weight than cost Marketing and brand reputation drive perceived value
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    On average my scores are better when I walk. Maybe it's because I'm playing with the guys when I do, as my wife suggests. I think she is committed to walking more this next year. BTW, there are NO courses in my area where you HAVE to ride.
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    Well it was definitely a golf birthday. In addition to my youngest and his new wife taking us out to dinner yesterday for my birthday, I got a couple of doz Pro V1s, a half hour private lesson AND a a pair of Skechers Go Golf spikeless shoes. My wife knew what I wanted (re; no ties or socks) I'm a happy camper
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    Heavy Rain & Tornado warnings, not fun Thursday. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    As fitters day these days, “Lie boards do just that: they lie.” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Great to see you back on the forums Foz!!
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    That's because he is better than the whole Raiders' defense combined. The Raiders suck...... for now.
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    Mewy Kwithmath! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’d cut Wilson a little slack - they get sample sets to us for pictures and initial impressions. They sent me what they had in their same supply. They’re not actually coming out to be in stores until mid January. That’s one of the differences between one of the Big 5 and the challenger brands. They do what they can... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    GSB How is the “quality” of these irons compared to the rest of the market? I’m asking because I observed some plate issues on other Wilson clubs that were Demos. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Good stuff. I never understood however a golf company could send someone a set of irons without making sure the specs were the best fit possible.
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    Other than what's already been said.... I have a new reason for liking golf. I've managed to get The First Tee started in our city. Been at it for almost 2 years. So, for me I'm thrilled our organization is now introducing this wonderful game to thousands of kids. Most of these kids would have never had an opportunity to give golf a try. But now they can. And they are! If you think making a hole-in-one or shooting a low score is an achievement or rewarding.... try working with kids by introducing them to golf. Just watching their faces and expressions as they are starting to experience everything that we take for granted about this great game is priceless.
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    I’ve never had a need for their products but you can give them a big thank you on behalf of all Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Marines. PXG runs a Program for those who serve that is second to none. The discount is just incredible. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    That's right! I mean left! I mean...awesome! Give us a tag to represent the south paw. Handedness is the only legal form of segregation but maybe after all these marches for equal rights, we march as well! Maybe we should assemble and march at Augusta. (I kid! Sort of...)
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    Had Doc appt and I’m shut down. MRI on shoulder showed 2 big problems and both need to be addressed by surgery. So for a while I’m living thru you guys so please knock the [emoji90] otta the ball. [emoji106] As a former governor/actor one said “I’ll be back”[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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