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    The winners have been announced, but feel free to continue sharing your creative trick shots. This is a talented community so feel free to share what you've got! ____________________________________________ MyGolfSpy Trick Shot Challenge #MGSTrickShot Cooped up inside during the winter? Dying for some new stuff? This ought to keep you busy. It's time to flex your skills and creativity to show what you've got and win some AWESOME prizes. Want to know what you're playing for? FIRST PRIZE: Custom Wedge Wizard Wedge from Fourteen Golf SECOND PRIZE: MyGolfSpy Driver AND Putter Cover THIRD PRIZE: MyGolfSpy Driver Cover DEADLINE IS THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 2019 Is the pot sweet enough yet? In typical MGS fashion, we're going to make you work to win a sweet prize. LET'S SEE WHAT YOU'VE GOT!! The rules are simple: - Any shot related to golf (indoor or out) can be entered (must be your video) - The shot must be executed between now and the deadline - Proof of date must be displayed within the video - One shot per video, unlimited entries - Entries can be submitted via the forum or by using #MGSTrickShot on Twitter and Instagram If you'd like to know your audience, the MGS Staff will choose the winners for this one. We're looking for the best that the MGS community has to offer. Do you want to increase your chances? Be sure to submit your shot on all 3 platforms. LET'S GET IT ON!!
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    For anyone needing a little inspiration, here is one of my retired trick shot videos from a few years back. Enjoy [emoji6]
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    Wow... this is an indictment of the school system. How the F*** did subject 1 pass high school AND college? As a point of interest, I'm homeschooled, and last year for geography, I had to memorize all 197 countries, the country's capital, and the country's flags.
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    Wow! All I have to do is video an 18-hole round. I will have 2 or 3 trick shots in there to post... those that go where I want them to go!!
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    First I want to thank all of you for the support through last year. I had some great success and some frustrating defeats. I made great strides in my swing and mental toughness and I still have a long way to go. This thread will be where I post my schedule and prep for the upcoming season, you can also follow on instagram @KCLeonardGolf. I have a very busy schedule this year with more high level tournaments than I played last year. I will be playing the VGA again this year. I have the SCGA Mid-Am, US Mid-Am, All Navy Tryouts, All Armed Forces(if I make All Navy), I plan on playing in 2 city Am events as well. First up is the SCGA Mid-Am qualifier on March 18th. I played my first practice round on the course yesterday and will be playing another in a few weeks.
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    ... This reminds me of a training film I narrated for a financial advisor in KC many years ago. It showed how investing $50 a month (if I remember the $ correctly) starting in your early 20's would make you a millionaire. I commented may people in their 20's just aren't ready to invest barely covering their bills with their paychecks and while his response was about investing, it applies to so many other walks of life "The best time to start investing is when you are young. The second best time is right now". So sounds like you are taking his advice and starting right now.
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    Bought this for my back as suggested by my chiropractor...I'm going to practice being a bat!
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    And this is why our educational system needs to be torn apart and redone
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    Made some smoked pork sandwiches for dinner tonight. My wife made garlic toast from buns from a local bakery.
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    I like this drill too. If you want to add a little pressure, putt these until you make 10 in a row. Make 9, miss one, start over, those last few do start to put some pressure on you. Another drill, go to your local hardware store and buy a metal yardstick. Put a ball in the little hole at one end, and practice at home until you can roll the ball off the end every time.
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    I just updated to the new version (12/19/20018) and also recalibrated my android smartphone gyroscope sensor. All worked out! All shots where recognized and stored. No issue with battery life. My battery went from 55% down to 39% within 18 holes or 3.5 hours. There seems to be a decent development for Android users, well at least for mine. best, Henning
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    Just remember that the Trackman device is measuring club head speed at the ball while the radar is before the ball - there has to be a difference. Plus I believe it extrapolates club head speed based upon ball speed. I will take ball speed every time because that's what is going to determine distance. Increased ball speed really gets me amped! I should add is that my ultimate goal is to get to 140 here.
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    40 degrees today but no wind so could play in a compression top and jumper. Hit the ball pretty well but still shot 82...........my short game is pretty poor this time of year. Spoke to the pro and signed up for 6 lessons as he is a Driver and wedge expert and hits the ball like I can only dream of
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    Guys, this is awesome. It might be the coolest thing I've ever purchased. [So much for subtlety in a review.] I've still got a ways to go before I'm ready to write a full review. But my early impressions are very positive. The biggest downside: there are too many shots it simply fails to read. For me, it has especially struggled on full and high wedge shots. Did a test today with two different patterns on the ball: lines and Truvis-like pattern (I have a little template for each of these). The lined ball seemed to be doing better, until Kirke shanked it into the dark corners of the garage, from whence we could not find it. The other smaller negative: the delay between the shot and its result. I didn't find this too awful, but it is mildly irritating. The best part: the depth of the software. It's not just giving you all the ball data; it sets up drills and keeps records for how you're doing. This is where I see it having massive benefits for my game. Today, I did a short game test: three shots to each of six targets. Here are the results: That kind of information is so helpful. I've got a problem around 100 yards, which doesn't surprise me: it's the upper limit of my 54° wedge. I also pull everything left. Now I have something to work on, and immediate feedback to know if I'm getting better. I'm planning on venturing over to @revkev's thread on coaching vs. self-teaching, but I'll say this: this is the kind of tool that those of us who go without coaching (for whatever reason) can use to make legit progress. I'm incredibly excited at the possibilities this season presents now.
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    Oh, something else I've found in my own putting, I have an occasional tendency to let my eyes follow the putter as it swings back and forward. That seems to cause my body to move just a little, which makes my line control very erratic. You might try to concentrate on a specific spot on the ball, or a point ahead of the ball, or even the hole itself, anything to keep your eyes from following your putter.
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    A pretty concise video on the key rule changes:
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    When you are hitting a ball, you'll want position the radar at 45 degrees and the ball at least a foot from the radar and a couple of inches ahead of the radar. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I guess this will do for a baseline driver swing. Still kinda working out the positioning of the radar. Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Man! What an awesome looking set! My first thought are if you drive them to the course in a blacked-out Cadillac and play while wearing Blues Brothers' or Reservoir Dogs attire...JK! Seriously, well done!
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    When I went to grammar school we had courses like geography where you learned and had to pass tests on countries and capitols. At that time there was no such thing as social promotion. If you didn't pass you stayed back a grade. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Added pic of my "Dad Juice"... I did mention above that I had Evan Williams on hand, but was mistaken...Ezra Brooks really. Still hits the spot and "builds bodies"...
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    I saw the one today that Bones did with DJ. Pretty good, but look what happened to DJ afterwards!! I say Let them do their job and interview when done.
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    What I would call basic knowledge information that was taught when I was in school isn't considered essential anymore. Kids are taught that this type of information can be "Googled" if needed. I wonder what is considered essential now? I'm almost afraid to ask.
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    And to think our tax money goes to "educating" these people... Sent from my SM-T580 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Did you notice, the MOD's listen!! We decided it shouldn't wait for our next Staff Luncheon, the people asked for it now, they got it now!! That's how we roll round here!
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    We must have been watching at different times because it's as if we were watching two different tournaments. I saw lots of mid irons into greens and very few players reaching 18 in two. I saw guys having to curve the ball both ways to fight the wind, land the ball on very specific spots if they wanted to get it close and with tons of options around the green, going up to take the break out of using the contour to hope to kick the ball to the hole. What more do you guys want? I guarantee that you won't see a lot of long irons because lots of players don't have long irons in their bags, at least what would traditionally be considered a long iron. They have hybrids, cross overs and driving irons. However in the tale of reverse loft jacking when they are hitting 6 its very similar to the long iron 4 of yester year. So just realize that when you are seeing 5,6,7 irons you are seeing longer to middle irons being played just like you saw on Shell's Wonderful World of Golf last week. I go to Valspar every year - I see plenty of middle irons and there is always a par 5 that can't be reached and one that can by everyone - it depends upon the wind direction as to which is which. There are a couple of par 4's that require a lay up to 200 yards so you will see mid irons (that are long irons.) Follow groups around and you will see every club in the bag. When you call a club with 43 on the bottom of it called "wedge" you are going to see more wedges than you used to. That club used to be an 8 - think of it that way if you have to.
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    Whatever you do. Don't lay it like this: That would've rolled to a decent spot. It wanted to escape!
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    In theory this should be a great MGS topic. I just read a Titleist Q and A with Charles Howell III in which he ended by saying that you can’t play good golf with clubs off the rack. I don’t agree. I agree that you won’t give yourself the best chance to play good golf with clubs off the rack but if you have Howell any random box set from KMart and let me have my custom set - I’m betting on Howell by a long shot! Clearly the Indian is the most important part of the equation. So I’m wondering if there is a way to quantify how much better the Indian can get by going from off the rack self taught to fit with lessons. Here’s my story in this regard: As a kid I played every sport in its season. The problem was that tennis, swimming, baseball and golf were all in the same season in Connecticut and baseball always won out. So I played golf sporadically until my senior year of college when a bout with mono and an enlarged spleen took me down. No contact sports for a year - enter golf! My $75 student pass at the local muni allowed me to play a lot. I got pretty good although I don’t know what my handicap was - mid single digits I’d guess - I could break 70 or shoot 85 - very inconsistent. That type of play continued throughout young adulthood until I attended a Jimmy Ballard three day thing. The total retool took a couple of years to settle in but by the time I graduated from Seminary I was very consistent - you could just pick a number between 72-78 write it down and move on. My handicap remained stuck between 4-5 for the next decade. The clubs that I was using were static fit irons, Eye 2’s and I did pay attention to stuff like tapping and bounce on my wedges but nothing like now. My first real fitting was for driver and it came with some lessons - my church had a class A pro and he really helped. As I moved to Florida he had me in a driver ver that fit, had shortened my swing a bit, using a 4 wood for more loft and better results with fairway wood and most importantly convinced me to play a premium golf ball. The handicap dropped to 3. I played in a league in Florida that had a strong group of players in it. Those guys invited me to play in another game that included some really strong players - including some mini tour types. I found a teacher, worked hard on my short game, got fit for putter and my handicap went down to 1 and stayed there for the better part of 3 seasons. An illness, work and family demands plus a lack of fitness undid all that so now I’m fighting my way back. To tally it all up the difference for me between off the rack and self taught was about 5 strokes - assuming I was a 6 in college (reasonable) - I got to a 4-5 through attending the golf school (with a lot of work afterwards), a 3 with further instruction, a driver and golf ball fitting and a 1 with work on the short game and a putter fitting. I should add that a part of the move from 3 to 1 was playing much more competitive golf. My course management skills were greatly enhanced by being forced to figure out ways to score every week, sometimes twice a week, over the course of three years. There will be lots of times when you don’t have it. You’d be amazed at the number of different ways there are to make par on a hole or save bogey and also how bogeys instead of others can help! Thoughts from the Community? How have or would lessons and a full fitting benefit you? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I hope not to make many changes this year but I am sure there will be a few. With all these new drivers coming out and incredible claims that club will likely change at some point. Everything else is pretty set. I may refresh the wedges and get new grooves. I have been trying the PXG mini Gunboat H and its been so good. It may finally beat out my beloved Buttonback Newport 2 that has been in the bag for 5 years. The thing I like most about the PXG is the alignment line, with it I have been able to start more putts online. The biggest issue is adjusting to the difference in feel off the face. Ping G400 LST 8.5 set to 7.5 with Tensei Pro White 70TX PXG 0341 3 wood 13.5* HZRDUS Yellow 76 6.5 Ben Hogan FT Worth Hi 20* KBS Tour V 120X Ben Hogan FT Worth Black 4-P KBS Tour V 120X Ben Hogan Equalizers 50,55,60 KBS Tour V PXG Mini Gunboat H/ Scotty Cameron Buttonback Newport 2 Snell MTB Black and Red
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    My final level two workout is in the books - I'm not going to give an update because I will have a stage two review coming in the next week or so. Out of excitement I've already spilled some of the beans. I will say that this was the first week that I was over 100 as a top speed non-dominant - last step through of the week with the Red did it for me! I've also got my closing driver swing speed on the radar (the batteries in Voice Caddy were dead so I didn't get that device involved - I will bring it to the course tomorrow afternoon to see how I'm doing with for real shots.) So it will be interesting to see how I'm faring start to finish with SuperSpeed. I started at 91 and was at 96 after the first level. Generally you don't gain as much with the second level as the first and most of the speed gain occurs in these first two levels. Stay tuned....
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    I'm not surprised. People seem to get passed up the grades no matter what. Then, since everyone "has" to go to college, I get to teach them. I get a ton of bright and thoughtful people but also a group of people who haven't thought deeply about anything ever. A colleague of mine teaches Intro to World Religions and had a student ask "Wait, so Islam isn't a country?" Seriously, just become a plumber. Just need to know that water runs down and don't chew your fingernails... Oh, and you will make way more money than me!
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    At work they’re laughing at me because I’m cranking them out here. Giving em 20 every 2 hours. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Put balls around a hole in a circle at 3 feet and just keep making them. Make after make after make It really works - once you’re on the course it becomes just like the drill if you’ve made enough of them. Good luck Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Hey gang...I added all the tester 18 badges...but we had quite a few and I may have either missed some guys or accidentally removed one of your existing badges - if you see that shoot me a PM and I'll fix it immediately. Apologies in advance! Should be all set now...sorry for the error.
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    We were at my buddy's brewery tonight. Midnight Brewery in Rockville, VA. Drinking the blood orange IPA and the brown ale. Boy am I lucky my wife loves beer.
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    Soooo, the first "long box on the porch" showed up today containing my brand new, unused G400 5w! I got it from a private seller who had is as an auction-item and I snipped it at the last minute for a steal (yes, I'm "that" guy). Anyhow, immediately screwed off the stock R-Flex shaft and put back in the Aldila Tour Blue and you know what..? Not half bad to be honest! I will definitely use it as-is and the added "benefit" of this color combo is that blue and orange (orange being the copper highlights of the G400 stuff...) mix nicely and remind me of my beloved BSU Broncos..! Win! I still am contemplating a more "orange" colored shaft, but damn! This Aldila was just an awesome find and it performed well with the "old" head. Expecting the same on this baby.
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    I've tried the "slime" as a mitigation tool with new tires and tubes with my daughter's bikes over the years and yeah...it just doesn't work that way. As stated before, it was meant for an emergency situation I suppose. We have those nasty goat heads here too and going off-road is pure death. Solid tires are the way to go IMHO.
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    Sold!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Something has changed in your stroke. You need to find out what it is. Also. since you're now in AZ, the grass is different. That may be affecting how you stroke the ball. I know that when I go to AZ in 2 weeks, it will take me a few days to get used to the different grass. I assume that your reads are correct, so spend an hour doing nothing but 2-6 foot putts. Vary the speed; die it into the hole and ram it in. Which works better? I'm just guessing of course, but a die-in-the-hole putt will break out of the hole unless it's dead straight. More speed will work better, but you might have a tendency to push/pull when trying to hit it harder. Need to get a feel for it. When they start going in, the confidence builds. Good luck!!
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    Sooooo...give us everything for Lower Slobovia…. Yeah, this is ugly...WTF happened to us that this is the "norm"??!!!
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    Oh yeah - we’d have scotch Lots of it Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    oh man I have some work to do!!!
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    Day 4 in the books. I’m definitely going to have to alternate days between knuckle and palm push ups. Starting to get sore hands, and some callus will form if I continue the palm push ups. Maybe some gloves, or a bar... something.
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    I've heard that Pelz will be releasing new information in the next month or two. Even his older research was done with a "roller", he wasn't looking at balls that were bounding, just at different rolling speeds. If MGS is indeed studying this, and Pelz is doing more work, that would make 4 or 5 new studies underway. I think we'll know a lot more before too long. For speed of play, I think after we're all adjusted to the change, there won't be a big difference. In the short term, I agree, differing choices may have the flag going in and back out and back in and.... on a lot of holes. As for what the USGA will do, I don't know. They're on record as saying that the change will have no effect, so research showing a statistical effect might make them rethink the change. and there IS a standard for flagsticks, no greater than 0.75 inches diameter, from the base to at least 3 inches above the green surface. And I'm with @revkev, I'll leave it in most of the time, for as long as I'm allowed to do that.
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    I found the Chrome Soft X to be MUCH harder than TP5X. I bought them based on a statement from a buddy at Callaway, and I hated them from the first time I hit them out of the box.SO hard. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Added myself to make it half a dozen Scots here now.
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    Overcast in the low 70’s warming to 79* today. Decided to try an experiment. Played my PowerBilt set today as follows: Air Force One Driver, 3W, 5W, 3H, 4-SW with Apollo graphite shafts. Topped off with my SC Kombi. These clubs have been in my garage for about 8 years unused. I regripped them with Lamkins about 2 years ago but did not play them. My driver has a Winn grip that pretty much fell apart in my hands, but boy howdy could I hit it. 10 - 15 yards farther than my Cobra F8......isn’t that amazing? The irons are standard lie, and I need 2* Flat so I choked up about an inch to hit them....Three approach shots landed inside 3’ of the Pin. Prob won’t keep playing them but it was fun today. Think I’ll regrip the Driver and try them tomorrow. BTW, I shot a 42/45:87. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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