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    For anyone needing a little inspiration, here is one of my retired trick shot videos from a few years back. Enjoy [emoji6]
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    Wow... this is an indictment of the school system. How the F*** did subject 1 pass high school AND college? As a point of interest, I'm homeschooled, and last year for geography, I had to memorize all 197 countries, the country's capital, and the country's flags.
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    And this is why our educational system needs to be torn apart and redone
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    Guys, this is awesome. It might be the coolest thing I've ever purchased. [So much for subtlety in a review.] I've still got a ways to go before I'm ready to write a full review. But my early impressions are very positive. The biggest downside: there are too many shots it simply fails to read. For me, it has especially struggled on full and high wedge shots. Did a test today with two different patterns on the ball: lines and Truvis-like pattern (I have a little template for each of these). The lined ball seemed to be doing better, until Kirke shanked it into the dark corners of the garage, from whence we could not find it. The other smaller negative: the delay between the shot and its result. I didn't find this too awful, but it is mildly irritating. The best part: the depth of the software. It's not just giving you all the ball data; it sets up drills and keeps records for how you're doing. This is where I see it having massive benefits for my game. Today, I did a short game test: three shots to each of six targets. Here are the results: That kind of information is so helpful. I've got a problem around 100 yards, which doesn't surprise me: it's the upper limit of my 54° wedge. I also pull everything left. Now I have something to work on, and immediate feedback to know if I'm getting better. I'm planning on venturing over to @revkev's thread on coaching vs. self-teaching, but I'll say this: this is the kind of tool that those of us who go without coaching (for whatever reason) can use to make legit progress. I'm incredibly excited at the possibilities this season presents now.
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    I hope not to make many changes this year but I am sure there will be a few. With all these new drivers coming out and incredible claims that club will likely change at some point. Everything else is pretty set. I may refresh the wedges and get new grooves. I have been trying the PXG mini Gunboat H and its been so good. It may finally beat out my beloved Buttonback Newport 2 that has been in the bag for 5 years. The thing I like most about the PXG is the alignment line, with it I have been able to start more putts online. The biggest issue is adjusting to the difference in feel off the face. Ping G400 LST 8.5 set to 7.5 with Tensei Pro White 70TX PXG 0341 3 wood 13.5* HZRDUS Yellow 76 6.5 Ben Hogan FT Worth Hi 20* KBS Tour V 120X Ben Hogan FT Worth Black 4-P KBS Tour V 120X Ben Hogan Equalizers 50,55,60 KBS Tour V PXG Mini Gunboat H/ Scotty Cameron Buttonback Newport 2 Snell MTB Black and Red
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    I'm not surprised. People seem to get passed up the grades no matter what. Then, since everyone "has" to go to college, I get to teach them. I get a ton of bright and thoughtful people but also a group of people who haven't thought deeply about anything ever. A colleague of mine teaches Intro to World Religions and had a student ask "Wait, so Islam isn't a country?" Seriously, just become a plumber. Just need to know that water runs down and don't chew your fingernails... Oh, and you will make way more money than me!
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    Put balls around a hole in a circle at 3 feet and just keep making them. Make after make after make It really works - once you’re on the course it becomes just like the drill if you’ve made enough of them. Good luck Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Congrats to Texas. You had the better team at the Sugar Bowl. We'll be back in the top five next season and close the deal. Go Dawgs!
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    Hey gang...I added all the tester 18 badges...but we had quite a few and I may have either missed some guys or accidentally removed one of your existing badges - if you see that shoot me a PM and I'll fix it immediately. Apologies in advance! Should be all set now...sorry for the error.
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    I've had the good fortune to eat in more than a few expense-account steakhouses, and they generally do a next-level truffled mac and cheese and creamed spinach. I'm here for it.
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    Stud & crew, I apologize for being a pain, but could y 'all add back in my "Broke 90" tag? It disappeared just after the awesome addition of the "tester 2018" tag. Thanks all!
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    Soooo, the first "long box on the porch" showed up today containing my brand new, unused G400 5w! I got it from a private seller who had is as an auction-item and I snipped it at the last minute for a steal (yes, I'm "that" guy). Anyhow, immediately screwed off the stock R-Flex shaft and put back in the Aldila Tour Blue and you know what..? Not half bad to be honest! I will definitely use it as-is and the added "benefit" of this color combo is that blue and orange (orange being the copper highlights of the G400 stuff...) mix nicely and remind me of my beloved BSU Broncos..! Win! I still am contemplating a more "orange" colored shaft, but damn! This Aldila was just an awesome find and it performed well with the "old" head. Expecting the same on this baby.
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    I was not born until the 70’s so all I know is flag out :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sold!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    oh man I have some work to do!!!
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    Day 4 in the books. I’m definitely going to have to alternate days between knuckle and palm push ups. Starting to get sore hands, and some callus will form if I continue the palm push ups. Maybe some gloves, or a bar... something.
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    Quick PSA about the tester badges: 1) If you tested this year, you got a 2018 badge. No need to request these. 2) To get a 2019 badge, you must complete Stage 2 in any 2019 test. 3) These badges will be on a 2 year roll. So once 2020 hits, the 2018 badge will go away...and so on. Carry On
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    I don't know that I would have told you that I had a problem at 100 yards, but I know without question that I pull wedge shots. So that much immediately rang true. I'll check the other on Game Golf when I have a chance. One more thought: the left miss was consistent through all my wedge shots on SkyTrak. I think that's real. But the misses that cluster around 100 yards may yet be small sample size (six shots).
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    Excellent question! I do tend to sit it toward the middle, maybe slightly forward on my regular swings and I do put it a little more forward for the step change. As a tester I felt it my duty to go outside and do some experimenting with the radar and sticks. I did regular swings from both sides positioning the radar forward, middle, and back. I know I'm not going to be able to consistently repeat swing speeds, but what I found was the numbers were within 2-4 mph of each other. To me, I would say that as long as you are consistent with where you place the radar while training, that's what matters. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    RickyBobby, Plaid and MPR all speak to something very important. Motivation matters. There's no sense to taking lessons if you aren't motivated to improve. You have to be willing to put the time in or there's no sense. Also I've never quite understood the difference between instruction and coaching. To me an instructor is a higher level than a coach. So while I didn't turn to that other website I appreciate the distinction being made. Given those definitions instructions can be a dangerous thing. If I read or watch a video tip it may not apply to the issue that I'm having. I could attempt to implement something that makes my issue worse. If I have a good coach he or she will supply the fixes that I need, supply the motivations and also provide periodic check ins. Instruction has been sporadic for me - there has been some that has work and other that has been a disaster. @MPR - golf is my stress release. Because I was once fairly good at it once it becomes a stresser if I don't play well enough to satisfy myself. So while it's not that important on the one hand - I get that, appreciate it and always recognize that however I've played that's true, it's important enough to my overall well being that I'm willing to devote some time and expense to playing it well. Make sense?
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    Picked all of this up at a local auction for $25. Felt like a pretty good deal to me.
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    You and Dave may have touched on something with the eyes/focus spot. I'll give that try today and see if this helps. I told the group Thursday I should be fined for leaving so much trash (aka lost scoring opportunities) on the course.
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    I am really looking forward to all the new Driver releases. The Ping and PXG are the top of my list. The Cobra F9 and Titleist TS3 are next. Once they are all released I plan on doing a driver fitting and pick the best one. The Ping because I already love my G400 LST. The PXG because of the talk about how low spin it is. The TS3 because I picked up and 4mph ball speed but the stock shafts couldn’t bring the spin down. The F9 because I have been a big fan of Cobra for years Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Indeed! God bless her!!!
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    Hoping to get out and play this weekend to try out the new version of the Android software. Praying for decent weather on Sunday.
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    I use a $20 canvas drop cloth to show movies in my driveway. Works like a charm. Haven't hit golf balls into it yet, but I imagine it'd stop them. And I wouldn't worry too much if I put a hole in it.
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    I found it somewhat comical and a whole lot of sad. Geography was a huge subject for me and it wasn't an option. My daughter who reasonably intelligent and a freshman at UO, struggles with cursive writing aa it was taught for like two weeks in the 3rd grade. That was pushed on me all the way through school.
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    That was my initial thought as well. There is more than enough of that repetitive questioning during pre and post round interviews for me. #moregolflesstalk
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    Getting back to the tournament I’m seeing lots of different shots. Course is set up perfectly IMO Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Awesome I will keep up with this. That's a lot of tournaments
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    Great. It looks like Mr. “I am Too good to explain things to you” “you wouldn’t understand” is only mastering his science more. Perfect. Another year of terrible pressers, and pouty attitude when he is off. Wonder if he will throw the entire bag down the range at the open this time.
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    As of this moment T2 in Hawaii... Not a bad way to debut with a new company sponsoring you
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    Anti pasta Minestrone Veal Parm Angel hair Spamoni Never been done and not politically correct! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Wait until next year?? FYI that'll make 2 of us [emoji16] Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Has anyone ever proposed a MGS Biggest Loser type competition? With all the new years resolutions, It could be fun, even if its just a box of balls as the prize and gentlemans rules...Just a thought, I could use a little extra motivation with this type of thing but I may be the only one. I'd be willing to buy and ship the balls to the winner, and If I win, I save myself some money. It's also perfectly okay to hard reject the idea, just something I thought of today... Weight loss wise, I'm down 2.3 lbs already!
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    Got it, opened it, getting the software ready for first use this evening. First impression: it's smaller than I expected.
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    I probably worded this a bit wrong, it wouldn't be someone who's never played golf before, but isn't someone who's avid or be able to help me make decisions. But, I will say in my 9 hole round I played last year for my Mizuno test with my girlfriend with me taking photos, she had no idea what she was doing and I shot +1 on a course I hadn't seen before while helping her get in the right spot for good shots. Time will tell, still in the planning stages and may decide to go a different route than the caddie thing anyway.
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    Can anyone give me a good reason that I shouldn't drive around town, stalking the UPS truck?
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    First time on this thread in a few days. Texas was ready and I just don't know what to think of my Dawgs, they got their butts whipped much worse than the score indicated IMO. I have read an interesting stat since the game that I guess is really relevant only to gamblers but since the playoffs began the #5 rated team (the first team out of the playoffs) has now lost 4 of 5 of their bowl games, only tOSU won one and that was last year. I guess most college age kids are not mature enough to handle the disappointment of barely missing the playoffs so then self motivation becomes a huge problem for coaching staffs. I'm not making an excuse as I said above Texas beat UGA much worse than that final score but I did find the #5 bowl winning percentage telling. As always Go Dawgs!
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    We just went at major milestone intravals, the next one for you will be 5,000! So get to work, it's in view After that comes the rarefied air of 10,000! Only two members hve reached that lofty status, RevKev and KennyB But if Shankster with over 8700 posts ever returns to the pace of his early days of posting, he'll get there by Saturday I have a ways to go to get there, but as you can see our actual counts still show beneath that.
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    This year will make my 18th year attending the PGA show. We are mom and pop and in the beginning we did write orders there. Mostly because our rural location was not on the company reps travel path, in the beginning. The internet made a lot of the things smaller. meeting the people and getting a read on the company wasn't one of them. There will always be that head pro that might feel another club company or another apparel company is better for the club or course. What better way to get a feel for the company you are getting ready to do business with than meeting the people in charge and your future rep. Because just like there is a relation between you and your customer there is a relation between you and your supplier. To the point because of these relations, I've met several industry leaders and learned tons just from face to face conversations. In fact I'm in the Callaway picture in the article talking to Harry lol. I've also learned more about the products than a PDF or flier would provide. This makes for a better conversation when a golfer comes into the shop. Another way to connect with the golfing community We did YouTube videos on the show (among other things) that did bring in some folks and more business as the year went on. So,,,, we will be doing that again this year. scheduling times making up questions etc. The show was touted as a professional show for professionals, it should be.. If you think for a minute the consumer is not getting in you would be mistaken. You have a picture of a BOY shaking hands with the shark in the article! Nothing is more distracting than a guy wearing a John Deere hat with his son asking what's the best price he can get on a new club while trying to make a relationship with a supplier. I say that because it happened last year. If the show turns to that direction to include consumers, that would be their choice and I hope, as in the article, there is a separate day so the industry professional can get business done, the consumer can scratch one of the bucket list and enjoy Orlando.
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    I wonder how long they can keep it up and not ask repetitive questions player to player and week to week.
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    Husband's call to his wife… "Honey it's me. I don't want to alarm you but I was hit by a car as I was leaving the office. Paula brought me to the hospital. They have checked me over and done some tests and some x-rays. The blow to my head was severe. Fortunately it did not cause any serious internal injury. However I have three broken ribs, a compound fracture in the left leg, and they think they may have to amputate my right foot." Wife's response: "Who the f*** is Paula?"
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    What was the reasoning for dropping a ball at knee height, rather than dropping a ball from "no lower than knee height"? I can see under certain conditions that I would want to drop as close to the ground as I could get to give me the best chance for a good lie or to maybe prevent the ball from rolling. However, I also have conditions where it wouldn't matter how high off the ground I dropped the ball. Why should I HAVE to drop it a knee height? Just asking for someone who uses a long putter with a ball grabber on the end.
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    And the winner is.... The not afore mentioned MP18 MMC. Clear winner for feel, ball flight and consistency. Ordering 5-P tomorrow
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    So I bought this TMag Minidriver a couple weeks ago at play it again for 40 bucks. It has a matrix 60 Xflex in it 12°, I was struggling with driver for a bit so I just pulled it out and started using it. Prior to putting it in play I hit it about 10 times on the range. Man I love thing. I am pretty darn accurate with it. And I am only about 10 yards short of my full driver. It’s 43.5 inches long so set up is just like my 3 wood.
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    Stage Two - The Review 10/31/18 Arccos 360 Official MGS Forum Review by palvord Intro Well it has been a full three months of use with the Arccos system. Since the sensors only track and record data when playing a round on the course, I did not spend too much time at the driving range over these three months. I did have 3 range sessions, and was not impacted in any way by having the sensors in my clubs. Overall, I played 10 rounds of 9 holes and 7 rounds of 18 holes with the sensors. I did end having to delete some rounds from Arccos as it was skewing the data. More details below as to why that was necessary. Looks & Feel (8 out of 10 points) For what they are designed to do, the sensors are effective. They are designed to be screwed into the grip of the club and they perform that function well. It was easy to screw them in and I had no concerns with their security. The standard putting sensor does not look good screwed into the end of the putter. This doesn’t bother me that much, but it is clear there is a sensor in my mid size pistol grip. The black and green aesthetic is what throws me off as you are limited to that choice alone. As the product evolves, it would be interesting to see if color customization will become available. Setup (9 out of 10 points) Setup was the most simple part of this entire process. I did what I never do with equipment, and read the instructions. I really did this because I didn’t want my review to be delayed due to user error. The speed with which the sensor pairs with your phone is surprisingly fast, and can make you feel that the it did not register properly. On-Course (10 out of 20 points) So this is where things began to really impact my view of the system. While the sensors had no impact on my swing, it had a major impact on my thought processes. Every swing, I had to remember that I was trying to make sure that the sensor was “awake” on the club that I was going to use. There is no way to tell if the sensor is awake on the sensor itself or your phone. Since the sensor does shut down automatically, you want to take a few practice swings to give yourself the best opportunity that the sensor is ready to go. Also, I had to learn over time how to position my phone in my pocket. The shots registered more frequently when I placed the phone in my pocket with the microphone pointing up. I did have to learn how to create a new routine for my swing as I wanted to check my phone for the pre-shot data that it provided. I did miss the ease of just glancing at my wrist to get my yardages, but did appreciate the suggestions of club use, as well as the hole overview to determine where hazards were. I also had to decide if I wanted to take the time to fix the missed shots or penalties after every hole or at the end of the round. This constant checking of my phone did cut into the parts of what I really enjoy about golf, which is being with great people while eliminating the normal distraction of life like phones, emails, social media, etc. It is hard to be away from those distractions while you are using the device the provides some of the distractions. Before Arccos, my normal data gathering process was to use my Garmin S20 watch for yardages, and jot down notes to be transferred to a Google Sheet after the round. The time spent gathering or updating the data is about the same for both systems, however Arccos claims that your shots are registered on the phone. If you want to keep the data real time, you need to constantly check the app. With my system, a shot is never missed. Accuracy (3 out of 10 points) I may have bled some of the review of this area into the On Course section. For me the lack of accuracy in tracking shots impacted my enjoyment of the device On Course. The system earns 3 points for the yardages as well as the “plays like” yardages. I never had a discrepancy on the yardage between Arccos and my Garmin watch. For shot tracking and the time needed to edit the program, Arccos loses the rest of the points. I never had a round where at least 5 full shots were not dropped. (Arccos does hedge their claims about missed putts) I could not find a single solitary consistent routine that I needed to follow that allowed all of my full shots to be registered. Even when I would play a round with a full battery, full LTE signal, at the exact same course, the exact same time of day, with the exact same weather conditions the system would drop shots. I had rounds where I checked the phone before every shot and rounds where I kept the phone in my pocket for the entire round and the shots were dropped. I played an entire round with the phone in my pocket for a test, and when I looked at the final score, Arccos had registered a 56. In reality, I had shot a 91. The system gave me 2 putts on every hole, except 16 and 18, where it didn’t register a shot for either hole. For an entire round on a beautiful, sunny day, the system only recorded 20 full shots. Dashboard Interface (8 out of 10 points) Once you get the hang of the website and app, these interfaces are very easy to use. There are limited menu choices and so navigation is quite simple. The app does give you some step by step guides for how to use the Caddy feature when in that mode, but everything is pretty self explanatory. My father-in-law who is not the most technologically literate person was able to navigate himself through finding yardages, changing pin location, and reading the data provided. The desktop is where I found it easiest to delete a round or edit shots. Your fingers on the screen of the phone can tend to hide the yardages as you are dragging the new added shot into place. I didn’t find anything missing or that was absolutely needed for the interface. As to Customer Service, I had a concern about the original putter sensor reading putts. I emailed back and forth with Arccos and they ended up sending me two putter sensors, one of them being designed for more pistol grip style clubs. While friendly enough, I did feel it took some time for the package to arrive to me. I may be skewed on that expectation though as Amazon has almost trained me to expect two day delivery, The new sensors arrived 8 days after my email conversation with Arccos Customer Service. Data Usefulness (8 out of 20 points) This is the part of the Arccos system that I do not feel lives up to their claims. In their marketing materials, they claim that by collecting all of this data, you are going to be able to shoot better scores due to their suggestions. I began this review as a 13 handicap. I have finished the year as a 14 handicap. So essentially I am the exact same golfer as when I began using the system. Their handicap breakdown by facet tells me that my Driving and Approach game are the highest handicap areas. It also tells me that for my Accuracy I am a 33% in every area. Basically, I can hit the ball down the middle, miss it left, or miss it right. I knew all of that before I began using the system. There has been no suggested drills or activities given from the program to help improve any of the areas it tracks. I’m not sure how the system can help you improve by data collection alone as the system does not provide you with a means to improve on the weak areas other than letting you know it is a weak area. For a golfer that is not tuned into their game, this is a fantastic product for that. I have found that the only thing to help improve my game has been taking lessons, and focused practice. The data can tell me which areas need the most focus, but my previous data tracking was also letting me know that I needed to improve my driving and my approach. For tracking club gaps, I feel that this system needs to be used for an entire season to make that determination. Depending on the amount of golf that you play, the variables of golf make it difficult to make a determination of where the holes in your bag are. I may need to look at the area in my bag between my 3 wood and 5 iron, however I rarely use my hybrid or 4 iron and currently do not carry a 5 wood. You need to make sure that you have taken enough shots with each club on the course to truly trust the yardage gap. Since you cannot use the system to do gap testing on a driving range, you need to wait for enough data to be collected.. This gets into the meat of what this product really does for you as a golfer. Tracking data and pretty charts are neat, but do they help you play better? Play it or Trade it? (8 out of 20 points) If you have no idea what your data is, this is a great product to help begin collecting data. If you do know some of your data and are looking to have that data collected and collated with the intent of improving your game, don’t get this system At $250 retail, I would improve my game faster by spending that money on lessons or towards the cost of a club fitting. Conclusion Overall, Arccos is a system that is useful for collecting and storing data. Just like any data collection system, there is a level of manual work required by the user. Also, just like any data collection system, there will be flaws in the early versions. The information that it provides regarding yardage, and plays like yardages are useful, but can be provided by other devices. The information that it provides regarding your strengths and weakness is accurate, but can also be gathered by your own methods. I see the potential that the Arccos 360 has. As the system improves in its ability to accurately track your shots it is going to help provide and easy method for data collection. What can help take Arccos to the next level is not only consistently registering the shots taken by the golfer, but partnering with a group of teaching professionals to begin providing lessons for the golfer to improve their game. For example, if a person after 6 round is an 18 handicap in putting, Arccos suggests a specific putting drill for working on 6 foot putts. I am not sure if I will continue to use the Arccos system. I see what it is trying to do, but I don’t feel that it has reached the current claims of helping golfers improve 46.7x faster than the average golfer. Final Score: 54/100
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    I really really like it. Like. A lot. A whole lot. So much really honestly. Just wow. If it can actually track putts, it'll beat Shot Scope running away. I like the fact that they just use your phone's GPS for distances and such instead of putting it on a watch. You can see so much more on phone especially on new courses. Where does the tracking device go? I'll bet it still needs to be in your pocket. If you're a tight pants guy, this could still be annoying. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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