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    After work twilight #2 of the year. On/off rains made the conditions kinda rough. Got 17 holes in though! Skipped ahead of some foursome that was taking too long. Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Thanks, I’m being really patient which is not a trait of mine. Surgery February 4th and then PT. Doc told me to please LISTEN[emoji16] to the Post Op. I’ll do that cause the War Dept is on my case. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Well I know I’ve been absent for awhile. I’ve been working and trying to get the ball rolling and I must say that it is working. So tomorrow I have a meeting/interview with the local pro to be his assistant pro. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I'll be there on Friday, whenever Cam Champ tees off. I wanna see what 190 MPH ball speed looks like in real life. I went last year, it was a blast. Wow you got to play Waialae? That's not something many folks can say. You gotta be in the 1% of the 1% to be a member there. If anyone wants anything from the venue, shoot me a PM. You pay the price + shipping, no charge aside from that. Just saw Evnroll is there this year, hoping I can get my hands on a ER2.2 to roll :)
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    Looking past the clubhouse to the 18th green and 17th across the water. The Golf Club at Echo Falls 3.5” from a hole in one today... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    So today my wife sends me a text after looking though my son's school work. As part of his creative writing class he had to write a retirement speech. Insights into a 12 year olds mind that made me chuckle a bit... He retired after a career as a marine biologist after spending his grad school years caddying for his father on the PGA Tour Champions. He discovered a shark and named it Cabinet Mouth because it opens and closes like a cabinet. He married a woman named Kate that he met in Philly when he went for Nick Foles Street dedication. Less than a year after marriage they had a little girl, and a year later they had triplets. Two boys and a girl...the boys were Rocco and Jamie. Obviously he is a huge Eagles fan and more importantly is a Nick Foles fan that dates back to his first stint with the Eagles. I at least have a grandkid named after me and with an Italian family we were bound to have at least one grandchild named Rocco. As a bonus apparently I decided to forgo this executive thing and play some pro golf, in his mind I am better than I actually am. Made my day after a brutal work day in the office and gave me a few laughs.
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    I've found and seen more bad lesson pros and such than good ones. Just because they have the title of PGA Professional doesn't mean squat in my book. In any line of business there are good people and not so good people; as far as advice and instruction is concerned that is. I've had plumbers and doctors do more harm than good and got rid of them. Same with a golf pro.
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    You could also consider giving copies of the evidence to a local news outlet, either a newspaper or TV station. Exposing the dark side of public officials gets attention for the media outlet, which is what the want, but it should also get the trolling stopped, which is what you want.
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    ... Pretty sure The Hammer corrects any angle of attack ... POW!!!
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    Played for my Cousin's birthday today. Pouring rain and 10-15 mph winds. Conditions were shitty at best but it sure as hell beat working. I ended up shooting 45 42. No great, but was pleasantly surprised at my end score because I felt like I was playing much worse. We walked the first 9 holes but once we got to 9 the rain came on full force. So we opted for a cart on the back. My cousin ended up shooting 55 44.
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    1-5 feet with an uphill putt Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Reminds me of a real posters
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    I did numerous times. The course itself was super tough for me because it played to my weaknesses. I met a member through the healthcare field. He is a super nice guy and invited me out monthly. I think the accessibility or lack there of gives the members a bad rap. Everyone I’ve ever met out there to include the entire staff is incredibly friendly. Yes, they are wealthy but everyone I’ve come in contact with accrued their wealth through hard work and from the sweat off their brow. I didn’t get the elitist feel from anyone at all. The member I played with always welcomed me, a guest myself, to bring a friend with me. If we had met prior to my departure I’m sure I could have gotten you out. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Gather all evidence and hand it to the local cyber crimes authorities...but that's just good me. Bad me would confront him, knock him out and break all of his fingers.
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    Just doing a giveaway on my insta if anyone wants to enter
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    Let's get this party started! Probably should have edited out the fist pump, but it was exciting to nail this on the first take https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IZfgMkFguOA
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    Here's another DIY option you can make with common hand tools. Its a 3 in 1 design. I drilled out a piece of 3/4" diameter threaded rod and epoxy'd it to a steel driver shaft. I add nuts to the threaded rod to adjust between light , medium, and heavy sticks. Shaft Length is 44 inch with a midsize tour velvet grip. Weight of shaft and grip were around 181g. I cut the thread bar to a length (approx. 2") to make up the extra weight to get me to the light speed stick weight of 255g. Adding one nut gets me to 303g which is about 13g more than the medium weight stick. Adding another nut for a total of two nuts gets me to around 353g which is 2g lighter than the heavy stick. Nuts spin off and on quick so switching from different weights shouldn't be a problem. I could probably shave another nut down to get me exact for the medium weight but I think I'm good for now. Training starts once I get around to shoveling some snow off the deck...lol.
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    Handicap finished the year at 1.8. I have been trying to get to scratch so I purchased a year subscription to shot by shot strokes gained tracking program to see where I was bleeding strokes. It converts your strokes gained number into a handicap for you. Driving: 3 handicap Short game: 3 handicap Putting: Scratch Approach: NINE handicap it was clear to me that my iron game was holding me back. I really wanted to try something that would help....and this just may be the ticket. I got the 4-PW. I am going to the fitter on Monday to see if they need to be bent 2 degrees flat like my irons. I already catch grief for the ugly putter that I use....,why not catch some flak for my irons as well?
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    I’m struggling to imagine how one of these new offerings could top my Ping G400. I would try the Mizuno as that brand’s Drivers General fit my swing. I’d enjoy looking at shafts. If my driver SS continues to improve I may be in the market for a new shaft. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I went ahead and had all 3 wedges lengthened to 36” and same lie angle on each. Played 2 rounds with them in cold, sloppy wet conditions but it seems to be the correct decision for me. Clean crisp contact on all full swings and on line. Strange thing is the True Spec guys think I may benefit from shortening all other clubs a quarter of an inch. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Ok. I am a low handicapper and I have always wondered about game improvement clubs; however, I have always been leary because of the lack of spin that they create. I saw the Cleveland Launcher HB won the category for SGI. I saw Mark Crossfields review. I read this post from start to finish. Yet, I was hesitant to buy them as an experiment to see if they could help a low handicapper. Then, I realized that with my rewards program through our office credit card, I could get this set for FREE. That is my kind of price. Lol. So, I just unboxed them and proceeded to test them on my Skytrak at home against my Mizuno JPX 850 forged irons. Yeah....the Mizunos feel a little more like butter when I hit them....but I can get over that if my iron play improves. I am a club longer with the HBs. I am not sure if the lofts are jacked or not....so that may not be a good comparison. Spin was about 300 rpm less with the HBs....but the HBs flew higher and had very similar stopping power to my Mizunos. The BIGGEST thing I noticed.....about one out of every ten swings for me will be a little on the dicey side....is that I am BLOWN away by the forgiveness of the HBs compared to the Mizunos. I hit one on the heel which felt like it should go nowhere. It flew about five yards shorter than my standard ball with just a baby fade on it that ended up four yards off line. I am looking forward to getting these out on my Florida trip in March. I will keep everyone updated. These could be a game changer......
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    They were really good guys and I feel very honest. They asked what my top priority was and I told them scoring. That is why we ended up keeping things as is. They said they get guys that only care about distance or looks. They don’t judge, they try to get you what you ask for. Frankly after shaft testing I settled in on the steel fiber i80 which is 10 grams lighter than what I game so if those where in the launchers distance would have been very similar. They also said the Rogue was like my 5 irons. They had never had anyone in that had Launchers and they were surprised at the spin numbers these put up. Best of the bunch by far. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    "Sixty is the worst age to be," said the 60-year-old. "You always feel like you have to pee. And most of the time, you stand at the toilet and nothing comes out!" "Ah, that's nothin'," said the 70-year-old. "When you're seventy, you can't even crap anymore. You take laxatives, then you sit on the toilet all day and nothin' comes out!" "Actually," said the 80-year-old, "80 is the worst age of all!" "Do you have trouble peeing too?" asked the 60-year-old. "No, not really. I pee every morning at 6:00. I pee like a racehorse on a flat rock; no problem at all." "Do you have trouble crapping?" asked the 70-year-old. "No, I crap every morning at 6:30." With great exasperation, the 60-year-old said, "Let me get this straight. You pee every morning at 6:00 and crap every morning at 6:30. So what's so tough about being 80?" "I don't wake up until 7:00!"
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    For anyone needing a little inspiration, here is one of my retired trick shot videos from a few years back. Enjoy [emoji6]
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    Because I am a relatively crappy golfer, any score less than 100 is a winner for me. I soon hope to move that mark to 90. What keeps me coming back? Oh those sweet sounding metal-wood shots that go like a Star Wars laser, or the one 130-yd PW shot that hits the green like a dart.
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