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    Ladies and gentlemen I’ve been toying with the idea of developing a virtual golf league. This league would be made up of real golfers playing golf on real golf courses. A live leaderboard would be maintained and updated real time as individual golfers submitted their score cards. The end goal would be to bring together golfers from around the globe to compete virtually against one another over a designated season. I have been making notes, brainstorming and researching how best to bring this idea to reality. I’m not going to include specifics at this time nor am I looking for input/recommendations today (I will in the future). I’m just trying to do a little discovery learning to determine if there is enough interest out there to continue to push forward with the idea. As a disclaimer I will at least say this.......if the league is established the scores submitted will be done so based on the honor system. I am not going to expend a lot of energy on checking the integrity of each individual participant. I provide this disclaimer because I know some folks are not interested in any level of competition where there are very few control measures to guard against the submission of suspect scores. I respect those feelings but will most likely not recruit the FBI or CIA to provide oversight. Is this league something you would be interested in joining? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The dude misses one very important point about any business - margins. IF what he says about declining participation is accurate, and IF you know the market for drivers is declining (meaning fewer drivers overall are going to be sold year after year), and IF your goal is margin and not market share, your prices will be going up. If your goal is market share then sure, your can cut your prices, but how many more will you have to sell to get to the same profit in dollars than if you left the price alone? If you have a profit margin of 20 percent on your product when you sell it to a retailer, and you decide to cut your selling price 15% (ONLY!!!!), and guesses on how much your volume would have to increase in order to make the same profit dollars as you would have if you had just left well enough alone? Try 300%. You would have to sell THREE TIMES AS MANY DRIVERS just to get back to where you were before you made the market share grab. But even that number is a little shady, because everything you do is going to have to triple - you'll need more inventory, you'll need more warehouse space, more manufacturing capabilities, more order-entry, more sales people and more advertising to get people to reach for your product compared to someone else's - and we're talking only a15% percent price cut. If your retailer passes that price cut on to the consumer, a $399 driver would be selling it for $339. Is THAT kind of a price cut going to get you 3 time the sales? On the other hand, if you were working on a 20% margin and actually INCREASED pricing 15% - now selling that $399 driver for $459, you could LOSE 43% of your sales and still stay whole profit dollar-wise. And both scenarios assume your cost of goods sold doesn't change which, of course, it will. Hmmmmm..... Which would you do? This may seem like a slight oversimplification - and in some ways it is - but ultimately the math is the math is the math...
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    After work twilight #2 of the year. On/off rains made the conditions kinda rough. Got 17 holes in though! Skipped ahead of some foursome that was taking too long. Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Thanks, I’m being really patient which is not a trait of mine. Surgery February 4th and then PT. Doc told me to please LISTEN[emoji16] to the Post Op. I’ll do that cause the War Dept is on my case. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Well I know I’ve been absent for awhile. I’ve been working and trying to get the ball rolling and I must say that it is working. So tomorrow I have a meeting/interview with the local pro to be his assistant pro. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Lesson #2 I had my second lesson today and it was nice to see my work I did throughout the week payoff. Again, we focused on the lower body: straightening that left leg through ground force and getting that left hip behind me. My coach was very pleased with the results he was seeing already and wanted me to continue to focus on the lower body. (Lesson 1 on the right, today's lesson on the left) One thing, he said, would come with more time is that my left leg would straighten even earlier in the swing. He said that my left leg should be fully extended by the time I reach impact. It was clear that while left hip was rotating and my left leg was straitening, that it was still happening passively and not driving my downswing. In order to demonstrate what he was talking about, he put my side by side with Lydia Ko. Lydia does a great job of rotating and posting up on her left leg so that she is fully posted up before she reaches the ball and then she can just rotate around that leg through impact. The one thing we talked about at the end of the lesson was taking this move to the next level, which is the slight squat to begin the downswing so I can really load up and push of the ground the get extra club head speed. My swing is already pretty fast, but it is inefficient, so once I start rotating correctly AND start using the ground forces to my advantage, he expects my clubhead speed to make a nice jump. Over the next week I will be working on the same drills I have been, while adding the slight squat the the beginning of the downswing. If I do get to the range to hit balls, I will simply work on the movement and the feelings - while not hitting balls at more than 80% speed, in order to make sure I stay properly sequenced. I absolutely love the direction these lessons are taking me in. I am hitting the ball in the center of the clubface now rather than off the bottom groove and the wear patter on my 7 iron from this lesson proves it. I have yet to hit any balls on a launch monitor yet, but I am really excited to see what happens to my distances. When you combine more clubhead speed, more centered strike location, and optimized dynamic loft, it can only lead to good things!
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    I find it interesting for a few reasons. Titleist has had years where they would not participate (I think they are over the K-Sig ball test by now). I'm betting they are hoping their new drivers will perform well as part of their motivation for participating. Scotty's don't often score well so it makes sense they would bow out. Callaway and TM are ridiculous to me, because they send tester clubs out to anyone with a plus but draw a line in the sand at MGS. TM had the #1 driver in 2016 and #3/4 in 2017, Callaway was #2. They are just mad they can't control the narrative. Ben Hogan makes zero sense to me unless they are in really bad financial shape. They did forum tests in 2018 with wedges and irons, but aren't doing most wanted? Very weird indeed.
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    I hate to condemn an instructor that I haven't seen work, but I think Plaid is right. It sounds as if you've had two lessons, and the guy is telling you the same thing over and over, as if he only knows one way to teach. And you've consistently been unable to use that "thing" and achieve any kind of success. In my mind, good instructors understand that different feels or drills are required for different people, even if the identical swing change is needed. If this guy only has one way, and that way doesn't work for you, I'd try someone else. And yes, there ARE a lot of poor instructors out there. The educational requirements to become a PGA Professional cover a wide array of skills, from understanding turf management, golf shop merchandise purchasing and inventory management, tournament operations, and yes, instruction. But the education doesn't go very deeply into any of those fields.
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    I'll be there on Friday, whenever Cam Champ tees off. I wanna see what 190 MPH ball speed looks like in real life. I went last year, it was a blast. Wow you got to play Waialae? That's not something many folks can say. You gotta be in the 1% of the 1% to be a member there. If anyone wants anything from the venue, shoot me a PM. You pay the price + shipping, no charge aside from that. Just saw Evnroll is there this year, hoping I can get my hands on a ER2.2 to roll :)
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    Looking past the clubhouse to the 18th green and 17th across the water. The Golf Club at Echo Falls 3.5” from a hole in one today... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    So today my wife sends me a text after looking though my son's school work. As part of his creative writing class he had to write a retirement speech. Insights into a 12 year olds mind that made me chuckle a bit... He retired after a career as a marine biologist after spending his grad school years caddying for his father on the PGA Tour Champions. He discovered a shark and named it Cabinet Mouth because it opens and closes like a cabinet. He married a woman named Kate that he met in Philly when he went for Nick Foles Street dedication. Less than a year after marriage they had a little girl, and a year later they had triplets. Two boys and a girl...the boys were Rocco and Jamie. Obviously he is a huge Eagles fan and more importantly is a Nick Foles fan that dates back to his first stint with the Eagles. I at least have a grandkid named after me and with an Italian family we were bound to have at least one grandchild named Rocco. As a bonus apparently I decided to forgo this executive thing and play some pro golf, in his mind I am better than I actually am. Made my day after a brutal work day in the office and gave me a few laughs.
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    $10 gallons of milk, million-dollar teardown houses, and never free shipping - this is my reward! Personally, I take it for granted during the week amidst the chaos of real life. Being on the golf course puts everything back in perspective for me. I could live somewhere infinitely cheaper, but this is where I belong!
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    Does handicap get taken into account? Because nailing back to back FIR is kind of a big deal
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    I've found and seen more bad lesson pros and such than good ones. Just because they have the title of PGA Professional doesn't mean squat in my book. In any line of business there are good people and not so good people; as far as advice and instruction is concerned that is. I've had plumbers and doctors do more harm than good and got rid of them. Same with a golf pro.
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    You could also consider giving copies of the evidence to a local news outlet, either a newspaper or TV station. Exposing the dark side of public officials gets attention for the media outlet, which is what the want, but it should also get the trolling stopped, which is what you want.
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    ... Pretty sure The Hammer corrects any angle of attack ... POW!!!
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    Played for my Cousin's birthday today. Pouring rain and 10-15 mph winds. Conditions were shitty at best but it sure as hell beat working. I ended up shooting 45 42. No great, but was pleasantly surprised at my end score because I felt like I was playing much worse. We walked the first 9 holes but once we got to 9 the rain came on full force. So we opted for a cart on the back. My cousin ended up shooting 55 44.
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    1-5 feet with an uphill putt Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Happy Birthday @00sportsman!! Wish you were back in Yuma right now?
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    If you read all he comments beneath the article one guy reached out to Hogan to ask why they did not participate. In a nutshell they replied by stating the testing requires submissions by 1/1/19 and that did not work with their new product timing. They didn’t want to have u finished product tested essentially. If you care to see exactly what they said it is towards the bottom of the comments. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    ::messages STUDque about adding a middle finger emoticon::
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    That's awesome stuff J! one of the many benefits of this site is great stuff like this!
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    My only guess is that Hogan is having some financial trouble and are really trying to cut costs. If the products perform well though, I'd think the marketing benefit far outweighs the upfront cost.
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    Surprised that Callaway and TaylorMade refused to participate, I'd imagine some of their equipment will figure quite high in the rankings. Scotty Cameron doesnt surprise me, I'm sure the policy is to be as elitest as they can. There's an air of arrogance surrounding their putters. Works for them I suppose. That shopping list cost is quite something. I'll be donating shortly to help out. Good work MGS guys.
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    Yeah that one got me too. I would think they rely on the feedback from places like MGS to get their name out there more. I mean check out the Ft. Worth Hi... Weird.
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    Yeah, I liked that too. The only company I'm surprised about is Hogan. They've done fairly well before and might have won a few "best value" awards. I'm sure Scotty won't play, MGS proved a fake was better than their $500 putters.
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    Definitely have to second the bunker suggestion. There are only 2 places within an hour of me that have a short game practice area complete with bunker. Number of places (course or range) I've ever visited that have a way to practice long bunker shots or fairway bunker shots... ZERO. I'd imagine maintenance costs have a little to do with it, but I think an easy solution would be to have multiple (maybe 2 or 3) small "bunkers" no bigger than a range mat for people to practice out of. They don't need to have a lip or anything for people to work on their stance and swing. That's all I'd really care about.
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    A “fairway” bunker, almost every golf course has fairway bunkers, yet I don’t see any driving ranges anywhere that have a bunker that you can full swing out of. There is no place to practice hitting out of a fairway bunker. Range memberships work well, or some type of discount for the guys that come often. Also a discount for juniors. Or family things, something like Dad buys a bucket, kid gets a small bucket free. Maybe a way to get more families together on the range
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    Honestly, if the instructor can't find more than one way to teach this, he may not be worth seeing again. Any teacher should understand, that one drill may not click with a player, I might seek out a new coach and see if the new coach can give you a different drill. If you want to keep trying this drill, I'd try to swing the club really slowly. That will make it easier to respect the motion of throwing the ball.
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    @revkev @Kenny B, I'll catch up to you codgers when you take the next 50 years off from posting. Or just let @Shankster take over my account for a day...errr day and half.
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    You nailed in John! In my previous life, hotel GM this was a constant discussion, and to me there was only one right side....ha suprise I know. Question for the class. You are a hotel manager, on one given night would you rather: A) Sell 135 rooms at $125 a night B) Sell 125 rooms at $135 a night or C) Sell 115 rooms at $150 a night Try and answer without doing the math. This is a very simplified version of revenue optimization that hotels and the airlines before them...and now 30 years later golf courses are starting to get into. When I would give this sample to a new training class is was always shocking to see the answer and even after explaining the why's behind it that john laid out. But it always without fail led to interesting discussions that I enjoyed leading/taking part in.
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    Three Oaks River Valley. I have no affiliation with the school beyond the documentary, but the lead producer graduated from there and is a good friend of mine. Hilarious that you found that, as it is oddly golf related. As part of that whole thing, we found a connection to a member of the Lost Dunes private golf club in Berrien Springs. Ended up getting to play 18 for nothing on that course. First, and so far only, time having a caddie (who my playing partner tipped very well). My locker in the locker room was next to Mike Ditka's. By far the most challenging greens I've ever played. Rolled like putting on concrete.
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    Reminds me of a real posters
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    I did numerous times. The course itself was super tough for me because it played to my weaknesses. I met a member through the healthcare field. He is a super nice guy and invited me out monthly. I think the accessibility or lack there of gives the members a bad rap. Everyone I’ve ever met out there to include the entire staff is incredibly friendly. Yes, they are wealthy but everyone I’ve come in contact with accrued their wealth through hard work and from the sweat off their brow. I didn’t get the elitist feel from anyone at all. The member I played with always welcomed me, a guest myself, to bring a friend with me. If we had met prior to my departure I’m sure I could have gotten you out. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Gather all evidence and hand it to the local cyber crimes authorities...but that's just good me. Bad me would confront him, knock him out and break all of his fingers.
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    Just doing a giveaway on my insta if anyone wants to enter
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    Let's get this party started! Probably should have edited out the fist pump, but it was exciting to nail this on the first take https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IZfgMkFguOA
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    Here's another DIY option you can make with common hand tools. Its a 3 in 1 design. I drilled out a piece of 3/4" diameter threaded rod and epoxy'd it to a steel driver shaft. I add nuts to the threaded rod to adjust between light , medium, and heavy sticks. Shaft Length is 44 inch with a midsize tour velvet grip. Weight of shaft and grip were around 181g. I cut the thread bar to a length (approx. 2") to make up the extra weight to get me to the light speed stick weight of 255g. Adding one nut gets me to 303g which is about 13g more than the medium weight stick. Adding another nut for a total of two nuts gets me to around 353g which is 2g lighter than the heavy stick. Nuts spin off and on quick so switching from different weights shouldn't be a problem. I could probably shave another nut down to get me exact for the medium weight but I think I'm good for now. Training starts once I get around to shoveling some snow off the deck...lol.
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    Handicap finished the year at 1.8. I have been trying to get to scratch so I purchased a year subscription to shot by shot strokes gained tracking program to see where I was bleeding strokes. It converts your strokes gained number into a handicap for you. Driving: 3 handicap Short game: 3 handicap Putting: Scratch Approach: NINE handicap it was clear to me that my iron game was holding me back. I really wanted to try something that would help....and this just may be the ticket. I got the 4-PW. I am going to the fitter on Monday to see if they need to be bent 2 degrees flat like my irons. I already catch grief for the ugly putter that I use....,why not catch some flak for my irons as well?
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    I’m struggling to imagine how one of these new offerings could top my Ping G400. I would try the Mizuno as that brand’s Drivers General fit my swing. I’d enjoy looking at shafts. If my driver SS continues to improve I may be in the market for a new shaft. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I went ahead and had all 3 wedges lengthened to 36” and same lie angle on each. Played 2 rounds with them in cold, sloppy wet conditions but it seems to be the correct decision for me. Clean crisp contact on all full swings and on line. Strange thing is the True Spec guys think I may benefit from shortening all other clubs a quarter of an inch. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Ok. I am a low handicapper and I have always wondered about game improvement clubs; however, I have always been leary because of the lack of spin that they create. I saw the Cleveland Launcher HB won the category for SGI. I saw Mark Crossfields review. I read this post from start to finish. Yet, I was hesitant to buy them as an experiment to see if they could help a low handicapper. Then, I realized that with my rewards program through our office credit card, I could get this set for FREE. That is my kind of price. Lol. So, I just unboxed them and proceeded to test them on my Skytrak at home against my Mizuno JPX 850 forged irons. Yeah....the Mizunos feel a little more like butter when I hit them....but I can get over that if my iron play improves. I am a club longer with the HBs. I am not sure if the lofts are jacked or not....so that may not be a good comparison. Spin was about 300 rpm less with the HBs....but the HBs flew higher and had very similar stopping power to my Mizunos. The BIGGEST thing I noticed.....about one out of every ten swings for me will be a little on the dicey side....is that I am BLOWN away by the forgiveness of the HBs compared to the Mizunos. I hit one on the heel which felt like it should go nowhere. It flew about five yards shorter than my standard ball with just a baby fade on it that ended up four yards off line. I am looking forward to getting these out on my Florida trip in March. I will keep everyone updated. These could be a game changer......
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    They were really good guys and I feel very honest. They asked what my top priority was and I told them scoring. That is why we ended up keeping things as is. They said they get guys that only care about distance or looks. They don’t judge, they try to get you what you ask for. Frankly after shaft testing I settled in on the steel fiber i80 which is 10 grams lighter than what I game so if those where in the launchers distance would have been very similar. They also said the Rogue was like my 5 irons. They had never had anyone in that had Launchers and they were surprised at the spin numbers these put up. Best of the bunch by far. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    "Sixty is the worst age to be," said the 60-year-old. "You always feel like you have to pee. And most of the time, you stand at the toilet and nothing comes out!" "Ah, that's nothin'," said the 70-year-old. "When you're seventy, you can't even crap anymore. You take laxatives, then you sit on the toilet all day and nothin' comes out!" "Actually," said the 80-year-old, "80 is the worst age of all!" "Do you have trouble peeing too?" asked the 60-year-old. "No, not really. I pee every morning at 6:00. I pee like a racehorse on a flat rock; no problem at all." "Do you have trouble crapping?" asked the 70-year-old. "No, I crap every morning at 6:30." With great exasperation, the 60-year-old said, "Let me get this straight. You pee every morning at 6:00 and crap every morning at 6:30. So what's so tough about being 80?" "I don't wake up until 7:00!"
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    For anyone needing a little inspiration, here is one of my retired trick shot videos from a few years back. Enjoy [emoji6]
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    That place is just about in my backyard and I have never played it. Based on the people on the course that has six hour round written all over it.
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    Agreed. Very helpful. As you can tell, I'm still tinkering. This is the first time I've seriously committed to playing golf better and also the first time I heavily researched anything before buying. I started last summer with a low-spin, unforgiving driver (Adams Super LS) and irons that were a little too much for my skill set (Nike CCIs). Truthfully bought both because of their looks and name rather than for their fit to my game. It is correct I still do not have something between my 3W and 4 iron. Not sure what the best play is there yet. I really struggle with hybrids, so I've considered a 5W in that spot. Until I improve and get a little more distance out of my driver (a great shot for me right now is 225 carry, but generally sit between 92-94 MPH driver speed with closer to 210 carry), I start running into gapping issues at the top of my bag with the 3W/5W/hybrid/4 iron all coming pretty close to each other. I play a lot of shorter courses and par 3s with my in-laws, who are in their 60s and don't hit the ball very far. So, up until now I've rarely had a need for too many clubs at the top or bottom of the bag. Generally, for the past two golfing seasons it was a 5-PW off the tee, a 56* to chip if I missed the green, and then the putter. I played a short par 36 last weekend and did not use the 3W once, opting for the driver, 4 iron or 5 iron off the tee, depending on the distance I wanted to play in. I really do think I will eventually want to add that 5W, or perhaps a driving iron (hah!) if I ever get my ball striking where is should be. And because of that, I think I am going to go ahead and start with the 54* and 60*. They are at least reasonable in price, so should I change my mind I can also order another one and swap them myself. Worst case I end up with a wide variety to choose from based on the course.
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    That's exactly what i have in my bag - GP=48, then 52,56 and 60. With a difference in the bounce between the 56 and 60.
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    I am interested in hitting more of these 2019 drivers as this seems to be the year of the driver. All I can say is those of you that are interested in the Cobra F9, it seems to be a the real deal. Today i tested: Bridgestone, Cobra, Wilson, and Cleveland. For me they all performed about the same regarding distance. Interesting that during the fitting process we determined I needed to lower my launch angle to optimize, but couldn't hit the center of the face enough to get consistent launch angle. I was impressed with my swing speed to start the testing season.....average was in the 109 range; that is up about 9 MPH from where I started last year. Also tried the PXG, it was sitting there and I couldn't just ignore the club, it was asking to be hit. I will be interested in what the number crunching comes up with as a recommendation. Session 2 will be Thursday. I don't know why, but I am really excited about testing this year. Putter selection looks nice as well; although, I wish there was an Odyssey Stroke Lab or Toulon in the mix. The equipment junkie in me wants to try that shaft; especially if I can see the results on the GC Quad.
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