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    Forgot to post this but our new puppy, Rudy!
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    ... GB13 one of the best ways to describe this is to think about walking. We have walked a certain way our entire lives and if we decided we wanted to shorten our gait and change our foot angles, we would need to repeat that on a treadmill or on a hike paying constant attention to our new movements. But as soon as we started walking in our normal lives, we will revert back to our normal gait and foot positions. We have to do the treadmill and hike over and over again to retrain our normal patterns. ... So to change your swing, you need tons of repetition at the range, at home or in front of a mirror before the change can start to take root and grow. For most, that means that getting on the course will usually strand you between what you have naturally done and what you are trying to change, or No Mans Land and this causes many to give up because it is mentally draining. But continuing to practice and the new moves will eventually carry over to the course. Just remember that Tiger, arguably the best golfer to ever play the game, took a full year to facilitate a change on the course. And that is hitting thousands of balls every day under the watchful eye of an instructor and caddy. Of course he executed thousands of swings before the change so needed many more than the average golfer to make the change. As an instructor I subscribed to the conventional wisdom that it takes 3 new swings for every 1 old swing to make a permanent change. It just takes lots and lots of practice time, dedication and discipline.
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    I'm afraid I'm not sure what I said that you disagree with. With single-user carts, on cart-path-only (CPO) days, every player HAS to walk back to the cart path before he progresses towards the green. With two-person carts, one player can be moving that cart toward the green while a "far-sided" player walks in the same direction, instead of walking back to the cart to move it. On these days, single player carts have the potential to be slower than two-person carts. When you can drive to your ball, single player carts should be expected to be faster. I only suggested that a course should consider the slower CPO days as well as the faster "drive anywhere" days when they make their decisions. The course would be foolish NOT to consider all potential effects of a decision, positive and negative, before they actually make the decision.
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    So here's the full video of every attempt, sped up 400%. [emoji1787]
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    That’s already happening - one of my friends has taken two lessons since the last time we played trying to figure out how to hit it longer - the killer for him was hitting hybrid on a par 3 where I hit 8 iron. For those who are wondering I don’t seem to be having any trouble with driver fit wise but I’m concerned about the shafts in my irons. I think they are starting to launch too high and balloon on me a bit. I did turn driver down a click - but my fitter told me last spring that the lowest loft I’m comfortable is where I need to be at. I’m hitting ropes with it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    ... Look at it like this. You can win a regional qualifier shooting 71 when everyone else is shooting 73's and 74's. While in another regional it takes a 68 to move on, so a 71 means you go home. There is some merit to playing in a weak regional. But get to the sectional and everyone is shooting 65's and 66's so you better have the game to shoot much lower under more pressure. If not you are going home. A 71 can get you there but you have to have the ability to beat much better players once you are there. So yea, a lower regional score can get you in the sectionals but you need to be much better to get to the National Championship.
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    Was doing my next round of testing and looked in the warmup bag and what do I see a sub 70 639 CB and 699 7 irons. Have them a go and I was impressed. I preferred the CB over the blade. Both were nice but I felt like I was more accurate and longer with the CB. Didn’t have launch monitor dots on the 699 but based on trajectory it seemed to launch a bit higher. Will be interested to see how they perform in a full test.
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    So yeah, just wanted to do a little bragging Had a nice interview in a golf mag, some enjoy the read Any comments welcome! http://www.worldwidegolfme.com/magazine/FEB19/index.html?page=42
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    So just to add a little here. We mix it up throughout the year with giveaways and testings. Some are only listed on the forum, and will only be seen by registered forum members. Others are promoted on the home page and promoted through SM and email list. Those are ones that are seen by hundreds of thousands if not more readers on a monthly basis. So yes, some will see a giveaway click the link register to the forum, enter and never be heard from again. it is our hope on the larger email and SM promotions that some will see the cool things going on the forum and decide to stick around and participate, we know 99% won't but if we can get a few new good active members now and then from that, it's all good. As for testings, I think anyone who has been active on here for a while realizes we try to get a good mix of established members but also entice newer members with a testing as well to get them more involved. But yeah, the guy who signed up that morning with one post and no profile picture, probably isn't going to be selected for a Cobra Challenge testing or something like that
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    Evnroll custom gravity grips are available to order! Just ordered the black/grey for my ER2 https://evnroll.com/custom-evnroll-gravity-grips.html
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    Well it got up to 65 in New Jersey today so I took the day off to get in my first round of the year. I went in with low expectations since I am in the middle of this swing change, but I was excited to see what I could do on the course. I posted my score in the What did you shoot today thread, but @GolfSpy MPR asked me what worked and what didn't during my round, so after thinking more about how the round went I thought I would post a quick summary here. I shot 3 over on the front and 2 over on the back for a +5 77. Weirdly enough, I played better overall on the front, but was hurt by a double bogey on 9. Funny thing is, the only reason it was a double bogey is because I have no idea what my iron yardages are (they have gone up a good amount because my swing speed has gone up). I was 180 out and I choked down on a 6 iron (my previous 6 iron distance was about 185 carry) and I hit a beautiful high draw that carried about 10 yards over the green and bounced behind a tree. When my new swing showed itself, results were great. However on the course I found myself more like to revert to my previous tendencies just based on simply muscle memory. This was even more apparent towards the end of the round as became a bit tired (first time I've walked 18 since October). It definitely can take away more positives than negatives from today and I know I need to spend a lot more time on the range really making my new movements become second nature before I can start to see consistent results on the course
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    Yep, 3 year lease is most common. We have a fleet of 150 carts (36 holes) and when you are doing 60,000 plus rounds a year, on municipal "maintained" cart parts, they take a beating...ha I don't see an all at once conversion from 2 person carts to 1 person carts. I think it will happen slowly over time. Like bringing in half a dozen to a dozen single ride vehicles of some type...(not the golfboard) and see how they go test out what issues happen, what the concerns are, what the advantages are then weigh going forward with more and more a bit at time. I suspect there will always be some 2 person carts and maybe it never gets to be more than 50/50 who know. But I have to think there was a day when the first gas carts showed up for the very first time, that some golfers thought, "What the hell. There bringing cars onto a golf course" LOL As to Golfboards. Our courses have tried them on a demo basis. They are a novelty that people tire of very quickly. We found people might try it once and then never again. The novelty quickly wears off after 5 or 6 holes for most people. And they are taxing. You have to be in very good shape to ride one for 18 holes, your legs get a workout. As for the other options, I had a demo of a PHAT scooter on course, and the kick stands aren't as bad as most people think. The put very little pressure on the grass as the weight of the scooter is lifted. And once you've done it a few times it's pretty instinctive. And these can be used a lot more liberally off the path than a 4 wheel golf cart can be. So CPO days for these would be fewer. Just some thoughts. it's a conversation that will take on more of a life each year as more and more companies enter into this market and sooner or later, I think there's going to be Wow!! Moment where someone comes out with the option that is nearly perfect in all regards.
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    ... GREAT stuff jlukes! This was one of the real eye openers for me when I started teaching. If someone was executing a reverse pivot with their head moving toward the target in the backswing, telling them to hold their head still and do not move toward the target was useless. They already felt like their head was still so telling them to do what they already felt like they were doing was no help to them at all. Often I would start asking them to move their head a full 1 foot away from the target and maybe they keep their head still. Of course they felt like they were actually moving their head back 1 foot. Sometimes I had to increase it to 2 feet! So exaggerating the movement is essential to making a change because rarely what we feel we are doing is what we are actually doing.
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    They are pretty narrow soles, similar to the most GI type iirons, probably leaning toward the players category. High launch is what I do as well and based on simulated trajectory these were close to my normal trajectory. The bag I pulled them from only had the 7 irons. I’ll try to get some pictures next to some of the other 7 irons that are in the warmup bag and post them tomorrow evening.
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    The question is whether there is any kind of bridge between these. So on one extreme, you'd have range work that is totally focused on swing form, without any regard whatsoever for targets/outcomes. There is a place for this, especially when making a change. On the other extreme is a pressure shot on the course that, for whatever reason, you absolutely must pull off. You only have one chance. In that case, you care only about outcome. In between, there are varying blends of emphasis on swing vs. outcome. It seems to me that there is a way to make that transition on the range. This is where range games (rather than beating balls, which I'm sure jlukes isn't doing) are important: you begin to add the pressure of outcomes into your practice itself. For me, this is where my SkyTrak comes in: I can work on my swing while being also having the pressure of producing very specific outcomes. I'm hoping that this will end up easing my transition of swing changes to the course come springtime.
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    This is a legitimate question of mine, I'm not trying to be argumentative at all, so please don't take it that way. If you can replicate the results of your new swing on the range with ease, but struggle taking it on to the course, wouldn't the only way to get past that be, playing on the course instead of spending more time on the range? Won't spending more time on course help you get past the mental demons better than hitting balls on the range? If the mechanics are there, it seems like the only problem left is the mental hurdle of using the new mechanics on course. Therefore, wouldn't the only way to get past the mental hurdle, be to play on course?
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    Haven't been using the SkyTrak all that much the past couple of weeks: subzero garage temps are an impediment But I've continued chipping downstairs. I'm going to set up some kind of blanket/net, because the balls ricocheting off the wall is getting a little tiresome. Last night, I was hitting 10-yard chips with my current SW, the Callaway MD3 54°. Just for kicks, I hit a few shots with a couple of other SWs I have sitting around in my basement: a PING Glide (first version) 54°, and and Adams XTD Forged (at 55°). What's amazing to me is that, even on a 10-yard chip, consistent differences between clubs show up on the SkyTrak. On average: The Callaway had a launch angle of 30.3° and a spin rate of 2060. The PING had a launch angle of 32.8° and a spin rate of 1816. The Adams had a launch angle of 30.8° and spin rate of 2225. At this point, that's not anything like enough information to choose one over another. But once it gets a touch warmer, I'm going to go out in the garage, set the SkyTrak to give me random distances from 10–100 yards, and hit a few dozen or so shots with each wedge, and see which one (if any) is consistently getting me closer to my target. Having a SkyTrak and having a pile of clubs sitting around? It's like my own personal fitting department
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    It’s amazing looking sat some twitter feeds and the number of contests entries some people have. Not to mention how many of those people are just entering to win and have no intention of using the product. I know one person who won a nice set of irons and either hardly used them or not even sung them because they have a set of irons they don’t want to stop using and yet entered several giveaways for other irons
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    Looks like all I need is a set of lawn tires on my Honda Recon to join this latest craze.
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    On the first flight for the Orlando meeting this week. What makes me happy is I’m meeting the PXG rep today to do the driver fitting. Looking forward to it!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    @Revkev, that's awesome! Seeing a 104 average had to be exciting! You'll watch all your buddies jaws drop when you send the ball flying. Wow, that's a 14 percent increase in just 18 weeks. I think SuperSpeed just found their new spokesman. Congrats! @GolfspyMPR, I'm glad to see you're able to get back on board with the training. I hope your discomfort in your hand is gone and you'll be swinging pain free. I'm really looking forward to tracking your journey to obtain a single digit handicap. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I finally got back to playing golf the other day after taking about 8 month break. Me and my wife recently had a baby boy about 8 months ago so that was the reason for the break. It felt really good to play again and it reminded me of how much I missed it. Even though I have only been playing about 2-3 years. I’m excited for the spring and summer ! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I'll be playing my first round of 2019 tomorrow so I thought it'd be no better time to post my 2019 WITB. Should be pretty set for the entire year unless I'm fortunate enough to be selected for the some forum testing TS2 9.5* Fujikura ATMOS Black TS 6X TS2 15* Fujikura ATMOS Black TS 7X 818 H2 19* Fujikura ATMOS HB TS 8X U65 23* Paderson Kinetixx IMRT X z765 5-PW Nippon Modus3 120X Vokey SM7 50.08 F - 54.10 S - 60.12 D ER2 - customized at The Golf Garage Z-STAR XV Tour Yellow (2019 Version)
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    Closed but on all platforms. You can sign up on the ubisoft website and hope for an invite or pre-order
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    A lot of courses have lease agreements for their carts. I would think this is pretty common practice as it's far more cost effective than purchasing carts, and having to maintain and replace them outright. I know a lot of people seem to be taking a pretty strong stance against the removal of two-seater carts and the way MGS articles have approached it don't seem to help. That is to say, everyone makes it sound like this is supposed to be some overnight switch and it simply can't/won't work that way. Odds are we may never see the day when two-seaters no longer exist. I do think there is a definite place for them. However, I don't think the social aspect is a particularly strong argument. Sure, I converse with my buddies when we share the same cart, but we also have plenty of conversation on the tee box, on the green, when we have to wait for a slower group, and any time in-between that allows for chit-chat. Not a huge deal in my mind. I think the best argument that has been made is the cart path only argument suggest by @DaveP043. That's the only time I see a true disadvantage of a one-person cart. And speaking of wet conditions, weather is certainly a factor, but not one that can't be overcome. Besides, how much does the average cart really protect you from the elements other than offering shade in the summer? Cart covers are an add-on accessory and would likely be something offered for one-person carts as well. I don't know. I see both side, but I'm definitely leaning toward single golfer carts. Someone commented on the article about the OneWheel and it's definitely piqued my interest more than anything else. It wouldn't be for everyone, but a modified version that offers more stability and traction in wet grass (apparently that's an issue from the research I've done) could be a relatively low cost solution for those who see value in it. BTW, I do mean relative cost - $1200+ is still a lot of money to spend on what basically amounts to a motorized skateboard, but is much cheaper than the average cart.
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    I’ve not bought anything new but I did inherit a PING Anser Putter from my father who recently passed. I’m not sure if it’s his spirit or they simply just got it right 50 years ago but either way I’m loving the way it rolls. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Over the past 18 years, their record out of their division is actually slightly better than their record inside of their division. And that's with playing a First Place schedule virtually every year.... So there's that...
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    I got on their website last night and put together a set of irons and wedges. It took all the willpower I had not to buy. They look so dang good. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    For anyone that's interested, a really solid podcast with our owner got published today...the link is https://pluggedingolf.com/podcast-episode-40-jason-hiland-sub-70-golf/
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    I use my net diary pro. It’s like my fitness pal but I felt the UI was less cluttered and easier for me to set up.
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    I think that you and I are similar in this regard so I was more after performance and look. I'm not a big "feel" guy. I can tell when I've hit the sweet spot or where I misshit the thing when I do - that's really all the feel that I need. I can also tell by the sound when I'm really striping it but that sound has seemed consistent for every iron I've ever gamed - there's a distinct click followed by the thud of the ground that produces a nice shallow divot when my irons are being well struck. I currently game the Ping G30 - they launch the ball very high and have a wide platform in the 6 and 7 iron. I love those clubs but the Wedge and 9 iron are boxy to my eye - I could do without that. How boxy did the 9 iron look (if you hit it or looked at it?) How was the sole plate of the 7 iron compared to other GIs that you've hit. How about the launch? Thanks
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    One issue I can see with single-rider carts is for those days when carts are restricted to cart paths. Those days always require a lot of walking, and tend to slow down. With two riders, there is often at least one player on the side of the golf course nearest the cart. The player on the far side can walk green-ward after his shot, while his cart-partner moves the cart forward. With single-rider carts, anyone on the far side of the fairway from the path will be required to take that long walk back and forth, there's no way anyone will be able to move his cart onward. Single rider carts will slow down play in these circumstances. I know that these cart-path-only days aren't every day, and in some areas may be very rare, but this is one thing that should be considered before making a change.
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    I'm sure they'll be some interest somewhere for these. In our area they won't be popular at our courses because of several factors: Our carts are always occupied by 2 people - the marshals see to that. Cart "roofs" and windscreens protect us from typical Great Lakes weather elements - sun, wind and rain, note; our cart even has a cover and heater. Then there are the numerous social aspects...... Do I see them being popular at resorts ...... of course! My prediction is that they will become the golf course version of the Segway vs. the replacement of the 2 person cart. Oh and this is written by an early technology adopter !
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    I just read that on Instagram! On a plane! Hahaha! Still upset I got ZERO credit for nudging u to try the Clear balls! Hahaha! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Cost would be the biggest obstacle. It’s not like clubs could just get rid of an entire fleet of two-man carts. I see it as an issue for public courses more-so.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    @Big money - not to pile on but my trainer, who is also an RN, has said - stay away unless your doctor prescribes it every time I’ve brought supplements up. Regardless great job on your program and I guess I will say the obvious here - “Eat more Chicken” :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Nice! The sound makes all the difference for this video. Tink! Dribble rubble dibble Tink! Dribble rubble dibble Tink! Dribble rubble dibble Tink! Dribble rubble dibble Tink! Dunk. Whooo!
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    Well considering I was referring to the face of cobra it doesn’t make any sense to use Sergio
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    With my Evnroll in the shop, I turned to my Ping Ketsch MW Putter in 2015. Been seeing total putts of 26 & 27 lately. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I absolutely agree (and I watched the F9 video as well - guy killed it!!!) I've confirmed this in my own testing. I previously gamed a Nike Vapor Pro w/ Aldila RIP Alpha and had a lot of success with it. When I swapped for the G25 because I didn't think I was getting good ball speed across the face, I picked up the same shaft to try against the stock TFC 189. The RIP paired with the G25 just spins too low for my current club speed and falls out of the air at any loft. I average 10-15 yards more using the stock shaft compared to RIP. Whereas, I was probably 10-15 yards longer with the RIP in the Nike head compared to the Diamana S+ that came with it.
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    Hidey Ho, Stage 2 is live. Go check it out! BLUF: These are a great set of irons in the right hands
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    I agree that not one shaft works in every head. When I got fit last year that was defiantly the case. You need to know what works with each club head.
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    We're definitely willing to get equipment out to anyone that wants to do testing. I know we sent a number of different products over to MGS and I'm those results will come out whenever they are done with all of their testing. There will definitely be more feedback, reviews, etc. coming out soon. Thanks again for the interest!
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    Oh, sorry standard length and 1 flat. [emoji50] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My wife (registered Dietitian) and her cohorts all like MFP simply because of the high number of food/ingredient information in the app. If you've cooked it/eaten it, chances are someone has calculated the nutrition for you. Big money, I don't know you and you don't know me and I get that...so take this statement for what it is...I'd be careful with the supplements, especially if it's coming from someone with little nutrition background (i.e. trainers, bloggers, etc without proper credentials). First, supplements aren't regulated and while some have 3rd party validation, the vast majority of supplements say one thing and contain another. For instance, protein supplements, though not true for every protein supplement out there, but if it contains a large amount of protein per serving (really anything over 20g/serving), chances are it's spiked with nitrogen to give it a fake protein rating. Heck, if you need more protein, eat another piece of chicken, beef, fish, cheese, etc. For most of us, we need about 1g of protein/day per 1kg of weight. For example I weight 220lbs which is 100kg which means I need to consume about 100g/protein/day. Sounds like a bunch but when you think about a 4oz piece of chicken has 28g of protein or that glass of milk has 8-12g of protein or those two eggs for breakfast has about 14g protein and that half cup of almonds has 10g of protein, then it adds up quickly. It's always best to consume food containing nutrients than in powder/capsule form. On the other hand, if you're going to bust your calorie intake for the day, a couple studies have shown that the body best handles excess calories in protein versus other nutrients like fat or carbs. Keep in mind the study was done by consuming protein found in natural form, not synthetic like in a supplement.
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    Thanks everyone for the great response to this giveaway. Congratulations to our two winners: Please send me a PM with your mailing address. Tuned Golf-PETERPC2828 Tuned Recovery-PULLEDABILL
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    Airman Jones was assigned to the induction center, where he advised new recruits about their government benefits, especially their GI insurance. It wasn't long before Captain Smith noticed that Airman Jones was having a staggeringly high success-rate, selling insurance to nearly 100% of the recruits he advised. Rather than ask about this, the Captain stood in the back of the room and listened to Jones' sales pitch. Jones explained the basics of the GI Insurance to the new recruits, and then said: "If you have GI Insurance and go into battle and are killed, the government has to pay $200,000 to your beneficiaries. If you don't have GI insurance, and you go into battle and get killed, the government only has to pay a maximum of $6000. Now," he concluded, "which group do you think they are going to send into battle first?"
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    Breaking news:....I'ts hard to win Majors , especially with the depth of talent that is out there now. That said, I can't imagine any victory that would be more popular than Rickie winning the 2019 Masters! Possibly Phil finally winning the US Open for the career Grand Slam. What a summer that would be wouldn't it, if they both picked up those wins this year.
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    I actually like Ricks “surfer” look. I know I blab on about traditions and stuff. But man, but the relaxed look is growing on me. Dig the untucked shirts. Looks better than J. Daly’s attire. Not every tournament should have an untucked feel. But in Hawaii and California, you bet. I hope he wins 3-4 times this year.
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    I ordered a M6 today!! It was for our Superintendent, but I ordered it The best thing is he tried my Fujikura Pro 2.0 in my JGR and really liked it. So he ordered it in that shaft. So I will be able to demo it before committing
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