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    I've been meaning to retest my driver swing speed ever since I saw a 1 mph drop from Level 1 to the end of Level 2. Unfortunately rain, snow, ice, and temperatures colder than Antartica have prevented me from going outside. My basement ceiling is tall enough to swing a driver but not quite big enough to hit real golf balls. I also don't have a net (ricochet city! ). I tried swinging with no target but received mixed results so I found a small piece of foam to use. It's still not a perfect testing environment but it got the job done. The results: I finally saw a 2nd bump and my average driver swing speed has increased to 115mph. That's a 3.6% jump from my Level 1 speed and a total speed increase of 10.6% from Day 1!!! That's nuts. Here's my beautiful foam target with the final driver speed this morning.
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    I'm not saying we won't see some sort of change or trend toward individual vehicles, but as I see the problem isn't the type of vehicle that's being used on golf courses, it's the type of person driving them on golf courses. (be warned this next part includes a lot of stereotypes) It's the pair of retired old guys who paid their money and will take as much damn time as they want on the course. It's the bachelor party guys who brought a keg and think a golf cart is a 4-wheeler, it's the group of 16 year olds that rented a cart for the first time and want to drive it EVERYWHERE, it's the 2 guys that decided golf might be fun and absolutely no idea what they are doing, it's the aspiring PGA pro who shoots 100 but takes 5 solid minutes deciding what club to hit and what shot to play before having to walk back to the cart and grab a different club. Basically it's a choice of educating golfers on proper driving etiquette (how to drop someone off, drive over to a different ball and hit, and then pick up the first person after they've hit) vs forcing them to behave properly by not giving them the option to ride together. I don't know what the correct answer is, but having a fleet of single rider carts is not the end all be all fix for pace of play issues.
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    An iconic event, mostly because of Bob Barker vs Happy Gilmore... I kid, I kid... kind of. Pretty good field I’d say, can’t wait till tomorrow’s tee shots to get me out of the snow slump. I’m taking my man Brandt Snedeker for the W. What say you?
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    I’m REALLY glad I made it to the draft room when I did. Grace may be my saving grace this season (pun most definitely intended) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Koepka is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I love his honest and straight forward commentary.
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    I will be making the 2:45 drive to Sycamore on the 26th. I scheduled a fitting with them so I will get on here and give you guys my uneducated 2 cents worth. I’m sure another member on here will be able to chime in on them as well as he will be coming along with me. He’s a much better player than I am so you can hear what a 22 handicap has to say about them and what a +3 handicap has to say about them. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Then we could all get our orders fulfilled by 2089!
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    Just heard Nick Faldo reference MyGolfSpy's report on whether to take the flagstick out or leave it in. Methinks Sir Nick lurks here a bit.
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    You set up the back room of your house with this sort of indoor practice putting area... Of course, all of this was prompted by getting a new (to me) putter for $89.99 from Edwin Watts. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    To all, including @Kenny B, @TR1PTIK, and @DannyDips, I should have indicated that my suggestion was mostly tongue in cheek. I think to try to regulate pace of play by regulating who gets a single-rider cart is unlikely to be workable, much as my suggestion would be unworkable in most situations. As KennyB says, pace-related discipline through tee time allotment is really only feasible at private clubs. In the long run, it will be economics that determine the fate of single-rider carts. Initial (or lease) costs, energy costs, infrastructure investment (double the charging stations?), pace of play impacts, increased or decreased maintenance requirements to the course, liability insurance impacts, I don't know what else.
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    you eat sunflower seeds on the greens.
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    The PGA Tour is governed by the Board of Directors led by the commissioner. The Player Advisory Council "advises" the BoD on Tour related policy. I use the term "advises" loosely because ultimately, the BoD answer to the player and without the players, there would be no BoD. The players have all the leverage unlike other sports who have owners who own the franchises. The players aren't going to police themselves on this issue. If eliminating slow play were important to the majority of guys on Tour, they would have already had the PAC do something about it! Robert Damron had a very poignant opinion about that very fact recently on Morning Drive.
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    8 hours before my flight and I'm in Phoenix. Found a 9 hole executive course that rents clubs.
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    Wife's not feeling well, so I have a friend in the office this morning.
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    I live on a course and most of the guys in my regular groups have their own carts. It's quite often we have 4 guys in 4 individual carts while playing. We can cruise, if nobody's ahead of us it's easy to play 18 in 2-ish hours. In general we are all pretty fast golfers though. The big problem is everybody else That seems to be the biggest theme in this thread though. We're never the problem, it's always everybody else. It's kind of a like a traffic jam on the highway. Somebody taps their brakes in heavy traffic and it ripples back and because a dead stop 2 miles behind them. All it takes is one slow group to slow down the entire course. Until everyone on the course can stop being an idiot we will all suffer the consequences of idiots on the course.
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    ... After 2 back surgeries, foot and shoulder surgery from playing college football I told my son I wanted him to play other sports before even thinking about playing football and I wished he would not play football at all. He played soccer, basketball and I coached him as an all star every year he played baseball from 2nd grade thru his senior year in high school. Maybe the best pure hitter I have ever seen in person for his age but a mediocre fielder, he defiantly could have played baseball. But he came to me in the 7th grade and said he tried other sports and he knew it would disappoint me but he wanted to play football. I told him I was not disappointed at all and was glad he tried other sports as I asked before making a decision to play. ... The irony is he became one of the reasons I think football is so dangerous. He was a DE/LB hybrid at 6'3" weighing 255lbs and ran a 4.59 forty. After training exclusively for football, he was so strong and very explosive and was pretty much at full speed in 3 steps. As AQB I was hit too many times to count but never by the kind of athletes playing today and have to shudder thinking about some of the hits I saw my son deliver to QB's in his college career. He knocked 3 of them out of games and quite a few more were limping or favoring a body part after being hit. My point is the game was not designed to be played by guys that are so big, so strong, so fast and so explosive. Tackling was an art of wrapping and driving or pulling to the ground an without face masks NOBODY used their head to make tackles. But equipment changed as well as the athletes and what is on the field today is just so radically different than the Championship teams of the 70's. And of course we now know that CTE is prevalent with todays equipment and players delivering such explosive hits as opposed to wrapping and tackling. He was offered a contract with the Colts who said he could be a special teams stalwart but would be given an opportunity to win a LB position. After refusing to learn about CTE in college, he read up on the subject and decided he had tempted fate enough and would rather be able to walk and think clearly when he gets older and turned them down. One of the best days of my life as a parent was knowing he could possibly play in the NFL but was smart enough to turn down the opportunity for his own future. Win-win for us. ... I still think it is a great game, maybe the best team game there is for learning so many life lessons. No other game combines such a wide array of body types and skill sets for different positions and with so many players on a team there will be completely different personality types learning to come together and play as one unit. They will run across 2 types of coaches that also give them life lessons. The bad coaches that think the players are there to help them win games or the good coaches that think they are there to help players win games, just like bosses they will work for in the future. And at early ages and thru most high schools (although some are factory programs with athletes playing near college level) it is still a game kids can safely play as long as they are coached correctly. That said I absolutely understand parents not allowing their kids to play football.
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    Is it me. Or does the guy in the back have the look like someone just ripped one in front of him ?
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    I am going to keep picking Hunter Mahan until I am right or he isn't in the field whichever comes first!
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    @Kenny brrr - come to Florida, our cold snap has passed - it's around 80 here today. Perfect training weather.
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    I’ve not bought anything new but I did inherit a PING Anser Putter from my father who recently passed. I’m not sure if it’s his spirit or they simply just got it right 50 years ago but either way I’m loving the way it rolls. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    So yeah, just wanted to do a little bragging Had a nice interview in a golf mag, some enjoy the read Any comments welcome! http://www.worldwidegolfme.com/magazine/FEB19/index.html?page=42
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    What a great story. Father was a fisherman and Mother was a sea diver. Worked on an RTJ course in Korea and taught himself how to play by stringing together sequence photos from Golf magazines. This guy is fun, he’s having fun and I hope he plays the weekend.
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    And this is where Brooks simply doesn't understand the rules. The 40-second time that he mentions is NOT a rule, its a suggestion. And the PGA Tour functions as the Committee, and they've developed their own slow play policy. They just have set their system up so that it takes THREE separate things to incur a penalty. First, the group has to fall behind the group in front by a really significant distance. Then they get told they're on the clock. THEN if a player exceeds the allotted time, he gets a(nother) warning. THEN if he gets a second bad time, he might get a penalty stroke. And that whole procedure stops if they catch back up to the group in front. If the players, as a group, really care, they have the power to change PGA Tour policy, to reduce the loopholes. So far they haven't done that.
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    Tony Finau is LOOOOOOOOONG overdue for a win.
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    You use a beer can as a ball marker
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    You spit your dip into the cup.... talking to you Sergio...
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    Or the course could keep track of which groups are actually slow, and deny them the opportunity to book an early tee time.
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    I live just outside Seattle we got 8" and are expecting up to a foot more fri and sat. then more possible on mon.. This sux... Great looking bag @jlukes get in a round for me..
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    Definitely. But I don't see 2 wheel single rider carts becoming a mainstream option. If single rider carts become mainstream (and they might), I think 4 wheel is the most likely option we'll have due to liability exposure. But who knows.
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    Hey practice is practice I dont judge Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Wait - are you saying the Foz is unacceptable?
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    Can't believe how many players skip the tournament this week... I had to scrape the waiver wire week 1 and still only have 3 starters. This is #notgood.
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    I work in the battery business and battery technology has definitely improved in the past 6 years - both in terms of cost and in performance.
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    Got to go with DJ. He just obliterated the euros in Saudi Arabia, plus he's playing with the "great one" so some of that greatness is sure to rub off. I do like Day and Spieth here too! It's a good field to be sure. I will be rooting hard for Stallings too, he's played well here in the past couple years and is a former TTU alumni!
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    I got my lineup set yesterday, I have exactly 4 golfers playing this week, so I *just* made it! This is going to be a lot of fun.
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    Doing my first one today - it will be a no no for me in that I’m going to hit balls in the AM and the protocol PM. I need to practice full shots though. Playing Innisbrook on Saturday. I want to hit balls today and tomorrow as well as get some trap work in. Got in half an our of short game practice yesterday. Will put for a bit today and tomorrow too. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Sergio.................I jest. I don't mind who wins this one as it's just a joy to watch this course and the AMS competing (nervously) with the pro's and crowds.
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    It's soft greens. I played yesterday and the greens were so soft that my balls would move 15-20ft back. When usually they stop within a foot from the pitch mark. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    As a course employee. I cringe everytime I see those YouTube stunt car videos. I can only imagine what they would do on some of these bikes or four wheeler type cards.
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    I loved Ka'anapali Golf Course (Royal Course). Played there with my wife while on vacation in Maui. We stayed across the road and could see the course from the front door of our room. To add to this, Matt Ginella recently visited Ka'anapali in a recent episode of Ginella's Journeys. If you are into Golf Boards they have them there too. It's featured hole puts you right on the beach. So amazing. But my favorite hole was probably the par 4 10th hole. Such a beauty back towards the ocean, it demands a great tee shot through the tree-lined fairway.
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    Yesterday during late afternoon round on a beautiful 70 degree day in the DMV. Despite Please the domant Bermuda, it made for a nice picture.
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    First off, the requisite stupid question; did you notice any distance loss? Second, if you can get some time on a LM, you can try different balls to see the difference in spin and distance and decide what gives you the combination you want. Also, I'd usually take the ball I like best on and around the greens, even if I lose a little distance. I can lower my scores more with better green side control, than with 5 extra yards.
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    Found this on Reddit and I guess the argument could be made that the Jets, Bills and Dolphins are the ones that should be complaining that they get 2 losses every year because of the Patriots being in their division. They fair quite well outside of playing the Pats. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Kenny, that snow is absolutely beautiful, but not real conducive to training. Down here in Southeast Tennessee, that would shut everything down for a week. I hope the weather clears up soon and you can get back to training. I started the ASD protocols today. My biggest issue is with sequencing, so I did the #2 rebound protocol, or what Revkev called "kneeling on steroids". The program is to do six swings with each club, both kneeling and standing. We are to swing the club on our dominant side then immediately swing the other direction, starting at the top of our follow through, without changing our grip. I was a little scared of coming back through because all I could imagine was the club flying out of my hands. It was a quick session, but I was somewhat out of breath at the end of each set. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Interesting topic. I also wonder how much time single carts will save over two rider carts. It will be faster, but I don’t know how much. Though we don’t lose a lot of balls, it’s often a group effort to find balls in the rough, after hitting a tree, blind shots and sometimes even in fairways (e.g. fall leaves) with players in my HI league. We’d probably be congregating between tee and green anyway, which will negate some time savings. To be honest I’d miss socializing, but I guess we’ll still be together on tees and greens. That may be enough? I’ll be very surprised if two wheel carts take hold though. A couple of (old) guys fall off, get seriously hurt, and sue and the liability could be huge. Or insurance premiums will be. And we’ll all be signing hold harmless agreements unlike today where anybody can take a cart without any questions or paperwork.
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    I feel your pain. We've got 10–14" projected here starting tomorrow into Friday. On the plus side: still lots of time to get ready for the season.
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    I guess I should have stayed in Phoenix a couple more weeks, maybe the whole month of February!! I came home last Friday, did my protocol on Saturday, then it snowed on Monday. Here is my protocol area... The 10 day forecast says it's not going to be above freezing, and it's supposed to be 8º tonight. Then starting Friday and through Monday we will be getting 6-8" of new snow on top of this stuff. Since I don't have an indoor area, my SuperSpeed training is on hold... again!!
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    As a 15. There is a wide selection open to you. All the ones mentioned above and add in all the following. 585/785 or combo AP3 HotcMetal JPX Forged or Hot Metal Pro PING I210 Best option is to go get fit by a quality clubfitters.
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