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    For all you guys looking to join the #HitSquad
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    A couple of weeks ago, Fox announcer Shane Bacon posted this on Twitter: So I replied by posting the video (above) of Kirke hitting his new driver in the snow (and made it clear that the video had been filmed earlier). Shane picked Kirke to receive a hat. It arrived today, and I hadn't told Kirke about it. So here's the video of him opening it and saying thanks to Shane for the gift.
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    Made the first ace at our Top Golf swing suite at the office. Hole 11 at Pebble Beach with a ladies six iron. One bounce and in it went. I am selling my entire bag and switching to ladies clubs. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Look who got a new hat...
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    @Bucky - I knew this would come for you! Great work and yeah it really is nuts - I was on the range today at my club and one of our mini tour players was with me - I was hitting driver all around the flag, some just short, some bounding past, that I measured at 242. He couldn't believe it - I was pretty close to where he was hitting his fairway wood (he's a notoriously short hitter - he drives it around 270). He has the SuperSpeed sticks but hasn't really done the program in earnest - he's rethinking that. This guy has some game - he qualified to participate in Monday qualifying for PGA events this year - (I didn't realize you have to do that but apparently there's a qualifying event for that)
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    Got this at an auction a few weeks back and I won't have any use for it. I planned on putting it up on the bay, but figured someone here could potentially use it. It's brand new, still has the plastic over the bag cover. I'll let you pick the price, and whatever that may be will just be donated to MGS for their testing needs.
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    Cool concept, poor execution. And I'm not talking about only hitting 4/13. They didn't even show where most of the shots went and not one look at the ball coming in to the green or water. Left me wanting more. If I just wanted to watch Rory swing I could find a range warm up video.
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    I've been meaning to retest my driver swing speed ever since I saw a 1 mph drop from Level 1 to the end of Level 2. Unfortunately rain, snow, ice, and temperatures colder than Antartica have prevented me from going outside. My basement ceiling is tall enough to swing a driver but not quite big enough to hit real golf balls. I also don't have a net (ricochet city! ). I tried swinging with no target but received mixed results so I found a small piece of foam to use. It's still not a perfect testing environment but it got the job done. The results: I finally saw a 2nd bump and my average driver swing speed has increased to 115mph. That's a 3.6% jump from my Level 1 speed and a total speed increase of 10.6% from Day 1!!! That's nuts. Here's my beautiful foam target with the final driver speed this morning.
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    This is just fun. I'm still glad that Ace gave us the "How far is the mountain?" line for long drives
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    Dammmmit STUD you "made me" spend money!
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    No prototypes as far as irons go...whatever you are hitting there is currently available to the public
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    DawgDaddy is coming up today and I'm looking forward to seeing my old buddy with these irons in tow. I might even take a couple whacks with these bad boys
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    I put in "(mostly)" because she is now playing men's irons... TaylorMade Burner XD in senior flex. She did make an ace at the driving range in Tucson a few years ago, but i told her that doesn't count.
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    Thanks for the pics. The top line shots from left to right are, 699, 639, AP1, and Z585. Those 639's are nice!
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    Sneds should get like 4 bonus points for hitting it off the rocks and still making birdie on 18.
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    Oh man. Shouldn’t have clicked on the website haha. Wedges look fantastic! And the staff bag.....ooooh man haha. Really interested to see how they perform! Also hats off for Sub70 to pop in and offer feedback! Always fun to see companies post and interact! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I will be making the 2:45 drive to Sycamore on the 26th. I scheduled a fitting with them so I will get on here and give you guys my uneducated 2 cents worth. I’m sure another member on here will be able to chime in on them as well as he will be coming along with me. He’s a much better player than I am so you can hear what a 22 handicap has to say about them and what a +3 handicap has to say about them. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    So yeah, just wanted to do a little bragging Had a nice interview in a golf mag, some enjoy the read Any comments welcome! http://www.worldwidegolfme.com/magazine/FEB19/index.html?page=42
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    WITB for this newbe. Driver = Callaway Diablo Octane Tour Black 10.5 regular 3 Wood = TM RBZ stage 2 tour 5 Wood = Callaway GBB Epic 4 - PW Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl 50 and 56 Wedges = Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Also carry a 64 degree Hotblade Copper Wedge - surprisingly easy to use!! Putter is an old Carbite Polar Balanced blade 35' (was my sons)
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    Weather don’t know what to do around here. 72 yesterday’s high and 30 today. 18 this morning was a slap in the face. Gotta love working outside!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    We have a northwest wind so the 50s are going and the 30s are coming back
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    Yea he really twisted your arm lol
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    Scout, ummm, "helping" me organize our golf gear before a recent trip... (..dog is thinking: ..if I block him from packing then he can't leave me again...)
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    Loved the Watch Out Mizuno! For those that have never seen that range in person on Demo Day, it's a huge round range with vendors set up in about 12 stations all the way around it. Mizuno was on the other side of the range from Srixon. From one side to the other is probably close to 500 yards or a bit more.
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    Absolutely right - Which also begs the question - 2 different expert fitters might put a player into different equipment because they take differing approaches to help mitigate his swing faults. Each fit may work. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Okay here’s a no no confession. I just finished a workout which means back to back days. If I hadn’t I would only have two in this week with one being the ASD yesterday. Since the ASD 2 that I’m doing is lighter than normal I thought it worth the experiment. Here’s what I learned: It took much longer to warm up! I was very slow through the standing swings - so much so I almost shut down. Once I got warm I hit normal numbers through kneeling and the double step drills even posting my fastest ever dominant red club swing - 105! (I’m not doing the full updates anymore as those ended with the stage 2 review but I’m still filling out the spread sheet for Daisy) I was total spent going into the last three swings and the best speed that I could muster there was considerably off - 108 when I will often have 3 swings over 110 on that round. All in all I wouldn’t make this a habit but also wouldn’t be afraid to do it again if need be. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow but I’m in reasonably good shape and suspect my body tolerated the work out fine. I’m playing tomorrow and work from 730 AM to 530 Sunday afternoon. That will be a demanding day and I’m not seeing a workout at the end of it. I’m seeing a beer, a lazy boy and a recorded golf tournament. :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Snagged up a #Hitsquad tee from the MGS store just now... https://store.mygolfspy.com/products/hitsquad-black-tee
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    Wow I don’t know how I have missed this thread. Traveling will do that to you. I will be@GolfSub70 on Tuesday. I can’t wait. More details so stay tuned! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Obviously she needs men's clubs...
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    Hard to complain about the weather, but the locals were bundled up pretty good!
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    Not a bad way to kill some time in Phoenix waiting for my flight...
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    Already a member but I do love the shirt!
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    Yes it was Brandon. He’s the only fitter at nighthawk and is really good. Also doesn’t push one brand over others
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    That's going to look fantastic with the DLC finish. I think once my head comes back, I'm going to throw on a black putter shaft and black grip too. Now I just gotta wait...
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    Sluggo I am as well as I have been drooling over them since I first set my eyes on the website. The 26th cannot get here soon enough. Their wedges look amazing as well and I’m definitely in the market for a new set. So far the front runner is the Ping Glide 2.0 stealth. The RTX 4s were good but the heavier head of the stealths are what set them apart from the pack. I currently have some Vokeys but it’s time for a change to something that fits me not what I was told I should buy without doing my research and testing other equipment. Lesson learned! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Very cool DP, looking forward to hearing how it all goes. I’m very curious how the CB’s feel on a good whack.. have fun!
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    You use a beer can as a ball marker
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    Wife's not feeling well, so I have a friend in the office this morning.
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    Agree good buddy. I’m often wondering if they are just pushing protein powder and supplements on me for more profits. At our age I need to consider safe vs fast. Nothing wrong with chicken that is for sure
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    Forgot to post this but our new puppy, Rudy!
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    I found this out switching between Callaway heads. I had a HZRDUS Yellow in my XR16 Pro driver. Hit that driver well, but when I switched to an Epic and Epic SZ head, both of those paired with the HZRDUS Yellow performed horribly.
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    My putter cover came in today and it looks sharp! Thanks again to the folks at the MGS Store for sending this as a replacement for the tour towel. You guys are awesome! @Ping Apologist #9 I wish they would get that Heather hat back in, too. I like the other ones, but that one really pops. Hopefully once the release of new clubs dies down, we'll see some products restocked. I will still buy the towel once it's back in. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Finally cut bait with my hybrid and replaced it with an 18* Callaway X utility prototype. I really tried to like the Epic hybrid and after three shaft changes we still just don't get along all that well. So now I guess I will have two utility irons in the bag moving forward. This will officially set the 2019 bag and give me what I am looking for off the tee and in the wind.
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    So I’ve seen this name here and there on a few posts in here so I thought I’d take a look. They’re a small company selling clubs that are supposed to be pretty good, and basically cutting out the “middleman” thus selling for much less. I spoke with one of their guys, I want to say Jason, but my memory stinks so don’t quote me on that. Anyways he seems like a real cool cat and I liked his vibe, and how they’re trying to run their business. So im going to order a set of wedges from them and see how they are. They let you semi- customize your order with grips and shafts etc, so I’ll talk with him in the next few days to try and dial in a matching shaft with my new p790’s. Anyways, more to follow...
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    So a question I asked myself this year was ‘is 2019 a year of graphite shafts’? The tech has evolved so massively that I stopped trusting the ‘club purists’. When I was fitted for my first set my fitter said ‘graphite is for old men and ladies’. I was fitted with a DG S300 and that was it. Next set the same story but the shaft changed to a PX LZ. And then again KSB C-Taper Lite 110. As I’m quite often at a place with trackman I hit some Accra ICWT i105, and it was surprisingly pleasant. Then the i95 and my flight was higher, the dispersion tighter so I thought there’s something to it. Being the massive tinkerer and doubter that I am, and not having anywhere to go with my iron heads, I did a fck ton of research and decided to try the MCA OT shafts in my irons. Or the accas... Or Paderson... As i couldn’t decide myself I decided to take the most scientific approach I could think of. Get a set of heads, get all the shafts and compare the results. The plan is following: New shafts, same MOI as my gamers, same grips. Have a full on gapping session and trackman numbers when I get them. Play 30 rounds with them tracking all stats with Arccos. Have another trackman session to see if numbers have changed. Reshaft to another shaft that suits me, and do it all over again. So my heads and shafts went to my builder today ( Eclipse Golf UK if anyone is curious) and shall be with me by Saturday (together with some exciting driver shafts, notably the the Diamana DF and the new Tensei AV) and we will begin! I will be updating this thread as I go along followed by a full on review with the numbers and tables side by side. Hopefully you’re as excited about this journey as I am! And if you want to see something specific - feel free to ask
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    I like my Vice Pro Plus but I’m intrigued by the love here for the Snell. If they’re close I think the 2019 stock for me is going to be MTB Red. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    This intrigues me. What could it possibly be??? More models??? More colors??? I picked up the Snell Reds just because I wanted a yellow ball for winter golf. Have really been enjoying them tbh. Not seeing the wind effects others have reported but that's why balls are so personal.
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    This is actually perfect because I always felt they made the ZStar too soft and the XV too hard in recent years.
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    By the way - it was a great idea to put a link to this thread in your sig. Thank you! I would have totally missed this if I hadn't noticed it in another post. Have fun with the winter testing and I look forward to your stage 2!
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