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    Just played Troon North Pinacle today. What a treat. Views I've never seen on a course. It's pretty visually intimadating at first. But once the outing realize the fairways are very generous, it's not that bad. We had a bit of wind playing in the afternoon but it just added to the challenge. Here's a couple pics.
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    I guess the title pretty much says it all. I'm very excited because my course opened for the season today and I get to golf again. All is right with the world again.
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    The wind was sideways, I think, but the hole goes massively downhill right after the bunker. Just have to catch the slope right for the extra roll. SS hovers between 113-115. Solid contact is always my struggle.
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    Now that weather is breaking I’ve been able to get out and work on the shallowing of the club from my lesson a couple weeks ago. Things are starting to go good with short irons I think
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    Mojave Resort Golf Club in Laughlin, NV. Almost like a hidden gem. Loved the layout but couldn’t get away from 25-30mph winds which made for a tough day. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    In Phoenix for a couple days and got a chance to play a sporty little excutive course with AZSTU324 today. Great time and to say my first experience with desert golf was an adventure would be accurate. Stu has one powerful move and hits the ball higher than anybody I've ever seen. And long too!!
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    Also, I saw on Twitter everyone remarking on that small blue circle at the further mark and say, that's the ball. Well, look back a couple yards back at a reddish dot just right of center on the image... that's where my eyes went to.
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    Nice sentiment fellas, but I don't think that'll fly. I've always said it's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission! What's another Amazon box anyway, she should be used to them turning up weekly by now.
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    For measuring the green area on Google Earth, I click the little ruler icon, and then select the Polygon tab. Then you can define the perimeter of the green by clicking any number of points, and Google will tell you both the perimeter and the area. Its moderately accurate for irregularly shaped areas.
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    @jlukes is absolutely correct. The course I started playing on has very narrow tree lined fairways, but they are no wider at 150, 200 or 300 yards. So my thought was always if I was going to be in the trees I might as well be long in the trees. It has been nice to see the strokes gained support this thought. There are times to play "safe" but if it doesn't really offer more room for error you are really only costing yourself strokes. My home course has a 310 par 4. 2 bunkers left and 1 bunker left all at about 200 yards. No width change on the whole hole. One guy I play with takes a club off that tee that brings the bunkers into play. He is playing what he thinks is safe but only bringing in trouble. Just send it!
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    At my home club, the greens average just a bit under 6000 sf, and range from about 4800 to 7100 sf. I wish I kept statistics to help you compare, but I don't, just too lazy. But to your question, green size should certainly have an impact on your statistics. From a specific distance, you'll hit the green more often on larger greens. But your average proximity for balls that hit the green will be greater on those larger greens, so Putts per GIR will be greater on larger greens. Total putts will be higher on larger greens. You'll have more short game "saves" on smaller greens, because you'll have more short opportunities. I'm going to disagree with @CarlH's disagreement. If the strokes gained theories have taught us anything, its that in general improvement in scoring will come to a larger extent from full-swing improvement than from short game and putting improvement. This isn't necessarily true for everyone, and doesn't mean we shouldn't work on all facets of the game. In many cases, short game and/or putting improvement will come relatively quickly with good practice, but there's a real limit to how much that can help. To make significant strides in scoring, most of us will HAVE to improve our overall ballstriking. I know that in my own game, the less I need to chip (meaning the more greens I hit), the lower my score will be.
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    Actually that would be a great test for the MGS lab test guys---- Me I use whatever---- I am almost 62 years old and have never purchased a tee in my life. Growing up with my old man running a golf course I had and found plenty especially working the cart shed. Believe it or not I have tees probably 40 or 50 years old some in real tin Chase and Sanborn coffee cans. Like my old man I picked up tees. Sometimes played at clubs that gave you tees. My friend up the street who owns the pancake house gives them away and insists I grab several handfuls everytime I go there. Tourists also do not pick up tees either. Most of the time I can start a round here with 2 tees in my pocket and end up with 6 after the round. Most guys have a change jar on their dresser for spare change I have that and a tee jar. As far as tees marking up the sole of my driver I could care less If I happen to care acetone or WD-40 takes care of that. Personally I prefer stock wooden tees and BTW I tee the ball with the driver on most shots low or traditional height even with a modern driver unless I really want to hit it high
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    I sat on the same Tee Box for 5 straight days 10 hours a day at a PGA Tour event. Not only did I not see one singular specialized tee, often times the guys would reach down and grab whatever they could find laying on the ground, jab it into the soil and swing away. These are guys whose lively hood depends on every aspect of the game. Don’t believe the hype. The old trusty wooden tee is the standard across the globe. Howeverrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I do like the tees with the height marker. It helps me to consistently tee the ball up the exact same height. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Seems like we're seeing some of the same durability things... Interesting.
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    Oh and being that my daughter and SIL live in Tasmania, we can understand Aussie, mate!
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    Si Woo with an Ace. Woo woo!
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    Those are our older RV photos. This is the one we've had the last 2 1/2 years -- an 07 Country Coach Intrigue
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    Walking along side with one of the greatest legend of all time in the past weeks (Tiger),.Rory has certainly picked up small hints .I am not there with them ,but Tour Tops having their walk of fame together since last Tiger victory ,they certainly work on the game. I have to say Thank you all...... Mr Palmer,Mr.Nicklaus,Mr.Trevino ,Mr Sneed ,and others , for your significant long term contribution over the golden years of golf ,and to this great sport.In my point of view the same applies to Rory, and Tiger.
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    This is from 2011. While the testing methodology of MGS has progressed leaps and bounds since this test it's still pretty cool. https://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-labs-golf-tee-wars/
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    I think you're thinking of @jlukes. I never had a TS2.
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    Great question and analysis. For my home course the greens are probably around 5,000 sq ft on average. I haven't used Arccos in the past but from my self kept putting stats I average 1.87 putts per hole. The biggest factor in my putting seems to be the slope of the greens. If it's a large green that's generally flat it's fairly easy to lag something close and ensure a 2 putt. If it's small and severly sloped you are just asking for trouble. I've played a few coures with extremely fast greens and the speed didn't seem to bother me much. Fast greens also tend to be true, so it may be a mental thing where I focus more knowing that if I hit a good putt it's most likely not going to take an unfair bounce and will end up close or in.
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    Noticed you have the Tensei shaft, I have it in the Blue 65 for my new TM M6. Great shaft. I guess any shaft can be good though if it fits your swing. Also, i am getting to love the Arccos system as well. Great for understanding tendencies.
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    Ain't this the truth. Between my elbow injury and flu, I didn't hit golf balls for most of March. Definitely took a step or two backwards
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    Somewhat related to the slow motion practice idea, and without holding a club, here's a tip from the inimitable Martin Hall about structure in the arms... It definitely addresses one of my big problems! Oh, note: the tip ends at about the 3:00 Mark, then a Revolution Golf ad is spliced on.
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    Okay, I'll own it, I bought a pack of these a year or two ago. I cannot confirm if they gave me 4 more yards but I can confirm they are a pain in the rear to get into firm turf. The plastic the ball sits on collapses when you try to push down. I can also confirm they do not last 100 drives. Since I couldn't get the damn thing in the ground they lasted zero drives.
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    I agree! I have the extras in my old Adams driver, Callaway 3W, Taylor Made hybrid, and Mizuno gap wedge. Now all I need is time and weather to cooperate so I can start getting numbers to compare.
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    Grip pressure = very relaxed throughout swing Posture = upright, weight evenly distributed Take away = keep sternum in line with butt of the club. Long slow one piece take away. Swing path = if the target line is 12 o’clock then swing to 1 o’clock Swing Angle = slightly down sweeping motion Follow Through = Full body turn chest facing the target Lots of good FWs out there. I would recommend a high lofted 5 opposed to a 3 Wood. The extra loft will decrease your margin of error. It will also help you to get a the ball in the air. If a FW just will not work for you might I recommend a utility Wood. Srixon makes some really good ones. I find them easier to hit than a FW Wood and can come real close in total distance. Good luck. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Very, very true. I was just happy to be out... even though I fell into a snow bank on the 6th hole...
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    These came in the mail today! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I have been laid off 3 times.. and yes a distractions are good.. Focus on taking care of the family first. Luckily the unemployment rate is at a 48yr low. Which means you should be in good shape fairly soon.. keep your head up and focus on the positive things.. Family, health, and friends.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Sorry to hear about that. Has happened to me a couple times. I'm lucky to have a very supportive betterr half. She didn't want me to stop living or give up everything I enjoyed. She felt it helped keep my mind off the worries, and new that I didn't abuse or over do it, and that I was focusing full time on getting a job. It always seems to work out in the end. If you're in position to hit the range now and then, do if you can swing a round of golf now and then, all the better. Good luck, the old saying is...Everything happens for a reason!
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    Heck yeah! Get out there and whack some balls.
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    I went with DJ in the money contest, but I'd love to see Rickie win it this year.
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    Just curious .. is this intended for a particular approach distance, or ___?
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    I'm sure I've seen something like the "Putt-Putt National Championships" on TV before. Maybe on "The Ocho?"
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    On the original post I tried to add this but could not edit it---- But anyhow I messed around and putted one of those balls on the putting green. Liked the feel off of a blade style putter. I have not hit any of them yet even with a wedge. What caught me was the "Professional" name. A lot of the old schoolers remember the old Titleist Professional 90 which was a balata ball. Which IMHO was one of the greatest balls of all time only surpassed by the Maxfli HT-100 which was also balata again IMHO
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    I'd settle for a C squad right now. My squad gets an "F" for round one.
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    In my first post I didn’t take into consideration that the OP did his analysis based on 2019 most wanted testing. So he is correct in offering a performance vs. cost analysis based on the testing. The variables that are not in the analysis are the intangible things that go along with the drivers. Sound, look, feel. As the OP did say, for someone unsure, this would be a good chart to look at if you are looking for something new but also want to manage your value as well.
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    ... Before any comment about irons, the ball has changed radically. It was so much easier to shape shots with a MB and a balata ball. In all honesty hitting a straight shot was dam near impossible as everything curved some because Balata balls spun like crazy. One of the reasons Nicklaus always said find a shot shape and increase the size of the fairway. Hitting down the center you have 50% of the fairway on either side for error, but hitting a fade or draw down one side and curving it back you have 100% fairway to work with. Same with an iron shot into a green. I played a draw back then and every shot was a draw to some degree. Fast forward to todays ball and everything changed. ... Nothing more frustrating than hitting a fade/draw that goes straight and todays clubs and balls really want to go straight. So forgiveness is your friend, producing high straight irons shots. I would guess todays players iron is more forgiving than perimeter weighted GI irons of yesteryear. So much technology packed into thin top lines, mid narrow soles and mid to shorter blade lengths. If you are a good ball striker with a repeatable swing there just is little need to go to a GI or SGI iron. One of my favorite current sets is the Cobra Forged Tour. I played the Amp Forged and Fly Z+ as well so very familiar with these irons. They have a very thin top line that appeals to my eye, a mid-narrow sole and a mid size blade length. They are both forgiving and very accurate providing exactly the forgiveness playability combo to best suit my game. ... Then there are those that do not have repeatable swings and make contact all over the face, and this is where SGI and some GI irons can really help. I have said this a million times but I believe if you are looking to shoot your lowest score, every golfer should play the most forgiving irons they can effectively play. This means very different things to different skill levels. Golf is about managing your worst shots, not playing your best shots. Only you know how bad those misses are and what irons give you the best chance of combining your worst and your best shots in one iron. I will never understand current players switching to MB's. I understand those that have played MB's and feel uncomfortable moving to something that doesn't suit their eye or their sense of feel. This is about shooting your lowest score and as others have stated, there are other reasons to play this game. If MB's increase your enjoyment on the course there is nothing wrong with playing them or any other iron that you enjoy playing.
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    I recently started using a baseball grip with the SS clubs because the tendinitis between the base of my left thumb and wrist was getting aggravated...I may actually try playing a couple of rounds with the new grip to see how it goes - I definitely agree that I want a consistent grip for practice & play, but the tendinitis has been a problem for a few years and now that I'm swinging the SS clubs 3 days a week, it's gotten a little worse. Luckily, it's not bad enough to stop me from the protocols and playing, but it's definitely an annoyance - mostly feel it in those 10 warm-up swings with the red club and after I'm done, but once I get going, I hardly notice it.
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    4 days till Masters on the Range. Gets your votes in and enter the #SpyStaffSlam
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    Man, I've been waiting for this one! Great work out there! Fun read and I hope the initial success continues on!
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    Yep. Gold. [emoji23][emoji23]
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    Absolutely. Documenting everything here really helped me digest what I was trying to do and it kept me honest with just how much improvement I was having. I definitely plan to provide updates throughout the season
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    Awesome! I have no recommendations other than enjoy it, soak it all it, and eat a Egg Salad sandwich. Someday I hope to go check out Augusta. Someday.
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    Your analogies are one of the most entertaining parts of the MGS forum. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Got my first 4 rounds in with my Titleist TS2 I'll call it a 4 wood. Set it to 16.5 degrees. 3-4 wood off the deck has to be my most inconsistent shot in golf. Was playing a TM Rocketballz HL 3 wood prior which I smashed off the tee but was really iffy off the turf. Think I may have found the perfect club finally after years of searching. This is easy to launch high off the ground in fact I am considering dropping the loft when winter is over and I can play with it a little bit. Isn't quite a long as the TM but its close and being able to hit it out of the fairway makes it an easy choice. Any one else having similar results with this club? Will be interested in how it tests in the Most Wanted Fairway Metals 2019.
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    I used to be into photography in high school, back before all this digital stuff. A few years ago, I started taking pictures at my daughters softball games with an inexpensive digital camera and have been thinking about getting back into photography. For those that think golf is expensive, photography can also be an expensive hobby to start.


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