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    Ok. Here is my mini review for all of you. I had previously had an inexpensive putting green in my basement. I won’t name any names. I loved it at first. Great roll, inexpensive, and you could roll it up if needed. Then...even with vacuuming it on a regular basis....it developed a groove right down the center and I couldn’t miss a putt even if I tried. Now normally I wouldn’t complain about this on a real golf course, but on my practice green where I am supposed to be hitting a line with every putt...this doesn’t provide much feedback. I figured this was like everything else in life....if you want a quality product that will hold up, then you have to spend some money. I looked at the greens which were featured on mygolfspy in a head to head comparison. I also wanted a green that I could chip onto that would still be portable and be able to be moved with minimal effort. So....after some internet research, I settled on the Little Murph from Truline Greens. Their customer service was great when I called with a question. The box arrived, I unrolled the green and was putting within five minutes. Surprisingly, it flattened out very easily. It gives a true roll and it is constructed of quality material. The only thing that I don’t like is that the last three feet of the green is uphill so they can place a “cup” into the green. The uphill thing isn’t a deal breaker though...it just feels different right now. I give this product an A and I would purchase it again. It is pricey, but I am hoping that it will last.
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    Wait until you play a 31 that shoots 84.....gross. Made the turn at -3 and was 5 down. Or a 12 that shoots 70...barely made the back 9. Main reason I don’t play any net events. My first club tournament this year will be the club championship. Actually that will be my only tournament at my club this year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got back from a beautiful AM round with some real positive thoughts.My lowest round this year of 86 (44-42).Just swinging my swing is working well this season.Not spectacular results off the tee or approach shots.But nice to know the ball will curve left to right most of the time.Really have a strong feeling about this season. Happy Cinco De Mayo
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    Took about 50 pictures of the new clubs this morning before I get them all dirty. I still have one more baseline round to get in (hopefully later this week) before fully breaking these bad boys out. It's going to be extremely difficult to have them sit in my house and not use them. I'll post more pictures over the next few days along with my thoughts on how they compare to my current clubs. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present a few pictures from the winning bag!
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    Puked out a 95 in sloppy conditions. Lost 2 balls due to plugging and not finding them. And to top it off, the rough was close to or over 4"...but I was on the course, so there's that.
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    Just keep the comments and fun coming boys, I have broad shoulders and can take it On another note the matchplay team I have played for a few times this year won the competition today . I didn't play but went along and caddied for my brother. He won his game after a back and forth fight.
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    You guys remember when I asked “who’s Joel Dahmen??” during the draft? Yeah he’s basically carrying my team every week Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Met up with @mr.hicksta today at the practice greens/range but it was rained out so we just swapped a couple of sleeves of balls, and shot the sh*t a little. Super cool guy and hopefully we get to tee it up soon! Went back home for a couple of hours and the weather cleared up a little so I headed back. Hit a small bucket and was just trying to figure out why I've been a hosel lord recently. I think I'm just losing my levels and moving my head too much. Once I focused on not moving my head, it was back to crispy Mizuno butter town. Then spent about 90 minutes mostly practicing 8-15 footers (trying to make 3/3) and practiced 2-putting from a bunch of 25+ foot distances.
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    They sound so stupid. We were on tee box 9 today with Rose and Reed, and some drunk idiot on the other side of the box yells out “get in the hole”, and man I’m just like you sound like a moron. It doesn’t make we want to yell back “shut up you drunk idiot”
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    They sound sooo bad in person. I just want to punch them in the mouth sometimes.
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    I heard “get in the hole” about 10 times today, which is okay on a shot toward the green, not on a drive on a 570 yard par 5, or a 480 yard par 4. You sound like a spoiled child who needs his mouth smacked, and yes they sound just as idiotic in person as they do on TV. Why do these wannabe golfer, drunk ...-hats have to ruin a good day at the course.
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    So... why do I start very story with “so...”? So anyways, me and my buddy team up to play in the monthly club tourney. He’s a 4, and I’m a 5. We both shoot a 76 and were like 15 strokes away from the winners. They’re hi cappers, who seem to have a good round every time money’s on the line. so what’s the point of even playing in these events? The low cappers never win crap.there is no room for any bad shots period. You can shoot scratch on a tough track and still lose by 10. there needs to be a different process. I know it’s supposed to be “fair”, but it’s not fair for the low cappers. We never win. Even when we shoot well, it’s never even close.
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    It's just fun to hit when you have this much confidence in a club. Irons into par 5s that I'm normally hitting hybrid into is crazy
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    Wow. How time flies. Just noticed we're a month into the testings. Keep the day to day and at minimum weekly thoughts coming. Keep in mind Stage two's will be due in two to three weeks.
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    Joe and 9.9 May 3, 2019 at PGA Superstore in Jacksonville FL. The reason I took the challenge is because over the past 9 months I have been playing one length irons and my distances are trending downward. It is probably a result of my age and some changes in my swing over that time as well. I figured I would give it a try and signed up online through PGA Superstore website. The experience was top notch, my fitter Mike Romig called ahead of time to confirm and put me through a proper fitting. He was extremely professional and we found out some really interesting things. The first thing he identified was that I am playing the wrong flex shaft. We switched to a regular shaft KBS 105 and wow it allowed me to be much smoother in my delivery and the ball stopped flaring to the right. We also found out that my current set at 1 degree flat is wrong for my current swing and I am now standard lie angle. Now for the amazing part my current 7 iron flies 150 but with the D7 i gained 14 yards it flew 164. We took one extra step because in my current set my 4 iron and 5 iron go the same distance of 170...yeah i know right. He pulled me a 5 iron to try and wow hitting it 194 the same distance i hit my current TM 3 hybrid. I am seriously considering these because the distance gains are unreal and it could really help my game and really push my hybrids out of the bag for good. Also the lighter shaft might have an affect on my tempo and also the way i feel after a round of golf. Right now with my current set with AMT shafts i am completely wiped out after 18 holes I mean like go to bed tired and it could be because of how heavy those clubs are. Overall it was a great experience for me to see that technology can get my distance back up to where they were 2 years ago. Turned 42 today and man the decline in distance is happening. Sent from my SM-G960U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Humbling game today- played with our resident pro who hit the ball the way only pro's can. He has played in over 60 European tour events so he can play, but it was a different class of strike and course management. He 'easily' shot 4 under. I learned/picked up loads of good course management info and a few good tips to improve my inconsistent scrapping around lol Apart from his long game being on a different dimension to ours, his short game was exceptional, deadly chips and only 26 putts. It's another world and a game most of us are not familiar with. Just thought I'd share even though it's not about my game today.
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    They arrive on Tuesday! I probably won't hit them for a while though while I build my baseline. If they were conventional I might but I don't want to get used to the one lengths and negatively skew my baseline switching back to my old gamers. I don't want anyone to have an excuse when I win this thing. It's gonna take so much willpower to ignore the new shiny things and keep going with my current clubs.
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    Congrats@TSauer@revkev@PAgolfer2017 @mr.hicksta looking forward to hearing how this works out for y'all. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Oooh, it's always exciting to get new sticks, one of the best feelings in golf! Y'all also might benefit from 56 wedges between y'all. So far, I'd agree you are a +4. Nunfa0 is great, I've given him plenty of crap in this thread already, and he hasn't strangled me (yet). Clearly, you've never seen me hit a slice. I would have loved for you to hit them too, someone tell @bardle to hurry up and get/hit his one lengths!
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    Rain or shine, I'm out here testing! Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    We had a great time together out at Quail today. I little hot, but wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately a small storm cell came in and stopped the tournament for a bit. luckily we had been there for about 5 hours already so we got to see lot s of golf, and walk around the facilities a bit. I got to spend a good day walking the golf course with my Daughter. So in itself was the best. She will be gone from home soon, so it was nice to spend that time with her.
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    I went to the range today and the club pro was giving lessons to the guy next to me. He had the F9 one lengths and boy was he struggling with them. He moved to the driver and the pro had him wait until the fairway on the right cleared before he’d let him hit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a slice like his. I wanted to hit his clubs so bad but I left them alone. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I'm a +4 at sh*t talking! @Nunfa0 is a good dude and I know he won't take it personal. Saw an opportunity so I took it [emoji41] Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Another unapologetic pitch for the Pit Barrel Cooker. The Traeger is quick and easy, but chicken or brisket off this thing is unreal.
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    Maybe Cobra can send you 14 wedges, looks like that would benefit you most. Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I can't believe it has taken until May 4th but I can finally post my 1st round of the year! It was a chilly 43* on the 1st tee but the course was empty! Didn't take long to find a groove with the ST190. Not completely disappointed in a 42 front 9 and a 40 on the back for the 1st time out. It was pretty obvious after looking over the round where I can improve the most. I hit 7 of 14 fairways. My misses weren't far off and all were playable. I hit 8 of 18 greens but I was never more than 10 yards off with the ones I missed. I had 33 putts which is not what I like to see. I only made 2 putts over 2ft and they were only 5 footers. I 3 putted 4 holes. I don't know what it was but the minute I put the putter in my hands it felt weird and off. Almost foreign to me. Everything seemed different from the balance to the weight. I couldn't get comfortable at all. If I can clean up the lag putting and the GIR, I think a sub 80 average for the year is definitely in reach. Maybe I need some new irons and a putter! Just got to figure out how to convince SWMBO that it is the right move!! Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    ... Started playing golf in Phoenix 1/10 and played almost every day thru 5/2. I didn't play 15 days out of 121 due to weather or my wife being here and us doing other things. I needed the break. 107 rounds of golf and I am so darned TIRED! Mostly mentally but my body can definitely use a break. It was great though and I enjoyed every minute away from wind chills, gray skies and snow. Packing today and leaving tomorrow so arriving in Chicago Monday night after a 3 day rive. Saved my last round yesterday for the kind scenic course I won't be playing back in the Midwest. Peace! (mic drop)
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    Here’s my submission. 2006 Precedent electric. High speed motor and controller, 6” lift, 23” tires on 10” wheels. We live in a golf car permissible community, so it gets a lot of non-golf use as well. Can u guess my alma mater.
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    First round of the year! I'm on the road this weekend in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. Brought my clubs just in case a golf opportunity should arise. Low and behold, between services that I'm preaching today there was a window to go walk nine. I played a course that I've played once before, but certainly one that I can't claim is familiar to me. It was still quite muddy, in places puddly. The course is short (I think it was 6,100 from the back tees), but par 37 on the front. The only par 3 on the front is 220 yards. Because golf, that hole produced the highlight of my season so far. I had time to debate club selection while waiting for the green to clear. At 220, I was considering either my 4w or my 3h. Eventually, I decided that on the SkyTrak, a solid 3h off the tee is the perfect 220 club. It's a club that's likely going to draw for me with a neutral swing, so I aimed to the right side of the green (the pin was on the left). I committed to it, flew it pin high, and it stopped 12 feet from the hole. Birdie putt lipped out, tap in par. I'd take that every time. I ended up with my normal score: a 46, 9 over for nine holes. Bogey golf. What worked? My approach game was not bad. I hit 4 of 9 greens, which is double my normal average. I had a couple of shots in those yardages that I've struggled with 90-120 yards, and I picked the club that SkyTrak has taught me, rather than the club I think I should hit. In each of those cases, I hit the green. That was encouraging. Short game was a mixed bag. When I made crisp contact, I had better distance control than I can ever remember starting a season with. But I had a handful of badly flubbed wedge shots, hitting the mushy ground behind the ball so that it went nowhere. Putting was just bad. 19 putts, which is far above my average. Last season I hung around 32 putts per round; the season before, it was closer to 30. I think I can get back there, but was putting very defensively today. The greens were quicker than I would have guessed for this point in the season, and being unfamiliar, I was lagging most things close. Two 3-putts, a one putt, and the rest were 2 putts (almost all of which the second putt was about a foot). I think there's lots of ground to make up here, and my putting here doesn't alarm me; rather, it makes me optimistic that I played bogey golf while making only two putts longer than a foot. Off the tee was surprising: on the range, the Rogue could not go left. Guess where it went on every drive today? Stupid game. So that's still a work in progress. However, to come out of the gates in what amounts to last year's midseason form? I'll take that. The season has begun: here we go!
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    The OGA (Oregon GolfAssoc) keeps your 2 lowest tournament scores as part of your handicap good 1 year. Maybe they need to be more aggressive with tournament scores when computing someone's handicap. On a similar note, I have a friend whose handicap became restricted because he went from a 6 handicap to a 12 in a short period of time. In his case, it was a medical issue and not cheating. But, it shows they do watch it. I just don't think they watch it closely enough Sent from my SM-G965U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I would be weary about dropping $1000 for a yearly commitment right out of the gate. If things click after a few lessons between you and the pro then consider it.
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    Didn’t realize until this morning that my wife also got my girls golf balls. Pink Truvis for one kid and Shamrock truvis balls for the other. The one that got the shamrock balls is Reilly Marie....can’t argue with that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The easy answer says that you find a golf instructor you like and who actually understands how to help someone like yourself. I don't know your age but that could be a factor if you are not particularly young. Youth is key and important for many things in life. Golf is no exception. Doesn't mean that if you're old (50+) that you can't learn to play reasonably well. So, what are your expectations? Break 100? 90? 80? Is that realistic? From what you've written it doesn't sound like you've ever really "been on track" but would like to get on one. I assume you shoot above 100 most if not all the time. Most people do that are starting out or folks that only play off and on like yourself. Golf isn't a sport/game where you can improve with just a few lessons. Certainly not by occasionally playing. You'll need to become very dedicated to improving incrementally and after finding someone that provides proper instruction. There's always the possibility that Golf just isn't your thing. No shame in that. Golf isn't for everybody. Best of luck.
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    Sluggo. You answered your own question. At a minimum your club should Flight these so called tournaments. That way you'd most likely be in the Championship flight. I've only rarely seen some fool reverse sandbag their way into championship flight. The Championship Flight and perhaps the next flight under that are the only ones basically sandbag free.
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    Same here - two holes by a street. I've yet to play without a car going by and either honking its horn or someone yelling fore. When playing with my buds we consider that a "car rule" that allows a do over.
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    Yup - that's one of the first things my fitter said. Even thought he was using new Bridgestone "practice" balls - the Trackman was set to normalize the data.
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    The problem that I see with the Kirklands is that this is what they are - today - they will be something different after this supply runs out and then where are you at? I really think the Snell ball is the better play if you are after value - yes that ball costs more but it's going to be there. Think about it - you can eliminate a variable by just playing one ball - any ball. Good luck
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    In team events the USGA recommends that players only receive 80% of their handicap for this very reason. As handicaps climb the amount of outlier scores two very high handicap partners are capable of shooting increases dramatically. 80% of 1 is still a 1 but a 25 loses 5 strokes in that scenario. Another commonly used option is a team max handicap, usually 36 or 40. Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    This is why most events should have both gross and Net winners.
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    I had a strange round today. I started out with a par 5, in a greenside bunker in 2, chunked it, chipped up, and 3-putted for a smooth double. Next hole, I striped a drive, hit a wedge to 5 feet and missed the putt. Then I skulled a 7-iron into a bunker, left the first shot in the bunker, chunked the next one out, and got up and down for another double. Then came the triple- , tee shot in the woods, punch out, pull a 8 iron into the woods, chip over the green, chip up and two putt. Bogeyed the next to be 8-over after 5. Well, I played the last 13 in even to card a smooth 44-36-80 (+8). I don't really know what to think, I'm pretty happy with my turn-around and finish, (-2 in the last 3), but I just know it could have been so much lower, if I could have started better.
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    I’m pretty sure you would get a tour card and membership at Augusta National for that.
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    Oh man am I jealous....haha. I was rolling one of these the other day at Dick's Sporting Goods and almost pulled the trigger. But considering I paid to refinish one putter this year...and bought a 6M as well....I don't know if I can justify another Scotty (yet)....haha. Though this is one of those putters that (at one point) I will have!
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    Bridgestone’s response is markedly different from that of Callaway. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    That's a great idea!! 14 one length wedges from 9* to 60*. Maybe someone should mention it to Bryson
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    Not well but it was four hours outdoors in only moderate rain so I will take it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ... Perhaps I missed this info. I tried reading the comments but still came up empty. How many shots with each ball were tested? Did they hit the Maxfli Tour X one time with the driver? 10 times? 20 times? 100 times? Same with 7 iron and wedge. How many times did MGS's robot hit each ball with each club. If the Tour X had a 657 shot area after 10 balls because 1 of them was more off line than others, that number may change with 20 balls and radically change with 100 balls. Of course it could be the same as 1 out of 10 balls produced off line results, but it would be very informative to know how many balls were hit.
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    I have a friend that has one of those golf boards. Cruises around like a skateboard. Not exactly walking, tho I have older Sun Mountain carts, but I haven't walked for a couple of years now. Maybe after this knee heals stronger, I might give it another go. Problem I have is that all my playing partners have carts. Hate being the only guy walking!
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    My pro in Wisconsin did not believe in 3 woods. He almost always recommended a 4 wood for his members. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a number of us end up with 4 wood or a strong 5 wood rather than 3 wood. Also I was stunned last year at my Titleist ball fitting when the fitter told me that I’d benefit from an SGI in 6 and 7 iron - he was right - it’s just my swing - if you’re going to swing your swing you will need to have equipment to fit it - I’ve never been fit for 160-200 before - I have been fit for irons, driver, fairway wood but never in that void - I’ve always settled for get it around the green and try and get up and down for par. Can’t wait to see where this leads us to Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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