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    Reminds me of a tablecloth my mom and dad had back in the 1950's. LOL
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    I haven't noticed wear with any of the clubs. Everything is started to get nice and dirty, but there is no wear on any of them. Not sure what my favorite club is yet. From the usages stats the driver and 58° wedge both have been used more than double any other club. Maybe one of those? I definitely need to play more rounds. Last night I was 134 yards from the green and Arccos Caddie suggested a 6 iron. Earlier in the round it recommended a 7 iron from 180 yards out (which is probably correct). Apparently I've only hit my 6 iron once in 48 holes and it was a 130 yard punch out. All of my irons have pretty messed up smart distances with the limited rounds we've recorded so far.
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    My security blanket is surprisingly the 54 degree wedge. I'm not sure what it is but I never chunk or thin the thing. For the first time in my life I have wedge shots check up and spin back, the only thing I'm still developing is feel for shots inside full range(100 or so). ...Although...this is a looks thing, I'm already starting to see the finish wear on the wedge which seems odd to me..I hit it alot but I always wipe it off if its wet..I mean its only been like a round and a half that I've used it..Any of you other guys noticing this? And also the 7 iron, classically. I just never have trouble hitting it and its always dead straight.
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    Shot a solid but unspectacular 40 tonight. We actually tried to play a full 18 but after playing the front in just under 2 hours we spent 30 minutes on hole 10 because of slow play. After the hole we skipped over to 17 and 18 to head back to the club house so we could watch US Open golf with a few drinks. It was a much better decision than playing a 3+ hour back 9.
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    Bob Hope said... "I went out golfing to shoot my age. I ended up shooting my weight instead."
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    It took me a little time to figure out the proper combo of aggressiveness and control but I have it now or close to it at least. My performance driving average is just a tad under 250 per shot scope. Those drives are representative of what I’m seeing under normal conditions at Sea Level pre-rainy season. The rain has started so it will be interesting to see what this weekend brings. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The first post in the thread will always tell you where we stand.
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    If you are into strokes gained here is a great graphic on the field today. https://datagolf.ca/live-strokes-gained
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    This is unrelated to the challenge itself but the wife surprised me with my Fathers day gift early this morning. I finally have a new putter that I've been eyeing. Its a Ping Sigma G Tyne. I've rolled it a ton at PGASS but never wanted to buy it since I already spend a bunch on golf. It was an awesome surprise. She gave it to me today so I could get acclimated during the scramble tonight and be ready to play with my Brother-in-law this upcoming week on vacation. Hopefully we'll see some better scoring from it in the rounds to come!
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    So far they both feel amazing when you middle them and feel similar in miss hits. The Mizunos apparently sound "softer". The biggest difference so far is the Cobras stay straighter and fly further on miss hits. I hit one shot that felt like a high toe so I walked to where it would have been if it was the Mizuno and it wasn't there. I followed the same line and it was 40 yards further on
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    Are you talking about me?[emoji16] Players see clubs differently and how they setup does influence how you hit the club. I have had to completely change my setup to hit a few clubs. I am one of those individuals that cannot perceive the changes in club configuration. The results may change but I don’t “feel” subtle swingweight or length changes. The theoretical advantage gained from the shortened shaft is more center contact resulting in more distance. For some individuals longer shafts will hav the same effect. First path to more distance is hit the center of the face.
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    Reaction to different swing weights is entirely dependent on the golfer. Different golfers will react differently to changes and swing weight and there isn't really a correlation in terms of what happens. Same thing goes for shaft length, flex, weight and bend point. All of these things effect what a golfer feels during the swing and they might alter their swing base on those feels. There are no absolutes, and that is why fitting is so important.
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    Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Got a V/M from the golf shop that my Mizuno irons were in, one week early! Not a surprise but I could tell from 20’ away that they were RH. All the paperwork was correct LH clearly stated. I can’t count how many times this has happened. They are trying to get my clubs by Tuesday that would be great. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The UP is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Circled in yellow. I was in the only town that they cared to put on that map. Heading to Maryland.
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    I just pulled the trigger on a like new Bettinardi Arm Lock for under $200. Picking it up today and they will make the needed adjustments for me at the shop when I arrive. So I guess the biggest thing is 2 inches under the elbow for length, get the lie angle right and then adjust loft accordingly?
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    Yeah, my irons really surprised me. So Nunfa, what is the biggest difference between your Mizunos and the Cobras?
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    This site has such great statistics, it's a treasure trove of info.
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    Heck I may take this to work so I can work on it where I spend what feels like most of my time.
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    Shot a 77 and then played the back 9 again at 1 under. really starting to love my new mizzy stix, the pure hits are just too good.
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    So I played with two of my boys tonight - it was a lovely afternoon, not too hot and bit breezy but then again it's Oklahoma so it's just ALWAYS windy but I digress. The last time I played it was an absolute train wreck with the driver but as PING Apologist #9 said I would "get it back" - I did . So, I played really well and scored really well but there is a big caveat to be added - we had to play the back nine twice because of a clinic on the front nine so it was the same wind and I knew what clubs/shots I had hit my first time around and I got a major teach for my second go around: My first nine I had 1 bogey against 2 birdies and on my second nine I had 4 birdies and the course is only 6162 yards, so with an asterisk firmly in place, here are my stats: 65 FIR: 10/12 GIR: 14/18 Putts: 27
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    Fingers sweaty. Butterflies in the stomach. Type type type type, click. Click type click. It's done. I've officially registered to play on the SoMD Amateur. Here we go over the top of this crazy roller coaster. Am I making too big of a deal about this? Definitely. But I'm going to do my best here to create some entertaining content for the rest of you. I play in a weekly league that gives a nice bit of drama but there's nothing like a stroke play event. The SoMD Amateur is the biggest of these events that comes to the local area. Last time I played was (I think) was 7 years ago. Every summer since, I've considered it and ultimately backed out for one reason or another. Between kids, jobs, the price, and realistic self-assessments, I just couldn't justify entry. This year, those things are balanced enough that I'M DOING IT! God, so nervous. Here's the deets: Location: Breton Bay Golf & Country Club - LINK Dates: 28-30 June Format: 54-hole Stroke Play, putt it all the way down play all the rules Divisions: Regular Flighted, plus Sr and Jr. Player Pool: 250-300 Golfers Last time I played, attrition got the best of me. I rarely play 2 days in a row, much less 3. I entered as a 15 and was placed in the 4th flight (championship + 5 total). Shooting 89, 92, 108 landed me in the middle of the pack of some 25-30 golfers in my flight. That year was also when I took the infamous 17 on a single hole READ HERE. This year, I'm entering as a 12 which may bump me into the 3rd or 2nd flight depending on entries. If I can shoot 3 rounds in the 80's and break 85 once, I'll be a happy camper. Leading up to the event, I'll add some posts for the practice plan, course management strategy, WITB, and whatever else comes up. Obviously, you won't get live streams during the rounds but I'll be sure to check in with some short recaps after each round and a overall wrap-up once it's done. For now, wish me luck
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    Hope you guys had the chance to read yesterday's blog on Wilson's new C300 Forged Gun Metal irons. The C300 Forged irons are in their second year, and Wilson - following industry trends - is jazzing them up a bit with a limited edition finish. It's an interesting look - not midnight black like some of the others - and indoor pix make the irons look very different from outdoor pix, but to my eye anyway, they look great. And to show how a different shaft can make a difference - I tried a set last year with Nippon Modus 120's and could never really get the feel, too harsh and could never really get comfy with them. Maybe it's age, but the stock KBS Tour 105's worked much better right out of the shoot - from the first PW on the practice range right through to my last GW approach on 18, I really enjoyed hitting these. Ball flight is still higher than I'd like, and distance was really not a ton different from my Srixon/C Taper combo, but much easier to hit and at almost 59 years old, I did feel better coming down 18. Does 20 grams per club make that much difference? The MGS Players Distance Most Wanted comes out Monday - and the C300 Forged is in the mix. They finished 4th overall last year (not the longest, but accuracy was top notch) and it'll be interesting to see how the same iron fares in its 2nd year. Based on one round - which really isn't enough to fully judge but what the hell - I can see these staying in the bag for a while - at least until I get bored. Enjoy the pix and fire away with questions...
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    Link is a small device they're making to eliminate the need to have your phone in your pocket, it was $50 pre-order I think. They have a trade-up program but I don't know much about it. I don't think I will take advantage of it if they are actually releasing new sensors, I'm not really sure what more I could want out of Arccos, but I'll be sure to let their marketing team change my mind HAHA.
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    I think that a lot of the distance changes depends on where the distance actually falls. My home course I consider short (6399) but it has 2 par 3's over 200 yards, par is a great score and bogey is the average. With my game distance is not usually an issue so I don't expect a whole lot of increase in score when playing a longer course. On the flip side of that if you play a course that leaves you a lot of half shots or feel shots and you struggle with those it can make scoring more difficult than a course that would be longer but leaves you full shots into greens.
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    Hit half a bucket. Hit it so well that I walked away and left half of my balls.
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    Good stuff Kenny! Wow! 101 already??! Way too early for that sh**!
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    Just curious, is this process at all similar to how you prepared for a big baseball game? If so, I'd think you'll be fine. Do what you are comfortable with.
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    I started a company, Walker Trolleys (www.WalkerTrolleys.com), so I roll with my own.
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    Well, finally. On the weekend I had to think long and hard about whether I should hit the driving range or not. And so I did. First time hitting the club's. Felt kinda nice to hit balls but was not really excited. Someone please give me a swat alongside my head. Went out again tonight and I saw the head pro and a few others I knew and went over and it was nice to talk to them again. I enjoyed seeing them. They noticed I haven't been around. When I got back home, I started exercising again. I think I'm getting back into this golfing thing. What is really surprising is that I have never before been so hesitant as I am now about whether to go out or not. Geez How are you guys, my friends doing?
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    I always struggle picking the right voice in my head to listen to.
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    Odds that Mike Davis fired his protege last night? The boys up in Far Hills must be stewing today after the scores yesterday.
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    I think you'd be surprised. Handicap or skill level really doesn't have bearing on how one reacts to changes in club dynamics. In fact, I'd argue that the more skilled player can adjust and adapt faster to those changes, while the less skilled player cannot and is more reliant on having something that they are comfortable swinging and that feels natural.
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    Maybe you should play 18 with just your irons in your bag. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I knew I didn’t fire him for a reason.
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    ... Yea, just spur of the moment usually brought on by someone I play with. I think it is very difficult to diagnose or even recommend drills without seeing the swing. There are quite a few reasons someone reverse pivots so there is not a one drill fixes all. ... That said, one of my favorites drills was to have my student attempt to move their head 3 get away from the target on their backswing. It is a very unnatural move in the golf swing but through trial and error I found many of those with a reverse pivot have no idea they are moving their head toward the target on their backswing. By attempting to move their head in the opposite direction a full 3 feet, most kept their heads relatively still for the first time but to them, it felt like their head was moving away from the target by at least a couple feet if not the full 3 feet. Obviously f they actually did move their head backwards a foot or two I would have them attempt to move to 2 feet, again feeling like they are but in reality just keeping their head still. ... For a variety of reasons this may or may not work with your friend. It was my job as an instructor to keep coming up with different ways or sometimes even the same way but explained differently until the student begins to find what works for both of us. For instance moving the head may not work so I might try moving their shoulders backwards or have them reach straight back with the club and never cock it just extend away from the target or attempt to reach their hands away from the target like a hitter trying to put their hands in a catchers mitt. All different ways of accomplishing the same thing. Everyone is different in their feel and how they process information.
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    So far my management is terrible. [emoji24]
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    Thanks Rob. After getting past the emotional part (moment of silence ) it was full speed ahead. I need to get them dialed in time for the July rendezvous.
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    You wouldn't like my wife!
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    Went out for 9 yesterday. Shot a 47. 3 putted twice. 3 double bogies. So many missed opportunities. I would love to have a @Bucky CC type score to report, but it's not in the cards yet. I am loving the challenge to get to that level though. Loving the Cobras on the course. Throughout the bag, I don't ever feel like it is difficult to make clean contact with the ball, even in the thickest rough. When I stop leaving my club face open, I love the ball flight and results. Was the perfect after work 9. The weather was beautiful and the course, Rackham Golf Course, is a Donald Ross design so it challenges you to think throughout, which I really enjoyed.
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    Great point! This is one of the reasons that I feel like a putter is so tough to change out. Even more so than irons in my opinion. My putter has the longest tenure of anything else in my bag at 7-8 years. So far it's been a fairly smooth change except I do notice that the face seems softer with the Odyssey, but alignment, grip, stance, etc... have all been ok. Weighting is a bit different - still need to play more to have a better description - stay tuned.
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    It does not suck... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    It just means were equally awesome! Good Luck!
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    There’s a saying about that place. “It’s better than nothing.” Sometimes I am not sure about that. And tell your brother I said Semper Paratus.
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    Yea, I’m tempted to order the 7s and have them tip it a inch. On Fuji’s website they said that would make it play like a X
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    On the brink of literally selling all of my golf stuff. Infertility/health insurance is a ******.
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    Finally getting around to doing a WITB. Budget details at the end. Driver: Top Flite 2016 Tour 9.5* 3W: Top Flite 2016 Tour 5wood & 4hybrid: Top Flite Gamer Tour Irons: Wilson C200 5-GW (I have the 4iron but don't carry it) Wedges: Wilson Harmonized 56* and 60* Putter: Ping Cadence TR B65 Putter 33.5" Other clubs I am rotate in/out of play: 2-hybrid & 3-hybrid: Taylormade Rescue 11 TP Driver: Taylormade SLDR Mini 14* Wedge: Wilson Harmonized 52* Bag: Wilson Ionix Light stand bag. Also have a Tour Trek 360 Push Cart. I have a mix of new & used clubs. NEW: The Top Flites were all new from DSG and due to sales were all $40 each. My irons were bought new on clearance for $300. Wedges were new and $75 for the set of 3. USED: TM hybrids were bought used and $30something each. The most expensive single club in my bag is the Ping putter (also used) and cost me $60. There you have it. They may not be the most expensive, highest performing clubs, but golf doesn't need to break the bank.
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    Welcome back, Har! Glad to hear from you. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    That's a bummer about your experience with the wedges. I'm curious how the length you ordered compares to your gamers? I know the XW-1 stock length is a little longer than the stock length on the SM5s I was playing. Seems like that could have very well been at least some part of the issue for you. Still, not every club is meant for every golfer and despite me giving them an overall positive review Bridgestone needs to do some work if they want to gain more traction in the wedge market.


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