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    TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Who are the seven forum users that the NX9 has locked on for testing? @FromRightToLeft @Jbmullin @russtopherb @B.Boston @poprocksncoke @JonMUSC08 @perseveringgolfer @GolfSpy MPR Full announcement found here. Testers Wanted (7) Anyone that has read or better yet tried one of the previous versions of the Precision Pro rangefinders knows a couple things for sure. The company is very customer oriented, responding to any manor of questions promptly and efficiently. It's very first iteration of range finders—nexus- was among the least expensive on the market, but didn't meet with a huge success. Enter the NX7 series, and it's award winning performance in Most Wanted testing, and Precision Pro had a winner on it's hand, a very reliable, accurate rangefinder priced in the $200 to $250 range, with many comprable competitors sellingn for $350 to $450. Precision Pro held it's own in the land of the established icon brands. So with a product firmly entrenched in the value category, Precision Pro is introducing the next level of rangefinder for company. The NX9 offers an HD display to an already quality product. To find out all the tech behind it, you can read The First Look articles published earlier this spring Precision Pro Nx9 First Look So we are offering seven US or members from anywhere in the world, the chance to test/review and keep a NX9 HD rangefinder. Golfspy_MPR will be riding shotgun along with the testers on this as you, write a very through review for the forum, and provide ongoing thoughts during the review period in the review thread. How To Apply Please provide the following information in a separate post----DO NOT QUOTE or COPY THIS POST! First Name/City of Residence. Do you currently use a rangefinder or GPS for distance measuring or rely on good old eyeballing! If you use a device what model and brand We'll be selecting the testers next week. Be sure to check back and see if you've been selected.
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    Wooo!! I’m free!!!!
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    Alright, so last night prior to the scramble I hit about 30 shots with the 4 iron on the range. I had some low bullets, but most of them were fine, they are about average trajectory for me for a 4 iron. I was however convinced that they weren't going the 200 yards or so that my old one did. So on our second to last hole yesterday in the scramble we had 205 to the pin and sure enough, I didn't even hit the thing that well and It went dead on line right at the flag. once we get up there I'm the only one in our group to hit the green and its 10 feet in front of the pin...That was one of the putts I made..but the point is, it works, it doesn't feel like it works, but it definitely does... @goaliewales14 I can't stress enough though that with the one lengths, more than any other club I have ever hit, overswinging the short clubs (4,5,6) will only result in tragedy. You really have to just get to the point mentally where you trust the process and trust the lofts and just swing it smooth and watch what happens... Thanks yeah, its just some practice needed I think. I mean I've played 27 holes with it. I have had some really good shots, but with my old F7 I always felt like I could walk up and smash it and not have to worry *too* much.
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    TESTERS ANNOUNCED! If you've never felt like this kid, I'm pretty sure you've never played golf seriously: (If you've ever acted like this kid, you might be taking it too seriously.) Improving putting is a great way to knock strokes off your handicap. And these five forum members are going to put a great package of items into use to see if they can see real improvement in their games: @Kanoito @HardcoreLooper @Peaksy68 @tommc23 @gaussman1 Guys, be looking for a message from me about getting this testing started! Everyone else, be watching to see if this is part of the answer for our putting problems!
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    Hit a few 7 irons, and christened the new (2nd hand) 5 wood. I think I'm going to be pretty happy with the Cobra F8 fairways. I definitely need to work on my core, as well as my shoulder. Posture is decidedly ugly, not far off a pretzel at the moment
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    Very excited by this opportunity to test something that looks to be very promising. @Kanoito and I in the same test again is a bit like getting the band back together, are you still playing the MLA? Thanks MGS and Puttout, looking forward to it. Now to plan the format of my testing to make it as useful as I can for my fellow golfers.
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    That’s what I always worry about with dark finishes. And now for some heckling: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's why the driver is misbehaving, it's jealous of the new putter!! Wedgie and your wife must have spilt the beans in front of it
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    That Haka is not bad but try these two... Why would I ever try to do a Haka when we have these guys to do it for us? Besides the Haka is sacred to NZ and I would never disrespect it with my total lack of ability and middle aged white guyness. I know it would be hilarious but I would injure myself trying and that would ruin the challenge. So I'm sorry but my hands are tied....
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    This will be me in about 3 hours and 45 minutes. Adios UP.
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    41 (par 37) 4/7 fir 5/9 gir 17 putts I actually played pretty well today for the first time in what feels like forever. Funny enough I lost a stroke laying up when I cooked it too far left playing off of a lie where the ball was almost waist level. Lost another trying to flight one low that I just launched and hit a tree that couldn't have been more than a ball's width. That's golf!
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    Sunk 3 of our teams 4 birdie putts with the new stick. One of which was a 25 footer.... You Bucky fans sure you don't want to jump ship now? Before it's too late?
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    He was north of half the population in Canada. :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Reminds me of a tablecloth my mom and dad had back in the 1950's. LOL
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    Am I the only one who thinks Fox’s broadcast is actually decent? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Excellent feedback edingc! It is a little like the dad coming in to calm down the rowdy kids with actual insightful information.
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    You mean like "These are not the irons you're looking for or are they?" I may surprise you Wedgie, just like your irons did last year....
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    I think it's safe to say that would be way beyond his mental comprehension.
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    Cobra uses the same DBM finish as what is on my Maltby wedges. It wears, but unlike PVD, it turns more a shade of gray than wearing to plain metal. The finish is actually impregnated into the metal and is not just a coating. Both of my wedges were new this spring. The leading edges of both are now pretty worn. Not in an ugly fashion, though.
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    I haven't noticed wear with any of the clubs. Everything is started to get nice and dirty, but there is no wear on any of them. Not sure what my favorite club is yet. From the usages stats the driver and 58° wedge both have been used more than double any other club. Maybe one of those? I definitely need to play more rounds. Last night I was 134 yards from the green and Arccos Caddie suggested a 6 iron. Earlier in the round it recommended a 7 iron from 180 yards out (which is probably correct). Apparently I've only hit my 6 iron once in 48 holes and it was a 130 yard punch out. All of my irons have pretty messed up smart distances with the limited rounds we've recorded so far.
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    My security blanket is surprisingly the 54 degree wedge. I'm not sure what it is but I never chunk or thin the thing. For the first time in my life I have wedge shots check up and spin back, the only thing I'm still developing is feel for shots inside full range(100 or so). ...Although...this is a looks thing, I'm already starting to see the finish wear on the wedge which seems odd to me..I hit it alot but I always wipe it off if its wet..I mean its only been like a round and a half that I've used it..Any of you other guys noticing this? And also the 7 iron, classically. I just never have trouble hitting it and its always dead straight.
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    Well now. It looks like we've got five new friends. *seals the party invites*
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    Thanks all. Tonight is the second night in a row I've logged onto MGS. It's really nice to connect with you guys again. I quickly peruse this site once in a while but usually am at a loss of things to say. Being out of the loop I guess. I'm excited about the golf outing that some of us spies are going to attend next month. I'm sure there will be lots of pics and good conversation.
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    Not a bad idea but we'll see what happens after next week. Right now I have 27 holes scheduled for Thursday, 18 for Friday, and 18 more for Saturday. I may try to sneak in a quick 9 before work earlier in the week so I can make it a full 72 holes. I call it my @fozcycle week.
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    Shot a solid but unspectacular 40 tonight. We actually tried to play a full 18 but after playing the front in just under 2 hours we spent 30 minutes on hole 10 because of slow play. After the hole we skipped over to 17 and 18 to head back to the club house so we could watch US Open golf with a few drinks. It was a much better decision than playing a 3+ hour back 9.
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    Oh, so why should we abandon ship if you're using other people's shots?
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    Bob Hope said... "I went out golfing to shoot my age. I ended up shooting my weight instead."
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    Player field is up to 98 now. Interested to see how fast it jumps as we get closer. Continued practice.... Been struggling with a wipey fade lately so I took some time on the range yesterday. You know, one of those good sessions where you take a bit of time between each shot to work on form and alignment. I got it headed straighter than before but still a bit more fade than I'd prefer. When I got to my in laws, I still had the itch to work on it so I made some adjustments to my woods by dialing the driver down to 9* (from 10.5*) and putting the FW/hybrid into same loft but draw setting. Took those clubs and fired about a dozen shag balls into the woods across a cornfield. THAT was what I'm looking for. Stinging and explosive shots that hit my target. Hope that keeps. On travel next week so I probably won't get to play but there's a Top Golf close-ish that I may post up as my dinner spot for a night or two. I miss getting to practice there for good shooting-at-green practice that you don't really get at the range.
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    Shot 83 today on a course I’ve never seen, with punched greens. Not to bad for me. I’ve learned playing at sea level sucks, have to club up. Plus the dang wind seems to be in your face on every hole. Can’t wait to get home, back on my course. Here’s a hole from today’s best drive, couldn’t make putts, dang punches greens. This was a 182yd par 3 with a 18’ wide green to land it on. I hit it fat, almost dunked it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I've been chasing that little white orb since the late 70's. Started with a used set that was a little on the short side, I was told that they were cut down to shorten the shaft. Finding used left handed clubs in the late 70's was difficult to say the least. But I hacked and slashed my way around the course for almost 10 years with those clubs. Then I found another used set a little better fit for me, over the years I would find other used clubs that were better each time. I made a promise to myself that one day I would get myself new clubs. That day has finally arrived. I got fit by Ping and ordered a complete set of Ping G410's. Driver, 3 & 5 Wood, 20* Hybird, 5 thru LW irons. Not sure if my game will improve but I'll look good out there (LOL) It's like Christmas in June Chris
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    Guys and Dolls scramble (seniors and ladies). We didn't win, but I got KP with a perfectly executed 8 iron from 137 yds using a Snell MTB Red for this shot....
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    Not a chance in hell. The F9’s are now my obsession. I’m Sméagol slowly becoming Gollum, but with F9’s instead of a ring with my crazed obsessiveness. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    [emoji23][emoji23] First stop is Mackinac Island. Be there in about 5 hours.
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    Almost there. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I did another driver-heavy range session last evening in the 90* heat that just about wore me out. After my lousy performance last Sunday, I kept wondering why I had such an awful day driving and it dawned on me that I had yet again regressed my grip back to weak and I should-a have known better. So I worked on that and also keeping the face closed which is a struggle for me since my left wrist has limited function. Saw a new video by one of my favorites and it inspired me to give this drill a try... Man what a difference! Of 20 recorded shots on my ES 12, I averaged a phenomenal 242.6 calculated total distance!! Additionally the slice & "power-fades" were nowhere to be seen and that for me is a rare event for sure. If I do the right thing with my wrists, I can actually feel the club release as is passes through the ball and my arms feel as if they are being stretched. It feels really powerful and I just gotta figure out how to get that feeling to the course and keep it there.
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    Dude, 13 would be much more appropriate.
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    A good challenge would be listening to the Arrcos caddie for a round and see what happens.
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    It took me a little time to figure out the proper combo of aggressiveness and control but I have it now or close to it at least. My performance driving average is just a tad under 250 per shot scope. Those drives are representative of what I’m seeing under normal conditions at Sea Level pre-rainy season. The rain has started so it will be interesting to see what this weekend brings. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Here's what I'm talking about on the wedge finish.
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    Bardle we need to keep our eye on Nunfa. His advice may just be reverse psychology. He's sneaky like that.
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    The first post in the thread will always tell you where we stand.
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    If you are into strokes gained here is a great graphic on the field today. https://datagolf.ca/live-strokes-gained
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    Men's Club night: Format was 3 clubs plus putter. I originally thought I'd play 3W, 7 iron, and sand wedge. At the last minute, I made a poor decision and replaced the SW with the PW. Bad decision!! On 3 holes, I found myself in a position that made the PW a bad choice and all 3 holes cost me with a double bogey (twice need to flop a PW). 3 doubles, 2 bogeys, and 4 pars later, I come in with a 8 over for the nine. Tied for 5th, which paid nothing, but did earn me some points towards our Ryder Cup team pick.
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    I don’t want to make this thread about me...it’s about Bardle. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    That’s a Foz breakfast. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    League night and it was a disaster. Was running late due to a meeting and traffic; ended up getting to the course when we were supposed to tee off. Being one of those people that like to be early, hit a few chips, iron shots, and putts prior to the round it wasn't a good start to the round. Parred my first hole but then went double, bogey, par, birdie, double, triple, bogey, double for a smooth 10 over. 2 FW, 1 green, 16 putts. I feel like I only hit 1 good shot on the day. Just one of those rounds you want to forget and try to move on.
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    I like how you aren't mentioning what happened on the other 14 holes.
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    -1 today. 32/39. I won all the money on the front side. [emoji385] Bogey free front. [emoji41] Birdie free back. [emoji851] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is unrelated to the challenge itself but the wife surprised me with my Fathers day gift early this morning. I finally have a new putter that I've been eyeing. Its a Ping Sigma G Tyne. I've rolled it a ton at PGASS but never wanted to buy it since I already spend a bunch on golf. It was an awesome surprise. She gave it to me today so I could get acclimated during the scramble tonight and be ready to play with my Brother-in-law this upcoming week on vacation. Hopefully we'll see some better scoring from it in the rounds to come!
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    Back to back drives recently on holes in opposite directions. 225 was a big one for me pre SuperSpeed. I have a 300 yarder but I think there was a cart path involved - these were just me and some dry for Florida conditions. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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