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    Stud asking me to have an intelligent post this week is like asking a newborn not to poop. Good luck to the rest of you!
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    Well as bad as Saturday’s round was for iron play, today was the polar opposite. Today’s round showed me the potential is there for sub 80 rounds as a norm. Shot 41/39 for an 80. I had 2 doubles on the front 9 and fell 2” short of a birdie on the last for the 79. Today could have been 77 or better if I hadn’t had 3 shanks of 10’ or less! They lead to both doubles on the front and a bogey on the back. We had some high cross wind all afternoon. I actually manage 6/14 fairways with the wind. The biggest surprise was the 11/18 GIR including 7/9 on the back. 34 putts on the day isn’t terrible but I’m hoping that is going to become the high side of average as I continue to get more comfortable on the greens. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Be careful. He might become the youngest MGS staff member.
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    So first thing I have to say about this putter is how square it sits behind the ball. I feel I do not have to do any manipulation to square the face which had led to far more confidence on starting the ball on it's intended line. Through 2 rounds thus far I set a new low for putts in a round with 29 and have sank 3 putts over 20 feet. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Don't forget the temperature, humidity, wind shear, angle of the sun, position of Saturn in relation to Aquarius....
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    Just saw pictures on WRX. It does not. But the pictures do look pretty great! Can't wait for Glide 2 prices to come down
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    Plaid, First, I totally believe you're on my side on this project. That's what's great about this forum: we can help each other get to the same goal from different perspectives. Second, while I totally nerd out here, I've learned that I play worse if I'm obsessing about data while I'm playing. I used to use one app that I had to enter drive direction, number of putts, whether I hit the sand, etc. I've also used Game Golf either without the device or with the device paired to my phone, so that I'm looking at (and editing) data during the round. THAT WAS A BAD IDEA. For me, it's terribly distracting. And then if something in the app isn't working right, I get additionally annoyed. So I don't do any of that anymore. I tap the club on the belt clip, and I've been doing it for so long (at least three years now) that it's totally embedded in my pre-shot routine. If I'm playing in a scramble or some other format where I'm not tracking shots, it actually messes me up a bit, because I will tag clubs on a non-existent belt clip. Other than tapping clubs, I also write my scores and number of putts on the scorecard. That gives me a reference point for double-checking the GG data, normally after I get home.
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    Yamaha 2017 gas. The Villages is tough on electric carts due to its size. Gas can go anywhere but some electric can’t get round trip to some golf courses. I’ve had to push an electric twice (relatively new cart) because battery couldn’t take it. The good part of Yamaha is the 5 year warranty. Also the service is great and loaners are always available and they are 2018’s. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    But if you were how do you figure in ground forces? Do you preplan for uneven turf or surfaces? How to figure in the COR of grass vs concrete?
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    Pfft....who needs him? Bardle will know the answer.
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    Towel under both arms is to feel connected thru the swing. under the trail arm is to fix flying elbow under lead arm is to fix chicken wing.
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    I’ve got 4 Gkids and 2 of them have some talent with softball & baseball. The kids are fine some of these parents actually embarrass their kids. Luckily my kids and their husbands realize that the sports are for the Gkids enjoyment not a ticket to riches. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Any of the tournaments I've played, the winners almost always get their money back and then some. Not sure what payouts look like for club tournaments where shop credit is given as I haven't played in many. Trying to change that this year though so maybe I'll have something to report back later.
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    So does that mean you're all moved in?? Inquiring minds want to know
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    I purchased this a few weeks back, and put it to use yesterday for the first time. It 100% lives up to the hype!
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    This is such a good write-up, you had me laughing through the whole thing. I give you major props for playing a mini golf ball, that's just awesome, man. I hope the feeling returns to your hands after that low face shot with the range ball, you have gone above and beyond in this Hard Rock Challenge. Great score! Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    So I'll just leave you with this for now and come back later with some thoughts
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    I have no idea what any of that means but trust me, swing drag is the least of my worries on a sloped lie...
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    What is the logic behind this? Back in the bad-old-days of balata, we used to do this in friendly rounds because the balls would get lopsided after a few holes and not putt straight (and that's if you didn't cut it). You'll lose a modern ball before you can really do damage to it.
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    I've been inspired by two recent threads: @jlukes's swing overhaul, and @revkev's thread comparing lessons and fitting vs. self-teaching and off-the-rack clubs (these are both great threads that, if you haven't, you should go read and keep up with). To begin, I'm nowhere in jluke's class as a player. I'm a mid/high handicap player, floating right around 15. But I think I can get better. As I commented in revkev's thread, I have no objections to getting lessons and getting a fitting. I'd love to do both of those. My chief obstacle is location. I don't have an actual driving range within an hour of my home. There are no full golf stores (as far as I know) within two hours of where I live. There is a really good golf coach at a course that's an hour away, and he also does fittings. He would absolutely be my first choice, but signing up for regular lessons with a two-hour round-trip commute: the time and cost add up in a hurry. I tried to get together with him to get fitted for my G700 irons that I reviewed for MGS last summer, but we couldn't get our schedules to align. So consider me another test case for revkev's question. I'm aiming to answer the question, "How much improvement can be gained with off-the-rack clubs and self-teaching?" Here's the starting point: This is my Game Golf summary of my rounds from this past July and August, set in contrast with a 5-handicap. What immediately jumps out is that I'm loosing a ton of strokes to a single-digit off the tee and in my short game. There is certainly room for improvement in ball-striking and putting, but the low-hanging fruit is in the other categories. Why am I so bad off the tee? It's not because I spray it all over; I hit an ordinary number of fairways. It's because I hardly hit it out of my own shadow. Do you see that last column? That's embarrassing. So, my first plan is to continue the SuperSpeed training that I've been doing for a couple of months now. I've seen significant speed gains already, but because I have no way to get to a course or a range before spring (late April at best here), I'm anxious to see how the speed with translate. I'm also working on a meaningful swing overhaul, with a lot of similarities to what jlukes is describing in his thread. Here's a screen cap of a swing in my backyard from a couple of years ago: Like jlukes, I have a tendency to have a pronounced forward sway through the swing, which essentially forces me to catch up with a flip at the bottom. The early extension is visible in this video I took for the G700 review. For my part, I'm pretty sure the answer is found in wrist angles, with a corresponding emphasis on rotation and staying behind the ball. These are the moves I'm working on now. I'm also working through the content from Adam Young's The Strike Plan. I'm a big fan of Adam's work, especially the notion of turning strike into a practiced skill. How am I going to measure progress until I'm on the course? Technology! I have just recently purchased a SkyTrak, which I got for a very good price. I also have a good camera that wirelessly connects to my tablet, allowing me to look at my swing in real time. And finally, I have a Zepp swing monitor. My intention is to use my garage as a pretty high-tech self-coaching bay. The SkyTrak is going to be a big part of tightening up my short game as well. One of the built-in features is the Dave Pelz-esque wedge matrix: it allows you to chart your wedges distances for full, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 swings for each of the wedges in your bag. My hope is to dial these in with practice this winter, giving me much greater ability to knock shots within 100 yards to makeable putting distances. My goal for this season is ambitious. I want to drop from being ~15 handicap to somewhere in the single digits. But I believe that I have the tools that I need to accomplish this goal. And I have a community here for the support, which is also a key component. I'll be using this thread to keep everyone posted on my progress.
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    This was definitely the coolest test this summer ( well CCC aside). For sure the one I am eager to read about the most.
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    Well we had it tough. We used to have to get up out of the shoebox at twelve o'clock at night, and LICK the road clean with our tongues. We had half a handful of freezing cold gravel, worked twenty-four hours a day at the mill for fourpence every six years, and when we got home, our Dad would slice us in two with a bread knife. ..and you try and tell the kids of today that! They won't believe you!
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    I'm gonna have to check this driver out! Too bad your a righty... MDGolfHacker
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    I know, but to be honest, I bring it on myself
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    A 2 piece ionomer covered ball priced at $27 is a fail. The urethane balls are too close in price.
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    Also how you end up with six-plus hour outings... Never again. I understand the logic, however. My home course had an outing Sunday starting at noon. 108 golfers. The owner charges around $50/golfer, which includes 18 holes, cart and brat/hot dog. $5,400 guaranteed early in the season when the outing is booked. Doubt he makes that much on a weekend otherwise, since he charges $30 for 18 with cart normally. That's a lot of tee times to fill for a course like his.
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    That sounds like you’re getting the shaft to me. In the tournament I’m playing in this weekend there are 5 flights, out of each flight winners get Callaway irons, second gets Callaway driver, third gets Callaway stand bag, fourth gets Callaway hybrid, and fifth gets a box of pro v. It’s $150 per person, that’s lunch both days and a practice round. Then there is a Calcutta auction the night before for 100% payback. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    You can’t declare it lost, you CAN instruct that nobody is to look for it. That’s what I am talking about. If the people you are playing with are Jerks, then you may be SOL. Yes, if it is found, the provisional ball is no longer an option. You have to play the first ball and with the new rules there are options.
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    No... been visiting family in the Petoskey area.
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    Good points. Just curious - my experience with gas carts on other course has been that they're a bit "jerky' on start-up is that the same with your Yamaha? (disclaimer - these were older carts on those courses and not sure of the brand)
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    I passed on the Rogues. I did demo the Rogue X and there was something about the setup or headsize or maybe too light but passed on those also. I ended up with the Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal, not the longest of the bunch but the straightest and best height. My reason for moving on from the G400 was the Senior shaft, they put me with the stock Ping Senior shaft and could never get comfortable with them. I just bought new with regular shafts instead of a reshaft with the Pings. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I haven't read further, so I don't know if you've decided to buy yet. My question is, why the Rogues if you have the G400's? Here's why I'm asking. I'm in my mid 60's. I felt like I wasn't getting everything I should out of my Apex irons. I tried the Steelhead XRs, and they were good (the hybrids were great), but to me there are so many sets out there like that. The M series, the G's, and Rogues. I never considered the Rogue X. I thought it was the last thing I wanted. Then a 8 hcp won the net division at our club championship playing them. He finally convinced me to go demo a 7 iron. I'm a lefty like you are so I know how hard it is to try different clubs. Well these blew me away. They felt soft as the Apex, and were a club longer then the Steelheads and Rogues. I call them PING G's on steroids. Just as forgiving, but long. Really long. But hears the best part. As the set gets to the PW and GW, its not as long. in fact, I didn't buy the 51* GW, the shaft was the same length as my 54* MD3, and the 54 went further. Probably the spin? I'm not that smart to tell you why, but I will tell you I love this set of irons. I'm actually thinking of adding the 5 iron (I went 6-AW) because the 6 is so easy to hit. My set up now is 3,4,5 hybrid, 6-AW. then 52, 58. The 52 has also opened my eyes. its way better on full swings then my old 54. I'm now thinking of going full time to a 52, 56 setup. At my level a 58 0r 60 aren't really helping, in fact they hurt more then anything because I get too "creative" for my skill set with them. The 56 is great on full (75-80) and bunker shots, and the 52 gives me a 90ish club, which has always been a need. Long story short, at least give the X's a try.
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    I have not played 90 holes with 1 ball but I have played 18 and I am seeing the same kind of Durability, with no performance drop off that I have seen.. Both the Z-star and the Z-star XV and showing the same durability for me..
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    You might have to add a pair of safety goggles underneath the catchers mask, just to be safe. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I hit a small bucket trying to work on the hybrid. It’s not so bad off the tee. Off the ground though is still blah. I just can’t get confident. Irons and wedges were *really* solid. I ended with a 7i that dropped right on the 150 marker where I was aiming. Now THAT gave me some confidence. Can I take it to the course? Who knows???? [emoji2373] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks everyone! This was probably the most stressful math problem, ever. I was almost expecting STUD to have figured out a way to make the answer Bryson's chances of Bucky winning. Congrats@robertson153 on your win this week! Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Can't wait for the Rick Shiels rant about price and too many clubs for one company to release video. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I have had the Aplhard E Wheels for a year and half now. I have a 4 wheeled clic gear model 8. It turns fine on the grass and I have never had single days problem. I have a lot of weight on mine too. Full cart bag with probably more junk than usefulness. I have a cooler mounted under it (4 beers and ice), a pretty heavy Bose speaker and a Garmin gps. I bet I could go 27 holes on a single charge easily, even with all of that. Keep a couple of remote batteries for that day when they go dead and you are in business.
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    My testing so far has been on course, usually playing two balls. Last week it was against the Snell Get Sum. I will match it with something else next week. My local range has a short game area, so I will try some in depth testing there if I can. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ok we're getting close. Off travel, one week left. Time for a WITB. My signature is up to date but this post is for you, the person from the future where my signature may not be accurate. I have a very MyGolfSpy setup and not just because I'm on the staff but because these are great clubs: Driver: Ping G410+ @jlukes @tony@CIC @PING Apologist #9 and @fixyurdivot have already turned in superb reviews for this awesome driver. I'll turn in my thoughts after the tournament once it's had a trial by fire. 3/4 FW & Hy: Cobra F7 It wasn't part of the official challenge, but I dipped my toe into Cobra products with the hybrid after seeing how utterly awesome the drivers were. I was a member at the time and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge just like many of you enjoyed #2 and are current enjoying #3 running right now. After success with the hybrid, I invested in the FW and now carry 2 Cobra clubs in my bag and they're ROCKETS. Irons: Ping i500 I tested these last summer alongside @Kanoito @Har in the Hat @Mr_Theoo And @GC70. Across the review and interwebs, thoughts were decidedly mixed but I found these irons to be a great fit for my game. Distance control and ball flight have been much more consistent since making the switch. Wedges: Hogan Equalizers These babies were tested last spring by @KCLeo12 @ddryan @tommc23 and @GeekingGolf. Unfortunately, they didn't make GG's bag but he made them available to me to keep them in the community. The 52,56,60 were part of the review but I'm just playing the 52,56 to try and simplify my short game. For me, the wedges have been absolute magic around the green allowing me to hit shots I've never pulled off before. Like Joe, I had trouble with full shots for a while so I adjusted the length/lie and now feel like I can hit these from anywhere. Putter: MLA Tour Classic When I joined the site, this were the first product review that totally enamored me. Great example of how MyGolfSpy brings opportunities that just don't exist anywhere else. @Jmikecpa let me borrow his X-Dream for a spell and that demo period was enough for me to decide the MLA concept was for real. I got the Tour Classic since it was a model that fit me a little better. I've bounced this against other putters and I keep coming back so I'm going to embrace it. The big area of concern is the shortish putts since the head is pretty heavy but I think the P2 grips they started adding is making a difference. Balls: TBD I've been bad in this respect. A ho, if you will. I've got like every ball on the market right now and need to pick one. Just one. This whole summer, I don't think I've played the same ball in back to back rounds. Sorry @JohnSmalls, I won't be taking this opportunity to enter the HRC 2019 . Let's start with the low hanging fruit, I'm not taking the following balls into the tournament based on qty, fit, or familiarity: NXT, Z Star, Duo Pro, Elixr, and Snell Red, Snell X, Snell Black This leaves me with: Chrome Soft, TP5x, B330S, V1x to choose between. I'm conflicted here because I shot my best round ever last year with a Truvis I found on the course, I'm more explosive off the tee and better around the green with the X balls, and I keep the Bstone in play better than the rest but without some of the upside. Decisions decisions. I'm leaning towards V1x for overall performance but may sneak a Truvis or two into the bag as slump busters if things start to go sideways. Other than a new set of kicks, no new stuff is coming into this tournament. I feel really good about my setup to the point that any bad shots should be blamed on the Indian instead of the Arrow.
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    Wedgie Jr. is already rocking a set of these and in my opinion this is the coolest testing opportunity I’ve seen. Awesome idea and best of luck to those that are chosen. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Yes, I think it might be a grip issue as well. I will try that today and see how it helps me. Thank you for the analysis, I appreciate it. Keep you guys updated!
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    Correct. Heres a scenario I witnessed during a regional strokeplay event. Par 3, one player pushes his shot into thick rough/bushes, delares a provisional, which he stiffed to 6 inches. He didnt want to look for his first ball and to ensure his playing partners didnt find it - meaning he would have to play it - he almost sprinted to the hole and tapped in for a 4. Point to note, he couldn't have done that in a matchplay event
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    You can't declare a ball lost. It's lost if it can't be found within 3 minutes, or if he didnt declare a provisional on the tee (you said he did though) or he plays the provisional before the original ball is found.
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    No doubt in my mind, a good player can play fairly well whatever equipment they have. A bad player will struggle to score well even with the best kit. However, the right equipment (as in what suits that individual player the best) will enable them to make the best of their abilities and talent.
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    Just spent about 30 minutes on the Trackman outside with a M6 12.0 loft Evevnflow Sr. Shaft. Swing speed averaged right at 84.3. So sounds like the TS1 will be right up my alley. Looking forward to it coming in in a couple weeks. On another note, the M6 was really good on some mishits. It actually surprised me, i had a couple very solid hell strikes and the ball never wavered off line right down the left center of the fairway, might have lost 5 to 10 yards of carry. I had chalked TwistFace up to a gimmick. But perhaps it's real.
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    After my struggles yesterday on the range, I needed this reminder. I am probably diving into these tips headfirst tonight. Thank you for finding this @tony@CIC
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    The ball : Wilson Staff Duo Professional, Wilson 's newest 60 compression urethane golf ball. Current gamer : Ksig Distance Distance for irons, wedges, putters woods is exactly what I expect it to be, more or less within the same as the ksig. I think for my woods specifically, it is the best distance ball I've ever hit. For my driver, I lose 23 on average, thanks to shot scope keeping track of these things for me. Which.... Is really odd. I haven't used this ball on a launch monitor, but I have a guess as to what might be going on. I have pretty low driver spin normally, I struggle to get above 2k rpm, and normally I'm in the 1500-1800 range. I think this ball is so good at lowering driver spin that I'm probably in the 800-1200 range and it just falls out of the sky on me.  Trajectory - mid Same as my current ball. Spin Hop & stop - high spin but not coming back 5 feet It has noticeably less spin than the ksigs on iron and wedge shots. To compare I hit some full 120y wedges onto a green, ksigs pulled back 5-7 feet, Wilson pulled back 5-7 inches. Feel - soft It feels great, not mushy, not clicky, really the ball feels great.  Durability (3 rounds) - like new. The only mark on it was from a drive landing on a cart path. And even that is minimal and came on the first of 3 rounds. Durability seems excellent. Rating Gamer - maybe. I'm very conflicted about this ball. I love everything about it except my drive distance. I'm actually averaging 3 more yards with my 5 wood as opposed to my driver with this ball... But I'm scoring great. I'm also playing it in HI-Vis green, and it that alone has made golf more pleasant this winter. It is so easy to spot from anywhere, I think I could see it on the moon. Finding it plugged hasn't been a problem at all. With the ksig, I'm often hunting for them this time of year. I haven't had to look for this ball at all this winter. Incredibly nice. Notes or writeup I love this ball, but I'm not sure my ego will let me play it only because of my driver distance loss. I'd highly recommend trying this ball. If you want to lower your driver spin, I think it could really help. It feels great, it's easy to spot and is very durable. If you already have low driver spin... Maybe you like hitting your 5 wood further than your driver anyway and this will be perfect.
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