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    Sometime very soon, possibly by the time I even finish this post, we will hit the 80,000 member mark. That's quite an achievement. This forum has grown so much in the three years I've been here. Not just in member numbers, but in the participation levels of current members, the value everyone of you add to the forum with your posts! It's by far the most congenial and helpful golf forum out there, and I say that as someone who has spent time on all the other big ones. What @GolfSpy_X started here several years ago has grown into something I know he is very pleased with and is all behind making it grow even more. So thanks to the other 79,998 of you and let's welcome in number 80,000 with a big congratulations to everyone here!!
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    This is a process that started back in January at the PGA Show when I had a conversation with the people at PING about the testings for this year. Both of us wanted to do something new and different, and after coming up with an idea and ironing the details, a testing unlike any we've done before was born. We talk often on this site saying "Go Get Fit" and PING has a phrase you hear constantly among it's staff #FittingMatters And one of the areas that we felt fitting was overlooked was in the long game, fairway woods and hybrids. So I went out to PING HQ in Phoenix, and was fit by one of their master fitters. PING then graciously arranged for the four testers who were selected, to be fit by either the area field rep for PING or in the case of two of them, two top 100 PING Fitters. So this review thread will be a bit different as it will have a third stage--the fitting process--which will be talked about at the same time as Stage 1 is posted. As a staff tester, I will post one stage, that is hopefully not TLDR...but make no promise Each person was fit to what fit their personal gaps between driver and the last iron. So each of us came up with a different combo to test. I think you will find the results very interesting and in some cases eye opening. One final note. Due to the horrific weather and deadly floods/tornado's that hit MO last month, TSauer's fitting was delayed quite a bit from the others. Fortunately he and everyone involved are safe and sound, but it just took a while for them to all work through the timing. So his stage's may be a bit behind the others, but he has an awesome setup to review, and I'm looking forward to reading all these, knowing how my setup has helped my game already. @revkev Stage 1 Fitting Stage 2 @mr.hicksta Stage 1 Fitting Stage 2 @TSauer Stage 1 Fitting Stage 2 @PAgolfer2017 Stage 1 Fitting Stage 2 @Golfspy_CG2 Combined Review
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    LOL..That's great. You'll have to tell him how significant that is! Not to worry, if he's like many other 5 year olds, just give him his own smartphone and he'll catch Shankster in no time...
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    - 42 (+6) - 3/7 FIR - 3/9 GIR (1 birdie) - 18 Putts Third-straight time shooting 42 (+6) on the front nine. The numbers above don't show it, but it was a pretty good round for me. Ball striking was very solid. I had only one regrettable iron shot, a slightly fat 54 degree approach from 95 yards on No. 4 after hitting the fairway with my drive. Could/should have been another GIR, but I ended up with a ho-hum chip and two-putt instead. I was just off the fairway on two other holes with my driver, and burned the edge of the cup on No. 1 for birdie. Still lost my drives right today on a few holes, but I think I have it sorted. Looking forward to my next range session or round to prove that. I must be making progress because I don't feel like I played "better than average," so maybe this is becoming the new normal? That'd be awesome. If my driver comes around and my irons are like today, I could easily break 80 on this course.
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    After almost 3 years I'm going in for my first fitting tomorrow morning. A little excited, a little nervous, and just plain ready to start swinging clubs!
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    So it's heeeeerrrre!! The highly anticipated----well by me anyway TS1 driver. Touted for Slow swing speeds--85 mph range--Titleist's has gone all in with this awesome looking and feeling driver to deliver a bit more club head speed. It has reduced the head weight to 275 grams from 300'ish range of the TS2. Also the Fubuki 45g shaft and lighter grip by I believe 20 grams. In my configuration I went even more--old slow swinger style--For the first time in my life, i ordered a Senior flex shaft. I had hit a senior flex at the PING demo day a couple months ago and really liked the feel of the shaft "whipping" through impact. But alas I already had my G410 plus in R in hand. So what time better than when a driver that is touting being as light as possible, than to try the Sr. flex in it. So vitals: 10.5 loft, almost went with 12, but figured it can be lofted up if I need to. Fubuki 45g A (Sr) MV Series shaft 45.75" which is equal to the G410+ BTW The driver does not have moveable weights ala the G410, but does have some internal draw weighting, and a weight in the back center of the sole, to promote a higher flight. I wrote some yesterday in the what did you buy thread, about my short initial testing on the SC200. The upshot was I picked on the low side of 4 MPH in clubspeed and on a couple occasions over 7 and 8 mph. Also to me one of the most impressive things, was the ball flight. It was a very high flight that took very little effort to obtain. I think this along with the extra MPH no doubt played a factor in the 8 to 10 yards more carry I was seeing over the G410 even with a bit less of a smash factor (according to the SC200) the couple that I did equal the 143 range of smash factor carried 15 or more yards. Also the two other nice things I noticed. The sound, while I don't have a problem with the G410 sound as some do, the TS1 has a distinctly Titleist crack to it. While I'm sure it absolutely does not, but the sound makes it seems like it adds another 10 yards itself....HA The other thing was what appeared to be a good 25 yards of roll out. Now some of this can be attributed to the firm turf we have right now, due to any real significant rainfall the past week. Well there will be more to come, especially with trackman numbers and real round updates. But this could really be a very viable option for those slower swing speed players, who want to maybe get out of the mid 80's and into the low 90's at the least. One final note, our superintendent stopped by....Initially to see who was on the side of the course that was supposed to be closed in anticiation of a shotgun start going out in about an hour. When he saw it was me, and saw the LM and multiple clubs and sleeves of balls on the tee box, he just laughed and said....What now? Well he is a very good driver of the ball, and has a rock solid 94-95 mph swing,. His first two swings with it registered 98 mph and 239 yards of carry, compared to his usual 225 or so with his M6. Even with the A flex shaft, he was able to control it and all four shots he hit, were dead straight with a nice high flight. So that is said, to say this may not only be good for the mid 80's crowd, but even those in the 90's who want a few more MPH should give it a look as well maybe with an R or S shaft though.
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    I love the feeling I get when I’m climbing a water tower. It’s like 1/2 scared 1/2 excited. There is a “spotter” you can see, to call the corner if something happens I guess Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Very, very tempted to create Kirke's account to be number 80,000.
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    Stud asking me to have an intelligent post this week is like asking a newborn not to poop. Good luck to the rest of you!
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    Thank you to each of the testers for taking on the task of providing your experiences with the Impact No. 3. We are glad to see the thoroughness of the stage 1 introductions, and we are very excited to see your stage 2 posts. Looking forward to following along, and contributing to the discussion! -Tommy Armour Golf Team
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    Sadly no. it wasn't the e12 that I was playing. I used my trusty TM P(a)'s. They NEVER let me down! Actually rewind the tape.. Played half the round with the P(a) and at the 11th hole, there were these 2 little shaggy towhead kids camped out with a big plastic wagon full of 12 count egg cartons selling balls. How can a golfer/father NOT appreciate that?! I picked up a dozen of Srixon (mostly Z star and Z star XV's!) Along with a Q star and Soft feel or 2. All mint! for $5. I should have bought 2 dz. Played an XV for the rest of the round and... what an awesome ball! Checks all the boxes for sure! The great thing is that you can pick them up for relatively low cost. I'll work my way through the rest of the Z Stars and see if it's worth making a switch but I was really impressed. Even more awesome was when I asked the kids what they were earning their money for, they said it was to go toward their family garden. I asked if their parents sent them out to do do this and they said no.. "we love taking care of our garden". The inner hippie in me smiled
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    Not a very good weekend of golf for me but had fun anyway. Shot 81 on Saturday playing with two strangers; had two doubles and would love to have those two holes over!! The club had three mini tournaments going on that day; one out in front of us, and two behind us. Weekend at a muni... We were on #13; this pic taken of a group on #16 (adjacent fairway) Someone ran over the cart return sign!! On Sunday my wife and I played with an old friend from our previous golf club. We hadn't seen him for many years, but out of the blue he called up and wanted to play with us. We had a lot of fun, but it was a little chilly with a 20 mph wind. I shot 83 with no doubles. Couldn't make a putt; right line, wrong speed; right speed, wrong line. I hate those days.
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    I just realized I never posted what I do for a living in this topic. I am a HVAC Technician, Plumber, and Tinner(basically someone that builds ductwork out of tin). I have been working in the field for the last 5 years. Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Well as bad as Saturday’s round was for iron play, today was the polar opposite. Today’s round showed me the potential is there for sub 80 rounds as a norm. Shot 41/39 for an 80. I had 2 doubles on the front 9 and fell 2” short of a birdie on the last for the 79. Today could have been 77 or better if I hadn’t had 3 shanks of 10’ or less! They lead to both doubles on the front and a bogey on the back. We had some high cross wind all afternoon. I actually manage 6/14 fairways with the wind. The biggest surprise was the 11/18 GIR including 7/9 on the back. 34 putts on the day isn’t terrible but I’m hoping that is going to become the high side of average as I continue to get more comfortable on the greens. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    And his first post wasn't a testing application
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    ... Good to hear youngsters are still hitting it hard. 66 and I started out selling flower seeds door to door, progressed to TV Guides then a paper route waking at 5am and delivering before school. And of course mowing lawns with a push blade "mower". My Dad was in the Army and Mom stayed home taking care of 3 kids and we were dirt poor. Literally a dirt yard on the Army base. If I wanted to buy anything for myself I had to work to get it. I love seeing kids working at young ages as it teaches them the value of money, something many take for granted today.
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    Played Exec 9 this morning and first time with the Mizzie’s. It’s definitely scary going from a Senior 46 gr shaft to a 90 gr regular. Surprise! They are a bit longer, more carry and a draw. Felt a little heavy which they should. I think these are going to be around a while. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    ... Got say I LOVE playing muni's. Like everything in life, there are good ones and bad ones. I have learned which ones to ignore and which ones to play. Last winter in Phoenix I had nothing but time and 100's of courses to play, yet the one I played the most was Aguila, a muni that was challenging yet playable with beautiful scenery. $19 for a senior to walk is just a steal. Papago is another muni I played a lot but the price jumped to $34 for a walking senior. Both those courses attract a higher class of golfers that have a respect for the course as well as other golfers. Kinda like splitting the difference between a private CC and a typical muni. Considering winter rates at many of the "nicer" Phoenix courses was $100 and up along with playing 107 out of 117 days, the cost can add up very quickly. ... Back home in the Chicago suburbs there are unfortunately many munis I have learned to ignore but thankfully there are several close to home I really enjoy playing.
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    Thanks guys! @Kenny B, it’s for the D7 iron test, so the clubs are already decided, which makes my job much easier. Just getting shafts, lie, and length dialed in. But it’s here! Time to start swinging!
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    ... Seems every forum has the sycophants that all say the same thing about their forums. But quite honestly this place really is the most congenial with so few pianist (sic) comparisons. Everyone here seems to truly love the game and appreciate other members comments. It really is quite special.
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    It's not too late yet. He could be the one and only kid to apply for himself under the Wilson kids clubs test.
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    Welcome to the forums @Kirke you're already way ahead of some of those that want to test/review clubs, balls and whatnot; because you've posted a picture for your avatar.
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    He'll start to post when he learns to type
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    Most days our muni is pretty good; regulars in the morning and newbies and people looking for the twilight rate later in the day. The days that are stupid are when they have tournaments where most people aren't regular players at the course. We just had a Budget Blinds tournament this past weekend. The course and the carts take a real beating. It's why the course leases carts for only 3 years; they were starting to fall apart when we got new ones last week. We only have one private course in town and it's way too expensive for me so I just learn to live with the muni experience and play when it's the least crowded.
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    For those still wondering, spanners are wrenches
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    T Minus 1 hour until the rubber hits the road. Kids camp is over, I am over driving all over the county to visit people. First stop Pittsburgh.
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    It's OK... it really is. Doesn't hurt a bit!! lol Go in with an open mind; don't pre-select clubs. Let them do their job.
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    Day one of the tournament is done! I arrived an hour early and hit balls on the range, worked on chipping and putting then I went back to the range and hit 3 wood and driver. I was very relaxed and was swinging and hitting the ball well. I decided to walk the round (carts were available and most people rode) because I was thinking a little extra time in between shots will help calm any nerves that may pop up. I was first off the tee. I was not as nervous as I thought I would be and I actually striped a 3 wood down the left side of the fairway...hit a tree and came back a bit. I played for a cut and it just went dead straight. I was still fine with that shot. To be honest I was thinking that I was either going to miss the ball all together or top it. But hey, now I am off and running. Due to the tree, I had 180 into the green, easy shot standard 6 iron for me. This is where I got nervous for some reason. I hit it fat and came up about 20 yards short of the green. Ok, easy chip...skulled over the green. Now I have a very fast downhill chip to a front pin. I chipped it to 2 ft and made bogey. Not the way I wanted to start but not bad for being in this situation. Long story short, I shot an 83 with a triple on a hole....a TRIPLE!!!!! Not the best but certainly not the worst. My goal is to not finish last, it was never to make the cut. I am realistic when it comes to this. As of today, I am tied for 51st. There are roughly 15 guys lower than me and one guy carded a 98. In my mind I played bad, but I am trying to find some good so my points are 83 is not a bad score for my first ever competitive round. I putted pretty good, no three putts. I hit irons pretty good as well. I need to fix driver and chipping. I sliced a lot of drives today and that is very unusual for me. So we shall see what tomorrow brings.
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    Yes. But it's my only TS1 Well. Maybe I'll put more detailed thoughts in the TS thread. But the all PING bag may have an outlier in it very soon. Like tomorrow soon! I unfortunately didn't have the Trackman out. But I did have my SC200 and I hit real ProV1X on a real golf hole. So I had some numbers to compare and also a physical point of comparison as to where my drives are normally on this hole. It's a very straight ahead Par 4 that has a pretty generous fairway that runs out at about 250 at the end from the front of the white tees. I teed it up Midway back on the whites. So maybe 260 to the end. Conditions were a bit firm today so I expected sime roll out. My swing speed this year when Ive been on Trackman or my SC200 has dropped to about 83 to 84 with an occasional 87 thrown in. My carry on those has "averaged" high 180's to low 190s. Ok with just two or three practice 7 irons to loosen up. I took the TS1 out. First swing out of the headcover ....92 mph and 198 carry with a 1.35 smash...but right down the right center of the fairway. So not solid contact but an increase of 8 mph in swing speed and when I went to get the ball. It has rolled to within 25 yards of the end so maybe 235 total. Now I'd love to say every swing was thst speed but in truth most were 87 to 88. So in reality 5 mph more than what I have been averging. And I obtained a slightly higher smash of 143 rnage on those so I was still seeing carry of 196 to a high of 205. And most ended up in thst 20 yard range with one getting to about 10 yards from the end. The sound is addicting. A very Titliest like sharp crack. I'll give more spec info in the appropriate thread.
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    80,000 is amazing. @Kirke welcome to the family, officially!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    At least he joined with a profile pic! Dad might have been in trouble if he hadn't...ha
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    I hope you challengers scientific knowledge is a little better than our local meteorologist's scientific knowledge is. If not, we are in for one missed week of bad insults.
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    Be careful. He might become the youngest MGS staff member.
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    Is it fair to say this place keeps getting better and better?
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    That's awesome!!! I've been around to a few other forums as well and I'm happy to call MGS home. I've really enjoyed the discussions shared here!
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    Tony, I'll keep you posted how everything goes performance-wise when the D7 review comes up and the clubs get here. But the fitting was pretty cool. We had to move quickly so the D7 order could be placed and I ended up going to an independent guy that works with my coach. Come to find out the fitter didn't have a D7 in stock, so what we ended up doing was shaft fitting with 3 different irons heads---P790, i210, JPX 919 hot metal. Quick digression--the P790 was awesome, so was the i210. I didn't like the hot metal...at all. Now back to the reason I was there, shaft fitting. Since Wilson's top choices are KBS shafts, I hit a number of them with mixed results. The fitter didn't tell me which shaft was in, so it truly was a blind test to see what would work. I lost track of how many shafts I hit. As a rule of thumb, lighter shafts didn't do much for me, with the exception of the C-taper lite (upcharge, so it wouldn't count). Regardless, the results weren't quite there. Much like the D7 demo I attended. Something about KBS shafts and my swing just don't seem to click. Another shaft comes and after few swings with it, piping shots down and around center line and it felt like it meshed. Result: dynamic gold 105 (currently have DG PRO in my Vapors). Stuck some steel fibers in the same iron, and ball striking went south. Back to DG 105 and ball flight cured again. I would like to hit steel fibers again, but for times sake we had to move on. Our choices are for all no upcharge options on the Wilson website, so we didn't even look at Recoils, or a number of other options (Nippon). Unfortunately Wilson doesn't even offer DG 105, so the fitter recommended the DG AMT R300, saying it would be a close match. In addition, recommendations were .25" short, and 1* flat. The fitting was done on Flightscope with range balls on outdoor range. I took a swing off of a lie board at the end of the fitting. I know the general consensus on lie boards, so I am really interested to see how the irons perform 1* flat. My typical miss is generally either a push, fade or a mix of the two. So time will tell how the fitting, fits. I hope the right choices have been made. Proof will be on the golf course in a few short weeks. **Also, you guys that have been fit, I would love to hear your thoughts and discuss this with you. I just jumped in this morning without questions.
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    Went to the range yesterday afternoon. Had to put the F8 irons on a time out because of bad play the last league night so I swapped bags with the old Mizuno MP57s and TM woods. Kept hitting off the toe so it must of been me and not the equipment . The F8's are back in the bag as are the Cobra woods...for now.... MDGolfHacker
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    ... Tournament are one thing but outings are quite another. Too many courses bak outings without ending out who will be playing. I played behind a wake outing where the deceased requested Hooters girls drive the beverage cart with free alcohol (never a good idea) and most in the group had never played golf. Finally on the back 9 after running into several holes with goldfish filing the cup and not one but 2 carts in the water, they called the police and had them removed. Not the fault of the wake outing and clearly the fault of the course that should have asked questions before booking the outing.
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    I understand, but they put a crimp in my wife's playing schedule. Weekends are unavoidable. These "mini" tournaments might have 50 players so they don't take up the whole course. That happened last Sat. Three different small groups on the course; we were sandwiched between them. The problem for my wife, who's not retired is that during the week she can only play after 5pm. Well, Mon-Tue-Wed are league nights, so no play. In the spring we played on Thu-Fri. But recently, the course has had tournaments that have a 1pm shotgun start, and they are not done until after 6pm. I keep telling her that the solution is for her to retire, and then she can play in the morning any day she wants!!!
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    All clubs are for profit clubs .... your club is for all the profit
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    Kenny, those pictures are just an every day occurrence, sometimes multiple per day occurrences at our course. it's really a shame to see the lack of respect that so many show for the golf course. It certainly isn't the majority, but just a few idiotic morons who think it's fun to destroy something that isnt' theirs.
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    I went into more detail in the Z STAR and Z STAR XV Review thread but I shot a PB 61 today - including a 29 on the back nine! To say I was in "The Zone" is an understatement. I was playing at Lincoln Park West and I needed to birdie 17 and 18 for a 29 on the back. I hit 2 Crossover on 17th tee - middle of the fairway. I had 132; hit 9 iron to about 15ftt and jarred the putt. Now I'm really feeling the juices flowing. I hook my 3 wood on 18 but I only have 117 left but I'm in a birds nest of a lie in the Bermuda rough. I hit pitching wedge to about 12 feet setting up a perfect uphill putt - never a doubt. I included pictures of shots and my card in the other thread. Here's a link:
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    I have a feeling this is going to be my reply to a lot of Bryson heckles this week.
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    First swing for me. Topped it right into a ravine in front of the tee box. Considered just backing out and sending the balls back right at that moment...
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    Got to play the other day, first full round with the TA3. No 3-putts and several good up and downs to save par. Total putts were not that different than before but 1-2 shots is still a great showing. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    But I have to keep them pristine and shiny
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    So first thing I have to say about this putter is how square it sits behind the ball. I feel I do not have to do any manipulation to square the face which had led to far more confidence on starting the ball on it's intended line. Through 2 rounds thus far I set a new low for putts in a round with 29 and have sank 3 putts over 20 feet. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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