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    Found out I made it to the final two for a potential job. Interviews tomorrow! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Test results came in this morning from my biopsy a couple of days ago. Results were benign so don't have to go back for a couple of years
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    How's your short game? These 4 spies are about to find out.... Let's congratulate these 4 spies and follow along as they give these a thorough workout: @MDGolfHacker @Apes44 @goaliewales14 @Smellis745 Official announcement here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/32400-4-testers-wanted-cleveland-rtx-4-wedges/?do=findComment&comment=558847 (4) TESTERS Wanted Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges If you do something once and it works well, then why not do it a second, third and now even a fourth time? Makes sense right? Well that must be what the club designers at Cleveland Golf think. A company that knows a thing or two about wedges, has stuck with a successful formula in the RTX line. Without changing the by now well known RTX name, Cleveland has certainly added what it feels are some enhancements to make the wedge even better than before. What are those changes and how do they perform? Well that's where four trusted forum members will come in, as they will be chosen to test, review and keep two wedges in the RTX 4 lineup. You will be able to choose which two lofts you would like to test and which of the three finishes you'd like. . How to Enter: It's Simple First and Foremost, DO NOT Quote This Post in Your Reply Per manufacturers request this testing is open to all US Residents In a post below list the following information. First Name/State Handicap Current Brand Wedges Played Your favorite type of wedge shot That's it. We'll be selecting the testers next week. So be sure and check back to see if you were selected
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    I can sympathize with your OCD. Characters extended to 4. Go ahead with your decimal point. Sorry plaid, yours won't fit.
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    The only time I really noticed the sound was when I switched the heavier weight from the back of the club to the front to try and reduce spin. It definitely had more of a hollow metallic sound with the weight in the front. Not necessarily a bad sound but definitely different. I have no problems with it. At the start of the season I had a few "friends" apologize that I was going to waste my entire summer playing poor super game improvement irons and below average wedges. I think my 11 shot victory in our first two-day tournament of the year shut them up about that.
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    Played like poo tonight with a 48. But I'll just leave you with this. For those wondering if the 7w Is legit.
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    ... You two need to get a room or at least go on a cruise together.
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    Howdy again Y’all! I’ve been away for a bit but I’m back, reenergized and ready to talk golf again. Feels good to be back with my spies! In the bag Driver: Callaway Rogue Subzero 9.5 Stiff flex 3 wood: Callaway Rogue Subzero 15 degree Hybrids: 17 degree titleist 816 h2 Irons: Ben Hogan Ptx 22-46 degree (4-pw)stiff flex standard lie Wedges: Callaway Mac Daddy 4 50,54,58 degrees Putter: Odyssey EXO seven Gig’em Aggies!
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    Ever shoot an 86 but it feels like a 76? That's what happens when 46.5% of your shots are putts....yeah, striping it all day long but couldn't putt to save my life...40 of em ... Time to try something new.
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    So I’ve been wanting to try stamping like this for a while now and finally gave it a go. I’ve shown these to a few people but thought I’d get a wide opinion. What y’all think?
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    I have to admit that this is the first weekly challenge that has me a little nervous. I tried hitting a few irons off the tee during a 9 hole round on Sunday so I would have hybrids into the green. It did not go well. I'm also terrible at chipping with anything but a wedge in my hands. I'm playing 27 holes this afternoon but will then be done with rounds for the week as I am traveling on Saturday and playing in a charity scramble on Sunday. I'm going to predict a 4th place finish this week. To my fellow competitors:
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    Wife has been wanting a Dyson vacuum for as long as I can remember. I finally said ok, had it for about 2 weeks and it quit working. I knew I should have said no again! At least I can get a few years out of golf equipment... [emoji23][emoji23]
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    I had a 10 off 50 deal at amazon and picked these up for 46.00 ... not bad for a 140.00 shoe! Wore them for the first time yesterday and they are LEGIT. the boost is extremely comfortable and the spikes are done just right. Really like the color too...they look great in person. If you're like me and have trouble finding wide shoes these should be on your list. Good amount of room in the toebox (which I need due to bunion surgery). Very pleased... On the not so pleased front - I played well but had 40 putts ... FORTY... for 36 holes. So it's time for a new flatstick; this will be #3 for this year... really liked these when they first came out and should have bought it then. MGS #1 most wanted blade putter a couple years ago... don't let me down!
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    I got my favorites, in brand new condition and I didn’t have to go back in time. 1992 Macgregor CB-92/VIP combo set. All the heads were new unhit when I got them, the VIP musclebacks still had the plastic on the face. In the bag now. Love them. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Almost had my 5th hole-in-one today: 9 iron 136 into 15 mph breeze - SO close and my wife was with me and she hasn't seen any of mine. She still hasn't :( It hit - bounced forward and spun back. So close and yet so far! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You suggesting a Bromance [emoji33] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I'm just gonna leave this picture here. The stars are trying to tell you something.
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    It’s been a while since I posted but it’s time to update what is in my bag for my first season of professional golf. There are definitely some improvements that I’m looking forward to but overall I’m pretty happy with my bag so far. It helps that this setup has me -2 thru 54 holes of tournament golf (and $1,200 in winnings) since the driver, 3wood and wedges went in the bag on June 23rd. So here is what is in my bag. Driver: Titleist TS3 - Diamana White Board 70X tipped 1” & 1” short 3wood: Titleist TS3 - Diamana White Board 80X Driving Iron: Titleist 712u - Accra 110i X Irons: Titleist 714 AP2 4-PW - KBS C-Taper 130 X Wedges: Vokey SM7 - Dynamic Gold X100 Putter: Evnroll ER2 - P2 Aware Grip Ball: Titleist ProV1 Yellow Glove: Under Armour Iso-Chill Range Finder: Precision Pro NX7 Pro Speed Trainer: Golf Stick Pro Carry Distances per GCQuad Dr (8.5*) - 290 3w (14.25*) - 265 2 (18*) - 245 4 (21*) - 225 5 (25*) - 215 6 (29*) - 205 7 (33*) - 195 8 (37*) - 180 9 (41*) - 165 PW (45*) - 150 50.F.12 - 133 55.S.11 - 117 60.M.08 - 105 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    18 completed today. Shot 77 hitting nothing but 3 wood and hybrids off the tees. Grabbing a quick bite to eat and heading out for 9 or 18 more.
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    My stroke is fine and I still have close to 200 hundred putters. Many of which have never come close to seeing a golf course. So yes they are fun to buy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Did the fitter explain why he put you in that setup? Have you tried matching the specs to a cheaper putter? Your comments indicate you are struggling so I just wanted to say changing putter to find the right fit is a way to find a putter but there are other ways. Don’t know if you are a technical or “feel” player or if you even want to understand the stroke. Knowing you tendencies goes a long way to figuring out proper fit.
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    Gonna be tough to place well this week...I've only got 9 holes in and this mess is in the forecast. Anyone curious how well the hybrid does out of wet rough?
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    Hmm, I'm not sure I'm capable with the clubs, the best chance I would have is the wedges. I actually have hit a really hard hook with my 58 degree around a tree that looked great until it bumped a branch and went into the bunker... The irons aren't really super workable..they are just straight and long and super forgiving. I don't have recurring playing partners. I usually get paired up with someone or run into someone whose backed up and play along. the last time it happened I ran into this super nice guy who was playing with some brand new Mizuno JPX 919's Forged. We both hit off the tee, I murder the ball with my 5i and he gets up with his 4i and hits it solid but blocks it. We get down to our balls and I am a good 30 yards in front of him and in the dead center of the fairway...I almost didn't want to tell him what club I hit when he asked me... I mean it was just a 206 yd 5 iron...whats the big deal... No issues, I like it but I'm not really a sound guy, I could, in general care less about how a club sounds, I just want it to be in the fairway or on the green...
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    Just some follow up on the True Linkswear Knit shoe. I’ve had them for about a month now and they’ve become my daily shoe. My wife even took notice and said nice looking sneaks. I’m not one to fawn over shoes but I am very impressed with how comfy and stable they are. The toe box is a little wide for my foot but I’ve had zero issue swinging a club. They’re not for dew sweeping rounds as I found out the hard way but as an all around shoe and something to wear for a pm round I would say take a hard look. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    11 shot victory?! Nice! I know that would not only shut me up, but make me run to the nearest store and get me some Cobras in the bag MDGolfHacker
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    Watched Marin Hall at lunch on how to hit a low hop and stop pitch shot. So tonight I had 29 yard (see arccos) pitch shot. So I remembered the tip--to hit it low--ow hands going back and low hands on follow through. Put the ball back in the stance. Took an aggressive pass wiith the 58* slightly delofted. The ball flew about two feet high. Took one big bounce and stopped on a dime pin high two feet from the hole. Easy putt for bogey due to coming up short on the approach wedge. After having to layup before a hazard on my 2nd shot due to a poor drive.
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    The new for 2019. Veylix Mansion shaft. Hoping to have it for my trip to TX next week! My buddy who sells them said if it’s tipped like JC from Veylix says, it’s a beast! He said he’s been places on the course he’s never been, and he said it’s so accurate, “You could hit it down a hallway and not hit either wall!” I love my Rome, but he said this has the accuracy of the Rome while boosting ball speed off the clubface. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Picked up mint condition M4 3hybrid and M2 4hybrid clubs on ebay for $50 each. Wasn't hitting those irons well and swapped them out. Really liking the hybrids too. Had to swallow my pride of not hitting long irons well but i'd rather score better!
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    That's all on autocorrect, haha! And I have NO idea what you're referring to
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    ... I really, really wish people would stop lumping Snell in with Vice, Cut, etc. Dean deserves more respect than companies that buy balls from a catalog.
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    There is. I hope it breaks again at the 364 day mark.
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    Here's the distance tab numbers, i guess these are known as the Smart Distance, the distance I should be able to count on when hitting the club.
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    I wasn't used to the speed of the greens and the pace threw me off the first 10 holes; last 8 I had 2 putts all the way in. The putter I was using has a heavy head so it was hard to get a feel. I practice at home on my putting mat each night and I practice at various ranges when I can get out there. I think a big part of the problem was the putter. Just never got comfortable holding it in my hands and getting a feel for the pace and I left myself some long second putts. Better days ahead!
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    I haven't really noticed the sound as being a problem. No one that I play with has made a comment about the sound either. They just like the look of the Avalanche coloring.
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    From the people that saw me play with my old set, they are all surprised with the ball flight and some of the shots I have been able to hit. I do get a few audible, "wow" reactions with my iron shots. From someone I played with for the first time, they were surprised with the spin I was creating with the wedges. Every chip or pitch shot was checking just the way you would want, and he said, "Man you get those to spin just right."
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    Update from yesterday’s range session. I wasn’t having the best of ball striking days. Hitting all sorts of misses. At least I know what to expect when I am having an off day. I can chunk them pretty easily on this new grass that I am not use to. But after a few fat shots I just opened up the face a smidge and was hitting some beautiful soft fades. (Using this for my stock shot, 2-3 yard fade) On the flip side I was catching some thin toey, and a few skinny necky ones. These clubs are magical on thins for a blade, you know you missed on the bottom but it doesn’t kill you like a jack hammer, and distance lost isn’t extreme, nor is the direction. Quite impressed. I could still have gotten around the golf course at a pretty decent score with my C- game.
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    Get it out of your system because your first major is a week away. After playing with you less toe hang is my advice but then again you saw me putt so it's like taking religious advice from a porn star.
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    Adams CMB. Was never lucky enough to own a set... only played with a borrowed one, but I loved it!
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    That's a good looking combo! Puma is really hitting it out of the park with the clothing they are sending this year. This is one of the best posts I have ever read. Well done! Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Finally had a good game , 71.. 35/36, with 31 putts. putting has been stellar since I switched from Ricky style to Jack Nic. Making a lot, and just missing many others...
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    I came from game improvement irons, so there’s no big difference I can think of. I can however hit a big draw with my irons when I want to, cannot get one to fade to save my life. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    There's got to be a business opportunity somewhere in this idea. Just haven't formulated it yet...ha
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    Got my desired tee time for the ProAm next week with two women on the Symetra Tour. Playing 9 with Allie White and 9 with Marta Sanz Barrio. Should be a blast see just how well these ladies can play. I am thinking they need to give me at least 3 a side.
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