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    Thank you Puma Golf! My polo and hat arrived at the office today and they look great....in the photo. I’m traveling so don’t get to see them until I get back. I decided to get them sized for my son who was a huge part of the mullet challenge that won these 2 beauties. He will be very grateful, as am I, for the generosity of Puma. I’d model these but I doubt you guys want to see me in a shirt 3 sizes too small. I’ll have Wedgie Jr. do the modeling and post pics then. Thank you Puma! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Since I played 9 walking and 9 on a cart this morning I thought I would post my bag review a little early this week. Looks wise the bag is great. I ended up choosing the navy/red/white stand bag as I use a push cart for most of my rounds but do occasionally walk. I also really wanted a kick stand for the times I head to the range or need to set my bag down on uneven ground. The quality of everything is quite good. For walking this bag is top notch. Its light yet has just enough pockets within reach to easily get to all of your items. There is not a dedicated cooler but there is a pocket with a small drain to hold a water bottle. Unfortunately keeping your beverage unzipped and open to the air warms things up very quickly. The only other downside to walking with the bag is your clubs can become quite jumbled with how the base controls the stands that kick out. It can push up a few of the clubs adding a couple extra seconds to dig in the 5 way top. Here the 9 iron and 50° wedge are covering the 8 iron, PW, 54°, and 58°. The place where the bag really comes up short is when using a cart (push or riding). I have another brand stand bag that has a 14 way top, fully zippered cooler pocket, two full length apparel pockets, and cart strap pass through while only coming in 1lb heavier. It beats the Cobra bag hands down. I actually looked at purchasing a Cobra stand bag on my own this winter before being selected for the contest. I wasn't a huge fan of the large logo on the side of the bag and contacted Cobra directly to see if I could shrink or remove it. They responded back the same day and said no alterations could be made as they don't actually manufacture the bags themselves. I know Vessel makes their Tour Crown stand bag. These seem very similar to previous year Sun Mountain models. Overall the Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag is a top notch product if you are a walker. If you use a push cart or ride most of your rounds there are better models out there. One final picture; my bag for the four club challenge this morning. Definitely did not have an issue with crowding only having 4 clubs (plus putter) in the bag.
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    Since I’ve been absolutely destroying things in the challenge so far, I went for a lesson tonight. I’m hoping that is going to start getting me sorted out. One of the lessons this challenge has taught me about my game is that I don’t know how to fix my errors on the course. Huge gap in my game right now. Self correction is the only kind of correction we have on the course, and I’m failing at it big time. I’m happy to keep working to find it though. It’s all part of the process. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    After 20 minutes I said F' it and just walked to the first tee. I stopped in the pro shop at the turn and told the guy what happened. He said he never gets there before 6:30 in the morning and had no idea why the guy I talked to yesterday said 6am. They ended up charging me the 18 hole walking rate but gave me a free cart and a gatorade for the back 9. That worked for me.
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    Played nine after work today and shot about average for me. One major improvement I've had is that I no longer really worry about my irons. I used too. It wasn't uncommon for me to have 3 or 4 penalties from approach shots with my irons. Or to lose balls on par 3 tee shots. The F9s are just straight and incredibly forgiving. Did I mention they are long? Now I'm able to focus on the parts of my game that can really drop my scores. Which is chipping and tee shots. Although using the 3 wood yielded 5/7 fairways so maybe it's just chipping it close that is my next big thing and staying out of trouble. Seriously though if you are a mid to high handicapper. These things work and if you don't have a problem gaming one lengths then do it. I hit a 238 yard 5 iron today...so don't let anyone tell you that they can't be hit as far because they are shorter either...worried about accuracy? Here's my ball mark from that same 5 iron uphill about 190 on a par 3. I know it feels like Im venting but there's so much negativity around one lengths that it drives me crazy. I'm officially a convert. Whatever formula Cobra is using for these works.
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    To each their own as they say, but if I ever get to the point I'm floating golf balls in a salt bath, my wife will most surely take my clubs away .
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    Probably not. I’m on vacation this week and have to wake up to this view each morning. So far the scorecard is: Lake 2 Early morning golf 0. I have a tee time for Thursday and that be my only four club round this week.
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    On vacation. Called a local course yesterday to find out when they opened so I could be first off the tee. Woke up at 5am (again - on vacation) and arrived at 6am only to find the pro shop is locked. Maintenance kid said the course opens at 6 and he doesn’t know why no one is here. Nice start to my first four club challenge round for the week.
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    Honestly it's a practice issue. There was a season where I was practicing just that and I got pretty good. But like anything feel related in this game, if you don't keep working at it you lose it. And my wedges are not single.length so can't blame my poor chipping on that. Ha This challenge has such an emphasis on playing rounds that there just isn't time for me to play and practice too. Once the challenge is over I'll probably spend one of the weekdays I usually spend playing 9 as a practice session again to try and bring that chipping handicap down. You could always try a mixed set. Or buy a one length 5 iron and see how you like it. You might could even do a utry or rental program or something. I mentioned this before but it does take an adjustment. If you remember from earlier in the thread I couldn't hit the long irons the right distance for the longest time and then suddenly 2 or 3 weeks after getting the clubs something clicked and now I love them.
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    For me it wasn't just choosing the clubs it was also choosing the course - the one that I picked fit perfectly except that it had hazards on a couple of par 3's that were concerning - I was able to aim away from the hazard on one of them but had to take on a cross hazard with a partial 7 wood on another. I've yet to post my results because I'm trying to see if I can play a second round - we could play multiple rounds and choose the best one - we could also switch clubs for that one but if we accidentally use the same club as our partner in the counting round it's a DQ!!! I really appreciate Bucky picking me as his partner for this - it's a fun challenge for sure.
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    I needed a “plain Jane” course in the worst way today, and I got it! Olmos Basin is one of a group of Municipal courses in San Antonio, and a friend recommended it to me. It was a fun track, but relatively flat, and no hidden fairways! I needed a boost of confidence, and a place I could just relax and play. Here are my score, and stats. I should’ve had three more birdies, but I’m happy to be in the 70s again. Playing Barton Creek tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Took the day off from work today, and along with my brother-in-law, went up to The Links at Bowen Lake in Gowen, Michigan. Quite a drive for us, but what an awesome course and a steal of a deal on Tuesdays. We managed to play a full 36 holes and grab a quick lunch in less than nine hours. Only $54 for 36 holes with cart, a small range bucket, five hot dogs and two 20 ounce Diet Pepsis. Incredible price for a fantastic course with bentgrass tees, fairways and greens. Well worth $45/18, let alone $25! Played the middle tees, par 71, 6,239 yards. Round 1 - 48/42 = 90 (+19) - 7/14 FIR - 9/18 GIR - 37 Putts (3 3-putts, 13 2-putts, 2 1-putts) We started both rounds on the back, so the scores are reflective of that. I struggled with hooking my driver, which led to a quadruple bogey and triple bogey after hitting balls out of bounds left. If only I could have kept them in the fairway the score could have been much better. I'm typically a two-putt per hole type of player. I'm not used to firm greens, so I anticipated there would be a few three putts. Not upset about the way I putted considering I didn't give myself a whole lot of close looks for birdies or pars. Round 2 - 47/45 = 92 (+21) - 5/14 FIR - 5/18 GIR - 38 Putts (4 3-putts, 12 2-putts, 2 1-putts) Round two started in a steady drizzle for the first hole and a half. I got off to a bad start. After hitting a good drive in the fairway on No. 10 (par 5 starting hole), I hit a very poor 5 iron, and then shanked a 54 degree wedge hard right from 90 yards away. Followed it with a duffed chip and my second round started with an awful triple bogey. Couldn't get the driver to cooperate at all, lost a lot of balls right, I assume from trying to overcorrect from my earlier hooks. Oh well. Struck several good middle irons, easily the highlight of my day. Putting was average, just like the first 18 holes. Remarkably consistent! Was an awesome day. I've scored better, but I had a lot of fun and realistically, I am overall happy with the way I played. I just wish I could get some consistency with the driver. I know my scores would go down significantly if I could.
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    I've putted very well with a mallet style putter for very 7 or 8 years now, first a Spyder, then a SC X7M for the past 4 years. And a Tyne 4 this year. But I have always had an itch to try a blade style again. So I found out over the weekend. The used putter section of 2nd Swing is a dangerous place to be with a good chunk of store credit on file Couldn't put this baby down after making like 8 of 12 from over 6 feet with it. Then got in their fitting studio and the fitter adjusted the lie a bit flatter. Then I rolled in another 6 of 7 before heading to the cashier. Put it right to the fire in a Pro Am yesterday and shot 85 on my own ball. Oh and it's not really that uoright. I had if leaning on a putting green flag Stick for some quick pictures.
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    What sad news. For all you golfers with little kids out on the golf course, PLEASE be careful! I cannot even imagine how the father feels. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2019/07/16/year-old-utah-girl/
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    Practice is paying off -- shot 77 this morning.
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    I have a separate thread about it, but thought I'd share the scores here too. Played my first individual strokeplay event (36 holes) this past weekend and shot 82/85. I also shot an 82 in my practice round. My goal was to break 80, but a few mental mistakes and some serious putting woes (not caused by the greens) held me back. If I had simply putted to my average (1.82 putts per hole) I would have shot 77/83 Had a fun time though and still hit plenty of good shots. Better luck next time...
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    HELL NO! I don't believe in those things. Winners get trophies. Everyone else just learns lessons.
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    I had met and played golf with @Apolloshowl earlier this year, he's another lefty, he has Arccos and need I mention his dog?
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    Little bit of golf porn before The Open. Kind of looks like they took some inspiration from the 919 line with the toe design? Didn't think I could possibly like the looks of an iron more than the MP-18 line, and then they went and made these. I wish they sold the skill to game these with every purchase because they're beautiful
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    Figure I'd chime in. Played first round yesterday with the 4 club Challenge (Thanks MGS and John for the invite!) Played pretty well and honestly made me think I could always play with 4 clubs. I may be wrong, but I believe @Nunfa0 and I are the only team to not take a driver? Guess we will see how that pays off... Hopefully will get another 2 cracks at it this week. With one sub 80 round in the books should be fun to see how low I can go! Here are some photos from the yesterday morning.
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    Played OK in league last night. Pretty happy with the score (+6), but wasn't particularly sharp with my irons or chipping. I drove the ball really well (for me) on the first 4 driving holes, but hit some pretty weak flares to the right on the last three. I'm not sure what happened, but I think I was getting tired and couldn't finish the swing - it was a really hot and humid night to be walking on a decently hilly course. Biggest score was a double on a par 3 - tee shot nestled up against a tree behind the green, was able to hack it out but ran through the green and down a hill about 20 yards. 4 FIR, 3 GIR, 17 putts EDIT: I had what appears to be an other-wordly 3H as my second shot on a par 5.... What you don't see is the fairway slopes down toward the green starting about 20-30 yards before the bunkers in front. The shot took a HUGE bounce and had to have rolled about about 40-50 yards. I wasn't actually in the bunker, but I was almost standing in it - off I go to fix that in ShotScope.
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    League match last night: 6 FW, 5 greens, 17 putts for a 43. Round went pretty well at the beginning. Bogey on the first after blading second shot and leaving the par putt on the edge of the hole. Putter went cold and the bogey train started on 6 with 3 putt bogeys on 6 and 7. Fried egg lie on 7 led to a third straight bogey. 9th hole was an adventure; middle of the fairway off the tee, shanked second behind a pump house, pitched past the trees to have a shot at the green, hit into green side bunker, bunker shot gets hung up in fringe, chipped on and buried the putt for a triple. Except for 9 I am pretty happy with how I played. Need to get past the thinned shots early in the round which has plagued me recently. The second 3 putt was partially caused by my getting distracted by my playing partner. As I am lining up he pulled the flag, I told him to put it back, he the attempted to adjust the flag several times to try and make it “stand straight and not lean”. The hole was on a slope it was going to lean. Should have stepped back and reset but I missed low.
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    Maybe you should play golf with Bucky's wife, sounds like she carries a drink or two....
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    Multiple buckets of balls after one of the worst ball striking league rounds in 4 years.... thankfully I dug it out of the dirt and was able to get back on track. Had 2 s-words...TWO!!
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    Anyone that’s spent time there knows he doesn’t like when the cat is let out of the bag, the magic trick is exposed, the curtain pulled from the wizard.
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    Played at the Coeur d"Alene Resort Course Sunday with my buddy Dave who picked up the bill on everything! Thanks Dave!!!! Our golfing stunk, but what a day! We were assigned a Forecaddie (Ty) and rode the course in one of the most luxurious carts I've ever seen... You get unlimited range balls to warm up on and hit into the lake. They have separate chipping and putting greens and you also may opt for a pre-round sports massage right there on the range! They also make and give each player a custom bag tag with your name on it...NICE! This is hole #6, a par-3 playing around 155. Both of us had a GIR, but walked off with bogey... My buddy's tee shot to the world famous floating green on #14 into the wind. He made par and my attempt(s) shall go unmentioned...
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    Lot’s of new stuff! Also new Cally Rogue driver on the way In Florida this week on vacation [emoji1303][emoji631] Bag this week: Ping G400 Max Callaway XR16 4 Wood Callaway XR Steelhead Hybrids 3 - 5 Tommy Armour Atomic Max Irons 6 - GW Cleveland CBX 50 Wedge Cleveland Sureout, 62 Wedge Evnroll ER5 Putter Coming SOON Callaway Rogue Driver! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I'm grinning from ear to ear. A few squirrely shots, but I brought my 'A' game to Pine Valley today! 3 wood off the tee all day was money, and my iron game was the best it's ever been!
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    Bout to head to the course here in 90 minutes. The winds are up, and its hot AF, but I'm stoked to give this a shot and represent team @palvord aka WEAPONS OF GRASS DESTRUCTION. Like @revkev I picked the course and the clubs that should allow me to not have to get too creative barring any really bad shots. Only concerns are 2 of the Par 3's but I'm hoping I can squeeze out a par. Picking up pizzas for web wednesday after, and top it all off by watching the opening round of The Open. Life is gooooooooooooooood.
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    No player has ever finished top 2 in all 4 majors in the same year. No one. In the history of golf. Not Jack, Tiger, Arnie, nobody. Brooks has 2 seconds and a first... Thanks for jinxing him @Kenny B
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    The pain is real.... I have to collect, sort through and organize all of these entries.....my faith in humanity is hanging by a thread.
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    Played 9 this morning, hot & humid! Same as Monday 1st Tee shot a real skanker but managed a bogey. Had a few decent drives that made the F8 more of a keeper. Irons just blah, can’t keep my fat butt down and hit the call in the forehead. I was on top of my game at breakfast [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I have a similar tendency to blade ball early; don't stay down through the shot. I just need to spend more time stretching before I play. Isn't it amazing how a shank from a very nice lie puts the ball in the worse possible place on the hole?? You will turn it around... we are all counting on you!!!
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    left shoulder over the front of the right foot. amazing how well the ball flies when you fully rotate your shoulders and keep your core steady.
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    I hope you two at least get a participation trophy.
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    I'm not sure where to post this, but since I posted about the Junior tournament here yesterday, I'll add in today's round. I went to the practice area to work on pitching and putting. Today was Day 2 of the WA District 4 Junior qualifying tournament for the 2019 championship. A local girl who plays at my course all the time was making the turn, and I asked how she was doing. She said "Better than yesterday"! I saw the scores posted and yesterday she shot 75 and was one stroke behind the leader in the Girls 14-15 bracket. I have played several holes over the past couple of years with her, and she keeps getting better. Hits her drives about 260y. She had started on #10; headed for #1, and I decided to follow for Holes 1 and 2. I walked with her mom and dad. Her dad said that she should be -4 for the first nine holes but missed several really short putts. She parred #1. Here she is teeing off on #2: Her tee shot found the middle of three bunkers on the right about 50 yards from the green; blind shot over a 10 foot tall grassy mound; can't even see the flagstick. I've been there; not a fun shot at all. I was standing pin high left on the other side of the cart path with her dad. I couldn't see her, then I saw sand fly out of the bunker. The ball landed 10 feet past the pin and spun back to about 2 feet. It's the closest ball in this picture: She made that putt and went on to shoot -2 today; and round of 70 and took first place by 7 shots. Tomorrow she'll be out on the putting green all day, I bet!! EDIT: She was the low scorer for the two-day event... +1. For both girls and boys up to age 18.
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    Do you think you’re thinking too much? If so try beer on the course. I find 2-5 to be the sweet spot. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    You’ve got me beat. Work 2 Golf 0 Enjoy your vacation! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    The Spider X is getting the call for me tomorrow at Pine Valley. Big test!
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    Played my round today, but I’m gonna hold out on posting my score until I know that’s the one I’m turning in. I will tell you I played my home course that’s a rating of 71.10 with a slope of 129. So if I do play again it’ll be at this same course. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    My latest totally unneeded purchases: Honma TW 747 5 Wood and 7 Wood, and Titleist T-MB 3 Iron.
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    Did y’all see this? Pretty big! I’m glad to see that a big company is at least taking this seriously. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Played in a real small church scramble and we shot a -5 65. Didn’t win, but didn’t finish last either. Winner was -16. But did have a weird swing experience. I hurt my shoulder some how and couldn’t get the club past 3/4. So the only way I could hit the ball was forgetting hands and arms (which Is how I swing) . And focus on the body swinging the club. Meaning turning big on the way back and way thru. And letting the body hit the ball. I hit the ball excellent. The ball flew lower with a running draw. Maybe it was a fluke , not sure. But it worked
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    DirecTV had just launched their streaming service and were advertising on THP. Myself and another forum member had "cut the cord" several years prior and were PM'ing tips and tricks we had learned along the way. At that time, DTV Now wasn't offering anything we couldn't stream somewhere free. Probably still aren't. JB took bits and pieces of dozens of PM's between myself and the other member and painted them in the public forum in such a way that made it look like we were doing something illegal. Which we most certainly were not! When we called him out on it in the public forum, he painted himself into a corner, wasn't able to get out and it was obvious to everyone he was lying. I was getting hundreds of PM's from various forum members. At that point, he deleted the forum content pertaining to this topic and banned myself and the other forum member. I haven't been back to see if I'm still banned and honestly don't care. Garbage site with a garbage owner!
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    Sometimes we need an easy track once in awhile so we don't think too much.
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    I talked to our new Ping rep about doing this next Spring. I have 15 clubs in the bag, so I need a gapping session done. This would be very cool to do and know I’m set for any distance on the course. I definitely think my 4 iron would be gone and something else would be there! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Nothing wrong with being good to your advertisers. But ignoring facts and spreading lies about other outlets in doing so is classless, but par for the course over there.
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    Stage One – July 16, 2019 First off I would like to thank MGS for the opportunity to test the Precision Pro HD! This will be my first experiment other than a skycaddie (I’ll get more into that later) with distance golf equipment. I hope to do MGS proud and will try to answer as many questions you readers may have that I can. I began golfing at the age of 10 with my father and my grandpa at a 9 hole course in Delano, California. I remember the hot summers there in 100+ degree temperature being dropped off in the morning and picked up at the end of the day when my parents got off work. I have played golf ever since. Played for my high school team, Tulare Union and then for Bakersfield College. Soon after college I started working at Wasco Valley Rose Golf Course. While working at the golf course in Wasco I was elected to PGA membership in 1998 and worked in the golf business until 2004. Other courses I worked at included Stockdale Country Club, North Kern, Hanford Country Club and eventually became Head Professional at the course I grew up on in Delano. These days I don’t get a chance to play often as I used to (although that used to be everyday so…) my family which includes a 4 year old keep pretty busy these days but I typically can still keep it in the 70’s. If I were to list strengths of my game it would be putting and I am consistent with my driver off the tee. When I used to play almost every day I considered myself to be a great chipper around the greens, these days I don't have the touch I used too, that’s the downfall of not enough practice time I guess. If I did have to choose a weakness in my game it would be the gap between my 5 iron and 3 wood. Have tried fairway woods and hybrids which I absolutely loath, just haven’t found the right one. Currently in my bag I have a set of the Ben Hogan Ft Worth Black irons 4-PW, Taylormade SLDR driver, Taylormade R11s 3 wood, Cleveland wedges and an Odyssey Sabertooth putter. I still have a set of Callaway Apex irons that I use on occasion depending on how I’m feeling that day and if I want to do something different. I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy, I have worked on computers and can usually figure devices out by playing around with them. My wife just says I don’t like reading instructions, maybe she’s right? That being said, I currently get my yardages but the old tried and true method of using yardage markers and stepping it off. We all know how accurate that is, right? There was this one time I had a skycaddie though. I just found it a little too troublesome to have to download new courses when needed and too make sure it was always charged. Unfortunately the skycaddie fell victim to I forgot it in the cart one day. I never bought any yardage device after that, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I didn’t want to I just didn’t. My first impressions of the Precision Pro NX9 HD was that it is a very bright color, hopefully that the sturdy case and the strong magnet that I can attach to the golf cart will keep me from forgetting in in the cart! Who am I kidding, I know there will be times I have to run back to the cart and pray it’s still there. The Precision Pro NX9 HD also came packaged very well and also in the bright green box. I am hoping with the use of the Precision Pro NX9 HD that I am able to become more accurate with my irons and not have to wonder if I got a bad yardage, didn’t hit it as well as I thought I did or just got a hold of that one! There are a couple of holes out there I have questioned the yardage markers on and am anxious to see if it’s me or is it the markers? Full well knowing it could still very well be me. Stay tuned……..
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    Stage Two - The Review 7/15/2019 TOUR EDGE EXS DRIVER – Official MGS Forum Review by badams69 Intro This review is entered with mixed emotions for me. I fully intended to film and spend loads of time with this club but that never materialized for a variety of reasons. But I hope something I share helps at least one of you in deciding whether this is a club you should look at or not. Spoiler alert: …. This is a solid golf club. It took awhile for me to get going with the EXS mostly due to my error when initial club was delivered. Then - good news for me, bad for my review, I guess. I became a candidate to take over a fairly prominent high school golf program. This kept me away from the golf course until late last week for several process related reasons until becoming the final choice late last week. It has been all golf since. My initial intro to the to the EXS was horrendous and I almost just sent it back. First three on course tee shots were in a tournament and all resulted in penalty on holes I didn’t know could be penal. So I reconstructed my setup and swing and made adjustments in the settings (tried ‘em all) and the results are as follows: Looks (9 out of 10 points) Not perfect but CLOSE! The shape of the driver to my eye is very positive. It is a mix of pear and extended but it did take a bit of getting used to - after which time it is a nice sight. The graphics of the club are classic mixed with energetic/modern - very good color scheme and placement of graphics in my opinion. Overall the look of the driver head is very pleasing - I personally do not like the shaft color and that is a large part of the point deduction (I realize it is not the EXS driver - but that is their only stock offering - so it kinda is a part of the equation) For drivers in this price range it is superior! For drivers at any price point it stands up tall - unless it simply doesn’t suit your eye. Ideally, for my eye, the looks would be slightly more classic but that isn’t the golf world we are in today. Please don't infer that this is an offensive club head, just stating my druthers. Sound & Feel (9 out of 10 points) I found the sound of this driver to be at worst unobtrusive and at best quite nice. I prefer a muted thwack sound but also nice to have enough sound to draw attention - when you nail it!!!! The EXS has both !!!! The best way I can describe it - if some drivers are an old rusty truck door slamming - this is a lexus securely slamming shut. Others may disagree. As for feel until I finally caught one I wasn’t sure what to think. I could tell I hit it but always wondered “is that it???” .......... THEN F I N A L L Y - BOOM!!!! - it was like a cushioned dynamic shock. Felt splendid and powerful!!! In my opinion mishits were not as pronounced as an M1 but maybe more noticeable than I expected. It was less consistent across the face than I expected but more consistent than prior PING, CALLAWAY and Taylormade drivers I have used. (prior models) When I hit a shot 8/10 and up it is a very workable and useful club, on the lesser shots I really felt they were surprisingly weak at impact - I have no proof - but I sense this is the shaft more than the head. Two of my best drives during brief play. Hit another 323 but shotscope registered it to the M1 (hit them both but M1 went in creek forty yards ahead. This chart plots just over 30 tee shots -the shortest is 234 and longest with EXS is the just shy of 331 above. All of my better drives with the EXS were hit after I changed to NEUTRAL (9deg /57.0deg lie angle) setting with 3gram in the heel and 9g in the rear. This takes out a lot of the slice prevention which I do not need. Basic Characteristics (17 out of 20 points) (one point off for every 10 yds off M1 average - petty I know) Personally I like the flight of the ball off of this driver more than I do with my M1 it is much flatter but not sinking. I never noticed the ball getting too high with this club no matter the setting I tried. My pattern is straight(my fade) but mostly right to left, I did not have success hitting a fade with this club but am thinking that will come in time as I have been able to draw it when I want (and hook when I don’t want) more than my current driver which is basically one speed - straight---fall left. I personally found this driver to be very accurate when struck reasonably well. No worse and likely better than my current club. The distance with this club is solid. I have some data that shows what I consider to be serviceable distance numbers for an old guy like me. Average distance with this club on shotscope is about 263yds. During those rounds I hit M1 three times --- averaging 297. Once I tagged both on the same hole and same line and M1 was 40yds ahead - mentioned above. I felt this club is most likely more forgiving than my M1 but cannot state that for certain as I had several mishits that didn’t achieve more than 225 yds which is hard to live with. This I would more attribute to my mixing two swings at once - which we all know doesn't work well. Regarding adjustability - I finally figured out my ideal setting within the last round and a half I played prior to this writing. I will say that I tried several and can attest that each adjustment did have a significant impact on all facets from timing/release to flight pattern. My regret is that it took me so long to get that aspect dialed it. It was a hook machine in these hands before that. BE SURE TO MOVE THE WEIGHTS AROUND!!! This had the greatest impact for me. Would I want this club in my hand under pressure? Today- NO. In three weeks - most definitely! There is nothing about this club that makes me doubt that I can hit the shot I would want with a few more reps. Even though I don't love the shaft. Would I play it over my current club? …… yes/no is all the same to me as each provides different positives and negatives. I am pleased with this club head in most every way. It is solid and I sense it is more forgiving than my current driver and distance is fine for me. If I were “gaming” this club I feel I can shoot good scores with (not in spite of) this driver. What I wish were different in this driver: 1. A different shaft choice. The shaft is decent but not optimal for someone who at times wants to get on with it and tends to be a little quick. 2. More distance (which may be a shaft related issue). NUMBERS??? I went to the PGA Superstore and below are my numbers for those of you that may have similar numbers it may help you. - In fairness this was on a day where my back was stiff and I ultimately had to delete my first 35 shots and chose the only few that I was able to make reasonable contact after getting slightly loose. Three straight days of golf caught up to me. On-Course Performance (25 out of 30 points) This is not a club I would, as of today, feel comfortable ‘going after it’ to get more distance. In fairness this may be related to my swing insecurities - but I don’t have those insecurities when holding my current gamer. Using the EXS did not change my strategy or goals on any tee box and I never felt as if my game was suffering for using this club. There are a few times I felt I was benefitting from this club in my hand which asked me to manage my swing a bit more. One of my main goals when it came to this testing was to see if I could hit my version of a “fairway finder” and that came up on the last hole I’ve played with it. I choked down, cut my swing down and although I just knew it was likely doing to be a smothered hook - everything worked out perfect. Why 5 points off? Well, if you got a new driver wouldn't you want it to add to your game rather than just not disrupt it? I just didn't feel it added anything - but if this changes, I'll update. Miscellaneous (9 out of 10 points) I will say thank you to EXS for being so good to me during my mistake - not theirs. The point here is simply because I did not receive a little card that outlined the adjustments (what the settings were). I didn’t understand why in three shipments I didn't get one. Also as pointed out previously - I am not a fan of the shaft and really don’t understand in the golf world we are in today - how you could offer only one shaft at no upgrade charge. This isn’t 1985 or 2005(won't list ALL the years it isn't). Play it or Trade it? (19 out of 20 points) I am going to PLAY this club until it tells me where it wants to be (in bag or garage) and although this is STAGE 2, I intend to post how that goes. In reality I have only played three rounds with this club and have an ok average for distance and when put on the monitor my peak performance shows numbers that I feel are solid. When I get an opportunity to do so and wife isn’t looking, I’ll be replacing this shaft. It is not taking place of M1 yet but just may - more to golf than distance (thank goodness or many of us would have to quit). Image below shows Shotscope average from EXS and M1 - I only hit M1(297) three times though. Same courses. The EXS (263) average is factoring in a lot of mishits. I didn’t mishit the M1 on any of the three. Conclusion In conclusion - is this the best driver on the market for me or you? MAYBE - and certainly worth a shot! Yes or No would depend solely on what you like and how you feel about the $$ value of a driver. Also whether or not you buy used or new. If it were me and I were in the market for a new purchase and $300 seems like a lot, then $550 or $650 is really going to hurt and based on my experience isn’t going to change your results much - provided you get the right shaft. I coach a golf team and if any of our players said they were looking at this club or had purchased this club it would be met with enthusiasm (with the shaft caveat mentioned already). Final Score: (88 out of 100 points)
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