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    Srixon Zstar 2017, new Much less density difference, much less high density material Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    First #finditxrayit done Callaway ERC Soft, new in box Seems to be lots of higher density imperfections, cores look a little inconsistent but this may be a technical issue. I’ll add more as I do them. It’s an interesting technical challenge, I might have to write a paper [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Good for Poulter... I wish this would happen more often rather than less.... FURTHERMORE, it would be nice if the PGA policed it themselves and had people removed rather than having the players have to request it. There is NO ROOM in the game for this pathetic and childish behavior. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/ian-poulter-has-confrontation-ejects-fan-after-screaming-get-in-the-bunker-at-wgc-fedex-st-jude Ian Poulter turned in a four-under 66 on Thursday, four shots off Jon Rahm's lead at the WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational. Unfortunately that performance was overshadowed by a confrontation with a fan on the final hole at TPC Southwind. “It is a shame, I hope we can control it more going forward and it gets stamped out, because it is not needed in the game of golf," Poulter said of the incident. The problem began when Poutler, just off the 18th fairway, struck his approach shot. As the ball was in the air, according to Poulter, a fan yelled, "Get in the bunker!" Poulter, 43, immediately shot back, "Really, you deserve to be here do you?" Poulter then motioned to security to remove the fan in question from the course.
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    OMG I played nine holes this morning with my new Epic Flash and it was sex on the tee box! I had to sell two blue tic coon hounds to afford it however the Flash is worth the cash!
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    Maybe it's just me, but I think hoping someone will fail no matter what job they're doing is low class.
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    ... Played yesterday and shot -2 for the round. It was a very easy -2 and could have been lower but just had a hard time reading some makable putts. 3 birdies and 1 bogie. Completely the opposite today, shooting +2 and everything seemed like a struggle. Missing fairways by a few feet and in deep rough. Missing greens and having to get up and down it seemed like almost every hole. 3 birdies but 5 bogies. ... Everything was in sync Wednesday and I felt like I could go right at every flag. Everything just a little out of sync today and I was just trying to hit middle of greens. With a ball sitting on a tee I missed all 4 par 3 greens. These 2 days petty much sums up golf. Every day is an adventure!
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    My son just turned 1 a week ago and I have to give a shoutout to my wife. She does so many things for our kids including all the decorating for birthdays and such. She really hit a home run or should I say hole in one with this latest celebration.
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    Played a course today I used to play a ton. Ony my 2nd round there in 3 years and before that probably 15 years. Bank owned it for a few years and they kept it open until a couple years ago and it sold last spring. New owners need some help as the course as whole is bad. The greens are horrendous. I think moss took them over then the moss killer burned them. ...IMO...Holding hope as it fils a need. Shot 78 after hitting only 1 green. Super small greens and long par 3s from the tips. 67% fairways and 26 putts. Couple par chip ins. Odd round numbers.
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    79 today. Iron play is still a positive. So close to playing well, it’s just a clank here or there, not just one specific problem. Inconsistency is a good description I suppose.
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    My club is a swamp right now......stemming from rain everyday for the last two weeks.....needless to say it was cart path only. The regular Friday game with the Seniors was canceled so I decided to go out by myself....only 2 hours 35 minutes to play 18 holes! I shot a 40/45:85 today (8 Pars, 6 Bogeys & 4 Doubles) with 8/14 FIR's, 7/18 GIR's, 3/8 UpnDowns and 34 putts. Not too shabby for the course conditions. Traveling west across the county to play Crescent Oaks tomorrow.....course conditions very similar to ours....ugh!
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    Welcome to the juiced driver club [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    OK guys, I did it again. Getting my stuff together for last night's league round, pulled my case out of my bag (it's in a pocket until I replace the carabiner)—and the case is empty. Once again, I had left it magnetized to the cart I had taken earlier this week. Once again, it was found and turned in to the pro shop. Am I alone in having this problem? I walk most of my rounds, so I don't have this problem then. But when I cart, I put the NX9 on the upright of the cart with the magnet. It's awesomely accessible. But I finish the round, and I'm looking in the cupholders and bins and such in the cart to make sure I have everything, and I keep overlooking the NX9. To be honest, I wasn't too keen on the bright green color, but in hindsight, I'm thinking they should make the whole thing blaze orange for the sake of people like me.
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    Had a terrible 9 hole round in my league last night. Got stuck with a guy that wasn't very good but even worse was S-L-O-W. It's been a long time since I've seen someone mark an 8 footer, walk all the way to the other side of the hole to take a look, carefully place the alignment line on his ball just right, back off to take a 2nd look, AND take two practice strokes when they are going for a 9 (par 4). Of course he missed the putt and took a 10. Everyone has bad holes but you don't need to act like Bryson out there when you are putting for a 9 with absolutely nothing on the line. Speed it up!
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    Come on people get voting, only 60 odd have done it so far. Don't you want the chance to win awesome Puma swag?
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    Quick 9 after work. 43 (42 ESC), 43% FIR, 33% GIR and 16 putts. Did a few good things, but got a little wild off the tee a couple times which resulted in two bad holes.
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    Welp, played a quick 9 from varied tees at my place today after work. Finished with 3 birdies in a row for a 2 under 35 kinda... When we play late in the day, we just peg it up from whatever tee we happen to be near. Today that was mostly blacks, with a few reds and a white mixed in. Fun round. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I hit a 4 iron today that was just stabbed in the heart. Got some air, and went a long ways with just a baby draw. Made my day...
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    Appraisal of the house on Tuesday and inspection Thursday. This buying a house thing is starting to feeling real.
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    Ah yes, my screenshot from TGF is a little misleading. I did that fitting after I had already ordered the G410 when Adam asked us forum staffers to go through and provide feedback. I ordered mine with the Tensei CK Orange in X Flex. Based off my troubles with the AD-BB, I was searching a shaft that would help me elevate better. The Orange has definitely provided that height. Post honeymoon, one would say the ball was actually getting too high. Thinking about the TruGolfFit results of the Even Flow Black in S, I actually shopped a little for a swap. Since I was still finding the center of the clubface, I gave the CK Orange another chance and tinkered the loft settings. The small "-" has brought my launch to a wonderful window and I'm hitting it further than I ever have. That's a long way of saying I think I'm good with what I've got. But I really appreciate your generous offer to send over another shaft to try.
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    I don't have any issue with the fan's wishes that Poulter do poorly, but yelling out those wishes is bad behavior. My issue is with the visible and audible lack of appropriate sportsmanship. And golf is significantly different from those other sports in its tradition of honesty and sportsmanship. No baseball pitcher has ever told the ump that a strike was really a ball, no offensive lineman has ever called holding on himself, no soccer striker has gently passed the ball to the goalie because he knew he was offside. Golf is different, and golf fans should be expected (required?) to behave differently from the other fans.
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    Poulter has had run-ins with fans before, and has responded. https://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/heckler-who-harassed-ian-poulter-twitter-got-fired-his-job-florida-southern I have no problem with rude and/or obnoxious behavior by golf fans being dealt with harshly. I don't have much problem with rude Twitterers being dealt with fairly harshly, especially when they identify themselves with a specific employer. If you want to act like a moron, especially via social media, do it using your own personal ID, not your company-based account. That said, Poulter does have a reputation as being something of a primadona. Even so, as a golfer going about his job he should at least be treated with decent manners and sportsmanship. "Get in the bunker" fails that very modest level of behavior.
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    Since everyone was on a book buying kick, and I had a $20 eBay coupon that expired soon, I picked up the following for $2.44 delivered: Fearless Golf: Conquering the Mental Game by Gio Valiante and Mike Stachura The Art of the Short Game: Tour-Tested Secrets for Getting up and Down by Stan Utley Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Joseph Parent Putting Out of Your Mind by Dr. Bob Rotella The Seven Laws of the Golf Swing: Visualizing the Perfect Swing to Maximize Your Game by Nick Bradley I'm obviously very much on an, "Improve my game mentally," streak.
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    Great stuff, @tommc23. It's falling into what we've always wanted for those trying our products from the beginning: to get more people practicing and really giving themselves the chance to improve... and that's exactly what it sounds like you're doing! As a side note, with the amount of trade shows, events and in seeing people first-hand, it really does become evident that it's not a lack of skill in improving putting, it's the lack of willingness to try. Now being an MGS contributor, it probably won't be those on here who have a golf-defeatist mindset but if someone approaches us to see what's happening, we'll often ask them if they're a good putter with the answer almost certainly being one of two responses: 1) "I'm a great putter, I don't need to practice" 2) "I'm a terrible putter, it won't help" Our big goal is to try and design products that actually make people want to practice. Over time, this will lead (please, please, please) to inevitably noticing tendencies which you can either decide to adjust (with or without a teacher's guidance), or roll with them and know how to use them to your advantage (see Tiger toe strikes: https://bit.ly/2JV2xK4). In any case, you know your stroke better so hearing that you're making what you feel are helpful adjustments that aren't simply a fleeting idea from a friend* but are built on real testing... THAT is the music to our ears. Bravo, T23. Keep on the grind. *Hey, we'll all do it.
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    I played Trosper in OKC this afternoon - it was a lovely day and I was cruising along until the par 5 8th hole. I had 77 yards left in the middle of the fairway for my third shot - I set up to play a knockdown with my 53* and totally shanked it. WHAT?!? Where did that come from? I got away with it because I was able to get up and down for par but I couldn't breath for a few holes. On #10 I had 99 yards left and I was terrified. The group ahead was waiting for me to play through them and I was honestly sweating over this very easy shot but it turned out ok [emoji41]: FIR: 8/12 GIR: 13/18 Putts: 25 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Played the front nine at my club today, late to stay out of the heat for a little. Par 36, no clouds beautiful sunset. Struck the ball well but missed a few greens. Not too far off but not as well as I played yesterday (-4) I had only 12 putts with the new addition the the bag (Spider x) forna total of 6 1 putts and 3 two putts. 7bfaorwas off the tee box, par 3 green in regulation but only 5 total G.I.R. I shot a 34 (-2) from the gold (champion) tees. Sunset picture / GIR pitchmark 7 iron out.
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    After work evening golf is a blast. Pickup games for 9 holes and work out stress of workday. Enjoy it!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Didn't play today..... *FINALLY* caught a good surf day! *Addendum: yep.. lots of tired, sore muscles the next day!
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    I've gotten 20 rounds in with it, and I honestly love it. I haven't looked for a GPS watch before, and maybe there are some cheaper ones out there, but I really do like the GPS side of it. I've been using a laser for years, and really enjoy the watch GPS. On post round editing, it takes about 2 minutes to synch and edit. I haven't had any issues with missed shots, added shots or wrong clubs. The biggest edit I make after each round is on the putting greens. My biggest complaint is that it struggles with that part. I do the manual putt and on collects, but even then it never gets my second putt in the right spot. As for the metrics, I look at them once a month or so. They really showed me to hit the ball harder while putting and that I have no need for the 4i I carry. I've used it for a full swing twice in 20 rounds. Also, my percentage of hitting a green is about the same for 9i, PW, and 52. So on tees I have a 30y window to shoot for, I wouldn't have known that otherwise. Also, as much as I like using my 56 around the green... I'm a half stroke better on average using my PW doing a bump and run. Some of these things I might have been able to figure out on my own if I really kept track and tried to do it. But for me this system has been easy to use, unobtrusive and provided some data that I've used to play better.
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    Now that I have enough data on almost all clubs (5i and 4i are still lacking), I really like the ability to compare for distances since I don't have easy access to a launch monitor. I can grab a different club, take it out for a while with one of the extra tags and see how it compares. I generally agree with @Kenny B - I know what my issues are. Unlike @cksurfdude, I kind of like the editing as a form of post-round review, mostly to second-guess decisions I made. For example, Tuesday I topped a drive, had 250 to the pin, grabbed a 3w which I smoked to pin high but to the right (water left, so I had to leave right as bailout). I was blocked by a tree with a bunker between me and the green. So I had to try to keep it low for the tree but carry over the bunker. It sucked. Hindsight tells me I shouldn't have tried to make up all the distance with one shot and should have played short and rely on my short game for bogey at worst. As it was, I took a triple. Did I need a shotscope to figure that out? No, but it was more obvious to me when I was editing that I made a bad choice.
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    Lynx Golf announced it's return to the US Market earlier this year. To help spread the word, Lynx offered up 4 sets of it's Black Cat and 4 sets of it's Prowler VT irons to testers of tMYGolfSpy. These testers will be sharing their thoughts with you on everything regarding these irons. They'll begin with a bio of themselves and their games so you can see which tester might most resemble your playing ability and some initial thoughts on the looks of the clubs fresh out of the boxes from the UK. Over the next six weeks or so, they will be returning to the thread to share their thoughts and answer any specific questions you may have about the irons, so check back here regularly to see how they are performing for the testers. Testers for the Black Cats are @knightsofnii Stage 1 Stage 2 @JimNantzsToast Stage 1 Stage 2 @kardboard.kid Stage 1 Stage 2 @daviddvm Stage 1 Stage 2 Prowler VT Testers are: @Jmikecpa Stage 1 Stage 2 @JudgeSmails Stage 1 Stage 2 @azstu324 Stage 1 Stage 2 @blackngold_blood Stage 1 Stage 2
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    ... I am going to offer these here at MGS first. First up is my Cobra F9 driver as I have decided to play the 9* and I think the F9 is the best driver available today. 10.5* with a new, never used Smoke stiff shaft and a Lamkin Z5 grip. I will include the original Arccos grip I removed. Comes with both head cover and wrench. Please keep in mind shipping is at a minimum $20 and my prices include shipping. Very good condition with a few scratches and nicks that cannot be seen unless you look very close. $279 $259 SOLD!!! which includes $20 shipping!!! ... Exotics XCG6 that was barely ever used. I hate to let this shaft go as I think the Mugan Black Prototype R70 is one of the best shafts ever made. Comes with original hardcover and a Lamkin Z5 grip for a stunning visual combo. I honestly think the shaft alone is worth this price: $99 $89 SOLD!!! which includes $20 shipping!!! ... Exotics CB4 Tour 15* fairway wood, and again I hate to let this go as I think it might be the longest wood I have ever played. But it needs a home where someone will use it. Aldila RIP Sigma 70 stiff shaft. Coms with original head cover and a Lamkin Z5 grip. You will not find another in this condition: $79 $69 $49 SOLD!!!which includes $20 shipping!!!
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    I took a couple of pics of my golf course today (Jennings Mill CC). We had a qualifier tournament at the beginning of the week for the US Amateur.
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    Hell that's why I bought it! I heard these Cally's were juiced so I hauled arse to Dick's and picked me one of before they sold out!
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    Ok... I’m back. Snuck out for a few hours of much needed practice. Today was about flight control... my goodness. I’ve been working on a Lee Trevino-ish set up as of late because I’ve been having some back pain and knee pain. So instead of forcing a hard rotation to my left side, setting up open “pre sets” my hips clearing. What a difference that makes. And keeping the left side of the golf course away has proven to be an ok thing. I am getting a nice little fall off fade, but move my hands forward a touch and a bit more release and I get a nice little fall off draw. Anyways no video of today’s stuff, or any pictures, but here’s a recap. Working on full swing technique and varying flights probably doesn’t mix too well, but I did it anyways. Side to side control and height is super easy with these. Was even trying some 2 iron 75 yard chip and runs... I’ll never use that shot here in the states, but I could probably keep that thing head high for 90 yards in the air, and have it roll for miles. A running type shot has always been my weakness, everything was too the moon and spun so much that my 4 iron would stop dead on greens for me. These things are giving me that ability to take the spin off and get that chasing shot, it will take a bit of work to get it down where I’d use it during a round, but the blade will let you do it.
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    I'm finally done with an extremely difficult two month run of work. Honestly I've only been able to focus on the tests that I'm involved in. So I'm catching up here and do have a few comments. I'm still enjoying my Shot Scope system. I find the GPS watch to be accurate enough for my game - when it's not I still have my range finder and I do know what holes that might come in handy for - odd shaped or odd angled greens sometimes lead to odd yardages - that was the case when I had a golf buddy so its really no different. Regardless I like being able to glance at my wrist and have an idea of what I need to hit. I'm in the camp that enjoys the editing. If I didn't have shot scope I'd mentally review my round in that way anyway much as others who find the editing cumbersome have described. For me it doesn't seem to take that much time to do and it helps me learn from my mistakes or also see if there's a patter to what I'm doing right. One pattern that has emerged for approach shots is that nearly all of my birdies come when I'm between clubs and hit the longer one - I also had two birdies when I took part in the Cobra Connect four club challenge where I had to significantly over club and grip down on my 8 iron and hit it close. This is making me think that I should always grip down on my iron shots and wedge approach shots as griping down is my primary technique for taking some distance off of a shot. On that same note I'm having an issue with distance control on wedge shots into the green. That is perhaps my biggest surprise thus far. Rather than with a wedge of some sort my closest proximity to the pin is with shots between 150-120, 9-7 iron. Of course between the SuperSpeed test and the long game gapping test I've spent an over abundance of time on my long game at the expense of my wedges. I hit a lot of 6 and 7 irons throughout the spring determining which should be my longest iron and also how the 9 wood fits. The data shows that this practice has helped that part of my game. I have started to work on the wedges a bit although not the types of shots that I'm really having trouble with - more the stuff around the greens (traps and pitch shots out of rough because my league playoffs start soon and I need to be ready for Innisbrook). Next up is setting aside time to work on distance control with my wedges (see above). That should happen with a bit more time in my schedule and the long game gapping wrapping up. Finally I will have lots to write about how this has helped with the gapping test whenever the stage 2 goes up. While I do have some raw numbers (carry, ball speed, total distance) off of a launch monitor for that test I'm not seeing the great value there. Ping's claims have to do with what those clubs mean for a player's game on the course. Launch monitor data is a starting point but its shot after shot not at a flag or lay up point in the fairway. The performance differences between a line up of 5,7,9 wood and that of 3W, 4 and 5 hybrid is extremely apparent on Shot Scope. I knew that I had a problem with the gap between 6 iron and 5 hybrid before - little did I know that I actually hit my 7 iron as long as or longer than and more accurately than my 5 hybrid for real. I know it now.
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    I've let it hang by the magnet on the bar next to the windshield for 3 rounds now for all 18 holes and had no problems with it falling off. And I drove through some ROUGH patches getting my ball out of the woods. This was my biggest 'ah ha' moment for this product as odd as it seems. The magnet is legit.
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    Watching Tiger Woods -Chasing History during my lunch break. How quickly we forget certain things. I knew Tiger won The Memorial three years in a row from 1999-2001. What I didn’t realize, when he lifted the trophy in 2001, Tiger had made 38 professional starts since winning The Memorial in 1999. He won 20 of them!!!!!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I had to vote for @bardle. As a player with similar (tee ball) struggles, I can totally relate to how hard it is to string together 2-3 good shots consecutively in order to make a hole good, much less an entire round.
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    Project X Even Flow Green 50 and it feels really good for my swing!
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    I like it. In my case, I am making you guys sweat it out for one little vote
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    Unfortunately, we're seeing more and more "ugly American" stories centered around the game of golf. It's sad and disconcerting. The PGA Tour needs to address it but they won't for fear of losing revenue. Poulter can be thin-skinned at times but I would suspect, if we had to deal with the garbage he deals with on a daily basis, we would be a bit less tolerant as well.
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    No doubt about it...Ian makes himself a target and you make a good point Dave, but in this example I'd say the fan crossed the line. Funny, I don't recall watching any European tour events where Americans are called out. Maybe they don't pick up the audio or I'm not paying close enough attention.
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    I recall the MSG Ball Test. And... I found it interesting. But that's it. I didn't use the Test date for anything. Certainly not selecting a ball to play. I haven't made any adjustments to the "balls" I play. I play several and might play a different ball from one day to the next. No biggie to me. I basically have one requirement and that is... a Urethane cover. I play between a 3-5 hcp. Not bad for an old guy. Heh! However, my game I feel is good enough where if I play a PV1 or a Snell or an MG Tour C4, or TM or Callaway will suffer or improve in any appreciable way. I've played my best and worst rounds with all of them. It was never the balls fault. If I were a Tour Player and on the sponsor gravy train I'd play their ball exclusively. Who wouldn't. But for us Amatures I believe all that's necessary is to play a good quality ball you like and move on. A guy with a 12-15 hcp isn't going to discover nirvana by switching to a top of the line ball. However, if you think/feel that playing one brand/model makes a difference or gives you an edge by all means go for it. My personal testing says it doesn't.
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    Yeah you need some space between the end of the viewfinder and your camera lens for it to work. I will say I’m not sure how well a DLSR will work... the lens may be too big to get a good image or you may have to crop it a lot. I got a few more yesterday, so far the black readout has been plenty legible! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yesterday it was on the Par 5, 16th. Just by chance I took this photo of the hole with dad hitting his second. He had 270 To the hole from here, my ball was up ahead on the same line. The hole plays 518 from the white tees and I had 197 to the front and 216 to the pin tucked back. Downhill lie with the ball above my feet I figured it would add 2-3* of loft so I pulled a 4 iron. One of those swings where it feels so pure, I hit a soft low draw that started at the right side of the green and landed short. Unfortunately it checked up and didn’t roll out. Oh, and I made 5 on the hole
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    Forsgate CC (Palmer Course), NJ
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    That 322 yarder was an absolute [emoji378]! Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Anyone having trouble with their cart, see a Cartiologist[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    So much for Catholic School education. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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