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    OMG I played nine holes this morning with my new Epic Flash and it was sex on the tee box! I had to sell two blue tic coon hounds to afford it however the Flash is worth the cash!
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    ... Played yesterday and shot -2 for the round. It was a very easy -2 and could have been lower but just had a hard time reading some makable putts. 3 birdies and 1 bogie. Completely the opposite today, shooting +2 and everything seemed like a struggle. Missing fairways by a few feet and in deep rough. Missing greens and having to get up and down it seemed like almost every hole. 3 birdies but 5 bogies. ... Everything was in sync Wednesday and I felt like I could go right at every flag. Everything just a little out of sync today and I was just trying to hit middle of greens. With a ball sitting on a tee I missed all 4 par 3 greens. These 2 days petty much sums up golf. Every day is an adventure!
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    Played a course today I used to play a ton. Ony my 2nd round there in 3 years and before that probably 15 years. Bank owned it for a few years and they kept it open until a couple years ago and it sold last spring. New owners need some help as the course as whole is bad. The greens are horrendous. I think moss took them over then the moss killer burned them. ...IMO...Holding hope as it fils a need. Shot 78 after hitting only 1 green. Super small greens and long par 3s from the tips. 67% fairways and 26 putts. Couple par chip ins. Odd round numbers.
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    Welcome to the juiced driver club [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    OK guys, I did it again. Getting my stuff together for last night's league round, pulled my case out of my bag (it's in a pocket until I replace the carabiner)—and the case is empty. Once again, I had left it magnetized to the cart I had taken earlier this week. Once again, it was found and turned in to the pro shop. Am I alone in having this problem? I walk most of my rounds, so I don't have this problem then. But when I cart, I put the NX9 on the upright of the cart with the magnet. It's awesomely accessible. But I finish the round, and I'm looking in the cupholders and bins and such in the cart to make sure I have everything, and I keep overlooking the NX9. To be honest, I wasn't too keen on the bright green color, but in hindsight, I'm thinking they should make the whole thing blaze orange for the sake of people like me.
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    Welp, played a quick 9 from varied tees at my place today after work. Finished with 3 birdies in a row for a 2 under 35 kinda... When we play late in the day, we just peg it up from whatever tee we happen to be near. Today that was mostly blacks, with a few reds and a white mixed in. Fun round. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Appraisal of the house on Tuesday and inspection Thursday. This buying a house thing is starting to feeling real.
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    Ah yes, my screenshot from TGF is a little misleading. I did that fitting after I had already ordered the G410 when Adam asked us forum staffers to go through and provide feedback. I ordered mine with the Tensei CK Orange in X Flex. Based off my troubles with the AD-BB, I was searching a shaft that would help me elevate better. The Orange has definitely provided that height. Post honeymoon, one would say the ball was actually getting too high. Thinking about the TruGolfFit results of the Even Flow Black in S, I actually shopped a little for a swap. Since I was still finding the center of the clubface, I gave the CK Orange another chance and tinkered the loft settings. The small "-" has brought my launch to a wonderful window and I'm hitting it further than I ever have. That's a long way of saying I think I'm good with what I've got. But I really appreciate your generous offer to send over another shaft to try.
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    I don't have any issue with the fan's wishes that Poulter do poorly, but yelling out those wishes is bad behavior. My issue is with the visible and audible lack of appropriate sportsmanship. And golf is significantly different from those other sports in its tradition of honesty and sportsmanship. No baseball pitcher has ever told the ump that a strike was really a ball, no offensive lineman has ever called holding on himself, no soccer striker has gently passed the ball to the goalie because he knew he was offside. Golf is different, and golf fans should be expected (required?) to behave differently from the other fans.
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    I played Trosper in OKC this afternoon - it was a lovely day and I was cruising along until the par 5 8th hole. I had 77 yards left in the middle of the fairway for my third shot - I set up to play a knockdown with my 53* and totally shanked it. WHAT?!? Where did that come from? I got away with it because I was able to get up and down for par but I couldn't breath for a few holes. On #10 I had 99 yards left and I was terrified. The group ahead was waiting for me to play through them and I was honestly sweating over this very easy shot but it turned out ok [emoji41]: FIR: 8/12 GIR: 13/18 Putts: 25 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    After work evening golf is a blast. Pickup games for 9 holes and work out stress of workday. Enjoy it!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    ... I am going to offer these here at MGS first. First up is my Cobra F9 driver as I have decided to play the 9* and I think the F9 is the best driver available today. 10.5* with a new, never used Smoke stiff shaft and a Lamkin Z5 grip. I will include the original Arccos grip I removed. Comes with both head cover and wrench. Please keep in mind shipping is at a minimum $20 and my prices include shipping. Very good condition with a few scratches and nicks that cannot be seen unless you look very close. $279 $259 SOLD!!! which includes $20 shipping!!! ... Exotics XCG6 that was barely ever used. I hate to let this shaft go as I think the Mugan Black Prototype R70 is one of the best shafts ever made. Comes with original hardcover and a Lamkin Z5 grip for a stunning visual combo. I honestly think the shaft alone is worth this price: $99 $89 SOLD!!! which includes $20 shipping!!! ... Exotics CB4 Tour 15* fairway wood, and again I hate to let this go as I think it might be the longest wood I have ever played. But it needs a home where someone will use it. Aldila RIP Sigma 70 stiff shaft. Coms with original head cover and a Lamkin Z5 grip. You will not find another in this condition: $79 $69 $49 SOLD!!!which includes $20 shipping!!!
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    Lynx Golf announced it's return to the US Market earlier this year. To help spread the word, Lynx offered up 4 sets of it's Black Cat and 4 sets of it's Prowler VT irons to testers of tMYGolfSpy. These testers will be sharing their thoughts with you on everything regarding these irons. They'll begin with a bio of themselves and their games so you can see which tester might most resemble your playing ability and some initial thoughts on the looks of the clubs fresh out of the boxes from the UK. Over the next six weeks or so, they will be returning to the thread to share their thoughts and answer any specific questions you may have about the irons, so check back here regularly to see how they are performing for the testers. Testers for the Black Cats are @knightsofnii Stage 1 Stage 2 @JimNantzsToast Stage 1 Stage 2 @kardboard.kid Stage 1 Stage 2 @daviddvm Stage 1 Stage 2 Prowler VT Testers are: @Jmikecpa Stage 1 Stage 2 @JudgeSmails Stage 1 Stage 2 @azstu324 Stage 1 Stage 2 @blackngold_blood Stage 1 Stage 2
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    I took a couple of pics of my golf course today (Jennings Mill CC). We had a qualifier tournament at the beginning of the week for the US Amateur.
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    I like it. In my case, I am making you guys sweat it out for one little vote
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    Unfortunately, we're seeing more and more "ugly American" stories centered around the game of golf. It's sad and disconcerting. The PGA Tour needs to address it but they won't for fear of losing revenue. Poulter can be thin-skinned at times but I would suspect, if we had to deal with the garbage he deals with on a daily basis, we would be a bit less tolerant as well.
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    I recall the MSG Ball Test. And... I found it interesting. But that's it. I didn't use the Test date for anything. Certainly not selecting a ball to play. I haven't made any adjustments to the "balls" I play. I play several and might play a different ball from one day to the next. No biggie to me. I basically have one requirement and that is... a Urethane cover. I play between a 3-5 hcp. Not bad for an old guy. Heh! However, my game I feel is good enough where if I play a PV1 or a Snell or an MG Tour C4, or TM or Callaway will suffer or improve in any appreciable way. I've played my best and worst rounds with all of them. It was never the balls fault. If I were a Tour Player and on the sponsor gravy train I'd play their ball exclusively. Who wouldn't. But for us Amatures I believe all that's necessary is to play a good quality ball you like and move on. A guy with a 12-15 hcp isn't going to discover nirvana by switching to a top of the line ball. However, if you think/feel that playing one brand/model makes a difference or gives you an edge by all means go for it. My personal testing says it doesn't.
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    Yeah you need some space between the end of the viewfinder and your camera lens for it to work. I will say I’m not sure how well a DLSR will work... the lens may be too big to get a good image or you may have to crop it a lot. I got a few more yesterday, so far the black readout has been plenty legible! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That 322 yarder was an absolute [emoji378]! Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Stage 1 Personal Questions: The black cat likes the Black Cats!^ Hey everyone, my name is Alex, and I am extremely excited to be chosen as a tester for MGS and Lynx! Growing up in Maryland, I played lacrosse and hockey (ice and roller) 6-7 days a week on various club and school teams – and probably played golf once or twice a year in high school. I started getting much more into golf in college, where I was able to play all the time for low low student prices. That was about 6 years ago, and I’ve been doing my best to play weekly (weather permitting) ever since. I am currently playing in the Richmond, VA area, and just joined Meadowbrook CC south of the city. About a year ago I started to become more serious about my game, had a few lessons, and am starting to figure out some swing troubles I have had since way back when. Generally I am the type of golfer who will have a great day driving the ball, but miss-hit everything else OR vice-versa. The classic “woods, irons, and putter: pick 2 to hit well” situation. My favorite thing about golf is how frustrating it is, and how rewarding it is to figure something out, make a tweak, and see the results right in front of you. The competition doesn’t hurt either. Golf Questions: My handicap hovers between 13-16. My typical miss is currently changing, as I have been taking some lessons. BUT my biggest issue is swing path. I have an over the top out-to-in path that I am trying to correct. So slices to the right or pulls to the left were commonplace. Now my typical miss is either a pure slice where I let myself go back to the old swing, or an overcorrected hook/draw. I’ll pull out a 7 iron to hit a 150 yard shot, my ball flight is typically high, maybe mid/high. I’m beginning to realize the strength in my game is actually mental toughness. I am just now seeing how one bad shot will DESTROY the entirety of most of my friend’s games – for sure not the case for me. My weakness has always been consistency. My irons have been pretty interesting in the past few years. I own Adams Idea Pro Black Forged cb2 irons, and Cobra King F8 irons. Both kind of just fell into my lap with really great deals. I had never been fit for clubs before this experience. When I was selected to be a tester for the Black Cats, I went to Mulligans Golf Shop in the Richmond area (http://mulligansgolfshopva.com/) I would highly recommend seeing Matt there – super nice guy, very knowledgeable, and has all the newest equipment (I want to go check out the Mizuno line he has). Matt hooked me up to the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer, had me take a bunch of swings, and it spit out a bunch of statistics to his iPad where we talked through shaft options, flex profiles, lie adjustments, everything. I took those details to Lynx for my order. Typical Driver SS: 100-105 Iron/shaft specs: KBS Stiff shafts 1* upright +.25" First Impressions (I had the 8 and 9 irons mixed up in these pictures^) These pictures are to show the "black" color, set against a black visor 7 iron Foam port, 7 iron^ According to their website, the Black Cats are hollow body, foam filled irons (similar to the Taylormade p-790 and Ping G500?). Generally, these irons are supposed to have more of a players-iron shape, game-improvement iron forgiveness, and the foam is supposed to improve feedback and feel. This type of iron is something I’ve had my eye on for a while, and I think this would be perfect for a player of my skill level. My current Cobra King F8 irons are a little lacking in feel. The 5-7 irons are hollow body (non filled), and it pretty much feels like nothing if you hit it perfectly, and like you hit a rock if you miss-hit. So I’ll be looking for any kind of “feel” property that may come through with the foam filling (I’ll be able to compare this to my forged Adams irons). I was a little irritated they did not provide the gap wedge I requested. so I am still using the gap wedge from my Cobra set. After reviewing what the irons are “supposed to be” and looking them over (playing a few rounds with them) – here is what I’ll be especially looking for: The lofts of the Black Cats are much more “traditional” and similar to my old Adams Irons. Will I lose any distance? Maybe gain some? The grooves seem very shallow compared to my Cobra irons, will I be able to spin the irons similarly? Any impact at all? If these irons can be more forgiving (go similar distance on thin/fat/toe/heel shots) AND go at least similar distance when compared to the cobras, they will be the new irons in my bag! My testing will be conducted mostly on the course, and at the First Tee of Richmond. Hopefully I can get down to the MGS HQ and use some of their launch monitors to get some real data. I look forward to this process, and let me know if you have any other questions for me, I’d love to give my insight wherever possible.
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    The opposing teams field goal kicker missing, receiver dropping the ball, basketball player missing a shot, soccer player missing the goal, baseball player striking out, golfer not getting a birdie because it will hurt my fantasy team, etc. While I don’t think telling out at a golf tournament is appropriate the world of sports is defined by people succeeding and failing at their job. Fans for one team root for the other team to fail. Kind of the nature of competition in both professional and amateur ranks.
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    Played a quick 9 for the first time in a while due to work and weather constraints. Played this fairly long course from the tips for the first time in a year and a half. Shot a fairly easy 37 (+1). Iron shots were amazing throughout the whole day, wedges were pretty good, and can't complain with putting. My drives were the worst part of my game today putting one ball in the water and spraying for the most part. Also missed a tap in one- footer on #2 the 237 yard par 3 after an amazing chip shot with some tour sauce on it. Had I made that, I would have been even for the round. I guess it wasn't meant to be. FIR= 3/7 GIR= 7/9 Putts=17 Now I am going to list of my scores or holes in order: 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 5, 5, 4, 4 = 37
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    It took me a moment to remember that you were talking earlier about x-raying some balls, and this is just awesome! This has been a fun and VERY informative thread, but this took it to a whole new level. Thank you! Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    5 par, Second hole, pulled my drive into severe rough with a steep uphill lie. Got a 25° Hybrid at about 2/3 strength and got it back in play. Had 166 left, and hit a 6 iron to about 8 feet, and made the putt !,! Birdie!!! not sure which shot I liked better between the Hybrid or the 6 iron. Probably the 6 iron because it was the first of many good iron shots in the day with the “new” swing
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    Played with our monthly senior group -- format was best ball 2 net --- I shot an 80 (gross) on my ball. Hit some good shots, hit some stinkers. Best shot was on the opening hole -- 3 hybrid from 198 out to 6 feet below the pin (made the putt for a birdie)
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    4 birdies 4 bogeys 2 double bogeys +4 round of 76 with 32 putts on a new to me course. Hit right 5-10yds fades most of the day with the driver and stuck some great lob wedges inside 70yds in close. Really compressed the ball well today and felt like I hit it with my entire body. Also had great control of my backswing (I tend to get long and uncontrolled). Felt like 3/4 swings all day. Realistically could have had another 3 birdies, but just couldn’t match line and speed well today. That and punched greens..... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    hahaha.........at least I was TOP at one thing /look forward to receiving my prize
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    @GolfSpy STUDque isn't kidding. I was dumbfounded last season when I got to the scoring portion of the commish options. There is the ability to change everything under the sun. (which is why there was a possibility something was off slightly in scoring last year) Plus it looks like they've added a couple of things in the off-season. Say what you will about Fantrax but they are easily the most customize-able fantasy site I've ever seen. As for FAAB, I'd lean toward $0 but am happy to listen to arguments for both. I've only done $0 FAAB so I have limited experience.
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    Thanks for the info. I decided to order from Discount Dan's. They had the best price! EDIT: Sorry for the double post. The text editor got squirrely on my phone.
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    And the BEST part is now, THEY GLOW!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Wow! Those greens are soft!!
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    Two buckets... Some good, some bad. Just a lot of mixed-up swings. Ugh. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    My eye line in this was half way on the mirror. When I stood back barely on the mirror but I started to make more putts.
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    I'm in a similar boat. I love my 60 around the greens but apparently my up and down rate is much better with my PW. For some reason I refuse to accept due to the somewhat limited number of times I've used it. I need to try it more and see if the trend continues.
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    If you're referring to the MGS ball guide, the layers in the Z and ZXV are a little tough to see. I believe the XV has another layer just between the core and the mantle (I guess that's what that is called?) before the cover. Just outside of the pink core, there's a thin brown layer. The regular Z-star just doesn't seem to have a color that is easy to distinguish from the rest of its insides, but if you look REALLY hard you can see it. Or, my eyes and brain are creating a bias since it thinks there should be a core there haha!
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    Probably a combination of the putter, and putting in a little more practice time. Indian and the arrow! Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Not really a new purchase, but a new club anyway. Here's the story... I have posted before that in February I ordered the 2019 Callaway PM grind 54º to replace my SCOR 54º. I custom ordered it from 2ndSwing with the KBS Tour 90 R shaft, +0.5" length, 2º flat lie and 4 wraps under the grip. It took a month to get because Callaway didn't have the Tour 90 shaft in stock, even though it was a free upgrade. I like the club a lot, btw. So, last month I placed an order for the Callaway PM grind 60º, same specs. I got a confirmation that it was coming from Mexico and was in customs. Got it in 2 weeks. BUT... different shaft, KBS Tour-V 90 Stiff. It also didn't feel like it had 4 wraps under the grip. I replaced the grip with my Pure DTX grip and yep... no wraps. I played with it for a couple of weeks, but it didn't feel like the 54º and the yardage gap between the two was too much. I contacted 2ndSwing and they ordered a new club for me. They also sent me a return label for FedEX. Again, it took a few weeks to get because of the shaft but I could keep playing the other 60º until I got the new one. It arrived Tuesday and I sent the other club back yesterday. This club came at my request with the grip separate form the club so I could put my Pure grip on without cutting off their grip. I think I'm good on the bottom end of my bag; now I need to look at the top end. {did you hear my wife sigh?}
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    Agreed. Perhaps in the future it will be important to me know, statistically, if .. for example .. I hit X club better than Y club when I'm in the right rough NN yards out. But OTOH it seems those are the sorts of things a golfer should learn to internalize with accumulated experience..? I can't say I've given the Shot Scope a full and complete run, but .. so far .. it has not revealed any new insights into what/where I need to focus my practice (yes: EVERYTHING ).
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    I’ve purchased items from Golfio to include custom irons. No issues with their service. For the most part they are a go between...... meaning they will simply order your clubs for you using the specs you enter into the online custom ordering form. If you found exactly what you are looking for at $700 less than anywhere else I suspect that specific item is in their store. FYI- most golf retail stores will not accept returns on custom orders. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    36 (Par 37) 6/7 fir 4/9 gir 12 putts!!! (15 if you count 3 from off the greens, but Arccos counts those as chips so whatever) A bit of an anomaly putting-wise, but tied my personal best for 9 holes today. Had a clean card until #7 where a bogey brought me back to even. Drained a 20' putt from the fringe to finish with a birdie. Felt like I was just seeing the line and making everything center cup, very nice feeling!
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    Nope... 6 I like it too!
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    Played 9 holes tonight with my middle son - weather was beautiful - light breeze and low 80's. I was worn out because I wasn't planning on playing so I had hit 2 buckets of balls and then my son called and wanted to play. I hit the ball really solid on the range but I had a bit of draw in my irons when I played - largely due to being tired. Such a beautiful night and a welcome relief from the heat. 34 FIR: 5/6 GIR: 6/9 Putts: 14
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    And the winner is......EVERYONE Thanks to everyone who participated throughout this fantastic Major season with #SpyStaffSlam. For the second year in a row, this challenge proved to be a resounding success and the source of a lot of fun for all involved. Of course, none of this would be possible without their sponsorship so a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Wilson Staff. All 15 of the people who picked Shane Lowry to win The Open Championship made their way to the top of the list as no one else had a solid enough full-entry to overcome the winner's check. For you statisticians, that's 15 out of 806 entries. 1.9% total. And he boat raced the field! AMAZING. There was a lot of meat left on the bone for our standings. A perfect team would've been the odd group of Fleetwood, Lowry, Westwood, Van Rooyen, and Macintire for a total of $3,925,850. Even our winner was well off that mark. Time for some results, here's your Honorable mentions: 10. @msst8er with $2,030,578 Rory, Lowry, Pepperell, Wiesberger, Reavie 9. @Patin29 with $2,036,342.01 Tiger, Lowry, Simpson, Oleson, None 8. @bens197 with $2,045,692 Rory, Lowry, Simpson, Watson, Neimann 7. @Camcmart with $2,109,725 Rose, Lowry, Simpson, Harrington, Mitchell 6. @Shankster with $2,476,800 Koepka, Lowry, Pepperell, Sullivan, Beef 5. @Chrisincarlsbad with $2,556,056 Koepka, Lowry, Cabrera Bello, Wiesberger, Frittelli 4. @Christoffer with $2,567,000.01 Fowler, Lowry, Hatton, ZJ, Kinhult On to the winner's circle: Third Place - ANY Dozen Wilson Golf Balls @MsGolf with $2,545,813 Koepka, Lowry, Phil, ZJ, Sabbatini Second Place - D7 Driver Built to Spec @danielmpagan with $2,625,525 Koepka, Lowry, Pepperell, Kisner, Cam Smith First Place - ANY CUSTOM Wilson Staff Irons @TurnMaker with $2,709,050 Rahm, Lowry, Westwood, Bradley, Cam Smith Fun Fact: Lightning can strike twice as @TurnMaker was a ball winner in last year's PGA Championship. This is our first repeat winner in #SpyStaffSlam. Time to buy some lotto tickets! The pennies in the standings indicate a bad pick of someone who wasn't in the field or no pick at all. If you'd like to see where you fell, the full list can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RRiDBlLOeOQpB9jIKbyNsXvDbfW6qzXq-5l7Q-9izhw/edit?usp=sharing Congrats to the winners, keep an eye out for a PM from me. See you all next year!!!
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    True as well: A friend took a girl to Palm Springs. On the way they passed the wind turbines that generate power. She said, "They put fans to cool off the desert." That didn't last either. Another true one for Bill Engvall fans: My wife and I were checking out at Walmart. The cashier rings up my frozen pizza and says that he has never eaten it and is frozen pizza any good. I replied, "I wouldn't know. I always cook it first. Here's your sign."
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    To each their own as they say, but if I ever get to the point I'm floating golf balls in a salt bath, my wife will most surely take my clubs away .
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    ... I really, really wish people would stop lumping Snell in with Vice, Cut, etc. Dean deserves more respect than companies that buy balls from a catalog.
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    My shot of the day was a 143 yard 8 iron from the rough, for eagle. That shot made my day.... and I couldn't have cared less about my score after that! I birdied the hole before that and parred the last hole, which is called the hardest finishing hole in Stark County (Ohio). Pretty good day!
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    Any day out on the course with this guy is a great day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stage Two – Odyssey Stroke Lab Marxman, by MaxEntropy Intro This has been a strange season for me. I can be a streaky putter, but this season started so well and stayed that way for quite a while. Normally my streakiness is round-to-round or week-to-week, or even hole-to-hole, so I was really hoping my performance early in the year was my new normal. Even though I have cooled off some, I feel like I am still putting pretty well, being more than 0.1 strokes per hole less than my 2-year average (which amounts to around 2 strokes over an 18 hole round). I attribute much of the improvement to regularly doing the yardstick drill during our brutally long winter, shortening my putter, and putting the SuperStroke grip on it. There is also the effect of what happens before the putter comes out of the bag. My chipping has also been better, leading to shorter first putts. According to The Grint, my unofficial handicap has gone from a 17.8 at the end of last year to a 15.3 currently. In the past couple months, I have also been hitting my irons pretty well. As a higher handicapper, that normally means longer first putts that I don't really expect to make. I actually feel pretty good about my game, with the exception of driver. If I can ever figure out that dumb thing consistently, I feel like getting close to, or maybe even into, single digits is no longer a pipe dream. But what does that have to do with the Odyssey Stroke Lab Marxman? Not much, other than to indicate the current state of my game. We have now had the Stroke Lab putters in our possession for about two months. In that time, I have spent quite a bit of time on the practice green, trying to get enough data to see if the putters would differentiate themselves from a variety of distances, slopes, and breaks. I have also played about 126 holes with the Stroke Lab and accumulated data with my ShotScope to compare to the on-course performance of my Ping (I have 99 holes worth of data on it). I had stated my plan was to mostly use data from the practice green, which I have a fair amount of, but I was not aware of how easy ShotScope makes it to compare results where it counts the most – on the course. So, let’s get on with the ratings…. Looks (10 out of 10 points) Beautiful! I really like the looks of the Stroke Lab line with the combination of satin metal and black. With the Marxman, in particular, I find the shape to be very pleasing to my eye. The transition from the graphite to steel in the shaft is also unique and attractive. As I mentioned in Stage 1, I am attracted to more odd-shaped putters. Although not totally outlandish, the Marxman has what I consider some understated oddness about it. I love the looks. In terms of the alignment aids, I think the thick, single line works very well for me – I never have doubts about where I am aiming, although if you have kept up on this thread so far, there have been times starting the ball on line has been a struggle. One interesting thing I noticed about the alignment line, when I have sunglasses on (polarized) the line really pops, almost like a reflective stripe on a safety vest. I don’t find it at all bothersome, just reporting the observation. I rarely putt with my sunglasses on anyway, because I feel like I lose some perception of breaks with them on. In general, I have always felt that Odyssey build quality and appearance are very good. Sound & Feel (9 out of 10 points) I struggle to describe the sound of putters striking a ball, but I can say that the sound of the Stroke Lab is more muted and softer sounding than my Ping, which has a more metallic sound, especially on center strikes. In terms of feel, the Stroke Lab feels very similar to the Ping – it seems similarly weighted, and the balance point is fairly close. If pressed on the issue, I would say the Stroke Lab feels a little more satisfying to hit, especially when contact is made where it is supposed to be. Off-center strikes don’t feel bad, but I can feel the difference, even though the sound seems the same to me. In general, I would say the sound a putter makes and its feel rarely affects me ability to focus on the task at hand – by the time these things register in my brain, the ball is already gone. The lone point deduction is simply a result of the positive feedback I get from my Ping – it sounds different when struck off center and is easier for me to pick up than the slight feel difference. Basic Characteristics (15 out of 20 points) From the videos in Stage 1, you can see the Stroke Lab gets the ball rolling quite a bit faster than my Ping. I would contend this is the White Hot Microhinge face in action. The Stroke Lab shaft is designed to allow for the redistribution of weight to assist in making the stroke more repeatable. I would suggest the primary aspect of putting where this would manifest itself is distance control (i.e. proximity after first putt). I would also argue that, in my case, the face contributes to this, too, as it gets the ball gets rolling so much sooner. I suspect the only way for me to really separate the effects of the face from the shaft would be to test a Marxman with a conventional shaft. Regardless of my ability to separate the two effects, I believe both are legitimate and will help with the physical aspect of putting. On the practice green, my procedure was to hit ten warm-up putts with one of the putters, then measure out and mark starting points with tees. When switching putters, I would start over with another 10 warm-up putts on a different hole to make sure I was comfortable with the change. All the data presented below were measured over 5 afternoons using the same 5 golf balls - Titleist NXT Tour S. I wanted to get a lot of strokes with each to try to determine whether there was any statistically significant difference. Below are some comments about each distance and summary charts with the data. 5 Foot Putts: At this distance, I marked the green with tees at four locations corresponding to 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock. Based on the hole I was using on the practice green, I set up these putts so that 6 and 12 were nearly straight, but slightly up or down hill, making 3 and 9 slight left-to-right or right-to-left breaking putts. I hit 25 putts from each spot around the clock and there was virtually no difference in make percentage – 92% for the Ping, 91% for the Stroke Lab. I don’t put a lot of weight on the proximity after misses at this range as I believe it was a short enough putt that I was essentially trying to jam the ball in the hole. The chart below summarizes the proximity after the first putt as a function of the length of the first putt. The error bars in the chart below are so large simply because the number of missed putts was so small (8 and 9). 10 Foot Putts: At 10 feet, I placed tees on all four sides again with another 25 putts from each location. At this distance, the Ping was the clear winner at a 52% make rate (compared to 39% for the Stroke Lab) with the proximity of missed putts being virtually indistinguishable. If you have kept up on this thread, you know I went through a period where I was struggling to start the ball on line with the Marxman. I have no idea what was going on, but we had some good discussions with @golfertrb about it and he makes some pretty compelling cases that there might be some slight alignment issues due to this putter being ever so slightly upright and the mental aspect of changing putters (see pages 5-7 of this thread). 20 Foot Putts: At 20 feet, due to space restrictions at the practice green and some pretty severe slopes with many of the holes, I limited this distance to uphill with around 3 – 4 inches of break depending on the speed. I three-putted a total of three times from this distance (2 with the Ping, 1 with the Stroke Lab). Since the first putt was uphill, I left myself some pretty dicey downhill second putts when I hit the ball too far past the hole. The make percentages with each putter were very similar with difference in average proximity of missed putts statistically insignificant. Note that the error bars at all three distances are smaller for the Stroke Lab (the error bars are a measure of dispersion, if you like). I would contend this is an indication of a more consistent roll being put on the ball, so the grouping is much tighter. Below is a chart summarizing the make percentages as a function of distance for both putters over all the putts on the practice green. The only real difference is in the range where we have expectations to make a fair number of putts. On-Course Performance (20 out of 30 points) In this area, I was so happy to have a ShotScope as it made data collection and comparison much easier than it would have otherwise been. In all the charts below, the black dots are data for the Ping and the yellow-filled dots are the Stroke Lab. So let’s get right into the data. First, the Make Percentage as a function of Starting Distance (length of first putt). The two main take-aways, in my opinion, are: 1) I am more automatic with the Stroke Lab when I am within 6 feet (by almost 5%); and 2) between 6-24 feet, the Ping is much better in terms of make percentage. I saw similar data on the practice green from 10 feet, so it is a real difference. I was somewhat surprised at the short putts, but this may partially be a result of the fact that some of the short misses with the Stroke Lab bordered on tragically bad when I was struggling to start the ball on line. Now if we look at the proximity after the first putt… Here there are no tremendous differences until we get to the range that I consider obvious lag putt range – greater than 30 feet. At that distance, I am leaving myself an average of 4.8 foot second putt with my Ping and 2.0 feet with the Stroke Lab. To me, this is a pretty astounding difference: a nearly stress-free tap-in versus what might be a pretty dicey 5-ish footer. Which would you prefer? To me, all this is great information that was used to make my final decision, but there are other metrics that I consider important too: Average putts per hole and 3-putt rate. In Stage 1 I mentioned that my goal each season is to be below 2 putts per hole and have ended the last two years at 1.9. With the changes I made to my Ping over the off-season (shortened shaft and added SuperStroke grip), my putts per hole with the Ping is currently at 1.66 and with the Stroke Lab it’s 1.76. Both are an improvement over typical for me. I was also on a pretty ridiculous hot streak at the start of the season. As the season has worn on, my putting has stabilized and returned to closer to normal for me. I played the Ping in our league a couple weeks ago and performance (1.78 putts per hole) was right in line with how things have been with the Stroke Lab. In terms of 3-putts, I hate 3-putts. I assume you all do, too, but they happen. Below are the ShotScope summaries for each putter (Ping on top). Looking at the holes per 3-putt, on average I play over 8 more holes without a 3-putt with the Stroke Lab. I am very pleased with this result because, I really, REALLY hate 3-putting. During this testing, I have also made a concerted effort to use the Stroke Lab in situations I normally would not try to putt, like putting through more than a couple feet of fringe or even from the fairway. The results were generally positive, so I intend to start using the putter more in those situations. In the past, due to issues with distance control I honestly felt more comfortable with a pitch-and-run than trying to guess the speed through fairway/fringe. Miscellaneous (10 out of 10 points) About the only aspect of the Stroke Lab I can fit into this category is the head cover. The Ping has a Velcro closure, with which I have no real issue, whereas the Odyssey headcover is magnetic. The unanticipated benefit of this is when I’m riding, I can stick the headcover to the frame of the cart canopy rather than trying to dig it out of the basket after every hole, or worry about it sliding off the cart unnoticed. I somehow doubt this was a consideration when designing the headcover, but I like it. Play it or Trade it? (15 out of 20 points) I have gone around and around in my head about whether the Stroke Lab Marxman will be my full-time gamer. In general, I really like the looks and feel of the putter and cannot argue with the performance in the short range and long range. The intermediate, scoring range is a bit more difficult to assess. We expect to make a fair amount of putts in this range, especially in the 10-15 foot range, in my mind. I suspect, with time, some subtle (or not so subtle) adjustments may make the Marxman just as good, if not better, in this range. In many of the misses I have had from this range, I feel like I was starting the ball on my intended line but was reading too much break, making it a “me” issue instead of a putter issue. One of the main questions associated with our reviews is always “Does this product help you play your best?” Right now, it does not, but I don’t feel like it is as clear-cut as the data might suggest. Below is a summary of all the results in one table: The Ping wins the category which more closely relates to scoring (putts per hole), but the Odyssey takes 3 of the remaining 4 categories and I believe provide an indicator of the potential of this putter. With all that said, the Stroke Lab Marxman will be in my bag from now on, knowing I have a perfectly acceptable backup waiting for me at home should the need arise. I would say that if you are a golfer that struggles with distance control, you should absolutely consider a Stroke Lab putter for your next purchase. The combination of the face technology and the Stroke Lab shaft allowed me to have better distance control and better three-putt avoidance. While the Ping was better in the intermediate length putts, I would argue that much of that performance had to do with my early season hot streak I was having when the greens were slower and I could pretty much hammer the ball straight at the hole, taking much of the break out of the putt. During my fitting, the fitter noticed I was using too much right hand in the stroke and asked if I had ever tried the claw grip. I told him I had but felt like distance control was worse. He suggested I at least practice with it to get the feeling of less right hand involved in the stroke. I did not want to try to incorporate a grip change into this testing so once I had all my data, I tried the claw in league this week (although I stuck with a traditional grip for long putts). Moving forward, I will continue with this approach as it worked out pretty well. I made a couple putts in the range I have been missing too often. Conclusion This was a much closer test than I thought it would be. I expected the Stroke Lab to be a run-away winner with all the technology that has been designed into it. During the testing, the Stroke Lab proved to have much better dispersion, especially from lag-putt range and was quite a bit better in make percentage with the short-range putts. As stated above, I believe the improved dispersion is a direct result of the tech being put into these putters – both the shaft and the face. Having come from a putter with a softer insert face, there did not seem to be much issue adjusting to the distance/speed. Even though the specs on the putters are very close, it seems having the Stroke Lab 1 degree upright compared to the Ping is taking longer to get used to than I thought it would. I went through a phase in the middle of testing where I had no confidence in the intermediate range. Is this a result of the difference in specs? Maybe, but I just could not get comfortable over the ball. All-in-all, I am fairly happy with the performance of the Odyssey, so it will continue to have a place in my bag. In my mind, better proximity after the first putt and 3-putt avoidance are what one would expect from a putter given the claimed purpose of the Stroke Lab shaft. In that regard, I believe this is real technology that can help eliminate some of the physical problems associated with putting. Now, I invite Callaway to invent some technology to overcome my mental issues involved in putting. FInally, I wanted to thank MyGolfSpy and Callaway for this opportunity. it is always an honor to put in the work for these and I had a blast doing it! Final Score: (79 out of 100)
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