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    ANNNNNNND we're done! Well, the competition part is. There's still wrap-up to do but let's focus on the final week of another successful season: +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Week 8 Recap... Competitors: This week, our guys followed Caddie's advice through and through. This optional feature introduced some new course strategies to each player even if there was a touch of crazy in each. Shawties went low low low low as 4/5 competitors lived under Net Par. Great shooting guys!! Forum Members: There were many guesses, but only one that wins the prize. Over the course of the challenge, our golfers improved their handicap by a combined 14 strokes -- 21%! Would you like to reduce your handicap by 21%???? How about the whopping 47% that @Bucky CC reduced his by? The rich keep getting richer as our champ took this challenge by storm. So there you have it, the answer is 14-stroke improvement. @Wedgie with 13 was the leader in the clubhouse for most of the guessing until a late revision came in of 14.7 which beat him by .3 points. Congratulations to @MaxEntropy for earning yourself the power of data!!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++ What's Left? Sometime this week, the competitors will post their final wrap-ups to the challenge. This will include their current handicaps, "Personal Bests" list, total rounds played, and final thoughts. After that, I'll do the churn to establish the points for our "Overall Standings" and award our prizes. The big carrot remains out there for the Overall Forum Member Prize: F9 Driver Stay Tuned!
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    I’m gonna make a separate post for this. As you know we had to use caddie for every shot. We could play as many rounds as we wanted to. If we disagreed with caddie we could hit whatever club we choose, with a 1/3 stroke penalty for every time. I disagreed 6 times, and shot my all time low, beating my old record by 1 shot. Gross score was a 75, net was 77 after six 1/3 disagreements. At least 3 of the strokes were because caddie was telling me to hit 4 iron on 140-145 yard shots [emoji23]. Rating of 71.10 and slope of 129. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    A couple we play with quite a bit at our course won a round for 4 at The Links at Moses Pointe in Moses Lake, WA and they invited my wife and I to play today. I was the only one that had played the course before... maybe 22 years ago in a pro-am when I was a 20-something handicap. I remember that I didn't play well at all because of my BIG slice. Today I shot 83 with 3 doubles. I hit 11/14 fairways, but only 6/18 greens. 32 putts. The greens were smooth and quick; I liked them, but I would need more time to get familiar with the subtle breaks. My wrist is still bothering me, and I found it difficult to get the most out of my driver. I was left with longish approach shots. When I got close enough, I did hit a few really good 7i and 8i shots. The #9 hole was one of the few holes that I remembered from the pro-am. It's a par 4 that if you hit a good tee shot by aiming at the "barber pole", the ball will roll down a steep slope to a flat area where the approach shot is over a pond. 22 years ago I hit probably my only straight shot of the day, but it got only halfway down the slope. Try hitting a 140y shot off a steep downhill lie to a green that is just over the water; no rough between the green and water. Today, I went to the right of the "barber pole" (pushed my tee shot) and it ran down the slope, but through the grassy rough and into fescue. I had a fairly flat lie 120y to the front; 138y to the back; green sloping back to front and the pin in the front. I wasn't sure I could get any club on the ball that would clear the water; 8i was the safe play to clear the water, but I would likely be on the back of the green with a quick downhill putt. I chose 9i. No guts; no glory! I took a mighty cut at it, and landed the ball between the water and the pin for a 4 foot straight uphill birdie. I know... stupid choice, but... #toursauce!
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    Last round of the 2019 Cobra Connect Challenge 3 is in the books. It also happened to be my best round in the last few weeks. First 8 holes I was -1 under par. Followed Arccos Caddie recommendation of a 3 wood off the tee on hole 9 and promptly hooked it OB. Stupid double bogey left me at +1 after 9 holes. Shook off the double and played rocked solid golf to get back to even par after 16 holes. Unfortunately I knew exactly where I stood on the 17 tee box and bogeyed the last two. It wasn't quite Jean van de Velde bad but it still hurt. Best round of the week was tonight's 74 on a 70.3/123 par 72 course. Disagreed with Caddie on one hole when it wanted me to hit 3 wood and I took out my driver instead. I got a par on that hole so I'm clearly smarter than the Arccos A.I. right?
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    2019 FedEx Cup Challenge Sponsored by Bridgestone Golf The FedEx Cup Playoffs are upon us bringing with it the final three events of the season. The good folks at Bridgestone Golf have offered us some great prizes for those who pick the best group of golfers during the playoff events! First prize: a Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver Second prize: a Bridgestone Tour B XW-1 Wedge Third prize: THREE dozen Bridgestone Tour B balls Rules: From the polls on this post (desktop or mobile web; not on the app), choose TWO AND ONLY TWO players from each of the three tiers of the final 125. 6 players total. Basic scoring: the higher your players finish, the more points you get. Points are awarded only to those who make it to the second playoff event. Detailed scoring: Take the players current rank and add it to the finish bonus (if the player makes the second playoff event) Finish Bonuses Finish from 71-125: 0 points Finish from 11-70: ascending points; 70th place gets one point, up to 60 for 11th place 10: 62 9: 63 8: 65 7: 70 6: 75 5: 80 4: 85 3: 90 2: 100 1: 125 Tiebreaker: Post the winning score at the Tour Championship to this thread. The winning score relative to par will include the starting strokes that the TOUR has implemented this year (the top-ranked player at the TOUR Championship begins at 10 under). Entries close at midnight EDT on Wednesday night. Good Luck! NOTE: Prizes available only to residents of the continental USA.
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    I love my Mizuno irons! Played 9 Big Boy on the cart path only wet course. Shot a 2 over 38 with one bird. Even the Cobra F8 Driver was working as best it could in wet fareways. Greens were perfect but a bit slow. No shoulder pain!!! None, nota! Did I mention I love the Mizuno irons! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Here we go, last review for the 2019 CobraConnectChallenge3!! Last couple of weeks we have been focusing on Arccos, mainly the caddie feature. I guess I’ll be the first to say, I’m not a fan. The tracking system itself is very nice. I HATE having my phone in my pocket while playing. There have been 4-5 times I didn’t track because I didn’t want the aggravation of my phone in my pocket. Maybe once the link thing comes out, it’ll be better. The thing most people would benefit the most from, distances. I pretty much know the range on all my clubs. That comes from a lot of range time and playing several rounds. I play with several people that think they can hit “x” iron 160 but in reality it’s only 145-150. The smart distance feature is really really close, I’ll give it that. The thing that throws it off for me, I hit 4 iron off the tee or punch shots out of trouble. So there’s such a big discrepancy in distances it don’t know what to make my smart distance. Other than that it’s pretty darn close. My hybrid had some slight mishits on it, so that kinda skewed the average. As you can see pretty big gap between PW and 50*, need to work on that. Having to move the pin on every hole wasn’t fun. Unless the hole was cut dead center, you would have to move it. A button you could push as you’re getting you ball out of the hole would be nice. The putter sensor was all over the place, it would either not pick up a putt, or add a putt, very seldom was it right. I did use my Apple Watch series2 a couple of times, it vibrates when a shot has been detected, that was nice. I would’ve used it every time, but I don’t like wearing a watch as it’s in the way of my glove. This has already been addressed, but, Arccos doesn’t take into account trees. When using the caddie feature on one of my home course holes this is what is says. That’s all fine and dandy but this is what that hole really looks like. With an arrow showing the intended line. Here’s the results from trying to hook it around the trees. Spoiler alert......it didn’t work. Had to take a drop after I flew it 30-40 yards in the woods, at least I found my ball [emoji23] One of the things I’ve really liked, is it showing you what you need to work on the most. The days my driving handicap was high, I would spend extra time on the range working on that, same thing for approach shots, chipping, or putting. You can get out of Arccos as much as you want to, to do so, you really need to do it on a computer using the “dashboard”. I looked at it a time or two, but to be honest, it’s not the most user friendly. In my conclusion, I will probably not be using Arccos in the near future, when the link comes out, we’ll see. For now I’ll use the data I’ve accumulated to work on my game for the rest of my season, another 2-3 months depending. I still say the Cobra F9 Speedback lineup has been key to my made improvements over the last few months. If anyone is considering a whole new bag, or just one new stick, please give Cobra a shot. Here’s one last look, for now, of the amazing setup I’ve been gaming this summer. Thank you MGS for choosing me, IMO, for the most important review of the year. I hope I’ve lived up to your all’s expectations. If anyone has any questions please feel free to PM me, or ask on the thread. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Shot 76 today at the Bayou - white tees, 6200 yards in the wet - everything I can handle but still I hit every club in the bag except the 48 - This is a Fazio course and it’s Fazio tough. Some really cool stuff on it. Back to back short par 5’s on the front but if you want to take them on you better be very accurate because it’s hard to hit the ball on the green on 6 with a wedge let alone from 220 with a long iron or wood - misses are OB or in the water. 8 has a hazard left and I actually had a go option on it but instead hit 7 wood into the neck and pitched it on - missed the birdie putt though. Back nine has the bayou holes - 2 masterful short par 4’s, one sans bunkers but with a green that ricochetes shots in every direction and is a bugger to pitch too and then back to back par 3’s over the edges of the Bayou. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I really don't want to write this post but I feel like it is a good day since I just played yesterday and the clubs are still fresh in my mind. Without further ado here is my Cobra Connect Challenge 3 wrap-up post. After six baseline rounds in very wet conditions Arccos had me pegged as an 8.8 handicap golfer. My USGA handicap at the start of the year was 5.4, so the swamp like courses definitely hurt my baseline stats. As a reminder this is what I was dealing with: The areas that suffered the most during my baseline rounds were driving (no roll) and putting (terrible greens). After 22 grueling rounds over the eight week long CCC3 I ended up here: Overall Handicap 4.7 down from 8.8 Driving 9.5 down from 14.0 Approach 7.9 down from 10.7 Chipping 6.0 down from 7.9 Sand 7.1 up from 2.3 (baseline was from a total of 2 shots) Putting +2.7 down from 4.7 At quick glance someone could look at my USGA index of 5.4 at the start of the season to my current index of 5.1 and said "meh, the Cobra clubs are pretty good but nothing special." That statement would be wrong. Living in a cold weather state like Wisconsin my game always starts off slow from the 4-6 month winter layoff. True to form this year I struggled during my limited rounds in April and May. But something happened once I got used to the Cobra clubs. If you look at the start of the competition to today my scoring average is a full 1.5 strokes better than last year. As someone in the 5-6 handicap range that's a huge difference in overall play. I also tied a personal best (+1 73), won my first ever tournament, shot eight straight rounds in the 70's, and now have my lowest index ever at 5.1. All of that and I still have a solid two months of great weather left to keep going lower. Thanks to Arccos I also know that I should be spending extra practice time on driving and approach shots and not worrying so much about my putting. I never thought I was anything special with the flat stick but now I know that it's definitely a strength in my game. I've already gone through all of the individual club reviews so here's a quick one sentence summary of the last 8+ weeks of my life: Cobra is legit. Before I get into my Arccos personal bests I just want to give a huge thank you to MGS, Cobra, Arccos, @GolfSpy STUDque and the rest of the moderators, and all of the people that followed along and peppered us with questions during our journey. Also thank you to my fellow competitors @bardle, @Nunfa0, @palvord, and @robertson153 for keeping this fun and engaging all summer long. And @revkev, sorry I couldn't earn you some awesome Puma gear during the 4-club challenge. Back to business. I ended up setting personal bests in 18 of the 22 Arccos categories during the challenge. Here's the full list of everything that is tracked by the system. My favorites are the lowest score, lowest all-time handicap, and fastest round. Now that this is over I've already found myself missing the weekly challenges we had to go through. Playing at the same course for 90% of my rounds can be very tedious when things are not going well. Having something new each week was a shot of adrenaline during even the worst rounds. The thing I'll miss the least is definitely hashtagging everything on social media. I'd much rather be on the course playing than on my phone tweeting about it. Yes I know I'm getting old. I'm sure there were some bumps along the road and a few people wondered why the hell the five of us were selected for the most prestigious challenge MGS has to offer. I hope everyone could see that we were all trying our best each and every week to give the most open and honest feedback we could possibly provide. This challenge was far from easy but I think all five of us would say YES in a heartbeat if we had to do it all over again. Although this is my last official responsibility for the CCC3 I'll still hang around the thread if anyone has questions about the contest, Cobra, Arccos, or anything else. Feel free to PM me as well. Thank you.
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    You all suck did a great job!! There may be winners and not winners with a points system, but you're all winners in this challenge.
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    I'm gonna step in here and lock this one up. There are other places where this conversation is continuing on social media, and I don't expect we're likely to make things better by having another instance of it here in the forums.
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    Sharing your 2 cents consisted of you getting butthurt for MGS calling out "influencers" Then you play the fame card Now you're taking your ball and going home. That about wraps up this thread. NEXT!
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    "important group of people" Important to who? That's the problem with social media. Folks are getting big heads thinking they mean something to the world because of follows and likes. Sorry, but if you're gone tomorrow no one cares, and that speaker company is on to the next one.
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    MyGolfSpy debuted an Instagram post encouraging would be social media influencers to reconsider. It included a thinly veiled line about selling one’s soul for a bluetooth speaker of questionable quality (Amp Caddy). All the influencers whom presumably exchanged their souls for said speaker predictably shifted into herd mentality blast mode. The ~750 comments garnered by the post made for some very entertaining bedtime reading and also conveniently doubles as a comprehensive list of IG influencers to unfollow/block. DLK reading comments, repeatedly thinking: “Goodness gracious these influencers are a seriously insecure bunch” And now the entire MyGolfSpy HQ team is taking a week off in observance of employee mental health awareness.
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    Wedgie gets denied by a late revision. Who was it? Congrats Max but I’ll get you next year and congrats to all the guys, they poured everything they had into this contest. Great showing by Bardle as expected and I can’t wait to read the final summaries from each of you. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I submit my humble offering of my final official round in the Cobra Connect Challenge 3. Using the Arrcos Caddie suggestions, yesterday I shot a 91 at Timber Wolf Golf Course. Course rating was 71.5 and slope is 125. I disagreed with the recommendations 3 times for a total of 92. I can't fully blame the Caddie for me not having a better round. Yes, some of the time I didn't agree with the recommendations and let that thought creep in my head. With that negative thought nestled in my brain, I promptly executed poorly. When I fully committed to the recommendations, I had some great results. For example: This is a blind tee shot over trees, that you have to land short of the water and trees on the other side. The screenshot makes it look less intimidating than off the tee. (I should have taken a picture, but I didn't realize I was going to par this hole) While this doesn't change my viewpoint on the Caddie system, perhaps there is something to the suggestions given. And just like any player/caddie relationship it takes trust and commitment for it to work.
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    Any ball that finds dry land on 16 at my club is a round saver. 180 to back pin into a breeze hit 7 wood to the back fringe - 183 per shot scope. Just played the type of boring golf that I like 12/14 fairways, 10 greens, 14 pars, 4 bogeys, never in any real trouble, just didn’t hole any of my 5 or 6 good looks at birdie. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Signs up with an anonymous name... not hiding...
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    I guess you really are that dense. The entire point the their post is don't just become a shill for something if a company is offering you a free product. Especially if that product turns not to be of the best quality.
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    Saw this on my phone and could only see “you all suck”. My first thought was Bardle doesn’t suck....or the other guys. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    It's not the only account like that. Also found @mgsisbs I guess that's how you know you make it though. The first step is imitation (we've had plenty of those over the years) and now it's moved on to bashing.
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    We played 9 last night with another couple. Note: worked out in the morning, driving range in the afternoon then pickle=ball before the golf. Started out great but lost steam around #7 so ended up with a 47. Interesting my drives were spot on and getting the distance I've been looking for - perhaps the result of recent workout program?
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    Played so much better than Saturday. The people I were with were good company and I found a good rhythm. I ended up with an 84 with 3 penalties due to knowing exactly where the ball went but not being able to find it. Although there's something odd when you see others in the same spot playing a different hole and you can't find your ball...I hope they hit them in the water. Anyway, the driver continues to be a crowd pleaser in most respects and I have now smashed my previous long drive twice. Hit a 289 yard drive on #3 and a HUGE 297 on #4. The par 3 #8 was the highlight of the day, leaving this for birdie...about 4" short of my first hole in one.
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    This echos my feelings as well. Fantastic job from everyone. It has been a blast sharing a little banter and watching you guys duke it out. Still hoping for a @Nunfa0 haka (people don’t forget). Nonetheless it has been an awesome few months!
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    +1 37 with my F-I-L at a local 9 hole course... 1 bird 2 bog 6 par missed 2 birdie chances from 8 feet so I went home and bought a new putter. NOT KIDDING.
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    Great job everyone. This was a blast to follow along with. I am glad I didn’t even bother putting my name in the hat for this challenge as I would have been divorced and unemployed trying to put in the work you guys did. You guys rock! I would also like to thank MGS and Cobra/Puma Golf for the sweet swag myself and others have manage to win over this challenge. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Read all the reviews. I think there was honesty in all. I like the praise of the X but also how some found faults and short comings. I think the variety of comments gives validity and honesty to the reviews. Again, i thoroughly enjoyed doing my part of the testing. Enjoyed reading the phases and the different methods of testing by my fellow testers. To my northern friends enjoy the rest of the golf season. To my southern friends, you lucky #@$%@*&) enjoy your never ending golf season.
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    ... Great score and sooooo glad to hear you are pain free. But ... we are not sure how you feel about your Mizuno irons?
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    Par 3 #8. Hit a 167 yard 6 iron to miss my first hole in one by about 4".
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    Yeah I'm always nervous when I see guys from an adjacent hole looking for their lost ball near mine. BTW I like the shadow image of your hat - that should become your new avatar
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    Alright guys. The playoff bracket is set. I'll work to get this dropped into Fantrax but here's the official bracket: Again, the "Albatross Major" stat is how we'll be capturing the regular season bonuses. Congrats to everyone who made the playoffs and special to those who earned themselves a bonus: Division Winners: @GB13 @Undershooter 2nd's: @00sportsman @GolfSpy Stroker 3rd's: @DannyDips @Bucky CC 4th's: @blackngold_blood @bardle
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    Nice prizes and comp- thanks @GolfSpy MPR and MGS Point to note- anyone I pick usually crashes and burns (see my record breaking 'Open' picks lol) and I've picked Brooks for the first time this year................you have been warned winning score -16
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    Congrats to all 5 of you, no matter who wins. You guys did a great job! Thanks for all the work you guys put into this!
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    Shot a tidy little 76 today, but over-shadowed by my buddy’s 68. That dude was on fire...
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    Terribly. Got out with STUD today. Had a heck of a time. Can’t wait for round 2. For anyone wondering he beat me... by a lot. Dude hammers the heck out of the golf ball. Numerous 300+ yard drives. Left me in the dust with my Hybrid and Mini Driver lay ups. I need to go ice my shoulder...
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    I'll third what GB13 and Sirchunksalot said. You guys have done an amazing job throughout the entire challenge. I signed up and wasn't selected and after seeing what you guys have been thru I'm glad I wasn't. You all have gone above and beyond and provided a lot more than I ever could have. Well done guys! Regards, Team Bardle
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    During my round today I thought about the fast/slow green preference thread. I definitely don't like fast greens. Hit the ball well off the tee, approaches were pretty good, short game was decent, putting was a struggle. Greens were really fast today and I couldn't pick up the subtle breaks and lock in speed control. I am happy with where my game is going just need to put in more work. Today it showed some glaring weaknesses: distance control (after landing) on pitches/chips and green reading on putts. Always fun playing a higher end course to truly assess your game
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    Congrats to all the challengers for a job well done! I refrained from voting for the lowest combined improvement in Arccos. Why? Because I already have it! It is as awesome tool for your golfbag. Currently I am having issues with the iWatch interface as my last four rounds have locked up at hole #14 for some reason. However, the basic Arccos is terrific. Congrats to maxentropy, you will enjoy the benefits. BTW, way to go robertson153, you won the last competition. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    There is a 9 hole executive five minute from home that I grew up playing. Took dad out for a quick 9 after class and did some short game work. Short irons off the par 4s and missed par 3s on purpose to work on chipping. All in all a decent ball striking day despite missing some yardages.
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    Thank you both but I still feel like this was just the first 72 holes and we still have a sudden death playoff to go with our personal bests, rounds played, and MGS tiebreakers to factor in.
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    Awesome! Can't wait to see if @Nunfa0 is correct in his assessment of Shotscope vs Arccos.
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    Learned 3 things on my outing with STUD. 1. I am a streaky golfer. 2. I need help with my swing. 3. My shoulder feels like hamburger. No real stats for you DLK. I hit maybe 3 fairways, and if I was lucky 2 GIR. Something severely wrong with my swing right now, or it’s all in my head. Push fades for days... need to find a pro that has worked with shoulder issue people. But, I did hit several good shots with the Blueprints. Stand out was a knock down cut 7 iron from around 145 around a tree to about 12’. Another good shot was a chippy 8 iron from about 50 yards, it didn’t release like I wanted, but it was online and true. And that’s about it for good shots. I played like it was my first time out, rather embarrassing honestly. So far my gripe is still the finish, and I may have them regripped. I thought the stock grip was a Plus 4 wrap, but it is the midsize and probably a little chunky for my tiny hands.
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    76 8/14 fir 8/18 gir 29 putts Struggling terribly with my distance control for 30-75 yards, cost me 3-5 shots easy today. Killed the driver all day long. Started to gain confidence in putter, still a lil bit of a struggle with speed but that will come.
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    ... Just be smart about your wrist Kenny. I had a torn labrum several years ago and decided to just play through the pain since there were only a few months left in the season. It turned into a frozen should on top of the torn labrum and set me back a year even with constant rehab. "Play through the pain" was doable when we played high school and college sports but once any number higher than a 1, 2 or 3 starts your age, prudence is the proper course of action. Seeing an Ortho is never a bad idea either.
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    I just want to echo what everyone else has already said that you guys did a fantastic job on this!! It's truly been great reading all the stories and the great reviews!!
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    He hit it well on the seven holes he played with me. Our Asst. Pro took him out and played a few holes with him as well and said he hit it well; just needs to adjust to having clubs that actually fit him. He rode about half the back nine with me and we spent some good time on the putting green and range today.
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    Played better today than yesterday, but still not pleased with getting off the tee and some really dumb forced errors. I've got to get a tad bit more aggressive with my putter -- line is great, but often hit too soft to hold line or falling short. Shot an 84 with 2 doubles.
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    Made a good bogey on 9 to turn at -4. I drove it in jail and 5 was the best I could make. Bad bogies on 11 and 12 followed by a bird on 13 had me at -3 for the day. I drove it really well on the front 9 and completely lost my driver swing in the back. Fun day with my son and some decent golf to boot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My drive on #10 today. A par 5, dead straight, dead flat, and the fairway was HARD! Longest recorded drive of my life, and this was the first time being inside 150 on the 500+ yard hole. The Veylix Mansion/G400 LST is a BEAST of a combination! I played with a former player of mine from when I coached golf years ago. He couldn’t believe how far I hit it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Round still in progress and early but currently -5 on the 8th tee. Eagle at 3, birds and 4,5 and 7. Under over for this round in 74. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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