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    It's official!! My wife sold her photo business of 22 years today. She is still running her non-profit foundation, so she is semi-retired. Now what an I going to do with her around the house and golf course more often??
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    ... At 66 I need all the distance I can get. I have almost always played 10.5* drivers or higher. Started out playing the F9 10.5* head with excellent results, although spin was a little higher than ideal. I finally took a chance and bought a 9* F9 and instantly gained a minimum of 10 yards. Very similar ball flight but a more shallow descent that produces more roll. I am around 100mph although some days a hair higher or lower, so I a perfect candidate for 10.5* drivers. Like many things in golf, I think this is an excellent guideline but every driver and every player can be unique so don't rule out more or less loft if your driver is not producing optimal results.
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    Just realized my round this afternoon will be the first round in 132 days that is not part of, or in preparation for, the Cobra Connect Challenge. We were first notified of our selection on March 29th of this year. Hard to believe it's been more than 4 months already.
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    I'm looking forward to playing on the course without the threat of being beat by anyone else. #cabooselife
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    Recently, I had a 20% off coupon sent my way by DGS. I'd also been spending an inordinate amount of time reading the reviews in the TA3 thread. I took it as a sign, and pulled the trigger. The Tommy Armour, Impact No. 3 is now in the bag. (pics to come soon, I'm just super excited and needed to post this.) My practice sessions have been ridiculously stellar. I can't wait to have it in play on the course!
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    It ended up costing me points but I played several rounds without Arccos. If I had a money game on the line, I couldn’t concentrate with me phone in my pocket, always checking to see if it recorded the shot or not. I would always make sure I had a couple of rounds in that week for whatever challenge we had, after that, I may or may not use Arccos. Bad thing is, I shot my best round ever using caddie for every shot [emoji23], all but 6 of them. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    It's like playing in a handicap tournament, only you are giving the best players strokes.
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    There really is just a comfort level that this driver provides. Even while going through some pretty big swing changes this season, my fairways hit are still over 42%. That number doesn't even really tell the entire picture, as there have been plenty of drives that were just off the fairway or even through the fairway that didn't leave me with any sort of disadvantage. The big miss still exists, but that comes down to swing. I am confident that the G410 Plus Driver will be in the bag for years to come. It's that good of a fit for me
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    Race for the FedEx Cup... we’ve heard that a few times this year. I personally am not a fan of the playoffs how they are. Feels cheap, commercial, and boring. But it’s all about them Benjamin’s... a FedEx truck load to be exact. There is no way BK doesn’t win this. I have him for the sweep. All three. You?
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    Three signs on one wall. The Galaxy is in the know.
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    ....just to reiterate...this is only a starting point. YOU should tune YOUR driver to what works for YOU. with the adjustability of nearly every driver released now it's nice to have a baseline to start from.
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    Could I start at minus 50? That way I'd have a chance. There's a thread - what would a scratch golfer need to start at to have a chance to win the Cup at East Lake as it's set up for the Championship with the top 30 guys in the field - I will open the bidding at -40
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    I know what you mean, but remember this. We are now part of a privileged few, a fellowship if you will. Yes we feel a little lost now but there will always be updates to post, questions to answer and other threads to enjoy. Besides I can now get back to being relaxed on the course cause I don't have to think about beating Bucky all the time
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    I was even after four holes... then, it started raining, then just dumping. Everyone wanted to finish.... I wanted to go home. I HATE playing in the rain and wet. I don't know what I ended up shooting. I know there was at least two double bogies in there. We couldn't even putt on the 9th hole because it was a lake. We all just took bogies and called it a night...lol.
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    Sorry for the delay in a LOT of thoughts I have on the Black Cats - I just started a new job, and have been incredibly busy the past week. I played a bunch of rounds (around during my time between jobs, here are my thoughts and some pictures to support some good/bad things. 1. Distance The Lynx Black Cat's have a more "traditional" loft setup, very similar to my old Adams Idea Black irons. When I switched to the Cobra Irons from the Adams, I was expecting a giant distance gain - That turned out not to be the case. (I will use my 7 iron distances for these examples). Here are the lofts: ^Adams Idea Pro Black CB1 Forged Irons Lofts ^Cobra King F8 Irons Lofts ^Lynx Black Cat Iron Lofts Adams Irons: Average 140-145 yards (only on very well struck balls would I reach 145) Cobra F8: Average 145-155 yards (very small increase, and only very well struck balls would reach 155 - and trended toward 150 more frequently after lessons) Black Cat: Average 145 (really doesn't matter how good or bad I strike them, they go right about 145 in almost any situation) As I have taken some lessons toward the end of 2018, I noticed my distance gaining a little bit. I directly tie this to the golf lessons. I have had two lessons with the Black Cat irons as well, so any technique/swing improvements will have been translated to this as well. My conclusion a few weeks in is that the cobra F8's have a few more yards to squeeze out of them, while the Black Cat's are incredibly consistent (and do fly straighter). I will continue to play around with all three of these irons, and update from a range session using only these irons. 2. Spin After the aforementioned golf lessons, my ball striking improved. After taking some of them, I began to hit my irons with backspin - something I had only seen on TV or YouTube. After comparing the groove depths of the Cobra irons and the Black Cat's - I was concerned I'd lose this cool party trick. After my first 8-ish rounds with the Black Cats - almost all irons seem to drop and stop within a 2 foot radius of my divot (left/right/forward/back depending on if I had a slight draw/fade or slope of the green): I have WAY more of these types of pictures - but figure this does about show it. All of these shots were hit with a club between the Black Cat PW-7 Iron. This is a positive if you look at it right. Combining this with the very consistent distance of the Black Cat Irons, you will pretty much know exactly where the shot will land and end at the end of almost any iron shot. The only time I experienced major backspin is on a green greatly sloped against the tee box on Par 3 Hole 17 at Meadowbrook CC in Richmond: So if you know what the greens are like, club up! Overall, I am enjoying the predictability of these clubs, but the potential loss of distance could be a killer (since I don't hit the ball far anyway) I'll continue to update, and would love to answer any questions anyone has! Note: in these spin pictures, I am using the Srixon Z Star XV in each shot (bought a bunch of them at Dick's during their BoGo)
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    Coming Christmas Day! Baby #3 is a.... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    ... Exactly! You should always choose equipment that compliments your swing, not try and get your swing to complement your equipment. For many of us on golf forums, the fun is figuring out just what that equipment should be. Yes a professional fitting can figure that out for you and is the best way to fine tune your equipment, but that takes away some of the fun.
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    I've purchased a couple putter through the program and it's easily the best military/vets/first responder discount available across ALL club manufacturers IMO. They expand it regularly as well and just included PXG apparel this week. A solid way to get some PXG swag in your bag for sure!
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    This is an excellent guideline/starting point. You have to figure in angle of attack and head composition. Something like the CobraF9 has such an extreme low and rear CG that it produces a higher launch. This means that relative to another driver with a more forward CG, a Cobra F9 would likely needed to be played with less loft to achieve maximum carry distance
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    Such as? I'm enjoying mine as it's the new fairway finding & distance machine for me. This driver is overlooked by most I think. It's strange but like many things I believe the price to many folks has them thinking it's an inferior club compared to the "Big" names. Maybe they think their 90's game is too good for a $300 driver. The EXS checks all the boxes. IMO I think sometimes like in the case of the EXS and why more people don't buy it or even give it a serious look/try is vanity. I've had a few people look at mine and go "Huh, never heard of it." I've told them mine was $299 and they boasted their Major Brand driver cost $500+. As if that makes it a superior driver. It does not. Hell, a lot of guys I know can hardly find a fairway with any brand of driver. Maybe if they'd just buy one that cost $700 it would work better for them. LOL
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    That is very true. I may try to play today's round without using Arccos just to see what it's like. It's going to be strange to have a round without a specific weekly challenge to meet.
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    Glad it's not just me who doesn't really understand the format and overall scoring. I'll watch regardless as it's Golf. The Scottish ladies Open starts here today, I think I might find that more interesting overall
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    The cause for steepness can be from multiple reasons. You need to find the cause. It will be hard for anyone here to help you without video.
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    Considering all the insult to the brain programs being aired these days, I'll watch just about any golf tournament... even the FedEx Playoffs.
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    After watching @GolfSpy STUDque crush this thing into the next county. From an outsider viewer/listener this thing is weapon that deals only in dropping bombs. Sound is perfect. A good solid crunch. No high pitched baseball bat sounds. Best sounding driver from a non hitting position I’ve heard. Stealthy looks too...
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    I believe so. I am also lost. What’s with the -10 head start? This has to be the worst possible way to crown a champion. Are we watching NASCAR or golf?
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    Brilliant round @robertson153, congrats on the win for the caddie week. Would have said this soon but I was feeling too emotional about the end of our contest
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    He loves them and used them the first weekend he had them to win a Matchplay game that helped our team win the final
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    In the two years since I started playing I have typically gamed low compression 2-piece balls (Wilson's mostly), but after the MGS ball test came out and seeing some pretty reasonable urethane covered options available, I started looking around for some good deals and stumbled across GolfJet. They had some affordable listings on Amazon and eBay (around $20 a dozen) so figured I would give them a try. For those that haven't heard of them, they are an Australian company that offers a subscription service and they have balls (obviously), gloves, tees, ball markers, hats and towels. They offer 3 and 4 piece urethane covered balls and I tried the Jet4 (4-piece ball), targeted at swing speeds of 50-100 mph. Without trying to sound too much like a commercial for GolfJet, I'll just say they performed very well for my slow and inconsistent swing and I was wondering if anyone else had tried them, or even heard of them. In the find it/cut it vein, I also sliced one open after using it for a few holes just out of curiosity.
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    True that.... We’ve got 500 channels and there’s nothing to watch. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I pulled the trigger called PXG, and asked if I could cash in on the $95 putter deal that I passed up. They honored it, and will have my new Mustang here in a couple weeks. Now who wants to buy my Scotty?
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    I would agree with the chart's basic premise and then you go from there. On this same topic the beauty of adjustable drivers is that it is possible to change loft and flight characteristics. I was fit into 12 degrees turned down one set neutral - I've adjusted it to 12 degrees set to fade - I launch the ball higher, it flies straighter and carries a bit farther - I'm certain that I will move it back to the original setting if we ever dry out but for now I will take all the carry that I can get. I think that I was at 94 mph the day of my fitting so I'm very close to what the chart would recommend. You also need a little more spin with a moderate swing speed.
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    So I just read about the changes on pgatour.com and it sounds like whoever is #1 going into the TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP will start the tournament at -10...can anyone confirm that I'm reading that correctly? If the #1 player birdies the first hole in the Championship, does that mean that they'll show his score to be -11? Also, with the FedEx Cup Playoff Pick 'em that @GolfSpy MPR sent out, does that mean that the starting score of -10 will factor into the winning score that I put down in that thread?
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    Ah nice, I spend too much time looking at this on my phone and it doesn't show the signatures
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    74 6/14 fir 11/18 gir 28 putts Conservatively threw away 4 shots by just brain farts. Oh well. Putting continues to improve and driving is still solid even though my fir #’s suck.
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    The problem is that the money is really all that makes it interesting. The "problem" with professional golf is that we get interested four times a year, during the majors. Maybe once more for the Ryder/President's Cup. Four or five times a year, it's about more than the money. You can't manufacture history; you can't invent drama. I'm not a fan of the new format. If you had this format last year, Tiger doesn't win the Tour Championship and the start of Tiger's comeback. What would I like to see? Match play. Put the top 16 in the points list into a bracket and play 36 hole matches over two weekends. The two finalists playing 36 holes for $15 million? I'd watch that.
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    Anyone inside the top 30 can win the FedEx Cup as usual. They changed the format for this year as a means of simplifying the championship so that whoever wins the Tour Championship will also win the FedEx Cup and they won't need an MIT algorithm to calculate winners. #1 in points heading into the Tour Championship starts at -10 so they have the biggest advantage, but #30 could win it all, they'd just have to make up 10 shots. It's not my favourite, but I get why they're doing it. I'd prefer a 2 day stroke play event, then top 16 after that go into a match play bracket personally. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I’m not seeing a sweep but must confess that I’m lost in regards to format for this - that’s not good given how big a golf fan I am. Am I correct that only the top 10 entering the championship can win the overall title? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    New putter. My previous putter was a top flite with not much forgiveness. I switched to the mallet I have now and it helped a ton. On top of that. The new club I joined in February has insanely fast greens compared to what I was used too. So I chalk some of that improvement up to just getting used to those greens and being able to read them better throughout the summer. My chipping is still pretty pitiful but GIR proximity has definitely gotten better so there is that as well. EDIT: So many typos, sorry guys, I corrected them. Was typing this response as I pulled out of the garage last night and never looked at it again until this morning.
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    It’s the putter his wife and I got him. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I was waiting for you to bring this up. Kudos for setting it aside. How'd the righty like the oopsie set? You may not be able to haka but I think we'd all love to see a catwalk strut.
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    He should be playing right handed anyway. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    i'll take both. I won't be able to hit either one, so might as well hang both on the wall. LOL But IF I did have the game for them, it'd most likely be the Titleist CB
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    Better day today ... 38 on front (2 bogies), 40 on the back (2 birdies and a double).
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    Arccos is still down, so I still don't have anything valuable in the way of data. I don't like counting putts, because that's too dependent on how you hit the ball and how you chip. I'm still convinced that I'm putting better, and I'm also convinced that Allie is putting better as well. One thing I've noticed is that I'm hitting the center of the putter face more frequently. And while this has made me a little better at short putts (6' and less), my lag putting is getting noticeably better. It's so much easier to control your speed when you hit more putts solidly. And all this is from practicing putts that are six feet or less. I haven't felt this good over a putt since I was in high school. Coincidentally, I had a putting mat in my basement in high school, and I practiced putting almost every day. I'm becoming more and more convinced that the key to the success of PuttOut is the micro-target. The micro-target makes it addicting. Honestly, hitting three-footers over and over again isn't all that exciting. But I'll hit 50 three-footers trying to hit that damn micro-target.
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    Pretty sure when a company wins a Most Wanted category, MGS sends them a Most Wanted Media kit that they can use in its own ads or in retail.
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    I used to go to the original Bob Evans in Chillicothe, OH. Yum!
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    I beg your indulgence as this wrap up is going to contain a few Shakespeare references. As a former English teacher, some of the lines help me with this part of the process. Parting is such sweet sorrow... (Romeo And Juliet, Act 2, scene 2, 184) I've struggled to put down properly the correct emotions and stats to wrap up this challenge and review. I'm going to try and be clear and concise, but do apologize if I ramble. I guess the best place to start is with my overwhelming feelings of gratitude and appreciation. Thank you MyGolfSpy, Cobra, and Arccos for this opportunity. It has been an incredible privilege and honor to participate in the challenge. I hope that I served the needs of the forum. Thank you, @GolfSpy STUDque. I am thoroughly impressed with your hard work and dedication to helping us and the forum members throughout this challenge. You helped guide and advise us competitors time and again to create a fantastic product for the forum. I cannot begin to imagine the amount of effort that went into this. Thank you for your effort. Thank you, @yungkory for being my partner in the 4 club challenge. I'm sorry that I didn't help in anyway give us a chance to win, but I appreciate you being willing to join me in the competition. Thank you, @Nunfa0 @Bucky CC @bardle and @robertson153. The banter and support has made this something that I never dreaded or felt was real work. You all inspired me to create content that benefited the forum, and to try and shoot better scores. I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks. (Twelfth Night, Act 3, scene 3, 14-15) Well. I guess it's time to talk about my play. At the beginning of the challenge, my Arccos handicaps were: And at the end of the challenge, my Arrcos handicaps are: Sooooo.... What happened? As I mentioned throughout the challenge, my scoring was not improving the same way as my fellow competitors. I've really tried to be honest with myself about what changed in my golf game throughout the challenge to cause my Arccos handicaps to change. (Please note, my USGA handicap is the same as at the beginning of the challenge, 14.5.) Was it the clubs? NO. Very much no. The best hypothesis that I have is that I stopped practicing during the challenge. I chose to spend my time and money playing rather than practicing these last 8 weeks, and that clearly was a mistake. I do not regret for a second that choice, as I have learned that I need more practice than play if I want to truly improve. As a competitive person, I strongly dislike that I had to learn by coming in last place in nearly every challenge week, but sometimes I'm too stubborn for my own good. There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. (Hamlet, Act 2, scene 2, 250-251) While I did not set the golf course ablaze with amazing overall scores, I did have quite a few personal bests throughout the challenge. I am most proud that I finally had a round with more than one chip and down. Too bad I saved it for 3 days ago, not when the actual chipping week took place... This above all, to thine own self be true. (Hamlet, Act 1, scene 2, 78) So where do I go from here? The driving range of course! Did you see those handicaps? I'm so grateful for the last few months and what they have revealed about my golf game. I know that I need to focus on my work off the tee as it will hopefully set up the rest of my handicaps to fall. I am excited about the work to come. Getting better at golf takes work. Real work. How poor are they that have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees? (Othello, Act 2, scene 3, 273-274) I know that I am one lucky and privileged S.O.B. Again, thank you. It sometimes can really hurt being the caboose, but this has been such a fun time, and a privilege to participate in this challenge. Whether we shall meet again I know not. Therefore our lasting farewell take. For ever and for ever farewell. If we do meet again, why, we shall smile. If not, why then this parting was well made. (Julius Caesar, Act 5, scene 1, 116-120)
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    If you're looking for a good quick read to help you with short (<= 30 yards) shots this is worth it. I practiced the techniques that were in the book and put them into play yesterday and had several gimme putts.
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    IF there's a range I typically use it... BUT... I have to be careful. There are two types of "ranges' for me... there is the work-on-the-swing range and the before-a-round range and I have to be really careful not to let the first creep into the second. The work-on-the-swing range is big bucket, alignment sticks, 1hour+, etc.... I call this playing "golf swing" The pre-round range is as small a bucket as they offer and seeing how the ball will fly that day... I call this playing "golf" When I get on the course I have to remind myself to play "golf" and not play "golf swing".... Some of my best ball striking rounds have occurred after I've warmed up on the range. There are a couple of courses I play that do not have a range but they have a net you can hit into; I try to do that at the very least. my putting sucks either way so I typically just try to get the pace of the greens down and hope I can avoid the 3 putt.
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