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    I can't see the MGS crew having any interest in doing such. It's safe to assume they know the gear won't properly fit everyone it goes to. In fact, I would go so far as to say they expect the lucky people to sell what doesn't fit them or that they don't want. The raffle seems to be a way of clearing out equipment that MGS don't need to keep around and as a way of saying thank you to the people who graciously give money to help support the mission of a small business that they believe in. If you can't use the equipment, fine--sell it and keep the cash or buy something you do want. MGS doesn't need to spend any time putting on a raffle. The fact that they do is a nice thankful gesture to their supporters.
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    It ain’t dangerous unless there’s a Shankster shanking around somewhere. I picked up a bad “tip” from a YouTube thing and it messed me up entirely for a long time, still messed up really. The thing that gets me is when everything is going great for months, you feel like nothing has changed, yet one day out of the blue the [emoji90] hits the fan, and you are searching for what the heck went wrong. One bad shot and the doubts creep in... “oh shoot I got that one towards the heel”, and bam-o the next one is right off the hosel. Or “dang that one leaked a little right” only to duck hook the next one off into the abyss. Or my favorite “that was on the toe”, so the next shot is even further out towards a groove less portion of the club. “Hit it fat” only to hit it fatter on the next shot... “Thin to win” and the next one is a samurai sword that chops the darn ball in half... Pull a putt only to push the next one. What a frustrating game this is. When all that happened is you made one bad swing... it changed your entire mindset and you try to change your whole swing that had been working for EVER... If you are wondering this is a true story that I deal with every year. Just hit the ball Alan... [emoji854]
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    Had my 4 month skin check last week, very happy to say it was all good, no biopsy required, let alone anything cut out. I'm on a 4 month schedule as I've had two Melanomas removed this year. Thankfully both were fully contained within the dermis and no further follow up was required. I was fully expecting to have another biopsy and removal, very pleased that wasn't the case. Two more clear checks and I can go back to yearly checks. Melanoma is a national curse here in Australia, the environment isn't well suited to pasty pale people like me, curse those Anglo-Celtic genes.
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    Cobra sent out a media kit for the new Speedzone drivers (full story: here). As seems to be the case lately, I was traveling when it arrived, but I shot some photos today, primarily so you could see the difference in the shape/footprint of the standard model and the Xtreme. I also was messing with some lightroom presets and inadvertently transformed the version into the white, so you get a reasonable idea of what that one looks like too.
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    Shot 86/87 in our two day tournament this weekend with 48*-58* weather. Then, shot 87 yesterday at Bee Zaharias with uncut overseeded greens...
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    Well, I fought the cold (48*-58*) both days and finished -8 on my points. Shot 86/87 for the two days with only one Birdie. Finished Tied for 20th out of 34 players. The cold definitely hurt my game but I did play consistent. The Winner is our General Manager for Pebble Creek. He was on his game, shooting 69/71 for +10 on his points. All in all, everyone had fun.
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    I nominate @GregB135as MGS's "Most Patient Member"... hard to believe it's taken this long to receive the new arrows . ***Update*** you got them!! What happens when you're trying to catch up on a thread. You still get my nomination .
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    @GregB they look beautiful - glad you got them. @RickP his reviews of area course are spot on, informative and insightful. Can we shoot for a MGS putting sometime between Christmas and January 4? Perhaps @ World Woods? We could include Foz. I’d love to see those irons and show off my Ping Long Game stuff as well. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Had my first follow-up post surgery yesterday. The surgeon said things are moving forward as they should be. Glad to hear, but ready for the pain to stop. He gave me two more weeks before going back to work.... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Made it to our winter roost on 11/14 and played Saturday at Mesa Del Sol 49/38 - another Jekyll & Hyde round. Got a bit lucky on the back nine as an errant drive on #11 was knocked back into play my a palm tree. Good thing because my provisional was drilled dead straight and rolled through the fairway and OB . Played Coyote Wash on Monday and shot 37/43. I was -2 on the 9th tee and summarily pushed one OB resulting in a triple bogey. The guys were kind of disappointed even though we were playing "wolf" (for dimes); they were rooting for me to finish under par. On the par 5 #7, I hit a drive and 4i that ranks among my best ever. There is a large bunker, center-right, in fairway at about 220 yards. My drive had a slight draw which carried the left side, hit the downslope and rolled out to about 265 yards. The green is slightly elevated and I chose a 4i as short is better than long. It ended up 7 feet from the flag and my eagle putt sat on the lip looking in . Adding to the fun was that all of us played that hole outstanding with 2 others putting for par and another for birdy after a crazy good 3w out of the aforementioned bunker. For a brief moment on #9 tee, I thought about just hitting 3w or 4i as a long drive on the left side brings the Oilanders into play (they turn back towards the fairway). Maybe it was that hesitation that switched the mojo ?
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    Okay, I tried the Tour X for two rounds, then the Tour for two rounds. Overall, I prefer the Tour, as it gave me more height and kept me in the fairways. The fact that I played 2 rounds and the ball is still very playable, speaks wonders for me. more to come....... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    These are a few of my best swing thoughts I have picked over the years that had a marked impact on my game: -Keeping back to the target (staying with shoulders "closed" through Impact). This fixed my overly fast hips/shoulder rotation in the downswing which was causing huge blocks in my case, since I was leaving the club way behind. Similar to this, is Bobby Lopez' 2 o clock drill (keeping your eyes and making sure your chest is pointing at 2 o clock at impact (12 being straight at the ball) -Hands forward at impact/coming down with left hand in downswing - This instantly fixed my flip at the time and added 1-2 clubs yardage with all my irons. Almost magical for any flipper.
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    you have to be a certain age to still use this term- a friends daughter asked me once what I meant by 'hanging up the phone" as kids these days only have cell phones or click to disconnect land lines. Made me feel a hundred years old
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    Next time, remember to do what you are told. Sweet potato, not thumb. Glad it's not me, my wife would never let me live it down. Another point, very glad to see a picture of you without "the hat" Hope the thumb comes good soon
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    It's been a great season, even though I hit a pretty rough patch the last few weeks. I've had a great time playing along with all of you, and thank you for letting me join. Good luck to those of you who advance to the playoffs. It'll be fun to follow along and see who gets the bragging rights. Man, the season has flown by. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Got 6 holes in before the rain and cold winds prompted us to call it off. 1 over thru 6.
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    Ha ha .. soooo many "magic tips" .. and so little time... Great topic, and honestly (really!) .. in large part due to reading through these forums over the past few years, I only work on things that I've gotten directly from an instructor during an in-person lesson. That said... my current magic move to help me both (1) get my body rotating in sync with the arm swing and (2) rotating through on to the front foot is to "pull down" with the lead shoulder from the top of the backswing. Of course, this has to be combined with the other magic move of pushing off of the back foot and ............. and ......................
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    Yesterday I received my ball marker from Kraken Golf. Just what I wanted!!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Solid day working on my newly re-shafted 50º... better loft and greater distance. Made me a happy camper!
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    Played with my eldest son at Wedgewood today in what could very well be the last round of the year. The weather was amazing! 73 degrees with steady winds of 12 mph. I tried the EXP 01 ball today and quite liked it. Long off the tee and good spin in and around the greens. The cover is interesting because it feels good and spins well but the Titleist font looks like it's a cheaper ball. That was literally my only complaint. It handled the wind well and felt great off the putter. Putter was hot today but I was hitting it closer to the hole too - hit 77.8% of my greens with an average of 17.7 feet from the hole on greens hit. Really happy with that - just a casual round with my son but I'm really pleased with it. I bought 2 PM Grind 2.0 wedges from one of my son's friends for $100 a few weeks ago and I've really been enjoying them. I hit two really great flop shots with the 60* and had a chip in. The chip-in was so sweet - I was chipping from the back of the green and the whole green sloped away from me to a pin on a bit of a knoll. I have had some issues nipping the ball around the greens due to the extra bounce but I hit this one exactly as I wanted and it went in! So great! If it is my last round of the year - it's a great way to go out. FIR 8/12 GIR 14/18 Putts 25 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Local merchants donated prizes that were raffled off. We didn't stick around, so we gave our tickets to a friend of ours. He saw me today and gave me the $75 coupon for a local steakhouse down the street. So, we won something!!
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    Continuing to work on the drills from my lessons a few Sundays ago. A better takeaway should help transform the rest of my swing and be easier on my body. It's amazing how simple some things can be....and how our bodies want to go back to what's familiar, yet not ideal for great performance and scores. 2019 wasn't a year of good golf or practice for me. I'm planning 2020 will be! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Looks like Brooks is out due injury and Rickie is in as his replacement
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    Well, Cam’s currently playoff eligible so I’d say that’s his prerogative. In the broader sense, no there’s not a way to lock eliminated teams from making moves until the playoffs begin. Also, not sure if you noticed, but they worked in your recommendation to allow filtering on the transactions history page to view whichever division you desire. Pretty nice add and thanks for throwing it out there.
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    Everything is correct... except that one about "on the toe". What is this toe shot?? That's a part of the club that I'm not familiar with.
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    Awesome. Just to add here is the top of the Matte avalanche driver. Obviously my camera skills are far from equal.
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    Yes, Kalamazoo College, App State, and LSU. All of my Alma Maters Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I will echo a similar sentiment and say that this is a very interesting take on the movie. I was not expecting to log onto MGS today and engage with a point on philosophical worldviews and how they intertwine with today's culture. Nor did I anticipate that I would enjoy reading about such. Kudos to you. Now I have to see the movie!
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    Hope to reveal at the end of the week or this weekend...I'm excited!
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    Finally, ou4 two day Fall Points tourney is upon us. Originally scheduled for mid October, rained out, then postponed due to a trip to KY for a couple weeks. Weather is expected to be Sunny in the high 40’s at tee time warming up to low 60’s. Wish me luck, my points quota is 25. We have 35 in competition. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy Cobra F8(10.5*) w/Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue Regular; 3-4W(14.5*) & 5-6W(17.0*)w/Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue Regular; Tour Edge CBX119 22* Hybrid; Ben Hogan PTx 5-PW w/Recoil 460 graphite shafts; Ben Hogan TKt Gw(49*) SW(53*) LW(57*) all w/UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ES regular shafts. Lamkin grips with Arccoss tracking sensors. Putter: Tommy Armour Impact #3 33”. Bag: Cobra Ultralite Cart Bag(Peacoat/Silver).
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    As people have said, everyone wants something different. For both me and my daughter, I want path and face to path. That's pretty much it. I come from too far inside, she tends to get outside. We've both had too much access to Trackman; we're spoiled frankly. Cry me a river, I know. It's nice that access is free for her and cheap for me. Convenience would be nice, but driving 30 minutes to get downtown won't kill me. For all of you that belong to a private club, I'd lobby to take some lightly used space in the clubhouse, set up a couple of bays, and buy some high-quality LMs. A few clubs around here have done this. It's also a real boon to the teaching pros there that can teach throughout the winter.
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    My dad, my daughter and I are playing the Gold Course at Golden Horseshoe this Sunday at 11:10. There's room for one more in our foursome, and the times after us look open as well. It's supposed to be mid-50s and partly sunny on Sunday in Williamsburg, and the 'Shoe is supposed to be in really good shape after the 2016 renovation. If you're interested, let me know!
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    That just sounds painful. I cut through the end of my left index finger about 15 years ago and your injury just brings back memories of the pain. I hope it heals up soon and you can avoid bumping it on things until then. It's good to hear things are coming along as the doctors planned. Hopefully the pain will go away soon and you can get back to normal. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Cobra, but not SpeedZone, related - Budget Golf has F8 drivers on sale for $180 ... caveat tho is only Tensei CK Blue shaft in Regular.
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    Don't forget about the most dangerous AZ predator of them all... The Cholla cactus. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    Scotty holiday cover. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Intent of use is the biggest evaluation point. I am not looking for spin or launch type numbers. I want to practice 100 and in to dial in my swing. For this I need accurate numbers. If the LM says 70 then it better be 70 on the course not 60 or 85. I want this indoors so I can use my balls to get dialed in. I don’t have a range that will let me put out cones or go retrieve my personal balls. Reminds me of what I saw at the Local LPGA event this past year. Danielle Kang was going to work on distance wedges and her Caddie has laid out cones and shot distances to her bag to put them in the right spot. Danielle realized this and made him reshoot to where she was hitting from. Don’t want to practice to accurate distances not just something close.
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    How'd ya like to play one of these soul crushers? LOL https://www.ebay.com/itm/Decent-Vintage-WILSON-Kleersite-KT34120-No-2-Iron-w-Pyratone-Shaft-USA-/293028423738
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    And we’ve reached the final week of the regular season. This league is definitely a sprint to the playoffs. Looks like we’re in for quite a circus of scenarios for playoff seeding. As a refresher, the top 6 in each division make the playoffs with the top 2 in each receiving first round byes. The top 8 in each still have a chance to make it. The only bye secured is @00sportsman as the #1 seed in Shooter and is the last team with a chance to eclipse the 20-win mark. Teams that are currently playoff eligible simply need to win 2 to get in. Due to the matchups, it appears that the 7 and 8 seeds can mostly get in without help by winning 2 themselves. Key matchups this week: @Camcmart vs @GolfSpy Stroker both teams have a chance to earn a bye but either could find themselves out of the playoffs with an 0-2 week if the chips fall just right @revkev vs @GolfSpy Stroker Rev, looking in from the 7 seed needs to win to make playoffs in Shooter and Stroker fighting for position in the congested Stud division. I’m sure both teams would like to see 2 wins awarded in this matchup but there can only be one. @GolfSpy STUDque vs @GolfSpy MBP besides being 2 staffers, this pair of 7 seeds is making their bid to make the playoffs. Unless a wild set of circumstances occurs, only one can punch a ticket. @mudfish vs @B.Boston Two teams who have basically wrapped up playoff spots are fighting to earn byes in their respective divisions. @Shankster vs @Steve2100 the 5 and 6 seeds in Berg duel it out. There’s scenarios where both teams make the playoffs anyway but I’m sure you’d feel a lot better winning this one. @GB13 vs @Hackster The winner of this matchup will likely earn themselves a bye in Berg. What serendipity that this match up of titans lines up on the final week of the season. @00sportsman vs @mudfish 2 of the top 3 teams overall face off in this matchup as they play for bragging rights overall and mudfish bids to earn himself a bye. What a tough final week for mud. ...... and many more of course. This just outlines how many different things can happen in a deep and tightly contested league. Thanks for a great regular season everyone. —————————————————————————— I don’t know if you can say the circus league is heating up, being a circus and all, but there’s about to be some interesting team management as players are reaching the 8-start cap and the playoffs approach. In that league, there’s no trade deadline (including playoffs) but teams lock from moves once eliminated. Top 8 make it and the regular season has 4 more weeks to go.
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    Beautiful morning for golf, 51’ & Tee Time, SUNNY and minimal wind. 43, low irons were awesome, getting used to new driver and putted horrible. Missed some putts that shouted made. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    74 10/14 Fir 12/18 Gir 32 Putts Drove down to play Hunter Ranch in Paso Robles to celebrate what would have been my Dad's 72 birthday. Prefect day, 83* with very little wind. Struggled a little bit on the front sans a perfect 3 shot eagle. Hit it well on the back nine. It was one of those rounds where it felt like I didn't play great but upon reflection it was pretty solid.
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    Well, this happened last night. Chanin asked me to cut up some sweet potato and my thumb got in the way. I took off the top of it, down to the top of the nail...it doesn't tickle. As a bonus, I'm left handed.
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    Started poorly, bogeying 5 of the first six holes but ultimately shot 78 today. Only one birdie, although I had at least 3 very reasonable attempts that I missed.
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    Well, we didn't finish dead last, but we were close. We shot a 71... one under; 2 bogeys and 3 birdies. I'm not sure how they determine the team hcp; I'll have to ask. At our course I'm a 9, my wife is a 20, and the lady playing with us is a 28. Our 4th player failed to show. Our team hcp for the 3 of us was 7.9. Besides the usual KPs and LDs, some of the stoopit things we had to do... On the short par 4 #2 hole, everyone had to tee off with the PSP 7i training club... dang that thing is small. The head is about the size of a ball. I hooked it; fortunately my wife put one down the middle. On the par 3 #8 hole playing 180y, everyone tossed a bowling ball from the tee box to determine when you would tee up your ball. It's slightly downhill, and I ended up hitting a 9i. On the par 4 #11, when your ball is on the green, you must putt with a sledgehammer. I did it last year (we made a double) and I couldn't putt with my putter the rest of the tournament! Screwed up my feel something awful!! The secret is to grip down on the handle as far as you can and still swing it; use the side, not the end. I almost made a 20 footer. On the par 3 #12 there were 3 flags, in front, middle, and back pin positions. You could choose any one you wanted. Tees were waaay back, and we all missed the green but I chipped to a foot to the middle pin. On hole #13 we had to putt with a hockey stick. Again, the second time around was better. I nearly made another 20 footer by gripping down and putting left-handed, righthand low, using the back of the stick. On the par 4 #16 we had to hit a softball off a batting tee with a kids T-ball bat to determine where you teed it up; similar to the bowling ball on #8. I think a 6-year old could hit the ball further than we did!! On the par 3 #17 hole after we all teed off, we had to choose the worst tee shot to play. On the par 5 #18 hole there was a cutout of a turkey in the middle of the fairway about 40 yards from the green for a closest to the turkey on your layup shot. The lady we were playing with got pretty close but I don't know if she won. I went for the green and ended up in the sand, so we took her shot to play to the green. All in all it was fun, but it never got above 44 degrees, and the fog never lifted completely. Oh yeah... and the round took 5.5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Went to the range today to get in some work with my irons and to spend time practicing my short game. I haven't been able to play in over a month, but have been trying to take advantage of my range pass to keep sharp. I have a tentative round next weekend with a couple of buddies, and one of them can absolutely blow by me off the tee. His short game isn't as good, so I figure an advantage in that part of the game can't do anything but help me. I had pretty good results results on the range, I'm starting to see more of a high, piercing ball flight compared to my stock shot that looks like an arch. It's hard to explain, but I've always felt my shot takes the flight pattern of a basketball leaving the hand of a player shooting beyond the three point line. I'm still working on a better rotation with the shoulders on the follow through and not feeling like I'm stopping it early. My major regret is the fact they have closed the grass part of the range and have brought out the mats. I hate mats...they have a tendency to mask too many problems with contact. Accuracy was better than normal, though with fewer shots going off course. Still need to work on contact. After the range, I moved to the chipping green and worked on better rotation and not an all arm swing. Spent about half an hour there before moving on the the putting green. Started there working on distance control, and boy was the green fast! Arccos shows that my average distance on all approach shots to be 25 feet, so then I started working from that distance and tried not to three putt from three. Finally, I went just off the green to work on improving my chip and down percentage that is currently sitting at 10.3 percent. I would try to chip three balls and then try to one putt from there. (Results were not too good) Now I know why I average 39 putts a round. [emoji33] Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I have to admit, I was a little surprised when we went year-round in VA. Course conditions in most places in January are nothing like they are in April. But, it's a nice way to push out some good mid-season scores and push my index up a shot or so before the weather gets good.
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    Playing 18 on my Optishot simulator setup. It doesn't do great with woods so i just use irons off the tee. Good to just swing. Need to make sure I do this 1-2 times a week throughout winter. Using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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