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    Spending the weekend in Manhattan with my wife and daughter...we had to bring the elf on the shelf [emoji4]
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    Hopped on the ShotScope bandwagon since it was $119 for Cyber Monday. On my small wrists, the band is huge. I have it to the smallest clasp and still need to move it up my forearm a bit for it to be secure. Very light, however, and in taking some practice swings I can tell it won't bother me at all. Excited to get it out on the course! I didn't hate my GAME Golf Live, but their stats were lacking, and I have the feeling they may not be around much longer.
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    Makes you wonder if he “actually” won Rickie’s Masters...?
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    PR moniker update: Captain Assh.... errr... Asterisk... I intended to say Captain Asterisk... it's the camera angle
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    USGA 8-1a. (4) player may not remove or press down sand or loose soil to improve any of the conditions affecting their stroke. Intent does not factor in this scenario.
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    It's the subscription that ultimately turned me off to Arccos. I think it's probably "best of breed," but I also didn't want to wait for Link to be ready. I hadn't considered the extra shot thing because GG Live required tagging so you didn't have to worry about it. On the flip side, I'm really excited for the PinCollect feature because GG Live had no such thing. It forced your to go back and correct pin locations post-round.
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    Really enjoy mine. The size was a little bit to get used to, but after a handful of rounds, I don't even notice anymore. The thing to get used to is tapping for pin location and if you hit an extra shot/putt, having to go back and fix that. Sidenote... You can use the "provisional shot" option if you want to hit an extra full swing shot... And then just say "ball not lost". Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    If you end up hating it, and want to try Arccos, you know who to PM for a good deal on some barely used sensors w/ caddie subscription
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    Played Magnolia today with my son in what will be my last round of the year. Shot an even par 72 from the back tees and it was an up and down day. I shot even par on the front and didn’t make a par until the 9th hole...four birds and four bogies on the first 8 holes in alternating order (not sure I have ever done that). Then for good measure I finished the round with 10 straight pars for what was a good way to end the year. Overall the swing is there, ball flight is where I want it to be and working the ball both ways. My goal over the winter is to work on the putting and getting more comfortable with left hand low. Other than that the gear is dialed in and ready for the spring. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm trying to temper my excitement with this Oregon lead. My goodness. This could open the door to the Big 12 winner. This Oregon defense is hitting Utah hard.
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    I’m not mentioning the other times when I do it unintentionally....
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    Been sucking lately with rounds at 88, 89, 92, etc. so I reached back into my closet and pulled out: Wilson Triton Driver, PowerBilt Air Force One 3W, 5W, 3H & 4-PW, AW & SW. The only club I did not change was my Evnroll ER-6 putter. Shot 86 on Tuesday then shot 40/41:81 today. Guess I’ll be gaming the Wilson and PowerBilt this weekend! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    It was 28* today, so I practiced with a bottle of Old Grand Dad Bonded. I think I got it to where it's repeatable.
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    Got that backward. Heavier in the toe slows the rotation and keeps the putter a bit open to the path which will cause more of a right miss.
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    Did another SP workout practice session after today. My doctor approved CBD oil or cream for use although she said the oil brings mixed results where as the cream always works for arthritis pain. So I went cream. Happy to report I’m pain free after the workout and way more balls than I originally intended because I felt good and wanted to hit some balls while tired. I’ve walked the last couple of times that I’ve played so I walked from the car to the back range - that’s 3 solid holes and then back in - plus I walked around between my last series of shots - I did 5 sequences of driver, 7 wood and 58 alternating that one between a flag at 76 and another at 62 - the 75 is a comfortable 58 for me - the 62 is trickier. Prior to that I hit 15 drives, 15 7 irons, 15 wedges and 5 7 woods. Feeling good - Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    In a world where everybody seems to give a non-descript answer to every question, I think it was nice to hear a glimpse of what Reed was actually thinking. Just about everything that people are saying about the incident and him wouldn’t change no matter what his answer was. He never denied doing it on purpose, he only disagreed with the penalty cuz he didn’t see it as improving his lie. Also to those that think the penalty should have been more, I hope you realize that it cost him the win and $750k. I don’t condone cheating by any stretch but we only have 1 camera angle and a Mans word to go on. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I like Reed. He’s a little edgy and has sole baggage but who the heck doesn’t? The one angle is clear enough and he took the penalty without a fight. Next.
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    That's exactly what I'm thinking. If I miss short four times a round and I can change that to two with no improvement in ball striking, that's a win for me. Thanks to OP for getting me thinking about this.
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    Even pros struggle with front pin locations. We rarely hit the ball perfectly pure and to what we believe is our distance with each club. What your shot pattern shows is a nice little spread. Move the center of that spread up a few yards and now you aren’t missing so many greens short. [emoji1363] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Here are my approach stats: I'm thinking of adopting the following strategy: Front pin - Hit one club more than the yardage to the pin. This should usually be middle of the green with a good shot, pin high if I miss it a little bit. I should really never miss short. Middle pin - Hit one club more than the yardage to the pin, unless my normal (not best) shot with that club will put me over the green and in trouble. I'll be interested to see if I really hit the ball past the hole all that much. Back pin - Play the yardage to the pin or slightly shorter if I'm between clubs. I'm a 7 handicap, but my Arccos Approach Handicap is 11.6. If a quarter of my misses are short, I should be able to do better with better strategy, even if I don't improve my ball strking.
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    Forgot to mention the best part of that post lol. Rory McIlroy commenting about the pic of the 4 iron... "That last pic is giving me the shakes #butterknife." Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Thought I could get things ironed out before the start of next season, that’s not gonna happen. Had our annual shareholders meeting tonight, went from clubhouse director to club president. I figure 10x the amount of work and headache will be thrown on my plate. I am extremely honored for the position, but I feel my on course time has automatically been cut in half. I’ll try to keep everything updated,try is the key word here. I feel bad for not participating as much as I would like on here, please forgive me. I’ve never had this kind of responsibility before, at 32 years old, and 2 small kids, it should be an interesting 2020 for sure. Wish me luck! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Going to change hosel setting next time out. I took the F8 out after a couple of mediocre G410 outings and I was hitting drives as long as 2-3 years ago. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    20-0 Oregon at the half. I don't think Oregon has anything to worry about in this game. The score isn't even as big a margin as it should be.
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    At m age, probably will never shoot a round in the sixties, even from the red tees, so I will keep searching for that 1st Hole in one
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    I didn't realize we had Friday night football with Oregon vs. Utah in the Pac 12 Championship tonight. Looks like Oregon is trying to send a message. Not sure what that message is, but they are giving Utah all they can handle and then some.
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    I'm with @chisag and @cnosil on this one. If your current irons are a terrible fit, there might be some good gains with a properly fit set. If your main issues are with the indian and not the arrow, then Sub70 looks like a great option to have some fun with some new irons without breaking the bank. If you fit well into some of the stock shafts, they are a steal. Even with some of their more expensive shaft upgrades you are looking at prices below a new set of Hogans and practically half of a similar set of big brand OEMs. Oh my stars....the 699 Pros are on the website...I might be getting in some serious trouble in 2020...
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    I watched it happen and he clearly breached the rules. And he moved sand multiple times until satisfied. I’m betting he’s about to catch a couple extra pops.
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    But reed is clearly pushing the sand behind his ball away from the ball with his practice swing. He did the same thing on 16 yesterday and it was clear that he was doing it to get a better lie. Not sure how get got away with it yesterday
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    This is good advice for 5-handicappers too, at least until you get inside short-iron range. You want the bulk of your misses to be on the green, if you can. If you start aiming at tucked pins, you don't have to miss by much to be off the green. Most of us are much better off 60 feet away and putting (10 yard pull after aiming at the middle of the green) than 30 feet and chipping (10 yard push, aiming at the flag). Say you get up and down 30% of the time, pretty decent for an "average" golfer, so 70% you'd take 3 strokes when chipping. Will you 3-putt 70% of the time?
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    This is what I love about this site, or at least one of the things. @BIG STU you truly are a gentleman and a scholar.. As life goes this reaffirms my faith in humanity.. You just made me smile.. Thank you..
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    Yep and those are the good Tour Forged ones too> I have a set of Hogan Grinds that have a Legend 3 or 4 shaft that need a good home> I can not hit them anymore because they are too stiff for my back. I will dig them out after Christmas and will also look and see if I have a spare Muirfield PW---- And the price on the Grinds will be right as in Free. I would rather see them played and enjoyed instead of gathering rust and dust in the recesses of my shop. But we will get together after Christmas because I have 3 programs to run on the sound board at church plus a wedding to do this Saturday
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    Back in January, I was very torn on which of these two systems to purchase. The reviews on both here were great and I spent way too much time reading them. Ultimately, the sale Shotscope had at just the right time made the decision for me and I played most of the year using the Shotscope. As part of the #cobraconnectchallenge, I won an Arccos system and have been using it since the last week of August and now have 3 18 hole rounds and 6 9 hole rounds compared to 4 18 hole rounds and 17 9 hole rounds with the Shotscope. My intention here is to describe each system, present what I like and dislike about each (in no particular order), and leave it to potential buyers to decide which might be best for them. Both systems claim to help golfers improve by identifying areas for improvement on their game. I know there are others who have used both systems (@Nunfa0 and @JohnSmalls), so I would invite them to add their input. Obviously, anyone else can provide input on either system if they have something to add. Arccos: The sensors for this system are activated by light, so the act of pulling a club and addressing a ball turns it on (they recommend carrying clubs grip down if you have to walk a fair amount with a club out of your bag to avoid potential false positives). As I understand it, shots are detected by sound, which is the reason you are required to have your phone in your leading front pocket (left front pocket for right-handers). There have been a couple occasions where the system has missed a shot which may be due to light being too low to turn on the sensor – it’s not a huge deal and is noticed quickly since you likely have your phone out for the next shot. Likes: Data presentation on their dashboard – in particular, I really like the breakdown of handicap by individual facet of the game (driving, approach, chipping, sand, and putting). It provides a quick snapshot of how you are trending in each and helps identify which area(s) you need to work on. Using a phone as the GPS interface – this makes getting yardages to things like doglegs, a specific tree, or whatever much easier, which is not possible with the Shotscope. Accounting for slope and “wind” – I really like the “plays like” feature with Arccos. Since I use an old phone as a GPS only, the weather does not update so I have no idea how well the system accounts for the wind. This is a little nit-picky, but the sensors look better to my eye, even though they are substantially larger than the Shotscope sensors. Dislikes: Pin location – Arccos claims to be using AI to help determine the pin location on each hole. In my experience, it is terrible. I have not seen any hole where it was close enough that I did not feel compelled to fix it. Perhaps I walk around the green too much? As a result of the uncertainty in the pin location, presumably Arccos does not feel comfortable providing as detailed putting stats as Shotscope? Just guessing, though. Phone in front pocket – I have gotten used to having my phone in my pocket, but that does not mean I am a fan of it. The Link will get here eventually and render this issue obsolete. Phone battery life – for whatever reason, this system chews through the battery on my phone at a ridiculous rate (Samsung Galaxy S9+). Recently, I pulled out my old phone (Huawei Honor 6X) and have been using it without a SIM card. Its battery life has always been very, very good and I usually still have 70-ish% battery left after playing 18. The GPS on the old phone takes a little longer to settle down than my Samsung, but at least I know I could play 36 in a day without an external charger. Zoom level for hole editing – Shotscope has much better detail when zooming as tight as possible, making it easier to place a shot location more accurately. Arccos view of first green Shotscope view of same green Shotscope V2: The sensors for this system are activated by practice swings (inertial sensor?), which is why Shotscope recommends 2 practice swings along the direction of the shot near the ball. The sensors communicate with the watch you need to wear to tag the location of your shot. I would guess they use some sort of inertial sensor/gyroscope, and I assume the impact with the ball provides enough “shock” up the shaft that the sensor can differentiate the real swing from practice swings. I am not 100% sure on this, just making my best guess. If anyone knows for sure, I welcome the feedback. Likes: Putting stats – Shotscope putting stats are far superior to Arccos, in my view. The ability to see make percentage as a function of first putt distance is great, but you are required to make sure putt locations are accurate for the data to have any meaning! Tagging pin location – in my mind, it is not a big deal to hit a button on the watch to mark the hole location. I have found that if you are too quick to hit the button you can end up with some erroneous results so I started hovering at the hole location just a couple seconds and the accuracy was greatly improved. I also find it easier to get putts placed properly when the pin is in its correct location. Editing shots – as mentioned above, the level of detail at high zoom levels is much better for Shotscope, making editing easier, in my opinion. Editing on a computer is easier than on the phone and I believe the interface for editing is better for Shotscope than Arccos. I prefer editing with Shotscope on a computer and Arccos on my phone. Extra tags – I really like the fact that Shotscope sends 4 extra tags. It makes it much easier to test different clubs and compare the data. As I understand it, for Arccos you need to create a new club, but it seems you have to call it something that is not already in your bag to get the data to be separate (i.e. calling a different 7 iron a 7 wood, or something). Is this true? If not, let me know how as I periodically swap out a few clubs when I feel like it. Dislikes: Dashboard interface – I think the Shotscope dashboard has the biggest room for improvement. Presenting similar to the Arccos breakdown would be great. Big-a$$ watch – like the phone in the pocket, I got to the point where it didn’t bother me, but my preference is to have nothing on my wrist. Also, the cuff of a glove will occasionally advance the hole unintentionally. This only happened to me a few times as I had read warnings about it, so I wore the watch further up my wrist. Battery life of the watch – the battery does not last long, at all. I seriously doubt one could play 36 in a day without a recharge. Even if you tried to charge between rounds, the charging is very slow, so it may not do you any good. Summary Both systems claim to help you improve by identifying areas for improvement. With one exception, neither systems has told me anything I did not already know – I suck off the tee. Both confirmed my short game is pretty stout for my handicap and putting is a relative strength. The one surprise came from Arccos, thanks to it breaking down facets of our game. I have always considered irons a relative strength of my game, but Arccos disagrees with me so far. I believe I have always felt that way because I tend to hit irons solid much of the time, but apparently a solid strike in the wrong direction doesn't really help you score . My left/right misses are higher than they should be and GIR is lower than it should be. Arccos shows my left/right misses as identical at 13.3% and the distribution in Shotscope looks pretty balanced left-to-right. I would suggest this is because my usual “miss” is a fade/slice so I always aim to the left of my target. Sometimes I hit the ball dead straight, resulting in a left miss, others with too much fade, missing to the right. In terms of gapping, they are fairly close considering the number of shots I have with Arccos so far, although I started playing with Arccos in August, so I was getting actual roll from from tee shots instead of stopping where it landed. I find the Shotscope data interesting with 5, 6, and 7 irons, but that is pretty easy to explain. The vast majority of my golf is played at one course, with all 5 par3’s having similar yardages and can range from a 5 to an 8 depending on tee placement, pin placement, and weather. In little to no wind, I would normally use the following clubs (prevailing wind direction also indicated): #3 – 8 iron (cross wind) #5 – 8 iron (downwind) #9 – 7 iron (downwind) #12 – 6 iron (cross/downwind) #17 – 7 iron (into the wind) Also, on this course the par 4’s/5’s rarely call for those clubs to be used so I would suggest the data is a little skewed by when/how I have to use clubs depending on the wind. For example, in little/no wind, #17 is a 7. In light wind it becomes a 6 and when the wind kicks up, it has become a 5, so all three clubs show up as the same distance. In my opinion, both of these systems are good and I would be hard pressed to say one is better than the other – they each have their flaws, we just have to decide which flaws are more tolerable to the individual. More than anything, I have a lot more confidence in what I should hit in a given situation because I have a much better grasp on my distances in “real life” situations rather than making educated guesses. Have either of these systems really identified areas for improvement? Yes, but for the most part I already knew the answer. I’m assuming most avid golfers know their issues, as well. Is it possible I am missing some level of detail (like what you periodically see in the blog)? Maybe, but I’ll worry about it once I get some lessons and figure out why I can’t hit a driver. Neither of these systems are all that hands off, and both require editing to get the most accurate data. Maybe someday one of these will get to the point of being completely hands off, but buyers need to understand what they are getting into, in my opinion, and not just assume they have to do no editing to get the most out of the data. So, which one will I be keeping? Arccos. I do not feel the Arccos is that much better than Shotscope, but ultimately, I like having the GPS interface on a phone so I can see and check yardages to features that are not in Shotscope. I also like the game breakdown they use, I just wish the putting stats were better/more informative. I’m committed now, because I gave the Shotscope to a friend after having the Arccos a couple weeks. Thanks for reading and I welcome any input you may have!
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    After finally pulling the trigger on a Shot Scope V2 and getting about a dozen rounds on it, I feel like sharing some numbers. I’m interested to hear some feedback on what stands out. It’s hard for a higher handicap to really know where certain aspects of your game should be, plus everyone’s game is different anyways. I feel like their is so much bad information out there ready to drag you down another rabbit hole. We’ve all heard the short game is king, but I haven’t seen that to be true. I mean, how many puts should a 20 hdcp have? How many fairways is good? Greens? What will shave strokes off my game faster? Anyways, I have this information now....but how do i use it to get better? Feel free to share your stats so maybe we can all get a better gauge on where we really are with our games and what we really need to work on... Avg. Score - 96 Par 3 Avg. - 4 Par 4 Avg. - 5.4 Par 5 Avg. - 6.4 Fairways - 31% Greens - 10% Pitches Inside 6ft. - 42.5% Up&Down - 32% Putts - 30.6 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    putter weight will influence several things in the stroke. A couple of them are: 1. Will influence stroke tempo. heavier will probably be a little slower and lighter a bit quicker. 2. Will influence rotation. Heavier rotates slower, lighter rotates faster. Will help get the putter more open or closed to the putters path. whether you play by feel or by mechanics, weight has an impact on the stroke. This is part of the reason I bought my latest putter was to play with the weighting. I am finding that lighter may be better for me.
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    I've changed the weights on my Scotty from the stock 15g to 25g. I much prefer the 25g. The heavier weights seem to stabilize the putter more for me. I even tinkered with putting the 25g only in the toe to help close the face cause I was missing too many putts to the right. So I thought. Good for the heavy arc in my stroke. Anyway I definitely prefer the 25g in the Scotty. I haven't changed back since Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I think if you bought the full retail version, you don't have to pay for the yearly subscription? I'm not entirely sure how that works.
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    Booooo on the Oregon Knights win.
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    Yeah, I just looked at Utah's schedule. They haven't beaten a top 25 team all season.
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    This seems to me like a cop out and refusal to accept any responsibility for his action. Intent or not, he improved the lie, and in a game of honor, the proper thing is to say, while not intentional, I understand I improved my lie, and therefore should be penalized. I mean, you know you’re gonna get penalized anyway, why not save face and act like it wasn’t intentional? Good.
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    I went back and looked at the post I left. I think it’s safe to say I owe @GSwag an apology. The best excuse I can give him is that sometimes the written word doesn’t always come off the way it was intended. A couple of well placed emojis or lols could’ve helped. That said, he did come off a bit, let’s say, edgy? But whatever, I shouldn’t have said anything. Either way I hope he sees this, and I think it’s pretty cool he has a friend like you to vouch for him.
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    Rob - NC I use the Pelz 3 line method (O-Ball) on my ball when I putt (like what Callaway is doing to their balls now) I use the Pelz Golf DP4014 O-Ball device with a Sharpie Pen Currently using/testing the Maxfli Tour and Tour X balls for Mygolfspy I'd go with the Align XL as large as possible in black with my last name in the line
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    John-James, Blaine WA Yes Sharpie and line template Titleist Pro V1X Align XL Choice Black, JJ
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    Yeah there were times I'd like to throttle my driver oh wait you mean choke down on it. I thought you meant punish it
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    Thanks guys!! Only one range session so far but it was flying higher and way past the XR16 (which has since been sold!). Hits felt *solid*! I'd actually had a chance to try the Tensei shaft during a driver fitting last year, so I already knew I liked it.
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    Someone got in his head when they questioned why a string bean of a human can keep up with him off the tee Suggested maybe trying a different ball, something that would flight down easier than a V1x. Solution? New driver. I COULD SELL AN IGLOO TO A PENGUIN!
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    He's saying it's more important to be putting that to be hunting pins. Which, is generally true for any mid+ hdcp golfer. Also takes into account that putting is much lower risk than chipping/pitching. No duffed putts. If it's true that your chipping is that much better than your putting, you're in a great spot. Because putting is the easiest thing to get better at. If you really improve your putting and maintain a great short game, your scores should drop quickly. That's probably the lowest hanging fruit. Turn two putt bogeys into up and down pars. Improving short game is a lot easier than building or rebuilding a more consistent full swing. If you're putting yourself in such a bad position off the tee that you consistently need to take drops, that might be the exception. Penalties kill the score, as I know all too well;) in that case, see if you can get some lessons and focus on really tightening the dispersion for your driver.
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