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    2019 was an up and down year for me, and not just in the short game sense. I have been working on swing changes; some came easy and others have been very hard to break my old habits. However, the same has been true this year as in past years; as my short game goes... so goes my score. I know it's still 2019, but I'm going to use some 2020 hindsight. I can continue to play the way I have been playing, which requires a lot of short-game practice to play well, or I can change my practice and training routines to focus on more mid-irons and woods. On most holes at my course my approach shots are with those clubs, not wedges or 9i. I'm reasonably decent with the longer clubs, but I haven't been practicing those shots, and I know I could be better. My GIR is low, and if I can bump that up, maybe I can get a shot at shooting my age. This will be a big change for me, because I really hate hitting on the range, and I enjoy hitting various chips/pitches and putting. I'm not giving up the short-game work, just adding a long-game practice segment. Getting back to the SuperSpeed protocols should also help. Old age is killing me!!
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    ... Probably 200 rounds. My herniated disc is postponing my 2020 rounds as I expected to be in Phoenix Jan 1st but my winter is on hold til I can walk and hopefully swing a club again, the sooner the better. I have new 2019 P790's ready for action and hope to have the new Cobra Extreme as soon as I am physically able to play.
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    Back in the office after a great holiday month. Missing my bucket up front but this will do [emoji4]
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    22 rounds scored, with probably another 8-10 with my son that were for fun. With 2 kids and a lot of activities, I'm not going to come anywhere close to anyone else here when it comes to total rounds. But that's fine with me, I'd rather make time for the family now and get in my rounds later when the kids are off on their own.
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    My wife and I played again to day. Same temp as yesterday... 35º but we had a 10 mph breeze. Cold to the bone! Same pin locations; shot the same score as yesterday... 81 but 45 + 36 I had to laugh!! one of those days!
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    End of 2019 was off, as an overly full schedule of sub teaching, work in suicide prevention, a pulled muscle, cool Phoenix weather, and even some rain, made getting out, even to a range, quite the adventure. I even got behind in my home brew stocks! Got down to 6 cases or less! My golf goals for 2020 are quite simple. As the year ended with much well in my game, just maintaining solid contact is the prime directive. I would like to gain an extra 10-15 mph ball speed. Continue to gain mastery of my PING G410+ and shaping shots with the hybrids and irons. But, most importantly, to continue to have fun, test those Bridgestone spheres, and share thoughts on MGS.
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    Played so many I can't remember. I only post rounds I play with others (USGA and our Club's rules for calculating Index). We start playing in mid April and I play 4-5 times a week til the end of November. So maybe so maybe 120 recorded rounds plus a lot more unrecorded. This year I'm also going to add a couple of rounds in December - my wife and I played December 26th in 60 degree weather - pretty good for northwest Ohio. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    First time in 11 years that the Dolphins have defeated the Patriots in Foxboro. This win is beyond huge for the Dolphins franchise as motivation for next season, and the fact that they dropped NE to the 3 seed meaning they have to play next week and (probably) on the road after that. CBS posted a stat that said the NE has never gone to the Super Bowl when having to play in the wild card round. GOOD!!!! I hope they are 1 and done in the playoffs this year. I screen shotted that box score and I will remember this game for a long time. F the New England Patriots!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Congratulation to @blackngold_blood on keeping his MGS fantasy win streak alive with a win in our side Circus league! Great job bud
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    I’m not sure your budget but check out @GolfSub70 They have amazing quality clubs at even better prices. The owner Jason goes above and beyond with customer service.
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    I played 30 rounds, and broke 80 twice. Yep. Not a good year for me. Sadly, my best 5 scores came from courses I had never played before!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Wet but got 9 in. Shot 41 (+5). A few of my bump & runs turned out to be bump & splat. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    According to GHIN I’ve played 66 rounds this past year. I’ve played much more since June, when I joined my club. I can also say that there are probably a couple dozen rounds not posted because I played as a single, which according to the USGA, cannot be posted for handicap purposes. The trend I’ve noticed that is most interesting to me is watching my index climb from a low of 3.8 earlier this year to where I am currently at at 7.3. I contribute a lot of that to having a really tough golf course as my home course and also playing in a dogfight once a week where you are playing for close ups, skins and net overall in a stableford format. Lots to think about every round. Whether all this makes me a better golfer under pressure I guess is to be determined. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This guy at the bar gets so drunk he pukes on his own shirt... then the guy says to the bartender, "Oh no! My wife is gonna kill me when she finds out that I got so drunk I puked on my own shirt!" The bartender replies, "Hold on buddy, here's what you do. Take a ten dollar bill and put it in your shirt pocket. When you get home tell your wife that some "other" guy puked on your shirt but gave you ten dollars for the cleaning bill." "That's awesome." he says. Later on when he gets home his wife looks at his shirt and at him and he says, "It's not what you think. Some other guy at the bar got so drunk he puked on my shirt, but he gave me ten dollars for the cleaning bill." He hands her the bill. "Honey, this is twenty dollars." she says. He responds, "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. That guy...also s*** in my pants." Bob Einstein was the best.
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    175 rounds. Missed 6-7 weeks from shoulder surgery. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    This is nothing new! In the last two CFB playoff games, OU has been outscored a combined 80-24 IN THE FIRST HALF lol. They are 0-4 in the CFB playoffs since it's inception and only played one close game so far. Overall they have been outscored 199-124 in their 4 appearances. That's an average of 50 to 31 with a lot of their own points coming in junk time and the one close game. Their defense just isn't very good, as is reflective of most of the B12. IMO the Pac12, Big12 and ACC(minus Clemson) don't measure up to the Big10 and SEC. There are large talent gaps there and this is the main reason why I think having conference champs as auto qualifiers is a bad idea. Just because you win a bad conference doesn't mean you should get a shot at the title.
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    Wow.... Is there ever, anywhere, ever a bad pic of Hawaii???????? NICE! And good luck with your '20 goals
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    So if you all didn't see it last week the winner for the MGS trip to Titleist TPI for a full bag fitting including airfare and lodging was announced. I'm glad to say it went to someone who was already signed up on the forum as a member. Please Congratulate Jim AKA @jrshields3 on what is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Yes people really do win these trips and they aren't some marketing gimmick..despite what some may say. He doesn't have dates for the trip set yet, but said he'd be happy to keep the forum updated on the events leading up to the trip and then share the whole experience at TPI on the forum as well. Feel free to jump in and ask him anything about what he's hoping to get out of the trip or any idea of what setup he thinks he might end up with...I know we all go into fittings saying we'll let the experts do the recommendations. But it's also fun to dream and guess what might be a good fit for us. Congrats Jim, and we can't wait to hear about the trip.
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    I'm in, and definitely not taking D-shampoo with first pick this year...
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    Thank you and I am really looking forward to the opportunity. I will hopefully get a chance to get some rounds in beforehand. You can see my current WITB below.
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    No chance. Those schools like the money that the Big Conferences provide them. Same for schools in the Mountain West who get paid millions to get blown out by Clemson and Bama. Being D1 and being in the same sort of tier as the top schools is a point of pride for smaller schools. Even if they do struggle to compete. BTW Kentucky won 10 games just last year. Vandy went to a bowl last year and is only 5 years removed from back to back 9 win season. Arkansas is only 3 years removed from back to back bowl seasons and was a top 5 team in the country as recently as 2011. Don't let recency bias get to you. Arkansas in particular is historically a good program and will be back sooner rather than later if I had to guess.
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    Are you talking about Oklahoma or Ohio State, because you reference the Big Ten, but then keep saying OU? I'm assuming you are referring to Ohio State. Honestly, the entire setup for these "playoffs" is no better than the BCS joke of a format we had before where the computers were involved along with the polls to determine the top 2 teams. The ideal scenario would be to form 8 Division 1 Conferences, and take the conference champs from each of them and have an 8 team playoff. Or form 6 conferences and have 2 at large or wild card picks from the whole lot of them. And if we're going to be dead honest with each other, there are only about 40 or 50 schools that should be playing Div 1 football with the end result being the playoffs. Smaller schools, while well intentioned, need to be split out into another division of college sports altogether. There's too much money and power in the bigger schools to even consider it a level playing field against the smaller conferences and schools. So let's set up 6 regional conferences (and please rename them correctly - because the Big 12 having 11 schools and the Big Ten having 14 schools is incredibly moronic). And who are we kidding here, this might as well be the JV league of the NFL, because that's what it's turned into. Just be honest with everyone and call a spade a spade and just do it.
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    I actually stayed up last night to watch to the end of the Niners/Seahawks game, and I reviewed the highlights from the November 11th game played in San Francisco, that went to the final second of OT, which was won by Seattle. These are two of the most evenly matched teams currently in the NFL. They are like two heavyweight fighters trading blow after blow and neither one willing to back down at all. These two teams could play 5 or 10 more times and they'd split the games differently every time. It's purely a matter of who scores last and who gets a lucky bounce. There were also a couple of really bad penalties that shouldn't have been called, but that's just football, and it happens. I would not want to be the Eagles this next weekend. Seattle is going to come in there just slightly pissed off, because they had several chances to punch it in from the 1 yard line to win the game and couldn't do it. Seattle is not really much of a road team, but I wouldn't bet against them this coming weekend. And Marshawn Lynch may just be playing on adrenaline, but he looked to be Seattle's inspirational player at the moment. It'll be interesting to see how Seattle handles that as well.
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    Looks like you get bunched up at the long end of the bag. You can probably drop one of those I’m place of an extra wedge (60) or change out the wedges and do something like a 50-54-58. It really doesn’t look bad though, I’d just rather have more options for wedge shots than an extra long game club. For some of the spacing in the irons you could do the test again and if they’re still off you could check the lofts. I’ve been wanting to do my own gap analysis. Thought about bringing my clubs to work to use the simulator there, nice to know that’s a feature for sky track! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not a good football weekend for us Buckeyes - especially from the Cleveland area. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Horrible call to overturn it. If OSU put TDs up instead of FGs, Clemson never gets in the game. Thia should have been a big turnover and possible game changer. Its done and over and Its just another nail in the football coffin for me because of bad officiating. NFL is basically done after this year unless the Vikings FINALLY go back to the SB or Brees is in it. I think the game was easier before all the cameras, angles, red flags, and replay. Rant over...back to duscussing how the Pac 12 sucks and the SEC rules.
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    Excellent review@Rickp it was well written and honest. It's good to see they are working out for you. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    It's certainly a tickmark in the Cons column. If Arccos really does improve their product each year, then perhaps they can justify a $99 annual subscription. Otherwise, they open themselves up for an annual purchasing decision. And with Shot Scope positioning their entire TCO at just slightly more than a year's worth of Arccos, that's a tough decision. I think I'll be grandfathered since I had the 360 sensors before the Cobra smart grips, but who knows? Honestly, I wonder how tough it would be to come up with a homebrew solution with passive RFID tags, an NFC enabled phone, and an app that will read the tags and collect the tag ID and geolocation and then publish it to some data storage location where it could be analyzed. This would be a fun project to open source, if I were still a coder.
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    Hit the range today while listening to the Packer game. There’s nothing like newly over seeded thin lie wet ground to expose swing flaws. Forced me to do a drill my teacher gave me, full swing, half speed 7 irons,try to get it to start left and curve right. It took a while but I got it. After that I hit the ball great, even 6 iron was flying high and straight. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Started practicing with the Putt Out and mirror; set it up for a 3 footer (ball to center of cup). First thing I noticed was my eyes were a bit over/outside the line, so I was standing a bit too close. Second thing - and am curious as to others' perceptions on this - is for the ball to stick in the micro hole I have to hit the ball a lot easier/softer than I normally would at this distance. Or put another way: for a given distance the Putt Out seems to be calibrated to a faster green speed than i normally play on (normally play at muni courses). Anyone else "feel" a similar result? Regardless, i can see it's going to be really helpful in continuing to groove my putting stroke!
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    Choked up on my driver today and hit it pretty well so I came home and chopped off .75" Driver is now 44.5".
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    Didn’t keep score as the course is still flooded so we play a combined course again. But I did finish with 2 birdies and 3 par. Kept the driver in the bag and was crushing my 6i off the tee. Hitting it 200 yards consistently. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Winter in the north east leads to to greens keepers placing the pin in areas on the green that are technically illegal. Handicap season is over so there is no reason to put pins in the legal spots. This pin was in between to tiers and along a spine. You wouldn't see such a setup in a mini golf hole!
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    Please let us know how how you're hitting your new 699's versus your current gamers. Sent from my SM-N920V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Somewhere north of 100 rounds. Not too bad for the northeast. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    correct, and yes it was already answered, but thanks for playing! Also correct on my avatar, could there BE a better avatar for my golf SPY than the most famous spy in the world playing golf?
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    I think both lessons and fitting are beneficial. Having the wrong equipment can produce feels during the swing that can actually cause certain swing patterns. Another valuable part of fitting is gapping. Making sure you have the right set makeup (ie number of wedges, lofts, combo set of irons, transition time hybrids/fairway woods) is absolutely HUGE. If you are going to get lessons and then put the time and effort into PRACTICING and implementing changes, then lessons will have a better payoff in the long run. However, you need to be honest with yourself in regards to how much you are going to commit to changing your swing.
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    She woke up to Paul McCartney's "When I'm 64"
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    2019 was certainly a roller coaster for me both on and off the golf course. As far as golf went, I had some great things happen, and some not-so-great things. I made significant strides on my short game and putting, however my iron game and driving has suffered significantly. I wasn’t able to break my low round of 70 (one of my main goals), but I was able to score more consistently without my A game. Improvement? Yes and no, but I’m gonna focus on the positives (just like my off the course life), and do everything in my power to improve as overcome the negatives.
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    Haven't been happy with my game since before the beginning of 2019. Did the smart thing and got some short game lessons which has improved my game significantly. Still lots of doubles that mess up my scores. I know I can play well based on some of my golf league (9 hole) scores; just need to keep it together for 18 holes. For 2020 I am going to take some full swing lessons to tune up my swing, work on committing to a better on course strategy regarding where to target shots which I hope will translate into more greens in regulation. Overall I am happy with my putting, but going to work on better routine to help establish better speed control. Goal for 2020 is a sub 5 handicap.
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    Results This has been an awesome project to research, design, and build. Some additional pieces that went into the finished product with links and costs are below: Computer Monitor - 42" Elo 4202L IDS Touchscreen (VGA, HDMI, Infrared USB Touch, Clear, Grey (shipping of $115 included) Link - 42" ELO Touch Screen Monitor $1,813 Computer - MSI Trident X (Intel Core i7 (9700K), Processor Speed of 3.6 GHz, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Video Card, Windows 10) Link - MSI Trident X $2,210 Kiosk Stand Link - Kiosk Stand for Monitor $445 Total Project Cost: $41,000 Joy from Project: Priceless ✔ I hope you all gained some knowledge and I hope I have been able to provide some of the better resources that I have found out there for this type of project! Feel free to ping me with any questions!
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    How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I started playing golf in March of 2018. I had played a few rounds before then but mostly just drinking beers on the course. My handicap when I started was -♾ but by the end of 2018 I was a 32.1. 2019 has been a total transformation as I have dedicated myself to becoming a student of the game. After spending a decent chunk of change on a fitting and bag outfitting and basically forking over thousands of $ for nothing that would benefit me i decided to take things into my own hands. I went to another fitter and instead of telling them I was brand new I just gave them a little data and what I was looking to accomplish. Got some clubs that fit better and that set me up for 2019. In 2019 I have played over 100 rounds taken tons of lessons and I wake up to be at the course when the range opens so I can practice till it’s time to go to work. I am now a -7.8 handicap and the goal is to get as close to scratch by the end of 2020. Lots more to this story not just in the last but hopefully in the future as What do you love about golf? i love the mix of chemistry physics and biology coming together. I played D1 ice hockey and golf is the only other sports that I have played that combines everything I live into one. Hockey and golf share so much, but the biggest common thread is look good okay good! What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I came here for the data and technology reviews and it keeps me here. Data does not lie and club technology is there to help why not use it. The best line I heard here is okay as much game improvement technology as you can handle. At this moment I don’t know anyone else but hopefully that changes. Where are you from? What is your home course? I am from Dallas - Fort Worth area and my home course is the golf club at fossil creek. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? The best thing about golf in the DFW is that there are a lot of courses to choose from for anyone’s price point. There are also a lot of guys who buy anything that will help their game and it does not so you can grab some good deals. The worst thing about the DFW is it’s all the same grass for the most part which I learned when you go to a place like Florida Illinois or New York and play a round it has a huge impact on your game. What do you do for a living? I am in software sales, but I am looking for an opportunity to break into the golf industry. How’d you pick your user name? I just used my first name. Some things are like putters best when kept simple!
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    Keeping my daughter interested in putting with dad in 2020. She’s 16 months and has to hit the ball on the putting mat every morning before she goes to grandmas house.
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    382? They have thousands there. And its worth the flight, not just for the golf balls, but for the golf courses, the people, and the self-service pub. AND you'll be taught how to properly pour a pint of Guinness!
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    You are equating Pro sports to College athletics. That's night and day from comparing apples to apples! Literally the worst team in the NFL is still full of college superstars. The addition of a few players while having a culture change/better scheme is the difference between them being a playoff contender next year. The same holds true for all of pro sports. All pro sports teams have talent. The margins between what makes a good team and what makes a bad team are paper thin. College athletics have massive talent gaps from team to team and conference to conference. Not everyone is equal. How many players from OU's starters would start for LSU? 3 of the 22? Maybe?? Just because you win a bad conference does not mean you should get to play for the title! So, what if T Lawrence got the flu before the ACC title game and Virginia pulled the upset. Do you really think that 3 loss Virginia team deserves to be on the same field as LSU or OSU? Hell no they don't. Winning a bad conference is not that big of a deal! And FYI, the Big10 despite their awful recent showings in the CFB playoff do have a title since it's inception. So they get a pass over the B12/P12.
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    I'm thinking paybacks are hell and Kansas City fans have developed a new love for fish
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    Howdy South Central Spys; I love golf, I love playing it, watching it, talking about it, reading about it, well you get the idea...lol I live in Houston Texas where we can usually play golf year round! I've played golf since junior high. Never been very good but very passionate about the game, if I didn't have a family and a job maybe I could be better. But do play a couple times a week locally and belong to Bay Forest Golf Club. I'm currently a 17 handicap. We've had an incredibly wet winter season and has been hard to get much practice in this year but spring is now upon us and I'm ready to get some work in to lower my handicap. I'm a Veterinarian and I live with my wife (she's a golfer and has a hole in one...I don't) and my 11 year old daughter ( she's starting to take golf a little more seriously). I found Mygolfspy when looking for Driver comparison ratings and I've been hooked on the content every since. Don't know any other spys but I think that will change I'm originally from Tulsa Oklahoma but I've lived in Houston now for 12 years. I play Bay Forest, Timber Creek, Wild Cat, Eagle Pointe and Southwyck golf courses the most. All are very respectable public courses. Last Summer we took a family vacation to the Monterey Peninsula in California, stayed at Spanish Bay Inn and spa. One of the highlights of my life ! Played Spyglass and Pebble Beach ! I was was in heaven ! But they made me leave...it's expensive but well worth every penny See ya around guys and gals Daviddvm
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