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    43* at 8 AM Shotgun start, warmed up to 70* by noon. Tied for 3rd, Closest to Pin and Skin on Par 3....2’ 6” directly in front of hole....My take home was $80! Overall not a bad day...41/45:86 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Got to play in my clubs 9 hole shootout Wednesday afternoon. Shotgun start on #5....Birdie on first hole! Then rest of 9 was not as exciting. The Birdie held for a $27 payout! WooHoo! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    34 thru 8 holes and laying 4 on the back apron of #9 par 5 green. That was it... no mas. My back started having spasms around hole 3 and it got progressively worse. Decided to pick-up and let my partner drop me at the car on the way to #10 . No idea what I did. Felt fine stretching, chipping and putting ahead of time - pretty much do the same routine each round. Started the first round of Aleve and have a Dos Equis in the freezer getting ice cold. Not sure whether to try a heat pad or cold pack.
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    83 (12 over) in very tough conditions. Started well but lost my way a bit. Driver was ok, hit one in the water, irons were inconsistent. Hit wedges well and putted ok. Struggled to read cross wind putts. For an idea of the conditions have a look at the coverage of the LPGA event on at the moment, ISPS Handa Victorian Open, which is being played about 15 miles from my course. The wind was particularly tough as it was blowing in the opposite direction to normal.
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    Continues to be cold here, but we haven't had a ton more snow, which gives some reason for hope that we'll be able to golf again sometime. It was barely 20° here today, so it was still really cold in the garage. But I had a few tasks I wanted to accomplish on the SkyTrak today. The first is that I got a new hitting mat: a Fiberbuilt Flight Deck. On getting it, I found that it's essentially an overgrown bathroom tub scrubber. The grass is made of stiff bristles. By reviews, it's supposed to give more accurate spin numbers and be easier on the old elbows. I'm hoping to build up a better platform for it, but my initial impressions are positive. The second is that I wanted to do a little club test. A couple years back, I purchased an older model Callaway Prototype Utility iron at 24°. That's the same loft as my G700 5-iron, so I wanted to pit them against each other and see if one or the other gave me better numbers as I put my bag together for the upcoming season. The results were interesting, and mostly conclusive. I hit ten shots with each club, alternating in sets of five. I set the green at 190 yards, though given the temps, I wasn't shocked that I didn't quite get there. The clubs ended up with identical ball speeds and carry distances. The G700 had a slightly higher launch angle, higher peak height, steeper descent angle, and slightly higher spin. All of this combined for a slightly shorter rollout. On these numbers, it would seem a slam dunk for the G700, and I'm almost fully decided that that's where I'm going. The only win for the Callaway was in dispersion: the shots from the utility iron had a consistent grouping on the left side of the green. The G700 missed a bit on either side (though certainly with a tendency on the left side as well). The final thing I wanted to do was a wedge matrix. I've done this before, but I've never fully committed to it the way I should have. After getting in on the Precision Pro test from last season, I think I'm in a really good position to commit to locking down series of shots for everything inside 100 yards. I've always adopted a bit less aggressive swing on these partial wedges; I think earlier in this thread, I have my results from another wedge matrix, and the numbers are much longer. Here, they are shorter, but the gapping is tighter. This is true even of the "full" swings: these are not normal full swings, with a complete weight shift and hinge; they are full short game swings, keeping my weight on the front foot throughout and using less wrist. That means I should have one more gear with each wedge, using a real full swing. I did this hitting five shots of each type; when I do it again, I'm going to have it discard outliers (including a couple shanks), which makes sense for this kind of exercise. There's a lot here I like; there's a solid sequence of 5-yard increments through the middle of this matrix. I have a gap at 60-65 yards which I'll have to figure out. I did today's matrix hitting the shots without looking at SkyTrak's results; I wanted to focus on hitting (for instance) a 1/2 swing SW, not hitting a particular yardage. As I work on this further, I want to start associating each swing with a yardage that I'm trying to hit.
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    ... Congrats!!! That is just awesome, 55 years and never a HIO so well deserved. I am always amazed to hear about a Pro in a tourney getting the first HIO and they play thousands and thousands of holes. I still don't have one and my cousin, that has never broken 100, has 4 of them. I watched him top a 5 wood from 175yds down a hill, hop over a small creek at the bottom and roll on the green and right into the cup. He shot 101 that day LOL!
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    When I'm playing by myself or with my normal partners (my dad and my son), we pretty much always leave it in. The worst part of this is that in my league matches, when I'm playing with guys who almost always pull the pin, I regularly just don't think about it at all. I hate looking rude when it takes me too long to realize that they're waiting on me to pull the flag.
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    Can’t post what I call my clubs but it’s not pretty. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I volunteered at the Dominion event a few years ago; only got one day of work, but got to walk with Bernhard Langer, Scott McCarron, and Rocco. Was definitely a fun round to walk inside the ropes.
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    The Shankster: A One Plane Story has been cancelled. Last time out I played with a very low to + handicap, he noticed that I was taking about a half backswing. Never really thought of it, but I am giving up way too much distance with this swing. Just today I started out with some 65 yard 56° that were “maxed out”... Switched back to my old swing with some tweaks, and voila back to 100 yarders. I’m guessing this is why I was coming up 10 yards short with the other clubs. Felt like I had to stretch everything. The End.
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    Had a two hour work out this morning and then a two hour range session. Swing feels good for February and should be in good form in about a month’s time. Really just working on turning the body right now and ramping up the speed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    All my drivers have been driver of the year from in here. I don’t think the average joe who doesn’t dwell in here has any idea what they’re missing- and it’s too bad for them. Every topic golf is so well covered from so many angles...
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    How about a shorter shaft with larger Turbulators? LOL
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    1st option I believe[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I'd prefer to leave it in but will go with the majority. So far, it's been about 75/25 leave it in/take it out.
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    Habit, comfort, and making decisions on the basis of "that one time that I saw when I know the ball would have gone in if the flag would have been out."
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    I purchased the Fiberbuilt Flight Deck for my Skytrak and love it. I played 72 yesterday and no elbow pain. Not only is the mat forgiving on the joints it really seems to allow for accurate readings. Only downside was the hitting grass was about a 1/4 inch higher than where you strand on mine so I purchased a big rubber mat to slide under where you stand to level it. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I have 13 different names for mine: Driver 3 wood 4 iron 5 iron.... Etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Yea Phil[emoji106]. The man can sure scramble[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    That sounds painful - get better soon. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Take care Grasshopper[emoji106]. Don’t push it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Wow! Sorry to hear that. Hope it's something that quickly goes away. I just found out that one of my Monday walking group buddies is wintering near you in El Centro. He's a 76-year old marine Lt. Col, and he's playing 4 days a week at the Naval Air Station. I have a hard time keeping up with him. Good player!
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    Same here... to include a Charles Howell III sighting .
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    Found it! Which is honestly surprising, I played like garbage. I could not groove my swing plane today, and sent 6/9 tee shots left. The one green I hit spun back and off, so that sucked. Granted, I only landed it about a foot onto a sloped green so that’s on me. Even on a day I wasn’t hitting it well, the BXS lived up to it’s billing. It feels really responsive off the club face, it spins well with the scoring clubs, and boy does it go far. Part of my missed greens were because my 60* wasn’t playing it’s normal 105-108, but more like 110-115 (I played a par 3 course). Despite getting a full tour of the rough, including face time with a tree, the ball is really durable. After 27 holes, these are the only blemishes. Did I mention the tree? It’s a miracle that I made it so long with one ball, and that the cover looks this good is even better. It pains me to do this, but #finditcutit time... Definitely not making it easy on me, you served me well #4. If golf balls could scream, what would they sound like? I had to turn away. That face! I lost some of my soul today. The deed is done. Interesting to find a white blemish in the middle. Perhaps the compound didn’t mix all the way? Not sure what exactly caused that. If you’ve got some headed for the shag bag after a few rounds, it’d be interesting to see if you notice something similar. Did a lot of the balls at the pga show have that? Doesn’t change my mind, I still love this ball.
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    I gamed the Ping Anser driver for a couple of years. The all black scheme (and unpredictability...) earned it the nickname ’Darth Driver’. May bring that one back for the PXG when it arrives. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Two years ago I paid for three lessons from a teacher in Dallas in order to get a significant discount. I had only used two of them, and now that I don’t cover Texas, I’ve not been back over there to take the final lesson. I’ve been in Dallas all week for a work meeting, so went to see the coach and do the final lesson. He’s awesome. So simple. If I had the means, he’d be my guy!!! He’s on-staff with TPT golf shafts, so I got to see the new shafts, and their new color and stamping. I like it better than what they have now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    The whole basis of turbulators, or Cobra's rumble strips and now milling lines is that it's tripping the boundary layer on the surface of the driver's crown from laminar flow to turbulent flow. It's done to delay where flow separates from the crown which in turn limits the size of the wake created by the driver head moving through air. Smaller wake equals less drag equals faster club head speeds. That being said, performance gains through aerodynamics are going to be different from person to person and they are decidedly skewed to faster swing speed players. This has to do with the size of the aerodynamic shapes and how at faster speeds, airflow can be redirected much easier by very small shapes. To obtain the same kind of performance gains for lower swing speeds, the turbulators would have to be a heck of a lot bigger, which is undesirable from both an aesthetics perspective, they're divisive enough, and a weight placement perspective. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Happy birthday to the one and only @PlaidJacket! Have a great day and continued success to your First Tee efforts.
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    I seen that when I was looking back to see when the last free agent was picked up. Very nice! 20 minutes late on Charl and all my trading cost me a decent week but I like what I have turned my team into with 2 of the top 3 in the world. Hopefully I can hang on until they start playing more when we get into the meat of the schedule Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I still need to test more, but so far the V1x is still looking to be a better ball for my game than the X. As much as I don't want to like the biggest and most popular ball in golf -- I believe there's a reason why they are at the top. If you want to hit the ball longer off of every club, definitely might want to look at the Tour B. I haven't played with anyone who wasn't surprised after they flew a green, or one-hopped it off the back of a green the first time they put one of these in play.
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    To me the XS is far superior to the last edition of it. The overall performance is wonderful, the feel is terrific, and the audible noise you get is somewhere between superb and sublime. My favorite thing about it is the way it reacts when you try different flights. Not sure if it is in my head or what, but these come with some sort of sauce infused in them. I haven’t had a chance to get too much on course action. But they make my least favorite part of the game one of my favorites. The putter... I never really cared how well a ball performed on the green. I always went with the wedges first and if I liked it there, it was in the bag... but man if these things don’t hit the green like a Formula One car on a track. My only gripe about it is the alignment aid, I prefer the last editions. As a guy that uses the manufacturers line for lining up my putts, the old version was a tad bolder.
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    Sorry, they could perform like ProV1's and I still couldn't around the name. If I find one in the shrubs or pond, I'll give it a go when no one is looking .
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    So... This is the reason that I was looking into drag properties in the first place. What I think I can safely say, is that yes and no. Less drag would ice clubhead speed. But... The amount of drag created is so low that for 99% of golfers, a smaller clubhead wouldn't by itself increase clubhead speed. In a practical sense, I don't think any of us swing our 5w faster than our driver. Much of that has to do with shaft length, and in practice, you could put your 3W/5W head on a driver shaft and get faster swing speeds, but much of that would be due to the swing weight difference and not the aerodynamic properties of the head. After doing the superspeed training and realizing that I could swing that 355g total weight head and 20% faster than my current driver I was trying to figure out why an OEM doesn't make a driver that is that weight/swing weight. I calculated kinetic energy for the different superspeed sticks and found that I create the most joules with the lighter club. Some math and some rough estimates of surface area to volume calculations, and I'm guessing that a driver head in the 330cc / 220g range would be able to have the same strength, and able to achieve club head speeds about 20% faster than current drivers using a standard length driver shaft. That said, playing an A1 Swing weight is probably a bad idea, and the MOI would be about the same as a 3W. Or in practical terms, about 1/5th a current driver. But if you are that guy who hits the screws everytime and just needs more distance off the tee..
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    The range I go to has Fiberbuilt inserts for the hitting areas on several of their mats. They are definitely easier on the shoulders and elbows than the more solid mats, in my experience at least. About a month ago, I really tweaked my shoulder hitting a fat shot on one of the solid ones. Further downsides of winter golf...
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    I received my mechanical engineering degree in 2017 but haven't been working in the field yet. I did specialize in fluids in my final year so aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and experimental methods in fluids were a few of the courses I took. I'm a bit rusty on the nitty gritty of it all but the short answer to your question is yes, a smaller head size, provided the overall shaping remained the same, would result in less drag. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    This thread has some wonderful advice! I’m usually can forget one or two previous bad shots, but I struggle when bad shots get strung together. Then, I lose focus on my current shot and start saying, “don’t chunk it again”, which, surprisingly leads to another chunk. I really like the advice of drawing upon the memory of a good shot I’ve hit, I’m going to try that next time I’m faced with negative thoughts.
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    As much as I love Arccos, it'll be interesting to see how all of this turns out between them and ShotScope. A subscription model gives all of us subscriptionless users a strong incentive to look around when we're finally forced to switch.
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    Mix in some urethane and we'll talk.
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    @Shankster - Let me know if you come down. However... I'm a bigger fan of watching the ladies at Kingsmill.
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    I’ll give it a shot, I’ll buy a box and see how it goes. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Yeah, but he didn't break 70 on any of the courses with the pins set up easy for the ams. Let's see if he breaks par tomorrow. Now I'm rooting for Phil to earn his way into the US Open.
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    Have to keep reminding myself this is a long season, having only 3 players in each of the last 2 tournaments is killing me. The great thing is I have decent players once major season hits. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I keep on saying the line is at 4! MDGolfHacker
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    I had a thought... "What's that?" Well, it's something that pops into your head that may or may not have any relevance, but that's not important right now. I was considering the recent uptick in distance on tour; the PGA Tour, but really the larger increase on the Korn Ferry Tour. Why is that? The equipment hasn't changed significantly in the last few years. They play the same courses every year, and conditions haven't changed much. All the players have been working out for quite awhile now, thanks to Tiger. So what's different? My thought is the the players that are coming onto the tour are different. Not that many years ago there were plenty of shorter hitters on tour and they could compete well because they had other skills to help them win. Jim Furyk, Luke Donald, Zach Johnson, Matt Kuchar just to name a few. They pulled the average down for years. Consider what talented young players that don't hit the ball a long way have to compete with these days as the courses get longer. There are just so many big hitters these days that also just as talented. The shorter hitters aren't going to make it. I think that's what we are seeing on the Korn Ferry tour now, and it has slowly made it's way onto the PGA Tour. Yes, the players are hitting the ball further but the driving distance average is going up more because there are fewer shorter hitters on tour. The average keeps getting raised.
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    Me as well - you would not want Kirke calling his clubs by the same name that I might slip and call mine. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Congratulations to your wife for the hole in one! That is a major accomplishment for her and I love how the naval plane flew over afterward. I love how the two of you can share these moments together. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Performance and price plain and simple. Time is an issue for me as well so I’m unlikely to be brand agnostic - I’ve successfully gamed Ping, Mizuno and Taylor Made drivers that’s what I’m demoing. Ping, Callaway, Taylor Made fairways you guessed it, Ping, Mizuno irons. Check I’m not changing putters or wedges so it’s not worth mentioning It’s also not that I think the other OEMs are bad. I just always start with the ones that have worked for me in the past and since time matters to me find something in their line that works and then dial it in. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    yeah...there's something about standing over a short chip/pitch right after you hit one 45 degrees right.
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    I gained 7 yards of carry from the 917 to the g400 and both drivers were fitted. I also saw 3mph of ball speed from the g driver over every driver in 2016 except m1/2.
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