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    Folks - this isn't a request. Politics has no place in this golf forum. These are trying, politically charged times for all of us. MyGolfSpy doesn't care about your politics, and we expect you to respect that and leave them at the door. Let's use this thread for its intended purpose - to share our experiences, thoughts and ideas as we all cope with something I'd say nearly all of us have never seen in our lifetime. I get that it's hard to keep your politics out of it, but we're making it easy. Don't do it. There. It's that simple. The little white ball doesn't give a flying f**k who you voted for, what you think the virus should be called or who you think has or hasn't done what. Am I being clear enough?
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    This has been a good thread. Let’s keep it that way. An update on my son and daughter in law. They are very slowly getting better. We text several times a day, when they have the energy. Both say their lung congestion is improving, but they want to sleep and sleep some more. Thank you all for your concern.
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    Well, I survived Frozen 2 being replayed 5 times the other day...I'm not sure if getting Disney+ was a blessing or a curse..ha ha ha MDGolfHacker
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    I succumbed, and failed miserably. Managed 1/2 a push up, with one less than motivating assistant. I chose my lighter and taller daughter to spread the load, didn't help, I was still less than pathetic. Apologies for the crappy pic, my wife decided to video it, no way I was uploading the whole sad thing or doing a take two. I might need to self isolate for a couple of weeks to recover.
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    Here in Australia I think we are about to go to more stringent lockdown. Our state Premier's (Governor equivalent) from both sides of the political divide are showing great leadership across the board, and have really been driving the necessary changes. Our federal government have perhaps been a little slow to respond, but hopefully things will progress more quickly on management of the crisis than the disease progresses. Consistency of messaging is so important in getting a good response. I'm a public health worker, so will still be working throughout this crisis. I just hope people can listen to and follow the directions to shutdown normal life so we can stop transmission. A lockdown will have the added effect of reducing road trauma and the concurrent pressure that puts on the health system. Hopefully we don't get too many home handymen falling of ladders as they do all the odd jobs around the house. A few weeks or months of hardship is much preferred to a complete implosion and collapse of health systems and perhaps society. Stay safe, indoors as much as possible, keep your distance and wash your hands.
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    Ohio's unemployment web site is still crashed. Ya gotta wonder how they didn't foresee this when they put 3/4 of the state out of work in one day. Poor planning is an extreme understatement. If this is considered political, just delete it. I'm just freaking out over not having any source of income at this point.
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    I tested these balls, and this is totally unrelated to my test, but on Sunday I played with a scratch golfer who I see once a week and we play matches with against the other guys. I mean, he hit 17 GIR on Sunday, and shot 71, and it was a bad round for him (if he had holed half of the putts that lipped out for birdie it would have easily been a 67. But this is normal for him. He's as pure a ball striker as I have ever seen, and he's not a big guy - around my size (5'9" and he's probably 165'ish). But his swing is so pure that he just generates massive clubhead speed that sees him send it 280 typically, and when he really catches it it's upwards of 300. He rarely misses the fairway, and he just is as solid a golfer as it gets. OK, sorry, background out of the way, this guy has been a ProV1 golfer for life. He's hit that ball since they introduced it and never thought twice about another ball. I mean why should he when the results he gets are just fantastic for his game? So Sunday I noticed he was playing a Bridgestone. I'm not sure which one, but I would assume it's the model they'd hand the Tour pros. A buddy of his had given him a few Bridgestone to test out and he actually liked it enough to put it into play. What everyone in my group was noticing with him hitting the Bridgestone was insane distance off of the tee. Our 6th hole is a 373 yard par 4 that plays from an elevated tee to a generous fairway. I've pounded some decent drives on this hole because you can get wind behind you. You can also get a massive wind in your face as well. I've hit anything from a PW to a 5 iron into this green. Sunday we had a little wind behind us, but not much. This guy gets up and absolutely smokes a drive. We all hit good drives, but his ball was way beyond ours. I ended up with 126 in and hit a nice PW to about 15 feet or so. This guy was maybe 40 or 50 yards from the pin with his drive. I estimated about a 320 yard drive, maybe further with his Bridgestone. I mean, he just absolutely crushed the thing. The other side of the coin with this guy is that he knows his distances with his clubs to the yard. He was standing over his approach shot on #16, and had about 90 yards in. He was trying to figure out whether to play his 60° lob wedge, which he said went 83 yards, or his sand wedge, which went further. The green is down about a half club, so we told him to hit lob wedge. He pured it as he always does and the shot went to the middle of the green about 10 yards past the hole. He just looked at me and said, "OK, I guess I need to reevaluate my distances with my clubs if I am going to be playing this Bridgestone ball." He wasn't even kidding either, as this ball just explodes off of the club face for him. He was so impressed with this ball and the distance gains off of the tee that he says, "I love this ball, but the only problem I have is that I have 5 dozen ProV1 sitting in the house." Just a story to share about the Bridgestone ball. I mean, if a lifelong Titleist scratch golfer is switching to Bridgestone, does that help you at all?
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    I only have my 150 lb. dog to "sit" on my back. I don't think I'd get off the floor...lol.
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    Recently got 2 sets of 'older' clubs - one from eBay and one from FB. The eBay set is mp32s from 2004 and the other is a set of McGregor from 1968. Both were in not-so-new condition... especially the really older clubs Used Bar Keepers Friend and this is a miracle cure...removed rust, tarnish and these things shine like a diamond ring. Cannot ever see myself using anything else...
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    I played my last Golf for next 2 weeks. I need to self quarantine. I came into contact with guys who were in contact with a family that have tested positive. It’s a second hand contact but a few of us have decided that it’s best to be safe and not spread it further. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Hi All, I just wanted to share my experience with Vice and Snell. It all started last year. I was a little in between on ball selection with the Vice Pro and Pro+. Then while I was playing i found a Snell MTB-Black near the hazard that I picked up and figured I'd give it a try. I played that ball for about 5 weeks at league and a few rounds during that time. So I was intrigued as I had never even heard about them. My friend that I always golf with was skeptical. And frankly stubborn. He was convinced he had the ball he wanted to always play. So here's what I ended up doing: I ordered the sample pack that has two sleeves of the MTB-X and MTB-Black. I already had some Vice on me that were brand new. I took all four balls and covered all the markings with a marker. Boxed it all off equally trying to not let on what any could have been. We live in North Dakota so it's just indoor simulators for us right now. But we went to the range. I told my buddy it was just to get a few swings in. So we get started, I pull the range session up and we start looking at all the details. I'd put 1-4 on the ball and only I knew which was which, then I asked him to do the same for me. So let's see what these can do in a blind test. It was really eye opening when you don't have the preconceived idea of what a ball is supposed to do and what it actually does. I was actually very impressed with the Snell MTB- Black results the most. I'll have to do this again but in an order and clearly marked to show some data points for all the trackman number for the data nerds like me. All of the numbers we were seeing, he was convinced it was his Vice. But I saw a significant jump from 10-15 yds with PW-8 iron. I was thinking about it as it could potentially cause me to change up some club selections it was making such a difference. The ball would just absolutely fly off the face. I could even feel the difference. Now the reason I say this is when you look at the website trying to decide. Their chart is kind of confusing. It has the same details for driving and around the green. But differences with feel and spin. It just made me chuckle because it made me wonder why show it if they are the same. But as I did the research, which I probably do way to much of, it made me realize what Snell was going for and he really does simplify it when watching the videos. Keep in mind he's trying to market them. With the other 3 balls I would say they were all around the same spin rate, distance, launch, etc. There wasn't a noticable difference when hitting the Pro and Pro+ between each other for me. Which makes sense why I could never decide between the two. Although I will say, what I like about these 3 was that the spin was down a little bit. And if you've ever been to the frozen tundra of the Red River Valley. " It's windy" can the biggest understatement I could ever make in this post. We can have some great weather in the summer. Don't get me wrong, it's worth the cold in my opinion. But some days it can be 30mph winds at league and you just have to figure it out. There are not many trees around. So what I'm going to do is still have some MTB-X on hand for those windy days. That ball will really have it's advantages on those days. I just wanted to write a little story about how things may not be as they seem when you know what you are hitting. And to try something new. I was thoroughly impressed and I'll be gaming some MTB-Black to start the year. With an MTB-X on standby. And yes, my friend said throw an extra dozen of the MTB-Black on the order too. He seemed be convinced to throw a few in the bag this year also. Order some samples, maybe get a friend to set up a blind test for you too?Then it will inspire you to know you have the right ball for you, whichever it may be. And hit some drives. But really work the scoring clubs. Use your wedges and the 9 or 8 iron. That's where you want to get those birdie chances and confidence from. Thanks for taking the time to read my opinion on this. I'm going stir crazy here since the outbreak and we still have a lot of snow. But warm weather is coming and hopefully opening the courses in April. That is all. Take care
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    A very happy birthday to two great members @fixyurdivot and @azstu324! You both happen to celebrate on the same day as my eldest daughter, who is 21 today. Hope you both have a great day!
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    I'm still working EMS and fire gets no breaks from this BS.
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    Thank you so very much ! My wife, River and I are going to walk the Colorado River Wetlands Trail and get a takeout pizza on the way home. My Birthday wish is that COVID-19 heads off into the annals of history sooner than later. Be well everyone!
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    Just spoke with the condo place. They let us move our date to Labor Day weekend. Out of the chaos, good things can happen.
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    I have had mine for about three weeks and figured I'd share my initial thoughts.. Typical Issues: - Getting off plane at top of back swing, typically close to crossing the line. - Weak flair right because of hands taking over and "flipping wrists" -- will also get hands "high" at contact PlaneMate Thoughts: - 100% helps with takeaway of the club - I feel like I am on plane without thought at the top now - Immediate feedback if you get hands high and flip wrists. Love the feedback here. My swing coach preaches swinging "low & left" through contact and it has always been a hard feeling for me to trust. - Definitely helps with continued rotation through impact. After using it for a few sessions, went out and shot a career best 74. Playing partners made the comment that they didn't see me hit a shot offline all day, and I'm typically good for at least a few of those wild shots. The swing changes are still setting in, as I played the day after my 74 and my swing felt all out of sorts. Overall, definitely the best training aid I have seen, and with continued use and practice, will help many golfers.
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    A separate point, remember to interact with your family and friends in other ways. Phone calls, skype, whatever it is other than face to face contact. We all need to maintain our mental health during this time. Tolerance is not one of my strengths, but I know I'll get a good chance to work on it.
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    Idk, with Ping dropping their prices on the 410 line, while beating out this years' offerings, makes them pretttttttttttty attractive in terms of price:performance
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    You went from #2, to the most-wanted, to the dumpster bottom of the list with me!
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    I played yesterday with a guy who just got off quarantine (Yankee minor league trainer, exposed to the 2 guys who tested positive). We’ve played a handful of times. Around the 6th hole he said, “I love that shaft for you. Your ball flight is perfect.” I actually hit a cut on demand and carried some trees when I wanted to, flighted a couple down. Of course I’m also gaming this years number 2 MWD. :). It’s clearly a better choice than the number 1 for me. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Virginia issued the shutdown today, but golf courses are still allowed to be open. Supposed to be in the 70s this weekend (at least that is today's forecast) so golf is definitely in the plans.
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    ... More needed distractions. This is titled "Quarantine Day 9" https://www.facebook.com/TheYardener/photos/a.298340206934302/2382229275212041/?type=3&theater
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    Anyone take in the 10 push-up challenge? I had a great couple motivators yesterday [emoji4]
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    Hi Cam - Been a user since V1. If you're the type who doesn't like wearing a watch while playing, there's nothing about the V2 that will change your mind. It doesn't bother me any, but it might be a deal breaker for some. I've seen the new V3 - much sleeker and nicer looking than V2. Shot Scope says it's actually a wee bit smaller/lighter than an Apple Watch, if that puts it into some perspective for you. I'm a fan of the way it tracks your shots without you having to do much of anything - no tagging, no phone, just play golf. You may have to do a little post round editing every once in a while, but it is what it is. The stats are presented simply, without being overwhelming. My favorite part of it, however, is the ability to save bucket list rounds - kind of virtual souvenirs, if you will. It functions very well as a GPS watch, and the shot tracking and stats are both first rate. And they've priced it nicely. It's not perfect, but for what it is and what it does, it's a nice balance. I don't think it should be compared to ARCCOS, even though they sorta kinda do similar things. I don't like that much phone interaction when I play, and battery life is always a concern (prefer and hand-help GPS, like the Sky Caddie). There are better GPS watches that cost quite a bit more, but when you combine the shot tracking and stats - if that's what you're after - it's a great value and does what it claims.
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    My humble opinion it’s not a political statement. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Feeling your pain! I've got a large family and everyone "needs" a turn for their favorite. Gotta laugh.
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    This story could have been said about me except he sounds like a way better golfer than me... I have played Titleist for the vast majority of my golfing life. I have 3 dz sitting at home but they will not be used anytime soon. I have switched to Tour B X and there is not looking back. All around it is almost a perfect ball for my game.
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    I'ts amazing how much a good super knows, it's a lot more than just cutting grass folks. Yet. there are an endless number of experts at our course that think they know better and I often here them in the grill telling other members of their group, "he should be doing XYZ. If he did ABC, it would make the conditions better. I don't know why he does....DE,F, it makes no sense to me" Yeah, bunch of experts they are....ha That's one of the reasons we went to walking only while we were still open, mainly to avoid common touch points, but in addition to avoid having 3 or 4 carts out on every hole.
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    Wonder if the private/semi private clubs in your area are doing the same. One of my friends in the Columbus area just got this from his Club.
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    I still can't get over how fast it transformed my chipping and pitching. Looking forward to diving into more full swing stuff when my hitting net arrives Thursday
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    Still going strong here in North Florida/South Georgia. Kinderlou, my home course in Valdosta has closed the pro shop and restaurant, and you call for tee times. Only one person per cart now, so it's kinda weird seeing 4 and 5 carts per group on a hole. Dogfight on Saturdays went from shotgun to tee times in order to avoid having a large group congregate on the range. My Tuesday group I was forced to adjust, as we can't have a sit down dinner in the club after the golf. So we are collecting $20 cash at check in by the carts, and then shotgunning at 5:30 pm. It's a voluntary group anyway, so we'll see how many guys show up. Some of the older guys have self quarantined and one of the guys on our committee, who has cancer, has opted to stay home instead of play. We just don't eat after golf now, and have our devotional before we shotgun for golf, out by the carts. I'm actually playing more with the corona virus thing, because they closed churches, so I am not there on Sunday mornings now, so I played 36 holes on Sunday instead. I was looking at my schedule, and I could frankly play 36 holes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during this thing. I may wear myself out with golf, but what else can you do? I walked 9 holes with a buddy yesterday afternoon, and everything was normal there. The course is greening up nicely too with the warmer weather, so just as golf courses are getting into really good shape we have all this going on. I'm just going to ride this thing out for as long as they let us play. It's literally something new every day now, so I just take it one day at a time. But so far we are still playing golf, so we'll see what tomorrow brings.
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    Here is the link discussing V3 According to SS, they are on schedule for delivery end of May (that was before the huge COVID19 outbreak, so who knows now) I'm a V1 user, skipped V2 and have preordered V3. What I really like about SS is how they took our feedback from V1, improved V2 and then took more feedback from V2 and (hopefullly) made V3 better... Their customer service is top notch... all my inquiries, corrections, requests have been answered within 1 hour.
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    Golfworks recently changed their site (and based on the feedback in their forums, to some dismay) and removed the "premium" pack options and instead now have just their basic packs with the TT Score steel or Maltby MPF graphite shafts. If you want anything different, you are directed to their custom shop. EDIT: I see they've now added some other options back to their packs. For reference, the TS1 standard pack with the Score shafts is $450. Unreal deal for the quality. If MGS would test these, I would guess the best way to test would be to use the Score shafts. I am slightly surprised that Golfworks/Maltby hasn't jumped on getting into MGS testing already. @bens197 Did you just size the ferrules with acetone? I still have not found a process I'm in love with. Finding a truly lint-free cloth is harder than I imagined.
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    Scottish Golf have advise all course to close. Maybe a silver lining for us Scots is that post virus I expect there will be a lot of spare tee times at the prestige clubs at knock down prices!
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    I'm not especially not with my youngest child on my back, this pandemic is about 30 years behind my (very low) peak push up time
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    One of my favorite skits ever. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, I had the top dog in my bag for a bit, haha! Shout out to @yungkory for that one. Surprisingly poor showing for the SIM Max. I've been enjoying it, but I figured it would be in the top 5. Must not go back to Ping. MUST NOT GO BACK TO PING.
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    I recognize that look! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Yeah, we're on shelter in place until 4/30 as well We provide IT support for 3 local courses and they're all going to shut down for the shelter in place mandate. Shame because I think with the cups above the hole thing, golf is probably one of the few things you could possibly do while maintaining safe social distance from your friends. Hell, even without them since I don't hole putts anyways!
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    Not this year. What it does however, is reaffirms why I am playing my G400 LST. A product of consistency.
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    I only have one pre-shot thought....."don't screw this up" kidding...
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    We are in total lock down, but they do say you can have one piece of exercise a day on your own or with your self isolation group. Hmm 3 ball with my 2 sons?
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    I played yesterday - man I wish they had played the Valspar - we tee’d off at 2 and had two totally different wind conditions - not much was happening until 4 when it really came up - it laid down for about 4?holes from 8-11 and then changed directions and was a steady 10 with gusts to 17 or 18. Brutal Shot 36-39 75 - my chipping was a plus 4.7 according to ARCCOS- I believe it - some tough up and downs with that swirling wind. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    2020 update! L to R...2019, 2004, 1968
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    Update on Bethpage for anyone in the NYC area.. I personally will not be heading their to play until this dies down but thought I would pass it along. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I just got back from my course. I didn’t play, but I used the range and the short game practice area. The club is doing all the things recommend, single riders, raised cups, sanitizing carts, et. al. The members are also taking it very seriously. I spent a couple of hours there and didn’t get near another person.
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    Our Tuesday group has texts going back and forth now deciding if we’re going to play now that one of the Guys is self quarantine. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I was playing tomorrow with a tee time- but after seeing the idiots out today I've decided to stay indoors- this is more serious than these morons realise. Parties and mass gatherings the last 2 days means there will be thousands and thousands of covid-19 cases smothering our health service in the next 3-4 weeks! I am so annoyed at them, selfish selfish mofos that will cost other peoples lives!! I expect our PM will enforce a lockdown tonight, he needs to as these people will be our downfall.
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    most course are closed in my area, so no playing. Philadelphia, Pa. enforcing people to stay in home. Unless your job is hospital, foodstore, gas essential workers only outside of home, so NO GOLF!
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    Yes, luckily my course will stay open, although with the cups sticking up. The bar and restaurant are sorta closed. You can call in your food or drink order, and they will bring it out to you. Normally there are water coolers on the course, but know there are cases of bottled water. But the gym is locked up, as well as the locker rooms. All tournaments and social events and yoga classes etc are canceled. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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