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    I did something today I’ve neve done before. I shot a round in the 70s (79) one week after shooting a 77. Two consecutive rounds in the 70s. I’m stoked. Another goal achieved. Aguila Gold course PHX, AZ and Verrado Founders course Buckeye, AZ.
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    I popped in here for the first time because I was interested to see if anything was going on yet. Nice stuff so far. As an experienced tester I can say that I always felt obligated to test the equipment as the OEM wanted it tested as well in ways that the community might appreciate. This has meant sometimes bagging clubs for a month that I knew had very little chance of staying in my bag and also playing at times or under conditions that I ordinarily would not. I'd say that unless Ping says otherwise you really need to have to the UW or PW in your bag so that someone considering the clubs might know how they work out - same holds for the top of the bag - what if that 4 iron turned out to be incredibly easy to hit? You haven't hit one for years but suddenly the G710 flies higher and is more forgiving than your hybrid. I ended up with a 9 wood in my bag because of a test that I was picked for around this time last year. There is not a snowball's chance in you know what that I would have selected that club for myself. Guess what, it's still there and the guys that I play with shudder whenever it comes out of the bag because it's money in the bank. Good luck, I'm looking forward to reading about these once you get them.
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    First round in 2.5 months First round with new driver shaft and 3W shaft First round with new putter +4 76 Driver was absolutely money off the tee. I threw away some good tee shots with poor approach shots, but my short game was fantastic. So good to be back out on the course and felt even better to play well too
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    Broke out the Old Smokey and vortex again this afternoon, this time with some hickory chunks for smoke. Smoked pork tenderloin with a garden tomatillo salsa verde over cauliflower rice. And some smoked chicken breasts for a Caesar salad later. Pork tenderloin was just a green chile rub, chicken was EQ brined at two percent salinity for about 26 hours. Everything turned out great, though next time I'd cut the brine time down a bit. Not too salty, but the texture got to be a little too firm.
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    I continue to struggle with my game and today was no exception. Had I not been putting halfway decent, it would have been far worse than my final tally of 84.
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    75 (par 73) Friday 8/14 Fir 12/18 Gir 30 putts Windy!! 20+ all day. Hit much better than I scored. 3 short game errors and one drive that I think is still sailing OB right. Overall was very happy, even leaving as many shots as I did out there. 69 7/14 Fir 12/18 Gir 27 putts. Hit it well again and the short game was better. Probably one of the best days I have ever had stroking the putter. Every putt but 1 was hit where I wanted it with the speed I wanted it.
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    Man, it's so nice to see this thread active again! Hope everyone stays healthy and we can all be back in full force.
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    I'm happy you posted that @revkev because last night I has an breakthrough about the top end of the bag as it relates to this fitting. If you remember I've always had trouble around that 20-21 degree part of the bag as mentioned in the earlier post about my iron history. Admittedly, as we've been waiting I've been window shopping 7 woods and 3 hybrids to fit that gap, but I'm taking the 4 iron from this set, baring absolute cataclysmic efforts if we get in person fit for them. Why did I reach this, well, 2 reasons. First is pretty much what you said word for word. I wouldn't feel like I was putting them completely through the paces if I didn't take the chance go take what I know is a weakness in my bag and see if the G710 can't turn it into a strength. Second, and maybe more importantly, I'll have data to back up whatever choice I make. The opportunity to use Arccos to see performance, where the club fits in my gapping, and other information will allow me, as a golfer and consumer, to make a better choice going forward in my club preferences. Jury is still out on SW though, that's one I do want to try at the fitting but I wouldn't mind it either way.
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    Rode 18 after work. First two holes were in heavy rain, but it cleared off and never another drop until putting out on 18. Course was empty which was great as it is usually packed these days. Really struggled on the front until I settled and went par/par on 8 and 9. Surprised I was +5 after 9 as crappy as I was hitting. Chipping and pitching saved me. 10 I left a 5 footer for birdie. Birdied 12 and played the back to +2. Got off the tee fine Thursday and yesterday at the range, but today I was horrible.I topped the ball on #12, 3 wood, then hit my approach to 3 feet for birdie. #14 I skipped a ball off the pond a 100 yards in front of me to my left and left 233 to he stick. Hit 3w to fringe then up/down for par. Down to my final days as a member with renewal coming May 8th. Dont think I will sign on again or at least wait until folks get back to work as the course is just too crowded for me when its not raining. I might join another place that allows a month to month with no contract for the summer. Smaller greens to work on approach and just a change of scenery. Not as well kept, but good place for a couple months to tighten the game.
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    Dang 80 again today. My GIR is horrendous, and when I do hit greens, I’m a mile away from the hole. Had a chance at birdie from 10 feet on 18 today, lipped out. I’m close!
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    Finally get to post in this thread again after more than 6 months off. It was a beautiful afternoon and my play was as erratic as expected after a long layoff. Only kept score out of habit. Managed a respectable 40/42 with 3 birdies, 7 pars, 4 bogies, 3 doubles, and a lovely triple. It would have been a frustrating day had it not felt so good to finally be back out there. Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Played two rounds the last couple days, and while I did some good stuff, let's just say my overall game is back in an undesirable area. Somewhat expected after a 40 day layoff with minimal practice, but still kind of frustrating. Overall though, yay for golf being back!
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    I got the lawn mowed just in time before the 30mph wind with gusts to 46 hit. Now my lawn is littered with all of the blossoms that were on the dogwood tree in the backyard. I even have blossoms on my front porch!!! Now it's raining. Glad I didn't play golf today... Oh wait!! There is no golf... until Tuesday.
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    I’d rather twilight. I’m usually able to be more “loose” at the end of the day, and courses are less crowded. I LOVE a good twilight rate, and when I’m on the road, I get to play after the work day, and I really enjoy playing until the sun goes down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I'm curious, how many of you enjoy playing in the morning vs at twilight? And Why do you like playing at either of those times? I love playing in the morning, but don't get me wrong something about twilight as the sun is setting is just so peaceful. I just played twilight last night with my fiance and it was windless and was able to capture some cool photos. It's just so cool as we chase around this little white ball to take it all in now and again.... especially during these tough times.
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    Got out and played today and had a very special guest with me, the wife! I asked a buddy to play but he had family obligations, so my better half offered to come along and drive the cart. She enjoys getting out, seeing the sights, and geeks out over the geese. Shot even par.......on the last two holes. I had told the wife that I needed to do that to shoot 100, but turns out that 72+27=99. Some days I can't math. 50/49 99 6/14 fairways 3/18 greens 33 putts The driver was erratic all day with a lot of left bias, I only hit one right. Mostly pulls, but they still left some room to advance the ball. The wedge was mostly junk on shots over 30 yards. Take this hole for example, hit a decent drive with about 175 left to the pin. Hit a rocket of a 5 iron that I accidentally pured. Then it went wedge, wedge, wedge, wedge, then I one putted with the wedge because I left the putter in the cart and was too lazy to go back and get it. My shot of the day came on the 18th, I hit a decent drive, topped a 3 wood, came up a little short with the 7 iron, and was left with 33 yards to the pin. Hit a chip that I thought was rolling in and left myself around 4 inches for par. It was a beautiful 80 degree day to be out and the company was spectacular. I can see what I bed some work, but I really can't complain. Made a couple of swing adjustments to the driver and irons and saw some positive results. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    ... If I had to play morning golf I would probably just give up the game. I really HATE playing early. My back is stiff, it is cold and wet and I am a night person so my brain just doesn't function well in the morning. My last big outing was a Myrtle Beach trip with 8 rounds Thursday thru Sunday. By Saturday my pards were complaining about being paired up with me because I averaged 86 in the morning rounds and 73 in the afternoon rounds and my 1 index at the time was killing the morning teams. That was my last outing trip. ... I LOVE twilite golf and it is pretty much all I play. Sometimes I get out a little earlier, especially on vacation or wintering in Phoenix, but never before noon.
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    Thanks! The pork turned out way better than I expected. Even the wife really liked it. The acidity of the tomatillo salsa really worked well with the savory smoke flavor of the tenderloin. Still have a pork shoulder in the freezer that I'm going to sous vide and then smoke to finish. And now I definitely want to do some chicken drumsticks. Charcoal is a bit of an operation to get going, but flavor is so much better than gas. And I love that when I clean the grill today I can salvage some charcoal chunks for reuse and the rest of the wood ash can go straight into my garden compost.
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    Dude go easy on yourself, no golf and with a move half way across an ocean in the middle. You’ll be back in a round or 2.
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    Well guys I really screwed the pooch this time. You guys know I am semi retired. Took a trip up Wednesday. Was climbing up in my trailer to sweep it out like always. My ladder the support buckled out and threw me 5 foot to the ground. Ended up with a concussion a fractured L3 vertebrae and a fracture in my left Scapula. Spent 3 nights in the hospital. I am home now but out of action for at least 6 weeks. I can sit and type some but my time is limited. It is funny I drove race cars for years even did parasailing and was a volunteer fireman for years. Become semi retired and this happens. And what is funny I used to do this 5 days a week 2 times a day, The one doc who is a golfer himself said maybe after 6 weeks I could chip and putt some. Yep this is rough at 63 yrs of age
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    This is about where I'm at. Had a 30' eagle putt that I missed by <1/2 a ball width. Tap in birdies are still nice. Had a couple of good drives besides that. The rest wasn't much work talking about.
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    Don’t discount the SW, I think you’ll be pleased with it. Hope you guys can get everything up and running soon. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I accomplished something I’ve never done today. I followed a round in the 70s (77) with another round in the 70s (79) just one week later. Never had consecutive rounds in the 70s.
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    I like to play at a decent pace, so depends a lot on public or private. when public I love to be early in the morning because of avoiding crazy 6 hrs round (yes in NY we got that) when I was member of a private course, I loved twilight because I was able to have quick rounds. aside of this pace related issues, both are fascinating.. the morning mist is incredible and the sunset (maybe on a links course near the ocean) mind blowing
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    I think that is my most found ball.
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    If you play at a muni like mine, it's Callaway Super Hot.
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    I found 4 brand new prov V1s on the course today. Our course is packed this weekend so I expect Monday I may find a record number of balls. Interestingly enough I rarely find cheap balls. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Hey guys just wanted to update you on where I’m at with the Bridgetown testing. I have been using the Tour B RXS for the last four months as well as intermittently playing with the pro V1 and comparing the two. I was getting short on both balls and it came time to make a decision. With the three for one deal here this spring this is what I decided to go with! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Played my first round yesterday. Walked 18, big mistake, I've walked 9 many times in the past years, yesterday after 9 I was feeling pretty froggy !!! so went on to do 18. You know, my mind thinks I'm still 20, but my body has the last laugh, at 60 walking ,18 with a less than optimal lower back, equates to a very bad idea.....still, better than stuck at home or work!!!! Chris
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    I will take either one as long as I can play golf I wont be choosey.
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    If you are raising the grip then the putter isn't correctly fit. You can be eyes over the ball and not be hunched over. 100% incorrect statement. It may be what works for you. Eyes over the ball is a choice you make and if you look at "good" putters you will see they have different postures, ball placements, and eye position.
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    Pan pizza done edited to show the plain also
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    After a year of overhauling my bag for the first time in about 5 years, here is my current setup. Driver: Mizuno ST190 with Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange (ST200 headcover) 3 and 5 wood: Callaway Epic Flash with Tensei CK Blue Hybrid: SIM 4 hybrid Callaway Apex 19 combo irons 5 - PW Cleveland RTX 3 50* and 56* Taylormade Hi-Toe 60* Putter: Scotty Cameron heavy flange oil can bullseye with sight dot (have had for close to 10 years)
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    (5) Testers Wanted: Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag Nearly two of every three courses in the United States are currently open for business. Yes, open is a relative term, but as more golfers start to peg it up outside, there’s always the question of “Should I get a new _____________.” If your answer is “Cart Bag” it might be worth waiting until we release Buyer’s Guide that will give you the complete run-down on all of the latest models. That said, the Bag Boy Chiller Cart bag provides golfers a solution to a relatively common problem – How to keep beverages cold without asking for a bag of ice every time the beverage cart rolls around. Do you remember the excitement when Tommy Callahan first discovered the mini-fridge in his new office? If not, no big deal, but you really should carve out some time to watch Tommy Boy. If you do, that’s the type of enthusiasm Bag Boy is hoping to inspire with its Chiller Cart bag. Now to the important question. Want to test one and let us know what you think? All of MyGolfSpy’s Community Reviews require a serious commitment. You need to be motivated, detail-oriented, and savvy with online forums. Writing a thorough, detailed, and honest review requires a commitment. So, please make sure you read the following instructions carefully and apply in the proper place. Please note this is not a giveaway or a contest. We’re looking for golfers willing to complete a full evaluation and compose a detailed review for our Community Forum. This test is open to members residing in the US. To apply, reply to this thread with the following information: Location Current Bag(s) Things you look for most in a cart bag Note: if you are unable to post in the thread and are wondering why, please read through the FAQ first: HERE
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    So in this "pandemic" we have to ride solo or walk, at first I thought, this was going to be a rough way to play! But now I feel that I am playing better and more focused, anyone else feel this way? I have walked more than normal and actually enjoy it. May be the best shape I have been in since collage as well. Thoughts? Epic Flash 5° with ADiZ 8 X-Forged Irons KBS C-Taper 2i-PW Mac Daddy Wedges 54° 58° 64° New Port 2 MTB-X Lay ups are for basketball! 2i is my fav club!
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    Interesting. I’ll have to compare that to my grip later in this evening. It was incredible once my fitter bent mine flat my strike felt so much freer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @revkev is right, if posting is active in your region, at your club, it isn't a matter of choice, you're required to post your scores. The system works when everyone follows the rules, it breaks down if each one of us exercises our own (widely varying) judgement.
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    I prefer playing in the mornings before the courses fill up with players there for a “drunken good time”.
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    Morning for me. I like getting out before the courses get crowded and then getting done with my round before noon and having the whole rest of the day to get done whatever else I need to get done.
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    ... I played with a guy playing his first round since last fall. He hit two in the weeds off the first tee and finally topped one straight. I hit a nice drive in the fairway. Embarrassed he said he hopes his awful play doesn't ruin my round. I told him with Covid 19 keeping us indoors for months now, getting out to play golf in fresh air is it's own reward. We have 2somes only with tee times 15 minutes apart and no carts, we have allllllll the time in the world. To my slight surprise he smiled and said "Ok then" and he never complained about another bad shot and he hit many probably losing a dozen balls. I had my own problems as this was only my second round and winds were around 20 mph. I had 6 bogies and 12 pars without even sniffing a birdie. 73 yesterday for my first round and 78 today for my 2nd round. Like my partner, whose name was Sammy having moved here from India 15 years ago, I kept up a good attitude in the face of poor play. ... He hit a decent drive on 18 (after putting his first in the water) and I hit my best drive of the day. He then said to me I had done something he wants to do very badly and could I guess what it was. 9 pars in a row? No. Hit solid fairway woods? No. Call your shot then pull it off? No. I said I give up. He smiled and said one time in my life I would like to play a round of golf with the same ball I started playing on the first hole. LOL, I would have never guessed that. He was playing shag bag balls of every brand along with orange, yellow and pink. I reached in my bag and pulled out a brand new TP5x with my markings and said to him "Take this ball, it's a premium ball played by lots of guys on tour and many single digit players. Take it out on one hole with no water or weeds and play that hole. Then put it back in your bag and your next 18 play it another hole. Do this one hole every round and after 18 rounds you will still have the same ball you started out playing! THEN since you know you can do it, keep that confidence and carry it over to one single round". Thankfully he did not do that dance of "No I can't take a new ball of yours" and instead said "Thanks, I'm gonna do it!" ... With a playing pard like that, how can you not have a good time regardless of what anyone shot.
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    Bought a brand new Adams Red 18* hybrid with a Matrix Altus Tour. I’ve only got 27 holes in since putting it in the bag, but the 4 times I’ve actually hit it on the course and...wow. This is the first hybrid I’ve ever hit that actually flew straight. It carries somewhere in the 240-245 range and lands soft enough to hold a green.
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    It is a Philadelphia Eagles putter that I had Dave Musty build for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Look what came in the mail today! My Big Moss V2 Competitor putting mat. It is set up in my man cave now. Also pictured are my new Putt out practice mirror and Puttout Pressure putt trainer.
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    I'm a morning golfer. The course has just been conditioned , sand traps have been groomed, no ball marks on the green. If there is still some dew left on the greens you can see your ball trace track left from putting. This helps your green reading for the future. But I don't mind twilight, just prefer mornings.
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    Wow was it great to get out yesterday in Illinois. Played a quick 9 holes with my father in the morning and then 9 holes in the evening with my fiance. It was a beautiful morning with my dad, temperature was just right. Shot a 40 on the first 90; started out slow with bogeys on 1 and 2 and then was able to string some pars together. On the second 9 shot 41 but was able to birdie the 8th hole and had a couple other good looks. It was so nice to get out! #GolfIsBack
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    First, as a disclaimer, I don't have an air compressor or access to one so I use the 'wet' method. Replacing grips is a fun thing to do especially if the weather isn't conducive for golf. I'm also a big fan of using the alignment aid on the grips, especially since I use a strong grip. Doing the grips at home allows me to orient the alignment aid to my hand position for my strong grip. My 'wet' setup is cheap and easy. I bought a small vise from Harbor Freight for $20. , a shaft clamp for 2.50 from Golfworks and the pan from Walmart for $2.00 to catch the grip solvent. Pictures below of the setup. Note you can get a 'grip supply kit' from Golfworks or Golf Galaxy for $8. that includes, solvent and tape to do 8 grips. I would assume that regardless of whether you do air or wet, you'll still need the vise and shaft clamp. BTW get a Golfworks catalog you'll find everything you need there plus a whole lot more.
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    Would love to see Costco get a golf section with a putting green and a simulator. You would see 30-40 people there constantly.
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    So my MUCH too-early impression of the ball is that it is 1. Definitely a better ball for me and that is due to... 2. It spins more on every shot Typical Hawaiian afternoon with ~10-15 MPH trades and the ball sliced through the air when it was in my face, and at the same time felt "heavy" in crosswinds. I can stop this ball so much easier around the greens vs. the BX that v-fit put me in. Which circles back to what I had to say about it in my review: it's cool that they can extrapolate that data from your video submission, but it's mostly useless from a fitting perspective. You can tell me what ball fits my driver all day, I'm still going to prefer something that fits my wedges over it as a gamer. I'm eternally grateful to Bridgestone's V-fit, or should I say their marketing team, for putting me in that AD with Tiger for .005 seconds -- but other than that V-fit is... *fart noise* It's soft without feeling marshmallow-y and firm without being clicky. From a feel perspective, it's probably as good as it can get for me. My striking was horrible today after being on the bench for a little over a month and I was thinning a lot of shots but totally getting away with it. THIS ball could definitely give the V1x a run for its money for a spot in my bag. Wish I had gotten these in the test, but at least I was able to spread the rest of my B X test packs to @jlukes and @THEZIPR23 who ended up gaming them!
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    Took my new club to the range and was very happy. Took it to the course and used it four times today, all with good effect. It’s early I know, but this could be the beginning of something for me. Still got lots to learn about how and when to hit the club for different situations and how far it will normally carry. Waiting on the 5 hybrid to arrive either today or Monday. Pretty excited so far. Yeah, it has a few more marks on it too from my range session. But, now it feels like it is mine.
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    I might be "borrowing" your homemade bun idea this weekend. We're likely making "Blue Pigs" Tomorrow night. 75/25 special ground chuck (just means that the majority of the 25% is pork fat) Thick Cut lightly candied bacon (coconut sugar) Blue Cheese (hefty portion) Lettuce, Maui Sweet Onion, Tomato Homemade BBQ Sauce Avacado Mayo (Try it!) Sweet potato parmesan Fries on the side with homemade fry sauce. Colorful, Sweet, Thick, Beefy & Funky.. It's like a 70's disco party for your mouth!
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