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    Pretty much describes my game since we got to play last Tuesday. I've managed to scramble around for a couple of OK rounds, but not today. The wind was up today, but not enough to be horrible. I just couldn't get comfortable swinging any club. Shot 87 with 3 doubles. Hit 10/13 fairways, but no distance with any of them. Only hit 3 greens... with 29 putts.
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    Lousy golf but georgeous day Saturday....I Shot a 43/47:90......ugh Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Fair... A relatively mild Exec but we made it tough. I had one bird, 5 pars, 3 “others”. Must have been a problem morning my bird was the only one out of 4 groups. We went to breakfast after and we were the only filled table in the place. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Had a Jekyl and Hyde round today. Only had one chance at birdie on the front, then shot -2 on the back. My normal shot shape is a push draw but everything started straight today and then had my draw. Walked back over to my house after the round to get some more shots in and still couldn't get the ball started to the right, hopefully it fixes itself overnight!
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    Played for the first time in two months last week. It was like I forgot how to golf, hit everything fat or sculled it. Drop kicking my drives. It was bad. But I birdied 18 so I got that going for me. Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
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    Reminiscent of my nuclear chemistry class assignments back in the '60s. Ahhh, the good ole days back when men were men, and plutonium was king.
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    Better day today. Pretty solid golf except for 2 holes that I doubled (both par 5 holes on the backside both of which should never have been doubles (bonehead!!!!)). 79.
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    Ugh I've really been struggling with my ball striking the last two weeks or so, and I just can't figure it out. Yesterday was a cool, very windy day here, and my problems with it got exposed. I shot a 93, and that's with my short game and putting better than normal. I really need to get this sorted out... the driver is going nowhere, and the irons are going everywhere. That's not a good combination.
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    Feeling pretty good with the first workout of week 12. I matched my personal best with the green stick (126) and had quite a few in the 120’s. All the others Left and Right were on the high side of recent trends... and I did this with my own driver TWICE!
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    Sad that people pick up balls, especially these days. The first day out last week I saw 4 balls lying in plain view and there was no one in any direction that could have hit them there. Even so, I wasn't touching them!!
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    Got in my 2nd round of the year Sat. It was much better but score does not reflect How good.. I went 52 44 for a 96.. Lost 3 balls, but pretty sure someone picked up 2 of them, since I could see where they should have been but when I got there they were not there.. I took my penalties.. I also had 2 puts that literally hung over the lip of the cup.. Course was in amazing shape, my game on the other hand was still a little off.. but had a great time...
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    back in the day I had a 1985 5000 Turbo. I loved the car till the electrical issues started. hit a bump and the sun roof would open, left turn signal and radio would play...... I swear it was haunted. Finally had to sell as no one could figure out what was happening.
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    I used to have a 2000 Audi A6 twin turbo 2.7 (with 6 speed manual). I loved, loved, loved that car, but it seemed like every time it went to the shop it was an $800 bill.
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    My Orthopedic surgeon retire AFTER he did mine and my wife's replacements. I think he paid off his boat... or 911.
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    Alright! With our kickoff happening tomorrow, I did my official pre-testing this afternoon. Prior to today, I had only played around with the PRGR in tennis shoes, no golf glove, no warmup, etc. Tonight, I made sure to go through most of the SuperSpeed warm-up protocol and put on my golf shoes and glove. Those three things really make a difference! I hit 119mph many times (dry swings) and even got 124 once (not sure if that one was a fluke). You can watch the video below to see and hear my thoughts on it: Granted, this is not how I swing on a golf course. I stay closer to the 110-112 to maintain accuracy off the tee. However, the name of this protocol is SPEED! Let's get it!
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    71 7/14 FIR 13/18 GIR 27 putts Backyard practice area is under construction again, no ranges open so hadn’t touched my clubs in a week. My game is just not conducive to that. First drive trees right, 2nd shot another tree, 3rd shot punch to front of green and chip to 6”, bogey. 2nd hole drive trees left, hit a great recovery to bunker pin high, exactly where I was trying to hit it, but that bunker is terribly hard. Leave myself a 29 footer and drain it for par. So at this point I’m figuring the round is going to be a complete struggle. Next 14 holes consisted of 4 birdies and a bogey. Step up to 17, snap my 3w left and cannot find the ball, have to go back to the tee and make a double. Did birdie 18 though to finish under par. All in all I hit the ball a little better than I expected. Amazing how a good putting round can keep the score low no matter how you hit it. +3.87 SG putting!!
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    May 11th - Introduction & Initial Impressions My name is Joe, I turn 36 in June and I am from New Jersey. At the end of 2019 my handicap was around 3.9 My typical well-struck driver carries around 275 yards and I max out around 280 yards carry. I typically play courses around 6600 - 6900 yards long. For the most part, this leaves me with 150 yards or less into the green on most Par 4s. My gamer is a Ping G410 Plus with a Nemesys 65x playing at 45”. This offseason, I have really worked on my swing with the Tour Striker Planemate and I was getting lessons prior to the pandemic. In my limited rounds this year, I have seen my accuracy increase, averaging around 50% fairways and greens in regulation. My current fitness level is above average. Before the pandemic, I would have said it was probably an 8.5 out of 10, but right now I am probably closer to a 7 since I haven’t been able to go to the gym in two months and I struggle to work out at home. When I do work out at home, it consists of interval training and yoga. The gym I belong to is a Bootcamp-style gym and is a great mix of cardio and strength training. I am really looking forward to being able to get back there soon. While I was working out and playing golf, my swing speed was around 111, but it has since decreased to around 109-110 due to the pandemic. My goal with SuperSpeed is to get the 5% gain on top of my pre-pandemic speed - so really hoping to see max driver speed numbers of around 118, and comfortably swinging at 115-116. Getting my swing speed up will turn my already above-average distance into a true weapon. Right now I am longer than almost everybody I regularly play with, but getting another 10+ yards of carry distance off the tee would take my game to another level. I am not just looking to see that distance help off the tee, but also with my irons and wedges. Being able to hit short irons and wedges into most Par 4s would really help my GIR stats and should help lower my scoring. BEFORE SuperSpeed 5 Driver Swing Speed Average: 109 MPH First Impressions When my SuperSpeed package came, I could not wait to open it and get started. Props to SuperSpeed for including a mini-launch monitor for us testers to be able to capture swing speed, ball speed and estimated carry distance. Just a reminder to everyone reading, this is NOT a review of the launch monitor - the LM is simply a tool for us to track SuperSpeed progress. I will not be using this review to comment on the accuracy or functionality of the PRGR Launch Monitor that SuperSpeed has included. The SuperSpeed Packaging was very sturdy and the sticks were secured in place within the box and they were bubble wrapped just in case they shook loose. This product was better protected than some clubs I have received! The grips are nothing fancy - just a generic standard size Tour Velvet-ish grip which should cause no issues. I am sure if someone wanted to regrip the system with their personal grips they would have no issues as the butt diameter of the sticks seem to be just like any other driver shaft. Due to my swing speed, I received the standard Men's Green/Blue/Red SuperSpeed Set We had the pleasure of participating in a kick-off conference call from the fine folks at SuperSpeed. On the call, we learned about the science behind the sticks, the protocols, and what we could expect to see during our testing. We had a nice Q&A at the end to make sure we had any questions about the product and protocols were answered and we had a full understanding of what was expected of us throughout our journey. I was very excited when I was chosen as a tester for SuperSpeed. Having followed along with the original thread, I knew it was a product I wanted to try. I can’t even count the number of times it was in my cart online to buy before I ultimately decided against it. With the pandemic causing limited course and no Gym time due to social distancing restrictions, I knew it was the perfect time to dive into SuperSpeed, and thankfully I was chosen as a tester. As I mentioned above, my goal is to turn my already above-average seed into a true weapon. I want to see every bit of the 5% gains that SuperSpeed has promised. Our official SuperSpeed testing protocol starts today and I look forward to sharing progress on the thread as testing progresses. You won’t have to wait for a final review to see results as we will all be sharing information as we go along and answering any and all questions thrown at us. Let’s Get Fast!. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- September 9th - Final Review The time has come to summarize my experience through the first two stages of the SuperSpeed training. There were peaks, there were valleys. There was soreness, there was exhaustion. And there was a hell of a lot of sweat. Physical Product (19 out of 20 points) The physical SuperSpeed product is extremely high quality. I experienced no issues with paint peeling/scratching or grips degrading during my months of testing. The one thing that would have given the product a perfect score would have been some sort of small carrying bag for the speed sticks. Program (20 out of 20 points) The program itself was about as clear and concise as you could get. The protocol videos were super easy to follow along with and understand and the tracking spreadsheet was very intuitive. While the full program might seem long, there is science behind it. Sure, you might see speed gains right away, but if you do not continue through the length of the program, those speed gains would not be sustainable. The SuperSpeed team’s engagement of the testing group was fantastic. The video conference call at the beginning of testing was extremely beneficial and the team was quick to answer questions and provide feedback in both the thread and through email. The plateaus throughout the program were definitely frustrating and there were times during the plateaus that it was a bit harder to self-motivate to do the protocols, but the encouragement from the SuperSpeed team and fellow testers (and others in the forum that were doing the program on their own!) was enough to keep me pushing through. The other thing I love about the SuperSpeed program is how they provide “advanced protocols” so that we can adapt our workouts to break through plateaus. That level of flexibility to accommodate golfers that might already be close to their current maximum swing speed is fantastic. Performance (40 out of 40 points) I have been working at a gym and doing group personal training classes for the last 3+ years, but I can unequivocally say that the SuperSpeed training has yielded the best results. This isn’t some sort of gimmick that only works for some people. This is a scientific approach to taking the governor off your swing. This approach is used by athletes in all types of athletic realms and now us golfers have a program that can benefit us. Based on my experience I believe the SuperSpeed program can be used alone, or in combination with your normal workouts. I would caution that if you are combining the SuperSpeed program with other workouts, to alternate days you do the workouts. The SuperSpeed program IS a workout by itself. If you are doing the protocols correctly, you will sweat, you will be tired, and you might be sore afterwards! There were a few days where I tried to do the protocol after my 10+ mile bike ride and I didn’t see the speeds I would see if I had done the protocols while fresh. So really, what everyone wants to know is does the program work? Are the speed gains real!?! The answer is a resounding YES! My driver swing speed at the beginning of the protocol was 109mph. At the end of Protocol 2, I took five driver swings. They read 117, 118, 117, 117, 117 That means that at the end of Protocol Two, I had increased my driver swing speed by 8mph (7.3%). That is a huge increase in speed, especially since I started at such a high number already. Well how does this new-found speed translate to the course? To be honest, at first it was a disaster. Early in the program, it threw my sequencing off on the course and I was hitting big blocks to the right with nearly every club. I was extremely frustrated and mentioned so in the thread. The SuperSpeed guys were quick to reply and encouraged me to stick with the program as the body needed time to adjust to my new speed and the sequencing would eventually improve. Thankfully, the guys were right and by the end of Protocol 1 my sequencing leveled off and I returned to my normal dispersion patterns. The distance gains on the course are apparent as well. As of today, I am seeing about 15 yards gains off the tee and about half club gains with my irons. Those gains are phenomenal for me. Carrying drives over 280 would have been unthinkable prior to this program. Now I do it a couple of times a round! 300 yard drives used to happen once every three rounds or so. Now I am seeing 2 to 3 300+ yards drives per round! My overall game has gotten better because of it. We all know, through strokes gained data, that adding distance is one of the main drivers in becoming a better player. I have only had one round in the 80s over the past 3 months, with most of my rounds sitting in the mid 70s. I absolutely intend to keep up with this program over the years. I may not do it as much during the actual golf season, but I can absolutely see it becoming part of my offseason program every year as I gear up for the season to start in the spring. Miscellaneous (10 out of 10 points) My brother-in-law is a former assistant pro that plays to scratch. We have always hit the ball the same distances and he tended to always be a bit longer than me off the tee. We played together on Saturday and we were making little side bets throughout the round. The one bet he never made and refused to accept? Long drive. I was out-driving him by 15-20 yards all day and it was visibly annoying him. All I could do was smile. That feeling alone is worth 10 out of 10 points Keep it or Re-Gift? (10 out of 10 points) If you read the rest of my review, you would know by now that I am keeping the SuperSpeed training system. As I mentioned above, I will be using it as part of my offseason training program to make sure I am firing at 100% coming out of the winter. Conclusion SuperSpeed works. Period. The great part about this test is there isn't any gray area. Your swing speed increases or it doesn’t. If a guy like me, who was already swinging at 109mph can increase my swing speed to 117mph, then imagine what a slower swinger could gain. Hell, you don’t have to imagine! Look at what some of my fellow testers have gained. The results are incredible and absolutely speak for themselves. Final Score: (99 out of 100 points)
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    After much debate, I finally gave in a bought a hybrid to see how they work for me. I’ve had a pretty big hole in my bag between my irons and woods and I’ve all but given up on my 5 wood. I planned on getting fit for hybrids/woods later this year but decided to give a hybrid a try since I’ve never even swung one. After some searching and digging through last years Most Wanted Hybrid test, I landed on the F9 One length. I like the idea of one length in longer clubs, not really interested in a 7 iron length PW though. Anyway, with them marked down and Dicks having one of their 20% off sales, I got one for $140 shipped, hard to pass it up. It showed up this week and before even getting to the range I loved the feel just swinging it. Felt very smooth and controlled, right away i feel like it gave me confidence. I went with the 24° and got lucky that it seems to fit nicely behind my 5 iron. On the range it felt awesome. I did have to work a little bit to keep it from going right. I’ve been fighting a little bit of a pull draw lately anyways so it just magnified that issue. On the other side of that, at worst I was able to make it a slight push the other way so I can work with that. I fight a 2 way miss with my woods and this makes me feel like I won’t miss left so I can let it fly with a big draw or control it a bit to straighten it out and not worry too much about sending it into the next fairway left. Next I decided to take it to the putting area and do some chipping with it vs my 54° wedge. I typically use my 54° for bump & runs and tend to come up short. I’ve tried irons but have a hard time judging speed and tended to run them well by the hole. I was pleasantly surprised with my hybrid around the green so I added that shot to my arsenal. I was dying to get it on the course by the time I left. I got to play yesterday and it lived up to the hype and exceeded my expectations. I knew i had a hole in my bag that was hurting my scores but I didn’t realize how much one club could change the way I play... - 2 of 3 fairways on tee shots - 3 of 4 fairways on positional shots - 2 of 2 chips within 6 feet The biggest reason I wanted to fill the gap is my club has a short par 4 with a narrow 90° fairway that falls right in my gap. What should be an easy hole has been rough for me trying to murder a 5 iron or knock a bit of yardage off my 3 or 5 wood. Problem solved. I didn't realize how much easier it would make par 5s. I found myself 20 yards closer to the green after my second shots, never thought about how much of a game changer that is. Par 5 scoring was best it’s been all year. Also saved me on a longer par 4 after my drive clipped a tree and dropped 100 yards in front of the tee. Knocked it out of some deeper rough to center fairway about 85 yards from the green. Ended up knocking my wedge center green and sank the putt. Never would have had a chance to get myself in that position with an iron. Lastly, from around the green I knocked 2 chips close and almost holed one of them as it rolled by the high side of the hole to about 2 feet by. Needless to say, I didn’t know what I was missing. I can’t wait to see how it changes my game over the next few weeks as I wait for my COVID19 delayed irons to arrive. I know this won’t be a big revelation for a lot of people but there has to be people like myself out there on the fence or missing out on the wonderful world of hybrids. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have been a huge Mizuno fan and have gamed their irons for the past 15 years. Predominantly forged blades MP33, 68, 69 and 5’s. Although I also have played the MP59’s and 64’s. Yeah, I really don’t have the game to play pure blades anymore, if I ever truly did, but most clubs are designed with a significant offset. Not only does this not suit my eye, more importantly, it does not suit my swing. The offset changes the CG and allows more club face rotation and makes it easier to close. This is not an area I need help with and while I have looked at other irons, I simply hooked most of them off the planet. Same with Hybrids. I bought Mizuno CLK Hybrids about 6 months ago and have been working on not hooking these. I gathered up all my old iron sets a couple of weeks ago and traded them in on a set of MP18 MMC’s. However, my friend Dave told me I should get the Hot Metals. ...Let me interrupt myself to tell a story. I bought a brand new set of Titleist AP2’s when they first came out. I took them to the course still in the plastic and was unwrapping them, savoring the moment, before striking the ball for the first time. (The faint of heart may want to skip this part.) I was in the middle of the 6th fairway with nice turf under the ball, I unwrapped my 6 iron, lined it up, took my stance, made a perfect swing, nice ball contact, then the turf, and CRACK. Apparently at some point in the past while aerating the fairways, one of the spikes broke off just below the grass surface. I looked at the chunk now missing from my 6 iron and almost threw up. I swore I would never buy a brand new set clubs again since my intent was to slam them into the ground as hard a possible... So now as I’m waiting for my trade to come through I am looking at all the irons. Yes. I can use higher launch. Yes, I want more ball speed. Yes, I want more forgiveness. Hell no, I don’t want offset. My JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro’s 4-P should arrive Wednesday, and I plan on taking off Thursday-Sunday to break them in properly. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    ... Yup not touching "lost" golf balls. Add to that I am so used to picking up broken tees on par 3 tee boxes as well as new plastic tees someone forgot on par 4/5's. It is just such a habit and I had to stop myself several times.
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    My current car is a '16 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. I bought it used in 2017 and 60k of the 100k powertrain warranty was transferable, so I have that going for me. So far it has been bullet-proof. <knocking on wood>
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    Sounds like it had a Lucas electrical system - more common in British cars. Little know fact Joseph Lucas the namesake of Lucas Electrical was credited for inventing the 'short circuit'
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    Mine got bad enough that I had my daughter cut my hair last week. She did a shockingly good job for a first effort. I was going to do it myself and just buzz everything with a #4, but my wife had stern objections to that plan.
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    Will be following this closely especially @jlukes comparable swing speed can’t wait to see what kind of gains you get and if you have to adjust anything afterwards swing wise
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    Momma received a Sous Vide this morning and we put to use right away. Cooked a pair of 1/2” pork chops for us two - cooked for 2hrs. Good Stu, easy. Have another pair cooking now, will run for 4hrs. We’ll see if the extra time makes for a more tender chop [emoji848] Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I hate when I have a meeting for work first thing Monday morning, but I have not started yet on the deliverable that I plan to present
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    Got bad news yesterday. My Orthopedic Surgeon who I wanted for my knee replacement is retiring this month. I guess after my shoulders he was sick of me. I put off my knee replacement due to a planned trip to CT for Gkids HS graduation and all the Spring Sports for all 4 Gkids. Obviously none of this happened due to the COVID mess. Start over.... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    So we officially launch our training tomorrow (Monday)! Who’s excited? I made this little stand to hold the PRGR out of stuff around the house and drilled two holes to stake it into the ground with golf tees. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I just finished my first protocol...in 39 degree weather. Actual average of 5 swings with my driver after dynamic warm-up was 95.6 mph versus 110.6 mph after completing the protocol. Ignore the ball speed and carry distance (middle and bottom numbers). There wasn't a ball there. I will be posting my intro and initial thoughts Wednesday evening or Thursday morning - I'm done writing but need better pictures and videos than what I have. Weather has sucked since last Thursday.
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    I mentioned it to Matt a few months ago and he indicated that it is something they are looking into but have no timetable.
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    True, that was a funny feeling. Most of us did tip the waitress very well. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    ... No need to knock on wood as these cars really are bullet proof in our experience. Obviously some might slip between the cracks but we bought a Sonata in 2008 and after 3 years of just service and oil changes without so much as a knob cracking, we bought a Genesis Coupe in 2011 and the Mrs is still driving it. I bought a Genesis sedan in 2012 and again, maintenance free other than service and oil changes. In 2017 I gave the Genesis sedan to my son (89k miles) and bought a 2018 Genesis G80 that I have driven back and forth to Orlando and Phoenix. Best car I have ever owned. Blows away my BMW 530i that cost a fortune to service. So 4 Hyundai/Genesis in our family since 2008 and not a single problem. I'd wish you luck but you won't need it.
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    My Introduction & First Impressions have been posted!
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    Made some changes after some play and constructive criticism oh her and it feel like its already an improvement. @RickyBobby_PR ball flight was too high, swapped out the HB turbos for the Srixon Z585's Big difference in playability as well.
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    I was thinking this same thing when I played a round over the weekend. I was thinking the best way characterize it is the face doesn't feel HOT but solid strikes just go. It gives you the sensation that YOU hit a good shot rather then the club itself made the shot go far. Also I love what you mentioned about your shots into and with the wind i love the recent TXG video about tee height. It was a blessing to watch before my last round. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXBsKwTTtf4 Also I need to get my Game Golf back up and track my distances and shots as well. Also I notices ou had less then average fairways. Do you chalk this up to the wind, your swing, or getting back to the course? I felt I was missing a lot of fairways but the shape was less extreme then my normal mishits.
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    Good questions! The 290 shot was straight downwind and I teed the ball up and launched it nice and high. The 296 shot was a par 5 that I hit into the perfect "slot" and it caught the backside of a hill and shot forward and rolled out forever. The 228 shot was dead into the wind and I caught the shot low on the head which caused it to spin up. The wind just held it up and dropped it straight out of the sky.
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    Tournament golf is back this weekend at my club. Not sure how they were able to do it but our opening day tournament is going to happen on Sunday. Assuming it will be a smaller field than normal without carts, but it is something to look forward to this weekend. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Took the GS53 9* with the HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 shaft out this weekend for it's first round and so far I'm coming away VERY impressed. Based on the range sessions I had, I adjusted the head to 8.5* loft with 1* open face angle and a 57.5* lie. The lie angles on this driver look very flat, even in the upright setting which I like. It was overall a pretty windy day but I feel like the wind gave me a chance to try some different shots with the driver. I tracked all my shots with my Shot Scope watch and had the following distances on 14 tee shots: 255.64 257.16 265.49 255.07 228.10 269.52 256.66 252.31 266.46 232.00 245.51 290.37 296.13 230.08 The overall average came to 257.17 yards and the playing average (taking out the shortest drive which was into the wind and longest drive which was down wind) was 256.35. My biggest takeaway from day one is how easy it is to hit any shot I wanted with this driver. I wouldn't consider it an all out bomber but more of a precision instrument like a surgeons scalpel. I haven't had a chance to get spin numbers on the club yet but based on what I saw I'd say it's a mid/low spin design. The ball didn't really feel like it rocketed off the face but distance was more than adequate and I had quite a few drives that ended up being sneaky long. I'm not sure if it's the Speed Slot or just the fact that the head is a little smaller but it does feel like I am swinging this club faster. I ordered my club at 45" instead of the stock 45.5". I'm going to get some swing radar numbers on it to see how it compares to some other drivers. I swing the SIM and the G410 LST faster than other drivers I have and it will be interesting to see if the Hogan is as fast as these clubs. As I mentioned, my favorite part was how easy the club hit different type of shots. If I teed it up and swung up on it for a down wind shot, the head launched super high and carried forever. If I teed it down and swung more level, the ball came out on a mid trajectory and didn't balloon into the wind. I did notice that if I hit it a little low on the face the ball would spin up some but all drivers do this. The best club I've ever hit for low on the face shots was the Cobra F9 Speedback (seriously, it's the best driver I've seen for low face shots). If I wanted to hit a cut it was super easy and never drifted into slice territory. I don't really like trying to hit a draw and didn't have the need to try on this particular course but the head does seem to have a little heel bias to it so I'm sure it would be easy to do. My attempts at a draw usually end up being a pull hook. LOVED the feel/sound of this club as well as the smaller look at address. As you all have seen from the pictures it's a very classy looking head. The face seems to have more bulge and roll than other drivers and if I had a choice I'd probably prefer a flatter looking club face but that doesn't bother me enough to matter. I'm really looking forward to getting some launch monitor numbers once this whole COVID thing settles down. Excited to continue playing the driver though and getting more on course results.
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    How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I started playing golf at a very young age, and played on the team in high school, but I got burned out playing so much. Basically gave it up for about 8 years. started playing again last summer and it unearthed the dormant love I had for it. What do you love about golf? I love the pace of the game. It reminds me of my dad and all the wisdom I learned from him on the course. I love it demands perfection. It is a game of misses. You just try to get better at missing. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Trying to get more in tune with golf culture. Dont know anyone else here :/ Where are you from? What is your home course? Live in Minneapolis. Play Hiawatha Golf Course the most, but as a PCC member in the area, I play all over. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Tons of courses. Worst part is it is cold here and the season is short. How’d you pick your user name? Lots of people with my name. Thought it would be funny to make it seem like I was the official one.
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    I'm enjoying the videos and thanks for the update. Man, that driver speed sounds vicious! I've videoed mine before and the sound is so much slower. It's interesting to see that the PRGR was accurate in terms of driver speed to what you've seen on both Trackman and GC Quad. I know we were told the Swing Speed radar was off by 2-3 mph and wasn't sure about the accuracy of the new radar. I like all the creative ways each of you have mounted the PRGR. Good luck to each of you this week and I can't wait to see how the first week goes.
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    This seems like it is going to become the new norm for a while. I wonder if things will ever go completely back to how they were before Covid. Many of these practices would be helpful going forward to reduce the risk of things like flu transmission.
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    I did a full fitting in February and have been playing the Gen 2 XF with a AD VR 6x. It was a bit shorter than the X and my TS3 but the dispersion was unbelievable. That has translated from the fitting to the course and love it. Again, not the longest I hit but it is forgiving and still plenty long for me. For $295 this is a steal. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I think I'll be good. Won't be changing any real mechanics here, and I'm already fit into xstiff shafts across the board and iron heads that are based around precision and not manufacturing ball speed.
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    This is the first major repair on the 911 - it's a 2002. Up to this point it's only needed tires and oil changes. FYI my wife drives a 2015 MB 350 suv. Other than tires, oil changes and rear brakes it hasn't needed anything and it has 90,000 miles. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I get them chipping yips when I’m playing well and get relaxed and then BAM! Takes about 2 rounds 2 get out of my head which doesn’t have a lot in it sometimes. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    No real brand loyalties here, other than my last irons were MP-H4's and going in to the iron fitting I'm sure I was leaning towards the 919s. It came down to them and Apex Pro's, so I went 919 Forged and have about 10 rounds on them now. Other than that, the only enduring theme in my bag is a stomach-churning aversion to anything TaylorMade. (Sorry, I'm sure I just ticked somebody off.) Woods are maybe getting a litte long in the tooth but I plan to get one more season out of them, and I'm not too concerned, I'm still happy with how they perform.
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    To me, it seems like I am getting increased ball flight and carry. The course I played was wet saturday and i still averaged about 260ish off the tee. It is going to be interesting to see how it performs once the courses dry up and I can get some roll.
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    I've always liked the idea of a slightly shorter driver length. Like you Sam, I used to play wooden drivers where they were all 43" at the time. My current driver measures ~45.5". However, I grip down about 1"*. I actually do this with all my clubs. So, wouldn't gripping down serve the same function as cutting a shaft to end up with total length of say 44" to 44.5"? After adjusting my hold on the club I recall immediately finding the center much more and shots feeling more solid. With all clubs. *Several years ago as I started back down the road to playing well again my instructor asked me to grip down about an inch. I recall him saying, "that's how the pros hold a club." Maybe - maybe not. But I do know that I'd gotten where the butt was concealed mostly and not protruding past my closed grip any.
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    I remember why I don’t like dogs...
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    For the visual people: Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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