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    50 (+8) on a tough mini golf course with/my youngest.... good ice cream and we each had a h-i-1 !
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    I'm not, I just look like Rickie Fowler/Bryson DeChambeau. They offered to pay me not to wear their products in public. I'm not a pro, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.
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    I played with my brother yesterday at my home course. I shot 39/39 for 78. He decided he wanted to play another 9 since we moved right along and finished in a little over 3 hrs. I shouldn't have. It was 89* and humid. I shot 46 on the 3rd 9. 27 holes is too much in that kind of heat.
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    PING G710 Irons – Official MGS Forum Review by Mark Lacasse Me, Myself and I: Hey everyone! First off thank you to MGS for this great opportunity to review these Irons! I enjoyed my 1st review! For all of those interested my name is Mark Lacasse and I had the good fortune of being able to test these PING G710’s! I play in the North East where the golf season is beautiful…but short…I have been playing since I was very young but since 2014 after I got out of the military have been playing avidly (and in every sense of the word AVIDLY). Proud husband and father of 2 children (boy and girl) and at this time my son LOVES golf and hopefully my daughter will as well! (The wife and I) I am a decent golfer (at least in my own mind) and have been able to tailor my game and use my competitive nature to drop my scoring over the past two years. I have gone from a 20 handicap to as of 2020 a 7.8 and really hope to drop below 6 this year as one of my short-term goals. I have a high swing speed and am typically consistent with good contact on the face. My swing is a medium tempo as well as out to in which causes a slight fade, which I have learned to play with. With this my misses are typically BIG fades especially when I get “lazy”. I would have to say my strength is my short game. I am comfortable with any iron in my hand and enjoy pin seeking. I do not roll much so am able to really target and go at the flag. On the other end my weakness is off the tee. But enough about me let’s get into the nitty gritty of why you’re reading my essay, the PING black beauty’s. Package Received: Just for some background this review was done during the COVID-19 Pandemic (if you must google that you are not old enough to be playing golf). With those hurdles PING & MGS did a fantastic job at being flexible with these clubs. Normally would not have this in here as I went over it previously, but PING strictly based on how they handled everything was leaps and bounds ahead of any other OEM I have dealt with over the pandemic and for that down the road I will probably buy from PING over others if given a choice in equipment. Grading Don’t judge a book by its cover (8/10) These clubs are BIG. The black finish minimizes that the best it can but there is no hiding how large and in charge they are. Overall it does not take away from the club or make you feel like you are swinging a paddle. I personally do not like black finish clubs, these though are a little different. The finish has a smoother look to me than all the other black finishes I have seen. The black paired with the slate grey face complement each other. The club numbers are little big for my liking, but I do like the engraved edge around the numbers but with that there is a downside (more on this in miscellaneous section). The back of the club is also well done and the placement of the G710 emblem is appeasing to the eye. At address the longer irons you can see a little bit of the sole on the back side but is not distracting. Sound/Feel (10/10) These clubs are probably the best sounding clubs I have ever hit. As soon as I hit them, I compared it to the “crack” of a well struck wooden bat and I am sticking to that thought. Every time I hit these the sound makes me smile still. I was weary at first just because of other PING clubs I have heard in the past but was beyond surprised with these and wish I could have this sound in all my clubs. PING used an epoxy behind the face on these and it worked. The feel is also one of the best feeling clubs I have swung. The compression is second to none. When you pure a ball with these you know instantly. On the opposite end mishits do not hurt your hands but you still know when you hit a bad one. The face also provides great feedback on where you made contact without needing to use foot spray and other visual aids. The selling points (16/20) These clubs have a few nice characteristics to them that the OEM uses as big selling point’s, those being: Hydro pearl finish Maraging steel face Higher MOI (layman’s term forgiveness) The hydro pearl finish is everything it is hyped up to be. Was great with moisture control in the grooves and wicked away/beaded up like wax on the club itself. I had at least one round a week during the review and the finish held up ok. The finish broke down with debris hitting especially range mats, backyard swings and sand traps. It made scrapes on the finish which it would normally do on other clubs anyway but with the black shows the club itself on the sole, the rest of the club held up extremely well. The 8-iron was my test dummy and go to club on the course, so this easily had over 300 swings on it compared to the 6 iron which maybe was 30-40 swings. The face held up really well. Next to the 6 iron (top) the 8 iron shows more wear on the face but is not too noticeable overall. The steel face claims to launch the ball higher and longer. I think the length came more from the lower lofts on the club than the actual face but the ball for sure launched higher with impressive ball flight. Downside I found on this face was that it was getting a lot of black marks on all the clubs. Not sure if it was the steel face or the black finish but all the clubs had the same thing happen (does wipe off with a wash/wet towel). Lastly on this the forgiveness. These clubs gave me a lot of 2nd chances and are the most forgiving clubs I have ever hit. Did not keep the ball perfectly straight on a toe, BUT I was not offline by as much as I would expect on that same strike with another club. Good shot of the ball flight here. Little windy so both did not travel normal distance, G710 was a little longer (Loft comparison is G710 1 Degree stronger) (PING G710 1st, Taylormade P790 2nd) Only thing that matters…On course performance (28/30) These clubs PERFORM! I am an iron enthusiast and could play rounds with a few irons and a putter. Every aspect of these 4-UW played. I especially enjoyed the wedges and found myself utilizing them as much as my current Cleveland CBX2’s because the distance control is one of the best for a set wedge I have ever played. My scores were roughly the same round to round, but I was able to prevent myself from getting in bad situations and having to make miracles happen. The clubs for a larger size also cut through the rough, not as well of a smaller club but just for their size I was impressed. I can stop the ball well on greens with any iron, but the higher flight controlled the ball on the green as well as any other club for me. My average roll out with the 4 iron was 4-5’, all the way down to the wedges that typically stopped <1’. This may not be the case for everyone that doesn’t have the necessary spin, but the higher ball flight will assist you. (Gap Wedge Divot spin back) The little things…(miscellaneous) (7/10) I am one for a clean club. I wipe down after each shot, usually do a wet towel at the end of a round with a few baths throughout the year. I had a little bit of an OCD issue with the large sole numbers collecting dirt around the edging. That dirt does not come out with a cloth or club brush well. I needed to use a toothpick (I am sure there are other tools) to really clean it to my liking. It also came out with a good wash and my handy dandy toothbrush, but I am not washing these clubs down after every round. Minor issue so if you have a little OCD like me…it will bother you. Play it or trade it (17/20) This was a tough one for me. I am currently in a good place playing and like I said am a good ball striker. The forgiveness of these clubs and the added distance I do not need. The gapping messed with my bag a little and made both my hybrids obsolete. If I was a little older and needed the forgiveness and distance, I would keep them in the bag, but I think a player’s iron like my current gamers for me at this time is a better fit. Other than this, these clubs WOULD FOR SURE have a spot in my bag. Wrap it up already! If you jumped to the end…tisk tisk...but I will let it slide. Let’s put this review into a few simple paragraphs: These clubs check all the boxes as to what they say they do, no gimmicks: Forgiving Better finish Longer distance The club profile is very big, by itself the black finish does a good job concealing but no hiding it next to a smaller profile club. No club will keep you out of the hazards if you’re aiming that way. It also will not keep you on the green if you skull the ball or make it go farther when you dig to China, but these clubs are AS forgiving as you can get, mishits did not put me in awful positions and allowed me to scramble back. The finish lasts better than expected and from what I have read leaps and bounds ahead of the predecessor G700’s. Any club will wear down over time and this black will show especially on the sole, but PING is on the right track with this finish, on top of that it’s SLEEK as hell. Distance? I attribute it more to the lofts, but the club face helps and with the added height I was surprised that they flew as long as they did. If you are looking for those attributes, I highly recommend these clubs (also make sure you’re good with standout wear marks). Total Score (86/100)
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    Decided I needed to round out my wardrobe a bit in anticipation of the #COBRACONNECT challenge. Now with everything Cobra on my body and in my bag there is no doubt someone is gonna ask if I'm sponsored by them. How do you think I should respond when asked? Let's hear your best replies! #MGSCOBRA2020
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    It was Holiday golf this weekend... well, I took a "holiday" on 4 of the 36 holes, that is. It was classic social golf as my wife and I were playing with another couple for both days. I tried to focus on shots, but too much conversation flowing. Oh well, it was fun... sorta. Saturday's play: 84 with one birdie and... a 9 on a par 5 and a 7 on a par 4. No, on the par 5 I didn't hit OB. No, I didn't find any penalty areas. No, I wasn't in any trees. No, I wasn't in any bunkers. No, I didn't 3+ putt. So how did I end up with a quad? By taking 7 shots to get to the green. The triple came on an embedded ball in the face of a bunker. Sunday's play: 82 with one birdie and 2 doubles... both par 5's. At least the birdie was on a hole I needed for the 2020 Birdie Challenge.
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    79 41/38 1 birdie/11 pars 12 GIRs / 9 FIRs 36 putts (4 3 putts...) I played at RTJ Oxmoor Valley Ridge course. Very pleased with my driving and irons. I just couldn’t gauge the speed on the greens. I kept leaving putts short. I even left an eagle and a birdie putt short on the same hole....frustrating. I’ve been on a nice run of low to breaking 80 over the last 6-7 rounds. Hoping to keep it up!
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    What a baby Bryson was being. Hurting his brand? Give me a break. It’s not like this cameraman was a paparazzi staking him out in front of his house trying to capture him in a “gotcha” moment. I’ve was a cameraman on the field of NFL games for over 10 years, did MLB sometimes too. My job is to capture the moments that tell the story of the sporting contest on the field. The good, the bad, the wins, the losses. I am not worried about a players “brand”. The cameraman is capturing the moment, the producers in the sat truck are the ones telling you in your ear what shots to get, they decide what gets broadcast. The cameraman was doing his job, now piss off and do yours. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Today could have been the round I have been waiting for my whole life. Instead it was just a career best 77 (39/38). I managed to play the whole round without making any putt over 6' today. I did have 2 3 putts which was disappointing to say the least especially the way I have been putting with the Lucky D lately. What did show up today was the Proto X driver. I found 9/14 fairways and was bombing it all day. I had multiple drives of over 300 leaving quite a few 50/60 yards pitches into greens. I was even pin high on 2 of the par 4 off the tee. I did manage 2 birdies today but they were gimmes. I will say that the pxg putter and driver's performance really has my interest piqued to try the irons but that is for another thread! Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I could not hit the ball at all. At all. Top it, chunk it, toe it, shank it. Putting was great. Picked up after 8 on most holes. On hole 14 I realized I was wearing my reading glasses. Took them off and finished with 3 pars and 2 bogeys. Still shot a 110. I may wear them for putting now though. Sigh.
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    Hey guys, first time tester here. I’m really looking forward to testing the Align XL balls and putting them in play. I originally asked to put the Snell MTB-X ball in play, but the site only had yellow colored golf balls. Unfortunately any color golf ball besides white just doesn’t fit my eye right. So, I decided to go with the trusty Titleist Pro V1 golf balls as seen below. I got inspiration for my personalization from Frankie Borrelli over at Barstool Sports and the Fore Play Pod. Frankie is terrible with a wedge in his hand. He tries to convince himself that he is the greatest short game player ever and says stuff to amp himself up before the chip/sandy/putt. It usually never works, but the one time it does, he’s incredible. One of the phrases he uses a lot is “Be an athlete”. Stop messing up and hit this shot, “be an athlete”. It is kind of like in basketball, baseball, or football. You gotta make the shot, catch the ball, etc. Stop making excuses and be an athlete. Commit to the line, speed, and have no second thoughts. Make the putt! Anyways, I’m excited to test out different methods of alignment to see if it’ll help out my below average putting.
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    Sure. Yes, I identify a target standing behind the ball and determine how I want the ball to fly (generally play a straight to slight draw ball flight). I walk up, set my club pointing in the direction I want to start the ball, take my stance, and prepare to hit the ball. So to that point we have done the same thing. I have heard that described as soft focus; what I am talking about would be hard focus. This is something I do very consistently with my pitches, chips, and putts. During those preshot I identify the general area I want to land the ball or the line I want the ball to roll along. Before I swing I really focus on that landing spot or part of the hole where the ball will enter the hole. I believe this helps me dial in the feel necessary to have the ball hit that spot.
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    I have never used Arccos so I can't make an experienced comparison with Shot Scope. But needing to have my phone in my pocket or anywhere on me is a deal breaker for Arccos. I imagine that is the same for most of the female golfer market. A few of my golf skirts have a pocket but not always in the front. And the front pockets that I do have are much too small for a phone. I leave my phone in my bag. The ease of wearing the Shot Scope watch is all I need.
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    BAD still gas a lot of growing up to do. If he’s concerned about his “Brand” he needs to settle down and let these guys do their job. I’m sure it’s annoying but that’s what you’re paid for. Hope he gets it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Looks like there was a lot of accuracy required on those tight fairways. And maybe a forced carry or two over water?! Nice shooting! [emoji106] Ice cream is the proper way to end it since you both got hole in ones! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bryson...so much going on with this guy. He's great for the tour from the standpoint of enhancing the entertainment value of the product. That he's doing it his way, in a lot of ways (one length, bulking up), is laudable and certainly makes him an athlete I'll continue to follow and pay attention to. As to the cameraman incident...let's just say I was less than impressed. One, the cameraman literally did his job. I guarantee he'd have been in hot water if he had said to himself "oh, he's upset, better not follow him." At the end of the day, Bryson wanted to NOT be held accountable for his actions. That's not realistic, and he'd better grow up and figure out that the scrutiny comes with the territory, because his game is only going to increase that scrutiny and attention. For me personally, I don't need to think an athlete must be a nice guy for me to admire their abilities and follow them, but I know many others don't share that view.
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    I used my V3 for the first time today. The watch was 64% charged right out of the box and took about 20 minutes to reach 100%. Setup was quick last night. I spend approx. 45 minutes total for the download, sync and replace V2 tags with the new ones. Most of that time was spent engineering a workaround to install the tag on my putter and new driver. My putter has a weight at the top of the grip so I've always added my putts after my rounds instead of attaching the tag with glue. I decided with my V3 I would figure out how to make it work on my putter. Following another spy's idea I used black electrical tape. I cut the putter tag stem to less than 1/8", stretched a piece of tape over the top to hold it in place and then wrapped the tape around the grip. My driver (Cobra F8) came with the Arccos connect tag embedded in the grip which I managed to pop out but the extra piece holding that tag was glued on tight. I manage to screw the Shot Scope tag partially into grip hole showing down in the larger hole left by the Arccos tag and then gave it the same electrical tape treatment. Not the prettiest setup but it works for now. I turned the watch on as a drove to the first tee. Finding the course for the first time took about 2 minutes. It only missed two shots in my round which were both a SW. I also had a several missing putts but I caused those errors by forgetting to log my putts and note where the pin was. Note to self - don't hurry off the green! My biggest problem was reteaching my brain that there were only two buttons on the left side of the watch instead of the 3 on the V2. I like this smaller sleeker V3. Much better for my smaller arm. What I didn't like was an issue when editing my round to add my putts and missed SW. The software gave me a choice of any club that I had ever registered with Shot Scope instead of only what I had setup as currently in "My Bag" profile. This same problem happened when editing my V2 rounds and I had hoped the new software would have fixed that issue. I have registered three sets of clubs in my Shot Scope account which means for some clubs three colors show up for the same club. I use a mix of clubs from all sets. So when adding the missed SW shot I had to exit my round and go back to "My Bag" profile find out what color SW was currently using. Overall I do like Shot Scope. It is definitely the best option for me.
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    If I was a cameraman I would've turned the cameras off as he hoisted the trophy in the air cuz I'm all the way petty. Would've said I was respecting his privacy
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    Had a good round today. Parred my trouble hole #2. It was a chip and a putt but it was still par, so I knew it would be a good day. 36 / 36, 2 bogeys and 1 birdie. Par 71 course. 12 FIR 13 GIR
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    Ordered one of those Puma Optimized Variables polos that Bryson wore on Saturday. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Howdy y'all, I getting excited and geared up for #COBRACONNECT4 # MGSCOBRA2020 I'm in it to win it! Check this out...can you say SWAG? New Iphone tripod for filming and pics! Just need the SPEEDZONE clubs! I'm Ready !
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    @Headhammer I found the perfect accessory for your wardrobe! Show the world you're the Cobra Commander!
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    "Cobra? Huh? What do you mean?"
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    That's the winner right there! You have to do it on the tee though, and process to hit a high bomb down the middle and walk off without saying another word.
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    This is a good point. I have liked Bryson sine he came on Tour, he isn't my favorite, but generally I like most Tour Players unless they prove themselves to be a big "Richard" There is no doubt if it was Patrick Reed that did this, I along with many others would probably be leading the pitchfork brigade. Now Bryson doesn't have a history of this type thing, from what I know, so I'll give him a pass with a slight shake of my head, and hope he reflects on the whole thing, both how he reacted to the cameraman, and his "explanation" in the press conference that was so contradictory in so many ways. I think he was "trying" to handle it like Spieth would. Meaning Spieth is generally very honest and will let you behind his emotions more than most tour players will. It's just he's a bit more media savvy at this point than Bryson is. So hopefully Bryson will do better the next time.
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    Sounds like a fun day and ice cream is the perfect way to celebrate each of you having a HIO.
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    I went with the Bridgestone Tour B RX - with the "GO 2 UR HOME" from the movie happy gilmore .. I will have a round or two that I just cant make the putts and always right on the edge. So out of nowhere when I started to line up my ball for the putt I would just say to myself alright baby time to go home.... (still missed the putt ). For the testing one of my may concerns will be if the align print will hold up with being hit by the other clubs in the bag. I usually put a red line on my ball and sometimes I get to the green and the line is all messed up from wear and tear of the round.
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    I also read that he literally broke shot link, as shots that land within 30 yards of the green are automatically calculated as an approach shot, so he loses his stats--unless they are able to manually adjust it--for those drives that land near the green.
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    Great stuff so far @cnosil, I'm really enjoying how you're breaking down each goal you want to achieve and how you're implementing a plan to achieve each goal. As someone who struggles with both alignment and low point, it'll be educational to see how you tackle those problems. I've seen the drill with foot spray, but have never used it, you just inspired me to give it a go. Best of luck to you in this journey!
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    I'll promise you that if it weren't for how things are in the world right now, I would drive to Florida just to hit thrift stores and I detest driving through Atlanta. With a passion. I can only imagine the thrifty goodness that's been squirreled away down there.
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    Pulled the trigger on a dozen last generation Z-Star XVs in yellow. I have just less than two dozen MTB-Xs left. I really like the MTB-Xs, but I'm not ready to pull the trigger on five more dozen. Amazon had the prior generation XVs for $27.95/dozen. And they will be here tomorrow...
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    Hogan GS53 Driver Review - Official MGS Review by Pozzit Intro Before I begin I graciously want to thank MyGolfSpy Moderators and Ben Hogan Golf for the chance to review this Driver. I joined about a year ago when I read the Ball Testing article and found so many great articles and threads here. I am 32 and have been actively golfing for 20 years. I tend to start the year off with a lot of golf with plenty of early season and a week-long golf trip, then about once per week league the rest of summer. I have averaged low 80s for the last 5 or 6 years and am slowly chipping it away to an 80 average this year. My strengths have always been my irons and wedge play with a weakness in driving accuracy and putting. My swing speed is around 105mph and I have a fast transition. My biggest issue with my driver is have cut across the ball significantly. Obviously my misses are a slice or pull depending on face angle. I also have a negative attack angle so last season I had too much spin on my drives causing ballooning and losing distance. I have been trying to work on both of those over the winter but I know I haven’t been completely successful with these. Also If anyone has picked up on this previously I am pretty stingy with my money and clubs tend not to rotate in and out of my bag very often, until this year most of my clubs were at least 8 years old. After a fitting at TrueSpec it made me realize my driver was not helping my game at all and the hunt began. I was looking in the 1-2 year old, DTC or used options so Ben Hogan was on my radar in that search. I am very thankful to test out this club. I will be using Ben Hogan in the future and at least try some demo sets. First Impressions Once I was selected I checked out Ben Hogans’s site to understand all my options. Ben Hogan offers 3 shafts throughout there line up, a low launch (HZRDUS Black), Mid Launch (Tensei Blue), and High Launch (UST Helium) options. I order the Driver in 9.5* with Tensei Blue X stiff shaft, I chose this since I prefer a stiffer shaft but still wanted a Mid launch shaft. They also have an online fitting tool to help make the right decision. I was really excited for the club to arrive and once it did it was in great shape. The box also included a very nice boxing glove headcover and a tool for adjusting the head. The club itself looked great and had head weight and CT measurements on it. Opening up the box it is a very nice looking driver there is nothing overwhelming or flashy but a great appearance. There is an incredible shimmer to the top of the crown that in the right light looks great that doesn’t appear in any of the stock photos. Looks (9 out of 10 points) As mentioned before I think the head looks fantastic at address and the head shape is similar rounded shape to most of today’s best drivers and looks really good. I also really like the subtle aspects about this driver no flashy colors or polarizing looks just a great classic design. I was skeptical on how the starburst logo would look on the crown as an alignment mark but it really looks good in silver and blends nicely with the overall color scheme. The underside of the head is nice simple and classic but could benefit from some movable weights or other adjustments. As a whole, the club, especially in the Tensei Blue, looks fantastic with an alternating black and silver aesthetic. I would have had to love the grip have a blue accent but it does look nice. Sound & Feel (10 out of 10 points) This should be an 11 this is the best sounding driver I ever remember hearing. There is a solid thwack reminiscent of a wood head but more modern and powerful. It is such a smooth feeling club, this may sound weird but I don’t feel like this club feels “hot” it just feels smooth. All the well-struck drives just felt solid but not like a trampoline. I was able to tell clearly where on the face I was hitting, I made sure to test out the entire face just for you readers. I had a tendency to hit slightly toe side but noticed only slight differences between severe toe vs heel strikes being a little denser sounding but still very pleasant. Basic Characteristics (18 out of 20 points) I have hit this on the range, GC2, and the course. I feel very confident with this driver. I think it has a good medium height trajectory I’m not sure if that’s more due to the shaft or head but it is lower then my previous driver but cutting down the spin helped lower that flight. Like I have mentioned before I have an over the top swing, this being the case I was still able to work this driver to a draw or fade. I messed around with a few of the closed settings (don’t want my slice getting worse) and was able to notice minor tweaks in flight which was nice to see, I landed on the “High Left” setting which is 9.5* loft 1* closed and 57.5* lie. I have felt very accurate with this driver and I would bet my dispersion has decreased significantly. I compared these on a launch monitor and although dispersion were similar distance was a definite increase by 10 yards of carry distance. Which makes me ecstatic. As for accuracy, I was trying a lot of things when on the launch monitor so didn't get any good dispersion circles to compare. I did notice that the drive had a tendency to reduce the curve i normally see so a slice was more of a push and limited actual curve of the flight I feel like that helped On-Course Performance (27 out of 30 points) So I have had this driver for about 2 months and just returned from a 189 hole golf trip last week so should have plenty of use on this already. When I first got the driver there as a little acclimated to it and the only thing that caught me off guard is although the driver is average height it looked fairly shallow at address and found myself hitting it higher on the head then my previous driver. This took a little getting used to and actually skyed 2-3 balls in the first handful of rounds. Although this takes a little getting used to I actually enjoy the result since it cuts my spin down and is more consistent to me than a lower strike. Like I said in the basic characteristics I feel very confident with this driver it won’t fix a bad swing (nothing will) but I am certain that a good swing through the ball will deliver great distance and on or near fairway shots. I am more cautious off the tee and will often grab a wood or hybrid if I need to keep it safe but as I have gotten used to this club the times I do that has been decreasing. Using Game Golf to measure against my previous driver and seasons this has increased my fairways hit by 5% and increased distance by 11 yrds. I have been trying to work on swing speed and upward angle of attack but it still beat my previous Ping Driver and over the life of my previous driver its been a 22 yard increase. On top of Game Golf we all know where our “usual” misses are out on each hole of our home course. I noticed that my shots approach shots were definitely altered, less distance to the green and closer to the fairways if not in the fairway. Miscellaneous (8 out of 10 points) Although I really like the boxing glove headcover I think it sits a little odd on the club at least when I’m walking it just has an odd angle but I think that’s just the way they are designed. Ben Hogan Also provides a very good detailed matrix of each of the driver settings and tool to adjust it. One final note I would like to say is having a CT measurement on the driver is an awesome little detail that I never knew I wanted. Play it or Trade it ( 20 out of 20 points) Yes… let me rephrase YES. Ben got his position locked in that spot. It has outperformed my current driver in just about every aspect. More distance, more accurate, better sound, less spin, great price. If you are in the market for a new driver don't let this one get away especially if your on a tighter budget. Conclusion This is an overall great driver I would recommend to at least try this driver with Ben Hogans demo sets. It is a great program to get clubs on course and truly test them, also they have partnered with Club Champion for fittings so that is a huge plus (wish I could have gotten to one during this trail). The GS53 Driver has performed for me, with 5% more fairways hit and 11 yards compared to my previous driver. Final Score (92 out of 100 points) Ping Over last 2 years Ben Hogan GS53 Stats
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    Testers Wanted (4) Is it possible for practice to be fun? Is it possible for a training to make you want to spend extended time “practicing”? Can an affordable putting simulator offer you realistic feedback on your golf game? We mean affordable as in cheaper than some of the current drivers on the market now. Got you're attention yet? Well Read on for a very rare opportunity! ExPutt is an at home indoor putting simulator that offers golfers the ability to practice on a high-quality simulator that until now could only be found in a professional setting. Does it do all the things mentioned earlier? We are going to let four of you tell the MyGolfSpy community. More Pics and Video Here How to Apply In a post below in this thread--DO NOT QUOTE THIS POST--provide the following information. This testing is open to US Residents Only Name/City State How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? How many 3 putts do you average per round? What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? We'll be choosing the testers sometime next week, so check back and see if you've been selected!
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    "yeah, 20 bucks for a picture and autograph"
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    The sensor in my driver's "connect grip" has been dead for a little while, I finally figured out the problem/temporary solution before changing the sensor. Just like adding a missed shot post round, you can do it during the round. Before/after your shot, pull your phone out where your ball is, in the app hit 'edit' and press the corresponding club. The app should add the shot and will pick up any subsequent shots into/on the green with clubs that have a sensor on them.
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    When I'm playing my best, this is what I do also. I believe Adam Young refers to this as an "external focus," and his belief is that the body self-organizes to achieve the desired outcome/shot. Certainly some people may be better with "internal focuses" like a specific swing thought or position, or a combo of both. I believe Dr. Bob Rotella talks about this is one of his books as well. Very good thread so far. Enjoying reading it.
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    And that's the great thing about all of this - there's so many PGA players who are genuinely nice people from public and private reports, that it's not worth my time spending any of my energy supporting a petulant spoiled brat. So I don't and I won't.
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    I've been icing my hands/wrists nightly in preparation for the pain they are about to endure - tomorrow is the big day. Choice of ball may be a game-time decision, but it will be either an XL2000, Pinnacle Gold, or, if I can still find it, the trusty old Molitor from last year. OK, I haven't really been icing, but perhaps I should have been. Bring on the PAIN! ...and the lack of bite on chips ...and the sound of hitting a billiard ball
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    Absolutely felt awkward at the start (and still does sometimes 2 weeks into it). The first few swings, I almost fell over. I also caught myself trying to take a mini step with my lead knee on the non-dominant swings. For me, since I played baseball/softball for so many years, I really want to raise my elbow up during the backswing - all those years of being told to keep my elbow up have apparently stuck. When I do that, it seems to hinder my rotation, but it feels more natural to me.
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    Thanks bud. I think it’s key that I think these clubs really can fit anyone just depends on what you’re looking for and it’s not what I need at this time. nothing was surprisingly long. 4 iron was where I expected around 220 which is right where they were which is a tad longer than my current which sit around 210 consistently. short came into play with wind. I launched these so high any type of wind just knocked them down. That 8 iron video was indication of that. Probabky 10-15 mph winds and I lost almost 40 yards on that shot. Compared to the other 8 I lost 20. thanks for reading!
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    I’m in the camp that Bryson has a better idea of what he needs in his bag than we or any other commentator does. I’m fairness to Faldo he did acknowledge that shaft manufacturers and other equipment experts might disagree with his statement. It’s also easy to arm chair it and say that he should consider traditional wedge shaft lengths. In fact I’ve said that. Reading this thread makes me realize how wrong I am. Any change would take time to implement. The guy is on a roll doing it his way. Why i the world should he change a thing right now? Also I’m sure that he had to put so much energy into his fitness and driving that he may just have let the chipping/wedge play go a bit. It’s possible that this is simply a matter of a bit more work on that area. I think the guy is doing fine without our advice. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    First let me start off by saying I am fine now. So here's the long story which took 2 years. I had a kidney stone that I could not pass. Went to the urologist and he sent me for a CT scan. Found a growth on my kidney the size of a golf ball. He does surgery to remove the stone. Sends me to a specialist for the kidney. Turns out to be kidney cancer and so starts the fight with the insurance company to cover the operation. In the meantime I go on a business trip and upon my return my 85 pound yellow lab was so excited to see me he jumped up on me and his paw went under my rib cage and knocked my breath away. Didn't think much of it. Went to bed and woke up a few hours later not feeling well. Tried to go to the bathroom and almost passed out on the way. Off to the hospital where they discovered that my spleen tore and I was bleeding out and almost died. So into ICU then to the operating room to have my spleen removed. Two weeks into healing and then got approval for the kidney operation. The next week right back in the hospital to have 1/2 my kidney removed. Like I mentioned I'm fine now. It took almost 6 months to play golf at an acceptable level. All I was allowed to do was chip and putt for a few months so that really helped my game. My handicap was around a 7 then and over the last year and a half got it down to my current 2.4. Pretty expensive way to drop my handicap, I dont recommended doing it that way. I would say to just practice your chipping and putting.
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    Tony Covey pretty much addressed it on Twitter without calling out Faldo by name. I guess since he gave MyGolfSpy props on the air last year, he didn't want to embarrass him by name.
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    Played Loomis Trails in Blaine, WA this weekend. It's been nearly 15 years since I first played the course. I was reminded how great a track it is, and all of the "hidden" dangers. I should of bought a yardage book - would have saved me at least 3 shots!
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    If you play the hole as intended it would be a 200 yard tee shot to center of the fairway and dog leg with a flat lie. If you hit the ball to the 150 yard marker your next shot plays 2 to 3 clubs more due to the elevation and bunkers guarding the front. So you really need to play 180 and be able to hit a high ball. I dont hit a high ball typically. If you play more club you fly the green. It is a short green front to back. The green also slopes from back to front. Our greens roll at a 10 to 12. If you go long and chip on, your all the way to the front and have a 2 putt. Most members of our club have trouble with that hole. So for me its try to clear the trees with a 5 wood and get 1/2 way up the hill. One of out matenience crew for the summer is on the college golf team. He also plays the course regularly. Just this morning he told me how much he hated that hole as well. I did par it today with a one putt.
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    Played a solid round Thursday, several very good long approach shots and putting on burn't up recently aerated greens very challenging, but my putting is coming around.
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    THE Ben Hogan GS53 Driver Review – July 4th, 2020 by 03TRDBlack Intro Follow me on my Instagram! @rob.c.slade Also on Twitter @robslade. First and foremost, I want to thank MGS yet again for the chance to review another product. I have been lucky enough to be selected to test multiple items including the Tour Edge EXS Driver, Snell MTB Black golf balls and the SuperSpeed Golf program. I’ve been a decent golfer since I started playing at age 14 (now 38) and even with a new born baby and COVID I’ve been playing some of the best golf of my life and carry a handicap of 0.1. I live in NC and do most of my playing in the hot and humid Southeast region. I’m a HUGE equipment junkie which led me to building golf clubs as soon as I started playing and I’ve been a clubmaker for over 25 years. My favorite club has always been the driver and it’s one of the strengths of my game. I’m a consistent ball striker and chipper but my putting can be streaky. My swing has a very smooth tempo and even when I feel like I’m swinging all out, it still looks very smooth and lazy like an Ernie Els or Fred Couples. I used to hover around 100 mph with a driver but now I’ve been recording 106 mph and have even steadily hit 106-112 mph in my practice sessions. I attribute this primarily to the SuperSpeed training program. Personal Golf Stats TLDR: HCDP: 0.1 Smooth swing tempo w/ driver swing speed currently between 104-110 mph. Ball flight is mid trajectory with my miss being a pull fade or pull. Driver CARRY distance, averages 250-255 yards. Accurate driver of the golf ball. Most par 4’s I play average 400+ yards and I usually have around 150 yards or less into the greens (8 or 9 iron, playing Cobra Forged Tec irons). First Impressions I was super excited when the Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver arrived for testing but was even more excited to test the Hogan GS53. There is just something so classy about this club and I was almost about to purchase it myself before being selected to test it. The pictures on the company website (https://benhogangolf.com/products/gs53-driver) are great but it’s even more beautiful in person as you’ll see below. Requested Specs: -9* Loft -45" length (-1/2" from standard) -Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 (Stiff) My favorite part about the Hogan website is they don’t over hype anything about this club. In fact they specifically say, “No big hype”. It’s a simple titanium driver with a forged face with no sliding or moveable weights, no graphite composite, no bright colors or any special internal technology. The driver reflects Mr. Hogan perfectly in that it’s simple, understated, humble but still an incredible performer on the course. The only real “tech” is the adjustable hosel but I would have almost preferred a glued hosel to maintain that level of simplicity and classic design. It’s worth noting that the face angle appears very closed in most pictures but that is not the case in person. The CT testing sticker was attached to the head when it arrived indicating the actual CT value, just like a club from the tour van and my head came in at a respectable 242 CT. There’s always a fine line of getting the hottest heads possible but staying below the USGA limit. I gave the Hogan a very thorough review on course, with specific yardages tracked by Shot Scope as well as Trackman fitting numbers from Club Champion. **Spoiler alert** The ball speed and performance of the Hogan was right up there with the hottest drivers on the market! Grading Looks (9 out of 10 points) Pro’s: -Smaller footprint -Gorgeous color -Clean, sleek & classy Con’s: -Prefer a deeper face -Sunburst logo is silver instead of gold/red -Face bulge (curvature) takes some getting used to -Cosmetic blemish on the ferrule upon delivery Traditional shaping and a classic “D” shape at address define the GS53 driver. The 445cc volume gives it a much smaller footprint than most drivers on the market today and the face is fairly shallow with lots of curve from heel to toe (more bulge). I prefer a deeper face but I love smaller footprint drivers so I was instantly comfortable with the size. The silver Hogan sunburst logo as the alignment aid is just awesome but is a little too large for my taste and I do wish they had used the classic gold/red colored sunburst logo instead of silver. The logo is applied to the head before the clear coat is sprayed which gives it a deep 3D look and the scorelines on the face pay homage to the look of the older persimmon drivers. The sole contains a simple Ben Hogan signature, loft designation, the Sunburst logo added one more time in silver, and the famous Hogan SpeedSlot channel towards the toe. The idea of a Speedslot is just cheesy enough to be cool and brings that 50’s and 60’s “tech” into our modern day. I swung the Hogan slightly faster than some of my other drivers but I don’t know if the slot contributed. Again, I’m not sure why they decided to forgo the gold/red accents on this club and it’s a miss in my eyes. Nothing looks better than the Hogan navy blue with the gold/red accents IMO. Sound & Feel (10 out of 10 points) Pro’s: -Fantastic overall sound -Crisp and powerful Con’s: -None The sound is one of my favorite features of this club and Ben Hogan Golf nailed it. The all titanium construction gives this driver a powerful, crisp sound that isn’t tinny or overly loud. Everyone that I’ve played with has commented on how good it sounds. Since lots of clubs have carbon fiber now, it’s refreshing to hear that all titanium sound again. Since sound is feel, the club feels fantastic. The ball doesn’t necessarily look or feel like it’s jumping off the face as fast or as hot as other drivers I’ve hit but my trackman numbers indicate it’s up there with the best and it was definitely “sneaky long”. Basic Characteristics (15 out of 20 points) I wouldn't consider the Hogan GS53 an all out bomber but more of a precision instrument like a surgeon’s scalpel. Trajectory – If I teed it up, I could hit it high. If I wanted to hit a low bullet then it was no problem. The GS53 delivered any shot I tried to hit as long as my swing did was it was supposed to. Workability – Cuts and draws were easy to hit on command. Accuracy – Probably the best attribute of this driver. Shots never got me in trouble, even with less than perfect swings. Distance – Not the longest driver I’ve hit but no complaints. No distance disadvantage on any of my normal courses and would occasionally sneak in a surprise bomb. Forgiveness – The only place I ran into trouble was low on the face as the ball would spin up and balloon slightly. Adjustability – Easy as most drivers but not the most intuitive hosel markings. I like the shaft doesn’t rotate (like Callaway). Same adapter as the Maltby KE TC4 component driver. Not the longest but the GS53’s accuracy was so good that I had no fear of any tee shot. For only a 445cc size head, the forgiveness of shots was absolutely fantastic. LM Performance (25 out of 30 points) My on course performance and Shot Scope data is reported throughout this review thread but below are some numbers from a trackman session at Club Champion. The spin rates are just a bit higher than would suit me but contributed to the increased accuracy. Club Champion doesn’t have the shaft adapter to fit a Hogan driver and only fits Hogan irons. I added a Harrison Shotmaker to the shaft in efforts to lower my spin but haven’t been able to get any additional trackman information yet. Miscellaneous (8 out of 10 points) Our review was announced right before the COVID outbreak really ramped up but even so, we received the clubs in less than 10 days. I had to note the slight quality defect in the ferrule other than that everything has been top notch. Play it or Trade it? (18 out of 20 points) Playing it for sure! Once I get the spin down approx. 300-500 RPM’s, this driver will be absolutely perfect. I’m hitting it so straight however it’s an easy compromise. Conclusion/Final Score (85 out of 100 points) The Hogan GS53 Driver is a true classic gentleman of a driver that is beautiful and accurate. It sounds fantastic and is as reliable as a well maintained clock. Distance wasn’t the longest ever but would quite often end up “sneaky long”. The person who buys and uses this driver appreciates good looks, exceptional performance and value. Courtesy of Historic Golf Photos
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