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    This pretty much sums up how well I've been playing lately!
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    ... As someone that plays hundreds of rounds a year as a single both at home and away, I am always pleasantly amazed at how many good people I am paired up with. Yes, every now and then you run across some frat boys or idiots of any age or selfish slow play groups but well over 95% iff the time it is just good people of varying skills that are very pleasant company for 4-5 hours sharing a golf course. ... That said, I got paired up with THAT GUY last week. Firs hole he is riding in a cart and 3 of us are walking and I hit the green from 160 and he says "What kind of irons are those?" I said Titleist T100-S and he comments he wanted to see those because they are the replacements for his AP1's. I told him they are not actually replacements but would be close to AP2's, not AP1's. "Ah, I see. What shafts are you using?" I told him Kuro Kage Tini 105 gm shafts and he says "No, what shafts?" I was confused and asked him what was he playing and he says "Regular steel" and I asked what kind of regular steel and he kinda laughs and says "I dunno, Titleist regular steel". He had no idea what kind of shafts he was playing which were AMT White, all he wanted to know was what flex my shafts were. Kinda weird to start an equipment discussion with very little equipment knowledge but I quickly realized he was gonna talk like a smoke alarm that just won't stop beeping. He was a nice enough guy but I tried to avoid him as much as possible but he would follow one of us and talk non stop. I have probably played with this same guy maybe 5 times in my entire life and hope I don't run into #6.
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    Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the day and spend some time outside. It will be different this year without a fireworks display from the town but we still plan on grilling some burgers and dogs and celebrating Independence Day!
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    Played a fun and challenging 9 yesterday; had one of those up and down rounds -- ie. some really good shots plus some really baaaaad shots, with very little mediocre ones in-between. So a typical golf day, I guess! 3 pars, 3 bogeys, 3 doubles for an "even bogey" round overall. One big disappointment was a lot of my iron shots .. I've finally started hitting them nicely recently, but I just proved out that saying about your golf swing: "..you don't own it, you only rent it for a while.." Did have a few nice tee shots and short approaches; wedges were mostly good but the highlight was putting - which was really spot-on (that day!) .. most first putts were literally 1-3 inches from dropping; only left one short and nailed that second one (so no 3 putts that day). Playing 18 tomorrow so will try (emphasized!) to just hit solid shots to safe targets.
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    It’s a damn good thing that Cobra won’t be trying to fight my putter. That’d be a losing battle. Everything else, however, leaves vast room for improvement. In other news, my club championship is next week, and the rest of my game is... ah, not so hot.
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    Glad ya’ll tied for first and second! Best of luck in the competition. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    That's Awesome. Never stop playing!!! Take Dead Aim
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    Well @palvord you (sort of) got your wish. @Wedgie and I did play to a draw in our match of wolf today, but we tied for 1st place, so in a way you also got what you didn’t want. Next time you’ll have to be more specific in your wishes of ill will. Also on the stroke play totals... well... Welcome @Wedgie to team B.Boston! We are very excited to have your support in the #CobraConnect Challenge 4. #cuetheduckboats
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    Played our annual 4th of July tournament today and shot 73. My net and gross were the same so I could not compete with the net 61 that won the event. Really think we need to have a seminar at my club on how handicaps are supposed to work. A guy in my group was a 14 that shot 77.....gross. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I can't stop playing golf swing and just play golf.... I've had 2 good rounds and 2 really crappy ones and the crappy ones were me (typically) over-analyzing every single thing - "why'd you hit that good shot? why'd the ball go in that direction? what happened with that putt?" I've got to learn to get out of my own head and remember that the golf course is not for swing mechanics. Yesterday was a great day to play golf and I had a great time meeting @B.Boston and @Lacassem and it was really nice seeing @Wedgie again and he was (as always) an excellent host at his home course. My day was CRAP though. Driving -- 1/10 Woods -- 2/10 Irons -- 4/10 Chipping -- 7/10 Putting -- 0/10 14/50.... 28% .... F- The only saving grace was a birdie on the par 5 18th. Hit a pretty good drive; bombed a 3hybrid; chipped to 8 feet with the 54 and (shockingly) made the putt. Sadly, the most recent purchases, driver+putter are not working out and they'll be going up for sale as the return period has expired (barely) and the trade in value is a joke. (side note: if I buy something for 10.00 on January 1, and I want to return on Feb. 15, how can it now be worth 5.00? I get that there needs to be some residual loss but 50% of it's value in 45 days... man that gets me) I've given both of these a few rounds and realize that they just aren't going to help me shoot lower scores. They were both "pandemic" purchases and I didn't really get a chance to try either of them. BAD MOVE. I keep trying to replace the F7+ that really hasn't let me down. For the most part it is accurate but not quite as long. I need to stop chasing that extra 10-15 yards. I'm not a good enough player where the difference between 9/W or 7/8 into greens is going to make a difference. ....off to find "Zen Golf" on Audible.
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    I’m making the kids red white and blue sprinkled pancakes.
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    Tomorrow's menu.. Smoked tri-tip and smoked BBQ boneless pork ribs with corn and homemade honey wheat bread. Trying something completely experimental tomorrow. Usually I like to marinate the trip tip 3+ days to help tenderize it. I didn't give myself enough time because I bought it today. I did a beef dry rub and injected marinade of beef broth, clarified butter, olive oil, and Worcestershire and vacuum sealed over night. Gonna sous vide it at 100° for 8 hrs to hopefully accelerate the tenderizing. Then in the smoker with the ribs for a few hours and then everything to the grill to finish. For the ribs, I made a BBQ sauce with cocoa powder, dark roast coffee, coconut sugar, honey, ACV, peach juice, crushed garlic, Worcestershire, black pepper, ketchup, liquid mesquite, and some mustard. Pics to come! the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    And another reason not to reach down into the cup!!!
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    Nice round! Yeah my putter was great for me today too. 7 one putts and only one 3 putt. I felt like I had some great touch on long ones and didn’t leave anything too interesting to clean up. +2 still ain’t a bad score there kid.
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    A couple runs through a planer and or a rough sand with an orbital and you’ll get a ton of mileage out of those boards. Nice treasure find right there Tom. I’m sure your electric bill will thank you as well when you’re done with that room.
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    Love that old guy! At the short 9 hole near me, there's a .. no joke .. 96 y.o. who still plays, frequently, and decently, too and .. still .. no joke .. gets down on himself if he mis-hits one!!! Game For Life
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    Weird day. 4 birdies and some bogies, and a dang double. Some great Saves and sandies, and some chunked wedges . A very mixed bag, but a +2 , 74 final. evoted the day to the new swing, which is the old new swing I devoted to before... until it quit working, but this time it’s different. I’m sticking with it!!! until I try something else new... why can’t I just find a swing and stick with it???
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    Demoed a room today and my parents came to help. The person who remodeled years ago put dry wall over these beautiful planks. No insulation behind them and no closets. I'm turning an office and bedroom into a master suite and putting a closet in the other room. The room where I will be adding the closet is the room in the picture below. The boards on all 4 sides will be trimmed up and used as trim, a coffee table, and other things I see desired to make out of old boards from I'm thinking the 1920s or earlier.
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    Alright everyone I just completed my 2nd irons only round. I played a different local 9-hole course today that is slightly longer than the previous but has a variety of length holes instead of all the par 4's being between 300-375. This was great as I got to hit every club in the bag. Let's start with the good. I really found a groove chipping with the 48* GW today unfortunately I had to use it more often than I would have liked. I can see this being a real asset moving forward. The putter was wonderful again as I managed to finish with 26 putts. Now the bad. I couldn't find a groove off the tee with any long iron I tried. Even on the par 3's I struggled to hit one straight. I managed to hit just 2 fairways and 2 greens. The 2 greens led to my only 2 birdies today. The #1 handicap hole on this course is a 463 yard par 4. I have always struggled with this hole even with all my clubs and today was no different. This was the hole that killed my score as I doubled it both times. One more double and 7 bogies lead to a 42/41 83. Very respectable to say the least. I play to an 8.1 per the course rating which unfortunately for Team Titleist leaves me at a net +3 75. 1 shot short of @Berg Ryman in the iron only contest. This was a lot of fun and really had the competitive juices flowing today. I actually went into the last 3 holes (this includes the #1 handicap trouble maker) 1 over but managed to finish double par double to lose. I haven't felt this type of feeling since my high school sports days and I gotta admit I really liked it! So Congratulations Berg you have one the bet. We can discuss the winnings when we get closer to the Fantasy Football draft. When I put a good swing on these T200's they perform as intended. I didn't have any shots today that made me think where did that come from. Every good swing produced the exact yardage I was expecting. When I am slightly off it makes it very clear that something with slightly more forgiveness may be necessary. The key thing I am still working through is finding a consistent groove with these T200's to determine if they will have a permanent spot in the bag. I gotta admit though so far this year my handicap is dropping and these definitely have a part in that.
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    Enjoyed a nice day of golf at @Wedgie’s home course with @Lacassem and @GolfSpy Stroker Shot 82 for the day (41/41) with one birdie, 8 pars, 8 bogeys, and one idiot of an ‘other’ hole. had a great day putting with 7 one putts and only one bad 3 putt I skied this drive off a rock wall and OB and proceeded to 3-jack the green from a decent spot for the worst hole of the day
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    Can’t remember if I told you all. But I re-enlisted on May 4th as in (May the 4th be with you) for 6 years. 2 months into my new contract, I do not regret it for a second. This trip will get me to that magical 19 year mark to put in a retirement letter, if I so choose to hang it up then. I came into this thinking 30 Years or bust, that is still the goal, or even more if they let me stay in and the odds are in my favor.
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    One thing they didn't mention. Where were the mat balls hit. If it was in their studio then that is a huge variable. As Trackman is not as accurate indoors as it is outside. As outside it tracks the entire flight. Inside it can only track 6 feet and relies on an algorithm for the rest. The TXG test. You saw they took their mat outside right next to the grass hitting area so the GCQuad would get the same reading.
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    I second this! America the beautiful. The United States of greatness!!
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    I'll be grilling corn, asparagus, brussel sprouts and pork chops tomorrow since my parents are helping me with demo the least I can do I cook them a good meal.
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    Well, guess i get to have a victory lap round, but I'm going to try hard as hell to get it lower, because you deserve my best. @blackngold_blood has my ultimate respect, a game competitor and an even better dude.
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    Other than adjusting the lie angle on my news clubs, I haven't played or practiced much in 5 weeks, Shot an 86 from the tips at 6900 yards last night. 3 putted 3 or 4 times and took a 6 on a par 3 thanks to a pulled tee shot OB. Had to hit driver last night which cost me 2 strokes on one hole, but otherwise please with my driver play. It was the short that showed my lack of practice.
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    I almost got beat last year by an 85 year old in an inter club. He apparently has set the amateur record for beating his age or some crap. I was 4 up after 9 and won the match on 18. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @RollingGreens one thing to keep in mind that we continually stress is that these are dry swings only meaning no impact forces from the turf or ball contact. Impact forces never seem to be talked about when speaking of golf injuries. However, swing speed is the number #1 thing that gets all the blame. A proper golf fitness program can only assist. It’s been helpful for golfers to hear Tiger actually admit recently how his poor training program caused injury. He was the face of golf fitness until it was revealed how poorly he trained during different stretches of his career. We have seen good success with using SuperSpeed helping to return to golf after an injury. Especially those such as lumbar spine and shoulder/wrist. With no contact in the turf, it can help to begin slowly building back speed with less risk. These wouldn’t include full out swings to begin but ramping up as the body allows. We actually built a SuperSpeed program for Tiger with his trainer just for this type of case.
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    Played World Woods Rolling Oaks yesterday. These is a great property in Central Florida. It’s nowhere near anything, has what many call the greatest practice area in the world and Rolling Oaks sister course, Pine Barrens is a top 100 course. Many of the locals consider Rolling Oaks the better course. I disagree but regardless it’s a beautiful property - it looks more like North Georgia or North Carolina than Florida. My college roommate and I took the assistant pro from his club along with. He is on a COVID holiday as a coworker tested positive, even though he’s negative, they told him to take two weeks. At any rate he shot 75 from the tips - 7,300 yards at sea level. We shot 77,78 respectively from a far more modest 6,100 yards. (I had the 77). It really was the perfect distance for us as a group when we compared clubs used for approach shots we were almost identical. It was also great playing with a teaching pro. I was really scuffling for the first 7 holes although my score wasn’t terrible (one well played hole and a couple of great chips). I thought it was a back swing issue - he said “No - it’s your sequencing, once you get to the top stuff is moving all over the place, at just the wrong time. Stop thinking and just swing the club through to your follow through.” So I did - even though my score card read 39-38 there was a huge difference in the way that I struck the ball on that back nine. Lots of fairways and greens on the back. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    First off shoutout to @Wedgie @GolfSpy Stroker and @B.Boston For allowing me to graciously blow up today. was a great and fun first round with a few members and can’t wait to get out again to redeem myself. overall rough day for me. 43/47. Nothing was really working. Had a good stretch of 3 holes in the front but that was about it for the day. Chipping was probably the worst today which is not normally the case. Couple duffs left everything short. worst offender was 18 off the tee . Barely caught the ball and dribbled down The hill. Couldn’t end that Way so tee up again.....dead pull maybe 100 yards into woods just awful. Ended up 9 on 18. company was good so all in all can’t complain!
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    Today is my son's birthday, he is at the age where he thinks the fireworks are for his birthday
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    As close to a red white and blue omelette I can get coming up shortly.
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    I am going to read the Declaration of Independence today. Be safe everyone.
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    I don’t know man, I’m pretty sure the only conversation happening in my bag is “okay, whose got the day off today?”
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    Did a slab of baby backs on the drum yesterday. Used the usual Oakridge Secret Weapon rub. We had them with a cabbage pancake, mustard potato salad and my Mum's cucumber salad.
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    Well, I found the Tour Edge Rally which is a copy Callaway PM Grind on close out for $24 at Budget Golf so I figured it would be a cheap way try out the hi toe design. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    My oil usage should go down too. I have a feeling my lower level is the same way. This year two rooms on the second and next year the other two. I'm planning on having it my own style and way in 5 years. There are a few that are split so I can even do a live edge piece of I want and I have a nice plan for a coffee table for my living room from one. I want a coffee table with a cigar humidor built into one side and something nice in the other side, you know for home protection.
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    Lots of drives to see what worked best - swing speeds between 86 and 100. My sweet zone was 93-95. - it was easy for me to swing at that speed and hit the sweet spot. That’s where I need to reside right now. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Thanks, I needed this! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    If you are struggling with a shaft choice simply grab the stock club pak. The TT Score LT will get the job done quite nicely for not much money. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
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    This guy has his cart ready for the 4th[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The one hole on my golf course that is the thorn in my side is the par 4 10th hole at Chatata Valley. Playing at 357 yards from the whites, it should be relatively easy, but the tee shot is guarded by a narrow window between trees. Right now, my miss off the tee is left, which leads to a lot of shots hitting the trees lining the creek. A right miss leads to hitting off a down slope and a chunked second shot. I've probably had more double bogeys and worse on this hole than any I've ever played because I know I hate this hole and it has a way of getting in my head.
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    Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans!!!
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    Happy 4th of July! I hope everyOne can stay safe and enjoy some family time and possibly a little golf!
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    Good call. It is definitely behind me (I get the hands pretty deep). It is still pretty close to shoulder level when I transition. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Played a true practice round with a couple extra wedges and an x-stiff 3 iron in the bag. Hit the ball all over the place, similar to when I broke my first swing speed plateau. Reinforces my thoughts that speed comes first, then face control. I did hit a 250 yard 3 iron though, so there’s that. Otherwise my chipping and putting felt pretty average and I gave myself different looks at common pin placements.
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    ... Haha, so true. My P760's thought they were oh so cool and no brainers for Prom King and looked down at my P790's (old man distance irons) my Cobra Forged Tours (relics) and Z Forged MB's (little lord Fauntleroy CC only clubs). But then the new kids showed up, the T100-S and everyone was so excited! Especially the wedges that thought the top line was so thin and very attractive. Took the 760's out for the first time last week and they were polite, worked hard and said "please" and "thank you" all round long.
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