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    Testers Wanted (4) Among all major companies these days marketing claims around drivers are getting out of control. Manufacturers would love for golfers to buy new drivers every year or two, at seemingly increasing prices—it’s what helps pay for those flashy advertising campaigns and big-name tour contracts. As a result, the price of drivers has exploded, and it becomes a vicious circle. Ben Hogan Golf is primarily thought of as an iron company, and rightfully so. But when it set out to design and build the new GS53 Driver, it did so with the serious golfer in mind. They feel they have developed one of the best looking and best performing drivers available. They feel it’s a driver that lives up to the Ben Hogan name and promise. So if you’re a regular reader of this space…you know what’s coming next……….. TESTERS WANTED; we’re going to select four of our trusted forum members to see for themselves—and of course share with the rest of the forum— if the GS53 drivers live up to the Ben Hogan name. The testing is open to all forum members in the US, Canada and UK. At this time the driver is available in Right Hand only. To Be Considered Please Provide the Information Below BUT DO NOT QUOTE THIS POST First Name City/State or Country Driver Swing Speed Handicap We'll be choosing the testers sometime next week
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    Congrats to our selected testers! Go here to see the official review: Testers Wanted (2) T100-S and (2) T200 Titleist Irons What better way to get our minds off of all the troubles in the world these days than a good iron testing. Well at MyGolfSpy, we don’t do good, we do MIND BLOWING--You Can Not Be Serious testings!! And that’s what we have here! When Titleist introduced its new T Series irons last fall, it included pretty much everything you’d expect from Titleist, all neatly arranged—T100, T200 and T300. The T100 fit the accomplished amateur and many tour pros, while T200 and T300 were designed for the distance and game improvement segments respectively. Now this spring comes the T100-S, and you can read the excellent First Look by our own Tony Covey here: Titleist launches T100-S. Titleist in the first ever Forum Testing opportunity that I can recall, is going to provide our members a chance to put these beautiful and now longer players irons to the test. But wait there’s more: Titleist doesn’t just dip its toes in the water, it goes off the high dive! It realizes most everyday forum golfers aren’t cut out for such a player’s club. So, it’s widening the testing field to include the T-200 iron as well! That's right two models, two testers each. So read the instructions closely, as not following them exactly could cost you an opportunity to be a tester. How to Apply This is important, so please follow these instructions carefully: 1. If you haven't already, make sure you're a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member 2. Provide us with the information requested below. 3. Be honest on your selection of desired test iron and handicap, it doesn't do anybody any good to have a 36 handicap testing an iron designed for tour players and single digit handicaps. - Your First Name - City/Sate - Your Handicap - Current Iron Model In Play - Desired Model to test- You Must Choose ONE-saying something like "either one" will get you disqualified. Lastly but just as importantly Please do not 'quote' this post when applying.. Per the manufactures request: this review opportunity is open to golfers who resides in the US. We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back.
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    Testers Wanted (4) Ping G710 Irons Nothing like getting the official start of the MyGolfSpy Forum testing season off to a grand start with a set of irons that follow one of the most successful irons in the recent history of PING. When launched in the spring of 2018 the G700 irons caught golfers by surprise. They were different in almost every way from any iron PING had produced. And they performed, boy did they perform. Now, as is typical for PING, two years later they've launched the new version: the G710 irons. The most noticeable visual difference is the stunning stealth black finish. But PING wouldn't be PING if there weren't several technical improvements. Chief among those is sound and feel. But don't take our word for it—that's where you come in. Four MyGolfSpy Testers will be selected to test, review, and keep the G710 irons. Testing will require a commitment of putting the irons in play on the course and at the range and providing ongoing commentary in the forum throughout the process. How To Apply As an extra bonus the selected testers will have the option to choose Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips equipped with Arccos. The clubs will come with a 99 day free trial to Arccos. After that the tester will be responsible for paying for the subscription in order to continue it. It will be a great way to add data to your review. PING has opened this testing to all golfers regardless of country of residence. To apply to be a tester follow the instructions below. In a post in this thread please provide the following information...AND DO NOT QUOTE this post when replying! First Name / State or Country of residence Handicap Current irons in Play The carry distance of your 7 iron That's it. Good luck to everyone. We'll be selecting the testers within the next 10 to 14 days, so check back to see if you've been selected!
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    Official Review Thread: PING G710 Irons It's a special joy for me to announce the reviewers of the PING G710 irons. PING iron tests are always among our most-applied-for, (dare I say) most wanted review opportunities. I had the privilege of getting in on the test of the predecessor to the G710s and have shot the best rounds of my life with my G700s. I am absolutely looking forward to seeing how the sequels perform in the hands of our four forum testers! Without further ado, our reviewers will be: @perseveringgolfer @Berg Ryman @JonMUSC08 @McaseyM Join me in congratulating these four and in following their reviews here!
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    From time to time, MyGolfSpy does brand-association surveys. Titleist is among the brands that fare best in these surveys: they have a reputation of no-nonsense quality and performance. Here's my hunch: if the survey asked to identify a brand with the phrase "Tour Proven," Titleist would win in a landslide. So here in the MyGolfSpy forums, we're delighted to work with Titleist to get four sets of their newest series of irons into the hands of our members for testing and reviews: T100S: @chisag @THEZIPR23 T200: @blackngold_blood, redeeming his golden ticket from being our 2019 fantasy golf champion in grand fashion! @DaveP043 This was among our highest-demand testing opportunities, and I know we'll all be following along eagerly as these great forum members put their new sets of Titleist irons to the test!
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    I hope you guys don't mind me posting this. Most people would do it on Facebook. But I consider each if you friends more so than the 500 some FB says I have My mom passed away this morning in Pensacola, FL. She was 89 and had suffered with dementia the better part of the last 10 years. It had gotten progressively worse the past two years. I last saw her a year ago. At that time It was sadly obvious that She had no clue who I was or any recall of past events. She was put in hospice care at that time. The fact she battled it for another year is a testament to her toughness. She grew up on a small farm in MS with her father passing at a young age and a mom in bad health. At age 15, She pretty much raised her baby sister and took care of the house while still graduating HS before marrying my father a year afterwards. I was 10 and my brother 6 when my parents divorced. She worked full time and raised two sons, without us ever wanting for a thing Or going hungry. Well I never did get that racetrack set for Christmas that I kept asking for I owe every value I have to this day to her. She taught us how to be honest, account for our selves and treat others kindly. She didn't see color in people, she just saw the good in then. .. whee and when she was raised, that is actually damn impressive. I received many of my physical traits from her or her family, she had older twin brothers who were 6'4. During my adult years I visited her as often as I could. But not often enough. Yet she always had a full pan of lasagna, a huge baking dish of Banana Pudding and dozens and dozens of Chocolate Chip cookies. Like I said. We never went hungry. The timing really sucks. Obviously I and my brother and sisters can't travel there now. She made plans a couple years ago to be cremated. So that's what they will do. A family friend down there will hold on to her remais. When everything clears up, my siblings and I will meet in MS for a service and say our goodbyes. This was my last picture with her. Time and illness had taken a toll on her. But she still managed a smile. Rest in peace Mom. I love you.
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    Too many people are being apathetic towards this. I'm probably one of the most apathetic people you could ever meet, but this is something that I take seriously. Look, the reality is that I have a decent chance to survive if I caught it, but that's not the issue here. The issue is people in my age group, with healthy immune systems, infecting those who are immune-compromised. Unfortunately as a society we don't think about others as much as we should, even our own families. How could you live with yourself if you infected a sick relative, and they didn't make it to recovery? My FIL is currently going through chemo for a stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis. I'm absolutely terrified of getting him sick, and I wish more people were scared to get others sick -- even random strangers.
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    The MyGolfSpy Forum is a true Community in every sense of the word. For the reader, by the reader. We aim to be a welcoming place where all opinions can be heard and all members are encouraged to participate. One of the greatest barriers for this (and other forums for that matter) is the on-boarding process. New members fresh to the site are searching to find their way around and often have too much ability to handle up front. Enter, the Recruit Group. The Recruit Group will be aimed at assisting new members by guiding them through the process to learn 'how to forum' before they're full-on members. With that, comes a few restrictions as well. These restrictions will hopefully encourage new community members to discover all that we have to offer while limiting the impact on our existing and established members. The following permissions will be disabled for Recruits: Display Name Change Content Reporting Chat Box Posting listings in Buy/Sell/Trade Apply for Forum Testing Opportunities The following permissions will be limited for Recruits: 10MB max photo uploads Max 15 posts per day Limited to 5 recipients per message, 50 total, 10/day Rest assured, these measures should not be looked at as punishments but rather view them as the rails to keep you on the tracks until you're ready to be a contributing member to the forum. Want full permissions? It's quite easy to get promoted to Member. You just need to hit the following criteria: Make 15 posts AND Receive 15 likes AND Spend 2 total days on the forum. That's it. Easy enough? Get posting! Be sure to hit up the FAQ for assistance. Questions?? Either reply to this thread or reach out to one of our great staffers: Yours Truly, @Golfspy_CG2, @GolfSpy MPR, and @GolfSpy Stroker To the rest of you who are established, please make every effort possible to help lead new members to the information they need to find success and camaraderie. We're all in this together! Note: If you've suddenly found yourself in the Recruit Group but have already satisfied all criteria to be a member, just reload your sign-in. It's an automatic rule that runs when a member logs in to the forum.
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    Folks - this isn't a request. Politics has no place in this golf forum. These are trying, politically charged times for all of us. MyGolfSpy doesn't care about your politics, and we expect you to respect that and leave them at the door. Let's use this thread for its intended purpose - to share our experiences, thoughts and ideas as we all cope with something I'd say nearly all of us have never seen in our lifetime. I get that it's hard to keep your politics out of it, but we're making it easy. Don't do it. There. It's that simple. The little white ball doesn't give a flying f**k who you voted for, what you think the virus should be called or who you think has or hasn't done what. Am I being clear enough?
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    Guys, let me step in here. We're like a week into the quarantine; we'll likely be talking about this for a while now. In the spirit of the moral code, let's knock off discussions of our opinions of how bad the coronavirus is/will be. This is a good thread for us to vent about how the circumstances are affecting each of us and to encourage each other now.
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    It turns out, my life was pretty quarantined, and I just didn't realize it. We homeschool the kids, so that's remained unchanged. And I normally work each day from my study in the church, where I'm the only one in the building. So that's unchanged. I'm even more boring that I thought I was.
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    And trust me, we can all use some these days. Then.....you may want to be where you can read the site at some time tomorrow. Just saying
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    She has arrived! Great presentation! The grooved-out foam is pretty cool! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Just picked up these bad boys today, finally closing the 8 degree gap between my PW & GW. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Been on the forums since Friday and I’m in love! I love seeing everyone’s WITB and how they got there, seeing golf course recommendations, and of course, people’s fitting experiences at different places. Really enjoying it here so far!
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    What up everybody! Been on the forum since Friday and I love it.
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    Pics of the TR20 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Thank you Titleist, MGS and mods. Congrats fellow testers. This is going to be awesome!!
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    ... Kinda unexpected but very much appreciated so thanks MGS. I play P790's, 760's and Cobra Forged Tours and the Titleist T100-S should be a great challenge to those irons. I really look forward to comparing the T100-S with the same specs and then sharing my thoughts and experience.
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    A lady in my office bragged all of yesterday morning about the bonfire party she attended over the weekend on a lake about 90 miles from here. Just before lunch, I wasn't having it anymore. I asked her how responsible she thought that was given the situation. Exposing herself to large groups of people from other regions and bringing it back to our workspace to potentially infect the rest of us. She countered with something to the effect of "I have a social life. I'm not giving that up because it doesn't meet your approval!" With that, she began posting dozens of pictures on Facebook of her weekend extravaganza. Within an hour, management sent her home with instructions to not return until the governor's "shelter in place" directive is rescinded. It appears, I'm not the only one who doesn't approve! Here's to hoping she doesn't return at all!!!!!
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    ... Update on my Black to Raw SM8 M Grind 58.8. I left it out in the rain over night and hit it with a new Scotch Brite and it finally looks like what I was hoping for. The sparkle is gone and the finish should turn duller as I put it in play:
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    ... Far from hijacking I think personal experience is essential to understanding and making this real as opposed to a news story. Too many wanna say it is an over reaction by the media when it is impossible to over react to a worldwide pandemic. So many different sayings apply like "plan for the worst but hope for the best" kind of philosophies. Media coverage has nothing to do with someone sick or dying that you know or are part of your family. This is obviously unlike anything any of us have ever experienced and the more we can hear from those that have been touched by this virus in any way, is vital information because again it is so very real and not a news story. Thank you for sharing these painful events and as others have and will say, I hope everyone comes out of this safe.
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    I found out my son and daughter in law are sick at home with a presumed case of the Coronavirus. Both are 35 and healthy overall. I say presumptive because they can't get tested. They live in Minneapolis and testing is severely limited. My daughter in law was exposed at a conference in Minnesota and had a coworker test positive after being hospitalized. I freaked out when I heard, but calmed down after talking to them. My daughter in law came down with it first and is on the mend. My son is a few days behind, but seems to be recovering. They say it absolutely sucks. My son said he walked down the stairs and felt like he had to take a nap. Luckily, they should recover from it. The best news is that they have been self isolating at home for over a week, so they haven't spread it to anyone else, including our other son who lives a couple of blocks from them. The younger son is on standby to do market runs and to pick up anything they need. They also say their friends are all volunteering to help. I'm in Florida and feel helpless. What if they were in the 10 to 25 percent of young people that require hospitalization? What if they hadn't taken appropriate measured and self isolated? What if they had visited us or their grandparents, or her mother who lives near them and is over 70? It's been a surreal day. I went to the course earlier and practiced the short game and then hit balls. My wife and I walked the dog to the beach. And then we find out about the kids. I don't want to hijack the tread, so I'll say thanks for the concern in advance so we can stay on the topic. Stay safe and flatten the curve.
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    Tale of two nines! To start, no driver, no 3 wood, no hybrid, just irons, wedges and putter. Played the Blue tees that were 6278 yards. 4 iron off of 14 tees. So... I was searching for my swing from my latest lesson. I could NOT find it on the front (actually played the back 9 first), and to make matters worse, I three-putted two greens. Shot 43. Nothing felt right. Back nine, I found it on 11 when I hit a par 5 in two! 4 iron, 4 iron. Birdie. I hit 7 greens, and almost finished birdie/birdie/birdie when my putt on 18 lipped out! SO close! Three birdies on the back! 78! FINALLY back in the 70s. Hit 12/14 fairways and 12 greens. I think I may have found my swing! Stoked!!! Santa Maria Golf Course in Baton Rouge., a Robert Trent Jones design. One of my favorite places to play. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Unfortunately, we live in a world filled with narcissism and self-indulgence. People rarely stop to think of how their actions impact those around them. For me, this hasn't been much of a change. I'm pretty reclusive anyway. My circle is very small and I don't trust people in-general. Social distancing is something I've been doing my whole life. That's why I live in a region where the population is roughly 60,000 people per 1,000 square miles! I readily admit, I was late to the party on this whole mess. I thought initially, it was being massively overblown. But after gathering some information on "flattening the curve" the lightbulb went off. This isn't about me. It's about those I may come into contact with. Stopping the spread means we all have to sacrifice in some way. So, my family and I began doing our part, which wasn't much of a change for us. Sadly, we can't make irresponsible people understand responsibility.
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    Had this installed two weeks ago. Just in time for quarantine!
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    Today my wife decided “hey, let’s play a family game of Monopoly!” I won so nobody is speaking to me and apparently I am an a$$hole. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Received this in the mail today. Makes this rainy Saturday morning just a little better. [attachment]IMG_4845.jpg[/attachment] [attachment]IMG_4846.jpg[/attachment]
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    It's been a while since I've been able to participate in this thread, but the last couple of weeks have really had me itching for golf. If you can't play, might as well buy stuff so you're ready right?? New Groove it brush... Then I was lucky enough to snag one of the American Flatsticks/Gibbons Handmade Baby Yoda mallet covers. Yes I'm going to game it and it looks way better in person. Last, but certainly not least. I finally picked up a Fujikura Ventus Black in 6-S. Turns out the cheapest way to buy this shaft is to do it as an upgrade on a TM SIM driver, so that came attached to it as well
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    Hey everyone! Have been fan of MGS and it's one of my favorite golf websites so I thought I would join in on the fun. Little background....been playing golf since I was kid. Play to a 10 handicap...and like most of us on here, I have a golf-purchasing issue. Here's my WITB for 2020.... Driver: Ping G410 LST. 9 degrees, weight in the draw setting. Graphite Design Tour AD-XC 7 Stiff, tipped a 1/2 inch. 44 3/4 inches. 3 Wood: Cobra King Speedzone. Tour AD-DI 7 Stiff, tipped a 1/2 inch. 42 3/4 inches. 5 Wood: Cobra King Speedzone. Tour AD-DI 7 X-stiff. 42 1/4 inches. Hybrid: Ping G410 4 Hybrid. Project X Evenflow Black 6.0. Irons: Srixon Z-785 (5-PW). Project X LZ 6.0. Wedges: Titleist SM7. 50, 54, and 58. Dynamic Golf S300. Putter: Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2. 35 inches. Taylormade Spider X. 35 inches.
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    My oldest daughter turns 13 today. Kind of a bummer since she can’t have a party, and the restaurant she wanted to go-to tonight is only open for curbside pick-up. So, to surprise my daughter, I have set-up a 20-person FaceTime call tonight for 5pm to all join in singing her “Happy Birthday”! Should make her smile... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Well well well, after a day of listening to our PM say he is closing every bar, restaurant, cinema, gym, leisure centre etc etc and will review it on a monthly basis, it sparked off hours of talk about no income and how to survive going forward. PM has a decent package to support individuals and we just have to be sensible and stay safe. at 22.20 tonight was the first time I looked at my emails and saw a few pm's from MGS- strange I thought, have I done something wrong or has covid-19 had a serious impact on MGS. Then I see I have been chosen to test the new Ping irons, fantastic! Thank you MGS and Ping, lets hope things ease off here enough to do some proper testing. Congratulations fellow spies, really keen to see how these compare to Mizuno's and if they can help me be the golfer I want to be.
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    Played my first round at Innisbrook- Osprey North today with RevKev, MattF & 00Sportsman. An all MGS group today. We went off #10 first so I shot a 39/48:87 playing 5580 yards, much longer than my normal 5200 at Pebble Creek. Wind was on and off, difficult to judge today. Had two birdies but also had two triples. Chalk it up to not knowing the course. Had a great afternoon, it’s always fun when Rev, Matt & Rob are present. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy Wilson Staff Triton (10.5*) w/Aldila Rogue Regular; PowerBilt Air Force One 3W 15* & 5W 19* Apollo Regular; Tour Edge CBX119 22* Hybrid w/Project X Evenflo Regular shaft; Wilson Staff D-7 5-PW w/Recoil 460 graphite shafts; Ben Hogan TKt Gw(49*) SW(53*) LW(57*) all w/UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ES regular shafts.Putter: Tommy Armour Impact No. 3; Bag: Tour Effect Univ. Of Kentucky cooler bag.
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    Played ok, nothing special... but this last storm that blew thru yesterday left this up on the mountains, and I’m in SoCal!
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    I want to take this time to THANK the doctors, nurses, first responders, and anyone else involved putting their lives and their families at risk to save others. We can't thank you enough and words just don't do justice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122] Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Thank you all for your interest in my recent adventure and thank you to My Golf Spy for the opportunity to visit and be fit at the Titleist Performance Institute. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to any of you who want the ultimate in customer service and attention to detail. I was very excited for this visit and rearranged my schedule to make sure it happened. One quick note, Titleist was very accommodating and did more than enough to meet my needs. They also gave me an extra night in the hotel since I was from just upstate. They went way past the extra mile. Okay, now for the fun part. I was scheduled to start my fitting at 9AM on Friday. While I would’ve loved a bright, sunny San Diego day, I got a drizzly, overcast day. That wasn’t going to slow me down, I was too pumped! I was met in the parking lot by Glen, who helped me unload and get situated in the lobby. He led me to the locker room to change and get ready. It was very cool to find a locker with my name plate in it. I changed my shoes, dropped my valuables and met my fitter, Joey. He was with me the whole time and let me know he would watch, listen and make recommendations based on what he saw and heard from my swing, and divots as well as ball flight and trackman numbers. Our first stop was the ball research building. This is where they use Iron Byron to evaluate ball flight and dimple patterns of Titleist as well as competitors. Wedge fitting We started with wedge fitting and a lot of questions. Joey asked why I chose the wedges I currently had at the time and how I used each one. We then went to some full swings where Joey gave me a series of different sand wedges (blind to me as to what I was hitting) to see how each felt and which one performed the best. We then moved into lob wedges and closer to the green. It was at this point that Joey gave me some great information. He gave me an education in leading and trailing edge and asked me to focus on hitting the ground with the trailing edge instead of the leading edge. He said, “You’ll hear that thump that you hear from the tour pros.” It took me a few swings to get the feeling correct, but once I did, I was able to hit the shots that bounce once and stop. After this he revealed that the clubs that fit me best were the exact opposite of what I had in my bag! I tended to go with low bounce because I thought it allowed me to “spin” the ball, but I found most of those shots to roll out. Joey taught me how to use the bounce and make it work to my advantage. He also showed me that using my 54* made those 60 yard shots a lot easier than with my 58*. With that, we switched up my wedges to a 54* S and a 58* D. The gap and pitching wedge would get figured out with the irons. Driver and 3 wood We moved to the full swing area and decided to do the driver fitting and 3 wood. My current driver is a Titleist TS2 8.5* w/ the white PX Evenflow 65 gram shaft. I tend to be a high spin, high ball flight hitter so I have always gravitated for a low spin head and shaft. We tried the TS3 and ended up back at the TS2. We tried the 10.5* head and a heavier shaft and saw a little better flight. But Joey noticed the spin was not dialed in. He moved me back to the 8.5* head and the heavier Mitsubishi Tensei blue shaft. Not only did the ball fly higher but the spin came down. He also changed the weight to the heaviest they had for the TS2. Next up we had to see if we could displace my current 3 wood, Titleist 915 fD 13.5* with a PX Evenflow 75 gram shaft. Once again, we tried both heads and multiple shafts. In my head, I thought for sure the TS3 would be the winner because I like the head size and shape but the TS2 won out. I also went back up in shaft weight to get the feel that suited me best. Joey also added the heaviest weight and we saw a dramatic reduction in dispersion. We settled on the TS2 in 13.5* with the Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 80 grams. Irons and hybrid This was the craziest, most eye opening session of the day. I play Mizuno JPX 919s. I have played ½” over shafts for the past 20 years since it has always helped me get the more upright lie without too much bending. I was hitting my clubs okay, but on this day but my dispersion was all over the place. This is the area I said I have had the biggest issues; getting my approach shots to land closer to the hole or even on the green from 150 yds and further. We started with my 7 iron and when we moved into the Titleist clubs the dispersion remained the same. Joey asked me to trust him and gave me a club that felt like a PW and asked me to hit that. It took me a few swings to get used to the length, but the results were amazing! I was hitting consistent shots to the target. When we looked at the numbers, I was hitting a greater distance but with a significantly tighter dispersion. He told me these were ½” short! He then told me Titleist specs are a ½” shorter than Mizuno specs, in essence, I was hitting a club 1 ½” shorter! The crazy thing was the distance and ball speed were the same. We then did a quick re-check with the 3 wood and the driver and came to the same conclusion. We also found out I no longer need the upright lie as my swing has evolved. This takes out some of my most prominent misses, the hook to the right (I am a lefty). With that settled we moved to the 5 iron and tried multiple heads. We settled on the T200 with the Nippon Modus 120 in a stiff. My current set are the same shafts but in an x stiff. I am realizing my age… The 4 iron was all over place! I am not a great long iron hitter to begin with, but I was not hitting anything further than I was hitting the 5 iron. With that we made a move I did not want to do, go to a hybrid to replace my 4 iron. Joey could see that was not something I was going to easily adapt to and showed me the ways to make it work. The 21* hybrid filled the gap and landed soft. I had to admit it worked (I didn’t want to admit it but the numbers didn’t lie) and now we had to fill the gap between that and the 3 wood. We looked at the lower lofted hybrid and 5 wood and settled on the 5 wood. I had a better angle of descent and would hold greens easier with it. With that, her is my “What’s in the Bag”, 2020: Driver: TS2 8.5*w/ Tensei Blue 75 gram stiff @ 44.5” 3 wood: TS2 13.5* w/ Tensei Blue 80 gram stiff @ 42.5” 5 wood: TS 2 18* w/ Tensei Blue 80 gram stiff @ 41.5” Hybrid: TS2 21* (I apologize, I do not remember the shaft) @ 39.5” Irons: T200 5- PW w/ Modus 120 stiff shafts – ½” GW: SM8 48* F grind SW: SM8 54.10 S grind LW: SM8 58.12 D grind I once again want to thank My Golf Spy and Titleist for this great opportunity. The Performance Institute is like Disneyland for a golfer. Everyone should go at least once. I will have pictures as soon as they upload to my computer.
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    Well....day 3 without sports. There was a lady sitting on my couch today. Apparently, she's my wife. Seems like a nice lady.
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    Best place to be when they say stay clear of large groups and confined contact with individuals for more than 15 minutes/? The GOLF COURSE...........with my driving ability I wont be within 50 yards of playing partners, in fact they might not even see me for the trees
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    I just wanted to follow up and make 100% sure that nobody takes my responses as being defensive/aggressive/angry, etc. We appreciate all of the conversation and thoughts on our business and the DTC model...and if I get some time I'll even put together a perfectly apples to apples cost analysis for a product or two. Sub 70 definitely isn't going to be for everyone. We know there will always be people who can build clubs themselves and prefer doing it that way...or that simply prefer playing name brand products and will never consider a smaller company...but we certainly think we provide a product and service that should at least be considered by many golfers. If not, no biggie...there is no shortage of great equipment options these days!
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    Aside from the tremendous global health scare, the economic impact will be nearly equally as devistating. So 4 days in with a brand new company and today we were asked not to come back to the office until further notice starting Monday. Luckily I have an option to work remotely and still maintain an income. Still a bit on edge though as I'll be completely on my own making some pretty important decisions that impact people's lives from my makeshift bedroom office. I can only imagine those who are not so fortunate and have had to completely relinquish their ability to support themselves and their families and I can only but wish them the very best and hope that all will quickly subside. It's nice to have a community like MGS where we can huddle up and come to both escape and find support through the recent turn of events. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    that was my plan before CORONAvirus, it's my plan DURING coronavirus, and it'll be my plan once this thing blows over. My 52 year old take on this (beyond my faith in God being first and foremost) is to take care of the things that I can control. I can't control other people or their reactions to anything, and I can't control the supply of toilet paper in the stores. I can continue to go to work, remain calm, and be as supportive of my friends and family as possible. I personally don't fear a virus for reasons of faith in God. This is my own personal faith, so I know everyone deals with things like this in their own way. This is just how I choose to deal with this and any other area of life that is literally out of my control - trust in a Higher Power to see me through it.
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    Thanks for the message and thoughts. While consumer pricing is a big part of the DTC business model we certainly think there is a lot more to it then just the cost savings. You get new clubs, custom built and with what we think is better customer service then you're going to get anywhere else. We embrace our customers and want them to be part of what we're doing. There is SO much good golf equipment out there and we respect what everyone else does...but we're definitely going to be more transparent, accessible and hopefully fun to work with. I'm not sure on the relevance of cost when it involves pulling shafts and installing your own...then pulling grips and installing your own...then dealing with selling the pulls just to try and recoup some of the cost. And while that is absolutely possible, you're probably in the 0.5% of golfers that would consider that. I wouldn't blame you for doing it but most golfers don't have the ability to do that or aren't going to spend the time/effort doing it. I think you'll find some real cost savings if you line up other manufacturers products and create an apples to apples comparison. I know I put together the attached file for our 739 irons early last year. The data is from MGS Most Wanted testing. There may be some shaft/grip considerations in there but nothing that would change the drastic cost savings. By the way, we have had customers send us their existing shafts/grips and then we just charge them for the heads and labor cost for the assembly...that could be an option if you want to secure shafts and grips on your own. On the grips...you can choose from the GP Tour Velvet 360, Lamkin Crossline or GP 2G grips for no upcharge. Those grips are perfectly fine for the large majority of guys and they do have a few options. The other grips typically have $4-$5 upcharges just based on what the manufacturer charges us. The Tour Velvet 360 is the stock grip for basically every other manufacturer and they generally have upgrade costs for any higher quality/specialized grip (New Decades, Aligns, MCC +4s, etc.) Thanks again. If anyone ever has any questions always feel free to message me!
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    There's no issue starting this thread; it's an issue at the forefront of just about everything right now, including golf. Obviously, it is a topic that could quickly descend into politics. The mods will keep an eye on it, but let me just say: don't be the guy who posts, "I know we're not supposed to do politics here, but...." If you suspect you're posting something on the borderline of our Forum Moral Code, err on the side of discretion.
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    76 in the same wind you saw at Bayhill today, probably more as I live close to the coast, 13 mph gusting to over 20 at times. It had your attention Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The wife took me for a walk today. Got 9 holes of beautiful 70°. Shot 42 but was generous with a few putts and was a bit liberal with winter rule roles. It's the 2nd 9 of the year so can't complain for early March. Using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Ordered this in My Spider X Shop from TM back in February. Just came in late last week. looking forward to getting some practice in with it.
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    ... Personally I have been around long enough to know I don't trust the public to do the right thing. Ever. I post this for reference, not politics. For those wondering if you are gonna be forced to follow a Stay At Home order and whether or not your course will be open, take a look at your states Governor. 22 of 24 states with Democrats have issued a SAH. 9 of 26 states with Republicans have issued a SAH. While not all SAH states have declared golf courses non essential, your governor will have the biggest say in whether you can play golf. Moot point for me because either Chicago (or Phoenix) have too big a population with too many visitors to risk playing golf. But if I lived in a smaller town and could take proper precautions, I would be playing right now.
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    We had our first COVID-19 fatality in our community; an 80+ year old woman with underlying medical conditions living in a senior care facility. Sadly, this week one of our golf course maintenance workers wasn't feeling well and went home. He had said that he wasn't going to the hospital because it wasn't that bad and didn't want to bother them unnecessarily. He died at home of a heart attack.
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