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    Official MIM Wedges Review - GB13 When you think of Cobra, the last thing you probably think about is wedges. Not to spoil anything, but I’m about to tell you why you’re wrong. I orded the MIM wedges in 50°, 54°, and 58° with Stiff KBS Tour 105s. Just like my irons, I was originally fit into Modus3 105s (backordered), and was told these would be a great replacement. Previously, I was using PING Glide 1.0 52° and 58° wedges. I loved those wedges for a long time, however they were starting to wear out when I was selected for this contest. Looks- 4/5 Stars I received the 50° and 58° in the chrome finish and the 54° in black finish, which are both stunning, and have now been affectionately nicknamed, my “zebras”. (Yes I know I’m weird.) Joking aside, these wedges are super classic at address, and just slick overall. My only (minute) complaint, like @daviddvm is about the scalloped back. It just isn’t my taste, however, after using these wedges, I would NOT advise Cobra to get rid of it. It’s functionality is superb. Sound & Feel- 5/5 Stars The MIM wedges get their name from what Cobra calls Metal Injection Molding, a process which, “results in a more even grain structure than forged and cast wedges and the softest feel the industry’s ever seen.” I’d say this statement is pretty darn accurate. They feel soft, yet produce a very solid sounding strike. They definitely sound and feel much better than my old PINGs. Basic Characteristics- 5/5 Stars Everything about these wedges fit my game well. I ordered the versatile grind for all three wedges, and am very happy with that choice. I’m able to hit every shot I want to around the green, from flops to bump and runs. The scalloped back definitely is effective in lowering the leading edge, resulting in less thin open-faced shots. The spin rates I’ve been seeing have been perfect. I’m not sucking the ball back, but to be honest, my ideal shot hits and sticks pretty much where it landed. In my opinion, amateurs spinning shots back (or trying to) leads to a lot of trouble. On-Course Performance- 5/5 Stars In case you can’t tell yet, I’m loving these wedges. They’re consistent, easy to hit, forgiving around the green, and sound and feel wonderful. My average distance to the pin on chip shots has gone down by 4 feet, and my full swing proximity has gotten better as well. These wedges just work for me. Play it or Trade it- 5/5 Stars Let me think about this for a second... PLAY IT!! These are my favorite clubs that Cobra sent us. I can’t really say I miss my Glides, even when they weren’t worn out, I don’t know if they were ever this good. Overall- 5/5 Stars Consistent? Solid feel? Easy to use? Complaints? I’m not sure why Cobra wedges get overlooked, but I can guarantee you that these will be in the bag for a long time, and Cobra will be top of the list when the time comes to replace them. I don’t have bad word to say about them, and believe me, I’ve tried to find something. Cobra has pulled off absolutely amazing wedges.
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    Played my no iron challenge round today. Played off the white tees, 71/128 rating. My daily handicap was 6. My rationale in playing these tees was to get an accurate measurement of how removing irons from my bag affects how I play from my usual tees. I didn't add the extra hybrids from my daughter's bag as that wouldn't have been in the spirit of the challenge. Went with the yellow shirt to emphasise my jaundiced view of those who don't fully embrace the challenge by playing tees to suit the clubs in their bag First time I've played in a mask, pretty sure it makes me look better. Now to the important part, how did I play. I started on the 10th, playing as a single in a field full of 2's, which made for a lot of waiting, which probably didn't help my rhythm on the tee. Three uncharacteristic big misses left cost me a bit, perhaps striving for extra distance to put myself in gap wedge range? I found myself in the 130-150 yard range all day, mostly I went with the bunted 4 hybrid, which was tough with a lot of front bunkers and narrow approaches to the green. Turned 7 over with a couple of pars and a double. Got on the bogey train after the turn, but felt like I was striking the ball a bit better. On the 6th tee I joined up with the pair in front as they were still waiting for the fairway to clear. Things improved dramatically from there. My next bunted hybrid left a very quick 10 foot breaking birdie putt that finished 2 inches from the hole. Smashed my drive on 7 down the perfect line to catch the slope and left myself 85 yards which I hit my sand wedge to 4 feet. Ticked of another birdie every hole challenge hole. Continued the good form on 8, ran another 4 hybrid through a 10 yard gap between the green side bunkers on the 145 yard par 3 for another regulation par. Another good drive on 9 left me 65 yards. Put it to 12 feet and shaved the hole for another par. Very pleased with finishing 1 under for the last 4 after joining up with the guys in front. Not sure how this sits in the challenge, but it was a lot of fun, and gave me something to focus on with no competition golf able to be played. I would have loved to have seen some B.blubbing from @B.Boston but I'm not sure how his score compares to my 5 over handicap. Really enjoyed the challenge, especially during the current tough times, great work Cobra and My Golf Spy.
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    She said yes! We’re so happy! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    It’s a shame you didn’t get out this week, I’d have looked forward to your challenge. That said, while I didn’t shoot a personal best today, it was probably the best round I’ve ever played. I’m so thrilled to be done with this challenge, I absolutely hate not having my irons. It just makes it such a challenge on approach shots and par 3s... and my course has 7 par 3s.
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    I forgot to share this one earlier. There was a ton of dew on the course today. This is the backside of the MIM wedge after a green side chip out of the rough...
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    Woah, woah, woah ... back it up ... your course has 7 par 3s?! I completely must have missed that. And yes, to @Lacassem’s point, how did you play those??? @daviddvm the suspense is killing me ... where’s your round update?!
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    Wow. I don’t even really know what to say. That is just senseless destruction of property. I cringe every time I see one of those videos posted online. And the fact that this happened to the greens is even worse. [mention]Lacassem [/mention]’s cousin is a greenskeeper and I can only imagine what he would do if he got a hold of the punks that did that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Please excuse my language. But If anyone has any idea on how to keep jackasses from playing your golf course ...I'm all ears. The second time in a week this has happened. Right or wrong in someway I blame these golf cart stunt videos that are popping up all over IG and places. I'm pissed because our Superintendent works 10 hours a day 7 days a week during this time of year to keep the course conditions up. Then he has to come in and see this FYI. This is only one picture of 4 similar greens.
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    I’m curious, what’d you’re playing partners think about your set makeup??
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    Not sure how many on here are familiar with “Les Miserables”, but my son plays the lead character, Jean Valjean, and my 9 year old daughter plays Little Cosette. Their opening night was last night, and I was literally moved to tears. So proud of my son’s performance in such a HUGE role at just 16. So proud. Sadly, my daughter’s mic didn’t work so we couldn’t hear her first ever solo. Was a great night!
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    [emoji1787][emoji1787] don’t worry about Hammer. He’s just scared you’re going to beat him with them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No words. Probably time to invest in GPS controlled carts, and maybe a flaying if you catch them.
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    The starter yesterday did a double take looking at my bag so I jumped in and talked about the forum and the challenge. My wife has been getting questions at work based in my posts too. I find those the funniest because now even she is talking about MGS [emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I know this is aimed at @Peaksy68, but I had something similar happen during my round Thursday. It was crowded and I had a twosome and foursome in front of me and play was slow. The guy behind me, Michael, asked to play in on the fifth. He told me he was working on some things and he wasn't very good. I told him that's ok, I'm not very good and I don't have an iron in the bag. I told him what I was doing, talked about the forum, and he was cool with it. We spent the next four holes talking equipment, strategy, and just the game in general. I was hoping he'd stick around for the back, but he saw one of his regular buddies at the turn and joined their group.
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    I gave them a bit of a run down as to what I was doing. They were probably more excited than me about my shot into the 8th. They probably also think I'm a bit mental, but that's something I'm used to due to the way I dress
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    Seems like you and I have a lot of the same feelings. I really do love the wedges. Good write-up!
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    I got to ask the wife to give it back first
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    How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? 15 years on and off. Don’t keep an index anymore, although I’m a prob slightly better than a bogey golfer, with the ability to shoot much lower or higher depending on the course/tees. What do you love about golf? Walking, exercise, twilight solo rounds, the 1st tee time and walking 18 before most people get up, the sound/feel of a flushed iron shot. I’m an equipment junkie and like trying things, do a lot of adjustments myself. I experiment more than I practice and don’t really care about score. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? I’ve been visiting MGS for years, decided to join because I’m bored on a Saturday morning. Do you already know any other Spies? Nope. Where are you from? West Hartford, CT What is your home course? Gillette Ridge technically, and I play Tunxis Plantation and Wintonbury Hills often What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Worsts: Humidity in July/August, Winter golf is rarely an option, grass tees at driving ranges are rare. Best: so many courses within a 20 min drive. Insane having moved from OR a few years back. What do you do for a living? The Cyber How’d you pick your user name? Pace of play. I don’t like people obsessing over short puts. ~Inside the grip on your putter, pick it up and move to the next hole. Hi all! Posting a WITB shortly...
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    Maybe a cost benefit analysis of GPS vs course damage, lots of potential upside. Still consider the flaying option.
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    Today's clubs and balls.
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    Congratulations [emoji322][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    IMG_2027.HEIC @edingc It’s happening! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    It could be residual oils or chemicals from the factory. Interesting point to consider and look for moving forward. I think Ping uses a hydrophobic coating on their Glide wedges.
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    Cleveland ZipCore 58* vs. Callaway Mac Daddy 58* Launch Monitor Green was at 75 yards out. I missed the green once with full shots due to a thin shot with each of the wedges. All others hit the green amongst roughly 20 shots each wedge. Ok, to answer one question posted…my peak height with the ZipCore wedge was 20 yards, aka 60 feet. Interestingly, it was 19 yards aka 57 feet with the Callaway MD4. Something to think about in contrast is that with one short practice session I noticed chips greenside were very low no matter where I put the ball in my stance. Before I get into the numbers comparison I want to mention that this is only the second time I’ve swung the ZipCore. It is only the first time I swung full speed. Having the full swings I was able to feel something I felt in a minimal sense while chipping. Yet this session confirmed the thoughts I had from the greenside chips. There is something with the shaft that I don’t feel comfortable with. It feels a little “whippy”. It reminds me of the feeling of when I hit a driver with a regular shaft. It has a whip then a soft kick or rebound when I strike the ball. It did not feel like this everytime, however, out of the 20 or so hits I felt it about four times. It just felt a little soft. I do not know much about this shaft or shaft Dynamics from a technical standpoint. I just know how it feels in when I swing. I’ll do some research on this shaft and wedge shafts in general. The shaft in my MD4 is a True Temper S200 Dynamic Gold. In the end, the “spinner” shaft just feels a little off. I may be compelled to change the shaft though I don’t want to as I just put a brand new Winn Grip Mid-Size Dri-Tac Wrap on it. Average Metrics on the ZipCore: Ball Speed: 69.3 Carry: 78yds Launch Angle:33.4 DescentAngle:49.3 Total spin: 10,985 Average Metrics on the MD4: Ball Speed: 69.3 Carry: 78yds Launch Angle: 32.7 Descent Angle: 49 Total Spin: 11,369 As you can see, the metrics are pretty damn close. So much so that I would argue they are negligible. Even my Distance to the Pin averages are very close. The overall distances were more consistent with the MD4 but that could have been more the swing than the club. Now, more subjective thoughts are I like the softer sound and feel of the ZipCore compared to the MD4. It did feel as if occasionally the ball went up the face a few more times with the ZipCore but that could be my swing. As mentioned before in a previous post, the soft feeling of the ZipCore leads to less feedback. After hitting full shots today I feel it’s the shaft that is taking away some of the feedback. I do think the head of this club feels softer than the head of the MD4. Again, I’ve only chipped in practice once. I’ve only done full swings in practice once. So, the journey continues. I’m on the fence, as I think I should be so early in the testing. Now that I have the new grip installed I suspect the results will change. The tour velvet slip in my hands and the Winn do not so i can be a bit more aggressive ONE INTERESTING NOTE: The spin rates are very similar. However, the Callaway MD4 is over two years old and I play and practice a lot. So the worn grooves of my wedge vs. the brand new "Zippitty Do Da, Zippity yay" zip wedges are too close to call. How can that be? Thoughts? Opinions? Please share!
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    I thought about trying to thin wedges, but figured that would be even harder to control than the bunts. Luckily there isn’t much forced carry on the par 3s, if there was, I’d have to adjust my strategy. This was the only par three that I didn’t hit hybrid (long is dead), tried to jump on a 50° and it turned into a layup... 68.6/128
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    I find the milling out on the toe interesting. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Need your HC, Slope, and rating plz.
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    The bunt approach. Did you take any thin type wedges and just get them to run a little or all hybrid? Chip ins make it easy for sure
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    Lots of soft feathered hybrids, and an accidental layup . The par 3s were so difficult, I only hit 3/7 greens but my play was to always leave the easiest up and down, since I couldn’t control the distance as well. Oh, and 2 back to back chip ins help too. Here is the write-up I did of my course earlier in the thread.
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    I called a guy out on it once. Asked him when it was last calibrated. Told him it was wrong, I know how far I hit. Then he tried to argue that It was just the perfect set up for me. I asked again about the calibration. I got the "curley shuffle" " Hit some more I have to go help another customer, I'll be back in a few." Then I left.
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    Took the day off and went for 18 this morning. Shot 37-41 for 78. 3 birdies, 1 double. Started off great and hit a 58* to 6 inches on #6 for shot of the year. It's a 390 par 4 around a lake, but it's only like 230 to clear the lake, so my drive was actually pin high on the #7 tee. Holes 10-14 are the problem. I found myself counting the shots I dropped so far today and then went par, bog, double, bog, bog. I'm trying to change they way I attack a course and was looking at where I am dropping shots. Just got in my own head with score and results instead of process and the shot I was hitting. Take Dead Aim
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    What did you do on those par 3s? Really bummed I couldn’t get out but have been fortunate this year to play a lot. Should start rt a thread with these Types of challenges for folks to play against each other....food for thought glad you played well and no way in hell I would have touched that number! Keep up the solid play buddy!
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    So now I am starting to be concerned. I just saw my new USGA GHIN info. My handicap index is now at 1.6 I don't know who this guy is, but I hope he doesn't crack under all this pressure. I am now at a level that I would never ever have thought possible for a past his prime kind of guy. I'm going to print out my card, laminate it and put it in my golfing memories scrap book. I just can't wait to play again this weekend. I really am a golf nut but these irons have really got me motivated and more focused on shot execution. You know how sometimes you just get complacent and you just go through the motions. I think I was like that the past couple of years. It was just a routine. Get up, go play with some people that I would meet at the golf course, perhaps customers, or play a round of golf with my boss. Shoot in the mid 70's and go home. I wasn't going to get any better! So now I'm pumped. This is just freaking awesome. I'm sitting on the couch putting this post together and wishing I was playing golf. ( It's raining )
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    Surveillance Report: Subtle Shot Spectrum *full volume for full ‘forged effect’ Some ideas explored in the official ICON review dropping next week... Tradition -or- Progress; Creativity -or- Predictability; Exhilarating -or- Sensible? “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might find. You get what you need.” - The Rolling Stones
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    Took it easy after my elbow flared up last weekend. Played Fresh Meadow on Tuesday and shot 71 from the back tees; which is my best round there in 5 years or so. The greens there just make me batty. Took off Wednesday and played at my club yesterday and today with a pair of matching 73s. Playing with the pro tomorrow at my club then off on Sunday. Ice and the shot I got seem to be working but not going to push it right now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Groovy Grooves on a wedge. It seems to be the talk of the town since I can remember. More with sharper edges, less with more face roughness, grooves in grooves, different grooves for different lofts… why so many different kinds of grooves? Cleveland claims that the UtiliZip Groove doesn’t only add spin, but consistency too. There is only one way I know how to test that. This weekend I am going to try to sneak out to the practice area and post up with 36 golf balls and hit from 130 yards out of the rough, and repeat until I have around 100 shots. Then move to the fairway cut and do the same. This will do two things, first get a good idea of the consistency claims (I’ll not count my missed shots), and get a durability test in. Rain-X? Something I noticed from last night’s golf club cleaning session; this wedge seems to have some water repellent qualities to the finish. Not quite as rain-x(y) as the BP’s, but it didn’t stick around much. I could not find anything written about this on the website.
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    I was able to get a new grip put (MCC Plus 4 midsize) on and play 9 holes yesterday. The ball definitely stops a lot sooner than I'm used to. I had a couple chips/pitches that normally would have rolled up near the hole, that were 4-5 ft short. So that will take some getting used to. I use my 58* from 105 yards in... although I didn't have the opportunity for any complete full swings with it yesterday, so I'll have to get those in this weekend. I am a little concerned as the sole and head size is a little larger than I'm used to. But I am looking forward to trying it in bunkers and around the green more. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Yeah. I really wish we could. Except we have electric carts that are kept outside overnight all year long in a fenced in "cage" area. But no electric or shelter for them. We are a municipal course and tend to attract the Bros with Beer type crowd especially late in the day.
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    I probably had more fun with the banter! I'm not really an a.hole, I'm just good at it.
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    Great round! Glad you had some fun with the challenge! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's a great observation! I've often had the glare issue with my wedges. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I hit my best shot of the year in today's round. Number 16 at Bent Tree in Council Bluffs, is a drivable par four. 295 yards, protected by bunkers left and right with a narrow opening in front. I normally lay up, but went for it today. It was down hill and down wind. I hit driver to 10 inches. (For a while there, we thought it might go in.) Tap in eagle. A lot of fun. Only my fourth eagle, second on a par four.
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    Got nine in after work. Even 40. No driver, was working on my irons. Only used 4i to tee off. Hitem straight enough to be progressing with my swing. Putting was not on par but neither where the greens... Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
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    You can hear each grain of steel. Those sound extremely smooth.... extremely smooth.
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    I'm actually the opposite. For the last five-ish years my lower back has been a bit of a mess. I believe the combination of the dynamic warmup and protocols have very beneficial for my particular issue. Obviously your mileage may vary.
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    I turned 61 in June. I hope that I can continue to play at this level for a while. But whatever happens, happens. I'm just grateful to have been selected for this test and the excitement that these irons have given me and the results that I can share with all of you. This has been a blast.
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    Not unheard of. If we don't focus on the clubhead, there are lots of potential variables: total club weight, swing weight, head weight, shaft, shaft length lie angle, etc that could make the club a better fit for your game. As an MGS most wanted tester, I hit lot of clubs from players clubs through SGI and even within the same category I hit them differently and get different results.
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    Wasn't feeling 100% this morning but wife wanted to hit some golf balls so we went to a fun Par 3 .. for many of the players on here most holes would be a Par 2 .. but I find it a good challenge. So we arrive to find a LINE waiting to tee off! Shudda known, warm summer day and not many summer camps going on. I chip a little bit and putt a few balls and maybe a half hour (or more?) later we finally get out turn. Started out decently enough .. 2 pars and 4 easy bogeys over the first six holes .. but then just kinda faded and got sloppy and last three holes were +7 over...... GOLF <<>> FLOG
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    Good question. I played game improvment irons exclusively until this test. My Wilson D200's happen to have the same exact lofts except for the PW and the AW. So my expectation was that they would go the same distance. In testing they still are close to the same distance (maybe about 1/2 club longer). However the big difference is in the ball flight. I normally would have to play a little short and then get some roll out. Now the ball seems to climb more and drop softer allowing me to go for the pin more than I was used to. Keep in mind that I play the same ball but the shafts are different. I played a True temper uniflex shaft and now the KBS Tour V90 in stiff flex. Jason said that they would launch higher which is what I asked for. The biggest change for me is the consistent straight flight path compared to my game improvment irons. The 699 Pro's just really seems to set up well behind the ball for me. My accuracy has improved but it doesn't look like GolfSpy MPR is having the same results so far.
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