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  2. From the album: Practice

    I'd rather be golfing....
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  3. From the album: Orbit

    The Crossings at Carlsbad / Apr 5, 2021 Steady offshore breeze made for challenging club selections Made it thru with one birdie and 4 over on the front, solid putting day, made a couple 10' and most under 4'. Back nine could've been better had I not downed the sculpin ipa, but the sweet buzz was well worth it. Ian / David joined us. Ian blasted drives 300+, long irons 250+ into 5's for legit eagle looks BK on a call for a good 3 hole stretch, must've made for interesting swing thoughts Lovely course and layout
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  4. From the album: Rascals...

    All dressed up and ready to go! He looks like a stuffed animal.... =)
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