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    How's that for a click-bait tile? But it's true. My MGS Anniversary and story. Four years ago this week, I was browsing my Twitter timeline, when I saw a Tweet thread by MyGolfSpy and it got pretty heated. It wasn't your typical forged vs cast debate---shameless plug for this weeks NPG episode. It was deeper than that. While I can't recall exactly what everyone was so worked up about, they were definitely piling on MGS for a story or take it had put out. Like most times when we witness a car crash, we slow down to take a look...we know we shouldn't and we probably say we don't, but we all know we do. Anyway, I digress, I logged onto the site to see what all the fuss was about. As I said, I honestly don't recall the topic, but what I found was a very well written story with tons of inside information that I had not seen the likes of from the current forum I was on, even though it had contacts with all the companies as well, they had never written a true piece of journalism like this. So I was hooked, I read several past articles, and not once did I find anything that I thought was false, untrue or inflammatory as the twitter trolls were calling it. Again all I found were great articles, by Tony Covey, John Barba, Dave Wolfe and Chris Nickel And four years later, they are all still pumping out the best golf writing in the business. Then I found my way to the forum, and what I found really hit home. A very welcoming and friendly place. It seemed to be led by guys like @revkev @hckymeyer ( who was the Forum Director along with @GolfSpy Barbajo ) @fozcycle @Kenny B@Jmikecpa@chisag @jlukes @DawgDaddy and of course @BIG STU Each one of these members and the others set a tone, I had never seen on a discussion board before, and I was part of the two other big ones as well. It was a friendly, non confrontational tone. I felt welcomed and at home right from the start. In all honestly the forum wasn't near as big those four short years ago, and content was not as plentiful as it is now. True story, I told someone just this week, that I could log on and read all new posts and threads in less than 30 minutes or an hour. And that's not a testament to my speed reading skills...ha Over the next few months, I started noticing some names from the other forums coming on board, some I had interacted with for several years such as @ole gray @cnosil and @PMookie and a few I 'recruited" Going back to the lack of new threads. During those early months, I would often go back and find a thread from a year or several years ago and comment on it just to stoke new conversation. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't In a ironic twist, @GolfSpy STUDque who joined about a year later, kind of did the same thing, but in a more weekly time theme of for #ThowBackThursday, and had fun reading the responses to old threads that some didn't notice the original date on. I was fortunate that in December 2017, the site posted an opening for a couple Moderators. I applied like I'm sure many of you did. After a several stage application and virtual interview process, I and Studque got the email, to start picking out our @Golfspy_names I was stoked! Then just a year later came the opportunity to be Forum Director, again Studque and I both got to split the duties of running the forum. The opportunity to really have a direct hand in the things the forum does from Forum Testing. contests and other cool content is something we both enjoy and are appreciative of. We had to bring on a moderator to help us and we sorted through dozen and dozens of applications. It was impossible to choose just one, and we had a true half dozen finalist that all would have been great. But @GolfSpy Stroker and @GolfSpy MPR stood out and I can honestly say, the forum would't be doing nearly as well and have so many cool things going on without these two. Most of you have no idea the amount of time and effort they put in behind the scenes to keep things functioning and running well here. Thanks guys, I'm truly lucky to get to work with three talented and dedicated guys as you all are. So I promise this isn't a "phase 1" of a long drawn out post...ha It's already long enough. I'll just end by saying this place has been my internet home for the past four years, and I've enjoyed every single moment of it. In away everyone that contributes here whether it's 20 posts a year or 3,000 posts a year....looking at you @Shankster is like another family to me. And I truly appreciate you all!
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    Testers Announced! Reviewing the Sub 70 699 Pro irons will be: @Smellis745 @Tom the Golf Nut @GolfSpy MPR Reviews coming soon! _______________________________ A product with solid value never goes out of style. Couple that with exceptional customer service, and it's an attractive package for golfers who aren't necessarily looking to take out a second mortgage to purchase some golf equipment. That's the basic premise of Jason Hiland's company, Sub 70, that leverages a factory-direct model to keep help keep costs low. What about performance? Well, in 2019, the Sub 70 699 iron model finished sixth in the Players Distance category of Most Wanted testing. That might not sound like much until you consider it finished ahead of Callaway, PING and Titleist. That’s an accolade worthy of some refrigerator space. For 2020, the 699 Pro iron features a thinner topline, less offset, and a black, Tour PVD finish. This opportunity is open to right-handed golfers residing in the United States. If interested, reply to this thread with the following information: Handicap and Location Current Irons and 8-iron distance What do you know about Sub70?
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    Before I get any further into this introduction, I first want to say a big THANK YOU to Cobra/Puma/Arccos and MyGolfSpy. Not only is this one of the biggest and best testing opportunities on the MGS Forums, it is probably the best on any golf website out there! I am very honored to have been given the chance to compete this year. My name is Cody, and I live in the great state of Michigan! I was fortunate enough last year to be a tester for the Callaway Epic Flash here on the MGS Forums. If you want to know more about my background, how I got into golf, etc., feel free to check out my introduction post on that thread: It makes the most sense to talk about what is different from that original introduction these days. Well, for starters, I’m one year older and (maybe?) wiser. My dog is too, but she’s still cute! As far as golf-related changes go, I’ve been busy since the Epic Flash review. I played the most golf of my life last year, carding 52 nine-and-18-hole rounds, and hit thousands of range balls. Although I don’t maintain an official handicap because I play mostly by myself, my estimated handicap dropped to somewhere around 10-11 last fall, and I broke 80 for the first time in my life in August 2019. I started preparation for this year less than a month after the season ended. I purchased a squat rack for my basement on Black Friday and worked through a full Fit for Golf offseason program in addition to lifting heavy with the main compound lifts. While I’m no Bryson, I estimate I added about 8-10 pounds of muscle over the offseason. I also continued my work with my DIY SuperSpeed sticks and recently added a Tour Striker PlaneMate and the SuperSpeed-C club to my collection of golf gadgets. I started lessons in November 2019 with my current instructor and made an effort to hit range balls at least a few times each month throughout the winter to ward off rust. I am lucky to work within minutes of a championship-caliber course and one of the top-rated instructors in Michigan. I had not previously taken lessons, and they have been very helpful in improving my game. I’ve been detailing the progress in my game since last fall over here in this thread: And, here’s a decent swing video from over the winter with my Cobra KING F8 4 hybrid: Current Setup Driver: Callaway Epic Flash, HZRDUS Yellow 6.0, Black Star Sidewinder, 44.5” Length 3 Wood: Mizuno GT 180, MRC Tensei White Stiff, Stock Mizuno/Golf Pride Tour Velvet 19° Driving Iron: Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Tungsten, UST Mayima Recoil 670 F4, Tour Edge/Lamkin R.E.L. 22° Hybrid: Cobra KING F8, AeroTech SteelFiber i95 Stiff, Black Star Sidewinder 5-GW: Maltby PTM Chrome, 1° Flat, KBS C-Taper Lite 110 Stiff, Red Star Sidewinder 54°, 60°: Maltby M-Series+, KBS 610 Stiff (54°), KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 Regular (60°), Lamkin Crossline Putter: TaylorMade Spider X Navy, 33", Golf Pride Tour Only Red Star Ball: Snell MTB-X Optic Yellow / Srixon Z-Star XV Tour Yellow Bag: Personalized 2020 Sun Mountain Sync Shot Tracker: ShotScope v2 Most of this bag has been built or modified by myself. I’ve swapped shafts in the 54 degree wedge, chopped the driver down an inch, and the F8 hybrid and Maltby PTMs were built in my basement over the winter. Other additions to the bag since last season come courtesy of @chisag (driving iron) and @yungkory (putter). My Game It is important to mention I play my golf almost exclusively at one course. The course is a short drive from my house, affordable, reasonably well-maintained and the owner is very flexible with my membership. Constructed in the 1960s, it is not long by today’s standards. I play from the back tees, which play somewhere between 6,100 and 6,200 yards and are rated 69.4/114. There are some easy and some challenging holes, and the narrow fairways (many are around 30 yards wide and bordered by trees) place a premium on accuracy off the tee. The large, push up-style greens have years of subtle undulations that can make putting an adventure as well. Lessons have been paying off, and as I write this part of my introduction at the conclusion of my baseline rounds, my unofficial handicap has dropped to 9.7. I’ve shot 80 or less eight times in 2020 already after only doing that three times last year. My Arccos baseline consists of 15 rounds from June and July and is an excellent representation of my game. I strike my irons reasonably well, and I can usually hit or get very close to a green from 150-and-in and two-putt for par or bogey. Driving and chipping tend to be my weakest spots, though my chipping has started to improve slightly recently following a technique change. My lowest scores usually happen when I don’t cost myself strokes with the big stick or around the green. From 150 yards out, I’m most likely pulling my Maltby PTM 8-iron (36 degrees loft). I rarely try to step on irons, although I could dial up a 9-iron (40 degrees loft) to that distance if necessary. My driving is erratic. I can go from barely hitting 230 yards one round to 280 yards the next. It’s the biggest work-in-progress of my game. Cobra Setup Driver: Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme (9°), 44.5", Aldila Rogue Silver 60 (110 MSI) Stiff, Lamkin Sonar Connect 3W: Cobra SpeedZone (15°), -3/4" SHORT, Aldila Rogue Silver 70 (110 MSI) Stiff, Lamkin Sonar Connect 17° Hybrid: Cobra SpeedZone, -1/2" SHORT, UST Recoil 480 ESX F4, Lamkin Sonar Connect 4-GW: Cobra SpeedZone, 2° Flat, -1/2" SHORT, KBS C-Taper Lite 115 X-Stiff, Lamkin Sonar Connect 54°, 58°: Cobra MIM Black, 3° Flat, -1/2" SHORT (54°), -1/4" SHORT (58°), KBS C-Taper Lite 115 X-Stiff, Lamkin Sonar Connect Bag: Cobra/Vessel SpeedZone Stand Bag Obviously, COVID-19 has affected global supply chains dramatically. Cobra has gone above and beyond in getting our clubs to us quickly and with most of our requested options. So, To Recap... Pretty sure I've checked all of the boxes here, so don't forget to vote for @edingc this week and join the winning team of #MGSCobra2020 #CobraConnect! Gratuitous photo and GIF usage. Cute dog and/or child picture. Calves! Want to be a winner? Join #TeamCalvesLikePhil right here on the forums, and follow me @edingc on Twitter and Instagram, over the next eight weeks as I climb my way to the top of this competition.
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    Some of golfers' favorite words: "It's in the hole!" "Split the fairway!" "You're dancing!" "It's dry." (OK, that last one isn't the best news, but if you're in those circumstances....) Let's add another to this list: "Pin high!" Who doesn't love the feeling of knowing the distance you've got, knowing you've got just the club for that distance, and hitting it exactly that far? We've got TEN forum members who are going to see if the SkyCaddie LX5 GPS watch is going to be the best tool for them to hear "Pin high" just a little more often! @AGutierrez7 @ballplayer002003 @JoshAndersonGolf @Josh Ross @knightsofnii @mikeanthony @MDGolfHacker @MrBandit @palvord @TCUFrog Let's send some congratulations to our members and stay tuned for their reviews!
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    I’m Dave Hains, my friends call me “Hammer” and you know me here as HeadHammer or as I have recently been monikered - The Quiet Assassin. I’ve always been a fan of everything COBRA. As a young boy I was an honorary member of the COBRA Kai -Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy! My favorite TV show in the 80’s was COBRA, starring the very underrated actor Michael Dudikoff. My favorite movie role has always been Stallone’s portrayal of Lt. Marion “COBRA” Cobretti, who could ever forget the classic line “You’re da disease and I am da cure!” And, unlike the other posers in this competition, I have always been a fan of COBRA Golf, having owned & exclusively used their King Cobra irons for the last 24 years! So, when I entered this contest on a whim, I was ecstatic to be selected to participate in the 2020 Cobra Connect Challenge! I’ve been golfing on and off for the last 30 years, playing a lot in my younger years, not as much in my older years, in fact I’ve played over 250 different golf courses around the world. Unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older, my distance off the tee has suffered, and while I’ve moved up from the Blues to the Whites, I’m not quite ready to move to the old guy tees. The loss of distance has been the predominant factor in my elevated handicap. Which is why I’m counting on the improved technology of the COBRA SpeedZone woods & irons to improve my distance, FIR, GIR and my scores. What will I have in my bag for this challenge? A well rounded armamentarium of COBRA clubs that set me up perfectly in the predetermined competitions. Why should you vote for me in this challenge? Besides the fact that the new technology COBRA has bestowed upon me with the SpeedZone has already shown improvement in distance, 10-15 yards per club, as a high handicapper I have an advantage going into a number of the competitions. If you don’t think a high handicapper can win this thing, I’d like to provide the court with Exhibit: A, the winner of the COBRA Connect 2 Challenge - @FOZCYCLE. Coincidently, Foz started around the same HCP as me (17.9) and with new COBRA equipment brought it down to a 12! Finally, if new technology and a high handicap are not enough to get your vote for Team Hammer, well then, you should get on board because we have the coolest damn name and logo! #TEAMHAMMER. P STRIKE FIRST, STRIKE HARD............NO MERCY!
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    Sure, this meme was used already in this thread, and I'm not the only one who wanted to use it... But you know what... Hello Fellow Spies and welcome to my #COBRACONNECT CHALLENGE 4 Intro! First, I’d like to take a moment to recognize and thank our moderators for selecting me to take part in the competition this year. So, thank you Jason, Michael, Rob, and an huge thank you to Enrique for also being our point of contact with Cobra and making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible with the COVID-19 situation being what it is. Being a part of this competition is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am truly honored to have been selected nominated as tribute. I won't let you down! I’m going to keep this as short and sweet as possible because we’ve already been through over 1200 posts of trash talking, juvenile and questionable meme and gif usage, and other shenanigans. But it’s now time to walk the walk. So, who am I? Well, my name is Bryan and I’m a nearly 33-year-old father of 3 who loves this game of golf for all its beauty and challenges. There’s nothing better than a pure struck shot that goes exactly where you visualized it, and nothing worse than knowing it’s all your fault when you can’t hit a ball that isn’t moving off the ground towards your intended target. I started playing golf as a 7-year-old and learned to play the game from my dad at a now closed 9 hole executive course. I started taking the game more seriously towards the end of high school and in college and now its grown to be my absolute favorite sport or activity to do with my free time. Here is an obligatory photo of myself with an awesome bag full of Cobra goodness followed by a clip of my swing: And of course as promised long ago in this thread a picture of my kiddo's as well (I think they're pretty damn cute, not sure how that happened - God bless my wife). So, where does that bring us? Oh yes! After 12 rounds on Arccos here are my baselines: My overall going into this is a nice even 10. Try to remember that in the event there is more math questions involved for you guys this year. The strength of my game is putting. I would say that my chipping feels undervalued here, as I have had many chips this year that resulted in short one-putts. Through the baseline period I have only 2 three-putts so I’m happy that I did not need to change out my putter for this competition. Everything else shows room for improvement. Driving has been OK at through the baseline period. I was using a new driver to me for the season and struggled early finding the center and while I have a lot of misses both left and right, I feel that was more a function of starting line and aiming left or right depending on the hole. I tend to not have a lot of curvature on my shots, but a few high right slicers happened too. I’m expecting to see that 20 yards average dispersion tighten up. Approach shots show a lot (39%) of my shots coming up short of the green. Needless to say, I’ll be doing my best to change that. Although there are a few holes where I play that going long is death and almost 100% of the time results in a three putt or worse. Chipping had its ups and downs to begin the season while I shook of some rust. I will occasionally chunk a shot or thin one long. Pay no attention to the little red dot below. Sand shots vary from bunker to bunker, but I don’t have a lot of shots to start the year. I can usually get myself onto the green to try to save the hole. Hopefully that trend continues! I’ve been hovering around an 8 handicap for the past few years and hope that with these new sticks and the motivation of knowing you all will be seeing my stats of the summer will help me get down lower into the single digits. Speaking of new sticks… Here are the high-tech surgical tools I’ll be using to dismantle my competition this summer. Driver: Speedzone 10.5 - Tensei Pro White 60TX - Set to +1* Draw Fairway: Speedzone 5-wood - Ventus Blue 8S - Set to -1.5* Hybrid: Speedzone 4-Hybrid - KBS Proto 85S Irons: KING Forged Tec 5-GW - PX LZ 6.5 Wedges: KING MIM Black 52.12 Classic, 56.10 Versatile, 60.04 Widelow - KBS 610 Wedge So now comes the fun part. If you’d like to vote for me and join Team B.Boston, please use my team hashtag #cuetheduckboats! Why #cuetheduckboats? Well, here in Boston we expect greatness out of our sports teams and revel in the opportunity to #cuetheduckboats for a parade after each of our team’s championships. This year our normal sports are being delayed, condensed, modified, or outright cancelled but I’m going to do my best to bring another championship parade to Beantowne! Be sure to follow along with on these social media accounts: Twitter: @BryanPluta Instagram: @pluta.bryan Facebook: I'm guessing you can figure out how to find me there by name at this point, but the Instagram posts probably have you covered. While the trash talk was fun, its now over. Time to get to work!
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    TESTERS WANTED (9) Zip-a Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-e-Dee-ay. My, oh what a wonderful day. Plenty of Zip Core wedges headed our way. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-e-dee-ay! Please excuse the obvious song parody from such a classic movie. But that’s exactly how you may feel if you are selected as one of the nine testers for Cleveland Golf’s new Zip Core wedges. These wedges have a lot of technology going on besides the two extra grooves Cleveland has placed on the face. So yes, you will get more spin, but also more consistency. Testers Wanted We are looking for TEN dedicated golfers who will provide an in depth 4 to 6-week commitment to testing a Zip Core wedge in the loft of your choice. Testing is open to golfers who reside in the US. How to Apply In a post below, please provide the following information. First name/City State Current Wedge Played Loft You would Choose That's it, we'll be choosing the testers late next week, so check back to see if you have been selected!
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    Who wants to join me ( @GolfSpy Stroker ) and take a trip to ZipCity? These lucky 9 do! @artful_golfer @mr.hicksta @Reesedw @dhartmann34 @Shankster @tchat07 @BrownBearGolf @TBT @fozcycle Big congrats to these members as we'll be zipping shots back into the hole with the new Cleveland ZipCore wedge. First one to make a hole-in-one with one gets to buy the entire forum a drink of their choice!
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    See this? This, friends, is the best equipment award in golf. They don't hand these out for buying full-page ads. Most Wanted is earned, not bought. And these irons are Most Wanted. Anyone interested in seeing how the numbers in the MyGolfSpy HQ translate to real golfers on the course? [It looks like over 1,800 of you were interested in doing just that!] So which forum members will get these in hand to let us know what their real-world performance is like? @MattF @revkev @HardcoreLooper @Thin2win @greggarner Let's congratulate our testers and stay tuned for their updates!
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    Let me kick things off here. First, I'm really excited about this test for reasons over and above the cool feeling of getting new clubs. Jason Hiland, the founder of @GolfSub70, has been part of my golfing life nearly since I really got sucked into the game 8 or so years ago. I've always been in the "not rich guy playing a rich guys' sport" end of things, and so I was delighted to find one of Jason's earlier companies, Diamond Tour Golf. They make a variety of clone clubs, and I've built multiple sets from them for a fraction of the cost of the big OEMs. Diamond Tour not only sucked me deeper into playing golf, but into the joys of tinkering and club work. And they still provide what might be the best bargain in junior golf: I basically build Kirke a custom set of their junior clubs each year. So for me, testing Sub 70 is like coming back to an old friend, even though Sub 70 is a relatively new company. For me, they start with a leg up: I know firsthand that Jason is capable of putting out quality components that don't have the same costs as the big OEMs. _______________________ Some about me stuff: I've written a lot of this in other threads here, so I'll keep this short. I'm a perfectly mediocre golfer. Driver swing speed in the mid-to-upper 90s. Handicap (as of this morning) around 11. I make lots of bogeys, a few pars, and that summarizes most of my rounds. As of now, my short game and putting have continued to get better and better; that is now the strength of my game. The biggest weakness is driving. In between is my approach play. I tend to hit my irons well, but on my home course, that's not enough: the greens are exceedingly tiny, and so increasing my GIRs has been a struggle for me. _______________________ Why I'm interested in this test: my PING G700s and I have had a nice run. But a few months ago, I listened to a podcast with one of PING's engineers, and he was talking about the effects of blade length on player consistency. Check out an excerpt from that here: Fascinating, no? Considering that those are my irons he's holding as examples of the biggest irons, I really wanted to see if I might see some improvements in my game going back to a smaller iron. But...who wants to give up the distance gains of an iron like the G700s? Enter the players-distance category iron! In this category, we have irons like some of the PXG flagships, the PING i500s, and the TaylorMade P790. Generally compact heads, most often hollow and then filled with some substance to make them sound less offensive. These seemed right in the sweet spot of what I would desire most. Except the price: yikes! Not even counting PXG doing PXG things, the price of this kind of manufacturing is almost certainly higher than a standard iron. So the idea of Sub 70, a company that I already have a soft spot for, putting out an iron in the class of irons that I'm interested in: yep, count me in. So what do I want to see with this test? How much distance drop-off is there going from an SGI iron like the G700 to the 699 Pro? Is there a compensating increase in control, both laterally and in consistent distance? I'm at the higher end of the recommended handicap for these irons: are they too much for me? And bottom line: are these going to help me with my long-running quest to break into a single-figure handicap?
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    Well, YouTube's processing time was faster than estimated... I'll post some more pictures soon, too!
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    Introduction Hello, my name is David Kleck, and I am a practicing veterinarian in Houston, Tx. I am a proud graduate of Oklahoma State University. I started playing golf in Jr. High School primarily during the summer, only when not playing baseball or basketball. My dad gave me a Walter Hagen club set consisting of persimmon woods, blade irons, and a Gary Player Black Knight putter. I did not play very often because of the workload of school and my career. I played with those until the year 2000 when I was fit for a set of Ping i3 oversize green dot blades, and I still have those. In 2007, my wife and I moved to Houston where my wife grew up, and we have a lot of family in the area. I was able to reduce my work schedule and play golf weekly for the first time in my life. It was not until joining here at MGS that I have really started to understand my faults and proper correction of what I was doing wrong in many aspects of golf from swing mechanics to equipment and accessories. My handicap has steadily decreased from 19 to 12.2. I won our Club Championship (second flight net) this past November and broke 80 for the first time in my life with a round of 77 in January. As a member here at MGS, I have done an unofficial review of the Wilson D7 Driver and the Wilson professional golf balls that I won during the MGS Masters SpyStaffSlam. I was an official tester of Lynx Black Cat Irons and recently a tester of Bridgestone Tour B Prototype balls. I am very honored to have been chosen for the biggest competition of the year, and I want to thank MGS, Cobra, and Arccos for this opportunity. And they're off Early in my veterinarian career I worked primarily on horses, especially racehorses. I owned my own horse breeding farm, only 4 miles from the racetrack. I liken this competition to a series of horse races. Each horse comes in with a pedigree and a form from previous races, and it will be your job to pick the winning horse! In horse racing, many of the most important races are handicap races. This means the horses with the best form will carry the most weight during the race to even out the field. In our competition, I feel the lower handicaps will be caring more burden to improve their form. I am the only ONE Length competitor in this field which gives me a distinct advantage, because I am changing more than just the name of the clubs that I am playing. ONE length simplifies an exceedingly difficult and complicated game. Listen to the science and data! Bet on the horse that has simplified the race. #TeamCobraONE Okay that's the concept and I've played one round with the clubs and I'm brimming with confidence! I'm saying would you like an easy button? My old Titleist setup compared to my new Cobra SpeedZoneONE setup Now look at my 70 rounds base line with arccos over the last 16 months. I can't wait to get started in actual competition on the course #COBRACONNECT4 #MGSCOBRA2020 If you want to be there down the stretch #TeamCobraONE Oh by the way the horse on the outside will be #TeamCobraONE
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    Testers Announced! So which forum members will get these in hand to let us know what their real-world performance is like? @MattF @revkev @HardcoreLooper @Thin2win @greggarner Full announcement here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/39861-testers-wanted-5-wilson-d7-forged-irons/?do=findComment&comment=668749 ________________________________________________________________ Testers Wanted (5) Some will say you can’t effectively combine the characteristics of a distance golf club with the sexiness of a forged players club. Wilson golf says, not only will it do that, but it’ll be a top performer in the newish Player’s Distance iron category. Enter the Wilson D7 Forged iron. Introduced earlier this year, and this week named the Most Wanted Players Distance iron of 2020. How good is it? What makes it better than the 12 other irons it went up against. We are going to let five of you tell the MyGolfSpy community, all about this Most Wanted winner. How To Apply We’re looking for five golfers who are motivated, detail-oriented, and committed to providing a thorough review the Wilson D7 Forged irons and sharing your thoughts and grades on the irons with the forum community. Want to find out if this category iron can help you gain some yards and retain that sweet forged feeling? Testing is open to golfers in the US. Here's how to apply. In a post below list the following: First Name/City State Current Handicap or Average 18 Hole Score Current Iron Model Played We'll be picking the testers next week, so check back and see if you have been selected. Final instruction: DO NOT QUOTE THIS POST WHEN REPLYING!
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    Official CCC4 Intro First and foremost, I feel it’s necessary to express my sincere gratitude to MyGolfSpy and Cobra for giving me the opportunity to be part of the most prestigious event MGS has to offer. I’m thrilled to be here and, I plan not only to win, but, I will also make 110% sure that every single forum member has more fun than they thought possible during this challenge. Now, I’ll keep the personal details pretty brief because, let’s be honest, you’re here to see super sexy golf club pics. My name is Grayson, I’m 17 years old, and I currently reside in Minnesota. I was introduced to golf by my Mom about 12 years ago, and I’ve been playing (addicted) ever since. Everyone who has been following along so far, knows that I’m the undisputed trash talk champion. Combining my trash talk prowess with the fact that this challenge is generously sponsored by COBRA, our official team hashtag is... #TEAMVENOMSPITTER Do you have a venomous comeback to any verbal joust? Are you a fan of wonderful wordplay? Do you just want to be on the winning team? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re a #VENOMSPITTER! MY GAME Currently my pre-Cobra setup includes a Wilson Staff C300 Driver (TrueGolfFit), Callaway Rogue 3 wood (not fitted), Mizuno Fli-Hi 2 iron (not fitted), Ping I200s (“self“ fitted), and Ping Glide 52° and 58° (not fitted). As you can tell, I’m playing with a very unfit, mixed bag. I’m definitely not “married” to any of my current clubs, although I might be “engaged” to my 2 iron. So far, I’ve really enjoyed the in depth stats Arccos provides, and it’s been very accurate in picking up my shots. I do recall that there have been complaints in other threads about it missing putts, but as long as you monitor it throughout your round, it shouldn’t be a big deal. My swing has a fairly smooth tempo (in my own mind), and averages about 108 mph with my “fairway finder” swing. It usually produces medium height shots and a pretty ugly two-way miss. (Disclaimer: My spine may or may not be made of rubber. And even if it is, it’s *probably* not cheating!) MY BASELINE As some of you may remember, I had posed the question of perception VS reality in relation to our golf game. (Full Post here) As far as my driving goes, I’m apparently a much better driver than I give myself credit for. It’s been a bit wet here recently, so I haven’t gotten a ton of roll on the fairways. Most of these balls are all carry. Okay, so my approach game is where it gets really interesting. According to Arccos, I suck at any iron shot and long pitches. I’m pretty shocked by this, but my theory is, while I do hit enough greens, my proximity is poor enough that I don’t have enough make-able birdie putts, which really kills my ability to score low. Chipping and Putting were both pretty much what I expected, there isn’t a whole lot to go over here, so I won’t bore you anymore. THE CHALLENGERS Once again this year, Cobra is selling with speed. Hell, it’s the second year in a row that “speed” is in the name of most of their lineup. If their marketing is legit, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t have multiple condors before the challenge is over. Okay, maybe not, but I still am expecting some BOMBS! (Spoiler Alert: There already have been some bombs!) Now, Cobra doesn’t just promise speed, they also promise precise and forgiving irons and wedges. They market the Forged Tec as delivering playable distance, and precision with forgiveness. Seeing the state of my approach game, I have REALLY high expectations for these irons. Not to mention they’re beautiful! (If you want to read about my fitting and setup in more detail, I posted a full write-up here!) Personally, I think this is the best looking driver on the market, especially in the matte white color. I could keep telling you how beautiful it is... or I could just show you! It’s finally time for some pictures!!! Aesthetically, the fairway wood and hybrid are some of the best out there, although, the hybrid sets up a little closed to me, so we’ll keep an eye on that. It’s tough to find anything bad to say about these irons. I have such high hopes for these, I really need the extra forgiveness. These are very beautiful wedges, from the slick chrome finish, to the precise milling. We’ve already discussed in detail, how great the Cobra/Vessel bag is, but I feel I need to reiterate just how lovely it is. It is the nicest, most well thought out, highest quality stand bag that I’ve ever seen. Everything from the embroidery, to the extremely comfortable backpack straps has been perfectly executed. If you’re still here after all those beautiful club pics, give yourself a pat on the back. To wrap up, I have 3 main goals for the Cobras. 1. More Speed, Less dispersion. Doesn’t that sound like the magic formula to lower scores? Well, seeing as this is my first set of properly fitted clubs, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. 2. I want the transition from player’s irons to player’s distance irons to be smooth. Sure, I’ll take extra distance, however, what I really want is more forgiving and accurate clubs that don’t sacrifice much playability. Cobra promises that with the Forged Tec, and I’m super excited to see if they pulled it off. 3. I’ll say it, Cobra wedges have been overlooked for years. I want them to live up to the quality of the rest of their line of clubs. I’m talking great feel, great versatility around the greens, good spin rates, and consistency on full shots. The MIMs are beautiful, now they just need to perform beautifully. Now, onwards to victory!!!!
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    In conjunction with Cobra/Puma/Arccos MyGolfSpy is proud to present: #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4 The time is here. I know I've said this before, but I truly mean it: #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4 promises to be the most exciting challenge yet with twists and turns all along the way. Follow our competitors on their journey as they compete with, and test Cobra's 2020 lineup from Driver to wedges and everything in between. The competition will span 8 weeks with a variety of weekly challenges plus opportunities for you, the reader, to win great prizes from Puma Golf throughout the season. Challenge Overview: The 5 competitors will be participating in 8 unique challenges over the course of 8 weeks Stats will be tracked using Arccos At the end of each week, the competitors will post their stats and be ranked from 1-5 HCs will be used for field leveling Final Prizes will be determined by sum of all rankings PRIZES: Competitors 1st Place: Custom Cobra License Plate Trophy + Head-to-toe PUMA Makeover (hat, polo, pants/shorts, shoes) 2nd Place: PUMA Hat, Polo, Shoes 3rd Place: PUMA Hat, Polo 4th/5th Place: Still get to keep the full set & bag "What's in it for me?" You ask. Forum members with stellar participation skills will be eligible to win weekly prizes as well as a GRAND PRIZE. Be sure to tune in every Sunday night to learn details on this week's challenge! Forum Members Weekly Prizes: PUMA Hat/Shirt or NXT SOLELACE Shoes depending on the week Challenges will vary by week Max 2 wins (still eligible for grand prize) GRAND PRIZE: SPEEDZONE Driver + Arccos Hand-picked by moderator staff based on overall participation THE HEAT HAS BEEN BROUGHT The first post to this thread will act as your hub for all announcements in the challenge. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - WEEK 1: And they're off! Testers: Our testers have crafted some unique and entertaining introductions to help you get to know them better. Read what each tester has to offer and vote for your favorite. The challenge is simple, the competitor with the highest vote total gets this week's win. Fans: As a reward for your vote, you will be entered into a wheel spin for a chance to win a Puma Hat and Polo. 1 vote = 1 entry. The top 10 fans that have participated up until this point get extra entries into this raffle so not only do they get more entries, but their votes weigh the poll for our testers heavier too. The following members have been awarded bonuses: @Lacassem (25) @Nunfa0 (20) @JohnSmalls (15) @sirchunksalot (10) @mikeanthony (9) @Wedgie (8) @fixyurdivot (7) @MattF (6) @yungkory (5) @palvord (5)
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    #MGSCobra2020 #CobraConnect SpeedZone Iron Review - edingc, a.k.a. #TeamCalvesLikePhil An all-new carbon fiber topline on the long and mid-irons is the big story headlining Cobra’s 2020 SpeedZone irons. The weight savings from use of carbon fiber allowed Cobra’s engineers to push the head’s center of gravity lower than in previous models. Cobra hooked me up with the conventional length SpeedZone irons (1/2 inch short, 2 degrees flat), 4 iron to gap wedge, with KBS C-Taper Lite x-stiff shafts and Lamkin Sonar grips. Previously, I played Maltby PTM Forged irons, which although are “game improvement” irons, are a forged head and offer a more traditional appearance than the SpeedZones. Looks - 3.5/5 Stars I’ve read several comments on the Internet that say the worst thing about the SpeedZone design is the carbon fiber topline. I wholeheartedly disagree! Sure, at first glance it sticks out because it’s different from any other iron. After hitting a few shots, however, it blends in and isn’t distracting at all. From the 8 iron down to the gap wedge, Cobra removed the carbon fiber, leaving a pleasing and not-too-thick topline for the precision scoring clubs. Offset is minimal throughout the set and not off putting in the least bit. My biggest complaint concerning the looks of the SpeedZone irons stems from how much the backside is visible at address, especially in the 6 and 7 irons (the 7 iron is pictured above). Ideally, I would prefer those mid-irons to look less like a driving iron and blend more toward the scoring clubs. These are big clubheads; nobody is mistaking these for a player’s iron. The perimeter weighting, sole design, cavity badging and topline are uniquely game improvement. That doesn’t mean they are bad looking clubs, and I applaud Cobra for pushing the envelope. But, you’ll need to look elsewhere if you’re wanting a traditional look in your irons. Sound & Feel - 3.5/5 Stars Well-struck balls offer a very solid sound, both with the carbon fiber long irons and the more traditional short irons. It’s a satisfying thwack, I have no issues with it at all. Coming from a fully forged head, the feel of the SpeedZones is obviously a bit lacking in comparison, but likely similar to other irons in its category. It’s fairly easy to determine where the ball is struck horizontally, but I’ve struggled to know where the strike is vertically on the face. With exception to extremely thin shots, a few grooves high or low all seem to feel the same to me. I was originally fit into stiff flex KBS C-Taper Lites and not x-stiff. Stiff flex was unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain issues, so we bumped up to x-stiff. They are definitely different animals than the stiff flex, and right now I’m still struggling a bit to adjust to the feel of them. The x-stiffs don’t have the same swift kick at impact I experience with the stiff flex CTLs, and I think that is partially influencing my feel of the head. Basic Characteristics - 4/5 Stars Unlike my woods, I do get creative with iron shots. My desired stock iron shot is a push draw, with my miss being a straight draw or overcooked pull draw/hook. The video above is a slight pull draw. However, I often need to hit a low stinger under tree branches, and I also like to club up some and play softer finesse shots into greens. It’s not often that I’m taking a full cut with an iron. I am impressed at my ability to do all of those things with the SpeedZone irons. By default they want to launch high and stay straight, but by manipulating ball position and/or gripping down, I’ve been able to hit low or more feathery shots when required. (As a quick aside, the reduced taper shape on the Lamkin Sonars has been very helpful with gripping down on the club.) The sole design is unique with the smaller “effective” sole. We have had hot and dry conditions since I received the clubs, but with the way the sole glides through heavy rough I doubt I’d have much trouble in wet conditions. Turf interaction is great, nice small divots without digging much. Obviously, the SpeedZones are loft-jacked (see: my six iron ball speeds above - with a range ball!). They generate a lot of distance as a result, but they provide adequate height and spin to stop the ball, especially in the shorter irons. I would definitely recommend pairing a more “spinny” ball with them to optimize spin as much as possible (I’ve alternated between Snell MTB-X and Srixon Z-Star XV during the challenge). On Course Performance - 4/5 Stars The SpeedZone irons are outstanding at what they are designed to do - get the ball airborne with serious distance, while being extremely forgiving of mishits. On more than one occasion, I’ve hit a completely disgusting shot only to watch the ball end up near my target line and distance. I’ve also had the pleasure or puring a few irons and watching how the ball rockets off of the face. Don’t expect to suck a ball back on the green with these clubs. But, if I strike the ball well (not a groove low), I can expect the ball to fly high enough to land softly and stop within a few feet. I haven’t experienced any major distance inconsistencies, but I have hit a few low-spin fliers from the rough that kept on going and going and going and wouldn’t stop. I don’t think that’s exclusive to these irons, but perhaps is made worse by the naturally lower spin rates of the design. I often hit mid and long irons from the tee at my home course and the forgiveness has helped me be in better positions than with my Maltby PTMs. The amount of distance I retain on mishits is impressive. Extra distance off the tee combined with longer carry distances from my scoring clubs means I hit shorter clubs into greens, which puts less pressure on my swing to be perfect. My scoring hasn’t changed dramatically for better or for worse since putting the SpeedZones into play. However, I am finding my iron striking to be more inconsistent with the SpeedZones in the bag. My hook miss has gotten worse, and I’m struggling with a tendency to pull across the ball from the top a lot more often. This is resulting in a lot of strikes toward the toe of the club. I’m not a fantastic golfer, but as my Arccos baseline showed, iron striking was one of the better parts of my game. I’m not sure if these exaggerations of my existing misses are to be blamed on the irons or something in my swing, but I can say sometimes I feel like I’m working too hard trying to get the x-stiff C-Taper Lites to do what I want. If I take a nice relaxed cut at the ball, I feel like I’m getting desirable results more often. All in all, the SpeedZone irons are producing predictable ball flight and predictable distances when I’m swinging well, and that’s all I can ask of them to do. Miscellaneous - 4/5 Stars These irons are not ones I’d want to buy stock off the rack. I understand distance is king of sales, but the stock specifications for these irons are very upright and very long. I doubt a low-spin, two-piece surlyn/ionomer ball would stop well with these either, and I’m certain that is the type of ball most played by recreational golfers. Play It or Trade It - 3/5 Stars I’m conflicted. On one hand, I love the forgiveness of the SpeedZones, specifically in the long irons. The clubs are rockets! On the other hand, I’ve tested forgiveness so much because I’ve struggled to find the center of the club face. That wasn’t the case during my baseline with my Maltby PTMs. I’ve thought of multiple scenarios for how these irons might stay in the bag: Do I try soft-stepping the shafts once or twice to see if that returns some of the feel I enjoy with the stiff C-Taper Lites? I’ve considered making the 19 degree 4 iron a true driving iron by putting a graphite shaft into it, so this could be done with just a little basement club work. Do I reshaft a test club with a stiff C-Taper Lite, and, if I like the results, bite the bullet and do the rest of the set? Should I play a split set with my Maltby PTMs? The lofts and lengths are setup in a way I could split my set at the 7 iron, and play SpeedZone long irons (5, 6, 7) and Maltby PTM mid-to-short irons (7, 8, 9, PW, GW) without messing up gapping to the wedges. Do I just practice more and try to sort out my issues with the x-stiff C-Taper Lites? When struck well they do feel effortless, but I think the difference in flex or weight may be partially responsible for the issues I’m having with my iron swing. #CobraConnect will take me to the end of my primary golf season, but over the fall and winter I will have some testing to do to answer these questions. Overall Score - 3.5/5 Stars Going strictly by handicap, I’m probably on the lower end of the target range for the SpeedZone irons, but I wouldn’t say only high handicappers should play these irons. The long irons are excellent - easy to launch, forgiving and crazy fast in regards to ball speeds. Short irons have a good look and generally stop the ball when needed. For the price ($799 USD off the rack), I’m not sure there is a better value out there among the major OEMs in the game improvement/super game improvement category. I’m just struggling a bit adjusting to them. Since we still have a lot of time remaining in the challenge, I’m hoping with more practice I can get a good understanding of what I need to do to play my best golf with these irons.
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    Week 1 is in the books boys and girls. 23 pages of comments for just one week is NUTS. Keep it going! It's time to tally some votes. First up, let's see who received the bonus votes: B.Boston @Lacassem(25) @sirchunksalot (10) daviddvm @mikeanthony (9) edingc @fixyurdivot (7) @yungkory (5) @palvord (5) GB13 @Nunfa0 (20) @MattF (6) HeadHammer No Vote @JohnSmalls (15) @Wedgie (8) The bonus votes almost pushed @GB13 into 2nd place this week but nay, he fell just short. With @B.Boston bringing home Week 1's gold, here's where we stand after Week 1: Time to spin the wheel for our member contest this week: Congrats on your new gear! Send me a message and we'll get the order going. ________________________________________________________________________ Week 2 - FIR/GIR Burgers Competitors: Competitors will be shooting for FIRs, GIRs, and Burgers (both FIR and GIR on the same hole). 1 point for FIR, 1 point for GIR, 2 points for Burger. They'll each submit their best round of the week, add a HC bonus (1/2 Driving + 1/2 Approach), and be ranked accordingly. Should be a great fun challenge this week! Members: Hope you read the intros well. This week, a trivia question based on information contained in the 5 introductions will be posted on Saturday. First correct answer wins this week's prize of some Puma Golf Kicks!
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    Well I wasn't here to watch it play out, but Week 3 sure seemed like an interesting one. Hope you guys enjoyed the challenge. Here's how our testers' CCNet scores finished up: @B.Boston - 71 @daviddvm - 68 @edingc - 79.1 @GB13 - 71.3 @Headhammer - 73.4 It was a tightly contested week. Although I know our competitors could do better, they're collectively SPANKING you challengers. Step your game up! I'm not going to finalize the members challenge yet because I want to give @HeathS16 @toehold57 and @yungkory a chance to give me the data I need. You guys have until 6pm EST tomorrow or else you're counted out of this drawing. Updating the chart for weeks 2 and 3. @B.Boston is leading the way with stellar consistency while @daviddvm moves his way up thanks to the win leaving @Headhammer and @GB13 locked for third. @edingc we know you've got the social game, but it's time to start living up to that handicap! Week 4 - Woods and Wedges a.k.a Bash it like Bryson Competitors: Our competitors will be playing only woods and wedges this week and will be scored by the CCNet formula. This will give our guys a chance to try the outer edges of the bag they so badly missed last week. Time to feel what it's like to be Bryson out there bludgeoning golf courses. As usual, the competitors will decide which tees they play to maximize their chance of success. Let's get it on! Fans: I know you guys can do better, so let's see it. To enter this week's drawing, challenge a competitor at the Bryson Bash style. Beat them, and gain 2 additional entries (total possible of 3). This week's drawing will be for a pair of Puma Golf Shoes. One Caveat, you must challenge a different competitor than you challenged last week. Key Definitions: Woods: Any Driver, FW, Hy Wedges: Higher loft than standard PW
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    Allow me to introduce the newest Riley: Christiana Hope! Born this morning around 4:45. Mother and baby are well. She is our fifth child, so we're starting to shop for larger vehicles now. No word yet on whether she prefers forged or cast irons, mallet or blade putters, or whether she roots for Bryson or Brooks. I'll keep y'all posted when she starts indicating her positions.
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    Official Forged Tec Irons Review - GB13 Player’s distance is one of the fastest growing irons categories. The Forged Tec are Cobra’s first serious offering to compete with clubs like the P790 and I500. How do they compare? Let’s find out!! I was lucky enough to receive a Forged Tec set in 4-PW with Stiff KBS $Taper Lites. I was originally fit into Modus3 105s, however these were unavailable at the time and Cobra advised me that these were the next closest shaft option. Previously, I gamed PING I200 irons which are more player’s irons as opposed to player’s distance. I was looking for more forgiveness without compromising workability. Looks - 5/5 Stars These irons are drop dead gorgeous. They maintain a classic look, with not too much offset, and a reasonably thin top line. The matte and chrome color play is simply perfect. For a company known to be a bit flashy these will absolutely appeal to any traditionalist. There isn’t a whole lot to say here, which is a testament to the classic appearance of these clubs. Sound and Feel - 3/5 Stars Solid strikes offer a pretty good thwack, and feel pretty much like a player’s distance iron. Minor mishits sound and feel pretty good as well, but major toe shots sound and feel terrible. Even though the Forged Tec faces are forged (obviously), I still prefer the sound and feel of my cast PINGs. Don’t get me wrong, these are still quite satisfying, they just don’t offer the same crunch my PINGs did. Basic Characteristics - 4/5 Stars I usually need a lot of creativity to recover from my tee shots, so having an iron that is workable is very important to me. The Forged Tec irons certainly are workable left and right, however it takes some effort. For the most part, these things was to fly straight, and it’ll take something significant to stop them from doing that. That said, I’ve not had any trouble hitting the shots I need to. My biggest complaint about the Forged Tec so far is the inability to take a decent divot. I know @B.Boston has referenced this as helping fat shots, however I feel my fat shots are almost just as bad, and I’m unsure if my good swings are actually good. I like seeing a decent sized divot, especially with the scoring irons, and the lack of divots keeps making me question if the strike was descending or not. Hopefully I’ll get used to this, because the results have been pretty good. On-Course Performace - 5/5 Stars Performance wise, these have been outstanding. They are forgiving, easy to hit, workable, and pretty darn long. Well struck shots stop on a dime, and while you shouldn’t expect muscleback spin rates, and 7 iron seems to get about 6000RPM of backspin, which is very respectable for a player’s distance iron. I do recall some complaints of “hotspots” with other players distance irons like the P790, and I’m happy to report, that I haven’t found them. And trust me, I’ve tested every square millimeter of the club face. My scoring seems to have gotten more consistently low since changing to the Forged Tec. I’ve posted my lowest round of the season, and my irons only round was quite spectacular. These are long off the tee, and precise with approaches. I couldn’t be happier with the on course results. Play it or Trade it - 5/5 Stars I miss the sound and feel of my PINGs, I really do, but I couldn’t justify putting them back into play with the way the Forged Tec have performed. I would like to see some divots start flying, but overall the performance has just been amazing, so they’re in the bag! Overall - 5/5 Stars Overall, these irons perform wonderfully. If you’re in the market for players distance irons, or even just players irons, you’d be remiss to not try these. I’m looking forward to putting more time in with my new sticks as the challenge progresses, and hopefully they can keep dropping my approach handicap further. (Spoiler )
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    Well came home to a nice package on the steps. Shoutout to cobra for crushing the shirt game. I am not a SnapBack fan but this thing is so comfortable I’ll be wearing it and might be changing over from my mesh fitted....maybe. Will be rocking this gear Friday for my round.
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    TEAM HAMMER COBRA SPEEDZONE IRONS REVEIW As a previous Cobra iron user I was really excited to see how the advances in technology would translate to improvements in my distance & game. As a reminder, I selected the traditional SpeedZone irons 5-GW for my set. After years of wrist, elbow & shoulder issues I opted for the Recoil 460 graphite stiff shafts and the Cobra Connect Lamkin Sonar grips. My initial reaction to seeing and holding the irons was first; how light they were compared to my old Cobras and how much larger the sole was on new clubs especially the longer irons. When I received the new irons, I thought a couple of the heads were loose because there was a rattle to them, but it turns out the rattle is due to some of the Cobra Connect grips. Looking at the specs of both irons my old clubs have a swing weight of D1 while the new irons, with the Recoil shafts, are D0. That weight difference really makes the SpeedZones very easy to swing & swing fast. The lower center of gravity provides a very good feel for where the club head is at any point during the swing. Personally, I think this really helps square the face at impact and has led to both longer and higher ball flights. To back up my claims that the SpeedZone irons have improved my game & distance, take a look at this Arccos comparison between my old & new 5, 6 & 7- Irons. ON-COURSE PERFORMANCE: LOOKS: I don’t hate the looks of the irons, but I think Cobra could have done a better job translating the gorgeous color scheme of the woods into them. The red dots on the irons reminds me a bit of the “Speed Injected” nonsense from Taylor Made and I am indifferent about the carbon top line, let alone it only being on some irons & not others. While I know some members felt the wide top line with the graphite insert and the wide soles would both be distracting, I have not found those impediments at address or in their ability to get through the turf. Here is a comparison of the width’s of my old & new 5-irons. As you can see the top lines are not that different, but flipping them over shows how much wider the SpeedZones are compared to my old clubs. SOUND & FEEL: I don’t know that the irons sound different than any other irons I’ve hit, but I love the feel of these heads with the graphite shaft when you flush them. Even when you don’t hit them perfectly the graphite shafts really help with the dreaded elbow shiver. MISCELLANEOUS: Besides the rattle issue mentioned earlier, the Cobra Connect grips are a bit squishy near the butt where the Arccos sensor is enclosed, which may cause you to choke down on the club a bit. But having lost a sensor on my old clubs after just a few rounds, I see the benefit to enclosing it in rubber. PLAY IT OR TRADE IT: The advance in technology from their 1994 irons to their 2020 clubs is night and day. Do I like the new irons and have they helped my game? Absolutely, so much so that I plan to purchase a 4-iron to add to the set after the challenge is over. I was seeking more distance in every aspect of my game & the Cobra irons have delivered that improvement. With my old clubs I was hitting driver/hybrid & sometimes wedge into long par 4's and now I'm hitting driver and 6-7 irons in. It's so much more enjoyable to have a mid-iron into greens than a long iron or hybrid. I played the old Cobra irons for 24-years so this is very likely the last set of irons I’ll ever use. Unless of course I am selected as an iron tester sometime in the future. Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more. OVERALL SPEEDZONE IRONS RANK:
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    Well, I finally reached 8,000 posts........I have been a member of this forum for almost 11 years and it has taken me awhile to get to this level. Lately, since retirement, I have slowed on my posts mainly because there is way too much content to stay caught up. I do enjoy reviewed equipment and I do enjoy reading other spies content. This forum is the best on the web for golfers of all ages, no matter what part of the world they are from. I so enjoy being a member and hope to be a contributor for another 8,000 posts.
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    TEAM HAMMER COBRA SPEEDZONE WOODS REVIEW This week we are providing our initial thoughts on the Cobra SpeedZone Woods. As a reminder here is my SpeedZone wood line-up. The Cobra SpeedZone Driver is the first adjustable driver I’ve owned and while I have not got it totally dialed in yet it is 10-yards longer, in its current configuration, than my previous driver. My previous driver avg was 232 yds and with the Cobra I’m at 242 yds. I plan to get time on TrackMan and see which loft, lie, bias configuration is best for my swing and do an A-B comparison with my old driver. I will post those results here at a later date. To date, the Cobra 3 Wood is my favorite club in the set. Not only do I hit it as long as I hit my previous driver, but it is much easier to hit off the deck than my Cleveland HiBore 3 wood. I’ve actually been using it more on shorter par 4’s than the driver because it’s a fairway finder and sometimes it’s better to be in the short stuff than closer to the green in the thick stuff. I haven’t really hit the hybrids that much on course as of yet, but at the range they go long & straight. Straight can sometime be a problem for me as I used my previous hybrids to get out of trouble. I could easily bend them left or right around trees that were blocking the green. The SpeedZones seem to just wanna go straight, regardless of whether I try to cut or draw them. I wonder if the rails are keeping the club head from twisting through the turf? SUMMARY LOOKS: I love the black, red & yellow color scheme on the SpeedZones, the look is “fast” standing still, much like a Ferrari or Lamborghini. The matching head covers and bag really complete the look and make it one sexy bag of sticks. SOUND & FEEL: The sound of the driver is quite different from the familiar “ping” of my Callaway driver. I’d say it’s like a hollow dull thud with the driver and the sound doesn’t change much on off-center hits. The 3 wood has a more traditional sound when struck and the feel when you flush one is magical! MISCELLANEOUS: The adjustable head on the driver & 3 wood moves the logos on the grip & shaft around the club head which is a little distracting. This is not a huge issue and would be less noticeable with a solid color grip. My Lamkin Sonar grips, however, have finger placement marking to help take a consistent grip on the club and they are now at the 2:00 position. PLAY IT OR TRADE IT: I’m already seeing improved distances, which is leading to less and less hybrids and more short irons on approach shots helping my scoring. I’ve recorded 2 birdies in each of my last 2 rounds, on 2 different courses. I can’t tell you how many years it’s been since I accomplished that feat! OVERALL COBRA SPEEDZONE WOODS RANK:
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    CCC4 OFFICIAL WOODS REVIEW Preface Its time to go long or go home!! We’re starting out with a bang (or should I say bomb!). Let’s review the big sticks! As a reminder, I’m gaming the SZ 9° driver, the SZ 3 wood and SZ 3 hybrid. All of these are Tour Length, which is making quite a positive impact on my game. Well, I’d be upset if my first sentence didn’t include the word speed, because, let’s face it, Cobra has built their big sticks around speed. Do they live up to the hype? Read on and find out! Looks These are hands down some of the best looking woods on the market. I absolutely love the matte white color. That said, I really wish I could’ve matched my hybrid with the driver and 3 wood. Yes, I know that’s mainly my OCD talking, but still... That small complaint aside, the matte carbon fiber crown, the white accent, with the red weights creates a beautiful and classy looking club. Coming from the *ahem* very red Wilson Staff C300, the Cobras are an improvement in almost every way. Looks - 5/5 stars Sound & Feel This section is always the one I struggle with the most. It’s just so hard to quantify something so subjective, and then adequately explain it. @edingc did a wonderful job with his videos demonstrating the sound of the SZ. (Credit where credit is due.) I also can’t better describe the feelings of the driver and 3 wood. As he said, the driver has a very nice, reverberating, crack to it, while the 3W has a more solid thwack when flushed, but feels a little hollow when mishit. I’ll also say the hybrid sounds & feels a little “pingy” and rather hollow. Sound & Feel - 3/5 stars (To break it down, the driver would be 5/5, the 3W is 3/5 and the hybrid is 2/5.) Performance For all the talk about looks, sound, and feel, this is the section that really, really matters. I’m a bit conflicted about this section, because, my good shots, are very, very good. My strikes are more consistently near the middle of the face, but I’m struggling with an ugly left miss with both the driver and 3W. I’ll say this, the SZ is rather forgiving when it comes to ball speed. This shot was hit well off the toe, still ended up being really good. Not to mention, this driver has produced some absolute BOMBS! I just need this to happen more frequently! The hybrid has been a go to club of mine since it has joined my bag, it’s super consistent, very forgiving, and most importantly, isn’t going left!! I’m really loving the hybrid right now, very easy to hit out of any lie, and surprisingly workable. Overall, my distance is up, my overall fairways hit is up, but my misses are much uglier. I dunno how to grade that, so I’ll give it 4 stars. Performance - 4/5 stars Play it OR Trade it Can I get a time extension on this question? I’m just not sure yet. Arccos says my driving handicap is going down, so I guess that’s good, but dang, I’m just not comfortable with the driver and 3W yet. If I can start making more good swings, then these might be in the bag for a long time. The hybrid will probably be staying for a while, it might be on a rotation schedule with my 2 iron depending on wind and corse conditions. I’m going with 3 stars for now, however, hopefully with some time this rating can and will increase. Play it OR Trade it - 3/5 stars Overall These are very good clubs, don’t let my uncertain review convince you otherwise. These can compete with any of the bigger companies woods. I’m just fighting my swing a bit right now, and it just isn’t translating into confidence. I’ll provide more follow up about these in a few weeks when I have a few more rounds under my belt. But for now, I’ll give the 3 stars, with and asterisk denoting massive potential. Overall - 3/5 stars
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    Here's @Erik-M's and my entry to the iron's only challenge. Note, for the record, that @Kirke beat both of us, but in our defense, he was playing with his full bag (and 3,000 fewer yards): My takeaways: This was my first round with my new Sub 70 irons: talking about diving right in to an iron test! Love the irons so far; more about that over in the Sub 70 review thread. Our course is short: 6,030 from the back tees. Honestly, I didn't miss my longer clubs. My last 18 hole round that I played, I shot an 82. Yesterday, with just irons, I also shot an 82. Apparently, I wasted money buying other clubs. I missed my wedges far more than I missed my driver and woods. Most of our greens are crowned. I'm used to tossing soft high shots back up on the greens when I miss; having to play it low, at the mercy of the ground, was an entirely different game. Arccos liked it: it estimated my chipping game at a scratch level. The chip-in from 47 yards on the 15th hole undoubtedly factored in heavily there. My putting was fine except for a stupid 4-putt from 9' on the 18th (we played the back nine first). I was below the hole, left the first putt about a foot and a half short. Casually went for the tap in, which horseshoed out back down the slope to 4-5', and I missed that one. It's the sorta putt I might have given myself in a casual round, but because I knew I was playing @edingc, wanted to count everything. But that one hurt. I used my 4h 14 times, my PW 19(!) times, and putted 28 times. 61/82 shots were taken with those three clubs!
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    Alright Cobra! ... FINE, YOU WIN. I’m throwing in the towel. This brilliant challenge is an even more brilliant form of marketing ... and this marketing campaign has been slowly trying to burn a hole in my pocket as the #CCC4 continues on into page 90 of this thread, WITH ANOTHER 7 WEEKS REMAINING! There’s no way in heck I’m going to wait till the end of this competition before I bought a set of your ... One Length F9 irons. I trust the input from all the Spies within MGS ... and more specifically the feedback from @daviddvm and @Wedgie only convinced me further that the OL is where I’m at with my game and I further trust that my game will significantly improve with these irons. To the testers, your reviews and input have a huge impact on the rest of your fellow spies. I’m also realizing how much work is going into this for you all ... all while keeping the rest of us highly entertained. Keep it up!
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    #MGSCobra2020 #CobraConnect Wood/Hybrid Review - edingc, a.k.a. #TeamCalvesLikePhil We're kicking off the reviews in spectacular fashion with the Cobra SpeedZone woods and hybrids! After success with the F9 series of clubs, does Cobra have another winner on its hands with the SpeedZone line? As a reminder, I am gaming the SpeedZone Xtreme driver, the regular SpeedZone 3 wood, and the 17 degree SpeedZone hybrid. First Impressions I ordered every club shorter than stock length across the bag. For the driver, this meant going to a “Tour Length” 44.5” shaft (one inch short). The fairway wood is 3/4 inch short, and the hybrid is 1/2 inch short. What a difference that makes! For someone like myself who is 5’11” but has long arms, these things felt wonderful right from the first few waggles out of the box. Cobra really brought its A game to the headcovers this season as well, and I like that they are matched to the colorway of the club, though the OCD side of me wishes the hybrid cover used white stitching also. Milled faces are all the rage for Cobra again this year, with the Infinity Face debuting on the SpeedZone driver. The milling allows Cobra to tighten tolerances, and in theory each face should be exactly the same as there is no hand-polishing (read: human error) in the process. Looks - 4.5/5 Stars I was previously gaming the Callaway Epic Flash, which shares a similar elongated shape with the SpeedZone Xtreme. Ordered in the matte white finish, the SpeedZone Xtreme is much more attractive to my eye in every single way compared to the Epic Flash. The matte finish screams “stealth bomber,” and the white and red accents provide a wonderful, yet understated color contrast. While the elongated shape makes for a larger footprint versus the standard SpeedZone, I think even better players would have no issue playing this driver. The Infinity Face provides an excellent clubface alignment aid, and as a bonus you can usually see the imprint of your golf ball after a well struck shot. To me the face appears to sit slightly open, which I prefer. The color scheme transfers flawlessly to the 3 wood as well. The 3 wood is a traditional shape that should get along well with almost everyone. The matte finish does not reflect sunlight, and the addition of small aerodynamic ridges on the crowns of both the driver and the wood complete the look. I love that despite switching to yellow on the hybrids, Cobra again went with a matte finish instead of gloss. Deducting half a star here for not offering the same white scheme option found on the woods for the hybrids. Sound & Feel - 4/5 Stars Coming from the Epic Flash, perhaps one of the most notoriously awful sounding drivers, the SpeedZone Xtreme is a wonderful change. As a former baseball player, the SpeedZone Xtreme sound reminds me of an old-school aluminum bat. The sound reverberates slightly on impact. I think the sound has a lot to do with my impression of the feel of the face, which to me has a moderate trampoline effect/feeling at impact. I am slightly disappointed in the feel/sound of the 3 wood. Using another baseball analogy, the 3 wood feels and sounds more like a traditional wood bat. A great feel and solid thwack sound when hit on the sweet spot, but slightly hollow and dead when not squared up. Admittedly, I am not one to use a 3 wood often or hit it well, but I also had the same experience last year when demoing the F9 (which ultimately lost out to the Mizuno GT-180 I had in my bag prior to receiving the Cobras). Basic Characteristics - 4.5/5 Stars I fit into the 9 degree SpeedZone Xtreme head, which is adjustable down to 7.5 degrees and up to 10.5 degrees. Based on my swing, the fitter recommended I loft down to 7.5. After a few range sessions I am currently playing both woods at their stated lofts. I had my Epic Flash lofted down, but I still managed to hit very high balls with it. The SpeedZone Xtreme actually is producing lower launch conditions (to my eye and verified as best I can with my FlightScope Mevo), which is partially why I’ve opted to keep it at the stamped loft. I’m not one to work the driver (or any wood/hybrid). My goal with the driver is to not be in trouble. This is where the SpeedZone Xtreme is by far a better driver for me than the Epic Flash. I am finding the near middle of the SpeedZone a lot more often, and as such, my misses are not nearly as poor as with the Epic Flash. I do not think the SpeedZone Xtreme is the longest driver I’ve hit. On a well-struck shot, early indicators from my range sessions with my Flightscope Mevo indicate ball speeds and carry distance may be just slightly less than those of the Epic Flash. However, again, the forgiveness of the SpeedZone Xtreme shines because on mishits, the ball speeds of the SpeedZone Xtreme are consistently higher than those of the Epic Flash. At 15 degrees, I hit a monster 3 wood from the tee during my practice round. A very high, penetrating flight, that nearly matched the distance of my driver. There is more work to be done on becoming more consistent with this club. I know the new design of the baffler rails will make this club wonderful from the turf as well. The hybrid plays a nice lower bullet with some run out. I am hoping to experiment with this club some more to see if it would be a viable option off of the tee when the driver isn’t cooperating. On Course Performance - 5/5 Stars Two shots stand out to me with the SpeedZone Xtreme: The first was a gross mishit that held a reasonably straight line and still traveled a very long way. The second was a ball hit on the screws with some run out. I believe these two holes highlight just what the SpeedZone Xtreme can do. I only hit the 3 wood and hybrid during my practice round, and they produced very nice shots as well, but I don't have the Arccos data to back that assertion up. Miscellaneous - 4/5 Stars I was spoiled with the adjustable cog system Callaway uses on their driver shaft adapters. Callaway's system maintains the orientation of the grip regardless of the driver setting. Cobra does not have this technology in their adapters. As I opted for the Lamkin Sonar grips, which have white alignment reminders on them, they move out of position whenever the loft of the wood shafts is changed. Play It or Trade It - 3.5/5 Stars The SpeedZone Xtreme is staying in the bag well beyond the conclusion of this challenge. It is just too forgiving across the face to not play, and I love the sound and feel. The SpeedZone 3 wood is also very likely to remain in the bag, if only because the baffler rails are the real deal when playing from the turf, and because I enjoy the shortened Aldila Rogue Silver shaft. In a head-to-head contest with other 3 woods with shortened shafts, I’d likely choose something that sounded better to my ear. I have mentioned earlier in this thread about questioning my gapping and the usefulness of the 17 degree hybrid. Honestly, unless I get really good off of the tee with it, that club is the most likely to leave my bag. Woods and Hybrids Overall Rating - 4/5 Stars Cobra may not get the press or tour play of Callaway or TaylorMade, but they produce some very, very good drivers. My goal this year and throughout this challenge is to improve my game from the tee box. I think the SpeedZone Xtreme is just the club I should be using to do so!
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    I'm going to finally hop into this conversation, a little anyway. I am not a trash talker, so I won't participate in that part. That's not how ladies play. We're more cunning. I'll continue to read along, (click like, love, laugh, etc) while I enjoy and laugh out loud at some of your posts. And sometimes I'll add a comment or opinion. To start. All great 1st review posts. I have thoroughly enjoyed trying to keep up. I feel sorry for anyone just now joining the thread. @B.Boston cuetheduckboats is a cute idea but I don't see how that or how many wins Boston teams earned has anything to do with your golf skills. @daviddvm I like the horse racing theme. It fits you well. It's obvious this is a working man who doesn't have time for the trash drivel during the day. @edingc Nice intro and yep, good calves. Interesting how television always zooms in on ladies legs and not men's. @Headhammer Best team logo! And creative intro! You spent thoughtful time on it. I love his quite, calm, but sassy demeanor - quiet assassin seems to fit. This guy has a stellar chance to sneak in a win when the rest of you are not paying attention. @GB13 - This venom spitter seems to be on top of his game in every way. Creative, elegant writer with word play (much like @downlowkey), quick witted, fearlessly ripping everyone to shreds except @Headhammer, super confident in his golf game with very clear goals. You guys must be worried about him or why else would you all pile on? I commit to vote every week, but you guys are too ruthless for me to reveal my choices.
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    What you think: In reality so far:
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    It was a great box... let me tell you, these are some VERY beautiful clubs, and that no picture will ever do them justice. That Forged Tec/MIM convo is straight (I’m still waiting on a 54°, I didn’t go with an 8° gap. )
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    Here’s a little Forged Tec and MIM Black goodness for the [emoji33] 1000th [emoji33] post of the #cobraconnect challenge 4. I was not expecting to get MIM black. But I’m not mad either!
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    First off let me start with WOW...Irons only was both frustrating, fun and of course challenging. Paired up with 3 folks, Graham, John and his son...John (will get into my total round thoughts on How'd you play) all very nice, different styles and skills but all had the same dumb founded look when I rolled up with this: (Note wedges were only in here so I could toss some around the green and greenside bunkers as I am swapping over from my CBX2's to the SM7's) First few holes they probably thought in their head "this jamoke has no idea what hes doing" and they were right I got eaten up not realizing that I should probably game plan the hole and not be left with 80-100 yard PW shots... It wasn't until one of the guys (Graham) said "just relax man if we were that good we would be out in San Francisco right now" on hole 4...The round completely turned around there. I also found this sucker on hole 6 and proceeded to get my full Ricky on: Long story short I had a fantastic day shooting 79 and my handicap on this course is a 9 (also helped that my putting was on fire) which is A) my best score for this course ever and B) My lowest round this year
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    For the actual round, though, you need to remember the high stakes challenges you've received, and please tense up accordingly.
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    Time for a first impressions post! My irons arrived yesterday afternoon. I was at the house waiting; I wonder if UPS has a way of signaling to their drivers when someone has hit refresh on the tracking hundreds of times in a day, just so the driver knows he might be encountering a totally crazy person. But that aside.... Here's the unboxing video, with cameos from @Kirke and @Erik-M (and my dog, Rohan): Erik was at the house, using my SkyTrak to gap test his new Hogan Icons for the review he's doing. He and I are planning to play this afternoon, irons only, as we compete with @edingc and @GB13 in this week's Cobra Connect Challenge. Visually, these irons hit the sweet spot for me: clean without being boring. I think they're really a great looking design. Size-wise: they're not tiny, though they're definitely smaller heel-to-toe than the G700s (which is what I hoped). I'll need to get a few more picture comparisons, but the top line is much more appealing than the G700s, with less offset. I was surprised that the sole is as wide as it as. That's not a complaint, but I'll be very interested to see the results on the course. Before the G700s, I played with a set of Adams XTD Tour irons, and was a small divot-taker. The G700s have made me a sweeper; I'm intrigued to see what kind of turf interaction the 699 Pros favor. After getting the irons out of the box, I got on SkyTrak for a few swings with the PW. Sound-wise, the 699 Pros represent a significant upgrade over the G700s. Both are hollow-bodied irons, but the G700s have no filling of any sort. They have never been "tingy", but they are loud, with a significant crack at impact. The 699 Pros are much more dense and muted sounding—obviously not as dense as Erik's Hogan blades, but better than my PING's. We're hoping to set up some mics to do a sound test in the near future. I wrapped up my initial experience with the irons with a gap testing session on SkyTrak. What I saw was right in line with my expectations: each club is a bit shorter than the G700 it's replacing (the 699s are about a degree weaker on each club). I have a bag mapping report from February with my G700s; a quick side-by-side comparison (carry distances here): On average, I'm getting about 5 yards less on each club. The problem club, in both sets, is obviously the 5 iron. This season, I haven't been using the G700 5 iron at all: I've replaced with an Adams XTD dHy. That club has been a go to for me: a last-resort safety option off the tee when nothing else is trustworthy, and a perfect shape club for punching out of bad lies and under trees. I am pretty confident that my 5 iron going shorter than my 6 is a bit of an aberration. It's definitely not the fault of the club. I'll be working and practicing with it. But there is certainly a chance that, at the end of testing, one of two things happen: either the Adams goes back in the bag in the 5-slot, or I look into shafting the 699 Pro 5-iron in graphite. In any case, I'm really looking forward to getting these out on the course for the irons-only round today and a league match tomorrow night. More updates coming!
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    B.Boston’s #CobraConnect Challenge 4 Review - Woods and Hybrid Edition Alright ladies and gentlemen! We’re finally here! This is where the REAL competition begins. Week 2 and out first week of golf challenges. As you know by now we’re tracking GIR and FW on our best round with a bonus for hitting both. The best way to do that? Be straight and Long off the tee for starters. That leads us to the first of our mini reviews. This week we’ll be chatting Woods and Hybrids… so fire away with those burning questions you may have if we don’t touch on them in our write ups. First Impressions I’ve got the Speedzone 10.5 Tour Length in the bag as well as the Speedzone 5 wood and Speedzone 4 Hybrid. I was super excited to get these in as way back before COVID closed all the stores down I had a chance to swing the Speedzone up against the SIM, Mavrik, and other drivers and immediately liked the feel of the Speedzone the best. I wanted to get the Tour Length as my G30 was 44.5 and had some extra head weight in it and I always felt like I could swing free with it. That was the first driver I had been fit for and man does it make a difference. The 5 wood and Hybrid are standard length. Cobra hooked me up solid with a Tensei Pro White 60TX in the driver, a Ventus Blue 8S in the 5 wood, and a KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype in the Hybrid. Each was based on their fitters recommendation as well as results of my fitting at True Spec last fall. The stock head covers are very nice, but like others have mentioned I wish the hybrid stitching matched the others. I solved this "problem" by using my head covers from my old bag and think the combo of the three compliment the Speedzone stand bag very well. Looks – 4 Stars Driver – Cobra completely nailed it. The matte finish and power ridges on the crown really does remind me of a stealth bomber. It screams speed and still looks forgiving to me. The infinity face is stunning looking and protects the crown very well. Not that I’ve hit a single ball off there… no no that never happens. I also love the white and red color scheme and think the stripes this year look better than the F9 did. Fairway – You can basically copy paste from above… with the exception of the infinity face… Now I’m thrilled with what I’ve been seeing from the 5 wood, but if they released one next year with an infinity face… I would need to at least check it out. I think it makes that much of a difference. Hybrid – It looks good to me, but something isn’t quite as nice as the Driver and Fairway. I’m not sure if its just the shape or not, but it looks closed to me and I’m not 100% comfortable with it yet. Also as others have said, I’d love to be able to keep the matte/white color scheme throughout the top of the bag. Sound & Feel - 5 Stars Driver – If it looks like a stealth bomber then hitting one feels something like this: See? Just like the tank! It’s just a powerful but muted and solid sound. I LOVE the feel of the infinity face. It feels solid and explosive out of the center, and gives me immediate but not harsh feedback when I missed the center. Fairway – Solid, Solid, Solid. I’m really enjoying this off the tee with the heavy shaft in it. I think that may be adding to the solid feeling. Not quite as good of a thwack as the driver, but it is very satisfying and very consistent flight. Hybrid – To me this feels very similar to my old Titleist 818 H1. It feels powerful but consistent and not harsh or too springy. Basic Characteristics - 4 Stars Driver – I have this set to +1* and Draw with the heavy weight back. This is the most forgiving setting and helps me square the face a touch. I’ve noticed that I can hit this a bit higher than my old drivers while still having a flight that doesn’t look too skinny and getting some good roll. Generally with the driver I have a straight to fade ball and I’ve had several drives already go out past 280 which is great for me. I’ve also tested out the extreme corners of the infinity face and can happily report ball speed is good on off center hits. I’ve hit a few balls 260+ off of the wrong infinity logo on the face (read: very high, very toe). Fairway – This is set opposite of the driver, -1.5* so playing at 17*. This is also how I had my previous 5 wood set and allows me to work the ball both ways with some level of comfort. It’s hitting all the right windows and while I normally don’t this club wouldn’t stop me from going after a green at 240 yards (but I usually wouldn’t want to bring any additional trouble into play). Hybrid – I like how this performs on good hits, but it feels like I need to make a slice swing, or a real push swing to keep it from moving left. This is something that happens to me with a lot of hybrids, but I still prefer them to long irons because my contact and ball speed is much better. As you can see from my 3 attempted drives with it 2 went hooking left and one was a push to the right. Not ideal at the moment. Down the road I may want to give the Forged Tec Utility a try on a monitor against it, but I expect to get more comfortable with the hybrid as the competition moves on. On Course Performance – 4 Stars So far on course I’ve been seeing my average drive 5 yards further than my M5, which was even further than my G30. And honestly I’m not even really hitting the center all that well yet. I don’t think I can ask any more from the driver at this point other than my swing being better. It’s been great and surprisingly forgiving (with the Tour Length and weight back it has nearly the same MOI as my old G30 from what I can see online). The 5-wood has also been really good. I didn’t think it would be so easy to replace the G30 5-wood, but this Speedzone and Ventus combo flat out performs. I expect my averages will be about the same but I prefer the looks and sound/feel of this over the G30. They Hybrid has had a hook or block tendency for me. I’m still trying to figure it out, but I nearly lost a few balls already with the hybrid off the tee. I’m wondering if a flat setting would have been a useful addition here as my irons are all 2* flat. Miscellaneous – 4 Stars Cobra was awesome and hooked me up with some excellent shafts and the whole Speedzone lineup is fast and surprisingly forgiving. I’m not totally sold on the sensors built into the grips yet. I think I prefer the screw in sensors from a feel standpoint as the end of the Sonar grips can be a little mushy at the end on some of the clubs. Side note: Outside of that minor complaint I am really enjoying the Sonar grips the more I play with them. Play It or Trade It - 4 Stars Is it too early to say that the Speedzone Driver and 5 wood are locks in my bag for the next several years??? I’m not really sure that it is. They are everything I look for in a driver and fairway. Like I mentioned earlier, an infinity face fairway would be awesome and I’d want to check it out, but I’m not really sure that either of these clubs will be beaten from a performance perspective for quite some time. And I love the look, sound, and feel of these clubs. I really think more OEMs should consider offering a stock “tour length” option especially when most have some sort of adjustable weight, so It’s not really adding a lot of SKUs or parts for them. They Hybrid is going to have to earn its spot. I have hit some really good shots that have had very pleasing flights, but I’ve also had a few low running hooks that made me get rid of the G30 hybrids for something I could get a fade bias with (the Titleist 818 H1 with fade weight). The lack of adjustability may be what keeps it out of the bag at the end of this competition, but I may also try a strip or two of lead tape out on the toe to see if I can balance the flight out. Woods and Hybrids Overall Rating - 4 Stars Cobra has hit a home run for me with the Speedzone driver and fairway. They look sound and feel flat out awesome and I feel confident when I have them in my hand. The Hybrid needs a little work right now, but I’m hopeful that more time with it will increase my comfort factor and let the performance shine through.
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    Well, I still can't wipe the smile off my face from being selected as a tester. What an awesome opportunity. I live up to my user name but luckily for me my wife doesn't mind. I think there is more pressure doing this testing than going in the store and buying off the rack. I have always been a standard fit so it was no big deal. (or so I thought ) more to follow shortly. Some insight I started playing golf when I was 30. Got hooked! took a group lesson early on, watched video's, built greens, pieced together a simulator, hitting nets, swing jacket, Zepp swing sensor, orange whip and almost anything you can think of to improve my game. So 30 years later I am at a 2.5 handicap mostly achieved on my own. Back about 13 years ago my wife landed a job at a Country Club as the book keeper which fortunately for me comes with membership. So I play a lot of golf. Six years ago I also moved into a Sales Manager position. Yes more golf with customers. Being a better player in the company I also get to play in many customer golf tournaments and charity golf events. (have one next Friday) Did I mention I play a lot of golf! This testing will be very interesting to me. I always played game improvement irons. Why mess with a good thing right? Will going to a players iron negatively effect my handicap? Was I always hitting the sweet spot or did the game improvement features hide my imperfections? Will the ball move more than I'm used to due to hitting an iron that can work the ball? Something I'm not used to. Wondering about the feedback feel compared to the game improvement covering this up for the most part. Will I kick myself in the butt for not going to a players iron sooner? So here we are on Day 1 Just got off the phone with Jason at Sub 70 for my phone fitting. Before the call I took the on line fitting quiz. It asks for your height, wrist to floor measurement with golf shoes on, average driver distance, and distance you hit a 7 iron. So it came back with + 1/4 in iron length, + 2* lie. So I thought I was prepared for the phone call. No wait, let me run down to the basement and check my swing on a lie board. I see that my typical impact was more toward the toe. Why I didn't do this years ago is unknown. So I get on the phone with Jason and I told him I went through the fitting quiz. Then he started asking me questions. "Do you draw or fade the irons?" I hit the straight Then we are not changing the lie angle. I told Jason my lie board results showed my impact to be more toward the toe. So he recommended we go with the + 1/4 " on length. Then he asked if I wanted satin or black? I asked if the black would hold up well. Then we got into soil conditions on the golf courses I play. He asked are they sandy type soil, regular dirt type, clay. He suggested I get the satin for the typical clay in my area. We decided on the type of shaft based on my request to gain more trajectory. I typically hit a lower ball. So I was fit to the KBS Tour 90 in regular flex. Then got into the golf grip. I'm a midsize. Finally the set makeup 4 to pitch or 5 to gap. I went with the 5 to gap as I switch over to a hybrid for the 4. Jason was great and understanding on the fitting process and congratulated me on being chosen and was looking forward to my honest reviews. I should have these in about a week. I can't wait.
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    This is a relief. Definitely thought this was a thread about being done with golf now, rather than being done with "Golf Now."
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    My Cobra F9 5 wood showed up today while I was at work. I haven't had a chance to hit it, yet, but I can't wait to get it to the range and the course.
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    Let's get ready to rumble! It just got real Absolutely the finest stand bag I have ever seen WOW Carbon fiber stand legs...who does that? Oh Cobra/Vessels does that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm ready to rumble...got a FedEx notification this evening that my clubs were shipped today and I will be in business tomorrow, YEAH BABY I've got a 10:00 tee time tomorrow to say farewell to my current clubs and a club tournement Saturday...do I babtize the SpeedZones by fire this weelend or play it safe with my current clubs?
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    I am ready as well. Extra long hdmi cable in hand in case the supplied on isn’t long enough. Also devising my test strategy based on how I plan on using the device as well as how I think others would use it based on their comments in putting related threads. This test will be interesting for me as it combines my hobby (golf) and my profession (software testing). Part of my goal is to get better but part of my mindset will be to see if I can break it. [emoji16]
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    Well it was Christmas in July today. Got home from looking at a college with my daughter and there was a present at my front door! Great packaging for the clubs, better than anything else I have received from other companies in the past. The box is even first class. The slogan on the box reads "Expectations Redefined". Other than the clubs there were also other surprises in the box as well. A hand written note from Jason at Sub 70, a nice hat, and a sticker for my car. Each clubhead was wrapped in plastic and each one had the clubs specks on a label. First impressions: I was expecting a slightly smaller club head in length compared to my game improvement Irons. This was not the case. So one of my concerns turned out not to be one . The offset is less which was expected but isn't much of a concern for me. You can see a side by side comparison below. Craftsmanship was perfect. I did not find any flaws throughout the set. A few swings in the living room and everything felt and looked good. I am working on a loft comparison chart. Game improvement irons are always strong lofted. So I want to be taking everything into consideration during the testing. Everything was starting off on a good note until I unwrapped the last club (Don't worry). Then there was a crack of thunder and then the skies opened up. My planned run over to the driving range came to a halt. At least it gave me time to put this post together. Testing starts on Sunday. I have a golf tournament tomorrow and I think it best to get more familiarity with the new sticks before I put them in play (But I want to so badly). I'm trying to squash the demon on my shoulder telling me to put them in the bag!
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    What a stunning summer morning. This week the competition is all about FW and GIR so I went to the course with a different mindset than I normally do. I was going to aim for the fat part of the fairway (within reason) and the middle back of the green on approaches. All I have to say is damn... I might have to play that way more often. Or maybe it was just the extra focus knowing that the real games have begun. Here’s a link to my instagram post with some photos and videos of todays action: And onto some key highlights: New/Tied Personal Bests: Score: 75 (+3) Arccos Handicap: 5.8 Birdies: 4 (ties my personal best) Long Drive: 317 yards Fairways Hit - 6/14 (43%) - ties baseline Greens in Reg - 11/18 (61%) vs 8/18 in baseline I’m ecstatic with this start but I’m still wanting to get those Fairway Hit numbers higher for this week’s challenge. I should have one more opportunity to get 18 holes in, but I know my competitors will be giving it their all too! I’ll end this post with a photo of the 17th green, a par 3. The Forged Tec irons have been REALLY solid for me on par 3’s... I’ve been getting a lot of quality birdie looks out of them which is not usual for me. Hopefully more good rounds to come!
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    If they make the 921 Tours in LH, I will sell my first born for a set. He's had a good two, almost three year run here at the house...he's gently used...mint condition.
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    We all know that @fozcycle is THE Cobra Commander, I don't think anyone will match the 6,304 rounds he played in CCC3. That got me thinking, who would this year's contestants be? To start off, I'm going to go with @B.Boston and @Lacassem, I know the latter isn't in this year's challenge but they're buddies and play off each other like brothers from different mother's, so they're Tomax and Xamot. Next up, we have none other than @daviddvm. What did he do? He went with the one length clubs and went out and lit his tournament on fire! That tells me he's a master of his weapons, so he's none other than Destro. @GB13 is the wannabe assassin, so for him I'm going with Storm Shadow. Sure, he's a cool looking ninja, but who are you going to sneak up on wearing white? I mean, like @GB13, you can see him coming a mile away. Speaking of assassins, that leaves our guy @Headhammer. He's just sitting back, blending in waiting for his moment to strike a deadly blow to our competitors. Like Zartan. That leaves @edingc, who was the tough one to figure out. He's over here distracting us with his calves like Phil working the long, for lack of a better word, con on all of us. The master strategist, Dr. Mindbender.
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    My Scotty ain't lonely anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My new set up for #COBRACONNECT4 Competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    They do look super nice. It’s a more charcoal than black. So I’m hoping it holds up better then the darker black finishes. I like the shape a lot. A quick and dirty compare to my SM7:
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    After getting the Cobra F9 5 wood and loving it, I had to go back and get is big brother. My current 3 wood is a TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 that I love, but am not the most consistent with. I bought it probably 6-7 years ago and chose that line of clubs because I was enamored with the speed aspect. I think the Atmos shaft is a better fit for my swing, I'm seeing a lot more shots hitting the middle of the club face. I did have to make a compromise with my wife and let her get a new houseplant.
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    ... I love reading this thread. So many different perspectives, handicaps and general ideas about "How'd you play". One person complains about shooting a 89 just having a terrible day and the next breaks 90 for the first time and that same 89 is a score to celebrate!!! The unique thing about golf is anybody can play together. Can't do it playing tennis, basketball or even pool. But the same 2 guys mentioned above can both shoot 89 and have a completely different perspective while enjoying each others company and their games. One celebrating the others great 89 and the other commiserating with the others poor 89. ... So that said, I had a perfectly nice round of golf yesterday shooting even par. I birdied #2 and bogied #6 then par'ed the rest. It was one of those weird rounds where everything was working well ... but not. More accurately my swing felt good and I was hitting the ball solidly but just seemed to be unable to score. Lots of fairways hit and GIR's that were in that 10-20 foot range and putts seemed to not take the break or break a little when I didn't play any. Even the 2 non par holes were similar as on #2 I hit a decent drive, then a nice 9 iron to 8 feet and made birdie, then on #6 I hit a nice drive and just misjudged the wind coming up short to the top of the lip then rolling back in the bunker. Played after heavy rain so the bunker was hard packed, wet sand and I hit a good bunker shot to about 8 feet and missed the putt. Lots of burning the edge or rolling to a few inches for a tap in. #18 was a micro cosmic of my day. Not frustrating but not exciting either. Hit one of my best drives of the day leaving me 235 to the pin, but uphill and the front guarded by 3 huge bunkers, so I layed up with my 4 iron leaving a 60 yd shot. The pin was just right of a tier and my ball hit on the top tier then spun back and a little sideways catching the slope and rolling away from the hole. Great drive, excellent 4 iron lay up and a well struck 52* wedge making a ball mark 4 feet from the pin and ending up 15 feet from the hole. Like the rest iff the round I caught the lip and tapped in for par. ... Back to perspective. One of my pards was Ryan a 20 something taking the game seriously for the first time this year and Ed his grandfather, that suffered from an unknown disability where his left arm and leg was about 50% the size of his right arm and leg. He walked with a pronounced limp and struggled to hit the ball more than 60-70 yards although he hit a few around 100. Great guy with a great attitude and he was pi$$ed off about the 60 yd shots and joyous about his 100 yd shots. On #17 I hit a 4 iron about 215 off the tee and it took him 5 shots to reach my iron off the tee. I hit a 9 iron to about 10 feet right of the hole and pin high. Ed was on the green and about 20 feet out on the same line as my putt and made me stand right behind him so I could see the line. His putt broke about 6" the last 2 feet and he played 12" of break. So I played 6" and it moved 2" max, just not breaking like Ed's. I said "11 pars in a row and even seeing the line I just can't seem to make a birdie putt!" Ryan said "I would sell my soul to have 11 pars in a row" and Ed chimed in with "I would sell my soul for just 1 par!" ... It was a great reminder to enjoy every shot and every round because you never know what the future holds. No matter how bad you play, someone else on the course is playing worse. No matter how good you play, someone on the course is playing better. What a great game.
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