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    Small preview of what will be in my bag next season.
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    Semiannual two day points tourney this weekend....but, trip storm blowing a bunch of rain our way tomorrow. Wish us luck. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Great topic Rob! I know I've read and have been influenced by other reviews for certain products. Knowing what quality of content is being provided has really helped me in the few reviews that I've done. My very first review was the 2018 Bridgestone XW-1 Wedges (still in the bag!). I do specifically know that 1 friend purchased a full set of wedges just by golfing with me and trying out my set. I know of at least a few others who didn't necessarily purchase the wedges but found unexpected interest in Bridgestone as I had mentioned being highly impressed with Bridgestone clubs while researching their lineup. Just as much as I had hoped our review would influence MGS readers and fellow golf buddies, I'd like to think that the reviews played a part in the 2019 lineup. One of the most mentioned/discussed visual aspects of the club was the large mass badge placed on the back of the club. While it was a functional piece of the club, many found it off-putting. I actually like the way it looks. Well wouldn't you know it, 2019 models came out without the badge. I'm sure Bridgestone has other mediums of test groups to help conclude their decisions, but I'd like to think we were the most important.. Lynx Prowler VT - This testing was interesting to say the least. While the clubs were beautiful and fun to play, there is literally NO market for Lynx Clubs in the US at the moment. Even their website was mostly under repair while we were testing so there was just little to no reference throughout the whole process. Because there's no benchmark or established presence, people just can't get excited about something that they don't know how to get their hands on.. with little effort anyhow. The hardest part of the process was trying to get people to take the clubs seriously. The people that I showed the clubs to were honestly more interested in my Maltby's. I'm chalking this one up to Lynx preparing themselves for the US Market and the testing was intended to be more part of their R&D rather than marketing. Additionally, when I had ended the testing and determined that the clubs were better suited in someone else's hands rather than mine, it was nearly impossible to find someone even interested in taking them. It left me with a pit in my stomach because they are such wonderful clubs. Here's a twist... It's interesting that you ask about influencing others to buy.. but what about to avoid? When I did the Bridgestone e12 ball review, I was very up front and open about my dislike for the ball's wear and overall cost per ball when only being able to use 1 ball max per round due to excessive poor wear. I've discouraged quite a few friends and I'm sure reviewers from purchasing this particular ball.. that said, I absolutely LOVE the higher end Bridgestone line. Specifically the Tour B XS and have encouraged many others to look into them. All of that said, I wouldn't have undone any of the testing opportunities. Good, bad, indifferent, it's an experience that we're extremely fortunate to be a part of! Thanks MGS and keep up ALL of the great work!
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    The bold part is one thing almost every tester that I've worked with or read their reviews does a very good job on. Those of you who have tested--as you have--know very well part of our instructions in the very beginning of the template we send out is to say to be honest, if it works how it was advertised or touted by the OEM say so, if you see it not doing so for you...by all means say that as well. I say the member here do that to a level that is not seen anywhere else.
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    Lie boards are generally called that for a reason
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    If you’re looking to shoot par you should check your stats to see if reality matches perception. What is your actual proximity to the hole with your 60 vs your 8 iron? Are you as consistent and accurate with the club that leaves you 140 as the driver that leaves you 80? I know that I’ve wasted plenty of shots in my life because I thought something that turned out to be wrong. Yes in answer to your original question. I’ve often played a hole backwards in my mind. Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I haven’t had time to write up a good review, but my experience mirrors that of Mr. Stroker’s. The Boston location is really cool and Nick was awesome. Got fit into a different shaft than I expected, but the wedge and driver fit was great. Glad to see in only giving up about 10 yards with my G30 right now and my AP2s are right on spec still. More to come! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I dont know if anyone bought them because of me but I few people did ask my about the Tommy Armour Atomics and I gave them a fair, honest opinion of them. If it caused people to try them out themselves, like them and buy a set for themselves, cool. IMO, TA is a highly underrated brand that more people should give a serous look. I wouldnt say that makes me an influencer, at least not in the way that I view an influencer. To me, an influencer is someone who makes people want to buy something because they use it and because people want to be like that person. I would hope that no one would buy something that I tested just because of what I said about it or because I was using it but I do hope that it would cause them to give it a serious look for themselves and see if they like it. If anything, I would say how harsh I was on the Atomics would make people NOT want to buy them. LOL
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    I have only tested the Lynx irons for MGS and I must say that no one was really interested due to the name. To be fair most of my golfing buddies weren’t playing when I started so they never really knew the name Lynx. However with that said, there isn’t a round that goes by where somebody will ask what I have heard or know about some piece of equipment (usually drivers). I would say that on average I quote something I read on the blog, reviews, or from other users comments on equipment. This place is a wealth of knowledge and while perhaps not individually influencing on everything, the sum of it all is tops in my book! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Yes, I’ve had several Fittings from different people stretched out over maybe dozen + years. Most results were 2’ up one time 3’ up. This time he also came up with 2’ with the board. I could tell he didn’t like it that’s when he asked me if we could experiment which I jumped at. He marked a line on a ball and I hit with the 2’ up, line was near toe, again hit with 1’ flat mark moved towards center of face, 2’ flat mark was near center of face an felt great. The G410 irons will be 2’ flat and the experiment begins.
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    I’ve got a couple of guys waiting to see how the Ping G410 irons will work for me. They are interested in my switch from Regular to Senior shafts in these G410’s. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Glad I found this, I scheduled a fitting for 10/30 in Chicago (3.5 hrs away) and hopefully it goes well. Taking a day off work and making a full day of it. Added a putter fitting as well may stop and test drive a Tesla since there is a store next door. Ill post my experience on the write up GolfSpy Stroker did. Hope my experience is close to his.
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    The only thing I've tested out & reviewed have been balls. And for the most part, no one has ever asked me much about them. For really no other reason is that they never noticed, nor cared or more than likely are just happy with their ball. And make no mistake, I'm no magician with the ball either. "Hey wow, you spun that ball all the way off the green! What ball are you playing?" Yeah none of that EVER happens. More likely .... "Hey, you sliced that ball off the map. What ball are you playing? Just so I know not to buy it." So yeah, maybe that could be a big influence as to why I'm not much of an influencer.
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    I loved being a tester and hoped to be an "influencer" but very doubtful i was. I would love to test out a driver or some balls in the future or maybe a wedge. The process of being a tester is very cool. It gets you to think of equipment in a different manner.
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    I have been very forunate since joinng MGS. With being said I let most people try my club review clubs and have give out sleeves of balls to atrangers. Has anyone bought a product solely because of me, I do not know. I do know that several people have told me they love this or that and will be looking at a club, brand or ball in the future. Played with two guys a couple of weeks ago and 1 asked to try my Cobra F8+ driver. He was playing a Titleist not sure which one. But he hit them both and love the Cobra. Get to the fairway and his two balls were 2 feet from each other and he was adamant he's going to look into a new driver. Mind you he was fit for his and not mine.. So I do think we influence people we interact with.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I would still ask if you had the data to back what you’re writing - Golf is a funny game, it may seem like you are more accurate from 140 than from 80 because your expectation is so much greater from 80. It could be though that your proximity to the hole is in fact better at 80. Having a shot tracking system of some sort will help make your practice and course strategy better. It will answer the questions that you are asking. For example if you are hitting 80 percent of your fairways at 290 yards and shooting in the high 70’s you have a significant flaw somewhere else. The general rule is the closer you can safely hit it to your target the lower the score you will shoot. If that’s not happening you are either taking too many penalties (including hitting it in the trees or fescue) or your wedge game needs work, Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I have done a couple of tests for MGS. I did the Renegar wedges which were pretty decent after I modified them for me . Some folks that looked at them locally said they reminded them of the Solus wedges which they were basically the same thing. I remember a bud and mine were paired with a couple of out of town golfers and I was spinning the crap out of those wedges. One wanted to know if they were legal? I told him absolutely. He remarked he wondered. My buddy told him I could spin any wedge with my trap cut hitting style. I do not think these guys had any fine golf knowledge whatsoever because they looked confused. I do not think I persuaded anyone to buy them even though I tried. I felt a moral obligation to promote them since they gave them to me free to test and evaluate. The next test I did was the Original Nexus range finder and I still have and use the one they gave me. I know for a fact I was responsible for several locals buying them and using them. I can remember my bud down the road at the golf shop sold them. I was in there one day and mentioned the fact I was one of the testers on MGS and they looked it up. In fact they used all our reviews to promote and sell that unit. He sold a bunch of them As far as tests I do not do a lot of them because as you guys know I am into the older equipment. I also do not have the time anymore to test equipment like I do it. Also I do not apply much due to the fact I will not really use the equipment and I would rather another member that would actually need or use the equipment to test it Now I do like to read the reviews and take some pride in the fact I was chosen for the team that developed the testing templates for the reviews. Brings back pleasant memories of working with guys like Shawn and others on that team. Shawn and others did the actual set up on the computer I just added my opinion. But I will say every review I have read the Members have done a great and honest job.
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    This is who I've been buying my stuff from for the last 2 years: https://www.cbdwellnesshawaii.com/lab-tests They could very well be in the pockets of the lab they used to test, but I'm no less-confident in what's in the CBD I consume than I am the off-brand Tylenol I take on occasion for headaches. At the end of the day it's someone telling me vs. me actually having the capacity to test it myself and know for sure.
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    A Lefty shot to wake up to In the morning... It’s over the hills and far away
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    Clearly, @CarlH is more confident with 2 footers than you are!!
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    I got a fantastic deal on a lightly used 5-GW set on eBay. Wrong shafts, but I'm going to address that here in the next few weeks. I have to admit, they are more intimidating than I imagined. Very similar to the Sub70 639 CBs I tested in August, but much smaller than my C300s. Going to be interesting to see how everything works out. I'm excited to get the right shafts in there.
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    It doesn’t matter what’s stamped on the bottom. That’s an arbitrary number put on there by a manufacture. Sgi clubs like pxg xf, epic star, g410 and such all have different lofts so which one is the standard. in reality we are all playing jacked lofts because they have been getting stronger for decades. The 46* pw is a jacked pw. with all that said I’m out. It’s a topic that has been hashed out and beaten to death on the internet for years and a topic that just won’t go away. Play what you like, don’t buy/play what you don’t, don’t knock what somebody else plays that’s enjoying the game with the clubs in their bag even if there is a perceived gapping issue. Heck there’s pros with large gaps in wedges are they wrong for that.
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    Kick butt and take names[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I guess we’ll know a lot more in the next few weeks, on course and the LM. Waiting patiently for delivery [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I keep adding the TS-1 heads to my golfworks shopping cart and looking at it. I need the courage to order.
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    Hmm, that is going to make your test case/review ever more interesting. Your experience would have me wondering were it not for the detailed 3D graphic analysis afforded by the Foresight LM system - which validates what the lie board test results.
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    … The ideal swing is a combination of Power and Speed. Rory Mcllory is a perfect example. A big shoulder turn with fast hips create an unwinding of Power culminating with his arms and hands moving very fast creating Speed. And pound for pound I am not sure anyone hits it farther or as accurately. But Rory is very unique and one of the best players ever to play this game and his swing cannot be copied by most, if not all amateurs. Ok, that out of the way I want to concentrate on how you can maximize your ability and most of you will be surprised to know, it isn’t with Power. … I played with a guy today that turned his trunk, chest and shoulders so violently, his arms and hands could never catch up. He explained to me he had a lesson and his instructor was a Body Oriented teacher and believed the best way to swing was not with your arms and hands but with the body. Turn away and turn back thru the ball as quickly as possible with the arms and hands along for the ride. While that may work for a few, I have never liked that thinking and here is why. You can hit a golf ball effectively just using Speed. You cannot hit the ball effectively just using Power. Look at an Iron Byron hitting machine. There is a hinging duplicating the hinging of the club from the hands to the head creating Speed. There is no turning of the machine to create Power. Most of you have seen golfers that have lost the use of their legs, strapped to a golf cart and only using their arms and hands to hit the golf ball and they can hit it surprisingly far. One of my favorite drills to illustrate this was having a student stand with their feet together, legs locked and using no hip turn they would cock the club and uncock thru impact. Start slowly and keep swinging faster until you feel that you are losing control. I had more than a few students hit the ball farther this way than they did with their full swing!!! … Of course the ideal swing is a combination of Power and Speed. The body supplies the Power, but that comes from a slow build from the ground up and if you apply too much Power with your hips or chest or shoulders, you will always struggle with the kinetic chain ending with your club head losing instead of gaining Speed. I would always rather see more Speed and less Power, because most cannot apply Power correctly. So next time you are at the range or warming up before your round, try my feet together drill and you might be surprised at how far you can hit the ball just using your arms and hands if you hinge and unhinge thru impact. … For most am’s, using your body less than you are using now will result in increased distance and accuracy. Men especially use their chest and shoulders for power in many different ways their entire lives, so it is natural to attempt to use them in the golf swing. But as we all know, much of golf is really unnatural, or at least seems that way. Hit down to make the ball go up being a perfect example, something some players never accomplish. So unfortunately many over use their trunk and struggle with the golf swing. My suggestion is get Speed right before attempting to add Power. Just focus on the hinging and unhinging of the club picturing Iron Byron, then slowly start adding more and more hip and shoulder rotation with the same hinging and unhinging of the club thru impact. I can’t tell you how many swings improved dramatically when the body began playing a complementary role, not the main role in hitting a golf ball. I hope this helps some of you!
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    Yes they use a mechanic, just like I use myself as a mechanic for my clubs. But there are fundamental things that everyone expects from a car that are provided by manufacturers. When I hit a PW and go down to a GW on next shot I should be able to expect that the gap is manageable. This was the case for countless years and now it is not. I just bought a new TV, I expect the picture out of the box to look good to the average person. I was able to adjust the settings to my preferences, something that a lot of people will not do. Same should be applied to golf.
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    They don’t care to do it. There average golfer wants and easy fix and isn’t into the nuts and bolts of the club. Most don’t get fit. don’t most consumers rely on a company to do stuff for them? People take their cars to mechanics for maintenance because they either don’t want to do it, don’t have time to do it or don’t want to know how to do it. Same for many other professions. Why would/should golf be any different?
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    Played this morning and noticed no Par or Birdie putt given or picked up only Bogie +. Also noticed the Player normally didn’t pick up his ball one of the others in the group kicked it back to him. Interesting. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Not directly, but I'm guessing most if not all of the MGS Tester Reviews influence the golfing community at large one way or another. For me personally, that's how I found the forum. I was researching new irons (PE2 replacement) and found some Hit Squad and Official Tester Reviews. Not only were they well written, but I found them more real and believable. After joining the forum and starting some dialogue with our members, my search for new irons suddenly had a new element/dimension that wasn't there simply looking at OEM product reviews and YT videos... fellow golfers having recent experiences going through the same equipment decisions. So while I may never know for certain, I do suspect there are a few more G410 drivers and G410 irons being bagged around the world as a result of my reviews. Man, that's a lot of weight and responsibility to be lugging around .
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    When I tested the Hogan equalizers I got a few of my friends to give them a shot. No one bought them but I tried.
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    I was able to get out yesterday during a low wind period which really only lasted an hour or two. The range was completely dead as a result, which I liked. I mostly worked on woods, including the Heavenwood off the deck and the 4i off the tee for those rounds when the woods don't want to cooperate (which is more often than not it seems with me). The more I bounce around the bag, the better my practice time becomes.
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    My only issue with it is some manufacturers don’t make corresponding wedges. I personally would like to see more set GW’s. It is a full shot club for most everyone, yet we have to try and match a specialty wedge in there. There are a lot of sets with GW’s for sure... but a few in my preferred iron category lacks. That 50°/51° square soled wedge. Speaking in my own preferences of course. I’d love to see a Blueprint GW... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    There's obviously some marketing involved as the average weekend warrior does want to hit the ball longer and straighter. However, it's also a technical thing. When you lower the CG, you inevitably increase launch angle through the gear effect. It also decreases spin. High launch, low spin and the ball speed gains from the lower lofts and thin faces, which increase energy transfer, mean the ball goes a long way and maintains decent stopping power through descent angle. It's a trade-off. If they kept more traditional lofts, you'd have launch angles that are too high and you don't get the same ball speed retention with the extra loft. Ultimately, it's about getting fit for the right clubs for you. I see so many people ranting about jacked lofts when they play blades. Companies still make blades. There's no need to get riled up over a company offering a club that's not meant for you. There are plenty who can still get by using traditional sets of clubs, but what companies are finding out through the game improvement categories are that traditional sets don't work for everyone and these are the types of clubs that can help make the game more fun for those people and can potentially help them to play better golf without investing a lot of money and time into lessons and playing more often. As technology advances, we may see loft jacking regress back to more traditional numbers but for the time being it is a necessary part of that slice of the market. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    So you just like regular guys; or should I say guys that are regular?
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    I’m not much of an influencer however I did get a couple of old farts in the grocery store to pick up a six pack of prune juice. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    With winds north of 23mph out of the west, I took the opportunity to work on some low 50-75 yard shots.... directly into the wind. Nothing more fun than hitting a 7 iron that travels head high for 75 yards. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Was able to get out this morning and spend an hour at the driving range and another half hour on the putting green! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    All good brother[emoji4] I hear the word online influencer and what immediately comes to mind is some DB instagram kid who poses on beaches selling hand cream and vegan milkshakes.
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    I would bet so, you're results with that were among the best of any tests that I recall reading this year.
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    PGA of America lives and dies by “us first” disguised by “let’s grow the game.” Years ago they launched the free lesson program...use their website to search for a local PGA Professional who would offer a free 30 minute lesson. These are guys who barely make a decent living who have to sacrifice their own time without any compensation from the PGA. Rather than compensate their members for their time, the PGA was pimping out their members for their own benefit. Locally, the two PGA professionals that were voluntold to participate gave a combined 22 lessons with a 0% retention rate. These guys charged $50/half hour at the time and gave away $1100 of their own money for nothing. It comes as no surprise that the PGA would demonstrate this level of deceptive incompetence. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Pretty sure everything around the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup is seen as nothing but a money grab for the PGA of America. Really a shame in trying to grow the game. I'll see Suzy Whaley at the PGA Show, if she's not surrounded by security, I'll be sure and let her know the feelings of the general public. BTW, when my little man finally got into the room, only Tue-Thurs practice available as well.
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    I don't believe I did. I think I ordered a 200 and a 175 tee. I use the 175 for my driver, a 100 for 3 wood and I actually just bought a pack of 50 short plastic tees for my irons and hybrids. I think the 175 is the tee to use with a driver unless you tee the ball really high. The 175 will put my M5 head about level with the middle of the ball.
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    Not sure how this will affect drug tests. Our office has been warned not to take it. For us, one failed drug test means being fired. Not worth the chance to me.
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    I dont remember the last time I got paired with anyone that i wouldn’t want to tee it up with again. I play as a single frequently and never run into these snobs and I play fairly expensive courses several times a year. I’ve also worked some demo days in the past at high end clubs and met lots of down to earth members.
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    Thanks! Yeah - I saw that they had one with the putter and one without... I'm going to set something up too!
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    I’m not sure... on the website it shows 3.5 hours for full bag fittings and 4.5 hours with the putter. My complimentary fitting shows 4 hours. If I had to guess I would say no, but I can reach out to them and find out. While I was fit for my putter this season it would be interesting to see if the results were the same. I’m very excited for the driver and wedge fitting as I’m looking to replace both. [emoji847][emoji2147] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Scheduled a fitting on Oct 12th in Waltham (Boston location). Already got a confirmation e-mail as well: They did not take a credit card or anything, just booked it for me via the info@truespecgolf.com e-mail. Looking forward to the experience and finding out what to look for over the (hopefully short) New England winter.
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    Would love to hear more feedback as well. Debating between TE Forged/DBM, TS2 and PTM Chrome/DBM. Irons are my weak spot, need as much forgiveness as I can get.
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