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    I'll update on my son and daughter in law. They are recovering. They no longer have a high temperature. They still have a bit of trouble breathing, but they now have their energy back. She says that she feels 80 percent and my son is about 70 percent. They were in social isolation for a week before coming down with it and were really sick for over a week. They are not looking forward to the two weeks of quarantine after the last symptoms. My worry level is down from full on panic to only an intense worry. A guy who works for me part time also (probably) has it, along with his wife. They are in their 60s and are having a hard time. They have not been hospitalized. But both say you do not want this. It is the worst they have ever felt. They've been sick for over two weeks. The irony is they have not been tested. They called the hospital and were told not to come in. They live in one of the few counties of Iowa that "doesn't have a case." Yeah, right.
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    First casualty of being stuck at home... [emoji848] Told the wife it’s time to redecorate... [emoji51]
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    The only good news about that is.... it is Star Wars day... And I’ll be re-enlisting for 6 years on that day... yes I did that on purpose. May the 4th be with you.
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    Barely tried it today, but for a free launch monitor, I’m amazed at this point. Here’s a screen shot of 2 shots, one of a 7 iron and one of a 9 iron, both were well hit. the Free version doesn’t allow anything except single shots, and no data collection, but I’ll look into it more tomorrow, and probably buy the first month to unlock all the features. But it gives carry distance, total distance, ball speed, swing speed, launch angle and spin. You’ve got to spend $500 on a launch monitor to get this stuff, and this is free?!?!.!,,!! and the 9 iron...... pretty cool eh?
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    Right? I guess the indoor is a beta version, so might need some fine tuning for a spell. But that’s all I’ve got right now, so for me, it’s golden. i would hav bought a $500 ES-B1 launch monitor yesterday, if they weren’t waiting for their battery packs... now, it’s even less of a chance I buy one... muahahahaha,!!
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    Got my net, waiting on the launchpad.
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    I have a three month membership at a club in the Florida panhandle. It technically ended on March 31. I went to the club today and talked to the pro. The club has automatically extended all three month memberships to April 15. After that date, they will allow golfers to go month to month at a prorated amount. The pro said there are quite a few others in the same boat as me. Snow birds (I've been here since December 30) who don't want to risk travel. Nice the club is accommodating. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have us renting carts and push carts.
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    Our initial stay at home order was through the entirety of April. I've mentioned it a few times that we support a few of the local courses (they're managed by the same company) and I'm fairly certain none of them make money. Land is obviously a premium here and the cost of living makes it hard for folks to be able to pay these private courses $65-90 a round. I hope they make it...
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    I didn’t like the fan anyways... Old house I put a ball through a wall on accident. Destructive game this is. Haha
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    I work for a start-up, we do robotics. I handle some process/mfg/testing mainly. Currently switched over to emergency use ventilator development for the time being. Aerospace is awesome, I'm jealous
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    Our governor just announced that our stay home order (no golf) is extended until May 4.
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    Got the net out again and took video for the coach. Probably the best the swing has looked in awhile! Even my leg action has improved. Now, just gotta be able to take it to the course, whenever that is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I'm about an hour away from starting 2 weeks off. I'm not sure if I'd rather be at work dealing with sick people or home with the wife and 2 teenage daughters. We're still seeing an increases locally and nationally, but the doubling rate is slowing. Our testing rates are high (best globally per capita) which can only be a good thing. My hospital is probably one of the best set for the upcoming crisis. We recently regained possession of the private hospital across the street from the main hospital. This has had a quick refurbishment and will be used for Covid-19 if required. Currently it is being used for testing and assessment of possible cases and imaging of these people where necessary. We've developed some "no touch" workflow for X-ray to minimise risk to staff, patients are in and out in 2 minutes and barely touch any equipment.
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    Hey MGS Community - How's everyone doing? We at Fujikura are using this time to do our part to turn our attention to education and having a conversation with golfers. We want to get back on the course soon just like you, but in the interim we hope we are able to chat with you and answer some questions. We have looped in our sales team, product experts and Tour fitters to participate in the Q&A and help answer your questions. Please feel free to use this as an opportunity to ask us anything, it does not have to be just about shaft specs. Also, please let us know how you’re doing during this tough time – how are you trying to keep your game in shape? or what golf content are you watching on YouTube? Things like that. Also, if you’re looking for some reading material about Fuji and how we design and make shafts, check out ShaftU which is educational content in collaboration with MyGolfSpy: https://fujikuragolf.com/education#shaft-university maybe some of this will inspire questions that we can address here! Thanks for chatting with us and we hope to hear from you. Also please follow us on Instagram and twitter and you can engage with us there also. Sincerely, The Fuji team in Carlsbad, CA
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    After you download it, open it up, and start pushing buttons and you’ll see some instructions. you can email them at: support@shotvisionapp.com i emailed and asked a few questions and they answered quickly
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    There are moments I'm jealous of you iPhone users. This is one of them. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    That’s why it’s meant to be outdoors [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    You need to change your focus from changing putters to understanding the putting stroke. Dive in to how it works and how the stroke works in tandem with the putter. From there you can choose a single putter or at least know how the putter will respond to your stoke.
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    Well worth watching. A no nonsense description of COVI19 and how it kills.
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    I have been fortunate to only chip some paint and put a few small dents in the walls.
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    Saw that as well. More workout time for me in my garage gym without worrying about being too sore for golf.
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    I do aerospace testing, and have bachelor degrees in aerospace and mechanical engineering. How about you @remste17? Good to see that the MGS threads draw engineers!
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    I'm also an engineer, which is the MGS draw for me for sure. What's your field @zrumble?
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    I don't know Slim Shady but I'm pretty sure I don't like him.
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    Potato masher gives eggs the perfect consistency for egg salad...
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    Have you done testing on whether spine aligning or shaft puring really makes any difference? Also, how big of a change do you see in frequency when you tip a shaft 1/2”, 1”, etc? Thanks for taking time to answer our questions! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Turns out my wife is a master potato chip maker... who knew?
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    Glad to be here as a new recruit. I’m actually a professional test engineer by trade, so seeing some of the testing here actually follow “industry standards” is pretty awesome! Look forward to chatting with the group!
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    1.) I had an AD-DI 85X in my Callaway X2 Hot Pro 20* hybrid, and loved it. I sold the shaft, but now want a replacement. I have a 115 mph driver swing speed, and want a similar profile shaft to put back into the hybrid. Suggestions? I’d rather a mid-to-high ball flight for max carry. 2.) How do I buy a Fujikura hat? I play a Ventus Black 7X in my Honma driver, so I’d love to sport a Fuji hat as well!!! As far as keeping my game in shape, I’ve been hitting at the range (when open), into my net on the back patio, using PuttOUT on the carpet in my bedroom, and using an impact bag. I’ve been submitting video to my coach as well. Thanks!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    He looks like he's doing a very good job .. glad it worked out!
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    I think you're on the right track. Loft and face angle changes would definitely change things for almost anybody. Moveable weights would have a more subtle impact Shaft changes would be completely player dependent. All a shaft does is change a feel for a player. Every player reacts uniquely to the different shaft feels so it hard to predict what a shaft change will do for a given player. It's why fitting is so important
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    I'm anticipating Michigan isn't going to be far behind in announcing something similar. We are currently all closed until April 12, but peak cases here are not expected to hit until later on in April. I'm expecting at least two or three local courses will not make it through this year should no golf stretch too far into summer.
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    I can tell you from personal experience to stop tinkering. If you are constantly trying different putters youre never going to know if its your stroke or if its the putter. If you want to improve, the worst thing you can do is constantly be swapping out clubs.
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    Planned to play 18, but at the turn the rain came down and wind picked up so I called it a round. Struggled the first 3 holes off the tee and was puling the ball and even hit a house OB. Ouch. Went through some swing keys and got it back in bounds anyways the rest of the way. Hit my irons well, putted decent, and chipping was so so. Been playing with a couple different grips around the green and decided around 7 to just go back to my interlock.
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    I've only played one round (and we skipped 3 holes) with my buddy since making the decision, so can't really say one way or the other. However, prior to making this choice, I have been hitting the ball really solid.
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    Just started watching, and I'm enjoying the content. Thanks for sharing! Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I see you live in Suffolk based on your profile. I live in Newport News and grew up in Suffolk.
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    Been around here for a year, but more a lurker than a poster. Guess I'll have to be a bit more active (or vocal) to work on getting promoted.
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    This should be saved as a sticky post at the top of this thread. While some may disagree, this IMO is the reason why were in for a longer bout of this pandemic.
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    I tried both the X and XS out at a golf show here in Portland. They were saying the new tech allowed a spread on both ends of the spectrum, for the XS distance and workability were increased. I am debating a switch to the X, because I need to maintain low spin off the driver. I really want to shape my irons, though, so it's hard to switch from XS. Also have a stock of '18 XS to be played yet.
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    Gonna have to disagree with you on that. I agree more toe hang causes the the toe to lag behind as the stroke starts and people react to the feel. Face balanced putters, center shaft generally excluded, are a different animal. They resist rotation and don’t close faster; they try to remain pointing in the same direction; they don’t want to rotate open or closed. I watched the video and Ian doesn’t discuss face balanced. I need a putter that stays open to correct my left miss so I go with more toe hang or less weight.
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    That's really weird! I used to miss putts to the right ( I'm a lefty ) and I switched to a 60 degree toe hang and it also cured my miss. Golf is stupid.
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    The main forums are like that. I try to stay away from them and stay in the Classic Golf and Golfers section and the Clubhouse Grille section of the 19th hole. Actually we are getting some new converts from over there to here but they are the good guys that are fed up with what you just described
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    Yep those were they days--- I can remember back in like 76 I bought a 440 Six Pack 4 speed Dodge Super Bee for $400--- The only reason I gave $400 for it because the body and interior were trashed out is because it had a brand new Kraco 8 track tape player and new Bass 88 speakers. I was in the Navy then and guys were always selling cars cheap because of changing duty stations. Two other guys and myself had a place rented outside of Norfolk where we kept our cars. In fact in 76 I bought and sold so many cars I got a letter from the Commonwealth of Virginia warning me if I ran one more title through their system in a certain time I would have to buy a Dealer License. OK I shrugged I just ran my titles through NC because my cousin worked for the DMV there. I remember from like 73 to 76 I sold an old 66 LTD Ford 4 door 6 times.
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    That’s kinda scary! I would be a bit worried if my clubs were somewhere random and I couldn’t track them down.
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    I’m a dog person but I would have no issue with it. In fact, I would go turn my key to the cart back in and enjoy the walk with you. A simple conversation with playing partners would enough. Seeing how the dog is while on the course will hopefully show them things are going to be ok. Service animals serve a valid purpose and ideas in the world are ever changing. Hopefully your playing partners have open minds.
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