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    Completed one day at my new job as a staff attorney for the Family Court section of Hiscock Legal Aid. Filled out a lot of papers and read some case decisions. Tomorrow, shadowing court, filling out more paperwork and reading more decisions and statutes... Yay?
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    You do realize that saying anything along the lines of "I've figured it out" is the kiss of death.
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    I’ve officially “found” my swing. That’s good news. Stumbled across a video of me from my “good” swing year.
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    Nice. Can you find mine while you're at it? Can't say I've ever had a "good" swing year though, maybe a "good" swing hole or round.
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    Two weeks old and I love her to pieces. So happy to have her in our lives. [emoji3531] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    another 76 today.....and another poor putting round. It started at the first missing from 2 feet for par more putts coming up short and nothing over 15 feet ever threatening the hole. Wedge play was also poor, eg middle of fairway on short par 4, low thinny skittered wedge into the bunker, got out, and two bad putts later another bogie from nowhere. Between wedges and poor putting it's costing me lots of strokes. I did birdie two of the hardest holes on the course though, long game is so much better.
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    FYI, for those searching for news, according to OldEnglish_GSpy (Harry), they anticipate the test to drop Thursday, April 25th...pending completion of data gathering. Apparently there's a lot of data on this test and they need to get it right.
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    While I think you'll see the Direct-to-Consumer ball do well on the general launch metrics (ball speed, launch angle, spin, etc), I think we'll see some of them suffer a bit on the carry consistency, compression, and distance offline categories. Launch monitors capture a snap shot at impact but this study will show where that ball ends up with a perfect swing. I think the DTC ball companies don't have the R&D budget or the quality control processes in place like a Titleist, Bridgestone or TaylorMade. I'm hesitant to buy any other DTC ball other than snell at this point (Dean Snell is the only one with golf ball engineering background that I'm aware of) until this test comes out. Remember, Tony showed us charts showing golf balls going 20+ yards offline on the driver carry with a robot swinging the club. Imagine swinging the club perfectly only to miss the fairway. That would be disheartening. He also mentioned a wide disparity in golf ball compression in the same box of golf balls. That's QC/manufacturing carelessness and I have a hard time that came from a top ball manufacturer. Who knows...prove me wrong MGS!!
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    So, few days late with this but in a prep round to see where my game was at for my attempted qualifying for the tournament I'm thinking of entering, I played for the first time on Friday just north of Syracuse at Radisson Greens in Baldwinsville NY. Haven't played there for 15 years. In all, shot a 79 from 6400 yards (400 longer than qualifying course) (39-40). 9/14 fairways, 11/18 greens, and just a nightmare putting with 35 putts, and 3 3 putt greens. Closed with two birdies on the last three, both coming on par 5's, including a great up and down out of a green side bunker from 30 yards for birdie on the last splashing it to 2 feet. Positives: Driving the ball. Not a lot of shaping, just straight ropes when swinging through the shot. Iron play a bit conservative but good, bunker play was infrequent, but hit two career type shots Negatives: Putting (you hear that Stroke Lab tester thread ), pitching and chipping, and just straight out fatting short irons into holes where I was set up to do the business. In all though, really happy how the round went, played some solid golf and let me know I should probably sign up for the qualifier
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    Keeping with the impact mark trend, today's range session saw me hitting the lower half of the driver: Consistently around 96-100 MPH, 225-240 carry according to my Swing Caddie. I did play with the sliding weight today, moving it about halfway between center and draw positions. I do not draw the driver typically, but on a few of my better swings after moving the weight I managed a nice baby draw. Something to continue to play with as I also work on the swing. Since sound has been a huge focal point in this thread, I attempted to capture it on video as best as I can. I brought all of the drivers in my house along to the range today to hopefully give a better illustration of the sound. The Epic Flash is definitely more of a muted crack than a metallic sound. Both Cobra drivers in my video above are definitely more metallic, and the Ti Bubble 2 from the late 90s sounds like I'm hitting metal on metal! I didn't take many swings with the other drivers, but all indications show several more yards carry distance with the Epic Flash as well. What else would everyone like to see? What questions can I answer or help out with?
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    The golf channel am tour opens in Denver this weekend. My brother will be in town so he and I will be teeing it up together (at different boxes). We will do a warm up at Red Hawk Friday. This is a must-play in the Denver area. Huge elevation changes and just a fun course. So glad spring had finally arrived!
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    If I'm buying a club, you can pretty much assume it's at least a year or two out of season. So I'm the guy writing reviews for clubs that everyone else is trading in That said, I picked up a Rogue Sub Zero from Callaway Pre-Owned. Last week, I got my first chance to hit it on a range. One issue: the range had just opened and literally had no markers of any sort to aim at or to gauge distance by. So I truly have no idea how far it was going. But here's one thing I did learn: at least for me, the Sub Zero simply cannot go left at all. I even swapped the adapter to the Draw setting (still at 10.5°), and while it toned down the big right benders, there was nothing like a draw in sight. This is not a complaint from me: my typical driver miss the past couple of seasons has been a snap hook. So if I can aim down the left side of every hole and swing away, that's going to be awesome. I'll check back into this thread a few more times after our course (eventually) opens with distance numbers and actual on-course performance, but at this point, I'm optimistic that this stick is going to help my quest for a single digit cap this summer.
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    Round Recap - April 19th I got a last minute invite to play on Good Friday and who was I to say know. Temps started in the mid 50s and finished in the high 60s. Winds were 10-15 MPH with gusts around 25 mph. I shot 4 over (76) for my best round of the year. But you guys don't come to this thread to hear how I played, you come hear for my thoughts on the G410. Well here we go... It is the real deal. This round was still with the Ping Tour shaft, so while it fit me, I knew that I would have an even better fit once my ACCRA arrived. I think the Ping Tour shaft is a fantastic no-upcharge shaft. It is going to fit a wide variety of golfers and can handle some pretty aggressive swings. The driver head? Well so far it has lived up to the billing. I played the round with the weight in the toe (fade position) and with the hosel at neutral at the settings were an absolutely dream for me. I missed one fairway all day with the driver. ONE. 1. Uno. And it was on 18 with a 25MPH wind in our face and water down the entire left hand side. I missed right. 5 yards off the fairway. Exactly where I aimed it to take the water out of play. It was the single best driving day I have ever had. Moving from the flat to the neutral hosel setting definitely helped improve my start line better and I saw the draws I am used to. Really happy with the adjustability of this head. As for distance? Yes, some where wind aided, but I hit 4 of the longest drives I have ever hit in my life. I hit 4 drives over 330 yards and 2 of those measured at over 340! To give some perspective, my buddy who normally drives it around 260 hit drives of around 275-285 on those holes. Into the wind I still hit some fantastic drives that still got out over 260 which I was pleasantly surprised with. The Ping G410 Plus provides me such a great balance of distance and stability. It is low spin enough to let me hit some absolutely bombs, but not super low spin to the point where I cannot control it. I hit a couple toe balls and they still stayed in the air for a good amount of time and didn't duck hook left like it would have with some other drivers. I chalk that up to the head design and the moveable weights. All in all, just super happy with everything about the G410 right now and knew things were only going to get better as my fitted shaft was set to arrive on Monday. That leads us to.... Range Recap - April 22nd The mailman dropped of my shaft at 2pm and I immediately opened it up and popped in in the G410 head. I grabbed the rest of my clubs, told my wife I loved here and rushed out the door to my driving range. I warmed up through the bag then finally got to the G410. She had just performed so well for me on Friday, so how was she going to behave today with the new shaft? Well to sum it up, I eventually had to stop hitting driver because I had a little wind at my back and I was hitting the limited distance range balls over the hill/fence at the back of the range onto railroad tracks. Fence was at 265. I have a great relationship with the folks that run my range so I didn't want to lose any more of their range balls! While I mentioned I could absolutely game the Ping Tour 65x shaft if that was my only option (see round performance above ), I knew that the best review of the Ping G410 Plus head would only come if I was truly optimized with the right shaft. At club champion I got fit with the ACCRA TZ5 65 M5 and you can check out my thoughts as to why I selected that shaft here: April 5th - Shaft Testing at Club Champion Now that I was truly swinging freely with absolute confidence in the shaft, the Ping G410 Plus driver head began to shine brighter than ever before. Just beautiful high baby draws and baby fades. It saw smiling from ear to ear. I have hit many many many drivers on this range over the last 6+ years and I have never seen balls land where they were landing (or presumably landing, as I couldn't see the ones that were coming down in the trees and on the railroad tracks over the fence in the back). I cannot wait to get this combination out on the course. As I mentioned above in my round recap, the G410 Plus definitely retains a lot of the forgiveness/stability properties from its older brother, the G400 Max. Hits low on the face still launched relatively high and travel a better than acceptable distance. Toe hits stay in the air longer than you would expect. Just a really well balanced driver. For the sake of testing, I did play around with some other settings. I lofted down which opened the face and immediately noticed much more fades. I have to say it wasn't a ball flight I am used to seeing or practicing with so I set the sleeve back to neutral. I definitely want to experiment with that setting some more - perhaps opening the face and then moving the weight to neutral to balance it out a little. I posted this video clip yesterday, but I'll post it here again - I captured the sound when hitting range balls. Definitely sounds different than a lot of the drivers on the market, but that is mainly because it doesn't have a carbon fiber crown - the crown of the G410 is Titanium. All in all, testing could not have gotten off to a better start. Everything Ping has claimed in their marketing materials seems to be valid. I never gamed a Ping club before this driver test, and now I am wondering why I never gave Ping a chance before. I guess I thought a lot of their design stuff was gimmicky and flashy, but I am beginning to see that there is a method to their madness. As always, please ask me any and all questions and I will do my best to answer them as thoroughly as possible
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    So here’s my 2019 bag. Yes, I know, I have “too many clubs”, but that’s only in a tournament, so I make appropriate adjustments for my one tourney a year. Driver: Titleist TS3, Fujikura Speeder 757 TS 70X Fairways: Tour Edge Exotics EX-9 Tour, one set at 15*, the other at 17*, Xphlexxx Agera/Veylix Rome 888 X Hybrid: Callaway X2 Hot Pro 20*, Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 85X Irons: Mizuno Hot Metal Pro 4-PW, +3/4”, 1* up, Nippon Modus Tour 120 X Wedges: Edel “Driver” 50/54/58, KBS Tour V 120X, stamped with kids’ initials and nickname Putter: SeeMore Si2, 37”, 70*, 2* loft Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I can hear the masses clamoring - "GIVE US THE MGS GOLF BALL REPORT"..............WE WANT THE REPORT"!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Let’s see, I started in my twenties and I’m currently 68. I’m still trying to get good. I take that back, I’m having fun now by not trying so hard, by not fretting over shooting under a certain number, and by putting more emphasis on leaving the course having enjoyed my day. I’m over getting good and into leaving happy! [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I couldn't even find that much... I think almost every video I've taken has been of a bad shot. At least I don't have video of my whiff from last round.
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    Yes. I didn’t say I found... I’ve just “found” it on an old phone for now. [emoji23][emoji23]
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    Guilty! Probably should've just left it at 5 because #6 crossed into that next tier for bogey golf. Oh well, it's out there now. Edit: Since we're here, the next tier.... Have most of my par attempts be a putt Find my ball after every shot 1 chip max per hole Stamina to concentrate for all 18 regardless of score Use more than 25% of my shots in a scramble (equal 4 man team)
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    Like others, my definition of good continues to change. For the purpose of your question, and where you are in your golf journey, I'll share my first definition of good. Don't lose too many balls Don't hold up the players behind me Play a full round without mulligans Know most of the rules Know my distances (roughly) Notice how none of those had to do with score. Of course score mattered, but not as much as getting the basics right. If you stack those on each other, they'll add up to reasonable scores and you can move onto your next definition of good. Now that that's out of the way, it took me until my second season to break that first layer of good (now on my 9th). I practiced a lot, read a lot, and tried to play with purposes in mind. I was never really the type to get hammered with the bros on the course and screw around. Still not. Good luck in your journey! Hope we get to hear more as you progress.
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    MGS, GIVE US OUR FREE DATA!!! NOW!! In all seriousness, if this golf ball report helps your game out and you enjoy these types of test/research, give these guys a donation. It doesn't have to be a lot, but we are all eagerly anticipating a test that will probably cause us to spend more money on golf balls...either on ones that will help our game or the ones we currently have and we'll want to buy more of that particular ball. With the information we'll obtain for free, maybe throw an Andrew Jackson at MGS as you know, a little something for the effort.
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    What has two thumbs, just had his Accra tz5 M5 delivered and is about to head to the range for a G410 session? This guy! Will have a writeup later tonight or tomorrow morning about my round from Friday and today's range session.
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    Ran across this on twitter last night and it looks really interesting.... Like @Shankster I've always dislike offset but with no offset you usually get little tiny blades; these seem to be more of a players iron with no offset. Someone please try these before me. http://truezerooffset.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TRUEZEROOFFSET/
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    So as I typically do I was browsing through the Amazon training aids section (I have Prime and I really really hate waiting and paying for shipping) and ran across something.....peculiar.... Little plastic 'tags'(?) that you add to your shoes as "reminders" before each shot. These have to be the craziest training "aids" I've seen in a long time.... but certainly gave me a chuckle. Would you ever think of using something like this? Ever? (confession: I have written on my glove before..right now I have 'commit' on it. ) https://www.amazon.com/Shoe-Tips-Changing-Anything-Accessory/dp/B01LWONUOK
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    I’ve had the rogue sub zero for a little while now and haven’t had any problems with it, all around solid club for me where you get out what you put in it. I’ll shape the driver to keep one side or the other out of play and it’s been as reliable as I can ask for. It won’t however (for me at least) cure a bad swing, you put a hook swing on it and that ball will hook same for a slice. I don’t know that I mind that too much though... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    76. Nice work. I’m expecting a 760 my first round out this year. One of the courses is opening next Friday.... taking a sick day [emoji855]....
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    No, because I already play the Snell ball.
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    I saw this on Twitter.... Bridgestone says every Tour B XS has been spoken for... Anyone that thinks the game is better off without him is nuts.
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    Been playing the last week without glasses because Im tired of them. Short game and putter were bad during that period.Got fitted for contacts then went out for 9. 38 and even made about a 15 foot birdie. Putting and chipping was better with 50% up/down. First round of the season keeping that stat so not sure what I was as of recent, but Id bet it was 10% or so.
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    Their set ups tend to be a bit more benign - more like really good conditions that we see. She hit one 340 this weekend. And for the guys who are constantly advocating a shorter shaft her driver is 48”. She does grip down significantly though. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I sort of like having the pin in. It really gives me some better depth perception of where the hole is. Now my aiming point is the flagstick instead of the hole. Works really well on longer putts, and for shorter putts I tend to “baby” them, having the pin in on the shorter putts gives me a bit more confidence to strike the ball with a it more authority, and I am making a lot more shorter putts. I let may not work for some folks, and that’s okay, a little communication to the members of the group and having the flag in/out is no problem at all.
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    Out in the yard freezing my butt off I’ve been working on my traj windows. There’s a forked birch tree that has anywhere from 3-9’ gap between it. Full of branches. But the goal was to hit a low, med, and high shot about 70 yards with the PW. Was dialing them up perfectly, one draw and one fade of each height from different angles. I felt like a kicker out there kicking game winners. Makes practice worth something if you only have a small window to hit through. No room for faking it. After watching the PK video with Tiger and Butch I am employing Tigers technique for pitching. Rib high follow through is a nice low one. Shoulder is a nice medium traj. Full finish is nice and high. All varying the distance with each shot. Same ball position with the same amount of shaft lean. Keeps the variables at a minimum. Right in the center of a narrower stance, crowding the ball with a less leaned over address. Chin up arms connected.... it works. Really well. Just need to practice it with the rest of the irons. I don’t think I’ve ever centered more shots in my life.
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    Stud nailed it, 'good' will always change. I would consider myself good compared to where I was when I first started golfing a few years ago. But, I'm nowhere near where I want to be. I hope in a few more I'll be even better and then I'll be able to consider that good in relation to where I'm at now. This reminds me of a Tim Duncan quote I once read.... "Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best."
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    Golf Town's website nearly crashed from demand for the red mock shirt he wore on that fateful Sunday. Sold out insanely quick. I've been saying it for a few years now, regardless of whether Tiger beats Nicklaus and Snead's records (much more likely now than when I first said this), no other player has had the level of impact that he has on the game of golf. That's enough for me, with his win totals, to crown him the GOAT by a significant margin. Jack was a hell of a player and great for the game, but his impact pales in comparison to Tiger's, imo. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    These are the perfect complement to my beaded stroke counter, belt-clip extra ball dispenser, and plastic iron covers! More seriously, I think these are just too unsubtle. A reminder on your glove is one thing. But these are basically begging your playing partners to ask what's up with your shoes.
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    I enjoyed reading about these. Something else I just learned.
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    More cardboard for burning in the fire pit.
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    I’m not much of a lover of zero offset irons but let me just say...the shape of that wedge design is [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    This is one of the reasons I’m against getting multiple fittings at multiple locations. Swings will vary from session to session, different monitors and possibly different settings on each. Balls between places aren’t the same. my suggestion would be to look at your ball flight with each and the ball flight numbers from the fittings and determine which gave you a ball flight that you like to see bd which one maximized your carry and total distance. As well as what combo you liked the look/feel of. Asking for people’s opinions on 4 different combos will get you various responses for each and those will usually be based on their opinions, biases and experiences which may be different than yours.
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    Just got caught up on this thread. Great start to the reviews guys! I'm wondering if the sound is dependent on your swing speed? How easy is it to work the ball seeing that it wants to go more straight? MDGolfHacker
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    Looks like they haven't released the official field yet... https://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/wells-fargo-championship/field.html
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    You’ve got to hang in there - bumps come when they are least expected. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Can't wait to see who gets to test these beauties! These pics are from a shop I was at a while back and just loved the feel of the club. The weighting is darn near perfect and it is super stable.
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    Welcome to the group! I concur that you should do the protocols per SuperSpeed’s site. There will be more individualization as you get into later protocols - some choices based on your specific swing tendencies. If I recall it that happens at Week 20. Many of us have seen jumps rather than a steady increase. Those jumps have come at different times depending upon the person. As a heads up we’ve also experienced plateaus that have in some cases included a slight speed loss followed by a jump. Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I’m just waiting for the first Transgender dude to get on the LPGA and crush the ladies because of “equality”..... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Was supposed to be a little funny. Like funny haha. [emoji16]
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    I was most interested in this part of the test. Might as well get rained on if you're going to sweat to death inside of the suit.
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