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    Allow me to introduce the newest Riley: Christiana Hope! Born this morning around 4:45. Mother and baby are well. She is our fifth child, so we're starting to shop for larger vehicles now. No word yet on whether she prefers forged or cast irons, mallet or blade putters, or whether she roots for Bryson or Brooks. I'll keep y'all posted when she starts indicating her positions.
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    B.Boston’s #CobraConnect Challenge 4 Review – Forged Tec Irons Edition Already onto week 3 of the competition and our second weekly review! This week’s challenge is all about iron play so its fitting that this week’s review is on the Forged Tec Irons! I am including my thoughts on all of the Forged Tec irons including the GW even though I won’t be using that during the Irons Only rounds. I was chosen to compete this year with the Forged Tec irons. I was originally fit into the Nippon Modus 120X shafts but they were unavailable at the time of build, as were the C-Taper Lite X I could have gone with (Cody got the last set of those it seems!) so mine were built with the ProjectX LZ 6.5 shafts. I had at least hit those before in Mark’s P790’s and liked the way they felt. I built my set trying to maintain tighter gaps as I play a 5-wood as my longest club outside of the driver. That meant going 5-GW in these Forged Tec irons, along with 3 MIM Black wedges, a Speedzone 4-Hybrid, and the aforementioned Speedzone 5-wood. Looks – 4/5 Stars The Forged Tec irons look sharp. Largely finished in a smooth Satin they lean Modern and Technologically Advanced versus a more traditional Chrome finish. There is a nice polished detail along the perimeter of the back of the iron to give the finish a little depth. At first I thought this polished area would be to help blend and shrink the top line, but I don’t think it really comes into play at all. Speaking of the top line, I would say these are on the thin side of moderate. Same goes to the offset. Overall They have a bit more than my old AP2’s in both departments. Down at address they look powerful and forgiving. I can’t comment on the 4 iron since I don’t have one, but that back of the 5 iron is not visible past the top line when I address the ball. So far the finish is holing up very well, with some wear on the dark gray finish of the face, but minimal wear and scratching otherwise, which surprised me. I would prefer these in a more traditional chrome finish as I think over several seasons that would hold up better, but these are so well finished I almost don’t care. I will say the bladed profile of the hollow body design looks awesome in the bag and is better than even the players cavity of the AP2. Something about those clean lines just looks flat out awesome. 8 Iron and 5 Iron Comparison: Sound & Feel - 5/5 Stars The Cobra Forged Tec sound and feel solid. On the higher pitched side due to the hollow nature of the clubs, But solid. Pure struck shots give a satisfying thud and I haven’t had a shot yet that I couldn’t tell you where I struck it. Whatever it is they used to make these hollow irons feel as solid as they do is working wonders. I’ve hit a few off the toe that I should would feel a lot worse than they did. I wasn’t so sure on these right away as they’re a big change in weight from my old AP2s but I quickly grew to really enjoy the sound, feel, and feedback I was getting. Basic Characteristics - 4/5 Stars These have been playing great for me. I was fit at my usual specs of -1/2 and 2 flat. I knew I was moving up in weight on the shaft, and felt that was due anyway with the evolution of my swing. I will not complain about that as all with the on-course performance I am seeing from the Cobra KING Forged Tec Irons. I’ll just comment here that on top of the added shaft weight, it seems the heads themselves are heavier than what I had before. Now my old set was MOI matched which leads to lower swing weight and total weight at the long end of the bag, but even comparing my 8 iron with Mark’s P790 in the same shaft, both with Arccos (his a screw in sensor) mine was 7-8 grams heavier. The sole width is a little greater than the AP2’s I was using and it also appears that these have more bounce. I am finding that I have greater feel for where the club head is and turf interaction has been stellar. On Course Performance – 5/5 Stars I am loving these irons on course. At the start of the competition I was worried that the jacked lofts and stiffer shafts were going to lead to my hitting the ball low on my already lower trajectory. Particularly in the long irons. Boy was I wrong. These appear to be hitting all of the windows I’d expect (maybe even a touch higher flight than my AP2s) and as an added benefit my flight tends to be a slight draw vs a slight fade. I like this because it’s always been easier for me to work the ball left to right than right to left, so If my ‘neutral swing’ can be a little more draw biased to start I’ll take it. I’m not going to jump into going 7 vs 7 of my old clubs since the lofts are different. I’ll say these are flying where I would expect them too for the loft, but in a higher window than I was expecting. I also want to add and that I have not experienced any “hot” shots that fly significantly further than expected. If I’ve overshot a green so far with them it’s because I took too much club or didn’t account for the wind or slope appropriately. I’ve nearly had a hole-in-one on a bad strike and have had a significant increase in birdie looks on par 3s. I can recall 5 or 6 shots with these irons (including a towering 8 iron that moved back 10-15 inches from the pitch mark) that have been pin high. A quick look at my scoring from the baseline period and my performance to-date shows it all. More Birdies, Less Bogey or worse. It’s hard to argue with that! Miscellaneous – 4/5 Stars I’m going to dock one point here because the grip on the PW is about 30 degrees out of alignment, and I wish they had used a more traditional chrome finish on the sole and face. But those are just my preferences really. Play It or Trade It - 5/5 Stars Play it 110%. These are some seriously good irons if you are in the market you owe yourself to give them a swing. Even if I look into the Modus 120X after the competition it will be in these heads. And if the performance holds as it has been its going to be difficult for me to justify a change. I’ll be looking at the data and feel of the two side by side before making a decision there. But I may have stumbled into something that fits really well for me with the PX LZ 6.5 shafts KING Forged Tec Irons Overall Rating - 4/5 Stars TL;DR? Want to know if the Cobra KING Forged Tec Irons are the real deal? · Drop Dead Sexy blade profile with consistent distance and forgiveness built into the design? · Solid sound and feel that is sublime when on center and lets you know where your misses are without hurting your feeling about it? · More Birdies, Less Bogies? · Staying in the Bag? · #cuetheduckboats
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    I was up early this morning for a round at a new-to-me course. After spending the last number of weeks grooving my swing to rock-hard fairways and very dry conditions, I arrived to a very wet, soft course and was in lots of trouble early on in the round. My ball-striking was up-and-down: lots of chunks, topped balls, and pulled shots, but every now and then an absolute gem of a shot. The inconsistency meant that I couldn't string together multiple good shots, and ended the day with only one GIR. I didn't miss my driver much though, in large part because my hybrid, when I was connecting, was going for miles. This tee shot on the 16th was the best-of-the-best (note that I typically drive the ball 250 yards). I also unloaded a few shots with my long irons, like this 5 iron (usually a 180-yard club for me, but it was in the wet rough and I really went after it). Unfortunately those shots were few and far between, and I got myself into trouble far too often, ending the round with 7 penalty strokes. Ended up with 103 strokes, for a net 84. So @edingc it's your lucky day, with the way my day went your score was pretty much safe from the time I hit the first green!
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    It has been amazing seeing my soon to be fiance grow with this game since she first started her women's league/lessons only 3-4 months ago. She is hitting the ball consistently straight with about 80-100 yards most shots and I can tell how much she is enjoying it. She is absolutely addicted and even said today that she is having so much fun playing (more than she initially thought). I'm so happy that we will have this game to play with each-other for many years ahead.
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    I ended up shooting the most satisfying 88 I can recall on the University of Illinois Orange Course, white tees (6638 yards) in 10-15 mph winds. Rating/slope 71.7/127. Clearly doesn't beat @daviddvm, but I'll take it. There were too many long par 4's that were 3H, 3H and still short of the green (and of course they all seemed to be into the wind). My current Arccos HC is 11.7 and my league handicap for 9 is an 8. It was a lot of fun, but mentally a tough round, everything was a grind, especially after I developed a case of the pull/hooks for a few holes. Here is a pic of the first tough chip I had to attempt with a PW. I barely missed left with a hard kick down the hill. Yes, that is the top of the flag you can barely see. Result was better than I would have thought. I avoided bunkers until 17, which was a disaster. Two attempts to get out ending up with a double. The greens had a lot of slope to them, but I still managed to end up with 33 putts. In the pic below, the peak of the green was nearly 6 feet above my feet. I'm not a fan of using PW exclusively around the green, especially since I couldn't really practice, but it worked out ok. My chipping handicap was 18 today.
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    So here's my rant for today. We are golfers and enjoy watching the elite of the game make shots we all dream of making and try to win tournaments. To me there is nothing worse than watching a select few of the elite throw temper tantrums. We have seen clubs thrown, clubs snapped in half on purpose, clubs thrown in the water. Putters slammed into the greens. Wedges slamed into the side of greens when missing a sand shot. Spitting on the greens. I know there have been some fines inforced in some instances, but these guys have money and probably don't care about the fine. They get their equipment for free and have it replaced within the same day. So they dont care about the equipment either. We all get disappointed when we hit a bad shot. What can be done to get these guys to act professionally on television? They are setting a poor example of how a "Gentlemens Game" should be portrayed. Yes I know " Gentlemens Game" is old school terminology, so lets just say they should act with respect for the game. Maybe the media should talk more about the cost of the fines and embarrased them. Maybe the golfer should be forced to play the rest of the tournment without that club if it was done on purpose. Ok , my rant is over. How do you feel about this?
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    Pretty obvious what I consider the best hat,,,,,,,,,,,, not me of course, am uglier,,,,
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    On an episode of No Laying Up, Padraig Harrington said, "Golf was never meant to be a fair game. It's meant to test your mental fortitude." I found this a solid, helpful perspective. When things go wrong: that's the point of the game, to see how you respond.
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    Yup, I'm going with this one right here. You're entitled and you feel like you can do whatever you want. I don't mind golfers getting upset, it's their livelihood on the line. But berating the people around them, and messing up the course? That's BS behavior. If I got mad at work and broke something on purpose, I'd be in DEEP trouble (if not unemployed afterwards). That was Bryson, showing the world he's not anywhere close to being as smart as he thinks he is. Between his whining about being allowed to play slow, and the cameraman incident, he quickly dropped down my list of golfers to watch. Don't care how far he hits it. That behavior shows his character.
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    Today's clubs. Tmb 718 4 iron 714 ap1s 5 to pw
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    Sure, we all have tempers and I certainly cuss a lot on the course. But I would never damage private property (greens, ball washers, carts, etc) and my clubs were paid with hard-earned money so wasting money to replace a club doesn't appeal to me. I guess it's harder to control yourself when you know there won't be any financial repercussions.
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    Overall it was pretty solid! I tied my personal best (76) as well so it was a good day! My first shot with RTX ZipCore 60° was from 80 to a front pin over some water and the result is pictured. It was from the fairway so contact was solid and it hit the green, checked and rolled out a little. I was pleased with the result! The second shot was from a green side bunker that I hit to about 7 feet. The wedge moved through the sand with ease and the ball came out at the desired height. It also checked up nicely, which I was happy with since it was a touch shot. The last time I used it, I damn near bladed my chip so it wasn’t all pretty! At the moment, I’m still trying to decide what I think about the Spinner Tour Issue shaft. The Tour Issue S400, which I have in my RTX 4 50° and 54°, seems to feel better to me, but I’m going to keen working with it to see how it goes. I do believe the additional bounce in the ZipCore 60° Full has helped me and I’m excited to keep working with the wedge so I can do a nice compare and contrast with my RTX 4 60° Full. In my next post, I’ll take some detailed pics of the RTX ZipCore and RTX 4 to give everyone an idea of the slight differences between the two.
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    Didn’t find much in this from my quick look through. Sometimes we all need a push, inspirational quote or motivation. Golf, for me anyway, is the hardest sport I have played. It tests, like most sports, your mental and physical strength. i have seen so many posts discussing giving up the game or that someone has come back after a hiatus. I find myself sometimes looking at some professionals quotes and saying “wow that resonates with me”. I hope that maybe there will be some motivation for someone in this thread to keep the fire alive. I love golf and it fuels my competitive drive that I thought I lost after the military. I hope this thread keeps Atleast someone motivated or focused in the game we all love
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    I hope eventually my SO will get into it. She’s hesitant right now (never has been an athlete). I am glad your SO and yourself have found something together.
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    Tonight my usual coors banquet. Went out to dinner with the misses earlier and had some of my rum involved drinks but ending the night by the fire with the good old banquet.
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    I have two and they both happened on back to back shots! First striped my 3 wood 230 right down the middle leaving myself about 100 yards in. I then grabbed a 52 deg wedge and hit a low "skipper" with the ball checking up about 1-2 ft from the hole. Man do I love those tap in birdies!! Especially on the first hole!
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    Oh, yeah, I'm nearly certain this is the explanation.
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    Nice round! Great pics and I’m glad you got a chance to take a swing at the single length man on here! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not sure how many of you all follow cobra golf on Instagram, but there was quite a bit of MGS and #CCC4 representation on their ‘Saturday Snakes’ story yesterday: Our very own @Golfspy_CG2 with his Pars and Stripes Speedzone. @Headhammer’s Speedzone Iron post (no Lexi this time...boo!). @GB13’s highlight of the Forged Tec Irons. and yours truly out on the course for my second Irons Only round. Apologies if I missed any other members in there rocking Cobra Gear!
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    Congratulations! My advice: just help keep it fun for her, and let someone else handle the lessons. Many on the forum here have heard my story before. I guess I have been lucky, and someone even said that I have a unicorn! I met my wife on a golf course. She had been playing since 1963; I started in 1992. After a few years, I proposed to her on the 1st tee... on April 1, a date I can remember. LOL On April 2 she asked if I meant it. A year and 3 weeks later we were married on the 1st tee... by a jazz musician friend from Seattle. Said our vows; turned around and teed off. We rented the course for the day, and friends and family played all day. It's great having a regular golf partner, but we each have other people we play with. She plays in the Ladies League and I play with the old coots. We travel to lots of great golf locations, and we have played some very nice courses. The bad part is when we travel, the cost of golf is doubled so golf at the expensive courses is limited. My wife told me that she would not play well on an expensive course knowing how much it cost... so I don't tell her!
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    it's funny you ask about the grind because that is a big thing I noticed when I first got the club. How it almost seems to have 2 angles on the bottom, in the picture it shows more via the light glare but it is very pronounced. Really hope it doesnt lead to larger divots like@shankster said because if so the greens keepers are going to hate me I already take big divots. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    It does that and then some it’s amazing how much mental plays into the game like a pitcher in baseball
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    Congrats on number 5! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    A certain someone (Pastor) may have an announcement today...or maybe tomorrow.
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    Put together another nice 9 holes today. Shot 37 (+1) Was striping the driver leaving PW/ 52 deg into greens a couple of times. I started out really hot with a 52 deg wedge placed to 1 ft on the first hole for birdie. I unfortunately gave it back on the next hole after not getting up and down for the bunker (too good to be true) LOL. My only blemish besides that was a 3 putt on #7 because I ran the first putt too far by. I was able to tame the island green for par this round compared to the double bogey I has last week. All in all a fun round with my fiance and parents and can't wait to do it again!
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    Congrats Michael! Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Wow! Cameron Champ is putting great! Can he do it on Sunday!
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    I feel bad for the guys who have to maintain that
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    Man, there's so many guys at the top who I'd like to see win. Pulling for Tony and Collin, but a 3-peat by Brooks would be insane. Also Cam Champ and DJ!
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    putter grips: Been doing testing of my putters on the ExPutt and have determined that I don't like the Pure grip that is on my gamer. Really like the evnroll pistol grip and how it fits in my hand. Started doing online research, but need to get a feel for the grips before I buy. May just get the evnroll grip and throw it on my odyssey. Might have to see if they have anything at MGS headquarters to experiment with.
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    DJ on a roll. Anyone else like to see a BK and DJ final pairing tomorrow?
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    I hadn’t really paid attention to it actually. But thinking back, it did feel different than the other clubs do through the turf. I was taking a bigger divot than normal with a PW. Not sure where the V-Sole fits into that equation.
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    There’s some real good golf being played out there! Good day; PGA Travers @ Saratoga MLB NHL I don’t watch NBA Edit; forgot Women’s Am (great golf!) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Friday was an absolute train wreck. Played a new course, tee boxes and fairways in wonderful condition. the greens were microscopic, I mean a few of them weren't much bigger than the tee boxes. I paced #10 and the green was 15 paces by 10 paces. Pretty small target. Add that to the incredibly narrow fairways and it sets up for a disastrous round. I stopped keeping score after the 7th hole, by then I was at 60. I lost 8 balls just on the front 9, I haven't done that since the 80's! My iron play was from another planet. I was doing things I haven't done since I was 20 ,playing with persimmon woods. I have a 7 iron shot into the 2nd green. I hit so far behind the ball I think my club was still on hole one. Took a swath of turf about 18" long and 6" wide. Ball went maybe 20 feet. Shook it off, refocused.....swing.....another county sized hunk of turf and another 20 feet. Now I getting a bit ticked at myself..( and a little blame on the club). Mind you I still 150+ from the green, shot 4.......a carbon copy of shots 2 and 3....this time the 7 iron flew further than the ball......Anyhow, crawled to the end of that hole, took a breather for a while to regroup myself....stepped up to the 3rd hole tee box. Par 4....Took out my driver, 'I got this" my driver is the one club I have absolute faith in, I haven't mishit that club in years. Step up, go thru my routine....SWIING.....topped the ball, it went about 5 yards........the driver went 20 yards!!!!!!! Step up to it with a 3 wood...CRACK right on the screws......right into the woods! Now I know what you're thinking....I should have packed up the clubs and gone home....well, I ain't that smart...You would think at 60 I would be...but...no! The rest of the round never got any better, I'm lucky, or maybe the clubs are, that I didn't snap a few over my knee, at least I was smart enough to remember what I paid for the G410"s and that kept me from sending the irons....shall we say.."BANG....to the moon Alice"..... As I sat on the porch that night cleaning my clubs, reflecting on the day's events I realized I should have done some things different. First I was planning on a 10 am tee time, didn't call for a tee time, just showed up, this has never been an issue in the past, course was jammed, on the course #2....jammed...called course #3...jammed. Finally got a 2 pm tee time at course #4. Headed there and that's when the train wreck started. I should have stopped for lunch before going to the golf course. Should have called course #1 days earlier for a tee time. Anyhow, it's a day to be forgotten..... Time to mow the yard..... Chris
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    I looks like the V sole grind is less prominent in the new zipcore vs the RTX 4's that I have from testing last year. Are you guys seeing the same thing and do you think it's a help or hurt in terms of turf interaction?
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    Like “Rope a Dope”[emoji16] Some young guys may not know that Ali term. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    @B.Boston, please thank your mom for the work she does on the ICU, I can just imagine how hard and tiresome her days can be, with all that is going on.
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    I sure do miss the Fan cheering after great shots/putts.[emoji106] I don’t miss the stupid comments and drunken yelling. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    We’ve all seen the ads on how to properly hit on a range: make long stripes, not big squares/circles, or random divots all over the place.......... Maybe the Pros need to see those ads.
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    Yup that's correct, but keep in mind these are speeds for the SuperSpeed sticks. My driver swing speed has increased from the high 70's to low-mid 80's. I'm focused and set a goal of getting my driver SS up to 90. Kinda ho-hum for the young guys on this thread - but pretty big deal for me.
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    Baseball players slam helmets, throw bats, hit water coolers and throw their helmets. Football players slam helmets, toss water coolers. Tennis players slam rackets. Hockey players slam sticks and swat the board with them. Golf is no different. They are all humans and humans have emotions and it gets let out a little too much sometimes.
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    [emoji23]. Alley oop begins the back 360 between the legs for me.[emoji1363] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I can’t even remember when I could so now when I tell it they were tomahawk dunks! [emoji56] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    So fancy they won't let people who eat at Waffle House through the front gate! I've never seen that before either, which is why I asked for a ruling here. In their defense, they let me go out a half hour before the course officially opens. I got off at 7:30 and was done at 9:39, would've finished sooner if I didn't have to wait for them to roll the greens & cut new holes on the back nine.
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    I wish I was 50 again - wait correction - wish I was 60 again [emoji23] Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Not in your prime anymore and you're 34. Now that's an interesting perspective. Remember your posting with us 60 and 70 year olds [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Just noticed this at the bottom of the MGS forum pages on the website. And another reason this place rocks.
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