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    Good thought process I like it. I was thinking that as well saving a spot for @B.Boston or my dad I could take jack off my list for swap. B you would need to take it up with the old man lol
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    No votes for Arnie yet? Old school: Palmer, Trevino, Player New school: Rickie, Rory, and Padrig And to watch the ladies kick my ass, i'd play with the best ever. Annika, Micky Wright, and Babe Zaharias. Take Dead Aim
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    One of the best combo sets I’ve had experience with
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    I was going to put you in my group, so you can enjoy your round with Pete then join me for the second 18. A few weeks ago I might have had a better answer... but at this point I’d take Bryson and Kevin Na plus the next slowest player on an overloaded Sunday afternoon muni 6 hour round trying to finish in time to catch a Bruins, Sox, Celtics, or Pats game at Rock N Coal. Praying this pandemic slows down soon and these measures are working. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    This is a tough one. I'd say Tiger and Jack. Both moved the needle for golf. The third spot I'd save for my best golfing buddy or Arnie but I'd lean towards my golfing buddy and of course me for the forth spot. MDGolfHacker
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    I've never hit a bad shot in my life. [emoji6] Life's hard enough guys focus on the positives. Take Dead Aim
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    @Tsmithjr9 and the ladies would be out driving us
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    As I mentioned yesterday I received my KE4 FDI today and given the courses are closed I put it through the paces in my garage net hitting foam balls and birdie balls. First impressions are positive. It is a reasonably large head and inspires confidence at address. I must have swapped a shorter shaft on my 21* 816 H1 because the Maltby at standard club length (40") has a longer playing length by about 1/2". The FDI is much larger than the TE forged in all dimensions, but particularly in sole width and top line. The FDI looks looks very nice. It is hard to tell what is going on hitting foam balls/birdie balls in the garage. Initial takeaways are that it launches noticeably lower than both my 4 iron and the 21* hybrid, but I was able to get it in the air whether off a tee or off my Fiberbilt flight deck. I was also able to start it on my intended line. I'll have to see shot curvature when I'm able to hit it outdoors. The regular flex Maltby Pro hybrid shaft is thought to play firm on the Golfworks site, but honestly I'm not seeing it. It flexes substantially more than my iron shafts which is probably to my benefit as I need launch in a club like this. For the club to stick in my bag I need it to: 1) be able to flight it straight and count on it going mostly straight, 2) provide a useful backup tee option on tight holes that have caused me problems the past couple years, 3) be an option for hitting into longer par 3s (none have trouble in front so run out is ok there), 4) be able to gap properly between my 4 iron and 5 wood. Address:TE forged 4 iron left / KE4 FDI 2 hybrid middle / Titleist 816 H1 21* right Soles: TE forged 4 iron left / KE4 FDI 2 hybrid on right Backs of clubs: TE forged 4 iron / KE4 FDI 2 hybrid Club faces: TE forged 4 iron top / KE4 FDI 2 hybrid bottom Dave
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    I think @Shankster nailed it!! But I'd also toss out an old school grouping... Sam Snead Tommy Armour Julius Boros
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    Depending on the shafts you get fit into, by the time you're done with shafts, grips and installation you'd be looking at around $600. You'd be better off doing a full iron fitting, selling your current irons and buying a new set built to your specs Also, I believe iblades are scheduled to be replaced later this year.
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    73 (par 73) 7/14 fir 14/18 gir 35 putts Greens were plugged, and I was just a mess on them. I had 3 3 putts on par 5’s for par. A dubious first for myself.
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    Had a heartbreaking 82 today. My buddy and me, both 63, a 10 and a 5 took on a Yankee minor league trainer and their triple A strength coach (also a certified TPI trainer). These guys are 29 and 33 and a 4 and a 14. They played the tips, we played up a set us v them even 5 dollar Nassau. Great young guys, fun match - my 10 shot 78 and we tied them. I did have some contributions including the day’s highlight, a hole out from 125 for Eagle when one of them was inside 5 feet for birdie. That was great. Hard to imagine the strength coach works with guys like Aaron Judge in the weight room. :) According to ARCOSS my approach game handicap was 15.5. :( I missed 13/18 approaches left. It seemed like all of those were with 6 or 7 iron. On 18, a par 5, I had 215 to the center into the wind, up hill, couldn’t reach, lots of trouble around the green. I said I’m hitting 6 iron. Tried to hit a cut and blistered the most beautiful 160 yard 2 yard draw you’d ever want to see. :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Ryder Cup Style Team Event, Alternate Shot. 515 yard par 5. I'm on the tee, and I'm stroking on this hole, and the sequence goes like this as I tee the ball up: My partner: Just keep us in the short grass, I'll get us home. I proceed to absolutely 99% whiff the tee shot, I say 99% because somehow I nudged it about 8 inches off the tee to the right. I'm standing there stunned. Our opponent says: "Well there's your pop" My partner looking at me with lasers that could cut right through me I reply: Well it's in the short grass. Everyone cracks up. He hits it off the deck, we get to the ball and I have about 260 left, back then I had a bit of length, but still came up about 10 yards short right of the green on our 3rd. He chipped to about five feet. I've never been so nervous over a 5 footer in my life, but rolled it in for a par net birdie. As we walked off our opponent, said, "I'm not sure that's how the architect drew it up, but nicely done guys!"
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    Driver: Callaway XR 16 10.5 Fujikura speeder evolution 565 stiff shaft 3 Wood: Callaway XR 16 fujikura speeder evolution 565 stiff shaft 3 Hybrid: Callaway Rogue Alida Synergy regular shaft Irons: 5-A Nike Vapor Fly KBS Tour C Taper Lite 110 shift shaft Wedges: Cobra Wedges 52 8 degree bounce, 56 10 degree bounce, and 60 8 degree bounce. UST Mamiya Recoil wedge proto F5 shaft. Putter: Odyssey Rossi II 34". Ball: Titleist Pro V1
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    ... Another great read from Barbajo! He brings up some interesting points about both. I am a rangefinder guy and love the simplicity of, and for once this is accurate ... just point and shoot. When I am swinging well, I like exact yardage because I can hit close to those exact numbers. Add to that I am not a tech nerd, and I mean "nerd" in the most complementary way so fiddling with numbers or arrows is beyond my technical ability when I just want an exact number, then pull my club and swing. Combined with the fact that I have never worn a watch, ring or anything else on my fingers, hands or wrists so a GPS watch ain't gonna be the first. Carrying a hand held unit would also be an inconvenience because I walk 95% of the time and like to grab my rangefinder from my bag, shoot the yardage and it's back in my bag in less than 10 seconds. Thankfully I still have 20-15 vision but alas at 67 anything right in front of my face is hieroglyphics without my reading glasses. Rangefinder is the clear choice for me. ... John brings up some great points for a GPS unit. Playing a new course, a blind shot renders my rangefinder useless as well as if I cut the corner over those trees, what is on the other side and how far is it? Of course a GPS has those numbers, perhaps along with a visual. Soon as I saw the title I thought "Oh boy here we go again" but it is very well written and I found it quite interesting and informative. https://mygolfspy.com/gps-vs-rangefinder/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Mygolfspy+(MyGolfSpy+-+Top-Secret+Golf+News+Everyday!)
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    I have done just an iron fitting before. I purchased my AP3 off the rack after a demo day testing. The guy at the PGA store since I was new to golf told me to get a R flex. Did not watch me hit balls or anything I just kinda new what I wanted. After 3 months I went to a shop who knew what they were doing. I tested about 8 shafts before he recommended the modus 120 X. It changes my game. Not only did I hit the ball further but more consistently. After owning those when I went late last year for an update I did a full iron fitting and settled on the t-100. I took my modus out of the ap3 and installed them in the t-100 and swapped the amt white into my ap3... you can find sets of pulls like it did for $150 and iron labor is not difficult I did the work my self... grips I learned how to take off with an air compressor so I saved my self a ton of money. For me shaft was the issue but if your going to go and lay for a fitting try other heads a lot of new technology is out there and a head you like is far more important than a shaft... s300 are 20 plus year old technology and you could be missing out though since the shaft will influence your delivery... as far as the other person said ping did trade mark iBlade 2.0 but with the pandemic who knows what’s going to happen... good luck
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    I like Caddytek. Bought mine 5 years ago and it still runs like new. No issues. Folks do pick on me because my red wheels are now pink. I have the 4 wheel model. I like cliqgear but couldn't justify the extra $200. If you want accessories though, get the cliqgear. No real support for that with caddytek Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Sooo kids had a small accident in the garage this weekend and now I need a new bag. (luckily my clubs were not in the bag at the time) I have been looking at two bags and wanted to if any one has an experience with either. Sun Mountain 2018 Canvas/Leather stand bag ( Link ) Asher Golf Members stand bag 2.0 ( Link ) Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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    It probably isn't super clear in the pictures, but I actually don't have a 5W at all. I go Driver, 3W, 2 hybrid, and then 4 iron on down to wedges. I did test some 5Ws back when I bought my hybrid but I was able to hit the hybrid about the same yardage as the 5W for gapping purposes and decided to go with it instead as I thought it would be a more versatile club to hit out of some dicey lies and what not. I keep testing newer woods and hybrids each year as my hybrid is getting a bit older but so far nothing has been able to stake a claim for the bag. How do you like the SIM driver?
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    I agree that most of, if not all, the clubs in the bag have to be pleasing to the eye. Its all about confidence over the ball so if I'm doubting the look of the club from the beginning there is definitely something missing in the confidence department. That being said, I was searching for a mallet putter that I could better control my distance with and probably spent 3 hours on the greens at the golf store with everything from Scotty Cameron to Axis. I kept going back to the Scotty Phantom X because it just looked amazing from above. After putting it through a blind test just feeling the weights of all the putters both in my hands and through the swing, I put it in dead last behind a number of putters (me personally). I eventually went with the Odyssey Stroke Lab 10, even though I would have never have chosen it off the shelf because it looked very Taylormade Spider knock-off ish and pretty boring. I wanted something more unique looking but couldn't ignore how the Stroke Lab felt in my hands so I went performance over looks and I am so glad I did. I guess the moral of the story is if something heads over tails performs better for you, you can get over ALMOST any look.
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    We have been seeing these pop on tour lately. I think Brooks was fooling around with the White AV at one point. Like previously stated launch may be delayed due to the pandemic... hopefully back to a normality by June
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    Thanks for the input, I’ve never heard of the Maltby Playability Factor until now. Awesome to have real numbers to put on MOI and COG. Not sure I trust the MPF rating itself without more information on how it’s calculated. May be headed down a rabbit hole with this but it’ll give me something to do. After just a quick look and minimal research, I’d argue it’s just a complicated way to tell me that the head is slightly smaller. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ... Personally I have been around long enough to know I don't trust the public to do the right thing. Ever. I post this for reference, not politics. For those wondering if you are gonna be forced to follow a Stay At Home order and whether or not your course will be open, take a look at your states Governor. 22 of 24 states with Democrats have issued a SAH. 9 of 26 states with Republicans have issued a SAH. While not all SAH states have declared golf courses non essential, your governor will have the biggest say in whether you can play golf. Moot point for me because either Chicago (or Phoenix) have too big a population with too many visitors to risk playing golf. But if I lived in a smaller town and could take proper precautions, I would be playing right now.
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    Those cobra irons are really good looking. How are the TS2 woods treating you? I've heard good things about them but have wondered about their performance.
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    Also a friendly note, if you subscribe to GolfPass, they're uploading the seasons there as well.
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    I've struggled with the 3W in the past as well, but I started following this guy on Insta @jakehuttgolf he's the golf coach at Stanford and puts quick tips on Insta that have really been helpful, especially the one on the 3W. Last time I played, a couple weeks ago, I hit my 3W - 267. Sounds like you've got it figured out, but just thought I'd tell you about the guy on Instagram.
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    Started out in the 50s but was in the 80s by about noon when fog burned off and the sun came out. My short game was a miserable failure today but other than that I hit the ball and putted well. I can't seem to transfer my short game from the practice area to the course.
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    Ya had me at TB12. Him and manning together would probably be hilarious
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    Hey @Jmikecpa, @tehuti, and @Dr Strangelove; what's everyone hoping to get out of these shafts? Did you just want a reason to post a ton of Pac-Man ghost pictures? Right now I think my order would be: improved dispersion ghost pictures eliminate hooks hold more greens distance
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    70 4/14 fir 11/18 gir 28 putts Didn’t hit it all that good. Driver was pretty erratic, but short game was on point. +2.18 Around the green on front 9 alone. Vokey’s are quickly turning into a wise investment.
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    Ok... why not. 1. Seve 2. Lee Trevino 3. Tom Watson Royal Birkdale in the am, and Royal Lytham in the pm. Links golf extravaganza.
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    The European Ryder Cup team always looks like they’re having fun out there. So in this edition I’m going Darren Clarke, Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Really loving my shot at reviewing now! What club are you all throwing this in? Hopefully you can get on the course soon! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Next week is looking promising to get out again. It has been the coldest month I may have ever experienced over the last month. So I am looking forward to getting back out with the skycaddie.
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    Consider my socks officially blown off! Now, to go find my sock garters so they stay in place.
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    Thanks MGS, this should be fun. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Awesome! My course may be closed at the moment but I can’t wait to fire away on my Skytrak! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    First round at Windmill yesterday and it was a tale of 2 nines. Shot a fairly blistering 41 on the front followed by a very disappointing 49 on the back for a 90. I just fell apart and my back started aching. We'll see what happens on Sunday.
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    You are lucky to still be open. I thought all of the west coast governors were lock-step with the same mandates. Why did she allow golf courses to remain open?
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    Thanks Bud. I’m sure we’re OK but with all of us Ole Farts we gotta be careful. I’m bored out of my mind already. Washed car, cart and cleaned leaves in rock beds in back yard. Also cleaned garage. Work on irrigation system tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Well over the past two months I've had some PTO to use up before it expired so I've been able to play more often and instead of 1-2 times a week its been 2-3 times. Yesterday I got a late round in despite everyone in quarantine. Played what I would call my home course which I normally and have been trending nicely with my game as long as I could fix a couple mistakes on holes. Finally shot broke below 85 again after club changes, etc. My 2nd best score ever. 1st round using a new ball too. Bridgestone Tour B RX-S Total- 82 Out- 41 In- 41 6/14 FIR (42.9%) 8/18 GIR (44%) 4 Birdies (most ever in a round) 32 Putts (3 3-putts, 7 1-putts) 1 Sandy which ended up being a birdie
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    I played yesterday - man I wish they had played the Valspar - we tee’d off at 2 and had two totally different wind conditions - not much was happening until 4 when it really came up - it laid down for about 4?holes from 8-11 and then changed directions and was a steady 10 with gusts to 17 or 18. Brutal Shot 36-39 75 - my chipping was a plus 4.7 according to ARCCOS- I believe it - some tough up and downs with that swirling wind. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Hope you and the others are ok. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    It was a beautiful weekend, but today the wind is blowing again. I played with the old guys walking the front nine. 60º overcast with wind 20-40mph. I didn't even keep score. Our first par 5 is #5 at 550y straight into the wind; took 5 shots to get to the green then 2 more on the green. The next hole is a 485y par 5 playing downwind. I got a birdie, but the BIG news is that driver and 3W put me on the back of the green in two shots. That is the first time in maybe 15 years that I have had an eagle putt on that hole. The hole was front, and I 2-putted from 40 feet.
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    Played Sat. got out with the Mrs. and grandkids. Holy cow I played like crap on the front, lost 2 balls both I would have found if I wasn't herding cats... trying to keep track of 4 balls when a long shot was usually less then 100yds.. and plugged and sanded greens, BUT had a great time.. the Back 9 was much better even with the sanded greens. Went 47/43, not counting 2 lost balls that I'm pretty sure I just walked past while looking for kids balls.. so a 90 on plugged and sanded greens for the 1st round of the year.. I'm ok with that..
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    A big Fella looking for Spring Fling[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Just made my first Corona impulse buy: a Skytrak system for the garage. I've been eyeing one up for a few months (or more accurately every single Wisconsin winter) but being forced to work from home for the next 3+ weeks and Skytrak having a $300 off sale I finally pulled the trigger. Starting out I'll just have a basic mat and net to hit into. Before next winter starts I plan on added insulation and drywall to the garage, having a heater installed, setting up an impact enclosure, and getting a projector for the full sim experience. I may never leave my house again!
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    All depends on how you load/unload, tempo, sw speed, etc. I was recently fit into these and really like them - https://www.truetemper.com/products/project-x-lz-steel/
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