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    TEAM HAMMER COBRA SPEEDZONE IRONS REVEIW As a previous Cobra iron user I was really excited to see how the advances in technology would translate to improvements in my distance & game. As a reminder, I selected the traditional SpeedZone irons 5-GW for my set. After years of wrist, elbow & shoulder issues I opted for the Recoil 460 graphite stiff shafts and the Cobra Connect Lamkin Sonar grips. My initial reaction to seeing and holding the irons was first; how light they were compared to my old Cobras and how much larger the sole was on new clubs especially the longer irons. When I received the new irons, I thought a couple of the heads were loose because there was a rattle to them, but it turns out the rattle is due to some of the Cobra Connect grips. Looking at the specs of both irons my old clubs have a swing weight of D1 while the new irons, with the Recoil shafts, are D0. That weight difference really makes the SpeedZones very easy to swing & swing fast. The lower center of gravity provides a very good feel for where the club head is at any point during the swing. Personally, I think this really helps square the face at impact and has led to both longer and higher ball flights. To back up my claims that the SpeedZone irons have improved my game & distance, take a look at this Arccos comparison between my old & new 5, 6 & 7- Irons. ON-COURSE PERFORMANCE: LOOKS: I don’t hate the looks of the irons, but I think Cobra could have done a better job translating the gorgeous color scheme of the woods into them. The red dots on the irons reminds me a bit of the “Speed Injected” nonsense from Taylor Made and I am indifferent about the carbon top line, let alone it only being on some irons & not others. While I know some members felt the wide top line with the graphite insert and the wide soles would both be distracting, I have not found those impediments at address or in their ability to get through the turf. Here is a comparison of the width’s of my old & new 5-irons. As you can see the top lines are not that different, but flipping them over shows how much wider the SpeedZones are compared to my old clubs. SOUND & FEEL: I don’t know that the irons sound different than any other irons I’ve hit, but I love the feel of these heads with the graphite shaft when you flush them. Even when you don’t hit them perfectly the graphite shafts really help with the dreaded elbow shiver. MISCELLANEOUS: Besides the rattle issue mentioned earlier, the Cobra Connect grips are a bit squishy near the butt where the Arccos sensor is enclosed, which may cause you to choke down on the club a bit. But having lost a sensor on my old clubs after just a few rounds, I see the benefit to enclosing it in rubber. PLAY IT OR TRADE IT: The advance in technology from their 1994 irons to their 2020 clubs is night and day. Do I like the new irons and have they helped my game? Absolutely, so much so that I plan to purchase a 4-iron to add to the set after the challenge is over. I was seeking more distance in every aspect of my game & the Cobra irons have delivered that improvement. With my old clubs I was hitting driver/hybrid & sometimes wedge into long par 4's and now I'm hitting driver and 6-7 irons in. It's so much more enjoyable to have a mid-iron into greens than a long iron or hybrid. I played the old Cobra irons for 24-years so this is very likely the last set of irons I’ll ever use. Unless of course I am selected as an iron tester sometime in the future. Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more. OVERALL SPEEDZONE IRONS RANK:
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    Here's a picture of me on the course later today...
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    Well came home to a nice package on the steps. Shoutout to cobra for crushing the shirt game. I am not a SnapBack fan but this thing is so comfortable I’ll be wearing it and might be changing over from my mesh fitted....maybe. Will be rocking this gear Friday for my round.
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    That’s right everyone, the ceremonial conch has been blown as we are moving toward the beginning of football, which means… THE MGS FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE is on. Now, we first need to address the largest elephant in the room, we’re assuming that there is going to be a season that will run. Obviously we’re flying blind because who knows what may be happening with the league, players, and a little virus called COVID-19. All we can tell you is that we’ll make necessary adjustments as needed and required. But who is this we? Well, returning for a second straight season are your tri-commissioners, @GolfSpy STUDque, @Undershooter and yours truly, @Berg Ryman So let’s go over the format for those who are intrigued in joining and maybe weren’t around for last year. We play through the Fantrax website. Our league is structured as a 3 division, 14 team a division league. Each division has its own set of players, so for example there are 3 Christian McCaffery’s, but only one for each division. Think of it as its own league within our larger league. What is the prize for winning this league? Well, should you be able to war your way through this minefield throughout 16 weeks of fantasy action (crosses fingers), you will earn not only a badge for your profile, but also the greatest prize that can be bestowed upon you, The MGS Golden Ticket. This gives you the opportunity to cut the line for one of the testing opportunities afforded to the MGS membership. Now, 4 spots are currently claimed. Each commissioner plays in his own division and I am reserving a spot if he wishes it for our defending champion, @Bardle. If you wish to play know this, ABANDONMENT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND YOU WILL NOT BE ASKED BACK. So how many spots are there going to be? Well, we have discussed as a group and we are willing to expand the league to a maximum of 48 players, if interest demands it. In doing so we will be switching to a 4 division, 12 team structure with potential full cross play between divisions in the schedule. To get yourself one of those important spots, here’s what you need to do. DM one of the commissioners with your information and intent to play. We will e-mail you an invite into the league. I’d ask at this point that you try to DM either myself or @Undershooter as @GolfSpy STUDque is currently enjoying some time away with his family. Admittedly @Undershooter and I will attempt to get you the invite as soon as possible, but we work as well, so please be patient. Also, if we go to a 4th division, we’ll need a 4th commissioner. If you are interested, please leave a note in the thread. Lastly, I’m going to drop this here as well. Last year be brought forth the Circus League, a league rewarding incredible special teams play, including punters, and rewarding awful performances by players. This league is not for a golden ticket, but for fun and was possibly the weirdest best experience you’ll have playing fantasy sports this year. Now, are you ready for some football? Oh, you are… well then, sign-ups are officially OPEN
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    Dude, You are being forced to test these clubs. They should understand that you are doing your part so that they have a little extra $$ buy being forced to test these clubs. They should fell honored that you are thinking of them. Giving them a little extra Mom and Daughter time, since life is so short and they deserve that.. God I am good.. LOL.. My wife told me I was full of Crap, Go play.. So I did.. LOL
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    Two things: Tee time booked at Lakewood for tomorrow morning. My son is learning to fish with my brother-in-law. First cast with live bait results:
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    Time for a first impressions post! My irons arrived yesterday afternoon. I was at the house waiting; I wonder if UPS has a way of signaling to their drivers when someone has hit refresh on the tracking hundreds of times in a day, just so the driver knows he might be encountering a totally crazy person. But that aside.... Here's the unboxing video, with cameos from @Kirke and @Erik-M (and my dog, Rohan): Erik was at the house, using my SkyTrak to gap test his new Hogan Icons for the review he's doing. He and I are planning to play this afternoon, irons only, as we compete with @edingc and @GB13 in this week's Cobra Connect Challenge. Visually, these irons hit the sweet spot for me: clean without being boring. I think they're really a great looking design. Size-wise: they're not tiny, though they're definitely smaller heel-to-toe than the G700s (which is what I hoped). I'll need to get a few more picture comparisons, but the top line is much more appealing than the G700s, with less offset. I was surprised that the sole is as wide as it as. That's not a complaint, but I'll be very interested to see the results on the course. Before the G700s, I played with a set of Adams XTD Tour irons, and was a small divot-taker. The G700s have made me a sweeper; I'm intrigued to see what kind of turf interaction the 699 Pros favor. After getting the irons out of the box, I got on SkyTrak for a few swings with the PW. Sound-wise, the 699 Pros represent a significant upgrade over the G700s. Both are hollow-bodied irons, but the G700s have no filling of any sort. They have never been "tingy", but they are loud, with a significant crack at impact. The 699 Pros are much more dense and muted sounding—obviously not as dense as Erik's Hogan blades, but better than my PING's. We're hoping to set up some mics to do a sound test in the near future. I wrapped up my initial experience with the irons with a gap testing session on SkyTrak. What I saw was right in line with my expectations: each club is a bit shorter than the G700 it's replacing (the 699s are about a degree weaker on each club). I have a bag mapping report from February with my G700s; a quick side-by-side comparison (carry distances here): On average, I'm getting about 5 yards less on each club. The problem club, in both sets, is obviously the 5 iron. This season, I haven't been using the G700 5 iron at all: I've replaced with an Adams XTD dHy. That club has been a go to for me: a last-resort safety option off the tee when nothing else is trustworthy, and a perfect shape club for punching out of bad lies and under trees. I am pretty confident that my 5 iron going shorter than my 6 is a bit of an aberration. It's definitely not the fault of the club. I'll be working and practicing with it. But there is certainly a chance that, at the end of testing, one of two things happen: either the Adams goes back in the bag in the 5-slot, or I look into shafting the 699 Pro 5-iron in graphite. In any case, I'm really looking forward to getting these out on the course for the irons-only round today and a league match tomorrow night. More updates coming!
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    Ah the joy of their first car. That's awesome! Reminds me of mine, my grandfather's old 03 Chevy Astrovan with tinted windows. Legit looked like a van trying to lure kids in with candy. That car is now in a much better place...
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    What are you doing up so late? I thought bed time was 9...
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    That’s thrown off by a few downhill tee shots with the 9. My longest with the 9 is actually longer than the 8. I would pull the 9 iron from 140. The PW seems to max around 135 and I’d say the 9 is 150ish with the 8 165. Im purposefully working to limit the amount of “max” swings I take for accuracy. And I’d expect the PW average to go down this week since I’m using it everywhere from 130 and in.
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    Any other takers for a little friendly competition? Weather is looking good for at least one more crack at besting my 84 this weekend, hoping the storms they are forecasting hold off so that I can get two shots at it... Spent some time on the range this week at lunch digging in the dirt and feeling ready to put together a really good round.
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    Thanks! I've owned the calipers for 6 years and that's probably the third time I've ever used them.
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    This is probably true. I think PING has always done a great job on feel of clubs even when Cast. they do a good job with the other materials to dampen the feel. id be curious to see two identical designs with no changes to the dampening materials in a forged, cast, and MIM club. the SM7s are cast, and the MIMs do feel ever so slightly different, but That could all be related to shaft and grip differences as well. Either way... I really like these MIM wedges!
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    A man that knows how to use a set of calipers . Nice overview!
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    That is the claim and why I'm asking. Refined grain structure is a principal by-product of conventional forging. I think the MIM process is a great application for golf club heads and begins to challenge that standard as a means of attaining "forged feel" - whatever that truly means. In that recent No Putts Given Podcast, regarding forged vs. cast, the consensus was that, were a true blind test done with cast and forged wedges, the majority wouldn't be able to discern the difference.
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    Who's going to be the first person to use a set PW out of a green side bunker this week?
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    What club do you pull at 140? Is this your "smart" distance or do you really have an almost-30-yard gap between 9i and PW? Or, is it just too early in your Arccos career and there haven't been enough shots with the PW? Even if that did go up a little bit, that would only separate your PW and GW further wouldn't it? I guess the same could be said for your 6i and 7i gaps -- have you found any issues on the course?
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    I'm not putting my name in the hat for the entries, but that still doesn't mean I don't want in on this action!!
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    So, I'm headed out today to do an 18 hole, 4-pw challenge against @GB13 for the cobra connect challenge. It will be interesting cause i did a gap test yesterday and I hit my 4 iron so bad that it gapped it between my 6 and 7 irons lol. But I'm convinced that the SkyTrak hates my swing anyway, so I'm not putting much stock into it. Similar 4 iron strikes going 241 and then 193? Weird, but i digress. Plus I'm a gamer, so I'll let you know how it goes.
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    130 on the driver dry swing post workout and 117 hitting the wiffle Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Is that so?! A hybrid? Hmm ... I see.
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    Well, had to get the oldest a car to help transporting everyone around. He was very excited! Hoping this used 2013 Civic lasts awhile!!!!!
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    I'm waiting for them to incorporate the infinity pattern on the wedge face before I convert.
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    To really test the CC4 combatants short game prowess, I think Cobra should send you all their ultra-low coefficient of friction wedge .
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    Well cleaned up storm damage today.....minimal secondary damage removing the tree from the house but wouldn’t be fun if I didn’t break something else in the process!
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    Great irons writeup @Headhammer! It's really great to see how much the new tech is helping you. Also, bonus points for the Monty Python reference
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    Wonder if the UPS guy did a couple extra loops around to get ready lol. I think Kirke was more excited than you were (pup looked pretty pumped too) although you had a glove ready to go and swing. Finish looks great on those, not flashy nice and subtle.
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    See the ball....be the ball
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    10:30 now, it’s still the summer. Cut the kid some slack.
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    I think most of us are here to discuss, rather than to argue. Posting testimonials from promotional literature isn't much of a discussion, as we can't ask questions of the guys who wrote those testimonials. If you look in another thread about instruction, you'll find mentions of Monte Scheinbloom and Erik Barzeski. I know Monte is active in discussions on GofWRX, you can read some of his instruction and evaluations, and get a sense of his personality. Similarly, Erik runs TheSandTrap, and provides a lot of instructional content there, as well as participating in a couple of other forums. From Mr. Chitren we have only his self-promotional stuff, no back and forth, no discussion. We CAN find that he quit smoking once, and became a "quit-smoking guru" for a time. We can find that in 2009 he wanted to become a PGA Tour player, and was trying to raise money to do that. He ran a golf "concierge" business for a while, setting up golf trips in the Tampa area. There are some YouTube videos from 10 years ago, and a few more from 2017, and now a recent bunch. But no dialogue. And there's no mention of him outside of his own webpages. Feel free to discuss, that's always more interesting than simply posting stuff off of the promotional website.
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    Naw, of course you aren’t scared, you are the only one so far with the guts to challenge me! #respect Attaboy!! Keeping this Pats fan from cheating again! That sucks the hybrid isn’t working out for you, but at least the 5 iron doesn’t give up too much distance. This is accurate. However, there really is a window there...
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    I often get lost in the technology "speak" of lofts and spin rates. @Lacassem, your post made me curious what exactly makes a spinner shaft a spinner. The Cleveland site says it's specifically designed for wedge play but doesn't explain what those specifics are. For those of you, like me, who had no idea what the difference is and what it means, I finally found that info on an old 2015 Golf Monthly website: "a small section of the shaft with a thinner diameter is positioned near the grip of the club. And combined with a longer tip section creates extra through impact, increasing spin by up to 500rpm." The more I'm around MyGolfSpy the more cool stuff I learn. I started out thinking that if this steel shaft doesn't seem to like me, then I can switch it out for a graphite shaft. Now I'm hoping it will like me so much that I'll want to instead switch out my other wedge shafts to these spinners. My brain is already spinning and my new wedge is not even here yet.
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    Well I stiffened the back leg and my speed went up immediately Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    They can have a hybrid if it replaces the 4 iron, won't help him any way
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    I am honored to be chosen to test the new Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge. The ZipCore wedges were already high on my list of clubs I wanted to try based on some early rumblings I have been hearing from some of the Cleveland reps. I will be testing the 50* Mid bounce model, I chose the 50* wedge because it’s one of the most used clubs in my bag. I’m a Dave Pelz “Short game bible” disciple so I use my wedges with many different swings for different distances and trajectories. Full swing it’s my 100-110 yard club, 3/4 it’s my 80-85 yard club and 1/2 swing produces a low checking 50 yard shot. I have a ton of confidence in those shots and if I’m out of position or playing a long par 5 I look to layup to a distance that puts my 50* wedge in my hand. My current gamer is a satin King Cobra wedge, it’s one of my favorite clubs but is a couple of seasons old and ready to retire. I’ll compare the 2 side by side comparing sound, feel, distance and stopping power. I may also add a 54* ZipCore wedge to my bag as well and I’ll test it along side of my 54* Cobra wedge. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Spent a little time outside hitting whiffle balls into the side of the house working on figuring out my irons. I had a thought when I got home from work that I might be trying to get too big of a backswing. I'm more along the lines of a Jon Rahm (minus the copious amounts of power) than a shaft parallel to the ground guy. Lately, I've been trying to hit the cover off the ball and my scores show me how that's working out. With the more controlled backswing and accelerating through the ball I saw better results. Now I've just got to head to the range and see how it does with real balls.
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    We’re allowed 1 hybrid. And irons down to the PW. So I have my 4 hybrid, 5-PW, and putter
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    @B.Boston if you wanted to travel a bit further Belgrade Lakes looks pure. It’s an hour from you though. Looks like a trip worth taking! And it seems to be a legit big boy course! Makes me want to go to Maine!
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    That's nice! Is it bad and petty of me to hope it makes you itch like a farm dog and sweat like a ditch digger .
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    41, +5. That’s w one miserable double. Had reasonable putts for birdie or par but putter was off. Greens were really fast and I had a putter that doesn’t line that fast of greens. Oh well always Friday w “Bacon Boyz “! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Very well done Dave!!!!!!!!
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    I started out with the non digital version and a drafting board with Velum and a radial arm.
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    Trees are 90 percent air aren't they?
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    Didn't buy it, but I did just win this cool Caddyshack towel from Bag Boy Golf. Dont think i can bring myself to add it to the bag so it should make a good addition to the man cave.
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    Just Venmo me whatever you’re comfortable with [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    @tchat - just strengthen the grip and you’ll be fine. You’re doing way more right than wrong. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    "Now it will be interesting on how long it will take my order to move 2.5 miles up the road".USPS = United Slow Postal Service
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    Was an interesting round today. Driver swing is missing in action. Started hitting pulls and hooks. Usually a setup or grip issue for me, so its fixable. Iron swing showed up. Made a small feel change and it was like a miracle. Started hitting competent iron shots. It was great. Putting was iffy, got to figure out the short putts. Bunker play was atrocious. Multiple holes where it took multiple shots to get out of the bunker. And when I say getting out of the bunker, twice it was ball first thin shots over the green. Whoops.
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    Right, even though our Arccos handicaps are far apart, I am calling out @B.Boston!! This is due to me recovering from surgery and my official handicap being 10 (not 5.6 like Arccos). I will add gifs and smack talk later
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