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    (5) Competitors Wanted: #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4 That's right, it's time for the largest annual event the MyGolfSpy Forum runs. #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4 is ready to knock your socks off as either a competitor or enthusiastic fan. (5) dedicated testers will be outfitted with a full set of Cobra clubs complete with Cobra Connect Arccos sensors to track your progress throughout. The testers will compete in (8) weekly challenges that will test their ability in a wide range of challenges with a season champion crowned at the thrilling completion. In addition to our testers competing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, members of the community will be able to compete for PUMA GOLF prizes on their own. It's getting tougher each year to surprise the community but we're going to do our best this year with an increased catalog of Cobra Products on the table: Woods: SPEEDZONE and SPEEDZONE extreme drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids Irons: (3) SPEEDZONE and (2) Forged Tec testers. Available in conventional or One Length 3 Wedge Sets: (3) King Black (conv or OL) and (2) King MIM Go ahead and get started using the official hashtags for this challenge #MGSCOBRA2020 and #COBRACONNECT. In addition to the weekly challenges, testers will also be expected participate heavily on Social Media. This opportunity is open to residents of US and CANADA. To apply, reply to this thread only with the following information: Handicap and Location Social Media Accounts Expected rounds in an 8-week span Current OEMs in your bag Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge ______________________________________ Note: if you are unable to post in the thread and are wondering why, please read through the FAQ first: HERE
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    Guys, we're going to go ahead a lock this one up right away. Our point isn't to shut down any criticism of MGS. Rather, it's our forum moral code that, in the forum, we don't allow political discussion. There are lots of places to express opinions on these issues, but in the forum, we are pretty much going to "stick to golf."
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    81 6/14 fir 7/18 gir 32 putts. Weather + golf = humbling. Got to play Pebble today and hit the ball well. Not that the score would indicate that but I did. Rained during entire warm up and stopped right after first tee shot. First hole was 5w to left fairway bunker 128 hole. Had to go around tree branches. Hit a prefect little knock down draw to 2 feet. Birdie Second hole fairway bunker again. 220 flag. Tried to hit 5w but was really a mistake. Thinned half topped hit lip but left me center of fairway 140 out. Another perfect 9 iron to 5 feet! Missed it though, no practice greens open so having a downhill slider for first real putt was not fun. Turned around on 3 and somebody turned the fan on. And I mean industrial strength fan. Blowing 20 steady and gusts closer to 30 for the rest of the round. I took my bag off the cart to take pic of it in 7 tee. Hoofer stand bag, blown over by the wind, no influence nothing. Not sure I have seen that before. I did bring 14 to it’s knees though. Driver 4 iron on green to just over 30 feet for my only other birdie. Alright enough babbling to the porn. Peter Hay par 3 under construction, I guess Tiger is part of it as he was on site yesterday.
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    PB ALERT 75 6/14 FiR 9/18 GiR 27 putts (0 3-putts) It finally happened. Things worked in unison and for the first time I felt like I could actually be decent at this maddening game! Sank a 15-ish foot putt on the first hole and thought, "oh no, the dreaded first hole birdie" After 2 bogeys and 2 more birdies, I stood -1 on the 9th tee box and totally blocked one to the right. Heard it hit the cart path and I would later discover that it went OB. Wasn't able to get up and down from 178 and made a disheartening triple. I thought that I completed the choke as I normally, inevitably do. However, after missing the green 10y right on the next hole, I chipped in for birdie and got back on the "what did I step in this morning, is this really happening" train. Kept it steady and I knew I was well below my previous best score of 79 standing on the 18th tee. Semi blocked one but got a lucky bounce and ended up here Thankful that I didn't choke, I hit the next one extremely thin into the front pot bunker. Almost up and downed it but lipped the putt because it had a little too much pace. I knew I had beaten my previous best, but didn't know it was by 4 strokes! Absolutely stoked right now!! Thanks for listening to my story, internet friends
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    ... Finally able to put a good round together and my first under par round of 2020. Been a rough Spring with Covid, record breaking rain which meant DEEP rough and a ton of wind. I have not been able to play 2 days in a row or even 2 times in 5 days and I am spoiled preferring to play 4 or 5 days in a row to get in a groove. Windy again today with 20-25 mph winds but pretty steady and not gusty so they were easier to navigate. I play the Blues but teed off on the Whites for 3 holes dead into the wind. To compensate I moved back to the Gold tees for 3 holes that were downwind so I figure it evened out. Extremely happy with 14 GIR's as my P760 irons were really working well today and I would have easily shot in the 60's if my T100-S would show up. I actually milked everything I could out of the round and had a few lies in the rough that were better than they should have been. I think every par 5 is a birdie hole and 15 really did a number on me as I went from hitting my tee shot into the rough when the wind blew it 20 yds sideways and I missed may starting point, leaving me a foot into the rough instead of fairway, then hit a hybrid into the rough again and finally a knockdown 9 iron the bore thru the wind and into the rough over the green. Gouged out a LW to 10 feet and made the putt when I actually missed my line and the wind blew it into the hole as it died so I got lucky.
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    To use a line or not to use a line? That is the question. It's not exactly Shakespeare, but when lining up a putt, it's a question I'll bet you've asked your self more than once. Some golfers use tracing devices while others opt for the free-hand Sharpie method. Additionally, on pretty much every tour-level ball, the side stamp doubles as an alignment aid. Some companies (namely Callaway) have taken the conversation a step further with advancements such as Triple-Track Technology. Given all of this as the context within the ball industry, Golfballs.com spawned the idea of Align XL. Simply, it's a custom print option that places a straight line 180° around the ball. The result seems rather basic, but drawing a straight line on a curved surface is a bit more complex than one might think. With that, Golfballs.com developed in-house technology to maintain certain levels of quality control and fast turn-around times on all custom orders. Now, we want you to test it. Golfballs.com will be providing one dozen of any type of ball on their website with the AlignXL personalization. This opportunity is open to golfers residing in the US. To apply, reply to this thread with the following information: Location and HC Current line method Ball choice and personalization
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    Just thought I would chime in for a bit to let y’all know that I have been monitoring the situation. As the Cobra Godfather, I am extremely interested in making sure this challenge goes off without a hitch. As a long time Spy, and a reviewer of several Cobra irons (Bio Cell Irons, F6 Irons & F8 full bag), I can tell you that it takes a lot of time to review equipment properly for My Golf Spy. The folks at Cobra are very interested in this annual review by golfers like yourself. We had several interactions with Cobra Staff in the past. The activity of the Spies on this thread was “off the chart”. This made the Cobra Challenge an exciting event to be a part of. Now, with the addition of social media, you are reviewing the equipment on all fronts. It is tedious to keep up. BTW, I still Game the F8 Fairway Woods and Wedges in my Cobra Ultralight bag. I wish the best for all who are selected and will be following them throughout the summer. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I just really wanted to post this because I cannot say enough good things about Sub 70 golf. I have been looking at new irons for a few months now. I was originally leaning towards Wilson staff, but am so glad I found this company through mygolfspy. In March, I ordered the demo set of the 699 irons right before the coronavirus happened in March---now you are only supposed to be able to keep them for 2 weeks but they said I can keep them as long as I want to truly get a chance to put them to the test. I then ordered the 699 pro demo irons about a month ago to compare to the 699 irons. I have contacted Jason (CEO of Sub70) and Mike (sales) countless times throughout the process to go over specs, shafts, my game and what I am looking for in my irons. He has been more than helpful and truly takes the time to assist each customer. He really cares for the customer and loves golf. Well fast forward to today. I contacted Jason to order my 699 irons and wanted to go over shafts and my concern about not for sure getting the lie angle correct (I have never been fit). He gives me his recommendation for iron shafts based on my game (the KBS tour stiff) and then suggests once I get them to hit them, we can talk about my misses, what is going on, and then I can come to the facility to dial in the lie angle on the simulator and lie board (I live within driving distance). I was also looking at buying a 939x #3 hybrid and he suggested a shaft that was not on their list on their website, so he contacted his sales department to get it all set up for me. Jason then gave me a price for the irons and hybrid and ensured that Shane from their sales department will contact me tomorrow to confirm my order and payment information. MIND YOU, HE DID ALL OF THIS FOR ME WHILE ON A ROAD TRIP TO NEBRASKA!! I can't believe the customer service I have received from this company. They truly care about their customer and want the clubs to be exactly what fits the golfer to their exact specifications. It made me feel like a tour pro even though I carry a 12 handicap. Everyone at Sub70 golf is so helpful, (From Jason and Jay, to Mike and Shane and everyone in-between). If you are looking for new clubs, I highly suggest Sub70 golf. They truly have the best customer service in golf, their irons and clubs are top notch and their prices are great too!!
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    Played 18 today with dad at the course hosting the district qualifier next month. Lots of positives and some really good course management today. 39/37 with 3 birdies and a double. If I could gripe about one thing, my was not great. 5 over round was a big deal for me as I had never broken 80 on this course until today. I strung 3 bogeys in a row on 15-17 but finished 18 with a bird. It’s at the south end of Canandaigua Lake and the views are fantastic. One amusing shot from today...I landed the ball square on the top of the flag. The black nut that keeps the flag secured left a nice ding as a reminder.
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    This is post 3000. What a great forum. While I've only met a handful of you in person, it feels like I know many more of you as if we saw each other regularly. Thanks for putting up with me! .
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    Overall I was pretty happy with yesterday’s round. 40/40:80 11 FW 3 GIR 28 putts. I continue to drive the ball well and missed fairways are narrow misses. Hit my mid irons to linger clubs well. Approaches with Short irons were a bit of a struggle; 2 of my GIRs were with 6 irons. Since I didn’t hit many greens there was a lot of pressure on the short game. Chips and pitches were good; chunked a couple, overall contact was solid. Need to work on carry and rollout distances to have more realistic up and down opportunities.
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    My wife and I drove to Chattanooga to hit up a nursery to feed her plant addiction and on the way back stopped at the local DSG to check it out since they moved location into the mall. I walked out with a new pair of golf shoes after she talked me in to them. I think she was feeling guilt after spending money on plants the last couple of weeks and wanted to feel better about it. Got a pair of Adidas CP Traxion at a deal. They were listed at $79 and I got them for $59. My second purchase was made after we got back into town and stopped at the ReStore. I've been wanting to pick up a bladed club since I've seen numerous threads about traditional vs SGI clubs and wanted to see if they held merit with this high capper. I initially found a Ben Hogan 8 iron and was going to pick it up, but I looked and saw a Wilson Staff Fluid Feel in a 6 iron. Then I found another in the set, and another, and another. I found a complete set 2-PW! At $2 a club I just bought them all. They need a little TLC, they have rust spots on the heads and shafts. I'm actually going to try my hand at cleaning and buffing then out to see if I can make them prettier. The groups are in surprisingly good shape and still have some tack to them. I'm going to have to give it a little bit before I get out and hit them as the local driving range is still suffering from tornado damage. I took the 2 iron out and looked down at it and I think I'm going to have nightmares. I'm hoping to play an all iron round with them during the Hard Rock Challenge because I strangely like punishing myself. I think it might be bad. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Playeed a twilight 9 tonight out at Santiam to seek a little redemption from from my Tokatee blowup. I will say I was a little nervous on the 1st box as my back 9 yesterday really leftme wondering. Smoked a 5w down the tube and breathed a big sigh of relief. Actually every shot was a sigh of relief. Hit really only two bad shots enroute to a +4. Fanned a 7i on a par 3, and duffed a short chip on 9. Amazing what can happen when you actually rotate, finish, and trust your swing.
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    Played a Jack Nicklaus design today called Bear's Best Atlanta. The course features 18 of Jack's favorite holes from his designs from around the world. Most are near perfect replicas. There are two signature holes. The first is the 4th which is a replica of Hole #2 at Old Works in Anaconda, MT. It stands out because of the black sand used in the bunkers. The other hole is the 6th, a replica of Hole #12 at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, OH. This famous hole is at the course where Jack hosts The Memorial every year. It's a par 3 playing 163 yards over water and I hit my 8 iron to 8 feet. Birdie lipped out but I still played decent for the day. It was a great experience!
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    I played in league this evening. Let's just say I drank better than I played.
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    Very proud of myself today. Shot a 39 playing 9 holes with 3 mates. New personal best by 6 strokes. My long game wasn't bad but my short game was on fire.
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    I finished Week 3 on Saturday. The week started well with a personal best driver speed of 117 mph on the first day. The rest of the week, I regressed somewhat. I know some peaks and valleys are to be expected, so I don't consider it a big deal. Especially since I did my session Saturday after running a chain saw for a couple hours (I was trying to be conscious of making sure I did it while I was still somewhat fresh, so I took a break and relaxed for a while, did the protocol, and then went back to cutting). I'll just keep chugging away at it. Here is a chart tracking Driver speed (before and after): I think the trend was really nice until sessions 8 and 9 get added, but I know that kind of progress is probably not sustainable. To me, one of the most noteworthy results of the testing to-date is how good my back feels. It has been a struggle for me to find stretches that helped relieve pressure in a golf swing. It seems the combination of the dynamic warm-up and the protocols is doing exactly what I was looking for. There have been a couple times I've finished the sessions and felt some tightness, but as time goes on, I feel better and better after I'm done.
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    84 6/14 fir 7/18 gir 34 putts. Well today was something. Perfect coastal day, no wind overcast 65*. Greens were still recovering from being punched so they were pretty bumpy. For those of you who haven’t gotten the pleasure of playing Spyglass, it’s a beast. And today that beast ate my putting stroke on the 3rd hole. I held it off for a little bit but it had lunch on my short game on the 8th. But it saved it’s best for the main course. It devoured my entire golf game on the 12th hole. I couldn’t find the club face for the rest of the round, entirely gone throughout my swing. 8 over on last 7. Still was an incredible weekend!!
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    ... Wow, 30 lbs, You Da Man! Lots talk the talk but you are walking the walk. ... About 5 years ago after a bad back period where I spasmed with almost any kind of athletic movement, rehab got me in shape and ready to play again. But for some reason I was still tight on the tee with a driver. I think I can safely say I developed the driver yips. It was horrible. Topped shots, off the toe, thin and a swing that quite honestly felt like Charles Barkley. I could tee off with a driving iron just fine but as soon as I put a driver in my hands my set up instantly felt off and I had zero chance of making decent contact let alone hitting a decent drive. I think I was playing to a 0 back then so my goal of getting to a + index seemed like a dream that would never come true. With a problematic back I can't practice as I need to hit and walk, keeping my back as loose as I can. I went thru a short period of just teeing of with a driving iron but recognized that was the cowards way out. I just decided to relax and take whatever the golf gods had in store for me off the tee. ... I wish I had some words of wisdom for turning the corner but it was just good old fashioned perseverance and things slowly came around. This whole thing took about a month but playing 5 or 6 times a week it seemed like years so I think I know what you are going through. Passion for the game, a positive attitude and not giving up is all I can offer. I am pulling for you!
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    First of all, congratulations on the weight loss! Taking off 30 pounds in the winter with Thanksgiving and Christmas is truly impressive. I gave up golf for years, from my mid twenties to my late thirties. I had a lot of other hobbies to pursue and golf sat on the back shelf. I didn't pick it back up until about 7-10 years ago (it sad I can't remember exactly when) once I lost the people that I shared those hobbies with. It's hard giving up something you love for whatever reason. I can't imagine how the weight loss has affected your swing, but I know change like that can do a number on a lot of things you do. Whatever you do, just know there's a group of fellow golfers here that will support you. The most important thing is you find something to do that you enjoy and makes you happy, whether that's golf or something else.
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    78 (38/40) and if it weren’t for three drives it would’ve been 74. Good day on the course! Should’ve been my lowest round ever. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Never thought I would get to do it again, but i did. Broke 70 with a 68. Perfect weather this morning, slight dew on the greens which helped. They have the greens rolling to a 13. They are having a Pro Am tomorrow. Chipping was spot on and I was sticking it tight with the 60 degree on the ones that were not chippable (Over bunkers). Even had a sand save today. 33 / 35 12 / 14 FIR Funny the only two I missed I wasnt using a driver. 12 / 18 GIR Need to work on this. Good chipping and lob shots led to a lot of one putts though. Well the fun is over for today. I have to start the 3 hour lawn mowing process. Ughh.
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    Three rounds in for the weekend - Saturday Morning 9 Holes - 42 (+6) - 3/7 FIR - 4/9 GIR - 17 Putts (1 3-putt , 6 2-putts, 2 1-putts) - 1:20 Round Time Saturday Afternoon 18 Holes (Not at home course) - 47/48 = 95 (+23) - 7/14 FIR - 6/18 GIR - 38 Putts (3 3-putts , 14 2-putts, 1 1-putt) - 4:15 Round Time Very windy round and really struggled on unfamiliar greens. Also had a two-stroke penalty for not being able to find a drive somewhere in the rough on No. 17. Pretty sure the group in front of us took my ball, given that there was no where for it to go missing otherwise. We had groups behind us, so I opted to just take the penalty rather than drive back and re-tee. Sunday Morning 18 Holes - 43/43 = 86 (+14) - 6/15 FIR - 4/18 GIR (1 birdie) - 32 Putts (2 3-putts , 10 2-putts, 6 1-putts) - 3:15 Round Time Triple-bogeyed No. 17, was otherwise playing OK on the back, could have been at least a stroke or two better. Could write a bunch of commentary, but wanted to just highlight a few good shots: - No. 9 Saturday morning, pulled my tee shot left. Managed to sling two stinger 5 irons around the dogleg left and onto the green. Two-putt par. - No. 1 Saturday afternoon (downwind, downhill), caught my drive flush and totaled 304 yards. - No. 15 Sunday morning, a bad approach shot from the fairway, sunk a 50 footer for birdie. Grading out the rounds: Saturday morning - Driver Average, Irons Average, Approach Poor, Putting Average Saturday afternoon - Driver Good, Irons Good, Approach Average, Putting Poor Sunday morning - Driver Poor, Irons Average, Approach Average, Putting Good Some day I'll get "Good" scores in all of those areas during a round. Still, compared to this time last year I am playing much better, and my misses are more consistent. I'm happy with my progress. Made another video during Saturday morning's nine, this time hole No. 2. This was a blocked six iron to right rough, thinned six iron out of rough to in front of green, chip and two-putt bogey.
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    ... So took my T100-S to the course for their first round today. Hit a decent drive on #1 and was left with 145, a tweeter yardage for me. Since these are new lofts I was unsure what to hit but since it was light rough I decided it might fly some so I just hit a full pitching wedge. Sweet feel, perfect trajectory and it was all over the flag. Hit just short, checked up and then rolled in the cup! What a first impression!!! ... Now it really would be awesome if that is what occurred but what really happened is I found out the forged hosel on the T100-S is really soft feeling. I did hit my 58* to 5 feet and managed to save my par. Obviously I have a big review to write and will need quite a few more rounds before coming to any conclusions. I will tease you with this: the Kuro Kage 105 Tini's are every bit as good as my Recoil 95 Prototypes. I also had a 201 yd shot slightly uphill on a tough par 3 and hit my T100-S 4 iron 15 feet from the hole and pin high. Felt great. Stay tuned...
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    ... After playing yesterday I came home to the Titleist box sitting by the front door. I was not expecting it til Monday or later so thanks to Titleist for shipping so quickly as I will play them this weekend. They really look just about perfect at address with the thinnest top line I have seen In a Players Iron. I am also looking forward to playing the Kuro Kage 105gm Tini shafts to see how they compare to my Recoil 95 Prototype and Steelfiber 95s. ... I was pleasantly surprised that the W2 wedge is labeled 48* as the "2" with the P can be small and not easy to detect in the bag and confused with P1. Just a nice touch. 4 1
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    Started poorly, 5 over after 3 holes. Finished 11 over after finding a bit of form. Drove the ball well, putted ok. Wind was very tough, 20-25mph, from an unusual direction,, with lots of crosswinds. When I finished only one person had played to their handicap for the day.
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    Havent posted in this thread for a few months as we've been in lockdown. Just posting to say its eased after 67 days and I have a tee time for this afternoon yippee The weather here is hot and dry so I'm hoping the course is in ok condition and I play as well as I was pre lockdown, report later.
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    Bit late, but I said I would post it...really don't want to...Ok here it goes. After my 1 over round on Sat (should have been under par), I had decided to go play a bit more challenging of a course to see how I was really playing. The course on Sat was Las Positas which came in at only 6300 yards or so I think. So I went out and played Coyote Creek Valley Course in San Jose which measures out to 7033 I believe. Started off well and hit a decent 295yrd drive on the first hole. Was left with about 140 slightly down hill and the pin in the back so you don't want to be long. My ball was in the fairway, but was also in close proximity to a drain that had just had some work done and this caused me to have my feet in really weird position. I thought about taking relief, but though "naw Its no big deal", pulled my wedge and swung. Shank into a hazard...well crap. 2nd hole, missed a 4 foot birdie put, 3rd hole, missed 4 ft par put for bogie. Now I'm 3 over through 3 this was not the start I had envisioned....Skip ahead to end end of 9 where by now I had settled in a bit and my short game was saving me for sure. Still only 3 over and starting to look up. Then the heat started to get to me. I even had to put up a shade umbrella cuz I couldn't hang. I think the temp was around 98* or so which is about 30* higher than I would prefer. I probably should have sought out the shade sooner because by now it was hard to stave off the sweat and even harder to hold my club straight with enough energy to swing. Without going shot by shot of my failures you can see on the card below how my back nine went. (I will comment that on hole 10 I have no idea what happened. Hit an OK drive and then scoped the flag at about 167 yards with a slight breeze into me. Pured a 6i to the right edge of the green and somehow my ball disappeared both on the green and nowhere within 30 short or yards long of the green...not sure what happened there). The rest of the back nine I just chocked apparently. Guess it's back to Las Positas for me jk. (please ignore the "Driving Distance row" ..not sure what was going on there...for sure didn't hit it 7 yards on 1, nor did I hit it 339 on 10...)
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    I've not really had any issues with using Android with Arccos other than battery drain and still have enough to play 18. I upgraded phones a while back and now that's to a minimum. My biggest complaint is Arccos not having the social aspect for Android and I've mulled the idea of buying an iPhone just for that reason. Looks like you had a good idea going that route, I hope you really enjoy it. The data is absolutely helpful and sometimes humbling. That's nice! Odyssey is one of those putters that I can just pick up in the store and just flat out roll. Now, on the course it might be a different story. Best of luck with it! Just got my Boonie hat in today, it's a little more olive than I expected, but I think it'll do the job of keeping my ears and neck from frying. Makes me feel a little like@MattF but not as fashionable. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Fun fact, this change has actually made our short lists longer because we've got more people getting involved than before. I wouldn't read too much into the raw application numbers.
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    Hope this works! I'm not one to buy a putter without trying it first but I've heard outstanding things about this and can return up until August 1st. It was between this one and the double wide; ready for all the MOI I can get. Plus the "S" version has a little toehang for my slight arcing stroke. Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Ten S Putter Right Handed 34.25in Phil's first time out with it and he had 7 birdies.... I'll be happy with half of that.
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    Let it be known that the golf gods did not look kindly to me questioning another man's definition of a dumpster fire. Is there such thing as a nuclear version of a dumpster fire? Well, it happened to me in league last night.... It all started innocently enough. 3H to the fairway, AW to ~15 feet and a three putt. Then I promptly hit the next tee shot OB (by only a few feet), followed by less-than-optimal recovery through trees, a decent 3W, and a chip to the center of the green for another 3-putt. To summarize, I tripled both par 5's, had three 3-putts, and was 13 over when I stepped to the 7th tee. Fortunately, I pulled my head out of my a$$ and managed to bogey, par, par my way in for a 50 (+14). Strangely, I was hitting my irons very solid and, with only one obvious exception, exactly where I wanted them to go. Even then, I hit one of them "too well", if there is such a thing. On the 6th hole, I had a good drive with about 165 to the center of the green with a slight helping breeze. I was thinking stock 7 iron since that's my 160 club. Maybe SuperSpeed training is somewhat to blame, but I smoked that 7 iron - laser-straight, right at the center of the green, but it flew the green... and the bunker behind it. Past the bunker is a down-slope that kicked my ball away from the green and under trees. Since I could not get the ball in the air, I tried to bash an 8 iron into the bank on the back side of the bunker and hope for a good bounce, but I flew it. Another pathetic chip and a 3-putt for a triple. When I was editing my round in Arccos, I moved the 7 iron to the approximate area it landed to figure out the carry - ~ 180-185. Not what I intended. Driving = garbage Irons = better than I've hit them in a while Chipping = garbage Putting = garbage So there, that is my definition of a dumpster fire.
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    Played a course that is 20 minutes from my house and I have played it many times before but it was always a farther ride. Started the round like crap lost 4 balls on the first 3 holes then I started to play better. Made the turn and shot bogey golf on the back nine for a 102 which isn't my best or worst round ever but for how it started I'll take it especially since it is my first round since the review I did last year. I did get some spin back on my 7i from 170 and the greens were super slow.
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    I think I'm still feeling the effects of the mulching during the week. Shot another 93 yesterday. Driver continues to be off and on, but working on ball position is helping a lot. Even more so with the irons. I've been hitting them pretty solidly, up to a club longer just because of ball position, so there's that.
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    I figure this is as good a place as any to put this. Have any of you seriously considered giving up this game? I am there right now. I have gone from a solid single digit to.... I have no idea. I can't hit a ball with anything.... driver, irons or wedges. Everything I hit is almost cut in half with the bottom of the club. This has gone on for at least the last 6 rounds I've played. This is not fun or enjoyable... at all. I have lost 30 lbs. over the Winter. I can't find a swing to save my life. The game I love has become something to despise/fear. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep going like this before I just quit. Have any of you ever been where I am? What did you do? How did you fix it?
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    Well finally found some resemblance of a driver swing today. Everything was still a push fade or a pull draw but everything was still playable. I was hit and miss with the T200’s today and was able to get some good feedback for the review. Now the putter with the new Wristlock grip was something I didn’t expect. After carpet rolling it all week and managing to get to the practice green late last night I thought I would be lights out with it. However for some reason this morning it felt different. The swing weight seemed drastically different than last night. I didn’t make 1 putt over 4 feet today. All of that added up to a 43/42 day. I scrambled well on a couple holes by knocking the wedge to tap in distance. Today’s round showed me that I have the ability to shoot even par when things are good and that 50+ is possible when things get off. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    First round of the year on Monday. 87, 3 lost balls, 3 three putts. Walked 18 carrying my bag for the first time in about 15 years. It was glorious and I didn't care what I scored...
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    9 holes league play last night, 44 (+9) 1/7 FIR, 3/9 GIR, 18 putts All in all was actually a really good day, stats don't really do it justice. Most of my fairway misses were very slight and not penal. Could have hit a few more putts, but nothing crazy. On top of that, I had two shots I'm still scratching my head a bit on: On a par 5, I was about 70 yards from the green sitting 3. I hit what felt like a perfect 70 yard shot which ended up flying the green by about 10 yards, hit a down slope and put me in an impossible spot to get up and down. A few holes later, my tee ball ended up a bit into the trees, with 150 to the green and a low punch shot I should have been able to run up to the green. I took my 3 iron, choked up to the bottom of the grip, and had a little partial swing punch. It may have been the best struck shot of my life haha. Unfortunately that turned into about 175 yards OB long past the green. So especially considering the strokes I lost from those two shots, I'm happy with the round!
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    Get DEADLY around the greens and your cap will drop for sure. One huge difference between us mid-cappers and the low ones is that they get up and down much more frequently. Missed greens are almost like a penalty stroke for us because we can't recover.
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    Earlier, I remarked about my round where I shot back to back 41 with 2 doubles on each side today. Well, tonight, was men's club where the format was basically a skins game. So, on my 3rd nine for the day, I had yet again 2 double bogeys, but this time shot 4 over (39 on par 35 course). Our course has 27 holes and I played all 3 nines today and had 2 double bogies on each 9. I'm beginning to think I'm going to get a new nickname if I keep this up. On the plus side, I did have 2 birdies in the skins game, one of which I stroke on for a net deuce. Don't know if I won anything or not, but maybe.....
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    I started doing the protocols during last years testing and stopped due to pain in my fingers but the 2020 thread inspired me to get started again. The big question was where to start; I was through 19 weeks so my thought was to start protocol 3 over again but I would judge based on numbers from my first session. Having done most wanted driver testing, I knew my swing speed on GC Quad was generally in the 106-108 range when making a normal shot. Took a before number and swung at 108. Started the protocol and my initial numbers were just under where I stopped last year so I think I am starting at a good place. Very quickly my fingers starting hurting like they were last year. I thought that maybe I was holding the club to tight so I loosened my grip a little which helped with the pain but will be something I continue to monitor. Did a driver speed test after the session and recorded a top speed of 117. Thanks to all the people participating in the thread to help get me motivated to get started again!
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    Started off rough with back to back double bogies, but finished the front nine with a 41. I'll be darned if I didn't get another 2 doubles on the back nine and shot the same 41. 82 with 4 double bogies (one birdie).
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    Pulled the trigger on some Mizunos JPX 919 Tours with KBS Tour S 130s.
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    I took half a day vacation today to play with a friend I haven't played with in a couple years. Front 9 was pretty much garbage. Ok off the tee, but irons were a struggle. Chipping was meh, I was rarely close enough to expect to make the putt. Ended up with 49 on the front. I decided to actually play my driver on the back and work on it since the front sucked. Turned out to be a good idea. 43 on the back with a pathetic triple on a par 3 (no lost balls, so yeah, it was bad). Chipping improved so I had 4 one-putts on the back (5 total one-putts, no three-putts). +20 total on a pretty tough course that I've only played one other time. Here is a pic of their "signature" hole. Long, downhill par 3. Was playing about 190 over a ravine. Managed to par it with a 4h to just off the back, decent chip, and a putt. Beautiful hole, IMO.
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    My father went through a season of shanks, tops, pulls, skulls, and whatever else you can think of. He played through it and plays just fine for his strength now (partially torn rotator cuff). Since you went through such an awesome physical change (congrats on that!), maybe starting fresh with a lesson would help? Or some time working on the short game? I usually play better after being able to get some chips and pitches in practice. Other than that, I’d say try to play without worrying about the score or your mechanics. Enjoy your new physique and learn. And [mention]sirchunksalot [/mention]said it best. If you need to take a break from the game and do something else there’s nothing wrong with that either. Good luck man, hope to hear you’re turning it around soon! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    ... After playing yesterday I came home to the Titleist box sitting by the front door. I was not expecting it til Monday or later so thanks to Titleist for shipping so quickly as I will play them this weekend. They really look just about perfect at address with the thinnest top line I have seen In a Players Iron. I am also looking forward to playing the Kuro Kage 105gm Tini shafts to see how they compare to my Recoil 95 Prototype and Steelfiber 95s. ... I was pleasantly surprised that the W2 wedge is labeled 48* as the "2" with the P can be small and not easy to detect in the bag and confused with P1. Just a nice touch.
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    39/45:84 today at Pebble Creek today. Had one birdie on Par 5 with a 1” birdie putt. Approach shot was 197 yds on green in two, then eagle putt missed by 1”..... Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Honestly, any club in the bag will work for chipping. It depends on the scenario and what you want the ball to do. If I want the ball to get on the green and start rolling quickly, I will use my 52, 9i, or 7i. If I want the ball to carry over something and land soft, I will use my 56 or 60. Here are a few good videos that I have referred to for learning different chipping techniques: The best thing that has helped me learn is just going and trying different things at the practice green. The fun part and challenging part of the short game is that there is no one "correct" answer, but there are principles that matter. Happy learning!
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    New personal record with the driver after training today Hit 117, 119 and 119 on three consecutive swings
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    Well, I turned up ready to play, but whoever was hitting the ball sucked. Driver was off pretty much the whole day with the exception of 2 or 3 holes. The highlight of the round was the par 3 #8, hit a 7 iron 175 yards, string straight over the flag and 2 putted for par. Ended the day with a 93. I'm blaming the mulch laying the day before.
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