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    We're in the midst of a pretty good run here on the MyGolfSpy Forum. We've doubled in size in less than 4 years, and now stand at nearly 76,000 members as we march toward our goal of 100,000. Sure, the place has changed a bit since many of us old-timers joined up, but as we've grown up we've done our best to make sure the Forum lives up to its promise of being an open, welcoming and diverse collection of people who share the same passion for all things golf. Our founding traditions include respectful behavior, open welcomes to new members and lively, fun exchanges among real golfers - not the internet sensations who always hit it 320 down the middle. Do we slip up from time to time? Absolutely, but you guys are remarkable at self-policing. With that, I'd like to extend a personal thanks to GolfSpy Meyer, or as he will once again be known as - hckeymeyer. Brian has served as your forum director and moderator for the last year or so and, as happens in this position, will be transferring back to the role of valued Forum Member. Rob and Enrique will be assuming the roles of Forum Co-Directors and will eventually be looking to add another moderator to the staff roster. Forum Director is such a transitory position - I've done it, Brian, Bones, Mr. Theoo and others. We get to do it for a while and then we transition back into the real world of day jobs, family needs, etc. I know I speak for Brian when I say it's a fun ride, and you guys are the ones that make it that way. Anyway, cheers and thank you to Brian, and best wishes to Rob and Enrique as they take over the ship. Just remember Barbajo's first rule of management: I don't care what you do, just don't f**k it up....
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    How do you improve on a line of drivers that had a member of the family win the coveted Most Wanted Driver in 2018? That's certainly a tough task for any group of engineers. But the really smart guys in the lab coats in the rooms where nobody is allowed to go in Phoenix are betting they have done just that. And they have gone into uncharted waters to do so. PING has been if not the last , then most certainly the last major equipment company to produce a driver with movable weights. For years PING has stated that it had enough technology built into each version of it's drivers that you need not worry about unscrewing plugs, or sliding bars, or inserting cogs etc. They had done all the work for you and the driver would work just fine, and they did thank you very much. Well take a close look at the rear of the new G410 Plus pictured below. You'll see three possible ports for a movable weight, center for neutral, on the heel for draw bias and out on the toe for fade bias. People have finally gotten what they have clamored for. And for those who prefer a driver with a bit of a draw bias and don't need to change if from that, well PING hasn't forgotten you, as it made the G410 SFT--Straight Flight Technology--and it otherwise has all the same technology. Will this movable technology along with all the hosel adjustment that can moved into eight different configurations make one of the best drivers on the market year in and year out even better? Well we're going to leave it to four dedicated and trustworthy and oh alright, it's OK to say-- LUCKY as well-- members of the My Golf Spy forum to test, play, review--and keep-- these drivers. The members of the forum will anxiously be awaiting the results. The testers will be getting these drivers pretty much the same time they will be hitting retail shelf's, so you will be among the very first consumers on the course with these incredible looking drivers. HOW TO APPLY: in this thread - and ONLY in this thread - tell us the following: 1. Your first name and home state or province. -US and CN eligible. 2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed 3. Your current driver 4. List whether you would like to review the G410 Plus or G410 SFT Pretty straightforward! Good luck, and we'll be announcing the testers in this forum early next week! WE HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE! Congrats to the following testers: @jlukes @fixyurdivot @tony@CIC @PING Apologist #9 Please see the post below for more details: Edited April 2, 2018 by GolfSpy Rob (see edit history)
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    It's been a while since I have posted. On January 1. I became a retired Virginia Gentleman. My participation on this site was available through the use of my office computer that I no longer have daily access. Due to my computer illiteracy, without its use, one could say that I am "off the grid". Occasionally, such as today, I am asked to come in to assist in projects that I was involved. So I thought I would take this opportunity to say hi and to let you know how much I will miss my daily discussions with my MGS friends. The bad news is that I am "off the grid", the good news is that my retirement plans have been realized. Specifically, my desire to do something associated with golf during my retirement. I now work part time at a local Annapolis golf shop called Dukes Golf. To say that I enjoy the experience would be an understatement, the interactions with fellow golfers is better than I expected and I am learning a lot about golf equipment. The one thing I have come to know is how much I don't know.
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    Did I say one? Meant to say 2. Yes, 2. First things first, a special thanks goes out to the 33 applicants we received for the open moderator position. It really says something positive about the community that this many people were willing to invest their time and effort. Many of these applications obviously took a lot of effort to pull together so we're also grateful of how serious the position was taken. Through 2 rounds of selections, two gentlemen separated themselves. We looked at the criteria from all different angles trying to nitpick our way to give one the advantage over the other but we just came up with differences, not advantages. Not only that, they complimented each other in a perfect Yin and Yang. Why not Zoidberg? I mean, why not both? After re-evaluating the workload, we decided there's definitely enough work to share if we want to truly bring this forum to where we want to be in style. This new platform has a lot of untapped potential that we'll continue to explore. If we're gonna do it, We're gonna do it right. We're going to do everything we can to make the user experience for YOU the best on the web so please keep the feedback and suggestions coming. Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to our new staffers. Formerly known as strokerAce and mpatrickriley, I'd like to introduce you to: GolfSpy Stroker and GolfSpy MPR Be sure to give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram as well. Social Media will be a big focus for MGS moving forward. 2019 is going to be a BIG YEAR
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    Testers Chosen! Testing the 2019 Callaway Epic Flash: @edingc @yungkory And testing the Epic Flash Sub Zero: @THEZIPR23 @sirchunksalot Full announcement posted here. 4 Testers Wanted First there was just Epic and it had Jailbreak, then came Rogue and it had new lighter Jailbreak, Flash forward another year and we now have Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero, both with an even newer version of jailbreak and newer lighter crown but most importantly a face that was created by Artificial Intelligence----there has to be a Harry Arnett vs. Chad Coleman joke in there somewhere---to produce ball speeds that make heads spin at the USGA to insure they are within CT limits. We all know how the USGA is about it's rules these day...but I digress. So with all that these two drivers have to be the best ever right? Or at least the best of 2019? The results of My Golf Spy's Most Wanted testing released just last week, showed the Epic Flash Sub Zero at the top of the list. And that's no small achievement, as 2019 has widely been proclaimed the year of the driver, first by our very own Tony Covey last fall and afterward by just about every reviewer with a camera and YouTube login. But we're going to give you, actually four of you a chance to find out for yourself just how good these two drivers are. HOW TO APPLY: in this thread - and ONLY in this thread - tell us the following: 1. Your first name and home state or province. -US and Canada eligible 2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed 3. Your current driver 4. List whether you would like to review the Epic Flash or Epic Flash Sub Zero Simple Enough...Good luck everyone, we'll chose our testers sometime next week!
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    Some of the forum regulars know that I often post about my son Kirke. Kirke is five years old; he’ll be six at the end of December. He took up golf more or less from the time he could stand. He’s now at the point where we play regular rounds of golf. His course is built to the recommendations of US Kids golf; for him, nine holes runs right around 1,100 yards. We’re quickly running out of golf season here, and since the temps were supposed to get to the mid-40s today, I wanted to get in another round with him. And it turns out to be a round we’ll always remember. The sixth hole at our course is a par 4 for the adults, but Kirke plays it as his shortest par 3. We tee him up in the fairway, about 35 yards from the pin, which is a full 8-iron for him right now. One of the last times we played, I took a video of him hitting his shot from there. If you blow it up full screen, you’ll see the blue flag on the back left of the green, and his ball hit near the center of the green and run to the right. Today, the hole was back right. And before he hit his tee shot, he was talking about making a hole in one. And then he did it! He hit a beauty of a shot to the left side of the green, and then it started tracking for the cup. I’m yelling, “Get in the hole!,” knowing that it’s close, but also knowing that it’s hard to get the depth perception right from that distance. And then it disappeared! Here’s the great thing about having your little son hit a hole in one: it’s really easy to pick him up and carry him around in celebration! So here’s a video of him saying what he’s done, and then a video of him picking his ball out of the hole. We’ve got the ball, and my dad is planning to make a wooden plaque in the shape of the hole to mount it on. Obviously, I’m a proud dad today. I think we might have been the only people on the course today, but the course manager (who couldn’t be nicer to Kirke) was there, and Kirke got to tell him what he’d done. They let him off easy: he didn’t even have to buy a round of juice boxes.
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    Testers Chosen! If every movie is a comic book movie these days, Callaway's latest fits in perfectly. [Movie announcer voice]: In a world in which Artificial Intelligence has changed everything... The AI has now redesigned The Flash: [Meanwhile, in the alternate driver comic universe, something is being injected with really fast foam.] OK, where was I? Ah, that's right: announcing the testers for this computer generated speedfest! Testing the 2019 Callaway Epic Flash: @edingc @yungkory And testing the Epic Flash Sub Zero: @THEZIPR23 @sirchunksalot Join me in congratulating these four! And guys, look for a PM from me with details for the review.
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    (5) COMPETITORS WANTED: #CobraConnect Challenge 3 The premiere event of the summer is upon us and it promises to be bigger than ever. #CobraConnect Challenge 2 was the largest test-related thread in MyGolfSpy History as five competitors battled it out through unique challenges over an 8-week period. The resounding success of that event, and a new line of F9 clubs has inspired Cobra to come back with a vengeance. 5 lucky competitors will receive: 1. Arccos 360 with Caddie 2.0 (to establish baseline numbers) 2. F9 Speedback Driver and Fairway Wood/Hybrid combo as desired* 3. F9 Irons (conventional or single length)* 4. King or F9 Wedges* *All with the #CobraConnect Smart Grips installed (new models available now) 5. Ultralite Stand or Cart Bag For those keeping score at home, this is a full bag of Cobra clubs (minus putter) with Arccos to track your data along the way. This is a serious commitment so think long and hard about the expectations before applying. We're seeking golfers who can play every week during the challenge, post regularly in the thread, and can be active on social media**. **Prior account not required, but it will be expected that those without establish a new account for the challenge This opportunity is open to ALL GOLFERS ON PLANET EARTH That's right, you read it correctly. Righties, lefties, men and women from all corners of the international golf market are eligible to compete. If you'd like to apply for this opportunity, post a reply to this thread only listing the following information: Name, Locale, and Rounds per year Social Media Accounts Handicap and Swing Speed Current Set Desired Cobra Set Please do not quote this post in your application Click HERE to learn how to increase your chances of being selected
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    I went to the yearly demo day today in Shreveport, LA, that Edwin Watts puts-on every year. They always have a good turnout by the reps, and there isn’t a ton of traffic. The best part is it’s outside on a range so you can see the shots live and not on a screen! It was great weather, 52*, sunny, with a slight breeze behind us, helping. My whole purpose for going was to have my driver, and 3w, go head-to-head against all of the other manufacturers there and get numbers from the launch monitors that the reps bring. My numbers with my current G400 Max are pretty good, but I do launch it a little bit high, with a tad bit too much spin. I wanted to find something that kept me in the fairway, but would optimize my numbers a little bit better. With all of the reps, I told them the same thing, I wanted to improve my numbers, keep the left side of course out of play, and find more ballspeed and consistency if possible. I mainly did not want to lose the accuracy that I have with my current driver. With the 3W, I was looking for something better out of the fairway off the deck, not so much off the tee. Wilson, Ping, Mizuno, TaylorMade, Callaway, and Titleist were all there. Cobra and Srixon’s reps didn’t make it. I started with PING. I hit my driver a few times, then the rep gave me the new 410 with the Tour 75X to start, and then the Even Flow Black 75 X. He started with the rear weight in the toe, and then after three straight cuts, he moved the weight to the center position which worked better. Ball flight and consistency were better with the EF, but, my pet-peeve, he didn’t bring his monitor so I had NO hard numbers!!! I don’t think I hit the 410 any farther than my driver, and I certainly did not hit it any straighter! I had too many misses with it. I moved to the fairway wood. He handed me the 5W to try with the Even Flow black shaft in 85 X. He set it in the flat position, and I really hit it well! Nice and straight, over and over again, but, with no hard numbers, it’s hard to keep it in consideration. Next was Mizuno. I started with the ST 190 with a Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 60X shaft, and the rep set-up his Foresight for me (yay). Numbers were OK with it, but not better than my Ping. Ball speed hit 165 on the high end, spin right around 2000, but I still saw some left misses with it. It looked amazing, and it felt incredible! He switched me to the ST190G with an Atmos Black 6S (no X), and the ball flight, consistency, and numbers were better. Ball speed still stayed in the range of 165, so still 2 mph less than my Ping. The ST190 3W was really good! Numbers for ball-speed got into the mid 150s, and a spin was around 3500, just like I wanted. Distance was right in the gap I was looking for, 265 total. We moved to the Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 80X and it was perfect! Ponder mode!!! I then went to Callaway..... To start off, the rep acted like I was bothering him, and then he didn’t bring a launch monitor either. I went ahead and built an Epic Flash SZ with the Tour AD-IZ 6X shaft in it. I took six swings with it. The first two shots went left and fell out of the sky, so I gave it four more tries. The shaft was 10g lighter than one I was fitted to, so it wasn’t exactly the same as what I tried Michigan. I didn’t like flight of the next four balls, so I put the driver back and moved over to TaylorMade. No LM, no buy! The TaylorMade rep was cocky right off the bat because he hadn’t “heard of a Veylix shaft before,” saying it in a demeaning tone. He lost me right away. I gave him a chance to redeem himself. He had me take three swings with my Ping, and he tried not to let me see my numbers. I saw the ball speed: 167, swing speed:114. Shady little punk! I didn’t say a word because I wanted to see what lies he’d tell me. He handed me an M5 with the Tour AD-DI in STIFF! 114 swing speed and he hands me stiff! I took four swings, and the balls went in four different directions. He asks, “How did that feel?” I said, “Loose, and the balls were all over the place. Why did you hand me a stiff shaft and not X?” “Well, I didn’t think you needed X.” I said, “114 mph swing speed doesn’t need an X?!” His mouth dropped, knowing he was caught. He tried to tell me that the 166 ball speed was a 3 mph gain against my driver... I let him know that, “No, my ball speed with my driver was 167.” His face turned red. I let him change the shaft one more time to the Tensei White CK 60 TX. I hit it ok, but sprayed it still. I was done there. What a PO-! I’ve always felt that TaylorMade reps give a bad name to their company, or make their reputation even worse. I didn’t care for the M5 anyway, it looks extremely cheap to me! I ended the day with Titlelist. I have worked with this rep before, and he does an excellent job. I took two swings with my driver to start, and he handed me the TS3 with an Aldila Rogue silver 6X shaft in it. I told him about the TS3 finishing second in Michigan because of dispersion, and he said this shaft was just a starting point. I took two swings, and then we moved on. He then gave me Tensei White 70X, and it was ok, but a tad bit too stiff. He made some adjustments to the hosel, and then I noticed him switching the weight, as well as going with a Fujikura Evolution 757 Tour Spec X shaft. The first three swings sent the ball dead straight, and on a nice, low-spin trajectory. I then missed two to the right, and he made another couple adjustments. One of the adjustments was going to the heavier weight, the blue 4g one... The next four went 286, 293, 296, 294 carry! 166-168 ball speed, 1.49-1.51 smash. BOOM. I hit a few more and carry went down to right around 290 carry; I was tired! But, that driver was IT. Dispersion was great, feel/sound was great, distance, spin, NO LEFTS, and it beat my driver on carry and was as straight! Ball speeds weren’t a ton higher, but the mix of everything gave me numbers I wasn’t getting with mine. I did hit some 3W and had better numbers than in Michigan with the Diamana D+ 80X shaft in the head. So, fairway-wise, I’m down to my two Tour Edge Exotics 13.5 and 17, both of which I can adjust, and the Mizuno ST190, or TS3 with Diamana D+ 80X. So, kids, in the end, PMookie found his driver, and he ordered it from Discount Dan’s already! (I’m selling my G400 Max head and shaft separately.... Look for them soon!!!) I will say price did have something to do with the purchase. The TS3 has no upcharge, so it was $449, total. The Callaway was going to be around $575, and the PXG Gen 2 had an upgraded shaft and it would’ve been $825! Money did help make the decision.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Greetings fellow Spies, may I have your attention please.... Please give a warm and hearty congratulations to these fine men who will be testing the following clubs. Testing the Ping g410 Plus give a round of applause to: @jlukes @fixyurdivot Testing the Ping g410 SFT give a round of applause to: @tony@CIC @PING Apologist #9 I am sure I speak for all of us in the community when I say I can't wait to hear what you have to say. Looking forward to your thoughts gents! Have fun and hit em well. Thanks to all of you that applied (over 1000!); there will definitely be additional testing opportunities coming this season so please stick around and enjoy this great community of fellow golfers!
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    I know we haven’t had an update for a while. For those who are new my daughter has CP and also has been afflicted with an horrible auto immune disorder known as PANDAS. She basically lost a year of school trying to recover. Last week we got a double batch of good news. Her neurologist is so pleased with her progress that she is weaning her off of the all day IVIG treatments that she’s had every three weeks for the last year and a half. Also future treatments will be at our house rather than the hospital! On the school front Penny is taking a full schedule of AP and honors classes. Despite missing a full day of school every three weeks and the missed year she’s bounced all the way back to being on honor roll. Her GPA prior to this mess was a 4.3 so there’s still some room for her to improve but this is a remarkable achievement. She says thanks guys for your prayers and well wishes. That smile is my Penny. Her wit, humor and passion for life have returned. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Time to roll over the odometer again. Been a fun darn near 2 years Gents. Lots of good conversations, debates, arguing, agreeing, disagreeing, complaining, jumping for joy... Thanks for putting up with me, damn fine group of people here. Looking forward to the next chapter! It’s been fun to watch this place grow, even in the somewhat short time I’ve been here. We are all in good hands, thanks to Adam and the crew at HQ, and the boys that keep us safe from spam, keep us in check as needed, and all of you for making this place what it is... an inviting, every member matters place to be. Cheers! Alan
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    Periodically, I post here about my son Kirke. I thought I'd start a thread in which I can bring all those posts together, so that those interested can read them, and those not interested aren't seeing posts about him scattered all over the forums Kirke started swinging a club roughly when he could stand up. For whatever reason, he took to the game immediately, both in interest and in skill. Here's a YouTube playlist of videos of him swinging, starting when he's two up to the present: Here's a quick catalog of some of the other things I've already posted here: Top of the list: Kirke's first hole in one. A post about the SuperSpeed sticks I just built for him. A handful of posts about him in this thread. Just a word, then, about my approach with him. Kirke will turn six this weekend. The fact that he's ahead of the game for his age means very, very little for his ultimate peak. Might he play college golf? Yep, maybe. Or not. And that's OK. Does he want to tee it up with Rickie some day? You better believe he does. We'll see. In the meantime, we're going to have fun. He plays soccer, and he's hoping to play baseball this year. I have no intention of paying multiple thousands of dollars a year for a big-name coach and travel golf. I also will not refer to Kirke's play as "we are doing this." He's not a proxy for me to live out my golf ambitions. He's my son. And this summer, we're going to walk a bunch of rounds and build our relationship and make memories. And he'll enter Drive, Chip, and Putt for the first time. And this weekend, he's going to open a set of clubs that he's been pining for since he first laid eyes on them: And I'll post about it here in this thread, because this is the best place to talk about golf. In a few years, maybe Kirke will have his own account here
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    I have the opportunity this year to teach a couple seminary classes as an adjunct. The extra income from those classes covers the cost of something I've wanted for years: a SkyTrak! It hasn't arrived yet, but today I did some work prepping for its arrival. I already owned a mat and a net in my garage. But I wanted to change things up with the net, to enable the use of a projector. First, I bought a really cheap projector from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07174LM85/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_M99kCbC3HZH8K). I had already picked up a screen (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G579HXJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_6-9kCbH8FKEEM). So today, I grabbed a couple of tarps, rope, bicycle hooks, and zip ties from Walmart. After fastening everything, we ended up with this: Just out of frame, at the top, is a tarp that catches high wedges. So far, everything is looking really promising. I'll definitely keep everyone posted.
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    Testers Chosen! Congratulations to the following members: @Sluggo42 @jacustomgolf @No3PuttLaLa @Headhammer The full announcement is found later in this thread. (4) TESTERS WANTED!! Galway Bay Rain Gear Looked kinda cold and wet out there at Pebble over the weekend, didn't it? I'd guess staying warm and dry as a spectator would be pretty important, wouldn't you? And never mind the players! I'd guess a lot of folks tripled up on pants at Pebble - some long johns, regular pants and them some pull-on rain pants. That's three pair of pants (if you count the long johns). Would just one pair of warm, waterproof pants be a better way to go? That's what Galway Bay thinks, and they say their pants are just the ticket. TESTERS WANTED! Galway Bay came out of nowhere to tie for top honors in MyGolfSpy's Best Rain Gear testing last year. Our testers loved the fact the rain pants were actual pants, with belt loops, pockets, a zipper - you know, pants - that were also waterproof. the rain jacket was a top performer as well, with plenty of ease of movement, lightweight and snazzy looking. That's what our testers thought, but we want to know what YOU think. That's why we're looking for FOUR of you to test, review and keep a set of Galway Bay rain gear - fitted, waterproof slacks and a rain jacket (valued at a over $470). This review opportunity is open to any avid golfer in the US or Canada who's not averse to playing in a little rain. HOW TO APPLY: As you know, we take our Forum Member testing VERY seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so please read this instructions VERY carefully and apply ONLY in this thread (applying in the Comments section of the blog, while a nice gesture, doesn't count). To apply, please tell us the following: 1. First name/home state or province 2. Current rain gear 3. Worst rain you've ever played in We'll be announcing our testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back to see if you've been selected. Good luck!
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    Okay, so this is my official official entry into the MGS Trick Shot Challenge. I had to go through great measures and tape my phone to the wall for this angle [emoji23] [emoji23]
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    For anyone needing a little inspiration, here is one of my retired trick shot videos from a few years back. Enjoy [emoji6]
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    ... I just booked another Dr role on Chicago PD and I will be filming Monday Oct 22. It is Episode #9 this season and I will let everyone here know when it airs.
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    That is kind of how I feel writing this, but.... I couldn't use post 1000 for any other purpose than to thank everyone for the great time. It's been a real pleasure being part of this community and I'm really looking forward to continuing the experience. I've found it to be a great place to learn some stuff, laugh often, get the opportunity to be listened to and get super feedback on any questions I've had. It's such a departure from a lot of the other forums I've read, and I can't imagine choosing those over this. I hope we can continue to roll on with the same spirit and sense of community that I've enjoyed for the last year, and that you all can continue to enjoy it as much as I do. I salute all you spies!!
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    I've been inspired by two recent threads: @jlukes's swing overhaul, and @revkev's thread comparing lessons and fitting vs. self-teaching and off-the-rack clubs (these are both great threads that, if you haven't, you should go read and keep up with). To begin, I'm nowhere in jluke's class as a player. I'm a mid/high handicap player, floating right around 15. But I think I can get better. As I commented in revkev's thread, I have no objections to getting lessons and getting a fitting. I'd love to do both of those. My chief obstacle is location. I don't have an actual driving range within an hour of my home. There are no full golf stores (as far as I know) within two hours of where I live. There is a really good golf coach at a course that's an hour away, and he also does fittings. He would absolutely be my first choice, but signing up for regular lessons with a two-hour round-trip commute: the time and cost add up in a hurry. I tried to get together with him to get fitted for my G700 irons that I reviewed for MGS last summer, but we couldn't get our schedules to align. So consider me another test case for revkev's question. I'm aiming to answer the question, "How much improvement can be gained with off-the-rack clubs and self-teaching?" Here's the starting point: This is my Game Golf summary of my rounds from this past July and August, set in contrast with a 5-handicap. What immediately jumps out is that I'm loosing a ton of strokes to a single-digit off the tee and in my short game. There is certainly room for improvement in ball-striking and putting, but the low-hanging fruit is in the other categories. Why am I so bad off the tee? It's not because I spray it all over; I hit an ordinary number of fairways. It's because I hardly hit it out of my own shadow. Do you see that last column? That's embarrassing. So, my first plan is to continue the SuperSpeed training that I've been doing for a couple of months now. I've seen significant speed gains already, but because I have no way to get to a course or a range before spring (late April at best here), I'm anxious to see how the speed with translate. I'm also working on a meaningful swing overhaul, with a lot of similarities to what jlukes is describing in his thread. Here's a screen cap of a swing in my backyard from a couple of years ago: Like jlukes, I have a tendency to have a pronounced forward sway through the swing, which essentially forces me to catch up with a flip at the bottom. The early extension is visible in this video I took for the G700 review. For my part, I'm pretty sure the answer is found in wrist angles, with a corresponding emphasis on rotation and staying behind the ball. These are the moves I'm working on now. I'm also working through the content from Adam Young's The Strike Plan. I'm a big fan of Adam's work, especially the notion of turning strike into a practiced skill. How am I going to measure progress until I'm on the course? Technology! I have just recently purchased a SkyTrak, which I got for a very good price. I also have a good camera that wirelessly connects to my tablet, allowing me to look at my swing in real time. And finally, I have a Zepp swing monitor. My intention is to use my garage as a pretty high-tech self-coaching bay. The SkyTrak is going to be a big part of tightening up my short game as well. One of the built-in features is the Dave Pelz-esque wedge matrix: it allows you to chart your wedges distances for full, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 swings for each of the wedges in your bag. My hope is to dial these in with practice this winter, giving me much greater ability to knock shots within 100 yards to makeable putting distances. My goal for this season is ambitious. I want to drop from being ~15 handicap to somewhere in the single digits. But I believe that I have the tools that I need to accomplish this goal. And I have a community here for the support, which is also a key component. I'll be using this thread to keep everyone posted on my progress.
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    Bomb? f Or gouge? Without a doubt, golf is a game of both power and finesse—a game of Speed and Soft. In the next weeks, we have a great group of reviewers who will put both versions of Bridgestone’s e12 to the test. Reviewing the e12 Speed: M. Parsons Greg B135 ga_pike tchat07 DannyDips And reviewing the e12 Soft: thegolfgal Ronoc Low Country Golfer 00sportsman azstu324 Reviewers, look for a PM from me shortly for more details.
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    I've been looking forward to this for some time: it is my 1,000th post on MyGolfSpy! When I first came to these forums, I certainly never would have guessed that I'd end up as part of the staff. But I found myself totally on board with the mission of main MyGolfSpy site, and in the forum, I found guys who get it. We share a fascination with the game, its history, its equipment, and with figuring out what actually works. Once I realize what a great community existed here, it was easy for me to want to do my part to help out and keep it going. With 1,000 posts, I'm not even in the top 100 for most content of all time. I think @Shankster has 1,000 posts every couple of months. But I'm glad to have found this place, and look forward to the conversations for the next several thousand posts.
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    As I alluded to in the 2019 Golf Objectives thread, here goes: Got a HELL of a deal for golf for the next 2 years. Windmill Lakes in Ravenna, OH is running a deal for a limited number of memberships at $200 for 2 years unlimited golf, just pay $15 cart fee for 18 or $7.50 for 9. Play any time during the week and on weekends and holidays play after 11am. So, I'm now committed to playing at least once on the weekends once the season starts. Looks like I'll be buying a push cart. Chanin asked my last night if I wanted to do it and I initially said no, my reason is it's playing the same course (a tough one) all the time. BUT, after thinking it over last night and this morning I went for it as it now commits me to playing at least once per week (and more time permitting) while costing me pennies. No more hunting for deals, just book a tee time 3 days in advance and play.
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    It is truly an honor and privilege to be selected for the role. Hard to describe how flattered I am that I made the cut. Looking forward to a very bright and exciting 2019! Feel free to reach out to me at anytime via DM or on twitter at https://twitter.com/Golfspy_Stroker or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/golfspy_stroker/. As Michael Breed likes to say... Let's Do This!
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    This is an awesome opportunity to be a leader with the best golf forum on the planet! If you have the passion and time to support MGS, put ya fricking name in the pot. Being a leader is not always easy however when the dust settles, there is satisfaction for the efforts you put forth. Good luck to all entrants and keep your eyes on the prize, (100,000) quality members who love golf and all it's about.
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    Thanks guys, It was a great ride and I learned a lot. I know Rob and Enrique will do an outstanding job and I'm excited to be a part of where we are heading. I'm also very happy to just be along for the ride instead of driving the bus Now I can sit in the back and blow spit balls again...
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    In this thread I am going to log all of my tournament rounds. It’s going to be an exciting year and I am looking forward to it. A little bit about who I am. I grew up in western Pennsylvania playing a shorter course in the small town of Kane (Kane Country Club). This is a shorter (6000 yds) course but very tight and small greens. It was a great place to learn the game and grow up. I was lucky enough to play good golf in high school and earned a scholarship to play at St. Bonaventure University. I went on to have a very nice carrier there ( https://gobonnies.sbu.edu/sports/m-golf/2016-17/files/Golf_Career_Scoring.pdf ). I still hold the records for most wins (5) and lowest year scoring average at 73.0. From there I failed horribly at trying to play professional golf. I went out on my own didn't have a support team, slept in my car and never made a cut. I went back home with my tail between my legs and started over. I didn't play events for a few years as I was trying to find the fun in the game again and with help from my wife (she plays too) it has become a lot of fun again. I know I will never play on tour, but it is fun to try and play in these events. I can still compete and score. If you followed along here last summer on by Ping G700 iron review, I shot a 60 to tie our course record. This is my 2nd course record as the other is at the course I grew up playing in Pennsylvania. A fun note, I have 2 course records (60 at Urbana CC tie with Steve Stricker and Dylan Meyer & 61 at Kane Country Club) but I do not have any hole in ones. This summer I hope to be 100% healthy again and I am looking forward to playing in a lot of events. Feel free to ask any questions and once we get rolling this spring these events will be updated below. If live scoring is available I will post a link next to that event. Thanks to MGS for letting me post here and I hope everyone enjoys the 2019 golf season. 2019 Tournament Schedule May 6th - CDGA Mid-Amateur Qualifying, Kankakee Elks Country Club May 13 - US Open Qualifying, Illini Country Club May 20-22 - CDGA Mid-Amateur Championship, Northmoor Country Club May 25-26 - Lincoln Elks Memorial Day Tournament***, Lincoln Elks CC June 5 - CDGA Amateur Qualifier, Pontiac Elks Club June 8-9 - Naughtin Open, Lake of the Woods GC* June 19 - Illinois State Amateur Qualifying, Hickory Point Golf Course June 22-23 - U of I Open, University of Illinois Orange Course June 24-27 - 100th CDGA Amateur Championship, Glen View Club July 16-18 - 89th Illinois State Amateur, Cantigny Golf July 24 - Illinois State Mid-Amateur Qualifying, Ironhorse Golf Club July 27-28 - Twin City Championship, Urbana CC and Champaign CC Aug 10-11 - Club Championship, Urbana CC*** Aug 19 - US Mid-Amateur Qualifying, Crestwicke Country Club Aug 25 - Couples Club Championship, Urbana CC** Aug 20-21 - 27th Illinois State Mid- Amateur Championship, Stonebridge Country Club As of right now if I play well I will have just over 20 tournament rounds in 2019. The * are events I have won in the past. There are more events that might be added and some might get removed, work gets in the way sometimes. I will post a WITB once we get closer to the golf season. Bold events I am officially entered in. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Galway Bay Rain Gear Testers Chosen Right now, a bunch of us are dealing with a forecast that looks like this: And while most golfers look for a forecast like this: ...four MGS Forum members will be scanning their weather reports, aiming for days like this: ...and this: ...but hopefully not this: Because while Galway Bay was the Most Wanted rain gear, it still doesn't fend off electricity. So who are the lucky ducks (that's a pun ) who will be splashing around the course to give us their evaluation of this gear? @Sluggo42 @jacustomgolf @No3PuttLaLa @Headhammer Congratulations all, and be looking for a PM from me! Obviously, when we have these testing opportunities, we have hopes that the review product works well for the reviewer. I think we especially hope so in this case. Thanks to these four for risking some misery so that the rest of us get a thorough review!
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    Some impressive first rounds on the North Course yesterday it will be fun to watch. Oh and this happened. Shook Tigers had Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    ... The lack of snarky comments here (aside from MBP of course) is just so refreshing and imo what sets MGS apart from many other golf forums. As a young older guy, I have no interest in arguing with a stranger posting anonymously on a golf forum, and think many snarky type comments would never be made in person. I try to post using the same words I would use talking to someone face to face and I think most all of the members here conduct themselves in the same way. 1,326 threads on which MB's to play and why just isn't something most golfers are interested in discussing.
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    Bah, humbug. Not falling for it. It’s a great place of tight knit folks. I was looking on another website and they had 15 pages of, “Oh, boy! I can’t wait to see the new Epic Flash! Oh, boy! Can’t wait until we can post more info!” Give me a break. You want to be involved in threads with OEM fanboys that PURPOSELY never post a REAL review? Man, there is PLENTY of fluff out there for folks that just want activity. But, I’ll bet good money that folks who think we’re “dying” will be posting within 10 minutes once testing opportunities hit after the PGA Show! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Okay... so I might hold the record for lowest post frequency... I joined way back on March 1st of 2010 and this is my 50th post. Gswag actually got me back here and I'm planning to contribute more frequently. I'm a lefty and reformed club-ho with 2 hole in ones and my lowest HDCP was a 4. I've been away from the game for about 2 years because I was focused on my position as president of my local classic car club. I'm actually stepping out of that position at the end of the year so I can focus on playing more golf again. Other than that, I'm a huge Georgia Southern fan and I'd rather have a second helping of meat over dessert. I attached a couple of pics of my 1951 Chevy to help justify my absence from the game. Have a good one!!
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    Retiring this week after 31 years of service Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Local 2018 Club Championship is over and done. Shot 75 both days to win by 3 shots. In the bag Driver: Callaway Rogue Subzero 9.5 Stiff flex 3 wood: Callaway Rogue Subzero 15 degree Hybrids: 17 degree titleist 816 h2 Irons: Ben Hogan Ptx 22-46 degree (4-pw)stiff flex standard lie Wedges: Callaway Mac Daddy 4 50,54,58 degrees Putter: Odyssey EXO seven Gig’em Aggies!
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    … Last year I wrote in my review “I am not sure I have ever been as impressed with a driver in the 13 years I have been reviewing new clubs at the PGA Show as I am with the entire F8 line up”. This year I am going to be even more demonstrative. The Cobra F9 is the best driver I have ever played. Before making a definitive statement like that, I put my F9 in play for almost 2 months, playing over 50 rounds using several different shafts and the combination of distance, trajectory, forgiveness and especially sound/feel is better than any driver I have played. Read on to find out why. … Before getting into the cornucopia of technical reasons why the F9 is so good, I wanted to talk about the sound and feel of the F9. OEMs have the unenviable task of producing a driver that appeals to old school players that prefer a dense, muted sound/feel and younger players that prefer an explosive and loud sound/feel. The Cobra is very aware of the roll sound and feel play in choosing a driver and has gone to great lengths to ensure the F9 combines a dense muted sound with an explosive feel. Center hits have a very solid and unique sound/feel and you instantly know you have hit one as good as it gets. I have heard more comments on how good the F9 driver sounds and feels than any driver in my 20 years of reviewing clubs and this includes plenty of younger and older players. Hitting the ball a little toward the toe, the sound is a bit louder and more metallic letting you know you have missed the center but still produces a solid feel with excellent results. … The USGA sets limits for CT which measures the amount of spring like effect the club face can legally produce. CT stands for Characteristic Time, a measurement of how fast the ball comes off the face of a club. The springier the club face is, the farther the golf ball can fly and all OEMs basically have the same CT so it is as close to the limit as possible. Engineering a driver that produces more distance has to be accomplished in other ways. Cobra does this in the F9 with SPEED. They have done extensive research to find ways to make the club head move through the air faster. Cobra’s patented Speedback Aero Design is a combination of streamline measures that are designed to increase the club head speed producing longer drives. Speedback Technology results in an amazingly aerodynamic club head shape thanks to rounded leading edges, a raised crown, as well as a raised skirt and tail. Like a race car, Speedback Technology is a breakthrough in driver engineering and these speed enhancements reduce drag and allows the club head to reach maximum speeds for any given players swing. Cobra is the first OEM to combine a low center of gravity with a streamlined, aerodynamic shape. While I can’t say I feel my F9 club head moving any faster, my golf ball certainly can and I am seeing 5-7yd gains and sometimes even more. It is pretty rare to gain yards with today drivers if you have been orderly fit. Going from the Fly Z to the F8 I gained a few yards on mishits but center contact produced similar yardage. Gaining some yards off the tee with a driver that is equally, if not even more forgiving is just huge for most of us and there is a very good chance you will see distance gains with the F9. … Last year Cobra introduced the first CNC Milled Driver Face with their F8 driver and in 2019 they have improved the design with the F9. Mike Yagley Director R&D & Testing told me it took over 2 and a half years to perfect the face and their milling is up to 5 times more precise than conventional hand-polished driver faces. That is no small feat. Mike said “the process of machining is very different from the typical weld and grind process, the head and face are designed differently because of that. The machining patterns take some time to design, develop and optimize. Ensuring we had enough capacity to machine every head was critical too.” What this exact CNC milling means is the rebound effect along all areas of the face are perfect in thickness, producing not only the fastest ball speeds but also more forgiving on slight mishits. And slight mishits is an area where the F9 excels. Mishits as far as an inch out on the toe, where average players tend to miss will lose a little distance of course, but direction and trajectory are minimally effected resulting in very playable drives. An added benefit of the milled face is you can see exactly where you made contact as a visible ball mark is left on the face after every shot. You can easily wipe it away after every drive or wait til the end of the round to see where you are contacting the face over a full 18 holes. I have to admit it is an instructive feature I love to use when I am playing. … Along with CNC Milling, the Cobra F9 face also utilizes Dual Roll and E9 Technology to produce more accurate and longer drives. My miss tends to be a little low on the face and in the past I was punished rather severely for this miss because the ball comes off the face with a lower trajectory and little spin, so the ball just didn’t stay in the air long enough. But shots hit low on the face of the F9 fly higher with more spin than other drivers I have played, and on Phoenix desert hard and fast fairways, some drives have equalled perfectly struck drives. Dual Roll Technology’s top half has more curve for less spin and higher launch and the bottom half has less curve and is optimized for different swings speeds depending on loft. The F9 also takes advantage of 3 different vertical bulge curvatures. The CNC Milling can create exact bulge curvature to ensure shots hit on the toe, heel or dead center have an optimum gear effect to bring your tee shot closer to where you want your ball to finish in the fairway. Gear effect simply means shots hit on the toe starting right curve back left and shots hit toward the heel starting left curve back right. Dual Roll combined with E9 Technology is the result of exhaustive research into typical driver miss hits. Cobra has found the 9 spots on the face where most players mishit their drives, from low heel to high toe and maximized the distance and trajectory of those hits through their unique variable face thickness and elliptical face pattern. … The engineers at Cobra are always pushing the envelope and they came up with their largest carbon fiber crown and it is the first to wrap completely over the crown and into the body. This produces a 12% larger crown and compared to titanium driver crowns saves 10gms of weight the engineers could move to a more effective location. Sounds a lot simpler in theory than actually producing the revolutionary F9 driver head. Mike Yagley on the wrap around carbon fiber crown “The titanium to carbon fiber bonding ledge is very different. That took some development work. The sound of a driver is very critical to feel, we spent additional time optimizing the sound at impact. Finally, finishing / painting carbon fiber is different from titanium, that took a little more effort.” The F9 carbon fiber crown also has creases called PWR Ridges that create more energy return and power, resulting in higher ball speeds by adding rigidity to the crown. These ridges also help frame the ball for those that like a visual aid. After a few rounds I didn't even notice they were there which is a nice bonus compared to many other driver crowns with features that are much more obvious and distracting. The F9 also utilizes what Cobra calls “trips”, lightweight polymer speed strips on the crown and titanium speed strips on the sole that maximize air flow and reduce air drag both above and below the head. Everything about the F9 driver screams SPEED. … The F9 is offered in 9.5*, 10.5* and 12.5* heads giving players options to provide the best combination of spin and trajectory. This is accomplished with loft, but is combined with their MyFly 8 hosel and adjustable CG weighting. The MyFly 8 adaptor allows you to change the loft to 8 different settings and when adding or subtracting loft, the Smart Pad Sole keeps the clubface square at address. The F9 weights can be installed in the rear for maximum forgiveness, a slight draw bias and a higher ball flight with more spin. Many golfers hear the “high launch low spin” mantra and while that is true for higher swing speeds, many average golfers actually need more spin to keep the ball in the air longer and produce the best combination of carry and roll. The unique looking Speedback structure on the bottom rear of the driver lowers the center of gravity and increases the moment of inertia. What that means is the F9 will hit the ball higher and is very forgiving when mishit. Overall the F9 has great aerodynamics (low drag) and excellent mass properties (low CG and high MOI) something that has not been accomplished before the Cobra F9. Higher swing speed/high spin players can move the weight up front to lower trajectory and spin with a slight fade bias to maximize their drives. Additionally the 9.5* head produces roughly 200-300 less spin than the 10.5* head. My only complaint with the F9 weighting is moving the weight up front changes the sound and feel to a more metallic sound/feel. But thankfully weight in the rear gives me the best performance and the best sound and feel I have ever experienced. I also give Cobra a ton of credit for keeping a compatible MyFly adaptor that works with shafts going all the way back to the Fly Z. Those of us that use high end shafts know the frustration of buying a new driver and finding out that expensive shaft you were fitted into doesn’t fit in your new driver. Some of the labeling on the adaptor has changed, but the concept is identical and if your shaft fit your Fly Z, F6, F7 or F8, it will also fit your F9. … Cobra not only offers 9.5*, 10.5* and 12.5* heads, they also offer something I think benefits a very wide range of golfers called Tour Length. All things considered, your longest drives are not produced by longer shafts. Your longest drives are produced by hitting the center of the face. And for many players a shorter shaft makes it easier to hit the center consistently. Called Tour Length because players on tour know this and play shorter drivers than most retail offerings and find their best combination of distance and accuracy is achieved with a shorter shaft. I have never payed a driver any longer than 44.5” and that is what is offered in the F9 Tour Length driver. It is a Special Order as most retail stores do not stock Tour Length so ask your Sales Associate or Club Pro about ordering one. And of course Tour Length can also be ordered directly through Cobra’s website. … By now it is pretty obvious the F9 is a very special driver so it makes sense it comes with special colors. To my eye they are just beautiful at address with a glossy black crown and a subtle Cobra logo alignment aid but underneath is a very fast race car yellow and easily visible when someone else is swinging one. Recognizing the polarization of such a unique color, Cobra also offers the F9 in a light gray color with a matt crown as an option. Personally, I love the yellow. I am also very impressed that the F9 comes with one of the hottest shafts on tour as a stock option, the Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Blue 6 is a midweight shaft ideal for medium to faster swing speeds seeking a mid-launch, mid-spin profile in Regular and Stiff flexes and the ATMOS Tour Spec Black 7 with a stouter and heavier profile that is ideal for faster swing speeds seeking low-launch and low-spin in Stiff and X-Stiff. Both ATMOS shafts have a proprietary black gloss paint instead of the standard white ATMOS color scheme and in my opinion look so much better with the F9 black heads. These Fujikura ATMOS shafts are true After Market shafts identical in every way other than the color. For moderate to medium swing speeds the F9 also comes with the UST Helium Lite and Regular flex shafts with a high launch, high spin profile and have been praised on many golf forums for their playability. The Project X HZRDUS Smoke 60 is also offered in Stiff and X-Stiff for medium to faster swing speeds producing mid launch with low spin. One of these shafts should fit you and I am playing the ATMOS Blue Tour Spec and honestly thought I would hit it several rounds then install one of the proven shafts I have played in the past, but performance with the Atmos Blue is so good I never switched. And if none of these shafts work for your swing, Cobra offers quite a few more at no uncharge including HZRDUS Black/Yellow/Red, Even Flow Blue, Aldila NV 2KXV Green/Blue and Tensei CK Blue 50/60/70 as well as some ultra premium shafts offered at a reduced cost. … The F9 comes with Cobra Connect powered by Arccos in the butt end of the grip. Just get the free app on your phone and you can keep track of your drives. Although I will warn you, it can be a real eye opener. You know, those 265 yd drives you hit when you take the 135 yds to the pin on your second shot and subtract it from the 400 yd of the hole off the tee. 265 yds right? Well, the pin is up front, the tees a little forward and you cut the corner of the slight dogleg as and Cobra Connect tells you your drive was 235yds. In all honesty this is vital information, even if ego deflating because knowing how far you hit the ball is a very important part of playing the game. Cobra Connect with honest driver distances, lets you know if you can clear the water or carry the dog leg, bunker barranca or know which tees to play on a new golf course. And I have saved the best part for last. With current drivers selling for $499 and higher, the Cobra F9 with true after market premium shafts, Cobra Connect and some of the fastest ball speeds ever measured sells for $449. That makes the best driver I have ever played an absolute must demo in 2019.
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    Pardon the interruption....we have an announcement to make.... Throughout time there have been a lot of famous Betty's.... Betty Cooper Betty Boop Betty Ford Bette Davis Betty White It's time to follow along with these 4 spies as they lock arms with their very own Betti-nardi ... @GB13 @downlowkey @KCLeo12 @CarlH Congrats gents! We all look forward to hearing how this new 'armlock' technique works out for you!
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    It's time for a MyGolfSpy Super Bowl pick'em contest! Like our contest for The Match, we're setting up some props for you to pick for Sunday's Rams vs. Patriots championship game. For each prop, complete the poll to pick the side you think will happen. NOTE THIS CAREFULLY: For a tie break, post in this thread the total points (both teams combined) that will be scored in the game. Submissions without a tie break will be given lowest priority in the event of a tie. And there are PRIZES! A MyGolfSpy putter cover (either mallet or blade) A MyGolfSpy bag tag A MyGolfSpy divot tool We'll be closing this contest at 6:00pm Eastern Time on Sunday. Good luck to all, and winners will be announced next week! ___________________________________________ Results time! We had 261 entries in the MyGolfSpy Prop Bet challenge. Some of the props resulted in landslide wins: only 9 of you thought there would be a safety; the other 252 of us were glad you were wrong. Some were pretty close to 50/50. Oddly, the total yardage prop (51.92% for the Patriots to 48.08% for the Rams) was closer to 50/50 than the actual 50/50 bet on the board (the coin toss, with 52.31% going heads and 47.69% tails). As for the tie break: everyone was (shocking) way over. The closest there was @Herb, at 29. The distribution was almost a bell curve; it skewed high because of a couple that most people got right: On one extreme was an entry that got a single prop correct. I don't want to single him out, but he and I were fellow reviewers on the G700 irons. Among the staff, @GolfSpy MBP had the most impressive performance, nailing 9 out of ten. He doesn't get a prize for two reasons: he's ineligible, and he picked a combined score of 327, which was only off by 311 points. (Also, I would rather have watched that game.) Rounding out the staff results: @GolfSpy STUDque: 8 @GolfSpy Barbajo and @GolfSpy Dave: 7 (and they both picked 49 points, for a total tie, or collusion) @GolfSpy MPR: 5 <sniffle> There were nine contestants who picked 9 out of 10 correctly. Unfortunately, only three of the nine (counting MBP) followed the instructions (left above in this post for the record) to add your total score prediction as a tie break. Honorable mentions, then, to he guys who nailed the predictions but didn't nail the instructions: @2talltodd @banny @deg430 @jody @marvimus @mtashiro That leaves three (how convenient!). In third place, picking 9 of 10 correctly and predicting 52 points scored was @Kduncan55! To him goes the MyGolfSpy divot tool! In second place, also getting 9 right but picking the still grossly inflated, but closer to the (boring) reality 44 points, is @golfer71909! We'll get a bag tag headed that way! And the winner of the MyGolfSpy Prop Bet contest is: @jscarborough55! He defied the odds and picked all 10 correctly. Being the only one who did so, it doesn't matter that he expected a wildly optimistic 45 points in the game. For his victory, he gets his choice of the MyGolfSpy mallet or blade headcovers! Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all for playing!
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    Just wanted to say its been a great last 9 months since I joined MGS and I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Hope you all get some time with family and friends and we ALL have a great 2019! Great staff, great forum. Onwards and upwards into 2019
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    It is a great privilege to be chosen to be moderator here at MyGolfSpy. I've been an active member here for just over a year now, and am convinced that this is the world's best golf forum. Most of the time, the moderators here are regulated to Maytag repair duty, at least as it relates to moderating conversations, simply because we have such a great community. But that frees us up to plan ideas to continue to improve and expand the forum. So I'm glad to be at your service! My current Twitter account is @mpatrickriley. I've also reserved @GolfSpyMPR, which I'll use exclusively for golf-related stuff (if you're not interested in theology and my kids).
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    Chosen from a group of about 2500 applicants. I am honored. I want to give a big thank you to MyGolfSpy, its members, and of course Ping. Being well established with quality products in the golfing world, Ping needs no introduction. A leader in iron innovation since the 60’s. The name speaks volumes. And MyGolfSpy... they are the authoritative source for all information about the golf goodies that we drool about and want. Again, thank you so much for picking me and putting your trust in a new person for this review. I hope to exceed your expectations. And of course, a big congratulations to the other eight that were chosen. A fine group that I am excited to be a part of during this review. I love this disorder…. When I got home to tell my wife the news, this is how the conversation went. “I have to go to Calgary to get tested for a new set of golf clubs” “Why? You don’t need a new set? Why would you…. Pause (Then she remembered…) did you win that contest?” A teaser A little bit about myself. My name is Hari. I am 54 years old. I grew up in a small town called Fort Qu’ Appelle in Saskatchewan, Canada (2000 people). As with most young boys growing up in Saskatchewan, I started playing hockey. For you non-hockey buffs, Saskatchewan is home to many legends, Gordie Howe, Wendel Clark, Bryan Trottier, to name a few. I don’t know why, but I started playing left-handed and have continued playing left handed (golf) even though I am right-handed. I was very athletic growing up. I was always 6’ 2’ but just went from 50 lbs to 175 lbs. Hockey, soccer, track & field, volleyball, karate, jogging, and physical fitness. I am a Mechanical Engineer having worked in power generation, oil and gas, and now in the manufacturing sector. I currently head both the engineering and maintenance department in our plant. Me with my 2 little ones (a few years back)…less grey hair I always thought of golf along with curling as 2 boring sports. I used to say, how can golf be fun? Hit the ball, walk to it, hit the ball, walk to it, hit the ball……. Okay, now move ahead to 1996 and my first golf experience. Our company golf outing. And the rest is history. Fell in love with golf (despite being hit by a golf ball...in the back of the knee). Thank god for the alcohol. I met my wife who hails from Ontario and decided for a change of scenery. Thus, in 1999 I moved to Ontario and spent the next 12 years there. In 2012, an opportunity arose to move back to Alberta and I pursued this and my loving wife agreed to leave her home province. When I drove back, I decided to make it a golfing trip, and drove through the states. Went through Michigan, Chicago (Chicago is a golf mecca…so many courses and great ones at that), up to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and finally across to N. Dakota. That was an awesome 2 week trip. I used to play about 30 rounds a summer, then after we met, it dropped to about 10-15, then when the little ones came into our lives, about 5-10 rounds. Now that my oldest boy is 14 and my little girl is 11, they are self-sufficient and don’t need us around them all the time. Hence, practicing and playing more. My clubs. I currently am sporting Mizuno MP-25’s. I just purchased these in 2016 after using MX-15’s since 2003. My previous set, which is my first set is the Wilson Aggressor Pro. I have a goal to break 90 consistently. I have had scores in the high 80’s but very infrequent (and what is funny is that it is always at an away course, never at home). Otherwise, I normally shot in the low 90’s. Handicap Chart Here is my handicap chart for the last 3 years prior to this testing. I’ll continue this chart in stage 2. (Note that the date goes from right to left) So, after making a conscious effort to achieve this goal, I set about 2 things that I need to work on for this to happen. First, change my clubs from the MX-15’s and second, continue with more lessons. Why then Mizuno and the MP-25’s? First, I felt that in order to progress, I really wanted to hit a club that provided feedback so I could learn from it. Thus, along with Mizuno, I had considered Titleist (AP1 or AP2) as well. I went out to a demo day and could not for the life of me hit either of the Titleist clubs. I then went to a local fitter and tried both the JPX900 and the MP-25. I loved them both. After about an hour or so of going back and forth between the 2 and with different shafts each time, I decided on the MP-25. I noticed it felt better and that in itself told me I am ready for these clubs. Also, I love small sized clubs. My preference is small with thin toplines. This summer, I continued with lessons and practicing. Learning to feel what the impact position feels like. Since then, I have played less and focused more on practicing to get this position ingrained into my full swing. The results have been phenomenal. My shots crisper and further. Also, for the first time in my golfing life, I am rolling over my lead foot as opposed to it rotating to the target. But in order to do this, I need to remember to make my stance a little narrower. And again, it’s the feeling of unfamiliarity that needs to be ingrained so that it then becomes the feeling of familiarity. Another battle I have had my whole golf life is tempo. I have always struggled to have a nice smooth transition from the backswing to the downswing and hence many poor shots. I also had a very short backswing stopping at the arms being parallel to horizontal. Thus, I decide to change this by doing the following: First, increase my flexibility and strength through exercising. I started rigorously exercising in November focusing on stretching and strength exercises related to the golf swing. Second, I have made a conscious effort to pause at the top of my backswing to ensure that I have gone all the way back and hence, completed my backswing. There are times I will quickly jerk the club, but these are getting less and less. Now, I am working on reducing that pause so that there is a continuous fluid motion. It’s a work in progress. One of the things that has happened with a lesson I have is that because my hips are moving faster, I sometimes struggle with squaring the face at impact. Irons are infrequent, but the woods are more frequently slicing. The Ping i500’s These are beautiful clubs. The new i500 irons are being touted as pure distance. Ping’s first entry into the Players Distance category. Clubs in this category have the looks of a players iron and the distance of a game improvement club. How is the distance achieved? Through a hollow body which allows for the face to flex. It is the face flexing, which like in drivers gives more speed and hence, more distance. Tony Covey of MyGolfSpy has written up an article on these irons and has done a bang up job and I highly recommend reading his article dated July 16th. The chart below shows where the i500 lines up in terms of forgiveness and distance with respect to Ping’s other offerings. Now my Mizuno also has face flexing, but this is accomplished with the use of micro-slots. Injecting Boron into the steel mix allowed for the face to be made thinner and hence, be able to flex. Note that the MP-25 series is the first in the MP line to get Boron after the highly successful trial run of the JPX850 iron. The Fitting I would like to give a big thanks to Warren at Ted and Dave Custom Golf (tdcustomgolf.com) at the Golf Canada Centre in Calgary for seeing me on short notice and doing a bang up job. Thanks Warren. The fitting started out with some questions about distance, flight, and current irons. Warren looked at my irons, and in particular the shafts. Project X stiff. He was surprised that I was using them. He discussed the weight of these shafts and gave me an i500 club with one of the ping shafts. WOW, what a weight difference. Like lifting a balloon. Hmmm. This can get interesting. After warming up, I proceeded to hit some shots with my 7 iron to get the baseline data. Then I moved on to the Ping 7i. I went through the fitting process with different shafts. With different shaft, also came different trajectories. I noticed that he had a recoil shaft. I asked about trying this and he mentioned it was graphite and then asked me if I would like to try a graphite shaft. Let’s throw preconceived notions out the window and open up the eyes. We started off with the Alta CB stiff which weighed 84 grams (as opposed to my project X 5.5 stiff which came in at 115 grams). That was all the testing I needed. See the results below. Fitting Summary Below is the summary of the 7i with differing shafts. The bottom starts off with my own 7i and ends up with the Alta CB at the top of the chart. Smash Factor. Smash Factor relates to the amount of energy transferred from the club head to the golf ball. Smash Factor – The ratio between the Ball Speed and the Club Speed The higher the smash factor the better the energy transfer. My smash factor went from 1.34 up to 1.43 max with the Alta CB shaft. And the following shows how much the shot dispersion tightened up. The 7i with the Alta CB are the blue dots. My Mizuno shots are the pink dots. Comparison of club specs I went with the standard lofts on the Ping irons. Also available are 2 other loft options – Power and Retro. Power lofts are less to give a more penetrating flight whereas the Retro lofts being 2 degrees more than the standard will give a higher trajectory.Loft Comparison As you can see, there is a 3 degree difference in the lofts and this gap narrows at the 9i and the PW. The Test The big reason I want to test these clubs is that the Cobra Connect Challenge really opened up my eyes. In that challenge were 5 testers, ranging in HDCP from 7 to 19, and using clubs that, according to Cobra are for HDCP ranges of 5 to 25. Each one of these testers saw considerable gains and hence reductions in their handicaps. So, this got me thinking. Can I get more out of a club than what I am currently playing? With my exercising, lessons, better ball striking, I feel that I should be getting more. More in terms of distance, more in terms of consistent ball striking, and I’ll emphasize this last point, with less effort. Clubs getting settled in their new home. And here is profile pic of the 6 iron comparing the Ping to the Mizuno Topline comparison But, the clubs I got had imperfections. The finish on the face side was very blotchy which was noticed as I was taking pics for this review. Also noticed, several clubs had scratches. Even though they came with the neoprene covers, it was disappointing to see this lack of quality control. Now, don’t get me wrong, I realize that clubs will get marked up and dinged over time, but with the Hydropearl Chrome 2 finish being blotchy right from the start and the scratches, I am wondering how the finish will age with time and use. The Review During this review process, I want to get a lot answered. Distance, forging, feel, quality? Will the Pings out distance my Mizunos? The fitting process revealed that, but there are also other variables in play and that was only the 7 iron. The shaft, shaft length, the lower lofts, being hyped up while trying the new clubs. As well, the fitter was questioning why I had a midsize grip with an extra wrap and a half. He gave me a club with a midsize grip without the extra wraps and asked how it felt. It didn’t feel unusual and said you will probably get better results because it won’t be so tight in your hand. Will I switch? Will I blend the sets, or not? Will the forged face of the Ping perform as well as a true forged club as Mizuno clubs? The rest of the Ping club is cast. Will this play into the performance? The sound? The distance? Now, I wouldn’t be able to make a comparison to a true forging in a Mizuno as I have read that because Mizuno injected Boron into the MP-25, it has muted the feel somewhat and is not a true feeling as the other forged clubs they offer. So, my review will be a comparison to the MP-25 only. So, I currently play Mizuno MP-25 and love these clubs. Small, great looking club with a thin topline. These are not the iron equivalent of a driver that is a “volkswagon on the end of a stick”. Even though I am a high handicapper, it is due to my driver and tempo, but otherwise when I am in the groove, the irons are awesome. I love hitting these. Along with the questions above, I am also going to ask the following: 1. Will I get more distance in all the clubs? Will the long irons require less effort? 2. Feedback is important to me to constantly improve. With Mizuno’s I know exactly where I mishit it and I know when I flushed it. That is one thing I love about the Mizuno clubs. And even when I am listening to music, I know when I have flushed a shot. Will Ping give me the same feedback? 3. The Mizuno clubs are awesome when hitting in the primary or secondary cut of the fairways. I love how they slice through the grass with little resistance. I have had no problems getting the ball out of cabbage. A sharp descending blow and out comes the ball like a rocket. Will the Pings handle the rough in the same manner? 4. One of my favorite shots to get me out of trouble is a 160 yard runner with a 5i (low launching shot keeping it about 3-5 feet of the ground). Great for when you’re in the trees and need to keep it low and get back on the fairway. My course has a lot of trees and this is a game saver. Will I be able to finesse Ping’s 5i the same way? 5. Will I, as a 19 handicapper who will improve (confidence man, confidence) want to have these clubs in the bag as my handicap trends south. 6. How is working the ball with these clubs? I don’t work the ball very much. I find that nerves get in the way of this on the course and hence I don’t try it much. I do practice them quite a bit on the range, so I’ll do comparisons on this at the range. I can fade easier than draw, 7. Will the clubs stand up to my abuse. I do not baby clubs. If you look at my Mizunos, you will see lots of marks, cuts and gouges. I consider these battle wounds that I am proud to show off. Will the Pings stand up to these battles? 8. Will the new HydroPearl chrome finish stand up? According to research I’ve done, this finish is to repel water off the face so that there will be few fliers and more consistency. I’m trying to figure this statement out and how does this happen? I hope in this review process, that I will provide you with the same high level of service that you are accustomed to by the many great reviews that have already been done on this site. And if I am not, I welcome the feedback so that I can learn and grow through this process. To my fellow MyGolfSpy members, I leave you with this. Thank you all for reading my stage 1 and i'll see you in stage 2
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    First hole in One ever today. 173 yard Par 3 Forth at Ko’olina Golf Course in Hawaii. Slightly up hill so I pulled a 5 iron. The ball was on the flag from the time it left my club. I thought it would be close but was amazed as it dropped in the cup. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Here is one of my #MGSTrickShot entries. I had other ideas, but Koby kept getting in the way, so I figured I'd give him some camera time.
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    As one of the first to see in the New Year (Nunfa0 will get in first!) I thought I should wish everyone here a happy new year. I hope the next one brings everyone all they hope for. For me it's a world where we can not just think about ourselves, where my family is happy and healthy, and I get to play some golf that I enjoy on every level. Have a good one people.
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    A congregant gives us a time share on the beach for the week between Christmas and New Years. Here’s my view! Every year we grill brats New Years Eve and ring it in with friends from the area and folks that we see each year here. They come from around the world. Last year was the coldest year ever. This evening it’s 78 and that weather is supposed to hold through this middle of next week. This beach is 20 minutes from my house and the same or less from my club. It’s not lavish but it has the Gulf, a heated pool, hot tub, grills, friends and memories. What more could a person want. You guys are all invited for New Years Eve. The fireworks are spectacular. So are the brats. I lived in Wisconsin once, after all. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    My wife doesn't want me posting our Christmas card on Facebook before we send them out. But I think I'm safe here Merry Christmas, guys!
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    Hi all! Firstly, I hope you are all well and if able, still hittin em straight! Secondly, I feel I owe you and apology and an explanation! Since the end of the Cobra Connect Challenge ll, I have fallen off the face of the planet. That certainly wasn’t my intention! I have had some big life changes which has led to me applying my time to that instead of golf (sigh) and the forum. Even my social media in general has subsided big time. I am moving back to Australia with my family and that obviously has it’s trials, tribulations, challenges, tears and fears. Trying to sell our home, which we had an accepted offer and the buyer pulled out after reading our strata minutes and determining they were incompetent and they didn’t want to deal with them – fair enough…. They were right! SO, that was frustrating and disappointing. It’s been 7 years since I have been home so to be so close…. Heart breaking! I also had to give notice to the company I work for. As it’s a small business and we have brought on about $10m of work for the next year and a bit, the boss needed to move on getting another guy in to manage that work. I am friends with everyone here so I did the right thing by them and made the call. I was confident the home would sell swiftly… so, it didn’t and that left me in a spot of “hey…. I don’t actually have a job after Dec 14th…..” YIKES!! Then… I am trying to communicate with my new employer in Australia on a start date…. Ugh… its been a time!!!! Anyways, things are cooling off here for a bit so I am hoping to pick up where I left off and get back involved. I am actually getting out for a farewell round with the boss on Thursday. Its gonna be cold here – probably about 32F at tee off and should warm up into the low-mid 40’s. It will be sunny though and I will be swinging the sticks at a very nice course, so you won’t hear me complaining! I am looking forward to getting balls deep in the forum again!! Thanks fellas! Joyzee
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    I honestly can’t wait to try this one Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Yesterday I was browsing the PING website and looking at the different irons they offer, as I was looking at loft degrees for a few different sets that I currently own. And while I was there I looked at the page for the G irons that are currently in my bag. I've had them over a year now, and it is what it is, but I've never been really thrilled with these irons, because on off center hits the sound is godawful. The worst clacking sound you've ever heard. And I suppose you could spin this by saying that the club is doing a great job in letting you know when you suck, so you can fix it for next time, but it's a hideous sound. So I noticed a place for reviews of the irons, and I had never done one, so I went ahead and filled out an online review, being honest about hating the clacking sound, and that I'd probably wait 3 or 4 more years, because I just bought them, but I would look for something else. I didn't think anything of it, because I leave reviews for different products and services all the time, and rarely if ever get a response from any company, except maybe an online reply of thank you or whatever. Well, within a few hours I got an email from someone at PING saying that they read my review and that they wanted to see if they could get me refitted for my irons and possibly adjust the lie angle, or maybe replace the shaft with another one for free! I mean, I bought the clubs, and it was my choice to put a stiff shaft in these irons, and I mentioned that I regretted putting in stiff, that I should have put in a regular shaft. But now PING has offered to change out the shafts of my irons for free! Honestly, I love their clubs, and would play them no matter what. But to get an email like this right after a review is impressive, even for PING. And to offer to fix the problem for free is unbelievable! If I was hesitating about being loyal to PING before, they just made me a customer for life. I mean, on a scale of 10, PING is a 10. Fantastic company, fantastic customer support. Just thought I'd share.
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    Well I am honestly in unbelievable shock right now. Cobra really surprised me with the clubs!!!! I really wanted to try one length and that is what I did with the Cobra fitter. It was the best fitting I have ever had and I have had quite a few fittings. The fitter and I discussed my weak points including my limited practice time, my hectic Navy schedule, and my curiosity with One Length clubs. I literally hit every shaft that was available and wouldn't you know it...the Cobra Forged Tech One Length were absolutely perfect for me. In general I am looking for consistency, proper gapping between clubs, simplifying my golf swings, improving my accuracy, and hitting my approach shots closer to the hole. I have no doubt that these clubs will do it. The technology in these clubs is unreal!!!! I didn't think that Cobra was sending these...honestly the F8 one length just didn't work even though I wanted them to...so I was truly expecting variable length F8s but some companies go the extra mile for even the average golfer...and the company at the top of that list is Cobra Golf!!!!!! It took me three hours to finally take the plastic off...these things are sexy...the clubs are built perfectly to my specifications and even the shaft logos are lined up perfectly...attention to detail is important and Cobra delivers. Don't be surprised if my entire bag is Cobra before the end of the year. Top quality professionally fitted equipment belongs in every golfers bag and if you want the best then take a hard look at Cobra Golf!!!! I am freaking pumped up!!!!
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