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  2. I have the R-Motion and Android. I think it depends on what you are trying to get from it. From my experience with it, I feel like it works fairly well for face angle, AOA, and club path. At least considering the cost. As far as swing speed, distance and launch angle, I wouldn't rely on it too much. I will try it out at the range next time and try to determine accuracy. It most likely will just get you in the ballpark. If you are wanting reliable data, you'll have to spend quite a bit more.
  3. I am an Android (Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus) user and have been using Arccos for about 8 months. I have not had an issue with excessive missed shots. It will generally miss 0-2 a round and those are usually putts. Since it uses your phone's microphone, I always make sure to have my phone upside down in my pocket so that the sound is less impeded for my swings. That is really the only advice I can think of. Do you take practice swings often? I always take a couple, and that may be giving it more of a chance to pick up the swing.
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