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  1. Oliver/Boise, ID IPhone X (10) Testing mostly indoors Yes, I will be using a net most of the time. I’ll use it a lot on the range as well.
  2. Oliver/Boise, Idaho 13 Handicap Callaway PM Grind 60 The feel. I love my 60 from 90-100 out. I don’t have full control of my current wedges and want to know if this would be a good switch. Thanks!
  3. Since I was a kid, but actually going on a regular basis, Summer of 2019. I shoot low to mid 80’s I love that every round is different. Some rounds, you get more bunker practice, or you’re stuck behind a tree.. I like to scout out new products/clubs. This site has been great about having awesome clubs specs. Boise, ID - Plantation Country Club Real Estate Agent It’s my old username at a bank. People started calling me by it, it kinda stuck. 5
  4. Oliver - Boise, Idaho I have a very basic roll out mat that I use a few times a week in the winter. I also bring it to my office and putt on my breaks. I have only owned one mat, and I still use it. Every time that I roll it up, it wrinkles up and I have to work on it, in order to flatten it. It does the job, but I have been looking at purchasing a new one. Fast
  5. Oliver — Boise, Idaho Current Handicap — 13.6 Current Iron Model Played — Taylormade Speedblades
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