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  1. Live in Australia, Nsw his not that great of a player more plays cause he enjoys it. That’s why I’m looking for a good set that’s more forgiving for him to improve. We play all sorts of courses more so the flatter ones we get carts at the moment but he is looking into getting a electric buggy himself cause he wants to start walking the course to loose weight. Hmm graphite shafts would be good for him sounds like a good way to go but ain’t they a lot more expensive I don’t mind slowly upgrading his bag if it comes down to it. ok cheers will have a look
  2. He has gone to a golf shop near me to test the callaways he said they were alright he seem to hit them well when I watched the fitter there told him just a standard club spec will suit him just fine. They had no m2 there so he hasn’t tested them yet. Not many used clubs around the shop didn’t have a great deal so I’ve turned to Facebook market and eBay the Taylormade m2 are off of eBay. I want it to be a bit on the hush side cause it’ll be a gift for him cause with the current pandemic he has lost a bit of money and now can’t afford a set. So if the best thing to do is tell him what I intend to do I will. For the record the clubs he uses now are a set of brosnan that are 10-15 years old.
  3. Hi first post here just after some advice. I’m looking into buying my dad a new set of clubs and have come across two that catch my eye. Little bit about my dad he is a big boy (weight wise) and his 60 years of age with a not so good back if any of that plays any part in your suggestions. Now to the business end the two sets I have a eye out for are the callaway X-series it’s a package set costs $1500 aud or a Taylormade m2 package set which costs $1650 aud both packages come with a bag. Out of those two what would be the better clubs I’d say ideally the more forgiving and longer hitting clubs would suit my dad or if you have any suggestions let me know preferably in that price range or cheaper. Cheers
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