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  1. Hi all, got a couple things for sale. Prices include CONUS USPS Priority. Any other shipping situation, PM and we'll talk. Don't like a price? Shoot me an offer. Not looking for trades except for a Bettinardi QB6 TSi2 head- $350. 9*, no sky marks. No tool/HC, includes adapter and extra heavier weight. Bundle with speeder evo for $450. Tensei White AV AM2 X 3-P set. $250. Played standard length in Mizuno. .355 tips. Includes z grips. SOLD Speeder Evo V 661s. Titleist tip, plays 45" not tipped. Includes z grip. $125 Sub70 699u 2i. HZRDUS smoke black 90 6.0. Z grip midsize. Plays 40" $75 SOLD
  2. It can. Depends on the balance characteristics of the shaft and how long you make it. Adding weight anywhere technically changes flex- putting a heavier head on the same shaft will put more force on the end of the shaft and make it bend more- this is one of the premises behind soft/hard stepping an iron set. How much weight you need to add to make a perceptible change is another matter and Iargely dependent on the person swinging the club.
  3. There are no "watered down" hzrdus options. The TX versions are the ones with the premium materials and are more expensive than the non-TX versions. You generally can't get TX shafts without upcharge. This is true for hzrdus, AV raw, rogue, and other common stock options. If you want non-TX premium shafts they'll be things like Ventus velocore, Diamana TB, Tensei pro or 1k, speeder evo, mostly any graphite design, etc. You've also still got Callaway, who did things like offer the HZRDUS T800 which was not really at all similar to a T1100- they're doing the same now with their im10 mid, which is really not the same as an im10 low.
  4. Nice @Finky999. That bubbawhip price is a bit ridiculous, it's what inspired my project! I'm currently doing University of Missouri and another StL Cardinals set for my dad's birthday
  5. How about a brand new/uncut SVS8 for $50?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/0New-Uncut-Aldila-VooDoo-SVS8-Stiff-raw-46-335-tip-shaft/372644367292?hash=item56c355cbbc:g:v~IAAOSwr65cpN~j
  6. I believe Ping will play 1/4" shorter than TM. Note- this is assuming you have finished, with adapter, shafts. Say a 44" TTG shaft would play 45 in TM, 44.75 in Ping. I don't know/remember how much shaft gets inserted into each adapter. There are a bunch of Ping adapters. The parameter you need is the BBGM (ground to shaft tip) dimension. Either way, the difference will be small, and you can always trim or extend the shaft by 1/4" either way if the difference bothers you.
  7. Graphite Design AD XC Also- makes sense about the face angle re: smash. What were the spin #'s? I'm kinda terrified lol.
  8. 1.18 smash?!?! Something is weird with these numbers!
  9. Lol what's your best price.... cracks me up that people expect to let others negotiate for them.
  10. Everything goes left??? What's your swingweight? Got any lead tape?
  11. First up- brand new in plastic (except the 7 iron, hit about 10 times) Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pros (4-P) + JPX 919 50deg GW. C-Taper Lite 110 Stiff shafts, Standard size NDMC MCC +4 grips on everything. Not much to say, these were bought from a local pro shop and never put in play. $old OBO. Standard L/L/L. Next- Cobra Forged Tec black irons. 4-P. KBS Tour FLT 120S matte black shafts. Orange champkey midsize Z-grip knockoffs. Lengths are not standard- short irons all play about the same length, long irons are more normal lengths. $650 shipped OBO.
  12. So here's an interesting-ish one...I searched but the situation is pretty specific and I couldn't find anything directly applicable. My dad (61 years old, driver SS ~80mph), was recently fit into a 56g graphite A flex set of sim irons. Being the cheap SOB that he is, he found a used set of M2's with 55g A flex graphite shafts for a quarter of the price of new stuff. Not bad. Anyway- his set is 4-P and he wants a gap wedge and a sand wedge- I was thinking a 50 and a 56. I think it makes zero sense for him to keep playing 130g steel wedge shafts given the iron set makeup, and that he wants to take full swings with wedges. I'll likely track some heads down and build him a couple clubs So- given the parameters laid out, I was thinking some sort of 65-70ish gram A-flex shaft with a tendency for higher launch and spin, given what his shots look like. Any recommendations? I was thinking of doing NV iron, KBS tgi, steelfiber, or maybe Fujikura vista iron. Thoughts?
  13. Mark C, Cushing OK, 'MURICA Evnroll er2.2 Tomcat 14. I've always wanted to try a spider but hate the insert. The taylormade has lost that loving feeling, and I'm looking for permission to flyby the flagstick. Negative ghost spider, the pattern is full!
  14. If you liked the green, check out the buy/sell/trade forum on GolfWRX- used 6.5TX Greens popup fairly frequently for $175-200
  15. If that's the case...neither is probably for you. Check the Atmos TS Blue or Black, or Ventus Blue or Black. They come in heavy/stiff options. Mitsubishi also goes pretty heavy and stiff- Tensei white or orange, or Diamana DF. Look at HZRDUS smoke green as well. If you really feel like shelling out, perhaps an LA Trono.
  16. TS Red 8X is high launch/spin. Elements chrome is lower on each and lighter. More fitting! You should probably be carrying 340 or so.
  17. Meh. I don't see that side of the club when I hit the ball. It was a bit painful though, I do admit. Normally I would do tip weights but the graphite shafts don't really allow for very heavy weights to be used.
  18. 2 shafts- 6.0, 6.5, small batch and not small batch are the same 6.5TX is its own shaft. PVD finish and TX flex are not stock shaft options for the SIM.
  19. The smoke green vs small batch are the same shaft, just production location is different. The 6.5TX is different from the 6.5 and 6.0, as seen in the EI profile shared above. The shafts in the SIM and Speedzone are "real," but are not PVD and not 6.5TX. Confirmed by TM reps on GolfWRX.
  20. There's no benefit to the spine, flo, pure whatever. Shafts, especially modern ones, are very, very consistent.
  21. I like GolfWrx. Better BST by a mile. Better club building knowledge, and the tour WITB are genuinely fascinating to me. Also I've been there since 2009 so there's some inertia. I have only recently discovered MGS, and I like it too. The 2019 ball test is possibly the most interesting thing I've ever read pertaining to golf equipment, and the MTBX in my signature is there as a direct result of the test. I think the "fully rounded" internet golfer will gain things from both forums and neither experience should be left out. However, it's weird how I play to a +1 with an 8.5 driver with a 6.5TX Smoke Green @120mph on GolfWRX, and a -8 with a 9.5 with a 70S Ahina @105mph on MGS!!!! LOL.
  22. You might reach out to someone with more resources...but from doing some googling, I've found that Fujikura iron shafts are generally Golfworks IR6 code, which would give the following tipping, which seems perfectly reasonable to me. Trim more for stiffer, less for softer. I might try building the 7i or something and trying it out, and if that flex seems to work for you go ahead and cut and build the rest of the set. IR6 3- 0.5" 4- 1" 5- 1.5" 6- 2" 7- 2.5" 8- 3" 9- 3.5" P- 4"
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