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  1. Hello! So, I know the real answer is to get a proper driver fitting and to work on my swing, but I am wondering if there a general trends that seem to hold true when looking for maximum driver distance. I am hoping to buy a new driver soon to take advantage of some of the sales and want to break the 300-yard barrier before I am too old to do so. I cannot go to a fitting right now, so I am sort of buying blind. So: 1. is there a brand of driver head that seems to consistently go farther than others? Conversely, is there a brand I should avoid? 2. Does a weaker shaft flex make it more difficult to achieve distance? If I am on the border of regular vs stiff, would I likely see more distance going for the stiffer option? 3. in general, do counter weighted shafts seem to help with distance? 4. Anything else I should be considering in this juvenile quest to maintain my youth?
  2. Hello! Greg. Albany, OR. Avg. Score: 87 Current Irons: Wilson FG Tour V6 i love the feel of my Wilson irons, but am curious about the possible distance gains with the D7 Forged. If selected, I promise to use words such as “turf” and “sound,” as well as several other classics. However, I would not want my V6’s to know that I’m trying a different set, so I would appreciate your discretion.
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