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  1. Yeah what really sums it all up is something I read in the first article. If you get your clubs fit by a high quality fitter, it will raise the floor and the ceiling of your game.
  2. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Consistency is more what I'm looking for as is almost everyone. I guess my point was how do you get a good fitting based really on only an hour of hitting balls?
  3. Just finished watching a great discussion on MGS about Truegolffit and custom fitting. I am looking to replace my irons and hybrids. I have been fitted before at various places; none of which did a super job. My last fitting was about 7 years ago and I was closer to a 25 - 30 handicap at the time. Now I'm down to around an 18 handicap at worse. From all my purchases so far I'm very standard in terms of length and lie. I think my lie should have been adjusted on my irons by 2 degrees but they suggested to try them and we could adjust later. Never needed to. I'm 6' tall, 61 yrs old and m
  4. Thanks for all your feedback TTGN and revkev. I'm planning on getting fit so making sure I have all the information to ask questions. I've been fit before for other clubs and Irons (8 yrs ago) and I've seen good and bad fitters. This time I want to make sure I get my money's worth.
  5. Hi, Looking for new irons and leaning towards Callaway Mavrik Series. I see that a lot of good golfers mix their iron sets by using more forgiving longer irons with more player type irons on the shorter end. Two questions: 1. If you were going to split your irons up (i'm a 15 handicap) would you go Mavrik Max on the long irons and Mavrik Pro or Mavrik standard on the short end? Where would you make the split (7 iron and below, 6 iron and above)? 2. Given that the Mavrik Series has faces designed for each iron individually so as to better provide the proper functionality to sho
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