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  1. What a great opportunity, looking forward to see if it all that its hyped up to be: First Name/City - Van / Corona, Ca What IOS Device Will You be Using: Iphone 11 and Ipad Air Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors - Both Will You be Using a Net Yes or No - Yes and will test without at range
  2. Van Corona, Ca Size 10.5 Current shoe is Adidas Tour 360 shoes, Nike several pairs and styles Looking for comfort, moisture wicking, dryness and STABILITY
  3. Van - Corona, California Right Handed First choice: GS53 fairway wood regular shaft Second choice: VKTR+ regular shaft 18 hcp Currently play hybrids in long irons Thank You
  4. Van Corona, Ca Taylor M2 D Type HC - 18 95 Would like to see if the TSi3 lives up to the hype
  5. Van - Corona, Ca 19 hdcp Callaway M Grind 12* bounce 56* Loft Cleveland 58 Have never tried a raw wedge, let see if the hype is all that its advertised to be WD
  6. Van K Corona, Ca USA Currently using Ping 0 Blade (last 17 years) Interested in the Ketsch or the Piper C
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