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  1. Looks awesome! I downloaded it and will try it out this weekend!
  2. This post is for the folks that cannot afford to walk into a PGA superstore and drop 3k on new set of stealths, or got to Club Champion and get fit for a new bag top to bottom. This is for the folks who love to play golf but want to do so at a price point that is more attainable to the average person. Especially with how many new golfers there are in the last couple years, I hope that this acts as proof that you can be an above average golfer, with solid and consistent equipment without having to take out a loan to pay for it. I started playing golf seriously about 3 years ago. Grew up playing baseball and picked up golf while recovering from an injury I sustained playing pick up basketball. I have come down from about a 25 handicap to currently operating at a 7.5. This will be both what I play, where I bought the club and what I paid for it. Driver: TaylorMade M2 10.5 with Stock Stiff Shaft Where: OfferUp How much: $120 Why this club: I have hit a handful of TM drivers either at the local golf mart or that my friends play and I truly feel like this one gives the most pop at contact. I cant explain it more than the ball feels like it just trampolines off of this club. The shaft is a bit too flexy for my swing speed so I try to scale back my drive swig to avoid too much lagging of the clubhead. Woods: Sub70 Pro Tour 4 Wood 16.5 Adila 75x Where: Sub70 Used Club Section How Much: $120 Why this club: I was demoing a set of Sub70 clubs and added this to try it out. Im normally not a big fairway wood guy (as my 5 iron goes 225 and I have never been able to hit a fairway wood consistently) but I fell in love with this immediately. Great contact every time and it looks awesome at address. One of my favorite clubs to take off the tee when I need something in the middle Hybrid: Cobra King SZ 4 21 degree Project X 80g shaft Where: GolfMart How much: $90 Why this club: I spent nearly a year looking for a hybrid. Id go to golf mart or wherever and hit a couple and nothing ever felt right. I literally swung this club 1 time and knew I had found it. Irons: TaylorMade Rbladez Tour 5-PW KBS Tour TST Shafts with Standard Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips and Standard Length Where: OfferUp How much: $330 Why this club: My friend that I used to play with when I was younger (who became a PGA Pro at a local course here) gave me his old R7's when he upgraded his clubs. I just bought what I knew when I went to get these about 2 years ago. I think I would greatly benefit from getting properly fit for irons but I have had great success with these. I played a handful of different irons that I have demo'd but none have exceeded the success I have with these Wedges: 50 degree: Callaway Mackdaddy Forged Where: Golf Galaxy How much: $35 Why this club: Again, just felt right. I knew I needed to fill the gap between my PW and my 56 degree Sand Wedge. I liked the look and feel and hit it a few times and committed to it. 56 degree: Cleveland Tour Sand Where: Craigslist How much: $5 Why this club: This one was weird. I went to buy a golf bag for my partner and the guy I found had a garage full of golf stuff that he collected and sold as a hobby. I had left my sand wedge on a hole a few weeks before and was playing later that day and just shuffled through his 100s of clubs to find a wedge to use for the day. I played well and it has just stayed in the bag since 60 degree: Callaway MD3 Milled S Grind Where: Golf Mart How much: $40 Why this club: I had a few situations where I was short sided over a bunker or needed to really get a flop going and doing so with the 56 just wasnt enough loft. Tried a handful of the used clubs at Golf Mart till I found one that felt good Putter: Odyssey Dual Force Blade Where: Friend of a friend How much: $0 Why this club: Mostly because it was free, but also because it was an upgrade from the brass, two sided putter that my grandfather had given me when I was a kid that was still in my bag (i do miss that classic) Accessories: Golf Bag: Sun Mountain Women's Cart Bag Where: Craigslist How much: $25 Why this: I had bought a push cart and my carry bag was compressing under the straps and made it hard to put my clubs in the slots. This one (though a women's bag) was a 14 slot and had a cooler pocket Push Cart: BagBoy Quad XL Where: OfferUp How much: $25 Why this: This was a steal and a half. I had a 3 wheel push cart that got the job done but I was scrolling offer up and saw this for sale at this price and drove 30 minutes to get it immediately. An older guy was selling it cuz he was moving and didnt want to take it with him. Love this thing. Apologies for how long winded this is, and not at all to say this is the best way to go about it, but perhaps a unique way to build out a golf bag over the span of a couple years. And I expect to continue to grow and tweak this setup as long as I play golf (which should be a really long time). Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments if you have any questions or comments! Nate
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  4. We have a few couples that play once a week and there is a wide range of skill levels between everyone. What are some fun games we can play (other than a standard scramble) we could play that would appeal to the single digit handicappers in the group as well as the 25 handicapper in the group?
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