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  1. Congrats and lookin forward to hearing your thoughts! MGS got me hooked on the Maxfli and it’s been my gamer the last 2 years! Just switched from the Tour to the X last fall.
  2. That’s true they do seem to rotate. My fitter actually moved 30 minutes further north to a new CC store. But I wasn’t going to take any chances on a new guy so had to bite the bullet and drive an hour to get to his new CC store! Just happened to have my fitting right after NFL QB Jacoby Brissett.
  3. Not entirely true. See my post a few back. Sure I tried some exotic iron shafts, but at the end of the day we found some great numbers, then my Club Champion fitter looked up the OEM offerings for the head I selected and picked what OEM profile he thought most closely matched my best numbers/most comfortable to me. CC had various True Tempers and KBS that now are offered directly from OEMs. Then he ordered the stock clubs from the manufacturer to the rest of my specs. So basically he placed the order to the OEM for me.
  4. One thing not mentioned yet, I started my search looking at the Golf Digest Top 100 Fitters. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/clubfitter-directory-americas-best-clubfitters/amp Golf.com has a list as well I believe and maybe a couple other sites. Then go look at the reviews for the store/location and see where specific fitters are mentioned. I chose from that list and wound up at Club Champion. Been through full bag fitting woods, hybrids, irons (2 sets now), and wedges. Woods and hybrids I had no problem paying for upgrades shaft since it’s only a couple clubs, but irons any exotic shaft upgrade can easily add $800-$1000 to the set. For my irons, i made clear my objectives, desire and budget. While mentioning how their builds are more precise and checked more closely (and subsequently more expensive) once we dialed in the best upgraded shaft/head for my irons, my CC fitter then went back and double checked mfg stock shaft offerings with the head we selected to help try to keep me more on budget. Luckily we did find a stock offering that had very similar performance to the optimized setup and my fitter had no problem placing an order for me directly from the club manufacturer. My fitter has gotten to know my swing and does not try to get me to change anything in my swing. My first set of irons were PXG with Stiff KBS C-Taper shafts. Next set of irons I said I wanted more feel and he put me in a Regular flex with the new KBS Tour Lite (Cobra Forged Tec). I was very hesitant on going to regular flex (high swing speed and aggressive transition) but the numbers and feel didn’t lie! He hit a home run for me. Subsequently he waives the CC fitting fees since he knows I’ll buy from him. I haven’t paid for fitting since 2018 which was the first time I bought a full bag for $175 when they had a 50% off promo.
  5. Payntr does offer wide shoes. I bought the X001F Gray wide last year. Love the traction, stability and grip when it's wet outside. They are in my regular rotation. I will say the 001F do seem to run 1/2-1 size small. I would the the biggest downside is the limited colors. Their newer wide offerings on their website actully suggest to size down 1/2 size.
  6. I’m still having the same issues. Next round going to try just using my Arccos GPS data on my iPhone Lock Screen for data to front/middle/back of green. When I get rid of Arccos and look to upgrade rangefinder I’ll most likely stop looking at the budget products and just invest in the latest hybrids like the Garmin z82.
  7. I currently have 5 wedges! Just got a new set of Cobra Forged Tec X irons upgrading from PXG 0211 Gen2. The Cobra set PW and GW are 3 degrees strong lofted. PXG 0211 PW was 45 deg and Forged Tec X PW is 42 deg and GW is 48 deg. Then I have 50, 54 and 58 Mizuno T22s. I've only had the Cobra's for 2 rounds now and don't have good distance numbers for the PW and GW yet so kept the 3 Mizunos in the mix. Only hit the Cobra PW once in the 2 rounds and haven't used the GW yet. Avg 9i distance looks to be 153 yds and PW single shot was 138. I have my 50 T22 at 110 yds, 54 at 90 and 58 at 70. So imagine I'll need to keep that GW in there and keep going with the 5 wedges.
  8. It’s obvious what really caused his injury…
  9. Cut Number : Even Tigers Score after the 2nd round: -2
  10. Also, in addition to to what everyone else already said, can't overlook grip. Perhaps grip weakened and trail hand is too much on top of the club?
  11. Decided to retire my 2019 PXG 0211s with KBS C-Taper Stiff. Went to a fitting looking for more loading and feel and got set up with the Cobra ForgedTec X with KBS Tour Lite shafts. 92mph 6i swing speed and with the Tour Lites got better feel and numbers with the Regular flex instead of Stiff. That was a bit odd to me but numbers don’t lie. Biggest drawback with the loft jacked X’s will be going back and reclubbing my bag. The 5 and 6i X’s were giving me same distances as my current gamer 3 (19deg) and 4 (22deg)G410 hybrids. So will probably need to take out hybrids, add an extra wedge and maybe a 5 or 7 wood now.
  12. I just accepted the fact I have to shoot the flag 3-4 times. I really wish it was a little better for intermediate targets as well but just have to use phone gps to get a rough idea and have a ballpark what I should expect to see in the rangefinder.
  13. I have been using the Western Birch hardwood tees. I’d say unless I lift it out off the drive and can’t find it, I’m usually 1-2 tees/round. One might crack after a few drives which then I’ll break it off and use it for par 3s. Usually I just look for broken tees on the Par 3s to use. But overall they are very durable and last.
  14. I live in South Florida. Summers get almost unbearably hot and humid and rates are cheap so I ride then for the extra shade. Winter months rates get ridiculous. For example my home course fee triples from $30 summer riding to $90 in the winter. (Some of the other courses I like to play hits $130 ish). Walking my home track knocks it down to a more tolerable $65. Can’t beat that for a winter rate. With the better weather walking is nice in winter. I will ride though when my work expense budget pays for the round
  15. Have a scheduled fitting on March 10 for new irons. Currently gaming 2019 PXG 0211 COR2 with KBS C-Taper 120 Stiff. Still a mid handicapper so looking to stay in the Players Distance category. Not really married to any particular manufacturer. All I do know is that I do tend to favor the slim line minimal/traditional type aesthetics. More of my interest lies in shafts how graphite, Steelfiber, or the new Axiom hybrid feels. I’d like to keep the stiffness but drop some shaft weight I think. My biggest concern is how my swing will be at fitting since I’ve been down to playing maybe once a month if I’m lucky.
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