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  1. Well I've been quiet for a while. This was the first time I've touched my clubs in over 2 months. So I had no expectations heading right to the course with no practice. Of course I watch of a lot of online tutorial videos since I haven't been able to play. It could be good I forget some bad habits or it could be bad I have some of these video tips in my head. One I took to the course was a a tip for consistent ball position at setup. I played my home track (69.7/119) from the gold tees which plays a little under 6400 yds. It's a deceiving course even though there isn't much sand, the course is well protected by sawgrass. Greens are well protected on both sides and long. So if you're not in play, it's easy to rack up the strokes. .Shot 45/42 tying my personal best 87 with only one triple, 2 doubles, 8 bogeys and 7 pars/GIRs. That was with 6 penalties and even missed a couple 3-5 foot birdie putts. I will say I hit a lot more pure shots than bad shots with woods/irons. Hit more fades on the range as I implemented my new setup routine (usually more draw biased). Get out on the course, aim to play the fade and wind up hitting the draw. Setup more anticipating my draw and hit the fade. So played a lot on the edge of the fairways/rough. Hit a few 280 bombs with best drive hitting 300 yds (flat course not downhill) but 4 of my penalties were off the tee having no good sense of what ball flight I'd hit. Only missed 1 par 3 green which is a PB. My biggest struggle was wedges 50-100yd out, was thinking too much about setup and the ball position most often catching it thin in this range. Chipping recovery was on fire having 3 chips stopping within a foot of the hole for a one putt (33 putts total). So overall had fun and really happy with the outcome after the 2 month hiatus!! I just hope it's not another few months before I can get out again.
  2. I can see how from TV East lake seems boring. It's a pretty straight course. But if your not playing from the fairway it can be punishing as we saw yesterday. I will saying having been there in person for the last 2 years, it is an excellent course and setup for the fan experience. Easy to watch range warmups, follow your favorite player/easily walkable, and players are pretty easily accessible for autograph seekers post round. There are some great location/seat setups for the VIP experience. The 15th green was a blast. Never been to Wilmington or Southwind so can't comment on those courses. Minor tweak, what about just rotating between Wilmington, Southwind, and East Lake like College Football playoffs do with the BCS bowl locations?
  3. +1 I just don't like Cantlay. He's just such a goober. I'll be up there but won't be able to stay for the Tourney like last year . My coworkers will be there all weekend.
  4. @Golfnut0226 I have a 58 with 12 deg bounce and already very versatile with pretty good chipping control. Moreso talking spin on full swing wedges and approaches.
  5. I used to game the Tour B X. Loved it off the tee but for me little too much run out on the green. Next up was the prior gen CS XLS. Again very good off the tee. It was a fine balance for me around the green with the older XLS. The softer/more wet courses I play in Florida I’d lose spin and still get more roll out due to the moist conditions and not as solid face contact with the stickier grass. if you have already a high trajectory with your spin, than you can give up some ball spin. If you have more of a natural lower trajectory, then a V1X, CS X Snell MTB X would help. But sounds like if you may already have a natural higher trajectory like me and high spin. So I tend to now lean away from the X balls. I actually lost distance with V1X, CS X, and MTB X with too high trajectory and spin. based on the MGS reviews I gave the Maxfli Tours a shot. Like MGS and many others found, for me they play exactly like the ProVs. I’m a believer now. I started with the Tour X with the higher compression as I’m also 105-108 SS. Same performance as the V1X/CSX/MTBX. So I gave in and gave the standard Tour slightly lower compression a shot. I was a little nervous with the slightly lower compression. For me again I think the play just like the ProV1s. That’s my new gamer. Love the Maxfli Tour! Can’t beat the price tag either. The mid launch is awesome. And just enough spin off wedges/approach irons I get 1-3 feet release from landing pitchmark on the green. The biggest difference is they don’t pop of the putter face like the firmer balls do so learning to adjust the feel and speed control. I haven’t hit much of the 22 CS XLS but that would have to be my secondary ball. BTW if it were retail, the left dot hands down for a low launch low/mid spin premium ball. But so hard to beat the Maxfli Tours for the value. Just picked up 4 doz for $105.
  6. I live in Florida as well so I hear ya. That’s when when I was originally fitted my fitter suggested going mid road 10 deg bounce on everything (Callaway standard S grind). Once I refined my short game technique I was able to dial in more on what I desired from bounce and grind and now I’m into Mizunos. like RevKev described I’m overall a 16 Hdcp but my short game according to Arccos playing more around 7-8….I struggle out of the tee box
  7. Here’s what I think he’s talking about. I think it’s at the 2:48 mark. https://youtu.be/GXX61LiW0Qg
  8. That is most likely more related to your swing rather than the club loft/bounce. Stance could be too wide, ball too forward at setup or hands not getting ahead of ball causing you to scoop under the ball and hitting it higher off the club face.
  9. I went with the Mizuno T22s for the wet spin performance since I play mostly in a very wet and humid area. never tried any of the full /hi toe wedges. Usually you want low bounce when taking full swing or playing from tight lies and/or dry grass. I use a 7 deg bounce on my 50 gap wedge with a full sole since I take more 3/4 to full swings with that from 110 out. My sandy is a 54 deg with 8 deg bounce and my lob is a 58 deg with 12 deg bounce that has a little bit more of heel and toe grind to give me the versatility around the greens and from softer or thicker grass. The grind relief with high bounce allows you to manipulate the club face more open/closed and still have access to the bounce resulting in less digging in turf with the leading edge. If your not sure exactly sure what you are looking for a 10 deg bounce with a little sole grind is your good all around best bet for different lies and softer turf. Definitely recommend a wedge fitting.
  10. Great drill that helps with tempo as well
  11. A long time ago I used to use a little forward press trigger move but felt like a was deloftjng and closing the club face too much with that and let it go. Could be worth revisiting and playing with.
  12. Well maybe that’s part of the reason I’m not a very good player I’ll keep you posted if and when I ever figure out a good trigger for me. Thanks for that nudge!
  13. @RickyBobby_PR Right now I pretty much do the Justin Thomas "preview takeaway" once or twice before starting my swing and don't really have a trigger to be honest. Just thinking about it I can see how the JT style can give me the arms dominant takeaway feeling. I do like the clubface check that it provides. I'm not really looking to implement a trigger move but moreso looking at establishing that lead shoulder feel I got from the Wolff trigger/takeaway and making sure I get that feeling as I go through preview takeaway/waggle so it's not so arm dominant. So yes I would practice that impact trigger to lock in the feel into my routine. My question in the OP really is to see what feel others favor when starting their takeaway, how they start and if they use a trigger to get there.
  14. I'd be curious to hear about your range experience if you give it a try. I know I'll have to remind myself it may be uncomfortable and will take numerous swings to truly get a feel and not just ditch it after 2 or 3 swings if I don't like the feel. I can see how with short shots chips starting from the ground up as you're trying to limit shoulder movement and really get that hip/torso connection rotation. With longer clubs trying to keep that same "short shot from the ground up" mentality I feel like It's easy to forget that lower/upper body separation and the shoulders get left behind. I wouldn't add the Wolff trigger into my on course swing either, but rather just use it in dry practice to get that lead shoulder/torso connection and upper/lower separation start feel.
  15. I was recently just messing around with my “air swing” and played with the Matt Wolff “trigger” which goes forward to impact position first before initiating the backswing. A light bulb went off for me. The biggest differences I felt were a backswing initiated by the lead shoulder, feeling a better connection with my torso and ultimately what feels like a wider/deeper more complete turn from the hips (back to target) with trail shoulder going back and up. It made me realize previously I was initiating backswing too much with arms focusing on trying to go straight back to stay on plane (I’m a Single Plane Swinger) and limited my hip rotation/turn. I guess I was just getting lucky all other sequences caught up or I was compensating some other way in my swing when I did hit good shots. But overall I’m still inconsistent. I can’t wait to hit the range and see if this new swing start feel helps with consistency and better impact. I’ve seen several opinions on initiating backswing with lead shoulder, trail shoulder, hips…so what say you? How do you start your backswing and what’s your “trigger”?
  16. I'm a tweener as well on the low side of high SS in the 105-110 range. I have a naturally high ball flight so I always tried to steer towards the low/mid launch and spin balls. For a while I was playing the Bridgestone B X which I loved off the tee but not pleased with the rollout I'd get on the greens so then I switched to the CS X LS last year. Gave up a little off the tee but better control but still wanted more out of short game spin. Based on MGS reviews, went to check out the Maxfli. Started with the Tour X as I was a little skeptical of the lower compression of the standard Tour. The Tour X had too high trajectory and spin for me and I actually lost about 10-15 yards off the tee. Short game was nice but still just really firm feeling. Finally gave in and gave the standard Tour CG a shot and played them the last 4 rounds. LOVE this ball. Brought trajectory down more in line what I was looking for off the tee and really nice feel off irons and short game. Dropped some 290-300 yd bombs and was able to drop and stop in the short game. Tour CG is my new gamer moving forward.
  17. RDel90

    Maxfli Tour

    Put the standard Tours in play this past weekend and loved ‘em! Definitely lower launch than the X and that was what I was looking for as I already have a naturally high trajectory with my swing. With that being said I feel I got better distance off the tee. Approach still had enough spin for me. Had several shots within 120 yds that stopped within a foot of the landing spot ball mark on the green. Putting will take a little more getting used to as the softer Tour didn’t have that pop off the putter face like the harder X/CSX/ProV1X. So just minor adjustment getting used to the speed control. Overall only lost 4 balls over the course of 2 rounds which is a huge improvement over loosing 8-9 in a round before. The standard Tours definitely deserve more game time!
  18. Explain why you chose the model you did: Really think the one length would benefit my game. I struggle with consistency with 4-6i and verified with Arccos however much stronger with 7i in. So a one length 7i would be awesome. Excited about the forgiveness this forged set seems to offer and looking to better be able to work the ball compared to my current gamers. List your first name/city state (US Only entries): Richard Delmont Boca Raton Fl 33428 What current irons you're playing: 2019 PXG 0211 COR2 with KBS C-taper 120 stiff Jumbomax Ultralite XS grips -1/4” Handicap: 16 Will you agree to patriciate in discussions on the forum about your experience with the irons after receiving them: Yes
  19. RDel90

    Maxfli Tour

    For me the Tour X plays almost exactly the same as the MTBX which is a little shorter 8-10 yds because of the higher ball flight off the tee as compared to CS X/LS but play very similar with irons and short game spin compared to MTBX/ProV1X/CSX. I would actually prefer the feel of my irons with the Tour X vs the harder V1X/CSX/XLS. The ProV1X has the height and spin with irons/short game just really lacks the feel for me since it’s so hard. My ideal ball would be XLS off the tee and Tour X with irons and wedge/short game. I’ll find out this weekend if I can get that kind of performance from the regular Tours. As mentioned in my previous post I already get enough height with my swing as it is.
  20. RDel90

    Maxfli Tour

    For me I already have a high launch and trajectory with my swing. So the Tour X was around 8-10 Yds shorter off the driver compared to ChromeSoft X and XLS for me. The Tour X played almost exactly the same as Snell MTB X (which is also shorter for me vs CA X/LS off the tee). But I loved the feel of the Tour X off the irons better than any ball so far. So I just went and picked up 2 doz of the regular Tours to put in play this weekend and see if and really hope that the launch and spin is a better fit. According to the MGS ball test the regular Tours should perform very similar to the CS XLS.
  21. I used to live right on the Broward Dade Border in Miramar before moving North into Palm Beach County. I used to play Miami Lakes Golf Club (aka Shula's) https://www.miamilakesgolf.com/, Country Club of Miami http://golfccmiami.com/ (Jackie Gleason used to own a 9,000 sqft house on this course), Grand Palms Resort in Pembroke Pines https://www.grandpalmsresort.com/. I haven't played there in years so not sure what the courses are like now. I think Plantation Preserve and Jacaranda are nice but over priced for what they are. Over by Ft Lauderdale airport there is Davie Golf Club https://www.daviegolf.net/ and the Club at Emerald Hills https://www.theclubatemeraldhills.com/ which has some great views of the Hard Rock Guitar hotel and is one of the longest courses down here playing 7800 yds from the tips! And if you can somehow find a hookup, Grande Oaks (private) is where Caddyshack was filmed https://www.grandeoaks.com/! North Broward I typically play TPC Eagle Trace in Coral Springs (used to play the Honda Classic there in the late 80s) https://eagletrace.clublink.com/. One of the best value courses and hidden gems in Broward County is Woodmont Country Club in Tamarac https://woodmontcountryclub.net/. My home track right by where I live in Boca Raton is probably one of the best public courses in all of South Florida, Osprey Point which has 3 9s. https://www.pbcospreypointgolf.com/ Feel free to message me when you get into South Florida. Maybe we can get a game setup.
  22. I actually setup with my trail hand first with club face on target line. If you look at any pro regardless of swing style (single or two plane) on plane impact occurs when the shaft is in line with the trail arm at least up to the elbow. I’m a single plane swinger so that’s where I want to feel like I’m setup on my impact plane shaft in line with trail forearm. If I were to setup with lead hand first I feel like (1) it’s easy for me to come in too underneath with my trail hand which can lead to a tendency of over rotation of the trail hand and over closing the club face at impact. And (2), with lead hand first I get the feeling it opens my shoulders too much since you’re technically reaching further down the club with your trail hand. Who knows, maybe that’s why I’m still at at 16hdcp (even though I have improved a few strokes this year). Just have to find what is comfortable at setup for a consistent swing and do it the same way every time. Start overthinking it and trying to tweak with setup as you play leads to catastrophe.
  23. My short irons are 5* gaps ending at set matching 45* PW kept that going to a 50* GW and then 54* and 58*. Only “full swing” with PW and GW really but even then at best it’s 90%. I play my 50* in the 75-110yd range, 54 is exclusively for green side bunkers, and 58* for 75yds and in. So I’m really playing an 8* gap between GW and LW since I don’t pull my 54 outside of a trap.
  24. I second the Frog on the west side. I live in Florida by my company's office is on the East side of Atlanta so I'm up there quite a bit. Also on the southwest side (10 minutes west of the airport) is Wolf Creek. Never packed there and just very peaceful to play. It's out in the "boonies" East side of Atlanta you have the Stone Mountain resort (Marriott property) which has 2 nice courses, Stonemont and Lakemont. There are some really pretty views on on both tracks. Perhaps my favorite hidden gem on the East side is Cherokee Run out in Conyers/Covington area (about 25 minutes from downtown). There is not a single flat lie on this course. It is very hilly and woody but a lot of fun (and a lot frustration) to play!!
  25. My bag is setup with Mizuno T22s. I try to keep it as simple as possible. Everything 60 yds in is my 58-12 deg bounce. When chipping bump and run (within 3-5 yds from green) I'll go as low as 8i depending on how much green to work with. Pitching outside the 5 yd from greenside range, I just go with the 58. Depending on lie I'll work the face, open it up in the rough. Full swing 58 from the fairway for me is about 77 yds. Bunker side sand is exclusively my 54-10 deg bounce. Again working the face depending on distance. Everything 60-115 yds is my 50-07 deg bounce. Just clock the swing for distance. Since it's pretty much full sole, I don't really work the face much. I selected the Mizuno D grind for my 54 and 58 which has good toe/heel relief allowing to face manipulation. S Grind on my 50 is full sole/minimal relief as I usually take more full swings with this.
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